• It wasn’t my fave, but not sure if it needed the harsh words received from the judges.
      And I hope all the teams remember that the judges aren’t buying their properties.

        • Elvis had taps fashioned from solid gold. I could stand them.

          I’m about to get some “luxe ” Housing SA taps.

        • Omfg, Harry and Tash, the second pic in your link, the tiles do not match up, it would drive me crazy staring at that every day.

      • The judges were a bit harsh but I didn’t like that bathroom at all either. Too many types of tiles and they just didn’t work together. Even though the ceiling was raised those tiles just made the room look smaller.

        I also didn’t like the 50s bathroom. Just didn’t like any of the green or gold and the laminate (was it laminate or real wood?) vanity looked out of place.

        Liked the bathroom that came in second the best even though I am not a fan of pink. The diverter was too high but I would think that could be easily fixed. Removing ugly tiles from bathrooms in first and last houses is much more difficult and time consuming.

        I understand keeping some details from the different eras but I think the judges are going overboard with what they are asking for.

      • Harry and Tash’s bathroom would have been so much better with a white instead of the grey tiles. Then the Moroccan floor tiles would have matched the nice blue ones. My eyes hurt when looking at the corner where the blue and grey joined. Basic rule of colour – keep them in the same tone family.

  1. I honestly don’t get this bathroom disaster I saw on The Block. Auntie Google is a great help to get inspiration.
    A fitting sink alone would have changed everything.
    The blue tiles were fine, but the grey ones they used simply didn’t fit. I honestly believe Tash is either too dumb or too arrogant to properly research. It’s her only job apart from styling a room.
    Most of the bathrooms from that link can be used easily as an inspiration and get combined with more modern elements. You just have to be gutsy.
    Or go safe and do a typical black and white bathroom which doesn’t really age:

    I also dislike the winning bathroom. The colours are nice, but at the same time it reminds me of a public pool.
    The bathroom in second place was the nicest. But tbh, none of the bathrooms really fit the brief, but Harry and Tash got the most beating, at least when it came to the comments. And I think that was also due to the fact that they simply had the tiniest space to work with. Although Tash could have really chosen better and she needs to also really research properly. The 1920s are sooooo easy to do. *sigh*

  2. The other team walkthrough was interesting. Quite a few points were made that did not feature in the judging. Inconsistent judging to the fore again. Most telling was Tash pointing out the height of the winning bathroom’s glass. Sometimes the other teams are just being picky, but that was a blatant factual double standard and she was completely right to call it out. (Her bathroom still should score lower, though).

    The clearest insight this season so far was by Luke (I think?) when he said that as soon as you make the emotional connection with the judges, they will overlook any amount of technical or design faults. In other words, wow them with a big feature immediately, and everything else will be given a free pass.

    This was true in every bathroom and the rooms the previous week. Skylights (decided and designed by the architect!) immediately negate lots of other things. I liked the pink tile (not generally a fan of pink) because I think it was true to the era, but somehow the rest of that bathroom had something wrong. And black fittings! Ruins the era feel.

  3. This week – main bedroom. So much ridiculous focus on cupboards, and their colour, shape and features. Huge drama while painting Harry as lazy. What did annoy me was H & T talking about how much demo there was, but no sign whatsoever of Tash doing anything to help. I may be singling her out, as I can’t remember if the other girls (except Jade) have done any physical work bar painting. I will be watching from now on. I know this is how it happens in the real world, but watching all five couples following the men=physical, women=design template is a bit boring. First woman who shows me that they will get in there, plus man making a serious design decision, will be my favs.

    Why such a huge bedroom for house 1? Tiny guest room, tiny main bathroom, surely a talented architect can configure these rooms more efficiently.

    Of course, house 5 will get credit for a chimney, another pre-determined feature.

    Unfortunately the tone of the show is dropping. The annoying competitions are starting, the repetitious storylines (hipages alarm, anyone?) and pushing of the Jimmy/Tam winner storyline are the sort of things that stopped me watching before.

    Anyone think that Jimmy was “James” until he met 50’s-mad Tamara? There are very few men under 60yo who use Jim or Jimmy as a contraction of James, but masses of James’ around. My nephew refuses to answer to any contraction.
    Maybe the producers switched him to Jimmy so that they could enhance the 1950’s house preference even further?

    • I don’t know what it is, but Tam annoys me. I think it is her eyebrows They are so… prominent and make her look mean. I really cannot warm up to them. I think they are doing a good job, but I also feel they get too much praise.

      I still like Harry, he reminds me of my dad. 😉

    • My brother is James, apparently when he was born a few people started to call him Jim or Jimmy, mum said if they she wanted him to be called Jimmy, they would have named him that, but the name on his birth certificate is James so thats what he should be called!

  4. I hope Daniel and Jade drop the round-ended bench in the kitchen. When the fellow persuaded them to move the kitchen back, I thought this was his main gripe, yet the diagram showed it still there.

  5. New thread is up for more Block chat. Thanks to the regular commenters who keep us non-watchers up to date with the goings on

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