Bold and the Beautiful: Where are they now?

By Daisy

Firstly; where are the children? Has the Pied Piper been to California and stolen all of the children? Or does Donna have them all eating ice-cream at the drug store.

Where is Brooke’s daughter Bridgette? The one whose husband, Deacon, had an affair with Brooke and fathered Hope.

Where are Rick and transgender Maya, who guilted her sister, Nicole into being their baby farm.

Where are Pam and Cherrrrleee when there is so much illicit adultery to uncover? Why are Katy and Donna not all over Floppygate?  Or why are they not sniffing about Quinn and Carter? Or spying on Quinn and Eric with Katy’s telescope? 
But as for those still around … Sleeping Beaver may wake up to find she has a new family, or, and more likely, Steffy and Ridge have taken her off life support.



  1. Sheila is going into hiding.
    Finn will hide her in their attic, basement or guesthouse.

    Speaking of guesthouse, is Eric going to move Carter into the guesthouse? Way to kill the mood, Eric. Quinn looked creeped out.

    • Attic. In the US, it’s always an attic. 🤣
      In Europe, it’s a basement. I lived in a basement in Berlin when I was a chicklin. It was very pleasant. Cosy. Something to do with the weather, I think.

  2. What always takes me by surprise is how they disappear for 12 months and then come back fully fledged adults. Like they have been put in an incubator and force fed radioactive growth hormones.

  3. I watched the first 10 minutes of yesterday’s episode.
    This is B&B at its best. Slightly tongue in cheek poking fun at itself and then, in a click of the fingers, foreshadowing story lines.
    Delightful. Much fun.

  4. Quinn and Carter ask each other whether they should take up Eric’s offer. (they soon will , if the erotic fantasies keep happening.

    Ridge did some “designing ” at his desk before he rasped an anti Quinn lecture at erectile Eric.

    Then the curtain falls.

    Quite a lot of the usual filler occured, however , due to a very crook back, it’s difficult typing atm. ,

  5. Here we go…..Brooke is going to tell Eric that a bit of Honey might get his pecker up.
    Quinn is declining Eric’s proposition, but talking about it to Carter…a lot.

  6. Finn is an gib about with the nanny with his shirt undone and his pants barely covering his hum-ra-ha. Like normal people. Every day. Especially in my neighbourhood.
    And Paris is looking like a woolly sheep … or Little Bo Peep.
    I can’t decide.
    Either way, one of them is a lamb to the slaughter.

    • And what is it with people putting their bums on a coffee table.
      It’s for coffee. Hence coffee table.
      And designed and built to take something that weighs about as much as a full cup of coffee cup.
      And my cake. 🤣🤣

  7. Carter’s crusty couch took another pounding today. After they’re done , Carter belatedly reads Eric’s note. It reads “the night is yours”.

    Steffy seduces Finn at the beach house. He says Sheila is out of the picture. Yeah.

    Katie sticks her nose into Eric’s life.Soon, it’ll be all over LA that Eric’s firing blanks. Bring on the cleavage.


    • My mum said she saw an announcement from the man who plays Eric, apologizing for the sordid script, and saying “Bear with us, keep watching it gets better”.

      Paris is waiting for her permission slip, from Steffy.

      • Eric knows the show is on the nose at the moment. The topic du jour again today is Eric’s love life. Katie said she wouldn’t pry into his life to Brooke. Of course that’s a lie. A hate Quinn session begins.

        Eric and cuckolding Carter have an uncomfortable scene, the acting hits an all time low here.. Eric says he knows Carter and his wife did the deed again last night. Eric might as well be allowed to watch, or even accompany with his cheesy piano. Come to think of it, the Forresters could branch out into making pornography.

        $hauna says she can see Quinn’s post coital glow and starts pumping her for gossip, like a best friend would.

        Quinn and Carter literally keep bumping into each other. Quinn again says she loves Carter. Curtain.

        • I haven’t watched today’s yet. Thanks for the recount, Dave.
          No Paris fondling Finn?
          Thank goodness Katy won’t be prying 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

        • I can confirm that I stopped watching yesterday’s episode because it was moving ever closer to that pornography boundary and it’s tedious.
          I just decided it wasn’t for me. I am not really sure who it is for? Writer? Having a problem? Cheap therapy? Trying to break it to his wife? Mistress?
          Don’t care. Time to move on. They can’t do it quickly enough for me.
          More importantly, let me point out to the producers that you can’t sell the clothes if no-one is wearing them.

          • I have to remind myself that the twin torsoes on high rotation at the moment are a doctor and lawyer ….and not male strippers. To boot both Carter and Finn are abysmal actors, meat puppets of the dullest nature. Eric’s paralysed pecker story line is a tiresome one.

            I’d rather be seeing what Sheila is doing on her laptop.

            I don’t expect much quality from this show.

  8. Katie’s off to Eric’s to do some hard core prying into Eric’s marriage. Eric says people won’t understand the connection and arrangement he has with Quinn.

    Ridge and Brooke kiss and then Justin shows up , because Rasper has got some dirty work snooping into Eric’s life to be done.

    Carter and Quinn realise they can’t stop the affair and that Rasper and Brooke can’t find out. Justin will be on the case.

    Katie flatters Eric and keeps prying, then starts playing Dr.Phil with the pathetic old coot. Sticky beak Katie says she’s “concerned” and “worried” and only pries because she cares about Eric. Katie pries even deeper.We have a flashback to Eric’s erectile condition.

    Rasper says to Justin that he has to tail Quinn as payback for locking the roach up “like an animal”. He thinks Justin is experienced at dirty work via Bill. Rasper’s own son is a murderer , hejust doesn’t know it.

  9. Eric flatters Katie, who flatters Eric.

    Quinn tells Carter that they need to hide this from everyone. Shauna’s already been told. She’ll blab. Justin’s on it, or says he is. No one wants to see Eric humiliated….except the writers. Curtain.

  10. Everyone’s happy today. Little Douglas says it’s great to be alone with his Mum and Dad. Hope says how grateful she is for the roach being a force of truth and bringing Liam back to her. The roach says his sick fantasies about Hope don’t bother him any more. It’s all hydrofluoric acid under the bridge for these two. When Hope leaves the room, we know the roach harbours impure thoughts still.

    More happiness out at the beach house where prick teasing Paris, Steffy and Finn marvel about how great their domestic arrangements are working out. Finn is baring his torso and strutting around Paris, who’s in a tighter than tight zebra skin dress that would do Donna proud. This domestic bliss can’t last.

    Paris has a full blown fantasy daydream about smearing sunblock all over the aforementioned torso, back and front. When Finn snaps her out of it on his way to the beach, Paris gushes that there’s something she needs to tell him, after she’s told him how handsome and intelligent he is. She wants to sit on more than his coffee table.


    • I’m sorry I missed this episode. I sounds like it’s back to a bit of fun.
      I was avoiding Eric’s miserable face (no wonder he’s grown a beard) and I don’t want to hear any more details about his little problem.

  11. There’s been a lot of coffee table roosting this week. Yesterday it was Katy and Eric who had their bums perched atop of Eric’s fine oak.
    Today, it was Paris, with her split up to her armpit.

