No Block Sunday

No Block on Sunday due to NRL.

On Monday: It’s judgment day for the team’s hallways, powder rooms, laundries and stairwells. Who will take home the $10,000 cash?

And then it’s front garden and facade week.



  1. VIC Spend $48470 (paired with Mark and Mitchell)

    The entrance is an ode to the sponsors Velux and Viridian and then it is all down hill from there.

    The painting is crap.

    The styling is very dull and bland. The runner should have been longer and in a rich vibrant colour. The pendant over the stairwell was dated and generic. The sheer curtains offer no sense of privacy at night. The laundry does not have space for an ironing board or broom. The painting in the stairwell should have been vertical rather than horizontal. Overall dull and flat when there was the opportunity to create more drama through decor.

    The judges did like the space underneath the stairwell. More a parents hidey hole with the wine fridge than Harry Potter hovel.

    • Pretty much sums it up. All the best things in this house have been architectural, and not related to the decisions made by the contestants. Then again, they are not terrible at it, just not really good at it.

  2. NSW Spend $42635 (Mel & Jesse)

    The hallway has beautiful detailing.

    The art is next level. It is so perfectly 1940s but the posters are overkill in their number. Darren would pare it back.

    The arched steel door stunning, beautifully designed and executed and frankly too beautiful to have a distraction from.

    The powder room is sweet and beautiful. It has gorgeous wall paper and is really well done.

    There is a sense of theatre is the transistioning of the old house and the new but the staircase with its oak treads and the walnut flooring do not go together. Indeed, the staircase does not go with any other part of the house. It will need to be tinted.

    The judges swoon over the laundry (well Dan’s dog) but again they think the rooms are disparate and not of the one house.

    • If I was judge I would deduct 4 points for the posters. I do not want a psuedo-peeing man in my hallway. And out of all the posters (of which none were nice) Sarah chose the worst two.

      Otherwise it was a nice zone. The judges slammed them for the different timbers, but all the houses had different stairs. I can’t help but feel that the stair people told them all to do it that way (or provided the stain).

  3. SA Spend $35961(Deb & Andy)

    They have definitely gone with the period detail replete with a very long runner. The cream/ivory colour is really serene but for Shaynna it is vanilla. (Farmer needs a dictionary.) For Neale, it is undercooked and bland.

    Somehow the desire for Florence Broadhurst/chinoiserie wallpaper manifests itself as 1970s pampas grass. A choice (anemic pampas grass) better suited to the bedroom than the public area.

    Darren thinks the stairwell is understated and elegant. He is alone in his praise as Neale and Shaynna are unmoved by the white on white on white.

    Neale does love the sheers at the top of the staircase and how they match the secret storage door. Fully expecting a sponsor name drop.

    The farmers do their manipulative country folk shtick (roll eyes).

    • Agree with the judges re the “vanilla” palate, but once again it raises the issue of pleasing the judges vs neutral saleability.

      The wallpaper – well, it has nearly all been terrible every week, so nothing new here.

  4. WA Spend $44714 (Matt & E”’lise)

    This is everything I love next door but with more finesse. The black front door and the steel glass end door book end each other magnificiently.

    Shaynna loves the chevron floor . Neale is excited.

    The powder room is pretty hot (with a lingering shot on Darren Palmer’s soap).

    The laundry is faultless (with a drying cupboard).

    Classic simplicity in bucketloads. It is the most resolved space this week. It is also Shaynna’s favourite staircase.

    • This zone deserved the win, mainly for the floor, but the rest is good too.

      But I would like to know why an unstained staircase is not considered “unfinished”. They are given a big let-off by claiming that they wanted to do it last so no one would walk on it. To me, that is a weak excuse, and it gave them free advice about matching the other floors.

  5. Qld Spend $47240 (Tess & Luke)

    What an entrance! The judges are impressed by the Murano original chandelier. It is a really lovely layed pallete. For Neale, it is a visual space but hates the console. There is nothing in the entrance that says welcome home.

