Will George last another tribal council on Australian Survivor?

Love him or loathe him, George certainly is entertaining to watch on Australian Survivor.

With ally Cara now a new Brawn, George’s chances of surviving another tribal council look non-existent, unless he finds another idol.

George’s last ally, Baden, could become collateral damage.

I am interested to see more of what bonds Wai has formed with the majority alliance. She knows they need her for puzzles (more of those, please) but who will work the hardest to draw her closer? Hayley and Rachel, maybe!

George knows what makes for dramatic TV.

Australian Survivor screens on Ten Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.



    • Simon is at least nice to look at.

      If I was ever in a room with George, I would jump out the window to get away from him.

  1. So Hayley’s plan worked, and they ousted Joey … and kept hurricane George in play.


    George just isn’t fun to watch. He’s whiny, needy and selfish. He’s not that smart (surviving until this point only through luck and idols). He’s not that successful (the one time he tried to organise a plan? Everyone ignored him and voted for Mitch). He’s not physically strong, he’s not good at challenges. He’s terrible at politics which is the one thing he claims to be good at! “Survivor” is a political game. You have to be able to talk to people, gain allies, figure out how to use people for your own gain. George is almost universally hated. George does nothing but make it all about himself. I think that’s a damning indictment of modern-day politics.

    And watching him, he is a toxic and obnoxious screen-presence with little-to-no redeeming features. And I know I’m being unfair … but I really think I hate him.

  2. Well hapless George lands in a pot of gold Again!

    Windsong I get the strong anti-George feeling but that is from a viewer. From Hayley’s perspective it make sense given she probably knew that she was not in Joey’s top 4 so why be a pawn in Joey’s game when she can get rid of him instead.

    I am starting to feel that George needs to move away from Bankstown. it sounds like he has PTSD. Or maybe move away from politics or at least stop talking with his teeth. It can get a little creepy

  3. Nothing better than seeing someone who claims to be running the game voted out. But now we have a swap next episode, so let’s hope the opposing sides are split evenly in the shuffle

  4. Hating George is alright, it’s just fun seeing the meatheads get liquidated before he does. Joey the jackass couldn’t run a doughnut stand.

    • I wish they would show the other to-camera interviews. Like Wei or the brain with short blonde hair. All we get is bloody whinge George.

    • Much happier now Joey is gone, and happy to keep George. I don’t love him but I can see some traits which are worth watching. Joey I couldn’t stand. He was trying to be the new Luke Toki, without Luke’s charm.

  5. One thing about Survivor, when you announce to camera that you are running this show, then it’s 100% certainty you are going home.
    Predictable but fun.

  6. And George is safe again!
    For all the negatives that can be said about him, game play or personality, he’s surviving.
    Joey had no clue. Very entertaining.

  7. Ha ha ha what a fantastic blindside. The look on Joeys face was a classic. I knew he was a goner when he started bragging that he was controlling the game. Has he not watched Survivor? Does he not know the minute you utter those words you are gone? Let’s hope with the tribe swap George gets the same tribe as Cara. She put in a good word for him with her new tribe mates.

  8. We’re Brain given lighter buckets in the treat challenge? I am curious as to how they won so easily.

    • IIRC, they we’re all given % of body weight for fairness. Thankfully, so bored with the challenge format – reward = physical = brawn win

      • Thankyou. I wondered if that was the case. Since it’s Brawn v Brain, to be fair, puzzles then should also be weighted according to their grey matter mass, or an IQ test.

        On George, I never expected producers to let him go but I wish they would. It wouldn’t surprise me if they saved Cara just so they could save George later. I find him repulsive.

        • Hmmm, maybe. I mean it’s obvious these brainies don’t have brawn, but not so brawns also having brains.
          I think the save was for George but Cara saved him so they had to follow through. He’s very toxic isn’t he. I have to wonder what PJ Keating thinks of him, Bankstown being his poltical & childhood home… they’re chalk & cheese!

          • I’d guess quite a lot of Labor people wince every time George mentions the party. And that’s apart from Labor people who wince (like everyone else) whenever George opens his mouth.

          • I know I winced when Christian Porter was awarded ” Leader Of The House ” today

  9. I love the smell of blindsided meathead in the morning.

    George is just trying to live out his Clive Palmer fantasy.

  10. So, in a season of some hilarious tribal councils … this was easily one of the funniest moments ever. I genuinely cracked up laughing, at the end of it.

    So, the brawn tribe members have a clear majority, 6 versus 3. What happens? They accidentally vote out one of their own alliance members, just because Cara writes the wrong name down.

    Earlier in the episode, George was even complaining that the brawn team was aptly named because they just weren’t following his plan. It really was extraordinary, but for all the wrong reasons.

    I’ve reached the point in the series where I don’t really like any of the cast very much. If they’re going to implode, at least they’re doing so in a way that’s fun to watch.

