Almost-Christmas chat: Are we there yet? (And there’s nothing on TV)

By Bobi

Hellooo. Long time, no see. 

Virtual hugs to everyone. I’ve missed you. 

So ….. crisis over …? Okay, I know it’s not completely all over yet but it feels like it is. Maybe there will be a few bumps along the way but look at us. We’re back. 

So proud. 

Well, almost back. I have a few residual hang ups that may take me a decade or so to overcome. 

I’ve never been a great hugger so this was always going to be a difficult time for me. What is it with SiLs who hug every time they see you? Like, I saw you yesterday. You haven’t been away for 12 months and I’m not dying. 

Now, finally, to television. There is none. NoTHinG! Fftt. 

Fingers crossed for next year. Of course it will be better.



  1. Are we sure that raccoon is not 2020 trying to choke the life out of us? Thank you for all your chat posts this year, Bobi. Here’s to a smoother 2021.

  2. Still watching The Amazing Race. Funny you have to go to 11pm to find a great competition show…

    But not enjoying this season as much because of the very annoying alliance. Five teams made a pact in the very first leg, and none of them have broken it – in fact, they have significantly manipulated certain challenges by giving overt help. They have banded together (just like bullies?) to sabotage the non-alliance teams, so they didn’t have a chance. Now there are three teams who have put the target on the other two, yet the other two still think they are in the alliance. I wish someone was smart enough to realise that they need to work against the team stronger than them, or they will not win.

    So much like cliques in high school. Or alliances in Survivor, but this feels quite mean in comparison.

  3. I’m watching the SAS shows, thank you SBS and NITV for running great music documentaries at this time of year. People who are/were truly famous and not Nonna driven Instagram casualties.


    Judge Judy

    Of course, at 4.30 I watch Bold And The Beautiful.

  4. Fearing the pre-Christmas pressure, I put my tree up in October, and started decorating, buying and wrapping gifts back then, wrapping as I went. On the weekend I made two very large trays of chillie beef wantons (for steaming and or deep frying),and two very large trays of potato croquettes, and froze them. I have 3 top-up gifts to buy but other than that just have to wait until about the 22nd to Farmers’ Mart. shop and the 24th for that fresh cooking.

    I am going to do a cold meat and devilled egg platter, a salad bowl and some individual apple and Grand Marnier trifles.
    I am hoping that the pre-Christmas days aren’t stressful.
    BTW everyone brings a plate and Iron Chef does the punch. It’s going to be a big Christmas this year. But with retirement looming, maybe our last big spend up.

    As for TV; I am avoiding Stan and Netflix shows that make me feel grimy inside eg GOR, Euphoria. Is everyone out there selling cocaine or meth and having depraved sex with strangers or animals? I’ll be looking for some light humour.
    There’s a FB page called Dry Bar that has a few good videos.
    I’ll probably stick to Dr Phil, catch up on my JJ, and Escape to the Country, watch Law&Order repeats, 48 Hours and maybe watch some You tube cooking videos.
    Other than that I will just be enjoying summer, swimming, hanging out with friends and (hopefully) family. I have switched my pottery for drawing and painting for awhile.

    • Chilli beef wontons sounds delicious.
      I am watching the ads for next weeks Christmas shows and am looking forward to Shaun Mcauliffe and that other ABC guy, whatshisname. And the BBC will do some fun stuff.
      But I do have one gripe (of course I do 🙄). Could people stop telling me how to cook a ham. Firstly, it’s every friggin’ lifestyle show. Fftt. Secondly, it’s cooked already. And thirdly, no matter what fancy stuff is done to the outside of it, it still just tastes like ham.
      Checks back to make sure that Daisy hasn’t mentioned ham. No? All good.

      • Oh, so true about the ham. Does anyone eat ham hot? The beauty of it is that you buy it, slice it, and put it on a platter.

  5. I have been watching To The Lake on Netflix. Russian made but dubbed in English. It was made just before the pandemic but is about a really contagious virus that hits Moscow. The military barricades everyone in to die but some people escape. Shades of Nazi Germany with people being taken on buses to “safety” then shot, And it’s set in winter so travelling is hard in the snow. It’s not bad

  6. Dave, seen Robyn McGraw lately? Her scary “shock, horror reactions” are gold. She has clown face now. The lips steal the show.

    • I sure have. Though today was a repeat from the old days , when she’s on her own in the audience , she puts on a show alright. I figured she nevr stayed for the whole show, just got wheeled in at the end. I can’t stand Coach Mike, either,

      • Never invite coach Mike to a party. He’d have too much advice for you. “Tsk, Tsk, Tsk. You need to make a plan”.
        And Doc Phil would be an arrogant bore. But Robyn would be all, “Gasp. Say whaaat?”

