I’m a Celebrity … Get Me Out if Here starts tonight. Some contestants have been revealed

I’m a Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here Australia starts tonight and Ten has already revealed two contestants.

The first is Toni Pearen, who was big in the 90s as a pop singer and actor on soapie E Street.

The second is comedian Mel Buttle, who co-hosts the Great Australian Bake Off and writes a column for the Courier Mail.



  1. I have mixed views so far.
    I’m okay with Paulini.
    I heard Jess’s voice before I saw her and was put off by the ocker-isms and then I remembered that I liked her on The Block.
    And I worry about Jack. Hasn’t he just gone into/come out of rehab? And his hair is going to last 2 seconds. Regrowth city.
    Nevertheless, we are here and I will be tuning in, mostly.

  2. Grant Denyer. Who did not see that one coming? Doesn’t he have a really, really bad back? Hate to see the insurance premium on him.
    Toni will be fun. I put her in the same category as Paulini.
    And we all knew about Mel Buttle. She’ll be good for a laugh.

  3. I missed the first half. Guessing Jess was an easy get as doesn’t she host radio somewhere in Queensland. Good to have Miguel make an appearance. Can Barry pop in to knock up some jungle furniture while Amanda makes Grant Denyer height-related quips?
    I do hope Paulini and Jack can sing together – will have to be something to which Ten has the rights.

    • The position was filled by Toni making the short jokes. Grant was okay with it all. I guess he’s used to it.

    • Jess said it was breakfast radio in Sydney. Google tells me it’s Triple M. I wasn’t a huge fan of her on The Block but she might be different in this environment.

  4. I forgot, new TV day 3 of the year!
    Have just tuned in, 3 people arriving. I’ve heard of the footy player, NFI about the other two. They both seem a bit thick

  5. Of course it’s Abbie … but I’m okay with her. I watched Reputation Rehab and I liked her. Hopefully, she’s not too over the top.
    I don’t know who the other two are. Ones a footballer so that would explain that.
    And the other’s a comedian. We’ll be the judge of that. I mean, who wears white trousers to IMAC. I put him down as a doofus straight up.

  6. So glad the first challenge was all food questions, so I feel smugly superior. Mel was smart to pander to the audience by picking on Grant

    • Not even as long as the rehab joint he went to in Thailand.

      Bunch of strangers by and large. Bottom feeders in the celebrity food chain.

  7. I debated reading these comments, since it’s not 7 pm yet here. But I did anyway. Even after skimming Juz’s link to who’s who, I don’t know any of these people aside from Grant. Who’s the chef? Who’s the diva?

    Maybe they will all be interesting and entertaining, but right now my reaction is that there is still nothing on tv worth watching..

    • I enjoyed the first episode because it was the reveal, but you are right. There is no stand out. If they had 80 people to choose from, this season could be a bit of a worry.
      I doubt that I will tune in everyday.
      I have hopes for Toni. I can’t remember what show I know her from but, given that she’s 48, it was obviously something from my youth.
      And Mel seems like someone who is going to be interesting with a quirky sense of humour.
      I think the footy fella is going to be a slow burn.
      That’s my takeout. Still, you never can tell with this show.
      I watched Ghosts on iview. It was fun. I can recommend.
      And I have started Why Women Killed on SBS. Looks okay so far but it is early days. 🤞
      You wonder, given the amount of money spent on film, how things can go wrong so quickly.

    • I reckon Paulini is the diva as she was in the group Young Divas. The chef must be an intruder. I enjoyed Mel always referring to Toni as “Toni Pearen”. Like her dry humour

  8. I thought it was strange that they jumped out of the helicopter in their fancy clothes. Usually they change into their jungle clothes before doing that. I like Toni Pearen & Grant Denyer. I know who Paulini & Jack Vidgen are but didn’t watch the shows they were on so don’t know much about them. Don’t know the footballer or Mel Buttle. Hated Abbie on the Bachelor so will be interesting to see her on this. Curious who the chef & duo are.

  9. Once again, the term “celebrity” can only be loosely applied to most of them. Who’s next – some random who appeared in a television commercial 10 years ago?

  10. Looks like Dipper is going into the jungle tonight. He’s no stranger to reality TV, having been on weight loss show Excess Baggage on 2012. Even I know who he is but do you folks outside of AFL states know him?

  11. Mmm. I wasn’t paying attention to when it started so I will have to record today’s replay.

    Let me guess….Julia does a mask joke? Undies on her face? Am I right? Give it time.

    • “Just been in to Starbucks and the barista was wearing a face mask
      I asked “Why are you wearing a surgical mask?”
      She said “I’m not, it’s a coughy filter.”

      “They’re running out of face masks in China
      No big supplies there”

      Julia will tell gags in clusters

      “I’ve just bought my pet duck a face mask so I can take him for a walk during corona-virus.
      Its nothing flashy but it fits the bill”


      • Yup. But I expected worse from her. Those weren’t too bad, or is it just that I wasn’t watching Julia deliver the lines.
        I hope my typing is okay. I can’t see the screen because I am in the sun.

