This has to be the week George goes home from Australian Survivor, right?

I love a bit of George on my TV but he can’t last much longer on Australian Survivor, can he? Final Four at the most.

I’m thinking a final theee of Hayley, Wai and Flick/Cara.

Andrew is going to be bitter on the jury and will vote for a Brawn.



  1. We know who won immunity with nearly 40 minutes to go – so that means another Yakkity yak rest before they actually vote.

    Give all we are doing is watching people flap their gums, I never notice how much Cara cleans her team with her tongue – can that woman get more annoying?

  2. No I don’t want George to go this week. I want him to win. The girls tried to turn Cara on their reward but had no luck. All girl alliance. Where have I heard that before & how long did it last? When Andrew got voted out I was hoping hoping hoping he wouldn’t be saved. I thought I saw a bit of paper roll out when he smashed it & thought he’d been saved. But luckily it wasn’t.

    • I too want George to win. I’m so over Dani. All girls, yeh right. No, Cara or Hayley would’ve been out after George. I’d like to see her out next, but Flick is better at physical challenges, so off with her. He’ll.have to off Hayley after that, she’s his biggest threat. Then Dani, then Cara. Perfect world, we’ll see haha.

      • George’s problem is whoever wins the final three challenge gets to pick who to take with them to final two.
        (Unless they twist it to final three.) So either he or Cara needs to win that. No one else is taking George to the final

  3. Andrew & Dani are such fucking hypocrites. Andrew complaining about people turning on their alliance when he turned on the Brains alliance last week & joined Emmett in targeting George & Cara. Dani complaining about Emmett going home when she was gunning for him last week & voted for him & wanted him gone. Do they forget?

    • Annoys me when people complain about things that are basic facets of the game. Shows how many of the cast don’t watch the show. Don’t get me started on those urns …

  4. Noooooo. We have to continue listening to George’s horrible droning voice. Please Macedonian Satan, get him out.

  5. George has taken out a lot of people I didn’t like. He’s done it his wai. Has he won a challenge?

    Dani’s death row appeal to “girl power” was too transparent. Desperate.

    I thought Andrew would vote for George and not Flick. I’m watching encore to check that. Andrew said George is “the animal that survives” I’ve got a soft spot for George the brawn flaying roach , because he took down so many meatheads. Tonight I reckon it’s Death Row Dani.

    • Yeah, if Andrew voted for George instead of Flick, it would have been a tied vote, methinks.

      Snarky George said Andrew should stick to Youtube.

  6. Haven’t seen the end of tonight’s ep but it is draaaaggging on with filler. How many times can I watch people wash their clothes in the billabong?

  7. The empath panicked and played an idol when there was no need.

    By virtue of those urns, no one went home. Flick’s ample arse was saved.

    So really, nothing happened. George wore a dress to tribal.

    Dani is a thug.

    • 😁

      George reminds me of a green jube that has been sucked and put back, and I don’t like jubes. He is so slimey.

      Yeah, the empath did well. She’ll be getting as many customers at her fairground tent as George will get votes at Black town.

  8. Damn it she picked the save urn. I assume there was only 1 save so they will be gone now. Bloody Cara panicked & played her idol when she didn’t need to & now it falls into Dani & Flick’s grubby hands. Her & George are in trouble as neither of them can win challenges. They are relying on unreliable flip floppers Wai & Hayley who can turn on them at any time.

  9. Based on the promos today, I don’t see George going home this week.

    I’m thinking Cara car crash.

    • She will know it already, due to her powers.

      She will need a deep, spiritual cleansing when she gets home. She has probably ‘absorbed’ a whole lot of lying, politician George.

      • Daisy it’s been the bloody George show this season and that’s not pleasant viewing.
        I don’t care who wins – I haven’t really liked anyone this season.

        • I haven’t either.

          There have been hints that some of them have been interesting or honourable, but the producers seem to think that George was going to be the fan favourite, so they focused on him, and to hell with everyone else.

          I find George a loud, selfish, obnoxious attention-seeker and I think I hate him.

          I gave up watching about a week or so ago. Before Emmett and his green speedos were eliminated.

          If you catch the Jury Villa videos on Tenplay, you can still follow the show (and see who’s been eliminated and who’s still in the running), without having to sit through 90 minutes, three times a week, of the George Show.

  10. Oh well, that’s it for Dani and her “big moves”. That puzzle really showed that she’s about as sharp as a bowling ball.

  11. Oh I really thought George was a goner last night. As usual had no idea who Hayley or Wai would vote for. Who they say they will vote & who they vote for are 2 different things. Thank God Dani is gone but Flick still has that bloody idol so she is safe too. Think next tribal is the last time she can use it.

    • Oh damn, forgot about her having that. I thought George was a gonna too. I didnt watch the tribal chat so was pleasantly surprised.
      Aside: whoever convinced ‘Flick’ that everyone else would like to see her running around bare arsed got it waaaaaay wrong. Geeezus

      • I know it’s the fashion but I cannot comprehend how they stay in place so much!
        Will be interesting if Flick wins immunity, which would give her two idols.

        • A thong bikini laying on the beach, sauntering along, into the water is one thing. Running full pelt, performing gymnastic type manouvres and jumping onto teamies is another Juz, hahaha. Eeeeew
          Two idols… will be interesting if it happens.

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