Bachelor starts Wednesday on Ten – will it be another dud?

The new season of The Bachelor Auatralia begins on Ten this Wednesday.

Pilot Jimmy gets to have Osher as his wingman.

Will this be a return to form for the Bachelor franchise after a few bleaugh seasons.

Thanks to social media, will we already know he has split with the “winning” girl by halfway through the season?



  1. He seems like a pleasant young man, who, from the promos, doesn’t miss a chance to make out with any and all of the women.

    Do the women always go over the top staging their entrances? I’m thinking of the one who arrives in a hot air balloon – held by a crane.

    In one of the ads, Jimmy said he thought there might be something “between her and I”. Argh.

  2. He seems kind of average, and the ads don’t make this look like anything special. Also, the last few years have really taken the gloss off the whole concept. I don’t think I’ll watch.

  3. He just doesn’t look that attractive, and I feel the over the top entrances from the girls is covering for his lack of personality.
    Not sure I will be tuning in.

  4. He gives me the impression he couldn’t attract flies to a shit fight. A less than silver tongue with partly chewed food hanging from it. These gels would have to be desperate to have their profiles raised.

    I can’t “connect” with this show a lot these days. Maybe, if it’s a plane wreck.

  5. Of course I’m tuning in. There’s nothing else on.

    Jimmy seems like a decent enough guy, if a bit boring. I like that he’s a pilot. Like, that means he’s smart and successful, and those are very attractive traits. Plus, he has a dog. That’s a huge tick. He’s hot from the neck down, but honestly, if I saw him walking down the street, I’d be more, meh.

    The most interesting part of the first episode was hearing a pilot talk about how covid has affected his world.

    I did laugh at Osher’s intro monologue.

    “Right now, there are limousines full of smart, attractive, determined women…”

    And unfortunately, none of *those* women are coming anywhere near the Bachelor mansion. Instead, we have cars full of vapid, attention-seeking, fame-starved bikini models and Instagram posers.

    Gosh, I’ve gotten cynical.

    • “Right now, there are limousines full of smart, attractive, determined women…”

      In New York.

  6. Interestingly, one of the girls (who drove her muscle car up to the mansion to meet Jimmy) said that she drove the car all the way to the Sunshine Coast.

    I wasn’t aware they’d filmed the damn show up here in Queensland, but they must’ve.

  7. Jimmy’s throwing around compliments like cheap confetti.

    I guess the one who said “Pilots are shit!” will be the one sent home. Jiving Jimmy can’t handle the truth.

    • Yeah, I gave up around the half-hour mark. I’m not invested enough in either him or the girls. I’m going to go and watch “Superman and Lois”.

      A TV show about a man who can *actually* fly, and the woman he loves.

  8. I have found it difficult to warm up to this season.
    He has a dog. That’s a tick.
    He wanted his last girlfriend to be told that he was on the show before it was screened. That’s a tick.
    He is still on good terms with her. That’s a tick.
    I’m really trying to like him. There is so little on television.
    That’s reminds me, do we ever meet the Bachelor’s family? I can’t remember. I know we meet the family of the final … three? So many seasons, so few memories.

    • We actually met his parents and two of his sisters (and one of them seemed really aggresive) in the opening segment of this season.

      I’m sure there’s usually a, “Meet the Bachelor’s family” episode towards the end, usually, and I’m betting that the two sisters pop up, at some point, to grill the bachelorettes.

  9. Next Bachelor; Farmer Rob. Something has to take eventually 🤣

    Matt was kerazy taking Tara.
    Pretty, smart Alex for next Bachelorette.

  10. Jimmy; I don’t like his eyes.
    Brooke; poomvey. I don’t like poomvey. (Put on baby voice). Noooo.
    He didn’t click with Carly. She looked too old for him.
    Jay was almost wearing a dress.
    Laura is a dag. She put something down his throat.
    Sierra’s gimmicks were cheating at Tarot, and power farting.
    Next tacky girl Belinda who confessed to eating and sh*tting through life. So we’ll bred. 😨 Yuk and she threatened to lock him in a basement.
    Then they raced through a host of crazies, and hopefully some normal ladies.
    Hannah, registered nurse looks nice, but she doesn’t know you aren’t supposed to put padlocks on the bridges in Paris anymore. The collective weight has been destroying the bridges. The authorities have to cut them off.
    Holly might be a front runner. I want her career.

    A bunch of girls who saw “pilot” = $$$$
    Then Chanel; flight manager. Nope. He’s still thinking about Holly.
    Stephanie from Perth is picky and pretty. Gamer. Streams herself. Whatever that is.

    Aaaand…it’s LAURA. The resident crazy girl is going to be Laura.

    Stephanie has already outed Jimmy the pilot. NOT A PILOT!!!!!!!!

    • If he’s not a pilot, what is he? He’s certainly been spruiked loudly as “Jimmy the pilot”.

      He seems to have a license to fly that little plane, unless they were just playing around on the ground in the little plane. I’m not watching, just going by the promos. Is the bachelor usually misrepresented?

      Who would want to take up with a pilot in Australia right now anyway? They’re either out of work, and,when in work, are away from home half the time.

