The Block starts Sun

We’ve had a cooking show, a singing show and a dating show so it’s time for a renovation show fix (or you could just watch one of Seven’s digital channels, which is full of everything from log cabins to tiny homes to barn raising).
The Block is back on Sunday, at 7pm on Nine.

I know we are all over S-Cam but will you give it a crack anyway? I do want to see the houses from different eras, but I won’t be happy if they all turn out to have their cornices ripped out and black tapware installed.



  1. We must admit we feel a degree of trepidation about this season and how those poor houses are going to suffer. The Block has never done period homes well and the ad…well…channelling a 1970s movie for the 1950s home is a portend to how bad things will be.

    Of course, Channel Nine will wring every single moment of angst out of the Covid.

    We also noticed a new car sponsor this season. LOL. That is integrated product placement for you.

    The contestants…OMG….the drinking game will be too easy..

    I am doing (the Block) with my kid…I am doing it for my kids….I am doing it to afford kids…I am doing it for my disabled kid…Kleenex really should sponsor this show.

    Expect favourable coverage for the SA team and WA team. School teachers tend to fare well on the show and the SA team tick too many boxes for the judges to savage them.

  2. Thought I might give The Block another go this year, after several years off. I always prefer individual homes, although the panoramic views already show signs of monstrous extensions on the back. When they do that, they do three rooms at the front with some nod to the era, and then it is back to boring modern for the rest.

    Whether I continue will depend on 1. the contestants, 2. whether the homes are respected, without the kitsch from the ad, 3. whether the judges are any better. Funny how I find Shaynna so repellent on TB, but really like her (being normal) on Selling Houses.

    • I think she is much more more enjoyable on Selling Houses because she plays off well with the other guys and she does what she likes and has fun with it.

  3. It feels stretchy.
    Were all the first episodes this slow?
    When an ad comes on, I change the station and then I forget to come back.
    I’m guessing this season is going to struggle to hold my attention.

  4. I like the dad/daughter team. Maybe it is because the dad reminds me so much of my own father, they even look similar.^^ My dad and I going to play renovators too in October when we need to work on my new apartment. 😉 I hope Harry doesn’t turn out to be a total arsehole.

    Otherwise, wow. So. Many. Tears. Not sure how far I can make it but as there is not much to watch right now until my move, I will watch it and use it a bit as an inspiration for my own reno. 😀

  5. Thank goodness for being able to record and fast forward. First episode wasn’t bad but second episode was just not worth watching. With FF I think I probably watched about 10 mins. of it. Too many interviews and not enough reno.
    Based on the first two episodes this seems to be the group with the most crying and tears in the beginning. I think it will only get worse.

    Those houses seem to be too close to each other. Was surprised that house 1 was last choice. Would have thought it would have been first or second choice since it is on the end and not squished between two other homes.

  6. I’m watching. I’m happy we don’t have any of the usual cut out characters – high maintenance insta influencing prima donnas. This lot all seemed fairly tolerable until little Greek princess started with blaming everyone for most everything. Mostly dad actually. She is starting to grate already. Is everything really dads fault? He sent her to get a mortise (?) lock. Said it to her face at least 3 times and still she didn’t know when at the shops. He buggars the measurements too apparently. Yet she can’t see a window on the plans.
    I’m looking forward to the spats organised, focused farmer/chippy is slated to have. I think it will be between them and the ’50s’ couple.
    The preview of some future rooms look pretty familiar in style. Boring.

  7. This season has got my interest and the teams are okay so far. I think with the daughter it’s the same issue where a youngun comes in excited and confident about her styling skills and at the first criticism the doubts and anxiety happen. I hope dad isn’t going to be used as a punching bag. That would make her look like a tool.

    • I think they will be fine. In her interview bits the daughter was already aware of issues which can happen between her and her father and I hope it will keep her from using him as a punching bag.
      I remember when I renovated my first own flat with my dad and we got into a fight because I was so excited about everything and got carried away (okay, I was 10 years younger than the daughter on the show is), but my dad simply put his foot down and said we are doing it his way or no way. It got me more grounded in the end and I realized even though it was my apartment I have to listen to his advice as he did know better. He loves my sister and me to the moon and back but he also knows how to ground us and keep us on track. And how to also keep our confidence afloat without belittling us. In the end my apartment looked exactly how I wanted it to look but we did it how my dad suggested. 😉 Same happened with my sister and her flat a few years ago. By the time she renovated her own house 2 years ago, she already picked up the methods our dad showed her and no fights between them this time around. 😛

  8. It has been okay so far. I am going to try not to comment too much, ’cause then I get too overinvolved.

    I like all the teams – thankfully all relatively normal and no primadonnas (yet). The daughter (Tash) was annoying with all the tears but I think she will settle. The edit repeated her tears a lot.

