Bold and the Beautiful: Where are they now?

By Daisy

Firstly; where are the children? Has the Pied Piper been to California and stolen all of the children? Or does Donna have them all eating ice-cream at the drug store.

Where is Brooke’s daughter Bridgette? The one whose husband, Deacon, had an affair with Brooke and fathered Hope.

Where are Rick and transgender Maya, who guilted her sister, Nicole into being their baby farm.

Where are Pam and Cherrrrleee when there is so much illicit adultery to uncover? Why are Katy and Donna not all over Floppygate?ย  Or why are they not sniffing about Quinn and Carter? Or spying on Quinn and Eric with Katy’s telescope?ย 
But as for those still around โ€ฆ Sleeping Beaver may wake up to find she has a new family, or, and more likely, Steffy and Ridge have taken her off life support.



  1. Sheila is going into hiding.
    Finn will hide her in their attic, basement or guesthouse.

    Speaking of guesthouse, is Eric going to move Carter into the guesthouse? Way to kill the mood, Eric. Quinn looked creeped out.

    • Attic. In the US, itโ€™s always an attic. ๐Ÿคฃ
      In Europe, itโ€™s a basement. I lived in a basement in Berlin when I was a chicklin. It was very pleasant. Cosy. Something to do with the weather, I think.

  2. What always takes me by surprise is how they disappear for 12 months and then come back fully fledged adults. Like they have been put in an incubator and force fed radioactive growth hormones.

  3. I watched the first 10 minutes of yesterdayโ€™s episode.
    This is B&B at its best. Slightly tongue in cheek poking fun at itself and then, in a click of the fingers, foreshadowing story lines.
    Delightful. Much fun.

  4. Quinn and Carter ask each other whether they should take up Eric’s offer. (they soon will , if the erotic fantasies keep happening.

    Ridge did some “designing ” at his desk before he rasped an anti Quinn lecture at erectile Eric.

    Then the curtain falls.

    Quite a lot of the usual filler occured, however , due to a very crook back, it’s difficult typing atm. ,

  5. Here we go…..Brooke is going to tell Eric that a bit of Honey might get his pecker up.
    Quinn is declining Eric’s proposition, but talking about it to Carter…a lot.

  6. Finn is an gib about with the nanny with his shirt undone and his pants barely covering his hum-ra-ha. Like normal people. Every day. Especially in my neighbourhood.
    And Paris is looking like a woolly sheep โ€ฆ or Little Bo Peep.
    I canโ€™t decide.
    Either way, one of them is a lamb to the slaughter.

    • And what is it with people putting their bums on a coffee table.
      Itโ€™s for coffee. Hence coffee table.
      And designed and built to take something that weighs about as much as a full cup of coffee cup.
      And my cake. ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ

  7. Carter’s crusty couch took another pounding today. After they’re done , Carter belatedly reads Eric’s note. It reads “the night is yours”.

    Steffy seduces Finn at the beach house. He says Sheila is out of the picture. Yeah.

    Katie sticks her nose into Eric’s life.Soon, it’ll be all over LA that Eric’s firing blanks. Bring on the cleavage.


    • My mum said she saw an announcement from the man who plays Eric, apologizing for the sordid script, and saying “Bear with us, keep watching it gets better”.

      Paris is waiting for her permission slip, from Steffy.

      • Eric knows the show is on the nose at the moment. The topic du jour again today is Eric’s love life. Katie said she wouldn’t pry into his life to Brooke. Of course that’s a lie. A hate Quinn session begins.

        Eric and cuckolding Carter have an uncomfortable scene, the acting hits an all time low here.. Eric says he knows Carter and his wife did the deed again last night. Eric might as well be allowed to watch, or even accompany with his cheesy piano. Come to think of it, the Forresters could branch out into making pornography.

        $hauna says she can see Quinn’s post coital glow and starts pumping her for gossip, like a best friend would.

        Quinn and Carter literally keep bumping into each other. Quinn again says she loves Carter. Curtain.

        • I haven’t watched today’s yet. Thanks for the recount, Dave.
          No Paris fondling Finn?
          Thank goodness Katy won’t be prying ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ

        • I can confirm that I stopped watching yesterdayโ€™s episode because it was moving ever closer to that pornography boundary and itโ€™s tedious.
          I just decided it wasnโ€™t for me. I am not really sure who it is for? Writer? Having a problem? Cheap therapy? Trying to break it to his wife? Mistress?
          Donโ€™t care. Time to move on. They canโ€™t do it quickly enough for me.
          More importantly, let me point out to the producers that you canโ€™t sell the clothes if no-one is wearing them.

          • I have to remind myself that the twin torsoes on high rotation at the moment are a doctor and lawyer ….and not male strippers. To boot both Carter and Finn are abysmal actors, meat puppets of the dullest nature. Eric’s paralysed pecker story line is a tiresome one.