  11. Anything goes wrong on this romantic joy ride, an extra parachute will be required just for Brooke’s teeth.

    Nothing else on and it’s freezing outside.

  12. I read somewhere that he is a co-pilot. Good enough for me.
    Saying he is not a pilot is like saying a doctor is not a doctor if they are surgeon because a surgeon doesn’t treat people, they only cut them.
    I know, bad example. I couldn’t think of another one this early in the morning.
    The woman was obviously dying in a ditch over semantics and it doesn’t say nice things about her personality.
    And a job doesn’t define you, says every retired person who has had difficulty adjusting to life.
    I remember working at Optus as a consultant and being given a red badge. Green for permanent and red for temporary. Talk about being treated like scum . 😲😲😲

    • Saying “It’s not a fish if it’s a blowie”?
      “It’s not a mammal if it’s a dolphin”.
      “It’s not a Prime Minister if it’s Scott Morrison”.
      “It’s not a person if it’s Clive Palmer”.

      Oh no. Semi retired and I told my (dissatisfied with their mundane lives) young nieces, don’t let a job define you. Use your job and enjoy your life.

      In their 30s they were down on themselves for not having careers that made them value themselves.

  13. According to all the recaps, tonight’s episode was as boring as bats**t.
    And the highlight is Ash and pilot and two very pretty people who have the chemistry of rocks.
    Even people who make a living commenting on this stuff are over this season … and we are week 2?

  14. Jimmy came out wearing a mauve 60s toilet seat cover/mat. Couldn’t wardrobe have found him a less matted mat?

    Just to give you the highlight here so you don’t have to read it (but I love James Weir’s recaps to happy days), “This show is the Titanic and I plan on clinging to the deck while recapping every goddamn moment until we sink to the bottom of the Atlantic”.
    Sums up this season perfectly.
    I aspire to have a turn of phrase half as good as this guy.

  16. I saw the promo for Bachie’s sister. They do look very similar but she doesn’t have that missing link shelf over her eyes.
    Initially, I thought he had that odd look because he had too much Botox but, having had a brief glimpse of her, I’ve decided that he’s more probably had fillers.
    How do you spell that noise you make when you suck a breath in through your teeth and shake your head?

  17. I thought I would share some of my favourite tweets from the double episode I couldn’t watch.
    “Do you think if you drink it all that you will suddenly find Jimmy interesting?” With an image of a champagne pyramid.
    “Do not understand why we double eps. Have we not suffered enough?”
    “Me staring down the producers asking them to please not make me watch 2 hours of this show in one night next week”, with an image of one of the Mums staring at Jimmy clearly unimpressed (and as an aside, what grown-up ar*ed man is still called Jimmy?”.
    “My mum has fallen asleep during this episode. She is so lucky”.
    And finally an image from the jump off the building with someone who turned out not to be afraid of heights. “l guess this looked cool during some point in the planning stages”.
    The Bachelor. The gift that keeps on giving.

    • I thought Jimmy only had his head up his own arse. I suppose it’s his way of trying to “crack” on to the poor gel.

  18. Because someone asked;
    Grown men called Jimmy;
    Daily Planet reporter Jimmy.
    Jimmy Barnes.
    Jimmy Swaggart.
    Jimmy Cliffe
    Jimmy Rees.
    Jimmy Durante.

    Some wear it better than others.

    • I know that’s their stage name, as in Jimmy-Durante is all one word, but I wonder if his wife called him Jim?
      I went on a google search, remember I’ve got nothing to do here.
      All Rihanna’s friends and family call her Robyn. Behind closed doors.

  19. So I was sitting here in bed excitedly waiting for the day to start 🤣🤣🤣 and realised that I hadn’t given anyone an update to The Bachelor. Yes, it’s still on although it is now double episodes in an effort to put everyone out of their misery.
    So in the first episode some woman that Jimmy’s mother didn’t like is being sent home. She is apparently still in love with her ex. I’m sure her ex will be delighted to hear that on national tv (if I hadn’t already overdone the 🤣 imojis, I would insert more here) and, besides, who wants to be with a guy who lets his mother make lifetime decisions for him. News flash to Jimmy: this might be a clue as to why you are still single.
    On to follow up episode. Some woman passed on to Jimmy a conversation (not a rumour) that she heard. For her honesty, she was sent home. No good deed etc.
    Again, my favourite line is from James Weir, and I will share.
    “Petunia breaks down. Through the sobs, she insists that she’s telling the truth. The thing that’s hurting her most is that now Jimmy and viewers at home will think that she’s the one who’s lying. Oh, Petunia. It’s OK. Literally no one is watching.”.
    So first note to Petunia – not her real name because we still don’t know, or care who any of these randoms are – has she not figured out yet that there are cameras like literally everywhere? And second, the rules of the game are that if you want an influencer career out of this show … No. Nope. I’ve got nothing anymore. That ship sailed about 10 seasons ago.

  20. I watched last night’s ep.

    It’s no rose for Brooke from me. You know I don’t like girls being poomvey. Her voice and manner is too “cute”.

