I’m feeling judgy about what’s on TV – how about you? General chat with Bobi

By Bobi

Lego Masters is over for another year.

Now what? 

You’re expecting me to say, “Nothing!” as was I, but then I found stuff. I haven’t watched all of it but I will be putting them on my Give It A Go list. 

Shall we start with my never-nope-over-my-dead-body and get that out of the way?

Celebrity Apprentice. I seriously don’t understand the concept of being rude to people for the viewing public’s pleasure, fftt. Plus it’s got that really awful and incredibly inappropriate guy from IMAC in it and that means I’m an automatic out. 

I won’t be tuning in for The Weakest Link (Ch 9j because it comes on too late for me but I may tune in to it much later on through 9Now. I suspect that it will be a bit like Patriot Games (SBS) in that it will not great but it may be worth watching just for the host. Magda is one of the few people I follow on Twitter. As an aside, I could listen to Bill Bailey all day. 

ABC has a bunch of shows that I haven’t watched but I will try as soon as I can find some time. I feel judgy about my choices. I have become my mother. 

Love on a Spectrum
Last Woman on the Planet
A Life in 10 Pictures (the concept of this one really appeals to me), and The Hollow Crown.

I am a bit partial to Resident Alien (Ch 9). I have watched a couple of episodes. It’s not laugh out loud but I am quietly amused. It’s that dry sense of humour that I like. If I tried to explain it to you, you would be thinking that it sounds stupid but they stay just on the right side of drama without being too serious. Look, I know, it’s an alien who is trying to kill a 9 year old boy and how much of drama can that be but once you get past the alien bit … and the murdery bit … and maybe there are some other deaths …

Just go with it. 

There are two shows that make me completely happy. I love, love, love The Dog House (Ch 10), but you already knew that, and I really, really like Have You Been Paying Attention. There’s a dearth of these sort of shows on free to air. 

And Vera because the British to mystery so well. 



  1. Bloodlands
    The Reckoning
    The De Niro festival on SBS World Movies.

    I dip in and out of the reality shows to see who’s booted. There’s books and music for winter.

    Farmer Wants A Sex Slave/Breeding asset will be on my list, too. That could sink as low as MAFS if Ch 9 run true to form.

    Thanks , Bobi. Lord $ugar is a pain in the Khyber Pass.

    • I like Celebrity Apprentice, but I don’t know how they ever forgive each other.
      I like Big Brother, even though it’s totally rigged as a competition. At least it was rigged all the way through so I’m not going to get to the end and feel cheated for watching (as in TAR Australia sabotaging the ‘two privileged, so they could place a more politically correct team as their winners.
      Law & Order when it’s not being preachy. It gets a few preachy episodes in some of their later seasons.
      We’ve streamed a few good series from SBS and ABC. Always worth TV grazing there.
      ATM Netflix, The Crown. Not too bad.
      I’ll watch Meghan’s Dad’s tit for tat tonight. How can I not?
      And I suppose B&B, although it’s just checking in to see who is hiding behind a plant, moved in from oblivion to the boardroom meetings, and how easily people in LA get away with murder. Where has detective Sandwichez gone?

      • Nothing new from Mr Markle except, “Oprah stop exploiting H&M”.
        “Harry stop bitching about your terrible childhood and awful father to the media”.
        And there were some awful clips I have never seen of Harry embarrassing himself, being a complete idiot, in some past-revisiting hypno-hype. Awkward.
        More Markle dirty laundry.
        The little girl who read Diana’s book over and over.but who had no idea about Royalty.

        Oh and Harry likened M and he, to Diana and Dodi because Dodi was dark and Meghan is dark.
        Tell me. Did anyone ever look at Dodi and think, “black guy?”. Or look at Meaghan and think black?” Who knew unless they draw your attention to it. And even then, no one cares.

        • Meghan constantly reminding people that she is black reminds me of the guy in little Britain who kept boasting, “Ahm the onlee gay guy in the village”. You’ll no what I mean if you’ve seen it.
          Meghan has a massive ego, is incredibly crafty and manipulative, and ambitious, hooked herself a prize fool who she leads like a pig with a ring through his nose, and has a massive case of 1st world problem”. Boo boo, I don’t want this hard life”.

      • I thought SB kept ‘winning’ boardrooms to keep her worling for an exhorbitant fee. But appears CA wss setup for Ch9 to support the launch of her charity foundation amd make money of it’s own at the same time.

  2. I forgot Farmer. I will be there for that.
    There is always something slightly inappropriate along side some wholesome, genuine, looking for love people.
    Fingers crossed.

  3. Thanks again, Bobi. We just finished Mare of Easttown. Really good. I suspect the locals would find Kate Winslet’s accent dodgy but us Aussies don’t know any better.

    • I have heard really good things about Mare.
      I am about to give up Netflix (very little is binge worthy these days) and I am searching for a different streaming service.
      I’m thinking Britbox until I am reminded that I have seen most of these shows.

  4. No one’s mentioned Dr.Phil. Judge Judy. Guilty.

    Ads for Funeral Insurance. What a wonderful world.

    • Dr Phil used to be my guilty pleasure. I really liked him when he was occasionally on Oprah.
      Now he’s just same old trash, and self promotion.
      Speaking of guilty pleasure, I am sitting here with a cup of tea watching Diagnosis Murder for the upteenth time. It never gets old.

      • The dog and I are now wrapped in bed with me crying while I watch the finale of Old People’s Home for 4 Year Olds.
        Such a lovely show.

        • Such a lovely show and I was pleased to read one at least one of the families has kept in close contact and treats their son’s partner as a part of their family.

        • My MIL was just showing me pics of this lovely garden she had been to, and I exclaimed “that’s where they took the adults and kids on Old People’s Home”. She hasn’t watched it because, as I suspect with many of the older generation, she is scared that she may identify too closely.

          That show makes me determined that MIL and FIL will have the best experience of their “golden years”, as far as I can influence that.

      • I very occasionally watch Diagnosis Murder. There is something comforting about the old fashioned crime show.