    • Not one to body shame (truthfully I am, but I feel guilty to make up for it. Sorry, not sorry), but surely her health is an issue? I swear she’s getting thinner before my eyes and not in a good way. When people start to look like lollipops, or they need help getting up, then it’s time to see a real, like MD, doctor.
      One of the reasons I’m becoming fonder and fonder of Abby is that she seems comfortable in her skin, no matter her body size. I envy this current generation. I grew up in the days of Twiggy – an unobtainable goal – and I still suffer from some unrealistic food phobias. Quietly, bread. Crusty white bread is my kryptonite.

      • Abby?

        Growing up, I was always called skinny and stayed that way until the Big M.
        I try to be a moderate eater now. It’s not fun but I go for quality over quantity. As a society, it’s difficult to not over eat. We’re an eating culture with restaurants, café and cooking shows. We didn’t have much of any if that growing up in Pert MA.

        • Abby from the Bachelor. I started to become a fan when I watched her on Reputation Rehab. That ep was worth the watch. Now, every time I see her being interviewed it just reminds me that she is cleverer than the edit.
          I grew up in a country culture: tea, scones with jam and cream, sponge cake with jam and cream, Anzac biscuits. The jam is home made, the eggs are from the backyard chooks and the butter and cream is delivered daily. Bread and dripping. Remind me again why we all die young?

  7. Where else can I vent this except here? In this world of shrinking grammatical knowledge, I usually expect most of the older generations to know their grammar but am still often disappointed.
    Last night, on the Drum, the hostess used that cringeworthy non word; “my’s”. It went something like, “My’s and Jack’s……”. Or Jack’s and My’s…..”.

    • Feel free to vent anytime on grammar. Personally, it is diction that is annoying me at the moment, in particular “twenny-twenny”. Some places it is not surprising, but there are a lot of other presenters whom I expect to know better.

      • Hahaha. So true. And spelling.
        I exercised great restraint on FB the other day when someone lost their car “manuel”.
        Oh hold me back.
        But I often tuck tags in for strangers. As Dr Phil says, “I do it because it makes ME feel better.

        • It kills me that people still whinge about the “boarders”. Did you see the story about all the Insta Influencers writing boastful posts tagged “wallah”. They had no idea it was “voila”.

          • 🤣🤣
            Although I did think it was cute that dd used to say “punkin” until her early 20s.
            And I’m told that all Australians mispronounce pergola.
            I get really cranky when some people correct my pronunciation of bruschetta (seriously people, make sure you’re right when you correct someone in public, and btw, you’re not).
            I have to pause when deciding between historic and historical. It’s 50/50 on any given day.
            Come to think of it, so many. And yet I remain firmly judgemental and pedantic because it’s fun.

          • I need to look at the origin of pergola. The way it is pronounced elsewhere annoys me, but chances are that the country that invented it is right, and I am wrong.

          • I know. Irritating as hell, right?
            Although I wonder if it’s because of Americans for me. After all, they butcher everything else language wise.

        • All of the above examples, but my most hated mistake is a preposition followed by a first person pronoun – “for Jim and I”. It puts my teeth on edge, and my opinion of whoever said it immediately drops by ten points. I could be in the next room, hear someone on tv or radio say that, and I will growl.

          You do tag tucking Daisy, really? If a stranger stuck their finger down the neck of my shirt, I’d spin around with my hand raised ready to hit them.

          One of the SBS channels had two episodes of Kochak: The Night Stalker the other night. Once I got past exclaiming how young the actors were, and how much hair the men had, I did enjoy watching. I wouldn’t mind more showings of really old television shows. And Law and Order reruns are my choice, too, when there is nothing else.

          • Daisy, you didn’t mean that kind of tag, did you? Ha ha, sometimes I’m stupid. I’m not on Facebook and didn’t think of that kind of tag.

          • I must be really good at tag tucking, like those magician/pickpockets because I have never been hit. 🤣
            I choose wisely and add a dash of humour, usually reprimanding their friends because “It’s their job”. I don’t always do it, and I have never done anyone’s fly up.
            But then I always give compliments to strangers too. I’m quite the pokey.

        • Someone I read a comment of the other day hated “pedofiles”, while another took exception to my pointing out their “typo’s”. Call me a moron and I’ll point out your grammar deficiencies. I’ve been called a “looser” a stack of times. Ouch.