  21. I know that you have all been holding your breathe waiting for an update on Jimmy’s journey to Instagram followers.
    Here we are. Well mostly, I forgot. Bachie is so low on my list of shows to watch that that it completely slipped my mind. Interest out there is so non-existent that even James Weir is having trouble stringing more than three sarcastic paragraphs together.
    Firstly, home visits are always tedious episodes. The producers have less control so it’s more difficult to manipulate the setups.
    Charlie is normal. Her family is normal. She has a normal job. She seems like a nice girl with good intentions. Her family wants what’s best for her. All good? Bwah ha ha ha ha. Jimmy has a smooch in an effort to try and keep the audience guessing but we are not fooled. Truthfully, we are not really paying attention but that’s another matter.
    Brooke has a brother who obviously doesn’t like her. And he has seen previous episodes of The Bachelor and this is his opportunity for 10 seconds of fame. Every family has the favoured child (usually male) who has never had to face the repercussions of his actions. Meet Whatshisface.
    And then there’s Jay, the producers dream in an otherwise tedious season. Everyone has warned Jimmy, she has that really annoying little girl voice (apart from pedo’s, do men seriously find that attractive?), and she has a girlfriend who is as dumb as bat sh*t and willing to spill the beans. In the spirit of looking after Jays best interests. Of course.
    Luckily, Jimmy is not dumb and recognises that Jay is the only way to salvage the reputation of this franchise ( interpret that as, keep the audience awake), and he sends the normal girl home. Im guessing that, with hindsight and the ability to see it unfold on the small screen, she would not be terribly disappointed.
    Only two girls left. Thank god this is nearly over. This season has been going as long as COVID.

  22. It took me a while to think who Charlie was. Then I remembered she was the lawyer who’s name hasn’t stuck because I thought she wasn’t going to last.

  23. Is anybody watching this still? I’m not, but see the promos and read comments here.

    Latest promo has Jimmy saying he can’t choose among three women. Guess he hasn’t found the love of his life via this silly show.

    James Weir is fun to read but if you can’t bear it, Jay got sent home.
    Which one’s Jay, I hear you ask? The one that’s only there for Instagram fame. I know, you are still none the wiser. The one whose girlfriend threw her under the bus. I can’t give you any more clues. They are all morphing into blonde-one, and brunette-one and the one with the funny voice.
    My favourite line.
    When it comes time for the rose ceremony, it’s lacking the nail biting tension of past semi-finals. Partly because we know whose going home. But mostly because we don’t care.

  25. So ultimately, he ditched the brunette (who brought him cake on the Red Carpet) and picked the blonde that his father didn’t like.

    I don’t quite recall their names, but I don’t think it matters.

    Jimmy was so boring, and the girls weren’t much better either. Thank goodness that’s over.

  26. I normally give a link to James Weir here but even he couldn’t think of anything interesting to say at this point except, thank god thats over and could you please never do that to us again.
    I tried to tune in but could barely tolerate seconds at a time. The NT is very lovely but then they kept coming back to Jimmy. Every now and then he would take his shirt off. Desperation move. And no, it doesn’t make up for the fact that this has got to be the most boring Bachie in a long run.
    God, it was a long tedious episode.
    In an aside, they should have cancelled The Bachelor before they resorted to that very unattractive footballer who was clearly not interested in finding a companion. That was a slap in the face to the loyal (at that point) viewing audience. They should have known then that this franchise was all over and it was just getting blood out of a stone.
    It was hard to watch the brunette with the squeaky-toy voice having her heart broken. No one likes to see that. And it has always been one of the least endearing features of this show.
    And Jimmy’s family are on record as saying that they don’t like either of the girls. That’s going to make for some fun times at Christmas, assuming of course that this relationship makes it that far. Jimmy is moving to a flat in Bondi in the next two months, so I’m guessing not.
    And someone should let Mum know that she is the reason that her son is still single.
    The good news is that there will be no more Bachelor. It has run its course and has been cancelled for the foreseeable future.
    The Bachelorette 2021 has been filmed and will go to air.
    Now that will be interesting. I wonder if we are over the whole thing or whether Jimmy was just … I don’t know what to say about Jimmy. I found him unbearable at the first promo. I’m guessing that most normal men in Australia are not prepared to put themselves through all that.
    Women still hold out hope. We have been raised on stories of princesses and happily ever afters. We need to do all our daughters and grand-daughters a favour and stamp out that sort of brainwashing real hard. It does nobody any favours.
    So, THE END.
    I needed to say that for those of you not paying attention.
    I would be surprised that even an Instagram post gets noticed.

    • Who is the Bachelorette for this year? Do we know?

      I found Jimmy pretty unbearable, but not in a horrible way. Like, he wasn’t the Honey Badger (thank goodness). He was all abs and no personality.

      Besides, most people apply for this franchise for the bump in Instagram followers, not because of a promised happily ever after.

      • It’s former contestant Brooke Blurton. I don’t remember her being particularly eloquent but Ten loves that she could pick a guy or girl.

        • I liked that she knew when she had had enough and went, I’m out of here.
          None of this hanging about for more screen time rubbish. Just, he’s not interested in me. I’m not going to waste my time. I’m worth more than that.
          And, yes, we all are.

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