  5. I am watching Weakest Link but it is not wonderful, just a little mindless fun. They’ve scripted Magda way too far, so the best bits are when she just talks naturally. Left to her own voice, she is so drily funny. They also started off picking contestants based on their diversity instead of skill, so the frustration of poor quiz skills was annoying, That part has got better with each episode. The most frustrating part is that it is ridiculously easy and obvious to eliminate the best player, so the winner always feels unworthy.

    Family members have re-discovered The Office (US) because it is replaying on FTA. I don’t get it, and they don’t get why I don’t find it funny. And Steve Carell is one of my very favourite actors! To me, the show is just normal office life. Nothing they do seems odd or cringeworthy, just exactly true to life. Hence, not funny. Can anyone explain what I am missing?

    I will give FWAW a try, but if they have the whole group events again, then I will be out. They are totally unecessary, and just designed to try to create friction amongst the girls. Just silly, and it ruins the chance of any real romance. They ride the ads on the tails of the successful matches of the past, but the show’s format last year worked against genuine relationship, hence the total failure of the show’s goal.

    With the new smart tv, our viewing has opened up and I have binged all the seasons of Property Ladder UK, which I discovered as it comes on after Selling Houses on Friday nights on 7.

    Of course, the footy, netball and other sport have highest priority at this time of year. Tennis, only if an Aussie is playing.

    • My Dad just couldn’t watch The Office (English version).
      As he said, “That’s my life up there. It wasn’t funny then and it’s not funny now”. He found it excruciatingly painful.
      I find the same thing with Utopia. Someone just put a video in the workplace and then got actors to replay the lines. Too close for comfort.
      I didn’t watch the American version. I don’t see how it could be any different.

      • My view is that there is a little David Brent in all of us – the bit where we think we’re great entertainers/comedians.

      • I watch but cringe at Michael in the US office. I worked for that guy and the exact thing happened; carried on the wings of competent staff, who just rolled their eyes, suffered along and got on with the job with the mill stone of a useless boss around their.necks.
        Stupidity and arrogance is a terrible combination.

  6. Alone on SBS is amazing. Forever shattered my belief that I could live quite happily without much. Did you know for example, that even if you could hunt a deer, you would soon starve because deer is lean and your body needs fat to survive? (Yay!)
    The Unusual Suspects on SBS is great particularly the beautiful Sydney architecture (a passion of mine)
    Escape from the City is also good (forgot which FTA channel)

    • I’m glad to get feedback on Unusual Suspects. I was hoping it would be good but couldn’t bring myself to tune in. I worry about too much publicity. It makes me doubt.
      I’ve been watching Pushing Daisies on 7Plus and enjoying it. It’s very light with moments of humour. Lots and lots of Dad-type jokes.

      • I like Lee Pace in anything. It makes me wish Australia had more cafes where a slice of fruit pie with your coffee was a thing

      • I love how the show is filled with faces I know, who may only be there for a minute. No fan-fare, no big deal, just really good actors in every episode.
        And I am in love with Lee Pace as the Pie Man.
        And who doesn’t love Kristen Chenoweth. She only broke into song once. This is a show that underplays everything, except the jokes.

  7. My attention span is short lately, and I tend to flip around FTA channels until something catches my interest. I like Insight, The Cook Up, HYBPA of course, any of the Law and Order shows, Becker, and Frasier. Bluey is always a mood-lifter for me. I always think I’ll try Farmer Wants A Wife, but meat-market shows make me cringe, so I haven’t yet.

  8. “Australian Ninja Warrior” is back on TV tonight. I got blocked from their official Facebook page for saying that we’re five seasons in and Rebecca Maddon is still the dullest, most boring commentator in the history of Australian TV. They didn’t like that much.

    To be honest, I’m only here for the shirtless and incredibly-attractive male competitors.

    The only other show I’m watching is “Superman and Lois” which airs on Fox8 (on Foxtel) on Wednesday nights. It’s an absolutely perfect show. I can’t fault it, it’s a brilliant re-imagining of the Superman mythos (portraying Superman and Lois as married with two teenage twin boys, who may or may not have inherited some of their father’s characteristics). After years of movies and TV shows getting Superman so wrong, this show gets Superman so perfect. And the fact they focus on his relationship with Lois? It’s one of the most famous and iconic love stories in the history of Western fiction. It’s Superman and Lois Lane! And they do it well.

    • Facebook blocked you for being honest? Lol
      The only show that have my undivided attention at the moment. 😂

      • All I suggested was that she should take less valium, before starting the show and beginning her dull, monotone droning.

        “This is. The most. Exciting thing to. Ever happen. On Australian. Ninja warrior. My heart. Is pounding. Unbelievable.”

        Five years of this, and even the attractive competitors don’t make the show worth watching.

    • Omg Facebook lets racists and anti-vaxxers run wild but you were blocked for that! Wear it as a badge of honour

      • I know. It’s my biggest beef with Facebook and their stupid community standards.

        A white supremacist can be a white supremacist with no problem, but if you tell a white supremacist that he’s an asshole, then you’re the one who gets punished.

        I don’t believe that Zuck is a Satan-worshipping lizard person, but by gosh, he should be accountable for this.

    • Never mind. Last week FB removed a picture of Harry (my dog) as it contravened their decency laws. And he wasn’t even lying on his back. This is a dog who still squats to wee.

      And the same thing happened, also last week, when my sister posted a picture of my mum in a swimsuit, in the early 50s. It was blacked out by FB.

      Zuckers must be drinking the old crazy juice.

      • What the hell was Harry showing, if not his penis? His butthole? Maybe Zuckerberg doesn’t have one…or either…and seeing them is offensive.

        And your mum in a ’50’s swimsuit could not have been showing much of anything.

        Facebook is stupid.

        • Harry was showing fur. Only fur and eyes and not in a furry innuendo kind of way.
          Mum’s “bikini” came up to her waist. She and a friend were photographed on Cottesloe Beach in the early 50s.

          If it was good enough for 1952, it should have been good enough for Mark.