        • Today the building supervisor on my renovation thanked me for my ” patients”. I wanted to tell him I’m not a doctor but kept my mouth shut.

          Needless to say , the whole job has been a major clusterfuck.

          • Small blessings.
            I am wondering if there is something out there trying to turn all of us into Buddhists.

    • Stick a fork in Pete’s arse and turn him over . He’s done and now needs to be rested.

      Chef to Epidemiologist. Nut case.

    • I just enjoyed seeing them back together. As David says, they didn’t know what to do with 2020 so they crammed everything in

  8. Doug Anthony died.
    I know that there’s not a great love out there for politicians but he was one of the better ones. Not that he didn’t bend the odd rules but his whole reason for being was to represent the Country party people and his local constituents rather than other pollies or big business. This current mob could learn a lot from him.

  9. Found a show. I am so excited.
    The Investigation on SBS on Demand.
    If this thing was fiction they couldn’t have done a better job.
    I am bingeing… and desperately hoping that it doesn’t let me down at the finale.

  10. We tried “Your Honour”. I lasted 10 or 15 minutes. It looks like it promises to be a great series but I had to stop. It was too horrible. Not gratuitous but tmi for me.

  11. Well, guys, you can always watch the weekly showing of Love Actually :). I did watch it last week, then was somewhat surprised to see it was on again last night. No doubt Die Hard will turn up some time this week.

    Nope, there is nothing to watch. Even SBS Food is letting me down. Bleh to all channels.

    I’m going to try to see the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in a little while. It’s not cloudy but there may be too many tall trees in the way. Fingers crossed.

  12. I’ve never been a Love Actually fan, except for Hugh’s dance. It was all a bit shallow and skippy for me.
    I am a huge Die Hard fan and will fight anyone to the death if they don’t agree that it’s a Christmas movie.
    I am waiting for The Santa Clause: my favourite.
    Not even reruns are doing it for me at the moment. I am starting to find NCIS objectionable. I have just realised that Gibbs is a work place bully. Yes, I know, late to the game. They are playing Poirot rather than Miss Marple: even Agatha Christie had a dislike for Poirot.
    I have a theory. The media put their money into reality shows and, with Corona shutting down production, it is showing up the lack of back up shows in the vault. They have been found wanting.
    It’s as good a theory as any because, as we have been saying for sometime, there’s nothing else on. I mean seriously, how many episodes of the The Cook and the Chef did they make, and would you really notice if it was on its third rotation?

    • Hugh’s dance and Emma Thompson’s acting performance after she finds out Rickman cheated are the bits that stick with me.

      Of course Die Hard is a Christmas movie. I think it has a Christmas tree in it.

      Oh my god, The Cook and The Chef is wearing thin. I like the chef, but am so over Maggie with her verjuice, vino cotto, nut brown butter, and amalgamating flavours.

      • Those two moments are the best. I also like the girl with the disabled brother story. For a movie that specialises in several vignettes, that makes it easy to divide the parts into like/dislike/loath. The couple making the film and the obnoxious children rate equal for the worst parts of the movie (backed up by that awful Mariah Carey song). I liked the Keira Knightley part first time around but now am turned off by just how wrong it is to declare your love to your best mate’s wife. I like Bill Nighy’s part, when I can get past the language, but the rest is “meh” now.

        Apparently The Chase showed a repeat last week just five days after it had first aired. Blooper there.

        I love The Santa Clause movies. I have binged a bit on the Hallmark-style movies on in the middle of the day at the moment. A couple have been truly awful, others just formulaic, but one I liked this week was The Spirit of Christmas which is almost no schmaltz, with a slightly mysterious historical storyline. Still no brain-stretcher but just really nice.

  13. It’s been a while. And I am the total Debbie Downer now. Gotta say this year has been absolutely craptastic. It started with my Oma suffocating to death due the fluids in her lungs, then Corona hit us, and exactly 10 months after my Oma died, we also had to let our mum go. The exact same way. My sister and I were thankfully allowed to stay with her until she died. We watched her suffocate for 9 long hours. Honestly, I still have nightmares from it. I just wish the government would have allowed assisted suicide, it is what she wanted. She didn’t want to suffer and die in total fear. But especially Germany will never get that, too close to the Euthanasia programs in the Third Reich. We let our pets die with more dignity than a human being.
    Oh, fuck cancer! Seriously. FUCK. IT!
    Yesterday I got a letter from the hospital, they thanked us for donating our mum’s corneas. There aren’t enough donors in Germany, so those two people had to wait months for someone to die. I cried like a stupid little child when I read that letter.