    I’ve been recording the encores, and somehow the second night missed the house choosing. Did it happen at the start? I was able to watch as a standalone on 9now. At least two of the teams had nominated House 1 as their first or second choice, and yet no-one chose it. However, I think they may be smart. It is not as pretty as the others, the entrance is on the side wall, and as Tash is finding, the 1920s didn’t have a defining style. My favourites (so far) Daniel & Jade selected House 3 (30s) on a hunch, and a good move I think. The team that picked the 1910s house were smart. Like their market research, I would choose that house as the best looking.

    Why is the 1940s house elevated? When you look at the old pictures of it, it is on a slab, which is iconic for that period. It looks weird up in the air.

    • Mhmm, I don’t think 1920s is too difficult. The problem is, in my opinion, that the Art Deco style is a trend which so its high point about 5 years ago. So it could be that people simply are a bit tired.
      Guess the 1930s house might run into similar issues. Both decades are a bit similar.

      The 1910 house has it easier as Art Nouveau has not been overdone yet. And it is a bit whimsy and kitsch, but can look really gorgeous and interesting. I actually enjoy it, when I lived in Nuremberg while working for a magazine, I lived in an apartment building from that era. It was such a beautiful building, I loved it.

      1950s in my opinion is the easiest as it can go from mid century to a slight Scandi vibe.

      1940s to me is the most difficult when it comes to the styling.

      • 1950s is definitely the easiest, as all the teams recognised. Question is, does the style narrow the buyer pool too much? I can’t stand “mid-century modern” because that was the tatty furniture secondhand from rellies of my childhood. My parents were ecstatic to be able to afford to get rid of it.

  9. Finally, caught up on the first episode of the Block…or should we say the extended advertorial. Our usual friends are back, Colourbond, Carpetcourt, Beacon, Mitre 10, Suncorp, Lite N Easy…Wattyl…we swear that is new as in the past they have used a Mitre 10 home brand and of course Ford.

    Back stories of the contestants are revealed and they are all pretty interchangable from the other. They did spend some money doing an el budget rendering of the final product. Oh my, why bother with the reno and just do a new build such is the extension that dwarves the original home.

    The first challenge is all rather anti-climatic. Build a cubby house and paint it. Of course the judges know who did what so here goes:

    Tam (she of the traumatic birthstory) and co paint the shed yellow and white. We are told that this is ‘So Brighton’ by Shaynna and they score 25.5/30. Having first pick, they chose the 1950s house.
    Sarah &George the cry babies from NSW channel the Smurf House (less Mushroom and more truss). Slamed by the judges for covering up the features but Laserlite must have paid for the name drop. Score 18/30 and pick the 1940s house.
    Daniel & Jade from SA with the epic sob story evoke memories of Neale’s grandparents’ hut. They like the sylight, hate the light pendant and overall find the execution good. Score 22.5/30. They pick the 1930s house.
    Luke & Jasmin WA create the ‘lollipop of nightmares’. Poorly painted but is really ‘cool inside’. They are the only team to consider seating. Score 21.5/30. Pick 1910s house.
    Harry & Tash from VIC. Terrible paint job. Great shopping. Score 16.5/30. Get the 1920s house which was their first pick.

  10. Episode 2 and we are still far far behind.
    The rest of the episode was the usual advertorial filler.
    Hi Pages Lever is back.
    CSR must have argued for better product placement this season as they got the Beaumont Tiles storyline,
    The transit van has been christened Bruce.
    Carpet Court got their plug.
    Natasha cried and cried.
    The Farmers must have an ACA story in the works. Drought, Fire and a child with a rare condition. Trifecta.
    The Producers realise that the chick from WA may not be as nice as she constantly tells the audience. Expect the kids to be used often as her human credential.

  11. Episode 3:
    The first Shelly/Scotty visit of the season and we learn that Shelley is now a real estate agent. Mid week episodes are the advertorial episode so here goes:
    Skylights in inappropriate places brought to you by Velux windows.
    Mortice locks found in Schots Emporium
    Let’s mindf*** everyone by announcing that $120k of Gaggeanau will be the prize at the end of the week.
    Sharing of the screws (Farmer Dan and George fight for TopDog status)
    WA has a childhood crush on Shelley since her Saturday Disney days.
    Let’s freak out the QLD team by plugging the Domain App.
    Oh…we need to FF everytime Tasha is on….so annoying.

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