  12. Today , Paris tells the Torso that maybe she should move out, because she doesn’t want to get in the way or destroy the marital bliss. Steffy and Finn won’t hear of it.

    Time to harp on Eric’s humiliating and embarrassing problem back at the mansion. Concerned Katie and Rasper say they can’t stand seeing Eric unhappy. Katie’s been on a diet and done in black leather….’cos she’s ‘concerned” for Eric.

    This must be the third time in a week that Quinn and Carter have taken up Eric’s desperate offer. This time, Justin tails Quinn to the lair of lust. In fact, he bursts in on them just as they get down to hammering the springs on Carter’s crusted coital couch one more time.

    Steffy sees Finn off to the beach to catch some waves and has some alone time. That’s until grandma Sheila drifts in through the non existent security. A lovely surprise visit for little Hayes. Wonder why Carter hasn’t had that restraing order drawn up yet? Curtain.

  13. Good Lord!
    Doors you can hear through. Windows with open curtains.
    No doors locked, even when you’re having sex or being stalked. Nope. Come right in. Or listen from the hall.
    They might as well all live in clear tents for all the privacy and security they have. And if that isn’t enough, bring a third party right into your honeymoon phase and let her wear a skimpy dress with a split up to the ceiling (I had to beat yesterday’s).
    Why oh why can’t just one person lock their doors, and the nerve if Sheila and Justin just walking right in, especially Justin. I mean, he almost joined them. But hey Justin, don’t you know, guys who bust cheaters are supposed to take a pic and leave. 😁

  14. Sheila is harder to get rid of than a Jehovah’s Witness as she tries tries to manipulate the torso into letting her into the happy little family.

    Justin doesn’t believe that Eric has sanctioned the unholy trysts between Carter and Quinn. Quinn begs him not to dob to Rasper.

    Zende and Paris meet and he’s curious to why Paris has left the beach house . She lies that it’s time to move on when in fact she’s hung up on a torso.

    Eric has had a gutful of prying from Rasper and Katie. Before you can say “erectile dysfunction”, Katie lies that she’ll stop and not mention the Q word.

    Finn gets his manipulating mother to leave but we go to the curtain with Finn and Steffy hugging, but the vulture Sheila, not to be denied still sneakily hanging outside the door. No CCTV, dogs, just some nebulous” guard” Steffy dribbles about.

  15. If Steffy has a guard, it must be one of the Buckingham Palace sorts; the ones that have look straight ahead and be oblivious to their surroundings.

  16. Yawn. Another day of the Eric and his paralysed pecker storyline. Katie said she wouldn’t pry or mention Quinn’s name….but she’s done both to excess. Go do some work , parasite.

    Rasper and Brooke are slow on the uptake regarding Eric sanctioning Carter and Quinn’s fun time. Brooke comes over like a moralising choir girl. Neither of them believe Eric’s okay with this .

    All this for Eric’s torpid trouser snake. The storyline is as limp as Eric’s dick itself. For once, Katie says she doesn’t know what to say….but she keeps gushing toxic, invasive garbage by the bucket load. She even says she loves Eric after he’s milked his sterility sob story one more time.

  17. Rasper gives Carter the evil eye from his house of glass. Quinn realises she’s talking to two prize dummies and bolts from the kangaroo court, leaving Carter to face the muzak some more.

    Eric gazes at the Quinn portrait. Is he beginning to resent Quinn? Will he get desperate and order an online penis pump? Brooke tries to bad mouth Quinn to Katie but Katie’s already in on Eric’s erotic arrangements for Quinn. She practically beat a confession out of the psychologically fragile old coot.

    Rasper goes a dobbing to his flaccid father and is left with a dumb look on his face as Eric draws a diagram for him about the cosy marital arrangement. Go get that egg off your face and design some more awful clothes , Rasper. Curtain.

    • Brilliant, Dave. Just brilliant. Your cut your words through the crap like a hot knife slides through soft butter.
      Speaking of soft, did Eric go ballistic when he heard Ridge hired the dubious Justin to spy on his errant wife?

      • We don’t yet know how Eric feels about Justin being employed as a sniffer dog. The curtain fell on a dumbstruck, failed Rasper trying to process “there’s no betrayal” Thanks, daisy.

  18. I popped in to see how the old pecker story line was going. Still got a way to go I see.
    I was disappointed to see that the clothes looked normal. I miss the ruffles and mismatched patterns. Hopefully, they’ll get their winter range in soon and we can have a laugh.

    • No torsoes, abominable outfits, just another day in L.A. Guys in suits…. and not paternity or birthday suits.

      Rasper and Brooke want nothing less than a public stoning for Quinn.

  19. The Forresters take nosey to new levels. Could you just imagine your family members having an intervention into your sex life. C’mon Dr Phil, what would you have to say about relatives who delve into your private life to that extent?
    Just watching Ridge spilling the beans now.
    Shame on you, Ridge and Brooke. Curtains.

  20. Eric’s jiggly, inert appendage doesn’t entitle Ridge, Brooke, Katy and (soon for sure Donna) to be sniffing about.

  21. Eric’s jiggly, inert appendage doesn’t entitle Ridge, Brooke, Katy and (soon for sure Donna) to be sniffing about.

    Donna won’t rest until the Old Fella is up and about and feeling his old self again.

  22. I’ve missed quite a few episodes as well. Once Steffy and Finn got hitched and the storyline of Eric’s malfunctioning pecker took over, my attention drifted.

    Eric and Quinn using Carter as a sexual surrogate is, I guess, interesting territory for a day-time soap opera to head into (particularly one as inoffensive as “Bold”), but of course, the writers are handling it with all the subtlety of z-grade adult movies.

    And Ridge and Brooke are just annoying. Yes, guys. You don’t like Quinn. We get it. We figured that out about 400 episodes ago. Your father is a grown man (well, most of him) who can marry whoever he wants. It’s not like your inheritance is going anywhere. The Forresters still have their bottomless money pit, buried beneath Forrester Creations headquarters. So I kind of wish Eric would just hurry up and divorce his children, rather than Quinn. Brooke still hasn’t figured out the hilarious irony of her criticising *other* women for committing adultery.

    As for the Roach and Hope, call me crazy here, but I like them as a platonic team. I do. The actors play friendship much better than they play “obsessed stalker and unwitting victim”, and I kind of enjoy Thomas and Hope as this LA crime-solving duo (who run around, sorting out everybody else’s problems. Lord knows, everyone could use the help at the moment). They work well together. I don’t know, I guess I just got sick of Thomas as the remorseless badguy, and didn’t they get enough mileage out of “Liam hates Thomas but can’t get rid of him”? And I think I’m happy to have hero-Thomas provided we don’t have to put up with that ever again.

    He’s much more interesting this way (and who cares about Emma, I mean, really, she was so annoying). I always said it, I think Thomas would be a much better character if they played him with a sarcastic, self-aware streak like Wyatt, but maybe a little more cynical and hard-edged.

    • I was cheering when Ridge was chucked out of Eric’s house. Highlight of the week. Sheila hasn’t finished her evil work yet, if she can have her hotel room stay extended. Good to read your take on this awful state of affairs in LA, Windsong.

