Whoโ€™s your daddy? The Bold and the Beautiful Australian TV chat – February.

By Daisy

In the tangled mess of moral bankruptcy and fashion alerts, Zoe asks, “What’s wrong with my dress?!”

Carter replies, “It’s hurting my eyes”

Brooke asks wardrobe, “Do you hate me? I look like car upholstery”

Steffy stays focussed, ignores her sad sack wardrobe and the smell if moth balls because she has a life to protect.

Liam tries making himself the hero…

And the victim.

Thomas is so excited to get out of his recovery wear tracksuit…

That he blabs about Steffy’s moral lapse to her drug dealer.
But Vinnie does make a sale….

… today.
And Zoe just saw her dress for the next scene.

It’s the Covid fashion season.



  1. I’ve missed quite a few episodes, of late. I guess I just got bored with the endless hysterical merry-go-round of Liam/Hope/Steffy — and Liam impregnating more women with his children. But I did want to find out the conclusion to the Zoe/Carter storyline, so I shotgunned the episodes on TenPlay, yesterday.


    1. Carter dumping Zoe. I particularly liked how he pointed out that Zoe was only ever attracted to him because he was “Forrester adjacent”. She’s always much more interested in men when they’re directly attached to the Forrester bank account (like Thomas or Zende). But it shows how short-sighted Zoe is, given that — as the Forrester lawyer — Carter would have a bank account equivalent to the GDP of many wealthy nations.

    2. Zoe blaming her long-suffering sister for the fact that Zoe got caught in a try-before-you-buy situation with Zende and Carter. How on Earth is that Paris’s fault, Zoe? As an aside, I’m sick of Paris whining and grovelling before Zoe, whenever Zoe throws a tantrum about something and blames her. Stand up to your sister, Paris. She’s a jerk.

    3. Zoe telling Paris that, “marriage is a lifetime commitment!” Zoe, how much time have you spent around the Forresters? They get married the way you or I change socks.

    4. Brooke trying to console Hope upon learning that Hope’s husband possibly got another woman pregnant. Well, Brooke is the resident expert on hooking up with other people’s husbands. Wasn’t Hope’s biological father married to Brooke’s daughter, when Brooke got together with him? And that’s how Brooke got pregnant with Hope?

    (and there should be a 20 year age-gap between Bridget and Hope, but time moves funny in soap-opera worlds)

    5. And what the heck are these people wearing? I guess covid means that supplies for every business (including fashion houses) are limited, but my gosh. Steffy currently has this black number with puffy shoulders that makes her look like a jester that escaped from an Edgar Allen Poe novel. Someone used one of those vinyl table-clothes from the 60s to make Zoe’s outfit when Carter ditched her (you guys know the one), and Hope’s hairstyle magically changes whenever the camera looks at someone else. Not even between scenes — one episode ended with her hair straightened and in a tight bun, and the next episode begins with Hope, standing in the same room and having the same conversation, but now with an entirely different hairstyle.

    Covid’s doing odd things, to the residents of Los Angeles.

  2. A good read Windsong. As for Paris, standing up to Zoey, she finally did once she felt secure, but prior to that she used passive-aggressive manipulation of stoopid men.

  3. Sorry Bobs that I didn’t show the clothes. I will add as I go.

    Can Hope please just smash Liam in the face and say STFU. I was watching Castle Rock last night and the woman told Tim Robbins, “No, you don’t get to make your speech.” Why can”t Hope say that?

    And damn Finn. What the hell is wrong with him. He is completely nutless, or his nuts are candy coated.

    • Liam’s been making the same unbearable speech for three weeks now.

      Liam whined that he misses watching tv on Fri nights. I have never seen a B&B character watch tv……if they did perhaps something about acting would be learned.

  4. Finn thinks Steffy is so great but her track record with him so far has been, drug addiction, pulling a knife on a family member, having her ex over every day, at least once a day without knocking, a giant portrait of herself cuddling her ex in pride of place in her house, and sleeps with him. C’mon Finn. Wake up!

  5. Iโ€™ve had an epiphany. Itโ€™s those photos.
    These guys went to mime school. Itโ€™s explains everything except the Covid wardrobe.