  12. Gerry Marsden died. Bye Gerry, I enjoyed your music.

    He’s Gerry of Gerry and the Pacemakers, for those who don’t remember him.

    One headline said “Singer of Liverpool FC Anthem”. Sigh.

  13. I have stuff to do tonight and am watching IAC so I can put off the stuff. I’m enjoying the dipstick challenge, have laughed aloud a few times. So far, no contestant is annoying me unduly.

  14. Me too, Von. Everyone seems nice and they all seem to get along.
    Dipper seems to be a nice addition.
    Grant looks tired all the time. No make-up can do that.
    I don’t like vocal acrobatics. Can’t Jack find the note? It’s an incredibly small thing to be annoyed about.
    I’m not complaining about the niceness. I like it. I hate manufactured drama.
    Still keeping my fingers crossed for the season.

    • Vocal acrobatics have me thinkiing the same thing, the singer can’t find the note to save their own life. Main offenders, Mariah Carey, Guy Sebastian …. and a sewer full of imitators.

  15. I tuned in for a few minutes but in the ad break was sucked in to SBS’s 24 Hours in Emergency, and had to stay til the end to find out if the pregnant cancer survivor with the nasal gastric tube and lovely husband survived. (She did – yay!). It’s not always a happy ending on that show.

    • I watched those too. I don’t usually like these sort of shows – too real, and too many tears by me – but these two episodes were lovely. I particularly liked the father bringing in the son with the rash. So much fun and so sweet. Yes, I still cried.

      • If I watch more than two minutes, Bobi, I have to watch right til the end to find out if they have made it. They do a good job of balancing the humour and pathos of the patients while showing the hard work of the medical staff. In the past I have watched Ambulance UK or whatever it’s called but it’s too depressing: either wasted teenagers or elderly people living in squalor in tiny council flats and no services to help

      • So many drunks or people injured because of a drunk.
        I’m guessing the UK has a problem. Mind you, I drink very little so I am not a good judge.

  16. Tuned in just as Dipper made a boob joke to Jack, followed by polite laughter and Jack whispering to Jess and Paulini “Doesn’t Dipper know I’m camp as a row of tents?”

  17. The trial with the bitey snake, and the woman-who-shall-forever-be-known-by-her-full-name, was hard to watch. Particularly as they kept going when I think it all should have been stopped and everyone just fed. Someone was injured for our entertainment. A bit off.
    It was a bit of an ordinary episode tonight. They are not really doing very much. The new “celeb” is not anyone I know. Par for the course.

  18. Someone is going home tomorrow.
    I’m guessing Mel. She has been hinting that she is struggling but then again, the producers may be tricking us. Red herrings.

    • I’m excited for him to stir the pot! Look out Pettifleur. And isn’t that scraping the barrel of ‘celebrity,’. Will be fun

  19. It’s been on for a few minutes here. A minor observation, Dipper still looks pretty fit, for a chonky guy who’s no longer young. I wish my arm muscles were as defined as him.

    Shit, I think I’m getting a minor crush. I don’t even like footy.

  20. I am late to the party but already have a favourite; the funny guy who admitted confessed to making the tickle video. Grant is doing what Grant does best; trying too hard. He needs to stop making True On Air Confessions, mainly because he followed his last one by second guessing the wisdom of being his own derogatory information provider.

  21. I was more out than in tonight.
    I was present for Travis talking about the death of his sister, and cried, and I was present for Mel leaving, and cried.
    I was also there for Dippa almost twerking off the edge of ravine and there for the busting of the balloons with knitting needs. What idiot thought that was a good idea. So many ways it could have gone seriously wrong. I kinda feel that some producer is skating just this side of irresponsible this season.

  22. I missed a lot of that but I did see Colin brush a big spider off the bed with his bare hand. Hero!
    Now trying not to get sucked in to watching I, Tonya again. First half of it is brilliant

  23. I enjoyed tonight. There were so many funny one-liners. What did the girl eating the turkey testicle say to Chris? “Take it out to dinner first”?. Boom boom. Then there was, “We don’t eat things we don’t like at home. We only eat chocolate and hamburgers”.
    Grant was firing too with his, “That business degree us really paying off”.
    Even Jack Vidgen was funny.

  24. Poor old Ripper. Give him a break. He’s not used to this whole backwards pants – bum out thing.
    I remember I was stunned when I first saw the whole bum out fashion when it started and that was on nice, firm, tanned, European Barbie bums. Then we got to Thailand and saw the same thing on giant white, flabby Aussie bums. Mmm, not so much a fan of anything that doesn’t flatter or suit your body type.

    • It is like business shirts tucked into hip level business pants (on women) – they both make gorgeous figures look frumpy to say the least.

  25. Clowns??? I’m not scared of clowns.
    Sharp metal knitting needles? More scary.
    Balloons on the planet? Yeah, that’s scary. I am surprised people still buy them.