          • To be fair, when I went to type I, I accidentally typed bi.
            I guess Mark doesn’t like them

  9. So … I was chatting with someone about tv and things and how there is little to watch (as I sit tuned in to Secret Life of the Zoo – delightful) and she highly, highly recommended Creamerie (SBS) whilst confessing she had only watched one episode.
    Has anyone given it a go?
    It’s a series so it would be a huge commitment on my part. I have trouble committing to half an hour of rtv so a whole series may be too much.
    It’s either the interesting times we live in or old age. I would prefer to think the former.

    • Bobi I have seen Creamerie. The episodes run for less than 30 minutes and there are only about six. I really enjoyed it – it’s off the wall, bizarre and a bit gory but funny. You will know after the first ep if it’s your cup of black comedy tea. I also enjoyed Rose Matafeo’s show, Starstruck, which is on iView. Again a bit of fun and lots of self-depreciating humour.

      • I recorded Starstruck from the tv, and enjoyed it. I didn’t know that they were only half hour eps, and the story was just warming up at the end of the first. Looking forward to next week’s. I could binge, but I am addicted to The Great British Sewing Bee, and it has priority atm. 🙂

    • Goodness Gracious me.
      I’m glad I had warning.
      I am in the middle of Episode 2. It’s oddly addictive, isn’t it.

    • I did the Australia Talks survey but it’s run by the ABC, so of course the results skewed against reality TV. I still find it weird to think of Lego Masters as reality TV. I know it is but it’s just so good – it needs its own category.

      • I think I have said so before, but most of these shows aren’t my definition of “reality tv”. I reserve that for shows that are basically fly-on-the-wall docs with a bit of manipulation.

        The other shows (LM, BB, Farmer, Masterchef etc) are Competition Shows, just glorified, modern versions of The Price is Right, Sale of the Century etc. If people apply to be contestants, there are tasks to be performed and judged/scored, and a final winner, then that is a competition. That includes MAFS and the other so-called “love” shows, because the above criteria apply.

        Regarding the Australia Talks, it is a bit of fun, but it irks me that they forget that the results reflect people’s “perception” and probably do not relate to facts. Also, all the questions are interpreted through the ABC’s progressive lens. For example, they ask how you feel the future of the world is and then presume that if people say they think it is a negative view that result is because of climate change views etc. They never consider that the same response could be given because of the breakdown of the family, or high suicide rates, or even possibly because the person wants more Disneylands built! I can’t take the results very seriously because the design is flawed as far as real research would interpret it.

      • I have to agree with you, except I forgive them.
        They have been squeezed so much on funding that they are having to move away from entertainment and only focus on news and current affairs. It’s not surprising they have a one or two items on their check list.
        At this rate we will only be able to watch Four Corners, and Christian Porter, on repeat. 🤣🤣 On second thoughts, that’s not funny 😏.
        Fingers crossed, all those lovely regional shows – like Back Roads – remain.
        Remember the days? Bellbird? Countdown? The Aunty Jack Show? They would never get made today. I am suddenly sad.

  10. My TV guide is all out of sequence. It’s a bit bizarre.
    I don’t like it.
    I’m sure that I will get used to it eventually but I have completely lost my Reno shows. Bit of a bugger.

    • Which ty guide is that, internet or EPG? Internet has been weird all week, but NBN sucks here, especially when it rains, we are FTTN.

      Got my first dose of AZ vaccination this evening. I didn’t cry.

    • Yeah. Mine is haywire. I lost all our preset recordings.
      No Dr Phil. No B&B. And I haven’t checked but probably no JJ.

      Now, like you, Ch 10 has no guide displayed, so it’s a try and see.

      • Not much happened on B&B. Carter’s revolt against his master and sons continued. He cares little for the silver spoon fed roach, locked in a dungeon of despair as L.A.’s Frank Zappa would call it..

        Liam and Bill get more nervous around the company they are forced to keep. Bill’s impatient with Justin. Best get used to prison food and home made liquor , Dollar Bill. It’s Payback time. Wyatt will be too busy banging Flo to visit the jail. He hasn’t been yet. Bill and Liam get the evil eye from other prisoners. These ain’t mannequins.

        $hauna flirts with Eric before Quinn comes in. Zoe almost catches Carter and Paris discussing Carter’s infidelity.

        (Dr.Phil had the dumbest catfish of all time, on a show that features the slowest catfish).

        • Thanks, Dave. I missed all that. But I was following the soap opera that was Scott Morrison going rogue and lobbing a hand-grenade, whistle-blowers informing the Australian population on what many of us had already been made aware; that is the the hard international border was about as hard as a hard boiled egg and that so called repatriation was including people making multiple trips overseas and back.
          There have been villains, victims, idiots and heroes. I like what one guy replied to the liberal member for Victoria tonight in W&A; No Jason, it’s not hindsight, it’s terrible foresight.

          Food luck Australia. Stay safe. 🌸🌸🌸

  11. Thanks, Dave. I missed all that. But I was following the soap opera that was Scott Morrison going rogue and lobbing a hand-grenade, whistle-blowers informing the Australian population on what many of us had already been made aware; that is the the hard international border was about as hard as a hard boiled egg and that so called repatriation was including people making multiple trips overseas and back.
    There have been villains, victims, idiots and heroes. I like what one guy replied to the liberal member for Victoria tonight in Q&A; “No Jason, it’s not hindsight, it’s terrible foresight”

    Good luck Australia. Stay safe. 🌸🌸🌸

    • I feel like Australia has become a victim of it’s own success.

      Early days, we locked down hard, everyone stayed at home and wore masks … and the virus didn’t become as much of an issue as it was anywhere else. 900 deaths is still horrific, but America is still — 18 months into this thing — America is still losing about 2000 people a day to this thing. Those are unfathomable numbers.

      So that tricked us into thinking, well, that’s it. We don’t have to do anything else, we’ve got this coverd. And the barely-competent federal government didn’t bother doing anything else, because Scotty from marketing is interested in little more than good photo opportunities. And that makes me a little angry, because it was obvious that covid was a long-term problem. It’s 18 months later. Where are the quarantine camps that we could’ve started building 12 months ago, that obviously we would need, at some point? Our vaccination is one of the lowest in the developed world, and every day, the media is still making everyone terrified because of possible blood clotting issues.

      What the hell did the government spent 18 months doing?