    Do your mammographies, treat a warning sign your body sends you seriously. Don’t shrug it off “It’s just some ouchie! It will pass!”. It took just 4 months from her diagnosis to her death.

    Please don’t say your condolences, I just needed to vent. 🙂

      • Our health minister tried to change the law this year (or last year?). In France you are an automatic donor and you have to opt out online or a for example tell your GP. Spahn wanted the same system they have implemented in France. Our Bundestag rejected it. They think it is too close to Nazi tactics. -.- It is a big issue as we kinda never move forward because of our past in some cases.

  14. Hahahahaha, Facebook has deleted Pete Evans’s page. Facebook! I’m not generally in favour of censorship, but that has given me the best laugh I’ve had in weeks, as well as an abundance of schadenfreude.

    However, he is still on Instagram, so won’t be out of our faces really. Be consistent Zuckerberg, you twat.

  15. Happy Christmas for tomorrow everyone. Whether it be big and traditional, or quiet, or alonely (well politicians male up words 😛) , I hope it’s a good day for you. 🌲
    Thankyou all, you small bands of faithful on-line friends for our chats. Thankyou for enjoying our similarities, accepting our differences, and showing compassion when any one of us has fallen in a ditch.
    And on another note….and this isn’t to be mean, it just is so….Gladys B looks like Punch and Judy. Google image and you will see. It’s her doing for wearing those red blobs of rouge. But good luck to everyone having a covid Christmas. Stay safe and covid free.

    • Thank you. And happy Christmas to everyone.
      I am going to have a quiet Christmas. I will be going to dd’s for brunch (with ham) and then I will run away home.
      I bought myself a good book and a mango and I will indulge myself. The dog gets nothing extra. Maybe a longer walk.
      I don’t love Christmas but I will keep a cheerful outlook. Today was a good day. I binged on Rock Quiz Christmas specials: I’d forgotten what a fun show it was. Hopefully tomorrow will have similar. I am saving up the QI special.
      It’s been lovely sharing this year with everyone. It’s been a cluster f**k on so many levels but made bearable by coming here for lighter moments.
      I hope everyone has just the day they are wishing for. ❤️

      • I’m having a quiet one too. I’m cooking some now, will make salads tomorrow, and champagne is in the fridge. It doesn’t feel like a champagne Christmas, but that is part of my traditional dinner for myself.

        Bobi, couldn’t you take home a little piece of ham for your doggo?

        I hope everyone has a happy and peaceful day. Be smart, be safe.

        • The lovely one is on a strict diet. He is allergic to chicken and chicken is in everything, including liquid garden fertiliser as we have discovered.
          He has hyper allergic I-don’t-know-what, and pumpkin for his tablets. Plus the odd liver treat, plus some of my fillet steak that I had for dinner last night. It’s sad and tedious for me but he seems to be used to it.
          Find attached gratuitous photo of him on high alert waiting for the first of his walks.

          • I’m sure you’re feeding your dog, Bobi :). I didn’t know he was allergy-prone, poor fellow. It is tedious dealing with that, but dogs seem to adjust easily to meds and treatments.

            Please attach photos of him whenever you can. I like seeing pics of other people’s doggies.

          • It would be easy to blame the greyhound industry, and all the drugs that went through his system, but the truth is that it is very common for dogs to be allergic to chicken. Something to do with years of poor diet which my vet has interpreted to mean only being fed food scraps off the kitchen table.
            I kind of get that. They are incredibly expensive animals to feed.
            I’m getting used to it. He’s not a beggar but it’s hard not to give him a bit of whatever I’m eating.

          • Harry and Maggie vomit up chicken too.

            I am guilty of giving them a bit of a “tapas”, or taste plate, while I, but never chicken.

            I find they do best on too cooked with veggies.

  16. And a follow up. This is dd’s Christmas present (pre-approved because art is subjective). He’s a fenchie: a lovely boy.

  17. We had a quiet day, just the three of us, as all our family is interstate and we were scared to travel and get stuck, as SA is fairly quickly to shut borders. I need to work on the shape of my choux (Zhee – help!) but the cream puffs tasted good and I was really happy with my new ham glaze.

    • Use a piping bag, never spoon them on in case you did that. Hold the piping bag absolutely straight so it is basically a 90° angle between the baking tray and the piping bag. 🙂 And then squeeze in one go, don’t squeeze and stop and squeeze again. That tactic worked out quite well for me.

