What to watch – or not – on TV, from the Chinese Miss Fisher to The Cube to Gogglebox

By Bobi

Hello, RTV watchers. Firstly, the good news. Hot cross buns have been available at my local supermarket since all the kiddies went back to school. 

The bad news is that there is still nothing to watch on television. The world has fallen to a new low when we have to suffer through a resuscitated version of Wife Swap. Fftt.

Idk, déjà vu. So I can make this update quick. 

I haven’t been watching much. 

TAR has been such a disappointment (and I had such high hopes), and generally, the News is so depressing that I have moved into avoidance mode. 

And let’s not discuss my current non-existent ability to concentrate.  

Still, ever the optimist, I have a long list of TV shows that I am going to line up and fast forward through. The ads on Channel 10 assure me that I am going to have a fabulous and exciting time. I should be so lucky. Please. 

Remembering that I haven’t watch any of the following, this is my To Do list. 

Andy Lee’s The Cube (Ch 10): Haven’t we had something like this before and wasn’t it okay? 
Mega Zoo (Ch 9): Who doesn’t love a show about zoos. London Zoo (ABC) was such a lovely show and The Zoo (ABCMe) is a delight. The antici … pation. 

Miss S (SBS): This is the Chinese version of Phryne Fisher and I love Miss Fisher. Actually, I really love the fashion but close enough. 
Barrenjoey Road (SBS): I’m not sure about this one. It is a true crime and it may be a bit much for me at the moment. The podcast had excellent reviews. Maybe someone else can give it a go and just tell me about it. 
Why are you like this? (ABC): I was eavesdropping in a cafe on someone who liked it very much. It’s a comedy. That’s two ticks. ✅✅
Aftertaste (ABC): The same group of people liked this show. There was much discussion but the consensus seemed to be that the lead character’s behaviour bears more than a passing resemblance to Manu. Sounds good to me. 
Staged – Series 2 (ABC): I enjoyed the first series very much. Mind you, I think I am the only one. No one else in my circle thought it was worth more than a passing glance. It was supposed to be a one-off so they could seriously muck it up.

Aaaand, Gogglebox: I have always loved this show. It brings me joy. ‘Nuff said. 

I know it seems like a lot and I have no life, but, if this year’s viewing habits are anything to go by, I’m going to last a minute and half through each and every show. If the tv gods are kind, one of these shows will catch and hold my attention till I get to the end. Fingers crossed.

However, I consider it highly unlikely and therefore I would welcome any further suggestions. 

We wait. 



  1. Since the stupid tennis disrupted my viewing plans tonight – with a match for which the outcome is known – , I enjoyed a very old rerun of Spicks and Specks. I’m going to iView to watch some episodes of Bluey now. Then…find a book to re-read.

    I will give The Cube a try, but it isn’t the type of show I usually like. Mega Zoo appeals and I will watch any show about animals if it’s on fta. Even SBS Food channel is boring lately, too many eps of River Cottage and Gourmet Farmer, both of which I detest.

    So, I agree, there is still very little worth watching. Off now to Bluey, since she and her family always cheer me up.

    What is your doggo asking for in that pic, Bobi? Or is he just sleeping with his eyes open?

    • I was eating a flavoured yoghurt and he was waiting for me to finish so that he could lick the container. It keeps him entertained for minutes.
      He is so lazy he couldn’t be bothered moving from his sleeping position.

    • Funny how we are all different. River cottage and Gourmet Farmer are about the only things I will watch on that channel. My pet hate is chefs travelling all over the world and analysing the food, or cooking in exotic locations. I much prefer 7Flix for cooking shows.

    • I am with you on the travel/cook shows. They are a poor excuse for a tourism show. I learn zero cooking skills and I have “views” about some elements of overseas tourism.
      I quite like River Cottage but I hate Gourmet Farmer.
      I love GBBO and The Family Cooking Show.
      Lord, can we have a break from The Cook and the Chef?

      • Me, three, on travel cooking shows. I much prefer shows that cook something I could feasibly make myself, even if I have no intention of doing so. On Netflix I like the two shows by the delightful Nadiya, who won GBBO a few years ago. And the Chef Show, because it mixes cooking with chefs’ stories of working in kitchens. And not just fancy chefs but guys who run food trucks

  2. “TAR has been such a disappointment (and I had such high hopes), and generally, the News is so depressing that I have moved into avoidance mode.”

    Agreed on all points.

    I watched a lot of CNN while America was being America, and over the Christmas period, I tried to catch the news as often as I could, but I think it’s reached a point where, I’ve just had enough. The vaccine is here in Australia but thousands (apparently) of people were marching through the capitals to protest against the vaccine being mandatory (except, it’s not mandatory and never was. So, who the hell knows what they were protesting about?).

    I definitely haven’t been watching much TV. My aunt recommended “Sanditon” to me, earlier in the year, and I managed to record all the episodes of the first series, but I haven’t made the time to sit down and watch them yet (and I should, because one of my television highlights from last year was “Belgravia”, which I loved).

    The movies continue to be a write-off. “Wonder Woman 1984” was crushingly-disappointing (my friends and I went to a burger bar and then went to see it in a big cinema, back when it first came out). But I’m really looking forward to “Godzilla vs King Kong” when it comes out in March … because it’s Godzilla fighting King Kong. I’ll be there opening day.