  23. I and on streaming to catch up and ended up with an episode a couple of days ahead. So pleased I jumped the limp Eric episodes.
    No spoilers but I do love an episode that spend the last 5 minutes of everyone just looking at each other, one at a time. 🤣🤣🤣

  24. It’s worth tuning in today just to see the outfit Paris is in. The roach, in a dashing man bun, shows off his new designs to Hope . ( I like the recent roach, too Windsong, but today the man bun and drooling are back, could be that subdural haematoma playing up) Steffy walks in to show off her butt implants , she notices the roach somewhat drooling over Hope, looking alluring as a roach bait in a virginal white blouse. Zende’s there , it’s a love in for talented designers. Paris flirts with Zende, yet we know she’s still thinking about that baby faced meat puppet with the torso back at the beach house.

    Hooray that we’re getting a break from Eric’s embarrassing, humiliating condition and the family brouhaha that erupted from it. Let Rasper and Brooke suffer in silence.

    Steffy starts prying into Hope’s feelings for the roach. Steffy mentions that the roach is still single. Steffy’s keen for him to find love. Hope says Thomas is charming and should have no trouble finding a root. In fact, he and Paris are soon flirting with each other, but Paris nosies in about his love for Hope, which the roach trowels over with some deflecting garbage about work. The flirtation between these two takes us to the Eric free curtain. Really , that hideous dress of Paris took a whole episode to accustom to. Yet the roach salivated over it.

    The uber contrite roach apologizes to paris for using Zoe as a sexual spitoon. Paris reckons Zoe was no angel but has turned her life around, just like roach 2.0. The flattery is flying thick and fast here..

  25. Ha ha ha “Meat Puppet”. Great write up again Dave.
    It makes B&B worth watching.
    But tonight I was drawing so I was only listening. I mainly noted Paris fawning over the the Reformed Roach, being praised for her for her work, and demonstrating that she is being wasted in “charity work”. She’ll be designing for the global fashion house in no time.
    Tomorrow I will replay it so I can see Paris’s dress and Steffy’s butt.

    • I know this is not a serious show, and I really like the clothes and the OTT story lines (except the limp biscuit being dragged out), but …
      You knew there would be a but.
      It bugs me that they are making Paris out to be some sort of genius and they are fawning over her every utterance.
      Seriously. In what world is any credence given to any junior, in any office.
      And on top of that, she’s a woman. Even if what she said was clever, in my world there would be half a dozen men lining up to take credit.
      And then, of course, she is a POC. Enough said.
      It just grates. Every. Single. Time.
      I don’t know where that particular story line is taking them but it has even less credibility than Brooke moralising about women sleeping around.

      • How’s the way all these juniors just walk into Eric’s office and get comfortable like it’s Hay St Mall.

        And everyone is potentially a top model or has a designer to be unleashed. Fair enough if they have been designing their own clothes.

        I hate to say I told them so, but didn’t I warn them that Paris was a grass-cutter?

  26. Here’s another annoying one, Bobi. When there is a new junior hired and within days they are included in the family gossip, and even give advice to the older Forresters.

    And yes, Brooke moralizing and no one locking a door, even to have cheating sex, or “not cheating” sex.

  27. Wait, Paris is hitting on Thomas? Wasn’t she knocking boots with Xende, like, thirty seconds ago? And didn’t she move out of Steffy and the meat-puppet-torso’s house because she was starting to have messy feelings for the meat-puppet-torso?

    My gosh Paris. Just pick somebody already.

  28. Aaaah.
    It’s like all the writers are fighting about a story line for her and they can’t settle. The solution seems to be that everyone gets a turn.
    Oddly, the opposite of the problem they are having with Eric.

  29. Annoying and more annoying. So the global fashion house relies on tips from a junior who doesn’t work in fashion. Sure, it’s possible. But then she goes on to sing at a Dodgers game? Btw, a friend of mine, Gina, sang at the opening of the Grand final recently. I was thinking she usually sounds better than that (we used to have singalongs when for fun) but Paris should be arrested for murder.
    And when Dave writes “curtains” tonight, he might be referring to Hope’s outfit.
    Annoying? Only recently Paris

    • I guess what Hope had on was like a shroud. Liam thought it was to die for anyways.

      The Dodgers game…. I was forced to mute that. Yet the roach was transfixed by Paris butchering the anthem. Paris is now torturing the meat puppet, one roach and one Zende (“my boyfriend”). Playing the field. Paris now sings, raises squillions for charity and is about to ascend to the top of the Forrester designing food chain because of the brilliant improvements she suggests to the others. Dressed in a liquorice allsort get up…..

      We remember that Paris is the spawn of Dr. Hooks. The spawn of Satan.

      Meat Puppet is a slang term for models, can be male or female, via an industry tell all I watched recently. Cleavage, Carter, Flo and Finn are meat puppets…..

  30. Deacon’s back from his “overcrowded” jail. Everyone’s thrilled to see him…like hell. He lies that he’s “reformed ” , however , having taken a good hard look at himself in prison. He’s not even back to freeload money says his daughter, Hope, gushing.

    No flies on Paris as she laps up the post Dodgers performance torrent of flattery from the bedazzled roach, Steffy and Zende. Zende falls deeper into the Parisian honey trap, whiule the roach is just getting started on his stalking strategy. he lights up talking rubbish to Paris about her singing skills. Paris with her cleavage falling out of her dodgers tshirt, works hard at batting her eyelashes at the mesmerized roach.

    Deacon does the hard sell on his reformed character, Hope jumps in to help. Liam , Rasper and Brooke are horrified. I can’t remember what Deacon did, but this new act is a crock. He gets a Sheila like reception.

    Zende swoons to Steffy about the warbling wonder in his life, Paris. Meantime , the roach is busy chatting Paris up. Like her sister, Zoe, she’s into two timing.

  31. Hope confesses she started writing to her arsehole father in prison and has been keeping it a secret from the entire crazy family. The disapproving mood in the room is palpable.Deacon has been brainwashing his wife , says Liam. There’s nothing to wash, pal. Curtain.

    • There’s a fine line between believing in people … and being hopelessly gullible.

      Hope dances across that line, daily, wearing a tutu.

      At this point, Hope, there’s a pattern here. Just making the observation.

      • I just noted the way a crucial moment making a big reveal to hubby is shared with Brooke and Ridge. No first dibs or priority for hubby. In fact MONTHS she has been writing to Deacon without talking to Liam.
        Hell it’s a wonder.she hasn’t already been including talented illustrations from Douglas for months but not told Liam.
        “Hey Liam, Daddy needs the couch for a few months”.
        Why weren’t Steffy, Finn and Sheila there for the newsbreak?

  32. Oh my God! Sheila. Paris-ite. And now “Daddy’s home”.
    The Forresters are surrounded by feeding vultures. Mommy’s home. Daddy’s home. And Paris-ite isn’t sure which piece of Forrester meat she wants to lay her Paris-ite eggs into.

    Is there nothing Paris-ite can’t do? She’ll soon be running Eric’s office.

    • I love that the writers told us that Paris and Zende went to a Dodgers’ game, because they returned to the Forrester Creations headquarters looking like a Dodgers merchandise stall had exploded onto them.

      Not like they were interrupting anything. Thomas was busy showing Steffy a sketch. “I removed the belt and added a jacket.” Really? That’s all it takes to create a global fashion empire that rakes in a bottomless pit of money?