      • I tried a piping bag but could not find my widest nozzle so got frustrated and just glopped some of them on. I did do MC Emelia’s trick of wetting a finger to push in the peaks. I definitely was not doing 90 degrees and there was a lot of stop-starting. Thanks for the tips. Will wait for a cooler week and try again. 35C here today

      • Made by schoolchildren in Bridgewater, Adelaide Hills. Fairies live there, you’re right. Koalas, wabbits etc.

    • Awww. Thanks Dave. He’s a handsome boy, and his smile is a bonus. If I could reach him, I would give him lots of pats and a cuddle if he’d let me.

      • He’d let you Von. He only dislikes pups that want to play. He has just three legs now, eleven y/o in a couple of weeks. Rescued from evil puppy farm , sleeps on or my bed every night. The vet who said he should be euthanased when he was a pup is dead now. My idea of justice.

  18. I am disappointed that Die Hard didn’t make it to this year’s Christmas rerun list. What the hell ftv? Channel 9 tonight is offering Deep Impact. Pretty sure I could say the dialogue with the actors if I wanted to sit through that again…which I don’t.

    I’m making a vegetable curry for dinner. I need a break from another serving of Christmas dinner leftovers, good as it was.

    • While I won’t disagree that we can breed some weird ones over here, we don’t know where this idiot is from. She is a a traveler returned from Spain. And I think her stupid ass is in jail right now, bail refused. I don’t know if quarantine rules here are mainly trusting people to do the right thing, but obviously safeguards need to be tightened.

      What the bloody hell is wrong with some people? I’m sure two weeks stuck in a hotel room is not easy, but does there need to be a fucking guard outside each hotel room? Thousands have gone through and dealt with hotel quarantine. It only takes one selfish, inconsiderate infected fool breaking quarantine to set off an outbreak – in any state.

      • If you look at this woman’s FB page, she’s a 5G nutter. She’s posted videos about how covid is a hoax and the symptons are actually the effects of electro-magnetic radiation frequency on human cells, or whatever nonsense these people go on about.

        I heard that the ultimate punishment, for what she did, might be 12 months in jail, or fines of upwards of $100,000. Maybe sitting in a jail cell, for a few days, contemplating these potential punishments, might give her a bit of perspective?

        The thing is … I read, this morning, that the bomb in Nashville (over the Christmas weekend) was set off by a 5G nutter. He’d been convinced (probably by numpties on the internet) that 5G was evil and he’d be a hero for using a home-made bomb to destroy some piece of broadcasting infrastructure, or whatever.

        He could’ve killed people, and it’s probably a miracle that he didn’t (although he killed himself). This is the danger of all this nonsense. It detachs people from reality, it turns them into radicalised extremists. Only instead of religious beliefs, they believe this ridiculous internet garbage, and become a serious danger to themselves and other people.

    • I would really like to understand how these people think.
      My SiL is a bit on this path but, luckily, rational thought tends to keep her just on the right side.
      So I understand how they start. I just don’t get how it keeps going to the point that they are happy to die, and have me die, to prove their point.
      No plaintive tone in my voice. I am genuinely curious.
      No discussion on our mate, Pete Evans, either. I think he’s just an opportunist, looking to make easy money, but some people really believe in his preachings. And that’s the segue that takes me to religion. Religion has its place for some people. I am sure it’s not the same thing.
      I’ve twisted myself into an existential knot here.

      • I can discuss calmly religion, politics, abortion, climate change, and other emotive topics with people. But those who continue to spout lies and deny science I have no time for. The corona virus is not a hoax, the earth is not flat. Facts.

        That woman is grossly ignorant. Fact. She is in jail now until 4 January, liable to get a fine up to $50,000 dollars and/or 12 months jail. I hope she gets maximum jail time but I know that’s unlikely. She can have whatever opinion she likes, but her actions have consequences and she needs to realise that.

        Knee jerk reaction to her absconding was to give more powers to detain people to security guards at quarantine hotels. That’s understandable. With respect to security guards and the good job they have done here – I think she was only the second person to escape quarantine – I don’t think they’re trained for that responsibility or if they even want it. But here we are.

        This moronic bitch tested negative after her 10 hour jaunt walking around the CBD and riding a bus to somewhere. What if it was a false negative and she was infectious during that time? How many people might get sick or die because of her actions?

        I’m so, so angry with idiots who deny the reality of corona virus and endanger the rest of us.

        • Rumour has it that she returned from Spain to see her daughter who had tried to commit suicide. And yet, during that tour around town, she made no effort to see her daughter.
          idk. I’m a bit judgy.
          It doesn’t look like she has much money and I’m not a fan of jail time for less than serious offences.
          Cleaning men’s toilets – in a pub?, in a hospital? – for the next 6 months seems like a good option.