      • Windsong. My TV us broken. I just couldn’t watch that bumbling idiot from marketing without throwing my show at him.
        He has run us into a ditch, and what an arrogant fool (arrogance and foolishness are opposite sides on the same coin) to make that announcement earlier this week, late at night, without consulting with the Premiers.

        As for repatriation; the real problem isn’t genuine repatriation but people using it to come and go using loopholes in the system. It was stated at federal level this week that they “had to bring back citizens, residents AND THEIR FAMILIES”. That wasn’t something the average Australian was aware of. Also the number of people LEAVING AND RETURNING has been in the thousands, while we have been so careful with our internal borders during Alpha. 🙃 If a guy could attend a wedding in India and return, how many others are finding loopholes?
        You only have to show you have a meeting overseas. How easy would it be to fudge that?

        We are being led by the Keystone Cops.

  12. Also how come the number of Australians wanting to come home hasn’t reduced after we have brought so many thousands home?

    Some people have been and gone and used hotel quarantine 6TIMES.
    Stop Fu**ing about Morrison and people who keep travelling overseas without the utmost essential reason.

  13. Also, does anyone believe Gladys’s bs? “Lowering the cap of overseas intake does not mean there will be no mistakes”.
    No you beaked fool. It will mean there will be fewer mistakes. The greater the reduction of intake, the greater the reduction in opportunity for covid leaks.

    Oh and if course Slomo wants to thank the NSW govt. Because the are both Libs.

    Windsong, I’m with your state Premier and ours.
    And your poor little health officer took a hammering from the press.

  14. “The people stranded overseas”. That comment masks the problem of the people LEAVING Australia during the pandemic then returning.

  15. Just adding here, to emphasis how mismanaged the problem has been, I have a family member plus partner return recently (last 3 months) from India on compassionate grounds.
    The plane was empty.
    I have the video otherwise I would think it was just an exaggeration or some grassy knoll conspiracy theory.
    No-one else there. Just the two of them. More staff than passengers. And an entire plane.
    Seriously, how does that happen?
    30,000 people in the queue and they couldn’t fill up some empty seats?
    I hear the noise in the media and from the pollies but I remain absolutely perplexed.
    I just shrug in complete …. I don’t know … Words fail me.

    • Bobi, we find these things out here and there when we see it, or know someone. How hard can it be for journalists to fact find and pass it on to the public?
      I’ve know people were coming and going for ages, as others would have known, yet the belief most people held has been that our borders were closed because no public announcement to the contrary was ever made.

      He in country WA, the general population stopped social distancing almost a year ago. It would have been good to have some public announcements reminding people to continue to do so and why.

      “They” say we shouldn’t trust FB for information but I wonder how accurate or helpful our politicians and mainstream media have been.

      BTW, two months ago, we went to buy a ticket for Son 1 from Bali to WA. He was able to get one via Jakarta for two days later. No problem. The word of mouth stories don’t match the media stories.

    • I just wonder what people o/s are being told.
      30,000 people and not one on that plane?
      I’m sure it’s not for want on trying on their part.
      I hate to haul out the racist card but my relli’s are white. Otherwise it just doesn’t make sense.
      Other people had to be denied. As in actually told no, there are no seats on the plane or, more likely, there are no quarantine rooms. That last one is the most logical.
      Which brings us back to:
      Business and pollies are travelling because they are given preference in quarantine? Quarantine at home?
      Right. Here’s my take. Scomo is cutting people flying in to reduce COVID quarantine escape and pretending it’s keeping borders closed when it’s just reducing the fallout from 1 in 127 COVID cases being ineffective hotel quarantine and he doesn’t have a plan to fix it. .
      Of course it’s a conspiracy. 🤣

  16. Perthies fresh out of lockdown aren’t supposed to be in cafés, restaurants etc yet and are supposed to be masking up.
    That ain’t happening here.

    • That’s just laziness when people don’t take note of which restrictions still apply after full lock down has ended. Keep your mask on everywhere inside and outside and going into regional areas. Twenty person limit and 4 sqm. rules apply, allowed to visit cafes etc. in regional areas for takeaway only. It’s not that difficult to remember, is it?

      Daisy, I have found in my neighbourhood and local shops that most are trying to maintain physical distancing almost automatically now, veering away from each other without much dancing around. Not kids of course, I still have to tell them to get away from me.

      I still trust my premier’s and CHO’s advice so far. I think the Qld CHO could have phrased her objection to under 40’s getting AZ vaccine better, less alarmist. Pfizer vaccine is now showing side effects of heart inflammation in younger people, mostly males at this point. Any vaccine is going to have side effects, serious ones are rare…so far.

      I think everyone should get whichever vaccine is available as soon as possible. The pipe dream of our lives getting back to “normal” is not going to happen any time soon, if it ever does. Deal with it.

      As for ScoMo’s continually changing line about the handling of the pandemic here, it has been bullshit all along. He says what he hopes will cover his ass, make him look somewhat competent, and keep him in government. His picture should be next to the definition of “incapability” in any dictionary.

      • Von, I totally agree.

        As for masks here, I think Perthies think they can fly under the radar and not wear masks when our of town. They don’t realize that even in a town/city the size of Bunbury, you can tell they are from Perth. There are lots of clues;
        You’ve never seen them around
        Their style if clothing,
        Their breezy/in holiday manner,
        The way they look around and look at things. Actually look at and size up a cafe to check it out.
        You don’t really look around and check out, “what’s this restaurant like”, when you’re a local.

  17. I don’t understand how people are saying they haven’t been able to get home from os after the past 16 or so months when planes have been flying, tens of thousands have come home and yet the number wanting to come home hasn’t decreased since the border closed, and because there have been tens of thousands leaving and returning.
    What aren’t we being told because it’s just not adding up for me.

  18. People are really well behaved here. Everyone’s wearing masks, getting vaxxed or at least trying to.p, keeping their distance. Even the kiddies are wearing the masks.
    I must admit, I have given some things a break and I’m in self-imposed iso.
    I don’t mind wearing a mask when I’m active – shopping, etc – but it is really hard to wear when I’m sitting or catching up with friends. It’s hard to have a shouty conversation.
    I was waiting for the car to be serviced and had to sit and read a book. Claustrophobic.
    I’ve cancelled lunches, coffee and bridge. I will paint and clean the house and wait all this out.
    Minor-ly cranky.
    I’m over this. I’m waiting for the day Scott from Marketing rolls out the apologies.