  6. Bobi, these are tamer outfits….

    Steffy, dressed like an 80year old frump, assures Finn that Ridge approves of his character. Holy hell, why wouldn’t he?.

  7. I wanted to put a brick through the tv when we went to the curtain, cruelly denied the paternity test results yet again.

    I now think Liam is the father. He’s still giving that speech.

    Great photos, daisy. Hope really got thrown under the bus by wardrobe today.

    • I couldn’t believe that even the doctor was trolling them all. How many times did she walk into the room, and say, “oh no, I don’t have the results yet, but…”?

      All Liam does, these days, is give speeches.

      Oh, and impregnate women who aren’t his wife. I’d say the kid is his, too. It’s too easy if it was Finn’s.

  8. I have been sitting, trying to think of something funny and clever to say about Hopeโ€™s outfit but I am still speechless.
    It is truly awful. Do they not have a say in what they have to wear? Do they not have a mirror? Do they think they are fashion-forward? Have they been slowly desensitised to the hideousness of the whole thing?
    Just … idk.

    • You ain’t seen.nuthin’. And it’s all been since covid. Op shop rejects?
      Quinn once wore silk paisley happy pants with a soldier themed ribbed skivvy knit jumper with gold buttons on the shoulder, military style. The thickness and fabric of the jumper looked wrong teamed with satin happy pants.

      But mostly Zoe and Paris have been vying for fashion blunder of the week.

    • Mind you, it may be me.
      I went to the NGA today and whinged all the way around the place. They have a new curator and letโ€™s just say, I am less than impressed.

    • Oh it hasn’t been the worst. One standout for me was when Quinn wore blue silk floral happy pants with a military buttoned dark blue ribbed jumper….tucked in.

      I thought they must have been wearing their own clothes due to covid and had really bad taste. The fashion horrors continued and then thanks to your little bit of googling, we discovered some “fashion house” or designer was supplying their clothes. Maybe they will keep it up to distract us from the wilting script writing.

  9. I was just chatting all things B&B to a friend of mine, on another message board, and I had a, “Hang on…” moment.

    Wyatt and Flo were high-school sweethearts back in Vegas, right? Quinn always knew that Wyatt was Bill Spencer’s son, and Quinn was best friends with Shauna (as the show keeps obnoxiously reminding us).

    But Shauna always believed that Flo was the product of a union between her and Bill Spencer (until the paternity test that proved Flo was Storm’s daughter).

    That means that both of these people were okay with Wyatt and Flo dating, in high school … even though they believed that Wyatt and Flo were half-siblings with the same father.

    We know that’s not true now, but the point stands, the characters didn’t know this at the time, did they?

  10. Well, Liam’s the father. No one is happy, except secretly the roach. It couldn’t have turned out worse for everyone else. Enjoyable viewing , however. Potential dumpings. Curtain.

    • Finn was gasping for air like a fish on a jetty.

      He keeps reminding Steffy and himself that Steffy is “this amazing, strong woman”, but everything she does suggests that’s no so.

      • Well, he’s not suggesting that she’s “faithful”, since all it takes for her to cheat on Finn is a glass of gin and Liam’s puppy-dog eye routine.

        I kinda liked Hope actually getting mad, today. It’s like, c’mon girlfriend. Shout at him. Throw something at him. Go nuts! He’s earned it.

  11. Nothing to talk about in LA except “Liam’s kid”. When the roach gets wind of the paternity result, his life coach Vinnie is there to inspire him to resume his deluded stalking of Hope. More will die .

    Hope breaks down into a heap of tears ….those speeches of Liam’s will do that. Liam gives a Masterclass in constipated grimacing while he rattles off the same pathetic platitudes he has been since mannequin night. Lothario to loser lemming in the blink of an eye.

    Brooke is pissed off with the paternity result, ditto Ridge. Sister Bridget turns up and gets briefed on the results.

    Steffy tries to tell Finn to give the innocent life growing inside her a break and see past the mannequin screw up. Bit hard while Liam’s portrait is hanging on the wall. Finn is used to winning, not being shafted.

