Dancing with the Stars all stars airdate revealed

Dancing with the Stars is back, albeit on a new network starting Sunday, April 11.

The show is on the nostalgia bandwagon, bringing back past celebrity contestants and – sigh – Daryl Somers as host.

The cast includes Bec Hewitt (remember when she used to be an actress?),

Tom Williams, Ada Nicodemou, Luke Jacobz Manu, Fifi Box, Lincoln Lewis, Erin McNaught, Kyly Clarke and Jamie Durie.

There are also some contestants who have never been on the show, including Schapelle Corby and our beloved Bachie Matty J.

Sonia Kruger (Seven’s answer to Grant Denyer) is back, as are former judges Helen Richey, Todd McKenney, Paul Mercurio and Mark Wilson.

Will you be watching this new season of Dancing with the Stars?



  1. Depending on the contestants, I have enjoyed watching parts of previous seasons.

    But Schapelle Corby – I have no interest in how she dances, or how she does anything at all.

    Daryl Somers hosting, blech ptooey. He thinks he is a lot more talented than anyone else does. I will never forget him on a tribute show for Maurie Fields not long after Maurie died. Val Jellay came out to thunderous applause, and Somers stayed next to her, mouth flapping, trying hard to upstage her. She took his hand and pretty much strong-armed him until he was behind her, thwarting his effort to be the centre of attention. I cheered. Somers is a jerk, so unlikely I’ll be watching much of DWTS this season.

  2. I am my usual sceptical self.
    Not a fan of Bec Hewitt – calling her an actress is a bit of a stretch – but I have always had a soft spot for our Matty.
    I am over Sonia and I don’t think I can forgive her for being a racist. She can be funny but.
    I also have an intense dislike for Darryl Sommers.
    Quietly, which bright spark thought he would be a good idea? And when they are identified, fire them immediately. Karma is all the bad publicity that is swirling. That’ll learn them.
    So, on balance, I will tune in and then probably out and then back in. It’s that sort of show.

  3. A few of these folks are room clearers for various reasons. Entertainment deal breakers.

    Beuatiful Sonia = dumb racist. it is what it is.

    Some are racists, or married to racists , some are criminals, few are stars. How come George Pell isn’t competing, given the appalling quality of cast/ hosts on offer?

  4. i think i will be watching on catchup and fwdding all Daryl, Sonia and Schapelle, should mean i get through the episodes in half the time!

  5. Darryl looks surprisingly like a ventriloquist dummy, and not a pleasant one.
    His hair is coiffed and shiny, plastic-ish.
    He is not ageing well.
    I am sure I have seen a horror movie with his likeness but I can’t find it.
    Sonia looks lovely. I will tolerate her.

  6. It’s interesting. The Facebook comments are mostly women praising Schapelle for having a go, while Twitter is both sexes criticising Seven for casting a drug smuggler. Guess it reflects the demographics of the platform users

    • I find Twitter sharper than FB (I am trying to leave FB. Evil algorithms).
      I think it has something to do with the word count.
      Twitter encourages impatience.

  7. I saw maybe 10 minutes by dipping in and out. I only watched one dance, a good-looking man – Tom Something? – who sets Helen’s heart aflutter when he takes his shirt off.

    Then saw Corby’s scoring, which I was hoping would be really low so she’d get eliminated. Fifi was the one eliminated, but she didn’t seem unduly bothered by that.

    Could Corby have applied her lipstick any more thickly? And Sonia was wearing a shiny bath towel with a long tail that dragged the floor. I’m feeling bitchy today.

  8. I watched a bit of the second night. The dancers seemed to be more accomplished on the second night but my sample size was small.
    One of the judges has very odd hair – bizarre – and Todd is as entertaining as ever. Sonia made comments. She says what we are all thinking. I am amused. Is it wrong of me to think that I can forgive her racist leanings if she continues in this vein?,
    Still, there is something missing. Charm? There is so little interest in the show I can’t even find out who was eliminated last night, and I am not sure that I care? Probably that model.

    • Oh, the judge with the odd hair – I can’t decide if it is a really weird haircut or a really bad toupee. If it’s a toupee, someone needs to take him aside and have a gentle, tactful word with him about it. Dude, you’re on national television, look in the mirror before you go on stage.

  9. Agree, last nights dancers were much better.
    I am also enjoying Sonia, she is good with the comments at just the right time.
    Also i thought Im a celeb was bad for the botox and fillers this year but Dancing has taken the lead.
    Erin McNaught was eliminated last night.

    • Ahh.
      From very vague memory, I think she was eliminated first last time around. I am assuming she was a filler.

  10. I bet they regretted getting Daryl Somers back when all that controversy broke out about him. They were probably saying whose idea was that again? But they couldn’t do anything about it because they had already been filmed. The vitriol directed towards Schapelle on twitter has been disgusting. I always believed she was innocent. She was found guilty by one of the most corrupt justice systems in the world. A country that treats drug smuggling as a bigger crime than murder & terrorism. She did time in a squalid Bali jail that isn’t even fit for animals. People need to give the poor woman a break.

    • I’m in the camp that thinks that she was guilty, or if not guilty directly then it was her family. Dodgy lot.
      Still (I am trying to not use “but”) I am also in the camp that says that time served (extra hard in her case) means it’s behind her and she can move on.
      She is entitled to make her living by appearing on reality shows and good on her for giving everything a go.
      In fact, brave. She must know they are going to come at her.
      I am not thrilled that comments about her drug conviction go hand in hand with comments about her appearance. I know that seems hypocritical of me (and it is) but there is something particularly savage about the commentary that I don’t like.
      She seems sweet. A bit thick maybe but good intentioned. I hope they have support for her, aside from her immediate family.

      • I’d like Schappelle to get some real punishment. Like being forced to watching a thousand episodes of The Cube.

        I don’t do Twitter or as I call it “Shitter”. Faecebook not much better.

        This website rocks.

  11. I’ve watched a lot of DWTS tonight, muting Daryl when he’s yapping. It’s hilarious. Several of the couples are wearing costumes made of black plastic garbage bags, the ones whose routines I think are mediocre are getting high scores, and the others are suffering from serious cases of klutiziness.

    I meant to watch Lion Queen, but dipping in to DWTS was so funny that I gave it more time. I need a laugh tonight and I’m pretty sure the Lion Queen will end with me in tears.

  12. DWTS is over tonight?
    That happened in a heartbeat.
    I really didn’t tune in so maybe that was a good call.
    I watched the repeat this afternoon, idk. There’s nothing that makes me want to watch.
    Darryl is fading into the background. I wonder if he’s been edited out. Sonia still makes me laugh.

  13. Just reading comments about Darryl, and speaking generally, I think it is now standard operating procedures for media outlets to go over past appearances with a fine-tooth comb when a celebrity host is announced. It is media gold to break a story about someone’s past peccadillos, and even better if they can create enough of a storm to get the person removed. Incredibly powerful click bait.

    • You are right. I said some less than edifying things in my youth. It would be dreadful if I could never be forgiven for them.
      I just don’t like bringing back people who have been out of the game for decades. His last foray was unsuccessful. Why couldn’t they have tried someone new? Or allowed Sonia to run the show. She can more than hold their own.
      It’s not like there aren’t a million comedians/art types looking for a gig at the moment.
      Australian media tends to rehash the same people again and again. I mean, let’s face it: everyone of those dancers had appeared on DWTS before. Maybe that’s why I was unimpressed and then that annoyance is concentrated on the most obvious person.

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