  19. Kids here were wearing masks a couple of lockdowns ago, but not so much this time. It is school holidays, maybe I’m noticing because there are more of them out and about.

    I’m in semi-isolation, too. Even if we weren’t in lock down/partial lock down, it’s been raining and cold for a couple of weeks and I do not like getting wet when I go out. I keep in touch with my friends with texting and phone calls, and look forward to the day when we can comfortably meet for lunch and exchange long hugs.

    Wearing a mask doesn’t bother me anymore. I masked up the other day to take a delivery, started to wash and put away my groceries, and didn’t notice for a while that I still had my mask on. Woolies and other sites make such a point of contactless delivery, but weren’t they always? I don’t recall ever touching a delivery driver before, and they’re no further away from me now when they put down the food and then take a picture.

    Waiting for Scotty to make apologies, Bobi, don’t hold your breath. Has he ever apologised for anything? He’s big on making excuses and/or transferring the blame for his government’s stuff-ups. His apology would not rectify any of the massive snafus since the pandemic started.

    I’m wondering if, even when fully vaccinated and masked, I’ll ever again feel comfortable in a crowd. I don’t even mean a concert or a movie theatre, I mean a crowded bus.

  20. Had my first shot on Thursday and it wasn’t such a great aftermath. My arm still hurts, for two days I had fever and a bad headache. Apparently the second shot of Moderna is even worse than the first one. I am really looking forward to it. 😀

    Then in 3 weeks I have a date. I am already dying from being too nervous. I never used a dumb dating app (which I already uninstalled and cancelled my account, too many pervs, seriously, WAY TOO MANY!!!). But he’s really nice (actually the only one who did not send unwarranted dick pics, asked me to show my boobs etc). He has a very similar weird sense of humour, and when I had to put my old cat to sleep two weeks ago, he really tried to cheer me up for a few days. Oh, and apparently he thinks I am pretty. Oh well. As we Germans say: Honig ums Maul schmieren… I am afraid that the chemistry we have in calls or chats won’t translate into real life. But I think I am even more afraid of having all that chemistry in real life in the end, because then I might fall for some guy and relationships never work out for me.

    Mhmm, my kitchen is finished as well now. Drilling the holes into the fronts for the pulls was the most horrible task ever. I am surprised I did not fuck it up.

    • The kitchen is lovely. I really like those lights you have over the bench. Very classy.
      I had COVID arm for 3 weeks – rash and all. My, omg I’m going to die feel, kicked in a week later. I’m still glad I got it done. I am a grownup and I feel almost safe now. The upside apparently is that all those aches and pain is the immune response. Yay, me.
      I’m sorry about your cat. 😢 The guy sounds nice for caring. If nothing else, you may have a friend.

      • Thanks!
        And yikes, that sounds awful with rash. 🙁 I guess I am lucky it got better now. And yeah, I tell myself it is just already doing some protection. 😀

      • The rash wasn’t so bad, really. It’s was only around the injection site but still, your mind does tend to focus on the unexpected.
        I didn’t expect to feel flu-ish so, of course, that translated into dying.
        Can’t wait for my second shot.

    • Wow Zhee. The whole internet dating thing, meeting on-line thing is quite foreign to most of us so it will be interesting to see how you go.
      Yeah, give the guys with the dick pics the flick.

      A friend of mine met her husband on-line. She was in Australia. He lived in the US. This was about 20 years ago when meeting on-line was still quite new, so we (her other friends and I) were a bit, “Be careful”. But no. This was her chance. It didn’t even deter her when he sent his photos. No, not dick pics but him holding a big…gun. (He was ex army).
      We thought, should she be worried he sends a gun pic.

      Anyhow, he came to Australia and they met; we all met. Then she went to the US and they married. They have now had about 20years of a solid happy life together.
      You may or may not marry the first guy but I hope you both enjoy each other’s company.

      PS we had our second jab. No reaction either times, but we had to have Astra Zenica. We had no options. I heard on Afternoon Briefing today that if we want to travel to Europe we will need Pfizer because the EU doesn’t recognize Astra not made in the EU.

      • Is it already 3 months since you had your first vaccination, Daisy? That went quick. I had my first dose Thursday and was achy all over for two days, slept for 12 hours the second day. My injected arm is still sore, other than that I’m fine.

        Blood clots take 2 to 4 weeks to show up. so I’m waiting for that time to pass – nothing else I can do about it. How would you go about getting Pfizer if you’ve already had AZ? Government is so stingy and picky about who gets what, you’d probably need a new act of parliament passed.

      • Yeah, I was superskeptical regarding the whole dating app stuff. And my worst fears came true with all the pervs on there. Plus, my problem is, late 30s, so all the guys in their 50s descended on me like locusts onto farmland. :S I know it is mean but I did not want to talk to anyone above 45. That was my cut off age. Then there was also one guy who seemed nice at first but wow, he was more or less talking about looking for Miss Right and blaaa, sorry, that was too much for just getting to know someone. -.-

        So, my excursion was rather quick, but on the other hand, during a pandemic with looming disaster because of the Delta mutation, online dating apps are the next best thing. Cannot stay single forever.^^

        Oh, my sister got AZ as well. And the problem is now, that STIKO, the vaccination commission here in Germany, decided it would be better against Delta to do the first shot with AZ but the second one with Moderna or Biontech. So she fears she will need a third shot and lose her fully vaccinated privileges until she gets a third shot. And then has two wait an additional two weeks.

    • I’m sorry you lost your kitty, Zhee. It’s always hard to make that decision to let go of an old friend.