    The roach will be taking care of business soon enough. Vinnie flatters the roach at every turn. Curtain.

    • No awkward mention of Brooke sleeping with Bridget’s husband and Hope being the result. This ain’t Forresters’ first rodeo.

  12. Why oh why does Brooke always want Hope to “win” Liam? A normal mother would say, “Eff off”. Even Doctor Phil wouldn’t attempt to patch that up.

  13. Has Finn realized yet that Steffy isn’t “This amazing, strong woman, but another Liam Muppet puppet?

    You could play “Pin the tail on the Donkey” with Finn.

  14. I’ve never watched this, but Daisy’s pics of the awful “fashion” choices kind of make me want to watch it, sound off, just to laugh at the clothes.

    • Thanks Von…I think. I mean, it’s kind of like you’re Steffy, I’m Vinnie and I just gave you a bag of “lollies”. They’re probably not good for you. ๐Ÿ˜

    • Been a while since we’ve seen bare chests, albeit orange on the show. Il Giordino’s will be in receivership, too. Ditto Bikini Bar.

      There’s a lot to laugh at and I’ll often watch with sound off and just captions.Liam’s expressions are worth the price of admission.

      Last Friday Bill made a big speech about insecure, recovering alcoholic Katie being the love of his life. Brooke looked pretty peeved to hear that. I think Cleavage is an ex of Bill’s, too. Big announcement to make in front of them. Stallion Dollar Bill’s rooted the three sisters and has rated them. He chooses the worst.

  15. Carter rounds on Zende and Zoe, postponing the wedding because he needs time to get over being double crossed. Carter asks Paris if he can believe Zoe and Paris lies that he can. They’re all shifty but for stupid Carter.

    Brooke and Cleavage call Katie so the sisters can chat. Pretty soon , the conversation turns to Bill and Katie is brow beaten into even canvassing allowing Bill back into her bleak life. She will. Bill will try to shag Brooke again. Commitment.

    Last chance saloon for Zoe as she goes to crawl up Ridge’s arse to get him to sweet talk Carter into reconsidering. Ridge is sucked in and starts to buy Zoe’s package of pretence.

    Ridge actually did some designing today. How about that?

    More fashion faux pas today for Paris and Zoe .Curtain. Eric made a forgettable appearance.

  16. Steffy’s lips are going to fall off her face. Finn still has serious brain damage.
    Liam is confused about how he got into this mess.
    Vinnie is investing in Thomas’s love life.

    Liam goes to Flubber to talk about Thomas kissing the rubber dolly.
    Liam doesn’t know why he went over to Steffy’s for sex. But he throws in a little boast about his sexual potency; “Hell of a night’s work”.

  17. Steffy will be able to marry Finn and have sex with lots of guys because Finn has no buttons to push. He is acting as if Steffy left the chicken at the checkout at Woolies, not slept with her ex at the first chance she got.
    Maybe Finn is a Zombie.

  18. Thomas doesn’t appreciate Vinnie’s indelicate and awkward matchmaking.

    Shouldn’t he be out selling drugs to LA school kids?

  19. I wish Flo would give another kidney away. She’s annoying but at least she’s getting real about how quickly Liam slipped into Steffy’s knickers for comfort.

    Vinny is mixing up a love potion for Hope, but Hope had gone home to Love Rat Liam. Rat or weasel.
    Liam makes another remorseful speech. He sees pain in Hope’s eyes but doesn’t realize it’s because she’s ready to throw up at another speech.

  20. Oh oh. Looks like Vinnie’s been playing Cupid, and God, at the Whose-Your-Daddy lab.

    Finn will be forking out for nappies and school fees afterall.

  21. Thanks daisy, I fell asleep during some crucial stuff. You’re telling me Vinnie did a switcheroo at the paternity lab? Liam’s incessant speech making put me to sleep.

    • Well, being a drug dealer just doesn’t pay the bills anymore, so naturally, Vinnie just also happens to have a job in the hospital lab.

      A hospital that doesn’t do background checks or require actual qualifications, apparently.

      • Foresters don’t have cleaners but they have their own drug dealer.