  26. The cast were very meh until last night. Colin raises the class level much higher. My teens cackled all the way through last night, so I presume they are reaching the demo they hoped for.

    Actually, in the little I have watched, Jess is a favourite. I didn’t watch her season of the Block, so I don’t have much to compare, but she is funny. And Toni is a real peacemaker – good to see her toning down the indignant bikini showoff.

  27. I am developing a dislike of Jack. His constant vocal gymnastics, plus his pitch is a little screechy, are just nails down a black board. Whereas Paulini’s voice is just lovely. When she gets everyone to join in, it’s just a delight.
    And to be all judgy about Pettitfleur’s denial of “work” is just offensive. She’s a very pretty lady who seems to be comfortable with herself. He shouldn’t project his own insecurities on her.
    And let me be judgy for a moment 😏, I’m not against his fillers etc, I’m against the colour contrast between his eyebrows and his hair.
    Mind you, I could turn on a dime here. I didn’t watch much of the episode, so I missed any good stuff with him. I’m a flip flopper.

    • If Pettifleur has had work done it’s not “omg what has that woman done to herself” work. She looks like a normal human being. Paulini has a lovely voice. Have they mentioned the court case and driving with a fake licence?

  28. Bam. I picked the accent. Petitfleur has a similar background to my family on my mum’s side. We have Sri Lankan, Belgian and I discovered, after doing Ancestry.com, 60% Irish. So Colin had better not embarrass me.

  29. I’ve always enjoyed sneaky challenges. Generally, they are my favourite and tonight’s was very funny.
    Overall, tonight’s ep was fun.
    And okay, I’m on a roll. I had tear each for Travis’ and Toni’s luxury items. I like these two people.

  30. Was that it for Russell Coight? Am I the only one who thought he was going into their camp to give them ‘tips’? That was a biit of a let down. I was so excited to see their reactions to seeing him in their camp. I couldn’t stand Abbie on the Bachelor & she was barely on Bachelor in Paradise but I don’t mind her in this. Didn’t watch the Block or Real Housewives so have no clue who Jess or Pettifleur are. That slip & slide challenge was hilarious. Much prefer challenges like that to the gross food, creepy crawlies or pouring revolting stuff on them.

    • I too prefer those sort of physical challenges. Eating challenges can get very samie. Gross food is gross food (says someone who has difficulty eating a hard boiled egg). 🙄😝
      I can recommend Abbie’s episode on Reputation Rehab where she talks about editing. She uses very specific examples, including the “I’m a Gemini” one. It was interesting and I found her very likeable.
      She has no filter so it would have been very easy to twist as either the hero or the villain. On the other hand, haters gonna hate no matter what.

      • So true. Haters have to hate.

        You are right about Abbie. She seems very authentic on TV. I don’t feel like she is editing herself or putting on an act, like that English girl who came second a few years ago.

        Colin is more fun than I thought he would be. I loved the conversation about the anticipated romance, and I loved the joke about Abbie coming second. Looks like a bit if drama coming up with Petitfleur going after the comedian guy like a bargain hunter at a boxing day sale.

  31. On the “work”, when anyone sees, who hasn’t seen me in a while, me and comments I look good, I tell them why. But I don’t care if others want to be secretive about having little improvements done. I just figure that it’s easier to be honest. I’d rather that than acting ashamed.

    • I tried things. I’m a fan of Botox but I think it shouldn’t started too early.
      My granddaughter started at 18. Just … ugh. Shiny, plastic face. It aged her by 15 years. I have a feeling that’s not what she was looking for. It should be a delaying tactic, not a Barbie tactic so you can look good on FB. She’s a natural blonde, and has made her eyebrows really extra dark, which didn’t help.
      I don’t know what she sees when she looks in the mirror but it is not the same as what she sees when she takes a photo.

      • Funny that. Yes the plastic look is what many young ones think is beauty. What a shame since they are at an age when most have some natural beauty such as nice skin.
        When I was in my teens and twenties, we esteemed a very natural look; little make up, natural hair etc. We were part of the surf scene/pubs at night, but the disco set wore heavier makeup and glamour and did the taverns and night clubs. It was an alternate universe to my friends and me. The 60s and 70s are still my favourite fashions.
        I am going to a 60s party next week. I have been buying lovely bell-bottoms and bakelite earrings, and not just for the party.
        I’m going mud sixties Mod.

          • Yes. My mum would say in vain, “put a bras on”.
            A bit like Dipper saying, “Cover up yer bum”.

            Anyhoo, the boobs are enclosed in a sensible over the shoulder bolder holder now.

            And I have traded my itsy bitsy bikini for a lovely long sleeved onesy. See, wear what you can.

  32. Ash has been charged with taking illegal pictures of a woman without consent (phone sex). I’m assuming he shared them otherwise how did anyone find out.
    You will note that he has apologised to everyone except the actual woman involved. Seriously, how hard would it have been to include her in the long list. I roll my eyes here.

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