      But yeah, what exactly was Paris-ite (loving that nickname, for the record. It’s certainly fitting) smuggling in that Dodgers jersey she was wearing?

  33. Deacon wants to be trusted but he landed on Hope’s doorstep like a thug. I don’t recall what Deacon did but he’s killed less people than Thomas, Steffy or Quinn. And slept with less people than Brooke or Wipes.

    I know that Deacon slept with Brooke a few times when he was married to Brigitte, but he didn’t go to jail for that.

  34. Thomas to Paris: “Is there anything you can’t do?”

    Pick a single guy she wants to date? Paris seems to have a pretty dismal track record at that.

  35. When shunnned by the Forrester clan , it’s good idea to go and lick your wounds at the local waterhole. At Bikini’s we find Deacon with steam coming out of his ears , ordering a tequila. Pretty soon , Sheila arrives and orders a dirty Martini. These two low life jailbirds discuss their sorry lot and Sheila makes the generous offer to team up with the angry Deacon and finally sort these holier than thou Forresters out.

    Prior to this , Deacon took a load of pious verbal abuse from Rasper and Brooke, but Hope has deep seated Daddy issues and clings to Deacon like a fly to a piece of….nevermind. Deacon gets his marching orders and he leaves, defeated. Freakin’ Deacon wanting to see Beth was a bridge too far exlodes model parent Liam. These Forresters love and protect their kids…..when it suits them.

    Back at the beach house , the t shirted meat puppet has prepared a seductive environment for Steffy, but little Hayes ‘ crying kills the romantic mood. Steffy uses this time to browb beat tyhe meat puppet about what a bitch Sheila is. Finn’s facial expressions tell us he’s still screwd up about his psych mother.

    The more Deacon and Sheila drink and talk , we know they’ll get even for the Forresters doing them wrong and ripping their children and grandchildren away.

    Sheila and Deacon wisecrack each other to the curtain. They are funny. Since the Forresters do nothing but sit around and gossip to each other, it should be easy for Sheila (who seems to be wearing the pants already in this criminal duo) and Deacon to wreak havoc.

  36. “Hope doesn’t want to see you”, says Brooke after Hope says she does. C’mon Hope. Man up!

    Brooke is going to have trouble busy-beeing into Quinn and Eric’s affairs (🤣) , now that she will be busy interfering in Hope’s life.

  37. The control of Hope, as though she is incapable of rational thought is kind of gaslighting and entering into that deadly form of abuse; control. First gaslight, then control.

  38. I popped into Bold to get an update on Freakin’ Deakon (my fav so far, BDD) to hear Hope say, “I’m sorry if you …” and … I’m out. Again.
    In my job, in schools, in universities there are entire course run on what is Not-An-Apology, and how to guarantee that the situation is made absolutely worse. Turning it back on the injured party (injured party 🤣🤣🤣) like this is 101 on the agenda. Another example of what my boss (😲) used to call political correctness gone wrong and what now is deemed to be an unacceptable choice of word by most people.
    I will watch the news for a while and come back in time for Sheakon – that one still needs work.

  39. Last night at the bar at Bikini’s, when she first sat down beside him, Deacon gave Sheila a look like she farted and has been eating raw liver. He thought he might have got a babe, then saw a middle-aged (journalists’ call them elderly) crone.

    When she suggested they join together, he looked horrified, so perhaps even Deacon won’t soil his villain CV with Sheila’s collaboration.

  40. I don’t recall why Deacon was in prison, but I remember that the last time we saw him he rose from the sea with seaweed in his head after Quinn tried to murder him by pushing him off an LA cliff.

    The best thing he can do now, is keep away from Sheila. She isn’t the fast track up the Forrester social ladder.
    Now I’m about to throw up listening to Brooke and Liam telling Hope she can’t see Deacon, telling her he is a manipulator, while wringing Hope’s arm.

  41. Sheila got a professional hairdresser in for her big scene. Thank god.
    She-devil says Deakon.
    She-Devin sounds like a type of ham.

  42. Three episodes now of Sheila and Deacon propping up the bar at Bikini’s. Silver tongued Deacon tells Sheila she’s good looking….for a psychopath. Sheila invites Deacon to stay at her hotel rather than sleep on the beach, her supply of unlimited alcohol is used as a carrot for Deacon . By the end of the episode he’s just about takem the bait.

    Steffy brow beats the meat puppet about how bad Sheila is. At the same time, Liam bags Deacon to his daughter for all he ‘s worth ( not much). Hope gets a phone call from a drunk Deacon, but she hangs up on him, a crushed Deacon says. I fell asleep for parts of today’s show. Both the meat puppet and Hope are not happy to hear shit thrown at their respective parents

    Sheila works hard to get Deacon onside to work as a team. He’s reluctant but weakening. If he’s an ex con , his parole conditions probably mean he can’t hang out with fellow crims like Sheila. This is Hollywood, though. Curtain.

  43. There are some episodes that just seem like they are in a holding pattern.
    If the most notable thing is two blokes arguing about fabric then you know the writers are scrabbling.

  44. Deacon tries visiting Hope, it was going ok til Liam arrives. Deacon slinks back to Shelia’s motel room, his soft place to fall……and drink.

    The roach dabbles in real estate and he wants to let his old place , so he chooses Paris and her two enormous breasts, couched in leopard print to move in. Thomas gets a call from his “realtor” and you wouldnt read about it but a deal fell through and gee whizz he may not be able to move out after all. Zende will be thrilled about this. The roach won’t be sniffing around Hope for a while……will Paris and her inflatables fit in one bed?

    Sheila starts the verbal abuse on defeatist, bottle clutching Deacon for doubting the plan to rebuild their shattered family ties. Sheila looks about as evil as she can as she vows that she always gets wants she wants, to mingle with the meat puppet and hog little Hayes. Deacon is more realistic , he knows that they’re both losers,unable to walk on water, like a Forrester or Logan. Deacon walks on alcohol. Curtain.

  45. Thomas has already seen Paris-ite s boobs. And they have seen him.

    Why is pokey privy to all the Forrester goss?

    Yep, Dave. You wouldn’t read about it. Thomas’s apartment has just become available…and Paris is available too.

    Poor Hope isn’t allowed to know her own mind. Here comes Liam to treat her like a child. I know I am biased. I like Deacon, the all-of-a-sudden lush. But I don’t like Sheila or Liam.

    • There’s actually a show on ABC Ch23 tonight called “Find Me In Paris”…… poignant.

      Is where Zende will find the roach next.

      • “Find Me in Paris”?

        Good lord, at the moment, they could hide the Empire State Building in her cleavage and nobody would ever find it.

  46. Bill’s back to tug on Katie’s heart strings and this is great because maybe that will stop her prying into Eric’s sleeping arrangements for his wife. Lonesome Bill talks about the hole in his heart Katie’s left and about their son , little whatsitsname. Bill gives a Masterclass in coercive control that Katie laps up like a starving alley cat. Pretty soon they’re both in tears but it’s better than watching Eric’s embarrassment and humiliation as his erectile dysfunction, which the hip Rasper conveniently calls “E.D” is still causing waves of gossip in the family. Eric’s torpid tool is never far from topic du jour.