        (Just watching a guy on Hot Seat who couldn’t pick donkey out of a line up of 4 AA Milne characters. “Which animal is Eeyore?”? Probably was a young engineer or rocket scientist).

  22. Damn. I missed today’s.
    Okay, let’s improvise.
    Eric Forrester gets called before the media to face allegations that in 1970 and 1975 he fondled a woman. (It’s topical). He blames his behaviour on watching too many Benny Hill Shows and the Paul Hogan Show.

    Finn takes Steffy shopping for baby clothes because she is so wonderful that she could sleep with Flubber (she has), Bill (yep, has), Liam (yep) and Thomas (not yet) and he would still hold her on a pedestal. Where are all those young nurses who should be throwing themselves at the hairless, muscled doctor?

    Vinnie tells Thomas that he switched DNA samples at the paternity testing lab. Thomas refuses to be “the old Thomas” and wants to do what is best for Hope. That appears to be Liam, so he goes to tell but…curtains.

  23. Oh and Ridge wanted to get kinky but Brooke pursed her lips and told him to go find Shauna and Quinn, which he did. He had unconscious sex with whips.

    Sorry I didn’t get the pics. ๐Ÿ˜›

  24. Main thing happened is that the hyper astute roach has realized that Vinnie’s enthusiasm as his life coach has it’s base in fact. He figures that Vinnie has done some evil at the lab for his friend. Will the roach 2.0 do the right thing and dob on Vinnie? Will his sexual fantasies about Hope drive him to murder again? He has flashbacks to the things Vinnie said. That haematoma ain’t done yet.

    Ridge tells Thomas to give toxic Vinnie a wide berth for putting crazy ideas about Hope back in his head.

    We’re in for another stretch of secrecy about baby’s parentage. Groundhog Day time looms again.

    Bill gives Liam a pep talk after another mea culpa speech from Liam. Before long , Finn barges in and tears strips off Liam. Back off from Steffy is the message.

    Dubious Hope sticks the boots into Steffy, who says Finn is her future. Gloomy future.

    Curtain. Go Vinnie.

  25. Vinnie is playing test tube babies and lurking over the petri dishes with his long hair and DNA falling into them. It’s going to look like hundreds of babies are going to be traced to Vinnie for their dad.

    Next Vinnie will turn up behind a pharmacy counter in his white doctor’s coat. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

    • Extremely rude of Vinnie not to answer the flood of frantic texts and phone calls from the roach.

      Vinnie looks like a fish out of water in that paternity lab.

  26. Oh, and Paris is really getting under skin with her moves into Forrester.
    She told Zoe she had her back but yesterday told Zende, “This is what Zoe has always done….”.
    Today, the pokey was sitting in the inner sanctum of Forrester offices, being included in top level relationship advice. ๐Ÿ˜

  27. Katy is wearing an almost dress. She is agonizing over Flybber’s pressure to embrace Flo back into the Logan fold.

    Denise Richards still fits her “Wild Things” jeans. She is directed to pose front and back to show that she looks good from both sides. Flo drew the short fashion straw, and had to wear an old lady’s tablecloth made into culottes.

    Liam is still running after Steffy. He has a “good excuse”. Another “good excuse”.
    Liam tells Hope his infidelity proves their love for each other. It only makes them stronger.

  28. Thanks daisy, I did see it, however Flo’s plea for family inclusion sucked the life from me and again , Liam’s speeches were overkill. Stealing babies will get you on folks’ bad side. It’s not a mystery.

    I did like Vinnie’s thousand yard stare every time Thomas asked him if he fudged the paternity test. He’s relishing seeing the rich squirm. Dude.

    $hauna ” Y’all I don’t have a big ass in these jeans for a slut from Vegas who’s dated a lot of men”

    Katie’s dress is a show stopper of a kind.

    Liam’s micro managing of the pregnancy is getting on everyone’s nerves. Finn should be throwing darts into the portrait of harmony on Steffy’s wall.

    • Brooke is the winner. This is def the worst of the dresses.
      Why do they all look so booby? Do you think the bras are also from Vinnies?

      • ๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜†
        I think Brooke and some others stayed home and ate pizzas instead of their usual healthy IL Giorgio’s salad that they only get to pretend to eat.
        Hope looks thicker and Brooke is looking a bit Amazon.
        That reminds me; Thomas hasn’t walked around shirtless for awhile. Is that because no heavy breathing is allowed? And it’s the first time we haven’t seen Donna’s pink, ripe mangoes.
        Both Brooke and Donna’s outfits look like they are knitted. Someone’s grandma go a new knitting machine?

  29. And Katy is “Ah ah ah ah stayin’ alive.
    She has come from Studio 55 to set up a meeting of the Logan sisters to persuade the girls to forgive and embrace Floppy.

  30. An awful episode, mostly a pity party for Flo the baby stealer. There’s the usual hogwash about family. Same clothes for three days. Flo can’t act to save her life.

    Bill makes another play for frumpy Katie. She buys Bill’s empty promises like the fool she is.

    I can’t stand Flo or Katie. They poisoned this episode. Curtain.

  31. Katie has a brainstorm to offer Flo a job at Forrester creations. Cleavage, Rasper, and Brooke are aghast.

    Zoe and Paris are being mocked by the costume Gods today. Zende patronizes Paris. Zoe goes cap in hand to crawl up Carter’s…..make that beg. Lord knows what $hauna is still doing in LA, she’s over invested in Flo’s fortunes.

    Rasper and Brooke think Katie is insane for suggesting Flo get a job in this amazing family business.. Floral dress overkilled Cleavage wants Flo to get the gig. Why not throw a bit of babysitting in for good measure? Six minutes to go, it’s a yawn today. But the wardrobe crimes are worth it. ie Canary Paris, the “social worker”. Zoe’s pearl infested dress.

    Zoe tries to engage Carter about their doomed “future”. Promises are made by Zoe. Carter’s buying the lie candy. He’s emotionally flatter than a pancake.

    Flo gets the job offer. She’ll work with Katie in PR. She can be close to her kidney. The curtain falls on this appallingly saccharine, fake scene. Katie’s beatific smile fades to black.

  32. Hahaha. “She can be close to her kidney”. Katie has Storm’s heart and Flop’s kidney. What next? Donna’s breasts? Ridge’s larynx? When she says she likes to keep the family close, she means very close. Besides, she has slept with Wipes and Ridge.

    I apologise; I had intended to post a pic of Paris’s caged canary jacket. She sang like a canary too. It’s been a week of throwing family under the bus by caring about them and not wanting to blacken their name by blackening their name. Paris is very good at it.
    And to keep the Royal theme, Zoe wore a dress covered in the crown jewels.

    Flo was all floral. $hauna wore a tiny 60s outfit. Maybe it was the size and colour that put me off. Maybe she needed a 60s hairdo to make it work.
    Luckily, Brooke, Donna and Katy all had a change of clothes.

    • Thanks, daisy. I never knew Ridge had slept with Katie…..but I should have guessed.

      Back to paternitygate hopefully tomorrow. I like the way Vinnie keeps clamming up.

      • What a speech Zoe gave to stupid Carter. She could take her knickers off in the office right in front of him and give them to Zende and she would still be able to tell Carter it was all the men in her life that made her do it.
        Brooke tells Ridge to keep an eye on Zoe. Zende has both eyes on Paris as he dines and dresses her at Grandad’s house. Paris is now his muse; one step closer to knocking Zoe off her top model perch. I had her number from the start. A total grass-cutter. Zoe knew it was coming when she mooched into town in her wet look and fluro.

        • Yes, that speech took up most of the episode and worse still, Ridge and Brooke have been sucked into caring what happens to Carter and Zoe. Carter’s dumb, he’ll take Zoe back. He could have Cleavage.

          You did have Paris worked out, now she’s seen inside Eric’s plush mansion, she’ll forget about social work and start social climbing.

  33. Who is the most stupid and naive; Finn or Carter?

    Who is the Fox in the henhouse? Vinnie.

    Who is the rooster? Liam.

    • Carter wins that.

      When a fox comes into a henhouse ( ie Vinnie in the lab), the rooster hides and leaves the hens to deal with the issue.