      • Thank you. 🙁 It was so hard to let Mopsi go. I knew he wouldn’t get too old, but his last few weeks were really bad. I had several vet visits and during the last one my vet felt a mass and she recommended to get an ultrasound. She had no proper one at her place. Mopsi got some injections so he could eat etc. I got an appointment with the other vet for the next day and during the evening he suddenly wasn’t able to walk anymore and I slept on the kitchen floor next to him. :S I was sick myself at that time and in the morning I decided to snooze in the bed for 2 hours before my own doctor’s appointment. When I got downstairs, he was’t in his blanket anymore and I found him in the litterbox. Poor baby somehow dragged himself into the box to pee. :S I called the other vet, she simply said go to your regular vet, your cat needs to be put to sleep. Called my regular vet and they were really caring, even though Covid is still happening, her assistant who is her mum, snuggled my sister and me during the process. They will put his ashes to a pet forest cemetery.

    • Ooh – nice butcher’s sink. Is that an induction stove? Always intriguing to see power points in other countries.

      • Thanks. 🙂 Yes, it is induction. 🙂 I got all from Ikea except for my oven and fridge. The oven is from Neff, it was superreduced when I bought it. From nearly 2k Euros down to 740 Euros.
        There are also two more powerpoints behind my smoothie mixer and the Sodastream.

  21. Not wanting to freak you out, and information is so fluid ATM anyway, but today’s Afternoon Briefing on ABC was very interesting. There was some very interesting information about the long term affects of even mild covid.

  22. There’s no thread for this…unless we start one called Ailments, but since the numbing of my trigeminal nerve, my nose has been getting cold.
    I told my sister I want mum to knit me a nose warmer. She suggested this.

    • My Trump voting family don’t care.
      There is nothing that can be said or done that will make them vote anything other than Liberal.
      They keep saying “But the alternative would be so much worse “, with that plaintive bleat in their voice.
      And my answer of, “No. No, it wouldn’t be, ffs”, is just met with a rolling of the eyes because I’m a commi-pinko old person whose time has past and therefore has no right to an opinion.
      *whisper* if we could just stop really young people and really old people and people who don’t pay tax and people who weren’t born here and are not just like me from voting …. 👀
      They don’t seem to have any concept of how incompetent and corrupt – morally or otherwise – this particular government is.
      I think it’s that inability for Ja …, my dau … you know, that person, to change her mind, admit that she might be wrong or, by continuing to vote for this party, that she not only accepts and condones this behaviour but actually rewards it.
      I also liked the way Julia spoke. I will reward her by buying the book. I may not read it because I suspect it will be upsetting but I would love it if it became a best seller 😀.

  23. Two ads on telly, back to back.
    One for Survivor – yay – although I am dubious about the woman who says she’s an empath. I wonder if she can feel the collective skepticism of the entire population of Australia. I hope she stays for a while so that we can make fun of her.
    And then The Bachelor came on. He was talking with food in his mouth. Food! Mouth! Open! I don’t think I can even. I feel sick even thinking about it.

    • Evidently Empaths are hypersensitive people who experience a high level of compassion, consideration, and understanding towards others.

      I’ll bet next week’s rent that she’s closer to being a sociopath with tickets all over herself.

      That’s a black mark against The Bachelor before he’s even gibbered “You look beautiful”

      • Ah. I misunderstood.
        I have Star Trek in my head and thought of Deanna Troi. Without bothering to look it up, I am guessing that she was probably a telepath.
        Still, I can’t see how being an empath is going to help her (back to Survivor).
        Being a ** looks at notes ** – Nice Person – isn’t going to get her very far.

      • Didn’t she also say that she is going to hide it from the others? She’s labeled herself as an empath, but is not going to exhibit it on the show. Doesn’t sound very empathetic to me if she turns it on and off at will.

        Manipulative might be a better description.

    • Is that really a word? Surely you can be an empathetic person, never heard of an “empath”.
      Is it a matching pair with a “sympath”?

  24. I drew this while listening to Bold.
    I might do one of the cast. I am also drawn to wanting to do Gladys and Ms Chant.

  25. First draft caricature. It’s not the expression of dithering, anxious frustration I was aiming for.

    Dr Kerry Chant

    • Beautiful, daisy. I knew who it was straight away before reading. Love the hair. I want to shout her some tooth whitener.

      ” If you have symptoms, please get tested”

      In one ear and out the other.

      • Thanks, Dave. For a head medical officer, she is lacking in dental care. She has gnarly smoker’s teeth.

        She delivers a plethora of delightful “rabbit in headlights” expressions.
        She is a cartoon artist’s treasure trove.

          • Haha. She wasn’t supposed to see it. But I noticed her absence. She wants me to stop taking screen shots. 🤣

    • I hope that it plays out the way you would like.
      I hate people like this and would hope that they become permanently unemployed. Sadly in my experience, revenge never seems to find the right home.
      Still you can take some satisfaction in seeing something happening.

  26. Aw, John Cornell died.

    I know he had many more arrows to his bow, but I will always think of him as Strop.

    • I was sad for this, of course, but he was not my youth. I was o/s when he and whatshisface became famous and whatshisface is not my thing.
      But I was very, very sad for the passing of Johnny Coleman. He seemed like such a happy, cheerful fellow and it’s like Australia is a little bit less for his passing.
      I’ve always admired people who look on the bright side of life. I makes you just want to sit in their company.

    • Yes, Von. Not even reached for the Paracetamol. Just staying home , away from the boneheads who won’t wear masks etc. Thanks for asking. I had a Valium before getting Vaxxed, but I had the bus to myself both ways, fearing it would be full of boneheads.

      I hear people in America are begging for the vaccines after catching Covid, thinking it was a “hoax ” or “political”. By then, it’s too late.

      • Did you see the guy in Britain on ABC? He opted out of the Vax. He went to a pub with a bunch of footy fans….all packed in and cheering.

        Now he is laying in a hospital, being pumped with O2 , and saying, “Get vaccinated.

    • I still have three weeks to wait. It seems like forever. I am getting so impatient.
      I was talking to my cousin in FNQ. He is going to wait for Pfizer. I would suggest that he will be lucky to get an appointment any time before mid next year.
      I have to keep reminding myself that it could be so much longer. It keeps me breathing.