          • If she doesn’t have much money, she shouldn’t have walked out of quarantine, making herself liable for a fine. Putting other peoples lives at risk, actually or potentially, is a serious crime in a pandemic. Testing negative doesn’t give her a free pass. I don’t think community service is sufficient punishment, nor is it a big deterrent to other irresponsible dimwits who think rules don’t apply to them.

            While our closed borders made a big difference, I think part of our comparative safety here is because most people tried to do the right thing by following the CMO’s recommendations.

            We all have an obligation to be socially responsible during this pandemic.

        • Fining someone is pointless if they know they have no capacity to pay.
          SA is expected to close borders to NSW so just as well we decided not to visit family for Christmas. My mind boggles that Gladys has not come out harder on mask wearing in public. Poor Victorians must be seething

          • I can’t shake the feeling that there is a political aspect to Gladys’s decisions. When Dan locked Melbourne down, he copped a non-stop barrage of criticism from the federal government, that just happened to be an LNP one. History showed us that Dan made the right decision. It was crappy time in Victoria … but it worked.

            And, on the other end of the spectrum, dithering about without making a hard call until it’s too late (like Boris Johnson, a conservative politician) or doing nothing at all (like Trump. Another conservative politician) have both been absolutely disastrous.

            So Gladys wants to do *something*, but she doesn’t want to cop the flack from Morrison’s government (and the LNP’s rich supporters) so she’s hesitant to do too much.

            I’ve read a few people, putting forward that theory, and it does make sense to me.

          • It is not really practical to shut down NSW every time there is an outbreak and certainly not while NSW is the state accepting the majority of returned travellers. It is always going to be at higher risk of an outbreak than the other states.

            The general advice throughout the year has been to avoid Sydney unless it is absolutely essential to visit there.

            It makes more sense to isolate regions than place the whole state in lock down.

            People are inherently self-interested and will mask up when there is a more immediate threat in their area (and vendor will profit from it).

            Gladys doesn’t need to blindly follow Dan Andrews.

          • Ditto Juz.
            What a lame attempt from “Team NSW’s ” chief cheerleader. “It would be nice if you wear a mask”.
            And yes, I feel that poor old Vic is copping the fallout.

  19. New Year’s Eve will be a test everywhere as to how much the virus spreads. Despite warnings, people will congregate, yell drunkenly in each others faces, sing, and kiss.

    I don’t have my doggy to kiss tomorrow, so will have a couple of drinks and open my front door at midnight to quietly call out Happy New Year to my neighbours.

    • Are you kidding? At 11:59, I’m going to shout out, “Jumanji!” really loudly, and hope like hell it works, and the game resets and then everything goes back to normal.

      • You know that would just spark a swarm of murder hornets, right? Or a hippo would eat you.
        I am marking NYE by catching up on the so bad it’s kinda good zombie show Z Nation. And then I think Bridgerton beckons

      • Hopefully the blue cheese will ward off murder hornets. Or zombies – surely a zombie apocalypse is next? Things are looking dicey in Sydney

    • I have blue cheese. Me, too.
      I am certain it is good luck because I have eaten it a lot this year and always in good company.
      I started watching Maggie – it is a zombie movie with Arnie – but I have decided to switch to a cooking show instead.
      I am thinking pleasant thoughts.

      • I am trying to think pleasant thoughts, but tv keeps trying to show me 2020 retrospectives. Nope, tv, I will not look.

        I’m going to wash the kitchen floor. You must start the new year with a clean ktichen. And blue cheese.

        • Channel 7 had one of those with the news, tonight. I don’t mind looking back. I mean, yes, it’s awful depressing, but at the same time … gosh, we lived through lifetimes of crazy stuff, in the one year.

  20. TV stations are well aware that by and large , people take more notice of bad news than good or neutral news. Toxic parasites like Kochie and Karl were born for spreading doom and gloom. Personally, I think 2021 will be worse than what we’ve just been through. Hope I’m wrong. We need more people like this~

    • I’m with you.
      I think that 2021 will be divided between people who want life to go back to “normal” (eg ScoMo) in the face of a virus that is not yet under control, worsening climate change, the US and Trump continuing down the path of destruction, and China/Russia still flexing their muscles versus those that recognise that now is the perfect time for a reset and rethink with different and better goal posts.
      Guess who I think is going to win. I am not Pollyanna today.

  21. Hell, if we ‘re going to change the anthem, let’s keep it real.

    I suggest “Our land is a turd in the sea”.

    • Is it just the one change, “young” to “one”? That’s it?