      Is Liam a rooster , or just a “rooter”?

  34. Carter dumps Zoe. Her pathetic speech failed. Carter’s acting failed terribly. No sympathy from The Rasper, so Zoe goes to blame muse and songstress Paris, who’s just regaled tone deaf Zende with rock bottom singing.

    The roach goes to shake down Vinnie at the sperm lab. Doubting Thomas calls on Vinnie’s loyalty and longevity of friendship but Vinnie plays the patient confidentiality card and Vinnie loves his job. Vinnie’s not going to cough . The thwarted roach gets demanding, wanting to see the computer results .No dice, Forrester.. Vinnie the dealer is as cold as the ice he peddles. Curtain.

  35. Paris is dressed as Shirley Bassey. She doesn’t sing Goldfinger but she looks like a gold canary with that hair.

    Zoe looks like a creature from the deep, or Swamp Thing. She changes back to the crown jewels to go see Ridge.

    Vinnie stands in the same spot every time he’s at work; the drug dealer working the drug lab, cooking up some pills. Doubting Thomas (good one Dave) asks for proof of Liam’s paternity. If they wanted to really zshoozsh up the plot they could have Vinnie doing a Dr Jekyll.

    Ridge says of Zoe, “Some things are hard to forgive”. Not in this family. They forgive everything. They have to because they are all guilty as sin themselves. Although baby theft takes it up several notches…and in fact switching paternity is baby theft too.

  36. Finn; “Steffy is an exceptional mother”. Exceptional? Why?

    She has a nanny and a child you never see who also gets taken by Liam and Hope, not a disabled child who needs high care.
    She’s a good laundry folder though. One might say, an exceptional laundry folder, albeit a bit slow.

  37. Finn blathers on more blither blather. Steffy’s maternal instinct works better than a paternity test. Maybe.

    Vinnie wants Thomas to keep his wig on. The most obvious thing to do would be for Thomas to ask Steffy to take the test again. Too easy?

    Grass cutting Paris is being given a ticket to ride again by Zoe, but the Canary has already started feathering her nest and choosing her mate.

  38. Everything is so “confidential” in the lab the door is left ajar for big ears Dr Finn to overhear. Keep it shut, Vinny.

    Roach ~ “I’m not that person anymore” Yes , he is.

    If it’s a girl call it “AstraZeneca”, if a boy it’s “Pfizer”

  39. The action is at the lab, where Vinnie is interrogated by the roach and Finn. Things get violent. Vinnie flattens the roach, then Finn flattens Vinnie. It all happens so fast , I could have who flattened who wrong. Anyway , there’s a heap of shouting and finally , Vinnie admits switching the results. Vinnie’s asked to repeat it through his busted jaw and the curtain falls. The close ups during thepunch up are hilarious.

    None of this matters, because Steffy has just decided to get Kelly and leave for Paris….cos’ she doesn’t want Finn to be caught raising another man’s bastard..

    Lasst three minutes are dynamite. Hope’s putrid pastel outfit was an eyesore.

    • After seeing Hope’s Neapolitan vomit suit, I have finally realized, these terrible outfits are a deliberate ploy aimed at distracting viewers from the Covid tricks, such as talking across a room and kissing mops.

  40. Staunch friend of the roach Vinnie disappears into the L.A. night, fearful of going to jail for swiching the paternity results. I’ll miss Vinnie. No one died, right? The roach is flavour du jour , a hero for uncovering the truth.

    Liam made another speech for the vomit suited Hope.. He’s stuck on repeat with that stuff. Pony ranch material.

    Daddy for a day Finn catches Steffy near the cliffs out at the beach house. Boy, has he got some news for her about what vulgar Vinnie did at the lab.


    • Woh. We were en route so missed it. Thanks, Dave.

      And all is well. ๐Ÿคฃ
      Now Steffy can be with long-suffering Finn and Hope can find forgiveness for Liam…or will she? There is still the tiny matter of him popping over to Steffy’s every day and relaxing on her couch, then sharing his sperm.

      • Looks like all is well…..but Hope hasn’t forgiven Liam yet, despite Brooke’s bullying.

