Can Hayley survive another Australian Survivor tribal by the Brawn alliance imploding?

Australian Survivor is back and so, too is Hayley, after defeating Baden in the hanging on to a pole challenge that is a gift for wiry women.

So, Hayley is the obvious target, right? Or will the Brawn alliance implode and finally turn on Emmett? Danni is itching to make some big moves.

Other burning questions: Will axe man speak (I don’t count any words uttered if he is offered milk)?

Will George and Hayley make a secret alliance by swearing on Macedonian Jesus and/ot his pet dog?

Will Flick do anything with that idol Kez handed her (look, probably not, but we can dream).



  1. There is ALOT of talking at tribal – almost 20 minutes and it’s repetitive because people aren’t saying anything different. And the Tenet copy cat music during voting is over the top.
    There sure is a lot of arse on display this season

    • Again the music is a give-away, or spoiler, both during challenges and at tribal.
      And yes, do you think tribals keep getting longer? I don’t recall them going on for so long in the earlier seasons. I would rather watch the camp chit chat than listen to Johnathon’s lame interrogation.

      I wouldn’t be buying Hayley’s, “I’m just here to help now,” bs.

      • I thought they were getting shorter, but this week has gone back again, and the answers (and questions?) have become more inane.

  2. I knew the Gerald plan was a goer because they showed his answer to two JLP questions. Yay for no twists tonight!

  3. And I thought it was just me, and my short attention span, complaining about the yak-feast tribal councils.
    I’ve assumed that there’s not much else going on. After all, alliances are settled and the game play is unchanged.
    My ego would be too fragile to play this game. It would hurt hearing your name called out again and again. And then, after all cleverly playing the idol and expecting applause, you then have to go back and look all these same people in the eye.

  4. Pleased to see this blindside come off. Not to lose Gerald, but for Dani’s sake, haha. Although to see her out, swift mate, swift, would’ve been hilarious!
    I’ve ffwd through most of Jlaps tribal BS this season. The production team are in full blown narc mode – manipulation up the wazoo.

  5. Oh my God the looks on their faces when Gerald’s name was read out. It was where did that come from? Ha ha ha I think George is in trouble now. Will Emmett & Dani kiss & make up & go after George now or will Dani still want to go after Emmett. Flick has a fucking big mouth. I kept yelling at the TV shut up shut up shut up. Is it bad that I was yelling at the TV for Emmett’s disc to drop?

    • I’m waiting for Emmett’s balls to drop. He’s very immature. Good at cracking hus neck, but, how talented is that?

      Wonder why no Redemption Island for Gerald? At least he got to guts down some KFC. I’m told goats will eat anything.

      “George dogged us man ! ” Boo hoo.

  6. Another unnecessary twist where people lose their votes. I did not mind the George key thing because anyone could have found that and it did not prevent anyone from voting. And of course no one would vote for Flick after that terrible news.

    • Flick could win this now. No one would want to write her name down, and how could the jury not vote for her after that.

      • I have some faith that this lot are mostly tough enough to accept that if Flick elected to stay in the game, then she should expect to be playing the game.

        Personally, because I think she should be home with her family, I would vote her out soon.

  7. Oh dear George does it again. He saved Cara. And anyone saying it was put there for him Emmett walked right past it a couple of times & didn’t spot it. George looked for it & found it. Now judging from tonight’s promo they are gunning for him which means he is probably safe. I’m hoping Emmett finally goes.

  8. George deserves to go because he said that Cara was an empath. He said that out loud to everyone as though it was a thing. Now every fool watching in Australia missing an identity is going to call themselves an empath.

    George’s game is one sided – it’s using information and double crossing people. Every player uses information so that’s not unique but some of them ALSO compete in the challenges which to me, means more off the checklist of what makes a deserving winner. He’s gotten such a good edit and that’s bothersome. Adding more to my personal shite list, he’s proud of learning his double crossing from his time in Bankstown politics – not the type of skill set any country needs in its politicians.

    Plus he thinks Cara is an empath and said it out loud.

    I don’t care who wins as long as it’s not George.

    I also don’t want the chicks whose arse cheeks are always flapping away during the challenges to win. Time to cover that up – guy or girl, arse cheeks should not be waving at yah.

    • Same page again Bolders. 😁
      And that first paragraph is a gem.
      Same, same, please not George or Cara. I’d rather see a giant, wedgie take the money than George or Cara.