      Well then, that will make everything all right, Scotty.

      I’d laugh if the change weren’t so insensitive and patronizing. I wonder how long it took ScoMo and his advisers to come up with that one.

  22. I’m not “calendar superstitious” so I don’t think 2020 brought the virus, (oh look what flew off the page when I opened February). Nay.
    Still I had hoped to put 2019 behind me and have a good 2020. It was difficult. CV wasn’t an issue though.
    So I have no expectations of ’21 because calendars are man made as is New Year. (I am the NY Grinch: I don’t believe in NY). Every day is the first day of the rest of your life. That’s not schmaltz or a FB meme. It’s true.
    So for me, although I’m not waiting to see what ’21, or life throws at me, but I wake up thinking of plans and goals.
    It’s weird having goals in the autumn or winter of your life (there’s that calendar again), but I have a plan to look after myself; my health and well being. So I want the ingredients of my life to be exercise, healthy diet, relaxation, work, creativity and good company.
    I will be on SM less.

    • I’m not a believer in special numbers but I am a believer in resets.
      The beginning of the year let’s me do that – putting all those mistakes behind me and trying again. And I’m a little bit better every year.
      And I would love to give up FB (an evil invention run by a man lacking in humanity) but it’s the only way I communicate with my o/s friends. Some people don’t write letters or emails anymore. Something to do with the way they communicate, or lack thereof.
      Bit of a bugger.

  23. Dave, I would love one of your entertaining precaps for 2021.
    We need a new thread, and it would be great to get some BDD prophetic words. 🤣

  24. It is a time for reset for Woolif and me. But it’s an organic thing.
    I had a relatively fun first 20years, with some good and some terrible parenting but great siblings, fun times, great friends, okay grades and grandparents who adored me.
    The next 20 or so we’re the tough years of marriage and child rearing. Hard work.
    The next 20 or so was grandparenting 7 grandchildren, not a task but kind of a lufe-style and an identity.
    Now I am planning my next 20 year block. I want it to include more good music. Woolif lives Netflix. When he isn’t working at school or in the garden, he would be happy to have Netflix/ Stan etc on. I find it invasive to have it on during the day. I will be pushing for more music, especially music that makes me dance.
    Also, and I know I probably shouldn’t be a bossy, controlling wife, but Woolis seriously needs to lose weight. I will be nagging a bit so I don’t become a beautiful, rich widow. 🤣

  25. Anyone else think that Gladys Berejiklian is making decisions on handling the NSW covid 19 outbreak by pulling options out of a hat?

    • I was on her side at the beginning (thought she had been given a bad deal with the Ruby Princess and Sydney being the main gateway to Australia), I liked that she fronted the press everyday (exhausting), remained sympathetic through the boyfriend saga (most women have been out with a “Darryl” and you tend to ignore their blathering) but increasingly I’m not a fan.
      Her decisions are not so rational and more Trumpish. It’s like she thinks everything will just suddenly resolve itself if she ignores it.

        • I wasn’t comparing her to Trump. I was suggesting that the latest decisions that she has made were a bit head in the sun, like Trump. Hence Trumpish.
          No masks, in spite of the fact that they have proven to work.
          Constant complaining about the other Premiers is a diversionary tactic.
          And a partial lockdown, combined with a cricket match. What the? It was suggested by someone that Alan Jones had something to do with that.
          But at least she’s not MIA.

          • Masks are now compulsory in “Greater Sydney”.

            Locking down the entire state is not practical.

            As if, the WA and QLD premiers have not been point scoring off NSW.

          • She’s just gone on a one week holiday. Granted, even premiers deserve a break, but I think the timing of this one is ill-advised. I count that as MIA.

      • She has followed the plan that was agreed before the rest of Aust panicked. I am proud of her and Dr Chant in holding their nerve. The Vic lockdown was very damaging, physically, emotionally and economically. The plan was always to keep lockdowns local and minimal – clusters would always be with us until full vaccination, but they could be controlled, and they have. Not one person in the clusters has ended up in ICU and almost none in hospital. There is excessive caution in the tracing, but rationality when it comes to wholescale reactions. Imagine living in Armidale or Wagga Wagga and being told to fully lock down for weeks, when they have never had a case. It is just not sustainable or reasonable. Victoria’s real problem was the entry into aged care, and that is where the focus should be and has been with aged care centres locked down and visiting stopped.

        We really need to “follow the science” and follow the plan in which fluidity is part of the process.

        What we hear from overseas is truly heart wrenching. But it is not our experience, nor that of many countries who are doing even better than us. We learn from them, and we can be confident in the quality of our health system and decision-makers.