        The roach has scored brownie points for calling labgate but he’s no more over Hope than Liam is over Steffy. Liam ‘s burying himself with the speeches.

        No plane to Paris. No Kale chips for Kelly. the cliff scene was harrowing, near the same spot Brooke pushed the roach off.

  41. O…….h…..c……o……m……e…….o……n.

    That was me taking as long as a secret to be spilled

  42. The last two episodes have been shockers, and not in a good way. Not in an “Ivy pushed Steffy into the electricity power board” way.

    Liam’s outfit was the worst.

    • I’ve seen both of those episodes and yes, the word is shocked. Finn even managed to squeeze in a marriage proposal before letting the paternity cat out of the bag. Hope is still wearing the same hideous Neapolitan pant suit while the reformed roach beats around the baby bush. Kelly, Beth and baby roach are getting neglected here. I had a visitor yesterday and missed the detail of Liam’s outfit, I just know he was making speeches so I tuned out.

      No work being done at FC. All gossip about the life changing baby on it’s unfortunate way.

      I forgot the roach’s sons name but all it needed was him to gibber “The foetus is Finn’s”, rather than blow two of the worst episodes of this show to air so far. This show is on anything but a roll.

      • Yup. They gave us nothing. Even the marriage proposal was meaningless as we were shouting, “Just tell her about the paternity result for goodness sake.

        • It got even worse yesterday as babygate was slowly unpacked for the Rasper and Brooke. Another tedious mea culpa speech from Liam……with Hope thinking he’s disappointed that his sperm has failed to impregnate Steffy again. Just get out of that outfit , Hope and go look out for Douglas and Beth. Beth is alive….but you wouldn’t know it. Family.

          Then there’s Finn and Steffy’s joy out at the cliffs. It’s all a bit Kate Winslett/ Leonardo di Caprio because Finn looks like a child next her. Check him out, he doesn’t need to shave his entire face yet.

          C’mon producers. Break a leg today….preferably Liam’s.

  43. Cold leftovers from B&B again.
    But a couple of questions from me.

    Why did Steffy not think to call Liam and her parents when she found out paternity. That would be the normal response.
    Why hasn’t some child proof fencing been installed along that treacherous cliff edge where Steffy is supposedly raising a toddler.
    Perhaps that is where Kelly has gone missing.
    Why was Ridge pretending to design a dress for KMart.

  44. The roach is still unpacking paternitygate for Rasper and Brooke.Brooke asks the roach if he still harbours perverted intentions for her daughter . Gullible Rasper steps in to defend his changed son before he can come up with excuses.

    Hope finally tells Liam that he’s selfish and that his love comes at a price. Like a cornered weasel, Liam hisses back that if Hope hadn’t entertained the roach the dumb way she has, he wouldn’t have been drawn to Steffy. Liam buries himself again and by now , bed bugs must be infesting Hope’s pastel pyjamas. Peuu! There’s some Beth is alive flashbacks, but hey, Liam and Hope are on life support.

    Instead of designing gargabe couture at his desk, the roach has a flashback to his lust for Hope. The leopard enjoying his spots. Can’t blame the haematoma for his drool session this time.

    Steffy explains to Kelly how families with multiple biological fathers in L.A. work. Kelly’s really advanced in the paternity , birds and bees knowledge for her age. Hopefully, she’s seen about the risks non biologigal fathers make for families on Dr. Phil. Finn looks like the cat that got the cream.

    Curtain. Dollar Bill will be on Studio 10 on Monday morning..

    • I absolutely LOVED the moment where Hope tore strips off Liam for being a dick. I felt that moment was long over-due because he really deserved that.

      Although you’re right about Hope’s pastel pajama ensemble. What the hell was that?

  45. Oh hooooray! Down comes the poster of Steffy and Liam. And up goes Finn and Steffy. Liam is going to be jumping around like a flea in a bottle.

  46. Thomas was probing Vinnie. What is this, a Carry on Movie?

    Now Brooke is probing Thomas. Hasn’t she done that enough?

  47. I’ll do another header this week.
    It will be like squeezing milk from a bull’s bosom but I’ll give it my best.

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