    Quinn’s off to visit Carter , basically to dump him. Carter, instead of drawing up that overdue restraining order to keep Sheila away, has been deluding himself that now his and Quinn’s seedy E. D. enabled deal is out in the open, they can flaunt their love. I had some interruptions during today’s episode, this scene could well have ended with the beast with two backs again on Carter’s crusty couch. Carter’s got it bad, Quinn’s thinking that celibacy and martinis with Eric might be better.

    Zende pretends he’s not jealous about the roach and Paris sharing a house for a while. He should be as nervous as a rabbit at a greyhound party. Paris ‘s cleavage jiggles like there’s a full on L.A. eartquake in progress.

    Rasper’s new haircut isn’t cutting it. Bill looks fit. Curtain.

    • Once again — just like with Steffy, Hope and Liam — a three-way would solve everybody’s problems here (Thomas, Zende and Paris? And I guess, Paris’s two friends). And, you know, Zende is adopted, so technically, nobody there is a blood relation, which by itself is almost miraculous given how incestuous Forrester family hook-ups tend to be.

  47. I can’t believe how forgiving Eric is as his whole entire family try to micro-manage his malfunctioning pecker. He, Quinn and Carter are consenting adults and it’s really none of anybody’s business.

    And I’m sure it’s not humiliating that every single member of your family (including your daughter-in-law/ex-wife’s sister) has dropped by to talk to him about it. I mean, for the love of Stephanie. Did Forrester Creations put out a staff email?

    Of course, on the flip side … sexual surrogacy is an actual thing. There are trained professionals who do this sort of thing, and they work in tandem with sex therapists and psychologists and other medically-trained professionals. But you know what sexual surrogacy isn’t? It isn’t throwing your wife at the company lawyer who has abs for days and doesn’t like to wear a t-shirt.

    Like, the situation is messed up, but it’s not for the reason that the Forrester family think.

    Meanwhile, Paris-ite continues to get her hooks deeper into the Forrester clan. Knocking (probably hideous) boots with Zende, lusting after Steph’s husband and trying to jump onto Thomas? That’s like the entire generation of Forrester grand-children. Oh my gosh, Paris. They’re all handsome and rich. Just pick one.

    What exactly did she spend 3 days having an argument with Thomas about, anyway? Who gets to live in the nice apartment? Thomas is a Forrester, his family is richer than most small countries. If your real estate deal fell through, Thomas, just go and buy another house. You’re a Forrester. You could buy half of California and nobody would notice.

    Or Thomas could move back into Eric’s mansion and have long conversations with his grandfather about the problems the man is facing trying to have sex with his step-grandmother. Because that wouldn’t be horrifying at all.

    What the hell is going on in Los Angeles at the moment?

  48. On so many levels, this story line is horrifying but I guess the writers thinks they are being “current”.
    I suppose I have to concede that the limp issue is one that a lot of couples are facing and so it would appeal to a whole bunch of the viewing audience. However that’s as far as this all goes. After that, this is all just soft porn.

  49. Brooke: “Quinn has destroyed Eric’s confidence and his dignity!”

    Meanwhile, the entire company having extended gossip sessions about Eric’s erectile dysfunction behind his back is the mark of respect and admiration, right Brooke? Yikes.

    • Might as well change the name of the joint to Forrester Erections.

      Brooke forgets that Rasper had a crack at Quinn

      • Everyone seems to forget that Brooke’s had multiple cracks at every single male member of the Forrester family, half the Spencer family and most of greater Los Angeles.

  50. Carter’s been dumped and Katie goes around to lecture him for screwing up Eric’s life. Of course , Eric ‘s humiliating, embarrasing elephant in the room is held up to the light again. Shattered Carter says he was in love, now Quinn’s gone. Katie pretends that she cares, wait til she finds out Quinn’s gone back to old Limp Dick.

    Zende locks lips with the Parisite.

    Brooke and Rasper rejoice that they have such an awesome relationship. Bill barges in as they kiss and plan an erotic interlude. Bill says he needs Brooke’s help to get Katie back, what he sees in that nosy frump I’ll never understand.

    • I missed the dumping. Bugga. I kept tuning in for that.
      I don’t understand why any of these people can’t do anything without involving everyone within driving distance.

      • It was at the beginning should you go to catch up. It’s likely we will see numerous flashbacks to the traumatic scene.It’ll take a few hours at the gym for Carter to get over this before he’s ready to start dating again.

      • I can’t understand how on Earth Forrester Creations manages to accomplish anything, when nobody ever actually does any work.

        Running the company? Well, Eric’s having some time off dealing with his wife, his malfunctioning pecker and the sexy lawyer. Steffy is currently wrapped around her hot doctor. Brooke and Ridge want to cancel all their afternoon meetings so they can go home and get busy. Katy could’ve done some work, today, but she spent the morning at Eric’s lecturing him about Quinn, she spent lunch-time rejecting her ex-husband, and now she’s going to spend the afternoon over at the lawyer’s condo lecturing him about his sex life. Oh, and their two chief designers (in Thomas and Zende) are both currently at home dealing with Paris-ite.

        At this point, you really have to think that the company runs itself.

    • The deeper (Throat) meaning of Eric’s Elephant being held up to the light wasn’t wasted on me, Dave.

      Bill backs himself in the loyal husband stakes.

      Katy pokes her nose into Eric’s business.

      Brooke and Rasper start having office sex and back themselves as one of LA’s finest love matches, having forgotten that Ridge recently ran off with Shauna because Brooke was caught on camera kissing her sister’s husband.

      Blondes, Brooke and Dollybird Donna hit the furo frockshop while Katy wears Sussan’s frumpy office line.
      Carter has 4locks and bolts on his door but doesn’t use any of them.

  51. What’s the best Eric’s limp lizard will soon be running up someone’s leg again. Katy? Donna? They’ll both be up for the job.

    • What I saw today, Katie could even go after Carter. Two losers in love triumph over their hideous pasts dating.

      Hope’s outfit today was hilarious.

  52. Hope visits the roach, in his bare torso that is starting to accumulate some blubber. He’s not humping a mannequin this time. Hope quizzes him about the female clothing strewn about, eventually he tells her they belong to Paris, who’s about to put out for Zende. After three or four days in that leopard print cleavage displayer, Paris would have to be ripe. It feels sick to see Hope intrigued about the roach having female company.

    Bill aks for Brooke’s help to get Katie back so he can keep cheating. Bill left a dead body by the road, but swears he’s changed….again.

    Katie makes her moral lecture to Carter all about her in a blizzard of bad acting. Bill’s ruined her life, yada yada. Love equals loss is her mantra.. Incredibly, Carter’s envious because he’s not enjoyed the feeling of being married on this show. He thought he was really in love but Quinn dumped him and he can’t process the pain. I’m in pain watching his wooden performance. Curtain.

  53. Carter owes Katy an explanation. No wait! He actually doesn’t.

    Thomas looks like a greased pig. He looks like he is too fat for his skin. Beefy and that’s not a compliment. Or should I say Porky Pig.
    Paris should get home and pick up her clothes. She’s a pig too.

  54. Carter’s love juice on the couch hasn’t dried from Quinn yet and he’s already begun to swoon over Katy.

    This is how he and Quinn started; Tea and Sympathy.