            I’d rather be seeing what Sheila is doing on her laptop.

            I don’t expect much quality from this show.

  8. Katie’s off to Eric’s to do some hard core prying into Eric’s marriage. Eric says people won’t understand the connection and arrangement he has with Quinn.

    Ridge and Brooke kiss and then Justin shows up , because Rasper has got some dirty work snooping into Eric’s life to be done.

    Carter and Quinn realise they can’t stop the affair and that Rasper and Brooke can’t find out. Justin will be on the case.

    Katie flatters Eric and keeps prying, then starts playing Dr.Phil with the pathetic old coot. Sticky beak Katie says she’s “concerned” and “worried” and only pries because she cares about Eric. Katie pries even deeper.We have a flashback to Eric’s erectile condition.

    Rasper says to Justin that he has to tail Quinn as payback for locking the roach up “like an animal”. He thinks Justin is experienced at dirty work via Bill. Rasper’s own son is a murderer , hejust doesn’t know it.

  9. Eric flatters Katie, who flatters Eric.

    Quinn tells Carter that they need to hide this from everyone. Shauna’s already been told. She’ll blab. Justin’s on it, or says he is. No one wants to see Eric humiliated….except the writers. Curtain.

  10. Everyone’s happy today. Little Douglas says it’s great to be alone with his Mum and Dad. Hope says how grateful she is for the roach being a force of truth and bringing Liam back to her. The roach says his sick fantasies about Hope don’t bother him any more. It’s all hydrofluoric acid under the bridge for these two. When Hope leaves the room, we know the roach harbours impure thoughts still.

    More happiness out at the beach house where prick teasing Paris, Steffy and Finn marvel about how great their domestic arrangements are working out. Finn is baring his torso and strutting around Paris, who’s in a tighter than tight zebra skin dress that would do Donna proud. This domestic bliss can’t last.

    Paris has a full blown fantasy daydream about smearing sunblock all over the aforementioned torso, back and front. When Finn snaps her out of it on his way to the beach, Paris gushes that there’s something she needs to tell him, after she’s told him how handsome and intelligent he is. She wants to sit on more than his coffee table.


    • Iโ€™m sorry I missed this episode. I sounds like itโ€™s back to a bit of fun.
      I was avoiding Ericโ€™s miserable face (no wonder heโ€™s grown a beard) and I donโ€™t want to hear any more details about his little problem.

  11. There’s been a lot of coffee table roosting this week. Yesterday it was Katy and Eric who had their bums perched atop of Eric’s fine oak.
    Today, it was Paris, with her split up to her armpit.

  12. Today , Paris tells the Torso that maybe she should move out, because she doesn’t want to get in the way or destroy the marital bliss. Steffy and Finn won’t hear of it.

    Time to harp on Eric’s humiliating and embarrassing problem back at the mansion. Concerned Katie and Rasper say they can’t stand seeing Eric unhappy. Katie’s been on a diet and done in black leather….’cos she’s ‘concerned” for Eric.

    This must be the third time in a week that Quinn and Carter have taken up Eric’s desperate offer. This time, Justin tails Quinn to the lair of lust. In fact, he bursts in on them just as they get down to hammering the springs on Carter’s crusted coital couch one more time.

    Steffy sees Finn off to the beach to catch some waves and has some alone time. That’s until grandma Sheila drifts in through the non existent security. A lovely surprise visit for little Hayes. Wonder why Carter hasn’t had that restraing order drawn up yet? Curtain.

  13. Good Lord!
    Doors you can hear through. Windows with open curtains.
    No doors locked, even when you’re having sex or being stalked. Nope. Come right in. Or listen from the hall.
    They might as well all live in clear tents for all the privacy and security they have. And if that isn’t enough, bring a third party right into your honeymoon phase and let her wear a skimpy dress with a split up to the ceiling (I had to beat yesterday’s).
    Why oh why can’t just one person lock their doors, and the nerve if Sheila and Justin just walking right in, especially Justin. I mean, he almost joined them. But hey Justin, don’t you know, guys who bust cheaters are supposed to take a pic and leave. ๐Ÿ˜

  14. Sheila is harder to get rid of than a Jehovah’s Witness as she tries tries to manipulate the torso into letting her into the happy little family.

    Justin doesn’t believe that Eric has sanctioned the unholy trysts between Carter and Quinn. Quinn begs him not to dob to Rasper.

    Zende and Paris meet and he’s curious to why Paris has left the beach house . She lies that it’s time to move on when in fact she’s hung up on a torso.

    Eric has had a gutful of prying from Rasper and Katie. Before you can say “erectile dysfunction”, Katie lies that she’ll stop and not mention the Q word.