    Hiding the laundry door is a masterstroke. The laundry has colour and personality (and a broom cupboard).

    For Darren, they have delivered one of the most unique homes on the Block.

    They are the only team to have a staircase that matches the floors on both the ground and first levels.

    Their biggest oversight is the lack of window dressing on the picture window that overlooks the street. It will need to be remedied before the house goes on the market.

    • Chandelier – meh. Definitely a waste of money, a way for this team to divest some funds. The timber wall was more of a entry feature, but why was this house designed with the laundry there?

      Staircase sort of matches – it comes the closest of any house, but still not quite there. Could they not use the actual same timber as the floor? Why use pine (or whatever) then have to stain.

      I wonder if they will use sheers on that window. If so it should get the same criticism as house one, maybe more as house one’s window has a tree to block the view.

  6. Geezus. G&S get ’10’ for each area but because it doesn’t flow they score 8s; same score as house 1. I don’t remember them doing anything against judges advice particularly. Is there a realisarion that house 5 may struggle at auction? So concerted effort to give them everything now? Bizarre
    Jasmin needs to act her age, not that of her students. Miss pouty sooky mcpout face. Ugh.

    • We think the decision to have the culmutive score determine auction order is skewering the weekly results. G&S should have scored higher.

      • I agree with that. When I saw the final scores, a quick mental calculation made it look like the cumulative score is condensing.

        I do feel sorry for Luke and Jasmin, but yes, not really a classy loss by them.

        I think James and Tamara should have had slightly lower scores anyway.

      • That’s what I mean. They’re favouring house 5, to secure the ‘power’ of choosing auction order. 50’s Palm Springs isn’t Brighton vibe.

        • Was “Palm Springs” really a design phase in Australia? I can vaguely remember the 60s Brady Bunch house style inside (it was considered tat back then) but none of this palm tree/rattan stuff.

          • I wasn’t alive in the 50s, or most of the 60s. Palm Springs has only popped up as a ‘retro’ style option in recent times.
            Braaahton is not founded on such frivolity 😉

    • Not sure what you have seen to be so down on Daniel and Jade – I love their lack of fuss and not playing up for the camera. Worst I can say of them is that they are too ordinary to make compelling tv viewing, hence the lack of footage we see of them. That montage was one of three obvious attempts in this episode to find a villain. Harry and Jasmin also copped it.

      The producers are obviously salty that they have picked such a nice bunch of contestants, and all attempts to make drama with conflict have failed. Now they are sending Keith and Dan out every five minutes to find tiny faults and whine about them for two hours before an easy five-minute fix is found. If we listen carefully, most of the time they don’t say that the fault is actually against Code or dangerous or wrong, just that they “seem” wrong, or “might not” meet Code.

  7. I just had a look at the houses on Domain and even though I thought I really liked house 5, when you go through the photos, the lack of any dining space jumps out and some of the styling in house 5 becomes too much overall. I really think that house 2 and 4 stand out on Domain and it is strange that George and Sarah have barely won anything when their house looks so good.

  8. One more thing..why does Ch9 believe the rictus mannequin otherwise known as Rebecca Judd to be deserving of a national platform?

    She has absolutely no screen presence. The lego gnome has more screen presence than her.

    • “Why does Ch9 believe the rictus mannequin otherwise known as Rebecca Judd to be deserving of a national platform?”

      Raising anorexia awareness?

      I personally think the Brownlow “dress” gave her a career.

    • Yep, pointless appearance.

      And Todd Woodbridge is a famous “commentator”? How about half of the best ever doubles tennis players in the world?

  9. Finally George and Sarah were pushed beyond their tolerance. I don’t blame them here. It was so much nicer to see Dan in the challenge being normal and not scripted within an inch of his life. Sarah won’t forgive too quickly, though – the mama bear has been poked.

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