  11. Also, waaaay too many idols this season. What happened to clues and people searching for them, instead of just tripping over them every time they go to get water?

  12. George is such an ego-centric narcissist that he says, “Saint Cara is back for me”, as though she there for him, and not also playing.

    Slimey the Worm. 🦠🐛

  13. Sheesh how hard was it to get right? I almost wrote Rachel’s name given how many times George told us what the plan was. And Cara still got it wrong. Then again, what can one expect from someone who runs around calling herself an empath.

      • I don’t think many of this cast actually watch Survivor. They make an awful lot of rookie mistakes if they do.

    • Haha. Yes empath.
      How does being an “empath” get you on brains?
      Maybe it’s like the medical practitioner you see practicing medicine in a tent at the markets by waving their hands in the air over a person’s body.

      BTW, politicians and journos are no rocket scientists either. I wish they would stop copying each other by saying “cohorts” all the time.

      Anyhow, I am glad Cara blew it. I would hate to see whiney narrator, George riding high. But something tells me we are stuck with him. I wouldn’t call him TV gold. Maybe TV poo brown.

      • Just to assist the politicians and journalists who are all of a sudden parroting each other and using the word “cohort”, to show some originality.
        an ancient Roman military unit, comprising six centuries, equal to one tenth of a legion.

        I know. I need to get a real life. Or go out with a cohort of friends. 🤪

        • Getting tired of the cohorts of silver and bronze medals being held up to the light. Bring home the Delta Medals.

          • To the legions, or even plethora, of idiots not checking in at shops in WA, stop being Monkey Brains.

        • Cohort has a specific meaning. All members of a cohort were recruited at the same time and were expected to serve together until they finished their 25 years. It’s a convenient way of referring to the over 60s cohort or whatever. The words which indicate you may need a real life don’t have that specific meaning.

        • Ever hung out with school teachers? It took me three years to understand what they meant by the Year One “cohort”. When I got more “in” with the school, cohort was one of the jargon words I kept telling them that parents don’t get, because it is never used in real life. Along with early Stage 1, late Stage 4 etc. Education corporate-speak.

          • Studying Sociology, I learnded what a cohort was in that context.

            Then again, it could be~ “Me and me cohorts reckon Covid is a ‘ken hoax, so get the keg party organised”

            “Me bruvva got cohort for armed robbery last night” You can appreciate the confusion.

            To me , a “cluster” meant a group of closely stacked musical notes. Those were the days.

            The boffins on tv are doing a fine job of screwing people over with their alleged expertise couched in trending jargon..

          • I, too, studied Sociology. Isn’t that odd. Not because it’s not an interesting field but because I don’t come across many people who have gone down that path.
            I agree with Alan on the specific use of cohort but more generally, it can be shorthand for people who think the same thing most likely due to common life experiences: army, school, university, World War.
            If you start in Year 1 with a bunch of people, and take them all together through to Year 12, they mostly will think the same thing because they have been moulded that way.
            When a politician says cohorts, he usually mean people who didn’t vote for me. It’s the new “battlers” because after COVID, we are all battlers.

    • Oooo. Missed it. But it will come on again. I will record.
      Thanks, Dave.

      11.15 this morning. Thanks. My art loving sister is coming over. We can watch together.

  14. Well they really fucked that up didn’t they? Someone was interviewed in one of the magazines last week & said it was obvious half of his tribe mates had never watched the show. Last night was an example of that.

  15. The producers must be rubbing their hands with glee.
    You couldn’t script this level is stupidity. The gift that keeps on giving.
    And the irony of one of the “Brains” showing next level idiocy is not not lost on me but then again, the value of being an empath had been questionable since the initial promos.

    • I just think it’s even more hilarious that, once again, George thinks he has some kind of power and organises the vote … and once again, it all goes sideways. It’s not like they completely ignored him, but they can’t have been listening that hard.

      And sure, it was a temporary save for Georgia and the other two (George the psychologist is the only one who’s name I an remember), but it was still hilarious.

    • Do you ever stop and think about how, in a pandemic, our lives depend on community intelligence?
      I posted on Mark McGowan’s FB about our health and freedom is reliant on people who won’t even do the EASY thing, IE check in. Someone replied, “It’s not compulsory”.
      Do you think these fools will do the harder things?

      Then there were those who rang the alarm on govt data collection. Yeah, well when I am visiting Putin’s secret service agents instead of Woolies, I will worry about the govt tracking my movements.

      • Totally agree – there is a lot of stupid thinking. I would be worried about the level of data collection from Facebook in the US and TikTok in China.

  16. Should be a bloodbath of a Tribal. I feel George will cheat the hangman again.

    Plenty of awful people to choose from.