          • I’m not even sure the giant wedgie’s name. At least it hasn’t claimed to be an empath absorbing people’s energies. It’s just absorbing arse cracks so I’m starting to get okay with that given the alternatives.

    • Love your first paragraph. Spot on.

      In contrast, I have warmed to George, and like the contestants I believe he is a shoe-in if he makes final three. Nobody else, except maybe Hayley, can claim the volume of moves. Even not trying at the challenge is a strategy for George because he want to talk to people.

  9. Just watched the Jury Villas & I’ve never seen anyone drink as milk as Gerald. Plain milk not flavoured. Yuk. And it’s hilarious they think Wei had the secret immunity. They seem to be on a farm & doing their own cooking. Usually they are at a resort with staff waiting on them.

  10. I’m not a fan of George (and his poor representation of politics) but I really want Emmett gone first. He’s just an idiot. That’s all. The end.

  11. When Emmet had a chance to get rid of George he decided to boot Hayley first. When Hayley had a chance to get rid of George she decided to boot Emmet first. Emmet’s genius strategy didn’t work out so well for him.

    You’d have to wonder why Hayley adopted exactly the same genius strategy.

  12. That was hilarious George yelling out to Emmett as he voted for him. They were all looking at each other laughing. George did a Tony Vlachos with his spy shack listening in to their conversation. Hayley is flip flopping all over the place. When she came back the other day she was all remorseful & apologetic & wanting to prove herself trustworthy again then at first opportunity was going to stab him in the back again. Then talks to Emmett & realises he doesn’t give a shit about her & switches back. I can’t keep up. As for Dani & Emmett they’re both acting as if they didn’t just stab each other in the back.

    • It was part of Hayley’s plan to adopt the remorseful persona. I think she actually was remorseful, because she knew her previous strategy hadn’t worked. She is still playing hard and everything she does is part of still trying to get further and not get a target on her.

      We were having a laugh, wondering if Emmett when he watches the show, will realise that he sent himself home with that single speech that showed Hayley that he considered her a hanger-on to the alliance.

  13. It’s too hard to keep count, but I think Hayley may have outdogged George. George has never dogged Cara, but Hayley has dogged every single ally she’s ever had.

    My dog is threatening to bite me if I keep on saying ‘dogged’.

  14. Gonna miss those green speedo shorts. I can’t even lie about that.

    Even if the person wearing them was a gigantic tool.

  15. We are left with the classic Survivor conundrum. Do you get rid of the challenge supremo, at the first opportunity, even though they haven’t done anything else? Or do you focus on the strategy supremo, knowing that he/she will never win immunity challenges, and being friendless, therefore should be easy to remove at any time?

    The risk runs both ways. Do you risk the challenge supremo running through unbeaten (very rare)? or do you risk the strategy supremo casting spells, or using advantages?

    And then, while you are focused on those two, is there a dark horse who might slip through and then claim to be the brains behind everything?

    Happy with the evictees this week, but really want to see the back of Wai soon. There really should be at least one idol back in play now. Andrew has been a favourite up to now, but there have been a few comments from him that have turned me off a bit. Dani has pulled her head down from the parapet, so they need to beware of her.

  16. I would like Stealth Andrew to win, but he’ll likely be the next big target.

    I don’t mind Resting Bitch.
    I’m not a fan of wedgie bum, (as opposed to Wedgie Bum, who will probably win) but they are common nowadays. The girls in Europe had the best wedgie bums…and first wedgie bums I ever saw. Tight and firm as an old style Barbie Doll (before she got bummed). Then I got to Thailand and saw the Aussie girls’ wedgies. Yikes.

    • It’s not really a huge surprise that he’s a gigantic tool.

      But lord, I hope he at least washed the green speedos when he got home. That’s just disgusting.

      • Production decides what castaways wear. Somewhere in the bowels of Shine Endemol there is a lonely pair of green shorts contemplating its future with serious disquiet.

        You may care to try wearing something lime green for weeks without access to a washing machine and see how yours look.

        • If those girls are made to expose their bums to the hot outback dust and sun, where they run the risk of getting a snake or ant bite on their plump posterior, that’s kind of abusive, and exploitative, don:y you think?

          • Yeah, I’m not sure I would entirely believe that, certainly production would have no say on the their swimwear or underwear (all of which we end up seeing on-camera).

          • Ditto, there’s melanoma issues to consider …. but it wouldn’t surprise me if the producer tried to say ” Your arse is mine!”

            The local ant species probably haven’t seen arses the size of some of these since the dinosaur age.

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