MAFS reunion: Most controversial contestants from Married at First Sight Australia return

Channel 9 is still trying to squeeze rating out of contestants who appeared on MAFS years ago – and it will work.

Thanks to the pandemic it seems like forever ago the last MAFS train wreck graced our TV screens.

On Sunday and Monday (yes, it took two whole nights) some of the more odious contestants and a few randoms are brought back to MAFS HQ for a “where are they now”.

There is a dinner party and then two of the usual experts do the couch question session.

How many glasses of wine will be thrown? Will a toilet be cleaned with a toothbrush? Please tell me there will be at least one argument while a combatant is wearing a creepy moisturising face mask.

Remember these charming lasses? It’s Cyrelle and Ines.

Will you be tuning in to the Married at First Sight reunion?



  1. Half of these desperadoes call themselves “infuencers” now. Only idiots could be influenced by these deluded units.

    This was some freak show. Shame for broadcasting the violient Cyrell’s work, Ch 9.

    • I tuned in for a bit and saw Cyrell snarling away, like a repeat from two years ago, while the “experts” watched with faux concern

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