    • George’s name isn’t even mentioned tonight. Which is a shame, but there’s so much drama going on around him that it doesn’t even matter.

  17. Gee, things tonight just fell in the laps of the original Brains tribe. Two of them (on one tribe) won immunities, and Georgia was med-evaced and not in the running to be knifed. Meanwhile, I take my hat off to Hayley’s quick thinking to take advantage of the abundance of immunities, and get the original Brawns tribe to splinter — and it was a brilliant plan, because they did, spectacularly.

    Another interesting tribal council.

    I liked that Laura was saved. It’s one thing if a player does or say something really stupid, and you’re just like, please leave. The only thing Laura did wrong tonight was be on the wrong side of the numbers. It’s a lot less fun to see someone eliminated when they really didn’t do anything to cause it.

    Meanwhile, Simon — who has been dumb, but oh-so-pretty, for two weeks now — picks the right moment to say the right things, throwing Shannon under the bus and immediately getting both Wai and Emmett to agree to oust her. Which accomplished multiple things for Simon and his two allies Dani and Chelsea, not the least of which was removing his arch-enemy when the chance presented itself.

    I also liked how the original Brawn team were so flabbergasted by Cara’s act of stupidity re: voting for the wrong guy, last night, that they assumed she was a mole and that she did it on purpose.

    I still haven’t figured out who I’m cheering for, although — lust notwithstanding — I like Laura and Andrew.

    • That jail warden Dani had it in for Cara. For sure she thought it was a mole routine.Dani believes in guilt until proven innocent. Grinds my gears.

    • I didn’t know what to think about Simon’s interjection. On face value, it sounded like dobbing, but it had tactical effect probably beyond his expectations. He and Emmett trust each other, so Emmett accepted Simon’s comments immediately. Blow-with-the-win Wai of course just followed suit.

  18. Maybe we don’t have Survivor brains, but Woolif and I were telling them to call the bluff, take the 50% and go rock, paper, scissors. It seemed a better prospect than 100% chance of losing an ally. But, then I suppose they didn’t mind losing Shannon. Hayley is playing big but she is annoying me. I don’t know why. Perhaps it’s the smugness.

  19. The way the promos are loaded, I woud bet next week’s rent that George’s reign continues. Nice try, Ch 10.

  20. I’m finally caught up now that the Olympics are winding down. What a train wreck of a cast. From Cara spelling ‘Rachel’ as ‘Laura’ to George spending the first two episodes calling Mitch the dictator doctor and then screeching that Rachel had blood on her hands when she voted Mitch off. I can’t imagine what these bozos will come up with next but I’s sure it will be (unintentionally) funny as hell.

  21. In general, I was very happy with this week’s evictees, especially Shannon who revived memories of high school mean girls. Joey was a bonus too. I found Big Daini very annoying, and probably the least smart of the brawns, so I am glad they picked him.

    The tribe swap worked well. So many in other seasons just resulted in slight changes but this was a good shake-up. It was clear from the start that Shannon was never going to work with Simon. Her major rookie error was getting fixated on a perceived enemy on day one, and focusing all her efforts to oust him. If her only goal was to take him out before her, then why go on the show? That was her winning strategy?

    I’m liking Hayley (but she may have gone too hard too early), Baden, Simon, Dani, Chelsea, Andrew. Don’t like Wai, Flick, Kerryn, Georgia. Rachel, I’m not sure of, she started all nice and understanding but there have been some red flags this week. Everyone else sits in the middle.

    Does anyone else think that Cara might be related to the woman on The Block who is now a radio jock?

    • It was a bit of a mystery why Benny, who had been invisible to the viewers, was suddenly the target. He did not seem to have any allies. Maybe he had offended a few tribe-mates outside the edit, so he was the easy second choice vote.

      It also raises the question of how he was put on the show, given that the producers would be completely au fait with his past. Normally someone like that would be cancelled, but were they hoping for some juicy conflict? Did he not deliver it, or did he deliver it in an unacceptable way so they chose to eliminate all footage of him?

      • I guess there is a remote chance they were incredibly slack and just did not check. More likely they thought they would get a couple of controversial moments and ended up with more than they bargained for.

    • Eugh. Well, he certainly sounds like slime.

      It’s no wonder they didn’t focus on him very much, isn’t it? They kind of ignored him, until the episode where he revealed what a complete moron he was … and then he was knifed, goodbye.

  22. So Kez kept saying that Cara can’t be trusted when she fucked up & accidentally voted for the wrong person but SHE was going to deliberately vote for someone else. It’s HER that can’t be trusted. And bloody Rachel complaining about being out of that alliance. She & the others totally IGNORED George for the first week. Now they are on the bottom they need to suck it up.
    I have a request for the I’m a celebrity people. George & Danny from Big Brother on next years show. Can you imagine those 2 together? It would be hilarious.

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