  27. Second Moderna shot done on Thursday and thankfully it wasn’t as bad as the first shot.

    Also, I made a cake. 🙂

        • Thank you both. 🙂
          I have a few more cakes planned until the end of September.^^ It is rather relaxing to do this next to working in Home Office.

          There’s a Ferrero Rocher cake I will help my sister with for her boyfriend’s 30th. Then My niece turns 8 soon, she wants a Bunny Cake.
          Most likely a “Welcome to School Cake” for my other niece as well. And in September I have a cake to make for a client.

  28. SWIPE! Did you see Mark McGowan take aim and fire off on Gladys for putting all of Australia at risk with her “Gold Standard covid response”?

  29. Well, there you go. ACT has entered a 7 day lockdown. It was inevitable, I suppose.
    Still, fair warning. You are all my new life now.
    I need to be entertained.

    • Evenings when there is absolutely nothing on tv, and I don’t feel like reading (or cleaning), I sometimes end up on YouTube. I may start with clips of a couple of my favourite comedians, then click around to buskers, babies, whatever catches my eye. Last time I started with Glenn Campbell playing banjo and guitar, then on to YoYo Ma’s performances, then symphony orchestras…It may not be your cup of cocoa, but it’s always been a mood-lifter for me. Or maybe your pantry needs re-organising. I did mine not long ago, but, figuring we’d be in lock down again some time soon, I started stocking up a little on dry goods and canned stuff, so it’s all higgledy-piggledy again.

      Aren’t you due for your second covid vaccination about now? I feel sure you will breeze through this time with no side effects at all. 🙂

  30. I hate that some tv shows are now using shots of texts on a character’s mobile phone to further the plot. I can’t read that without putting my glasses on and by the time I’ve grabbed my glasses, the scene has changed. If I want to read frigging texts, I’ll do it on my own phone.

    The pathetic efforts to acknowledge the pandemic by having one character in a scene wear a face mask also pisses me off. Or a few characters are masked, but they all remove them to talk to each other, even in a small room. Be realistic, everyone is masked or no one is. Looking at you SVU.

    • Oh yeah. SVU do masks like Gladys does lock-down and Scott manages the disembarking of cruise ships during covid. Very badly.

      And I’m with you on TV shows replacing dialogue with texts. I feel ripped off.

    • I feel for you, Bobi, the current situation must be very distressing and worrying.

      So-called leaders burying their heads in the sand, lowering the bar continuously, locking down in bits and pieces, and being re-active rather than pro-active have resulted in a giant cock up, endangering more people than doing anything to help the economy. The economy is supposed to serve the people, not the other way around. The idiots who are treating the Delta outbreak as no big deal are just as bad, going out all the time, and not wearing masks. Fucking morons rabbiting on about their freedoms, with no thoughts of their responsibilities to others in their community, infuriate me.

      Be safe, mate.

      • That’s one of the main thrusts I got from listening to Gladys, and it’s been Slomo’s miserable, barely there responses; reactive not pro-active. All along.
        And Aussies are paying the price, with their health, finances and lives.

        All the best Bobi. Stay safe.

  31. Bryce is complaining that MAFS ruined his radio career.
    As someone who lives in his hometown, “No. No, it didn’t”.

  32. The tv schedule showed The Magnificent Seven on tonight as the original from 1960. It only took a few minutes of the opening scenes, heavily reliant on green screen, to alert me that’s it’s the re-make from 2016. I will usually watch anything with Denzel in it, but not this.

    Even the music sucks in this one. I was looking forward to watching the old one.

  33. I was listening to Gladys and writing down all her speech padding sentence openers. Things like;
    Can I just say….
    Let me be very clear….
    I’m pleased to say
    Please let me say.
    I just want to stress.
    Just let me be clear.
    I can’t be any clearer.
    Can I stress.
    (Haha. I just heard her say, “I’ve used that phrase before).
    And I always want to make very clear that the buck stops with me. Sometimes WE’VE let you down.
    The buck stops with me but it’s the all inclusive ‘we’ who’ve let you dowShe starts her reply to every question with a filler sentence. 😡

    She talks so hard and fast in the hope you won’t notice the cover-ups in her speech or the fact that she’s sucking and dodging answering the questions.

    • You can see Gladys’ tactics at these sessions explained on the most recent Gruen. The talking fast technique is absolutely deliberate. When she’s done , she bolts before questions can be asked. Minister For Arrogance Brad Hazzard is the all knowing attack dog for the slick, turd polishing operation. None of this was worse than $cotty and his awesome array of graphs and pie charts on Friday 13th. I’m sick from looking at ugly signers, too.

      • Oh Dave, I wish you, Von, others here and I could have a get together and watch some of these reports together. I see more holes in their reports than in a crotchet rug but I have no one else to go, “There’s one. There’s another”.

        I loved this one today from Glad;
        “The last thing we want is for people to die”. Really?

        And Buzzard is clearly a wanker. And I can’t be clearer than that.

        Poor old Chart looks like the Wicked Witch of the East after the cyclone. She honestly looks well out if her depth, swept along in the wake of Gladys’s Gold Standard.

  34. Thanks for all you well wishes.
    The good news is that I have had my second AZ (goodness, that was a long wait), I can feel the nanobots coursing their way through my system, and doggo and I are both sitting (well, one of us is lying) in the sun with a lovely cup of tea.
    All is right with my very tiny, and shrinking, part of the world.

  35. Dave, can I just say, and I must stress, and I can’t be clearer than this, and based on the best health advice, I will definitely stream Gruen.

    • So are you going to stream Gruen?

      Did you see in today’s paper that Mark is described as having “gone rogue” for saying that WA will still pursue a policy of zero Covid, even if we reach 80% vaccination rate?

      I guess he is rogue, since we’re not a gold standard state.

      • Ah, give me some rogue. Haha.

        I will watch Gruen soon. I am making scones while we visit and soak up Sicily via You tube.

    • It aired several nights ago. I’m not a regular viewer but since they were deconstructing the Gold Standard Press Conferences , I watched.

    • Looks yum.
      I have no dairy. Only yoghurt for the dog and powdered milk. I feel like I am living in the 50s.
      I am going to make olive and Rosemary focaccia because I discovered that my dried yeast has a used before sedate on 2013. Oh, the joys of cleaning out the pantry during lockdown.