    • Gladys hasn’t done the chook raffle/ press conference this morning but those other usual stooges have made a fine mess of it. Personally, I’m worried to see a an alleged Dr dodging questions like a politician. Dr Chant. What’s in a name?

      As for the Te$t Match. Putting that on just i$n’t cricket.

  26. Nothing could beat the DYI combination of fats , perfumes and spices spruiked by a televangelist I stumbled upon this morning. This bible approved “vaccine” will kill Covid stone dead. Simply grind the ingredients and burn it as incense.

    “People are crazy and times have changed
    I’m locked in tight, I’m out of range
    I used to care but…..things have changed” ~ Bob Dylan.

  27. I wish Gladys and her CMO would stop making every statement a question????? (Raise pitch to indicate question????)

  28. Because I like to keep track of these things, my ads are for Christmas decorations. I’m thinking something has gone wrong with the algorithm.

  29. Look. I love politics. Within reason, it’s not a personality thing for me. It’s different tactics and different ideology. I try to at least understand.
    America. Amazballs.
    Happy to discuss, or not, as the mood takes anyone. Just remembering that I have no skin in this game.
    I am watching, glued to the telly. What in heck are these people thinking? Seriously, 200 people climb a wall and break into a building and they think that that is going to overturn an election involving 140 million people. How can you not be fascinated by it all?
    Maybe this is more an interest in Psychology rather than politics.

  30. There was an interesting, overrdue discussion on Dr Phil this week on “cancel culture”; the crushing of ideas counter to your own, and people who dare to express them or even have a vague appearance of doing so; what we once might have called being closed minded.It scares me because it has reached almost militant proportions amongst some groups.
    It’s rife, even on FB, even on topics as trivial as reality TV.
    I did like Phil’s answer to the woman professor who asked how she could teach her students not to jump onto political bandwagons and witch hunts.
    “Think for yourself and RESEARCH the information.

    BTW it’s been around a few decades in the West, longer in communist countries.

    The phrase “political correctness” should have been a clue. The word “political” hints at an external governing of thinking and speech.

    • I’m not a fan of Pierce Morgan but I liked his use of the words “mob mentality “.
      I heard someone else calling it a lynch mob. Now that’s a picture I can’t get out of my head.
      We are so afraid of disagreeing with people these days. If I only listened to people who shared my opinions, then there would be no point in talking to anyone anymore and life would be sad and boring.

  31. I was shocked but not surprised at the scenes from the Capitol today; trump has been urging and inciting violent reaction from his followers since he lost the election. Now some of his die-hard enablers are hypocritically and sanctimoniously renouncing him – “we didn’t mean for this to happen”. They should have opened their goddamn eyes and looked at who they were supporting and listened to what he said.

    Have a look at some of the film. Half of those terrorists that invaded the Capitol were milling around, phones out, taking pictures of each other doing stupid shit like stealing a podium or sitting at a congresswoman’s desk. Wearing their jungle camo gear, which isn’t much of a camouflage on the streets of Washington D.C. Or the shirtless guy with a furry hat with horns.

    I wonder, if you sat any of these terrorists down and asked them how there life has improved during trump’s presidency, if any would have an answer. And I wonder, too, if the woman who died had considered that she might lose her life today.

    Incidentally, there weren’t many people wearing face masks, so this event will likely turn out to be another super spreader occasion instigated by trump.

  32. On a lighter note….it would be really annoying to be a really beautiful girl or handsome guy in 2020 or 2021(….)where masks are essential.
    I prefer the word essential although some people need the word mandatory. Essential suits me although in (piss off wankers) WA, we don’t need masks ATM.

    I credit Jimmy Rees (aka Jimmy Giggle) on FB for his portrayal of WA. 🤣
    I love his portrayal of Tassie.

  33. So, greater Brisbane — and anyone who visited Brisbane in the last week — is in lockdown until Monday, while we make sure this new super-strain hasn’t spread too far.

    Guess who was in Brisbane this week with some friends as we went to dinner and checked out a new exhibit at the museum?

    So, I’ll be having a quiet weekend in, watching CNN and catching up on my reading.

  34. We’ve been asked to mind the bird. So mind it they will.

    (Disclaimer; I love birds and wouldn’t cage one myself)

  35. I have started watching The Hour, streaming on 7, I think.
    It has a Mad Men 60s media flavour. And some actors I like.

  36. Have a look at the new commercial from the Lamb Board, or whoever it is that puts out that ad every year.

    It’s hilarious. I like the not-so-subtle digs at WA.

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