  55. So I turn on the telly for my morning fix of Bold to the sight of Thomas, shirtless (and in need of a wash, cut and blow dry).
    I know this is a stupid question, and yet my mind still works this way, why does Every.One misplace their shirts? In what world do these writers live? And all the women just walk around as if this is normal. Fftt.
    And I had to do a double take on Hope’s outfit. I thought for a moment that she was wearing pyjamas and I was about to reassess the whole story line, but no, she has only virginal thoughts in her head.

  56. I still like this less-evil version of Thomas, but I’m hating his hair. Absolutely hating his hair. I get it, hairdressers closed down during the worst of covid, but surely there’s one or two in Los Angeles that are still open?

    Meanwhile, Zende and Paris finally show up to work today (and Zende is wearing the most hideous shirt in the world. Oh my gosh! Paris’s terrible taste in fashion is contagious) and within 20 seconds, Zende can’t stop himself from gushing to Hope about how he and Paris-ite spent the night.

    Your sex lives are your own private business, guys. You don’t need to immediately tell, literally everyone, every time you hook up! What is with these people? Katy probably put out a company-wide email to celebrate the fact.

  57. Judgy Brooke is having a go at Quinn and Carter who are mere innocents compared to her sex track record. She has slept with her sister’s husband, daughter’s husband and her father in law.

    These guys are sex obsessed. When they are not doing it, they are talking about it.

    Thomas wants to look like a Musketeer.

    I told you give from the get-go that Paris was a grass-cutter. She’s a Paris-ite looking for a rich host.

      • I think this is one of those rare times when we would’ve been better off had the male star been gratuitously shirtless.

        My eyes have not yet forgiven me for inflicting upon them the horror of Zende’s shirt. I hear Zende’s shirt is so screechingly awful that it’s the reason Eric can’t perform in bed.

  58. So much for Carter’s broken heart. He swooped on Katie like a vulture at Il Giardino.

    Katie forgot to tell Carter about her sordid past with Wyatt and then Thorn.

    Bill gets all the blame. Don’t buy Katie a drink , Carter.

  59. Sheila and Deacon hit Il Giardino’s for lunch. What could possibly go wrong? I guess Alec Baldwin asked that.

    Carter and Katie dine in at the office. Goodbye to heartache. Hello boredom. Dust off those purple push ups, Katie.

    Cleavage dangles her baubles before Eric….it’s not Xmas yet.

    Steffy and the meat puppet in flannelette decide on a romantic meal at Il Giardino. Soon they see to their horror that Sheila’s in the house. Sheila and deacon are on L.A.’s shitlist. You better believe it that Sheila passionately kisses drunkard Deacon for the beefit of all concerned. She tells Deacon that he loves her. Curtain.

    • OMG. What a read, Dave.

      I’m terrified for Deacon. Last time he hooked up with a Bad Girl, he wound up thrown over a 100m cliff into the sea, but survived albeit covered in plankton.

  60. Donna tells Eric that they’re not gossiping about him, just “caring”. Then he leaves so she and Brooke can continue.gossipung and plotting how to rearrange his personal life for him.

    Eric was so in love with Quinn that he was ready to run away with her, but he got over her in one episode
    Katy went for shabby chic in a grey rag dress. Was the look, “Little Match Girl”?

    Hope, Finn, Steffy and Liam are swingers. But then who isn’t in this show.

  61. And Bold sinks to new lows. Is that even possible?
    Donna, giggling and looking coy, tells a (very, very old) married man that he’s the love of her life, except of course for that one guy who doesn’t really count, and flicks her hair as she looks down and then back up, deeply into his eyes – a bit reminiscent of High School. Eric (remember, he of the married variety) says he’s flattered and tell me more, as he moves closer. Accidentally, of course, after all, he’s the innocent party.
    And just a reminder that the pimp, I mean Brooke, is outside gossiping about how Quinn is the bad guy here and that she just wants Eric to be happy.
    Meanwhile, Hope is interrogating her father about his sex life. No, really, truly.
    Meanwhile, just to top it off, I caught a glimpse of Steffy looking a lot like Morticia. I am assuming she is trying out her Halloween costume. 🕷

    • Eric licks the honey off from Cleavage’s fingers and experiences an instant erection. Problem solvered. Just add soft porn.

      Supine Deacon is eating out of Sheila’s withered claw. Hope had to interfere….and the meat puppet literally didn’t know how to act.

      Charlie has been sniffing through Cleavage’s drawers. Cleavage got to be pretty messed up yenning after old Eric. Brooke says to Pam she won’t gossip. Pam says nor would she. Both serial gossips. They live for it.

      Meantime, Liam and Morticia are on the long road to getting familiar again.

  62. I had to go to bed early tonight. Perhaps it was seeing Donna arouse Eric’s attention. Perhaps it was the sight of smirking Sheila having her evil way with Deacon. Or maybe it was the orange and almond cake with extra cream and raspberry purée. I feel it’s wrong to say jus.

  63. It’s honestly difficult to choose the most ridiculous part of today’s episode.

    Was it Sheila and Deacon’s charade at the local Italian restaurant, pretending to be each other’s soul mates in front of a disbelieving Liam and Hope (because this sort of thing happens to Forrester family members all the time), all the while Deacon looked like he wanted to jump over the fence and run for his life?

    Was it Eric rediscovering the joys of Little Eric thanks to Donna? And then immediately rushing home so he could bang Quinn like a salvation army drum? Just think how much money and research pharmaceutical companies dump into trying to treat erectile dysfunction, every year, when all they really needed was Donna in a tight top?

    Or was it Brooke’s outfit? My gosh, her pants made her look like a matador. Will she be whipping red capes at bulls, tomorrow? Who knows anymore?

    • Thanks, Windsong. I only saw the last five minutes and that certainly was ridiculous. He tasted some Cleavage honey,now Eric wants to root anything that moves.

      • I haven’t seen it yet. How did Eric manage to keep his pecker up all the way home?
        Oh that’s so funny, and ridickulous. Just watching now.
        Not satisfied with a half mast salute Eric leans in to Donna to raise the flag high. “Do you mind?” he asks. Like Iggy on his cushion.

  64. Donna trips and grabs onto the nearest thing to break her fall. It happens to be Eric’s perch.

    Deacon us ignoring all his red flags and hitching his horse to Sheila’s wagon.

    Steffy and Liam know best. Except Liam is wearing a short mullet, so his judgement may be impaired.

  65. I have added Home and Away to my soapie repertoire. The story lines may be different but the acting is the same. I’ve decided that it is the overacting that I enjoy the most.

    • Give us a break. No really. Give us a break.
      I find Brooke’s rude grilling, and interference more nauseating than the storyline of Eric and Donna rubbing the genie lamp so Eric can make a wish.

  66. I think that the Bold writers have had an enormous amount of fun with this ep.
    The double entendres were coming thick and fast. I can just see the writers rolfing with each and every line. There has to be alcohol involved.
    As a by-line, it can’t be an accident that “we three” are gathered, cackling.
    Still, my favourite scene has got to be Brooke wandering into Eric’s house, uninvited, to let him know how pleased eVErYoNe is that he can now get his pecker up.
    In what world would a normal guy let this happen? Why isn’t he pointing at the door, screaming phrases like, “gtfo” and “Mind your own business“.
    I know, I am expecting a bit much. It is the tension between laughing at the absurdity of the dialogue and imagining the actors IRL, slapping their collective foreheads.

