When is Married at First Sight back on TV – and will anyone be watching MAFS?

Married at First Sight is back on TV soon but has the show done its dash? Are we over MAFS? Is true love deader than extensions the show’s contestants pretend is their real hair?

Who else had the urge to grab teacher Alana’s straps and hoick them up on her shoulders? Picture: Nine

The show – about two strangers getting “married” and then having to endure torturous dinners with strangers while having wine thrown at them – has promised it is getting back to the love business, but we’ve heard that before. And it led to a woman cleaning the toilet with her fake husband’s toothbrush and then letting him use it. Soooo romantic.

MAFS returns to Nine on February 22. Will you be watching?



  1. Is no one watching this year? I wasn’t going to but lack of better options had me watching Wednesday’s ep and it wasn’t actually that bad. Definitely a few tossers and a few needy ladies but that’s par for the course

    • I started watching. It’s sometimes hard to want to watch initially, but then you get into it.
      I’m away for 10 nights as of today so whether I watch next week or not, I don’t know.

      This batch so far seem better than the last two years. But the LIPS.

  2. Mr Juz has watched more than me! It’s about his only reality TV. He usually drops out after a few weeks. I tuned in for a bit when that girl was weighing hummus. Lots of douche guys this season it seems

  3. I wasn’t going to watch either but then ….
    Gogglebox got me to tune in. Their comments were my comments.
    I did like some of the people. I think some of them are matched up wrong but isn’t that always the way.
    I really hope that the girl who has never dated before gets her happily ever after. How incredibly brave she is.
    And I hope the guy he doesn’t like girls with no boobs gets tossed really quickly.
    Apart from that, I’m all good to go. This season may bring me back.

  4. I won’t have recording during the week (Siesta Park) but I will try and watch. It seems RAR has shunted my Law & Order so it’s Married I guess.

  5. I love these two people (Bel and Pat). I really hope they work out. They are adorable.
    And the camera man deserves a pay rise. The scene where she is walking out of the building with the wind blowing gently, in slow motion, was delightful.
    I have now switched to Death in Paradise. Always a goody.

    • I saw that bit – her hair was glorious. I tuned out soon after but I read James Weir’s recap saying their honeymoon suite had a toilet in the bedroom. Whhhhhyyy!? That is not how to bring people closer together

  6. And I missed the name of the next two but I like them as well.
    They seem like, generally, nice couples this season. Maybe they have learnt that too much drama is a turn off to the viewing audience.
    Now. Let’s wait for the producers to stuff this all up.

  7. I hope producers learned that we want to see people we like and “normal” people we can relate to, not TV monstrosities.

    • I just wanna see people who know what a “bungalow” or a “kiwi fruit” is……

      Sadly, that’s a bridge too far for this show.

      I’ve been watching. Yea verily there was a toilet in the bedroom but some of these people treat each other like sh..

      Just getting to know the “couples”. Bring on the dinner “party”. No respect at all for the “sexperts”. Even I know that matching a millionaire with a K mart shopping wage slave won’t fly for long. It’s kinda cruel, in my opinion.

      I mean you’re dateless for twelve years and then get intimate with an obvious maggot, who trashes your looks in the cold aftermath.. Duh.

  8. The tasks the couple’s are being given are setting them up to crush one another.
    That guy with the long hair needs a new look….unless he wants to look like Auntie Jack.

    • I am often perplexed by what people view as “a good look”. Like, what image is he trying to project? I am different? I am intellectual? I am an artist? I am a doofus. Yes. That’s it. Absolutely. The last on that list.

  9. You can now see that the producers have finally got their grubby hands on this show. It was too much for them that most of the couples were genuinely nice people who were looking for a partner.
    So they introduced one of the most offensive games I have ever seen played out in public. It is not possible for even the nicest person to emerge from this with dignity and ego intact.
    I can hear the adults in the audience turning off the tellies with a loud harrumph, and the 14 to 16 year old girls tuning back in.
    Good job, well done.

    • Wasn’t that, “rate everyone on their looks” exercise just awful. And the whole, “You have to have honesty” that went with it.

      More like, “You have to be cruel and insensitive”. And that silly girl couldn’t see why her partner would still be offended by her ‘placating’ words, “But I wouldn’t act on it”. It suggests there is ‘something’ on which to act.

    • I suppose a half decent contestant could refuse to take part in these appalling tasks. What’s to lose? A few instagram followers? These are docile sheep searching for love with not much chance at connecting with reality.

      Most of these guys broke their necks to tell the gels they were beautiful at the weddings. Then before long, it’s “your tits aren’t big enough”

      The producers are fuckin’ stupid, not to mention negligent. because there are accounts of suicides after people have been asked to participate in these kinds of games, where people are rated, compared and valued.

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