Bachelor Locky finale

The end of Lockydown is nigh! Tonight it’s digital marketer/influencer Bella versus Victorian nurse Irena.

As we know from the Honey Badger season, having a final two does not mean Bachie will walk away with a girlfriend.

There are rumours he picks Bella but she can’t handle the pressure, so he flips back to Irina. Who knows!

Flights to Bali are back? Woo hoo!

The Bachelor screens on Ten from 7.30pm and runs for 90 minutes.



  1. Ar least tonight we’ll be spared watching Locky have a personality crisis with every rose he hands out.

    Two reality tv besties fight it out for silver tongue Locky. Surely the producers have had an evil hand in such an outcome.

    I hope he chooses Irena……..but can’t see either option working, because Locky’s in love with himself.He’d rather be working out in the gym. He bleats evry love cliche known to humanity. All Tinder, no tender

    Ninety minutes is okay for a Finale, too. Hello, Plate Of Origin.

  2. The promo where Locky says, “She’s my best friend”, is just nauseating.
    He’s spent approximately 10 minutes with both girls, and had a couple of phone calls, but she is his “best friend”.
    It says something about how glib he is. My dislike grows exponentially.
    In my ideal world, both girls will have enough self respect to say no.
    The Parents have him pegged. Now let’s move on.

  3. There is a rumour swirling on dailymail that he dumps one, chooses another, she rejects so he begs the loser for forgiveness and they are now in a relationship.

    • Smells of desperation by the producers. They wouldn’t want another Honey Badger fiasco.
      I would assume that there would be a conscious uncoupling after the obligatory three month round of media interviews.

  4. I fell for the misdirection, to be honest. When he revealed that he’d gotten Bella’s words tattooed on his arm, I just thought, surely that means he’s picking her. Like, why would you do that if you were just going to dump her?

    Turns out, I’m not as smart as Locky.

    Thing is, though … I’d love to be a fly on the wall, the first time he shows Irena his arm and she asks him where that tattoo came from.

    I don’t know. I kinda feel for Irena, because she’s too good for him, and I imagine they’ve already broken up. I cannot imagine that will last. As for Bella, you just know that she’s already locked in for the next two seasons of BiP, so all’s well that ends well.

  5. Was it a real tattoo? I figured it was fake.
    So, no backflip after all but a douche move in that gormless Bach professes his love to each girl at their final dates. Which of course makes each confident they will “win”. Irena is a grownup and he picks her, even though he himself is not. He blames Bella for not being more specific about their future together. Given his plans for life with Irena all seem to involve hiking I am not sure what he wanted: well, on Monday we’ll do our tax returns, then you’ll cook dinner …

    • I feel like, if there’s a public figure that you like, but you want to see his reputation destroyed and end up loathing him intensely … make him next year’s Bachelor. Like, I could’ve lived with Locky the Survivor Battering Ram … but love-rat Locky? Nobody needed this.

      Elly and her sister on the Bachelorette is going to be awful. You can see it coming, can’t you?

      • I knew it as soon as I heard her dropping the g off the end of her words. “These boys have no bloody idea what’s commin’ for them.”
        Just what I want to see: not just one, but two inarticulate, blonde bogans because doubling down makes it all okay, doesn’t it.
        Could we have more cliches in a world that’s begging for diversity?
        Could Ch 10 be more tone deaf?
        That would be no, and another no.

        • I always teach my grandchildren and every class how to determine correct pronouns (not “Her and her boyfriend….), but I have recently started teaching them the meaning of words like “woja, wyja, dija and ja. When asked to guess the language, they guess Aboriginal, the Indonesian.
          I suppose the sooner we old dinosaurs die, the better. The they can all spoik however they look.

          • Seeya. Ima gunna. Feb-uary. To my friend and I. And my current favorite teeth-clencher, impordant.

            Some reporter on the ABC said impordant the other night. The ABC! The horror.

  6. Bella has dealt with this well.
    In anticipation of the inevitable, Irena will be taking notes.
    For all future girlfriends, Brooke has tentatively titled her Instruction Booklet as Liar, Liar, Pants On Fire.

  7. I couldn’t help thinking with him declaring his love to both of them & saying he wanted to marry both of them he will have some explaining to do to whoever he ended up with. Will they stay with him now after watching it back? I read somewhere he has not seen Irena it turns out since the show ended because of the closed borders. Maybe she’s glad now for the excuse to stay away.

  8. Maybe I’ve seen too many true crime shows, I’m calling fake on Locky’s alleged crying, all the while hiding his face. There were no actual tears, far as I could see. Guilty, not really crying. Pathetic excuse for dumping Bella. What’s the “Strength and Honour ” tatt about, then?

    Want two wives become a Mormon, $chlocky and get some acting workshops into ya.

    Locky forgot what game he was playing and blindsided Bella.

    • Bella was dumped because she was unable to tell Locky her plans for the next three months. Hell, Lockie, haven’t you heard? It’s Corona. Our calendars are all blank. That adventure up the Amazon is off.

  9. If I found out my boyfriend had told another woman that he loved her blah blah forever, five minutes before he told me the same thing, I would walk. No, I’d run.

    Wasn’t this bozo supposed to make up for Honey Badger not following the premise of the show by finding his true love? I think now, at least HB was honest. The current bozo is just a jerk.

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