    • Eric can only get it up for Donna.He needs regular recharges,as if his dick is a mobile phone.Thanks.Bobi.Melbourne Cup no show.

      • Yes. Like an electric car. He needs recharging at Donna’s cleavage. But it doesn’t last long. He can never make it home before he needs recharging again. He could keep Donna on Zoom in their bedroom.

    • “There has to be alcohol involved.”

      Well, we need some to actually watch the episodes, so I imagine they go through a few kegs while writing them.

  67. Now EVERYONE in LA knows that Eric’s lodestone only salutes Donna. No wait, has anyone told Deacon and Sheila yet?

    Eric might want to try his old fella out on some more LA ladies.

    • 🤣🤣🤣🤣

      I’m thinking I might need alcohol myself, to watch. Particularly annoying are not the ones sleeping around but busy bodies Brooke and Katy and Ridge and Donna too, hovering like blowflies on rotting flesh.

      At least when Quinn and Carter we’re sharing fluids, they had the decency to feel guilty, then do it again. Until Eric got involved and legitimised it. Eric grinds his groin accidentally on Donna, twice and pulls the innocent act.

      • I’d be genuinely curious to ask the writers and directors who they view these characters. I really would.

        The longer this goes on, the more sympathetic Quinn becomes. She’s not being portrayed as sympathetic (and it feels like the writing team wants us to see her as the villain), but more and more, the character is so much better than everyone else.

        Stress on the marriage between Eric and Quinn? Of course there is. Ridge can’t butt out of his father’s private life, and every five minutes, one of those damn Logan sisters (who the writers seem to want us to think are sweet and innocent and virtuous) waltzes into the Forrester family mansion to urge Eric to divorce his wife, like it’s any of their business. Quinn only tried to split up Ridge and Brooke, after Brooke had already decided that Quinn was the result of her problems (apparently it was Quinn who forced Thomas to stalk Hope, and Quinn who forced Brooke to kiss Bill, betraying both Brooke’s own husband and her own sister). It’s funny how none of these things are ever Brooke’s fault, no, Brooke’s always so innocent.

        If they all just left Quinn and Eric alone, they’d probably be perfectly happy. But more and more, Quinn is the victim, and I don’t think the writers can see it.

      • I agree absolutely.
        I have always liked Quinn. I think there was a residual fondness for the actress because of previous shows: NCIS? Once Upon A Time?
        Mainly I liked her because I always felt a little like I would behave like her sometimes in certain situations. Not all, obviously. Only some.
        I’ve never felt like that about Brooke. With Brooke, it’s just too much now. Once you’ve slept with, and married, every male on the show, it’s just a bit of, “Please, no more”.
        I think that’s why I’m truly wishing that they would drop the Eric’s-pecker story line. Not even the best of actors, and Eric is far from the best of actors, can give any credibility to where this is heading.

        • ” Eric is far from the best of actors” This must be the understatement of the millenium.
          Are we loving Liam’s new haircut?

  68. Prior to the curtain falling Eric was on the verge of proposing to Cleavage, who he credits with “rejuvenating” him and his pounding pecker.

    Eric is so honest, he told Quinn everything, that she could barely raise a ginea pig , let alone a withered penis. It’s Donna’s donger now.

    Quinn is upstairs hitting the Scotch. Hard. She’s a victim. Dr Phil would send her to the pony ranch to get away from ol’ limp dick, Goneril and Regan..

    Finn and Hope are forming a cheer squad for their birth parents and unfortunately, Steffy eavesdrops on this hare brained scheme, bursts in and tells Hope to stop filling up her meat puppet’s head with “bad advice” ie shit. Stupid Finn and Hope think their parents are an item, and that they’ve changed since prison. “Rehabilitation” was even used .

    So we can expect strife in Liam and Hope’s marriage as well as Steffy’s and Finn’s.

    As for Eric’s issue, over the weekend , I thought that a mannequin of Cleavage installed above the Forrester matrimonial bed that drips honey at regular intervals might just work.

      • Thanks Windsong, I admire your work from way back, too. Thanks to Bobi and daisy , too for keeping me abreast of events because of the horse racing cruelly denying me of this wonderful show. The worst show on television.

  69. I was like a Forrester clannie yesterday; merely eavesdropping on the show.
    But I did hear Donna and Eric buying their own bullsh*t that Eric using Donna as a rubbing post was all innocence, rainbows and unicorns.
    At least Quinn and Carter called it like it was; true love 🤭

  70. All the clothes seem to be normal today, although they are all wearing push-up bras.
    Denise Richards walked in (Doesn’t everyone? Does no one ring a doorbell?) in the prettiest of pink shirts. I couldn’t wear it but I wish I could.
    Eric is saying goodbye to Donna because he wants to honour his wife’s wishes. 🤣🤣🤣🤣
    How many people have to remind Eric that married men do not rub themselves against other women whilst having conversations about tRue LurVE unless, of course, having an affair is high on their list of priorities.

  71. Today’s highlight was a repulsive flashback to the night Brooke and Deacon procreated Hope. She fell for Deacon’s dubious charisma and charm while Ridge was absent. Brooke pretended to play hard to get.

    Donna’s been told to leave the Forrester Mansion. She won’t be on the shelf long .

    Looks like Deacon will have to copulate with Sheila to keep this scam going. It’s a dirty job but his love for Hope will help him endure,

    Hope has some serious Daddy issues. Brooke was in tears. So was I.Talk about pain. Curtain.

  72. Brooke has her work cut out. She has to organize Hope’s life and Donna’s life and juggle Eric’s libido. Talk about multi-tasker.

  73. It’s amazing how the Logan sisters constantly meddled in something that wasn’t their business, to the point where Cleavage was fired, in the fall-out … and yet Donna is more mad at Quinn than her busy-body sisters.

  74. Deacon has no desire for the mutton and cellulite hanging from Sheila’s evil bones. Turns out he wants a relationship with Brooke, so Hope and they can play happy families. As if there are happy families on this show. Deacon’s been holding a torch for Brooke all those years in prison.

    Of course, Forrester non existent security ensures that Hope eavesdrops on Deacon’s seduction routine on Brooke. Hope bursts in, exclaims that Deacon is “sincere” and has “changed”. Look how kind and caring prison has made him.( make no bones about it ,Deacon is a next level ar$ehole) Brooke is starting to get sucked into this mad vortex and cries, It just serves her right for interfering in Eric’s privacy. Love to see the silver tongued letters Deacon sent from the big house.

    Katie hasn’t got wind of this yet, probably busy entertaining the rebounding Carter.
    Liam and Rasper have a hate session on Sheila and Deacon. Deacon wants to root Rasper’s wife (the easiest lay in LA) and Liam will lose his wife to Daddy.

    Thank God for the curtain.

  75. It’s obvious to all of us that saddling himself to Demon Woman does not help Deacon’s agenda. So why can’t Deacon see that he does not need her?

    But Sheila will clutch him with her talons.

    Sheila said “none of her other kids want anything to do with her. Hmmmm.