    • My friend is a mad Sanditon fan so I have promised to watch it. At the moment I am loving The Great, a black comedy loosely based on the life of Catherine the Great. It’s set in ye olden times Russia so there is much “huzzah-ing” and glass smashing. Nicholas Holt co-stars and he is brilliant in everything, from About a Boy to Skins to Warm Bodies. We are also watching WandaVision and it’s the most interested I’ve been in a Marvel offering in ages.

  3. Every time I see the ads for The Cube I think it is a rip-off of Minute to Win It. Ironically, Minute to Win it seems to be a retro youth thing at the moment. I keep hearing it mentioned, and they keep devising challenges “minute-to-win-it style”.

    Juz, I loved the first bits of Staged that I have watched. I have it on the to-watch list, but anything that requires watching on streaming is such an effort that I forget and just go to the recorded shows. But I will definitely watch Staged right through, it is my sort of British humour.

    Aftertaste is waiting on the PVR – a treat of delayed gratification. Sanditon is also on my to-watch, but purely because it looks like my style. Maybe it won’t grab me.

    Anything crime is an automatic no, unless it is twee-style crime like Midsomer Murders or Death in Paradise. Even then, I have to be in the mood.

    Like others, the news has gone pretty much. In the morning, I watch five minutes of the bulletin and that is it. DH likes to watch the 6pm news but even he now only watches to the first ad break and then wanders away. The problem for me is that the commercial news is often inane and full of celebrity non-news, and where I used to love the ABC news, in the past few years it has diminished so that there are only four basic topics, repeated and inserted into every possible story.

    My absolute addiction at the moment is “Mum”. What a little gem of a series. I think about it all week, waiting…waiting for the tiny 25 minute episode. I even got the theme music onto my phone. I really want to go back to the start because I only discovered it mid-season 3, but you can’t get it anywhere. It was on iview (as are the current episodes) but iview only keeps their shows for a fraction of time before they disappear, and the best of their shows are UK ones and not on any streaming service.

    I am not a fan of zoo shows – please don’t disown me – but I love the animal warning sign above. Best laugh today so far.

    • Mum!!!! I love, love this show. So beautifully understated. I didn’t know it was back on and I will put it at the top of list. I am sure they will repeat it at some time in the future. It is ageless.
      I started watching Season 2 of Staged. So far, it is better than Season 1. It is laugh out loud.

  4. We just finished 2 seasons of Castle Rick. Not bad considering the TV series drought we are having. I would give season 1 an 8 and season 2 between a 7 and an 8.
    Now we are watching The Outsider. So far it appears to be an 8…maybe even 9.
    They are both Stephen King but not real horror. You can watch them without being scared.

    • I saw s1 Castle Rock and quite enjoyed it and a few eps of S2 (I do like Lizzy Caplan in everything she does) so will have to get back into it.

  5. I watched 3 minutes of The Cube. It was okay. I didn’t hate it. I would just rather watch something else.
    Maybe it’s one of those shows that is better for being sampled progressively as the night goes on.

      • He might do.
        It is fun and there is zero smut. And it is heavily into slo-mo so there is no possibility of missing the action.
        But it might get a little bit repetitive. They have 9 lives so they get 9 chances at repeating each challenge.
        And there’s no competitive edge to the show. They are competing for money so much discussion about should we take the money and go. With the answer being yes, obviously.
        If he likes Survivor, my guess is that he would prefer Ultimate Tag. I am looking forward to this one. I think it would press more of my buttons.

  6. The new Bachelor has been announced.
    So, firstly, yes, I know, I am as shallow as it’s possible to be.
    Secondly, I don’t like his face. He has mean eyes.
    (I’m not even going to touch on my view of guys who use dogs in their profile pics *eye roll*).
    Thirdly, he is an ex-model. Fftt. Can we not?
    This has the finger prints of producers all over it and it’s not going to go well.
    I will take all bets up front.

    • I hate to say this, in case he reads here, but he does have an unpleasant face, like a young Charles Bronson.

    • Doesn’t look like he’s reached the age of consent. Plus he looks about as comfortable in that suit as Christian Porter did at his press conference yesterday.

    • Heh, well I guess we’ve told him!

      He doesn’t look relaxed in either of those pictures. Nice dog though.

    • Okay. I’ll forgive him that one.
      If The Price Is Right is all he’s done, no wonder he looks uncomfortable.

    • I had a huge, huge crush on one of the male models on the original series that was airing on channel 9 when I was a kid. Frank Raco. He was a defining moment in young Windsong’s life. He played a bit-part on Neighbours for a while, too. He’s apparently a web designer now.

      Actually, looking him up on Twitter, he’s a really cool guy. I love it when your childhood crushes actually turn out to be really decent people. It’s reaffirming.

  7. I have been watching a bit too much News lately.
    I watched The Drum tonight. Chanel Contos, the young lass who started collecting the sexual assault stories on instagram, was on. She is seriously impressive: well-spoken, clear, confident and considered. When I was her age I was a mumbly, shy, inarticulate blot.
    I think that there might be something about the way children are brought up these days that was lacking in my time. It gives me hope.

    • Right now, I’m feeling that watching any tv news is watching too much news. I had some on earlier tonight. Then film of the military shooting protesters in Myanmar came on, and that just broke me.

      I will limit myself to newspapers for a few days.

  8. I can recommend Pembrokeshire Murders from the two episodes I saw last night. I only slid into the show after watching Billy Connolly, but I was hooked after a few minutes.

    Tonight I’m trying out Mega Zoo – am usually a sucker for any animal show.

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