Bachelor Lockydown nearly over

Well, that didn’t last long. We get one more night of Bachelor Lockydown and then it’s back to the mansion for more angst.

Tonight intruder Bec enters the scene. Bet she’ll quickly be in Locky’s bubble.

Intruder Bec is 25 so is obviously worried she has missed her chance to find a partner with whome to set up an Insta bikini fitness empire.

Tonight (Wed): As Love In Lockdown draws to a close, the girls are invited on a virtual group date where they will have the opportunity to introduce their nearest and dearest to Locky.

Thurs: It’s the first group date since everyone returned to the mansion and the ladies finally get to do what they couldn’t during lockdown: get physical with Locky. Locky is blindfolded and stripped down to his underwear.

The Bachelor airs on Ten at 7.30pm.



  1. “Locky is blindfolded and stripped down to his underwear.”

    On the one hand, I’m really grossed out and disturbed that this is what evening television on channel 10 has become … but on the other hand, I gotta say, I kinda want to see it.

    Locky, unfortunately, has the charisma of a bowl of cold porridge. Thank goodness he’s pretty.

    • If Locky wasn’t pretty, he’d struggle to attract flies to a shitfight. Lucky the gels is bringing the shitfight. I want to see this too, awful as it is. Can’t we test new Covid vaccines on folk like volatile vixen Roxi and Juliette?

      • Juliette always dresses like a 19yo at a nightclub at 3am who has had too many ciders. Or whatever it is young people drink these days.

      • “Can’t we test new Covid vaccines on folk like volatile vixen Roxi and Juliette?”

        Even better. How about we *don’t* test the vaccine on them?

        Too mean? Yeah, too mean.

  2. Tonight there is awkward Zoominess with some of the parents. Irena is not invited but I think this is a tactic to keep her under the radar. “Intruder” Bec seems nice enough, with her generic “I love life and adventure” spiel.
    Good on Irena for working as a nurse in Melbourne during this lockdown. The tantrums must seem so trivial to her

  3. Okay, the kinky stuff isn’t happening until next episode. Damn it, Bachelor. You can’t tease a boy like that. I’m not getting out a lot, these days.

    What a night for pointless dramatic feuds. Roxy throws a tantrum because Juliette kept existing, and storms out of the mansion. Starting to figure out why Roxy is still single. But, I mean, honestly, good riddance. The girl was just nuts. Meanwhile, Bella suddenly hates her BFF Irena over some contrived nonsense that happened while they were all in lockdown. I thought Bella was the nice one, but by gosh, she had this really vicious streak to her, tonight. Not a fan.

    • True colours revealed tonight. I LOVED the preview for next week where, when Bella says something critical about Irina, Locky responds in amazement “She’s never said anything bad about you!”.

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