  76. This was an unpleasant episode.
    How does this show go from entertaining tongue in cheek to OMG, you have just overstepped the boundaries of human decency?

  77. There’s no episode today. Hayden Quinn ……ZZZZZZZZZ.He’s so wooden, he’d get a gig on B&B

    We need a break from Eric’s dick dilemna anyways.

  78. The idea that Quinn is somehow actually being realistic in telling Eric no more office “Scratching Post” has escaped Eric and The Logan Coven. They are in total denial.

  79. I wish uber bitch Katie would die. Carter’s falling for her .What a loser he is.

    Special mention to the new roach hairdo and Paris’s hair colour. Lucky they have Douglas for a relationship counsellor.

    Curtain. I wish Katie’s lone kidney would screw up. She can’t act and she’s unbearably intrusive .

  80. I couldn’t watch yesterday because of interference.
    Too much interference……from Rasper and Katy. And little Douglas was in training.

  81. Hope says she’s not giving Brooke an ultimatum…make no mistake, it is. Because Brooke and Rasper reject that waste of space Deacon, Hope and her brats will move out of the guest house. This is grandparent abuse 101 , there’s a lot of it around.

    Hope produced one of the worst acting performances ever seen on this show. Paris is getting her claws into Douglas and by default , the roach. Too bad, Zende.

    Hope tells “Dad” the new paradigm. She wants to play happy families with Deacon, Hope and whoever. It’s blackmail. Hope loves her jailbird Dad. Brooke will take Hope’s side. Deacon 1, Rasper 0.


    • Real estate can lead to all kinds of trouble in LA. Katy serendipitously finds herself next door to Eric, with a telescope in her lounge room. Thomas finds himself serendipitously living with Paris when his deal falls through.

  82. Ever the mastermind, Rasper employs Justin to spy on Deacon and keep him away from Hope. The same Justin who held his roach son prisoner for days.

    Back in black Brooke disappears and leaves Hope with the shit job of telling Liam she wants her arch criminal Daddy back in her life.

    Steffy, Rasper and Brooke keep the gossip and hate session going. These nosy bastards can’t give it a rest. Meantime Hope is massaging shit into Liam’s tiny brain. Liam tries to explain what skepticism is to Hope. Liam soils himself when leaving the guest house is mooted. The acting hits unbearable lows here.

    The “reformed” Deacon has repaid his debt to society, yada yada.Hope thinks Deacon can change, that she can make sugar from shit. We go to the curtain with Liam ‘s default constipated look.

    • PS I don’t endorse gambling but I’d put next week’s rent on Liam meekly assenting to leave the guest house before you can say “mannequin”

      • Liam is sure to squirm and lament. It’s his thing.

        I actually can’t recall Deacon’s crime. He was imprisoned so long ago, he might have committed murder or kidnapping.

  83. More “no boundaries” from the Forrester clan. Everyone minding everyone else’s business.

    Unlike Scott Morrison who won’t do his job and take a stand on anti Vax bullshit.

  84. Eric lets loose at the piano as he serenades Quinn. He butchers the schmaltz standard “It Had To Be You”. Mute button advised here, I forced myself to endure it……but you have been warned in advance. Quinn thought she was gonna be dumped. I even thought she’d suggest using Donna as an “exciter” (horse breeding parlance)

    Carter decides Katiy is one of the most incredible people he’s ever met. He needs to get out a lot more. Katie’s falling for his pathetic pitch.

    Jack Finnegan puts on a truly insipid performance. Finn got ripped off in the parent stakes on both sides. Curtain.

    • Oh no. Singing. There must be a Christmas album coming out.
      Aaargh. I just googled before pressing the “post” button. He does have an album of Bold and Beautiful Love Songs. It’s all too much.

      • Eric has released product of his bland bilge? Amazing.

        It’s All Too Much is a great Beatles song. Jack Finnegan says he’s been a great father ……..whilst lying to his wife and “adoptive” son Finn……only for twenty years The cat’s out of the bag. Li knows , but Steffy and the meat puppet don’t yet. Finn can’t praise lying Jack enough.

        Li is shattered most that Jack could sleep with Sheila. Any viewer resonates with that. Li outshines Jack in the acting department.

        Besotted Zende asks Quinn to design a ring for Parisite. The roach has other plans. There’s a big design preview coming up. They’ll be “working hard” quoth Hope. Sure. Curtain. As Thanksgiving approaches, let’s steel ourselves for the insipid speeches we’ll hear and worse still, Eric will tinkle the ivories. Mute required.

  85. Oddly, the most annoying thing about the Bold story lines is not Eric’s pecker, and who doesn’t love the return of villains but the Paris story line.
    These people who have run/managed (🤣🤣) a seemingly very successful business keep turning to Paris as if she is some genius the like of which they have never seen before.
    In all the decades that this business has been making millions (how else do all these people sit around in huge houses gossiping about each other’s sex lives) it seems that no-one knows as much about fashion as the nanny.
    I don’t know why this particular storyline just gets under my skin but it does.
    I wonder if it’s something to do with what looks like a feeble attempt at diversity? Or whether they don’t know how else to introduce a female into a business environment when there’s no-one left to marry.

  86. The producers drag it to the bitter end about who begat the meat puppet. We know it’s Ham Jack but he sure doesn’t want to own up to it, plus there’s the embarrassment that he rooted Sheila. So the meat puppet is still playing twenty questions with Pop as we go to the curtain. Another paternity suit trauma for the meat puppet. Jack sure handed his acting genes down to Finn. Li’s a much better actor. She saved the scene. At least Jack brought a bottle of wine to celebrate the awful occasion looing

    Hope notes that the hot models at Forrestester’s are attracted to Zende like flies to a shit fight. Hope plays a power trip by altering Zende’s ham fisted “creation”…..presumably because too much cleavage was out of bounds for Middle America.. On this show?

    Carter will root anything that moves, yesterday Katy, today it’s Parisite and he straifes her with flattery. Last year she was a social worker and now look …. a designer extrordinaire in a freak show of a toxic, gossip ruined “family company”. Zende and the roach are both dazzled by the orange headed social worker/climber and can’t stop blowing smoke up her.

  87. I slept through all the pulsating action today. Sorry. I wanted to see Finn’s face when Ham Jack rocked his world.

  88. I sent in a new thread.

    I will let you know about Finn’s horrified expression. He really won the ‘parent raffle’.

  89. I’ve tried to catch up on tenplay nad have seen the Thanksgiving episode bash . It turned my laptop into a craptop.

  90. Okay. Today I saw the conclusion of the Pop Quiz and the explosive aftermath. Ok , Ham Jack is sporting an Elvis albeit grey hairstyle, I fell asleep again but problem is I’ve already seen Mondays’s episode, mostly the Thanksgiving bash that Rasper and Brooke throw. It’s part fantasy , part reality as Sheila and Deacon imagine themselves there. Sheila’s running out of money , but they drain the mini bar. Zende, the roach and Carter all want to hook up with the uber talented orange headed Parasite. Carter’s not fussy, he’ll sttle for katie. Hazy curtain of sleep and tenplay. You get a heap of ads on tenplay anyway and I got dealt the wrong cards yesterday.

    • At least they are running more than one storyline at a time. I hate it when an episode is taken up by one of the actors, or his pecker.

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