  36. Waiting for his walk before “people” are out and about. He knows that before the sun gets up is the best time. I don’t bit then I suspect that my opinion is of little interest to him.

    • Is he staring at you to make you get out of bed? That is one intense stare.

      When “outside” is on their mind, even if they don’t need a pee, yes, they are persistent and, no, they don’t give a hoot what you feel about it. I miss my old alarm clock boy. He would give me a break if it was raining, but I’d have to take him to the door to show him rain, and he’d then decide he could hold it a while longer.

  37. Bobi, I cleaned my pantry last week. Today it will be the kitchen cupboards. It’s my early Spring clean.

  38. Daisy, I thought Dr Chant looked fed up today, rather than overworked and hassled. Maybe she’s had enough of Hazzard mansplaining on her behalf?

    • That poor woman looks like she is drowning in her job. I don’t think she has the strength to stand up to Glad or Buzzard.
      She strikes me as a woman who landed a good gig that turned bad and now she still has the mortgage to pay.
      Plus she looks like a closet smoker/drinker.

      I reckon Glad knocks back a bottle or two of red at night too.

      Good luck anyone currently in the path of CV and lock-down. Stay safe.

    • Our lockdown has just been extended by another 2 weeks.
      My house is going to be spotless by the time this is all over.

    • That is unacceptable during a lock down. Some liquor store must deliver.

      If you want to kill time, rather than do useful stuff, read some news sites, especially news.com.au. Count the mis-spellings, typos, and headlines that make no sense. Copy editors must be a dying breed. My current favourite, click bait descriptors like outrageous, brutal, desperate, frantic, that have nothing to do with the article when you read it. You need someone to share your outrage with though, so tell your doggo, or us.

      • Both these two especially had me 🤣🤣🤣 at 5.00 am (no sun up,I keep trying to tell doggo).
        Every contract tracer must be on first name basis with every staff member at every Dan Murphy’s around the country. In fact, why don’t they set up vaccination hubs at Dan Murphy’s and offer a free bottle of wine for each walk in. It would be cheaper and we would be at herd immunity by now (supply willing).
        I have fond memories of Dad sitting at the breakfast table reading us articles out of the paper. He was particularly outraged at hyperbole and he loved to explain to us, in great detail, why some misuse of an overused descriptor was hilarious. Good times.😏
        And don’t get me started on everyone’s favourite past time, yelling at newsreaders and politicians on the television. Come to think of it, I still do that. 😀

  39. It’s the fault of the government and education department for taking grammar out of schools in the 70s, 80, and 90s or longer. Now anyone educated during those years have no idea about grammar. It’s pitiful hearing teachers aged younger than 60 speaking. I know they can’t teach grammar. Also, they don’t correct children who come up saying, “Mrs Jones, me and Mitchell…….”. It only takes a second and you can still listen to what they want to say.
    That’s my whinge.

    It’s why journalists and script writers can’t speak or write correctly. Some idiot in govt made a dumb decision.

    • I know. That’s punctuation, not grammar. In my mind, incorrect grammar is worse than punctuation or spelling mistakes because you can’t usually hear those.

    • It is so distressing and so sad. Poor Afghani people, their allies just left them, seeya, you’re on your own now. When the crunch came, the Afghani troops…I don’t know but hesitate to criticise,,,couldn’t cope with the Taliban rollover.

      Today’s videos were reminiscent of the fall of Saigon, with people clinging to the struts of helicopters or the undercarriage of planes, desperate to get out of Kabul. I was in tears watching tv news tonight. Which does absolutely nothing for the desperate people there.

    • I can’t watch. It breaks my heart. Not just for what is happening right now but because of what we know is going to happen in the very near future.
      And I was really angry (probably a bit of misdirected anger) to hear Morrison try to remind us of why we went into Afghanistan.
      Firstly, he was wrong. So, in the best scenario, ignorant.
      Must most likely, and secondly, he was trying to treat the viewing public as stupid. Someone needs to remind him that a lot of us remember those days absolutely like it was yesterday. I had a friend living in Iran who could hear the bombs being dropped in Iraq and put me on the phone so that I could get a sense of how close it was.
      We all knew it was a mistake at the time (like the Americans give a crap about us. The majority think we are a small country in Europe). Trying to put a political spin on it now is arrogance in its extreme.
      Not only did I yell at the television, I hurled cushions around the room, being very careful to avoid hitting the expensive and fragile screen. These new TVs have taken a lot of the fun out of things.

  40. Can I add our Chief Minister here to the list good guys handling this pandemic.
    He starts every press conference with a statement saying that he will stay until every question is answered so there is no need to rush or shout. Every one will be heard. Is there Liberal Party training course specifically on how to duck and weave at pressers?
    We then have three other, hold your breathe, women, who talk about various aspects of the process and how everything is being conducted. He doesn’t mansplain or interrupt.
    He is very clear on what is ACT jurisdiction (because we do sit In the middle of NSW) without making excuses.
    I can’t wait to hear what he has to say about Barilaro blaming NSW’s regional lockdown on the “threat coming out of Canberra”. Now that guy’s an idiot.
    I have too much time on my hands. Big decision for the day: order on-line groceries from Coles or do a quick shop, very early, at my local. I think I will take an hour or two to decide. That’ll take me to … breakfast time.

  41. One very saddening and disturbing thing, U noticed this morning, that all of the Afghanis storming onto the tarmac and plane were only men. Now I understand that men were probably mostly the ones working for the US, but does that indicate that their women are oppressed?
    Also, why would you abandon wives, daughters and sons?
    Don’t get me wrong. They have my sympathy but it makes me wonder why it’s not “Women and children first”, or at least not left behind.

    Maybe I am missing other shots of all the women and girls running into planes.

    • Apparently “Women and children first”, is a myth, and never really happened except on the Titanic, I think.
      I was not surprised when I found out,
      I was always taught along the lines of, “Put your own mask on first”. Makes more sense.
      A bit like “Stockholm syndrome”, which turned out to be political spin to explain the botch up by the government of the day.
      And welcome to my Pedant-World.

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