    Finn gets his manipulating mother to leave but we go to the curtain with Finn and Steffy hugging, but the vulture Sheila, not to be denied still sneakily hanging outside the door. No CCTV, dogs, just some nebulous” guard” Steffy dribbles about.

  15. If Steffy has a guard, it must be one of the Buckingham Palace sorts; the ones that have look straight ahead and be oblivious to their surroundings.

  16. Yawn. Another day of the Eric and his paralysed pecker storyline. Katie said she wouldn’t pry or mention Quinn’s name….but she’s done both to excess. Go do some work , parasite.

    Rasper and Brooke are slow on the uptake regarding Eric sanctioning Carter and Quinn’s fun time. Brooke comes over like a moralising choir girl. Neither of them believe Eric’s okay with this .

    All this for Eric’s torpid trouser snake. The storyline is as limp as Eric’s dick itself. For once, Katie says she doesn’t know what to say….but she keeps gushing toxic, invasive garbage by the bucket load. She even says she loves Eric after he’s milked his sterility sob story one more time.

  17. Rasper gives Carter the evil eye from his house of glass. Quinn realises she’s talking to two prize dummies and bolts from the kangaroo court, leaving Carter to face the muzak some more.

    Eric gazes at the Quinn portrait. Is he beginning to resent Quinn? Will he get desperate and order an online penis pump? Brooke tries to bad mouth Quinn to Katie but Katie’s already in on Eric’s erotic arrangements for Quinn. She practically beat a confession out of the psychologically fragile old coot.

    Rasper goes a dobbing to his flaccid father and is left with a dumb look on his face as Eric draws a diagram for him about the cosy marital arrangement. Go get that egg off your face and design some more awful clothes , Rasper. Curtain.

    • Brilliant, Dave. Just brilliant. Your cut your words through the crap like a hot knife slides through soft butter.
      Speaking of soft, did Eric go ballistic when he heard Ridge hired the dubious Justin to spy on his errant wife?

      • We don’t yet know how Eric feels about Justin being employed as a sniffer dog. The curtain fell on a dumbstruck, failed Rasper trying to process “there’s no betrayal” Thanks, daisy.

  18. I popped in to see how the old pecker story line was going. Still got a way to go I see.
    I was disappointed to see that the clothes looked normal. I miss the ruffles and mismatched patterns. Hopefully, theyโ€™ll get their winter range in soon and we can have a laugh.

    • No torsoes, abominable outfits, just another day in L.A. Guys in suits…. and not paternity or birthday suits.

      Rasper and Brooke want nothing less than a public stoning for Quinn.

  19. The Forresters take nosey to new levels. Could you just imagine your family members having an intervention into your sex life. C’mon Dr Phil, what would you have to say about relatives who delve into your private life to that extent?
    Just watching Ridge spilling the beans now.
    Shame on you, Ridge and Brooke. Curtains.

  20. Eric’s jiggly, inert appendage doesn’t entitle Ridge, Brooke, Katy and (soon for sure Donna) to be sniffing about.

  21. Eric’s jiggly, inert appendage doesn’t entitle Ridge, Brooke, Katy and (soon for sure Donna) to be sniffing about.

    Donna won’t rest until the Old Fella is up and about and feeling his old self again.

  22. I’ve missed quite a few episodes as well. Once Steffy and Finn got hitched and the storyline of Eric’s malfunctioning pecker took over, my attention drifted.

    Eric and Quinn using Carter as a sexual surrogate is, I guess, interesting territory for a day-time soap opera to head into (particularly one as inoffensive as “Bold”), but of course, the writers are handling it with all the subtlety of z-grade adult movies.

    And Ridge and Brooke are just annoying. Yes, guys. You don’t like Quinn. We get it. We figured that out about 400 episodes ago. Your father is a grown man (well, most of him) who can marry whoever he wants. It’s not like your inheritance is going anywhere. The Forresters still have their bottomless money pit, buried beneath Forrester Creations headquarters. So I kind of wish Eric would just hurry up and divorce his children, rather than Quinn. Brooke still hasn’t figured out the hilarious irony of her criticising *other* women for committing adultery.

    As for the Roach and Hope, call me crazy here, but I like them as a platonic team. I do. The actors play friendship much better than they play “obsessed stalker and unwitting victim”, and I kind of enjoy Thomas and Hope as this LA crime-solving duo (who run around, sorting out everybody else’s problems. Lord knows, everyone could use the help at the moment). They work well together. I don’t know, I guess I just got sick of Thomas as the remorseless badguy, and didn’t they get enough mileage out of “Liam hates Thomas but can’t get rid of him”? And I think I’m happy to have hero-Thomas provided we don’t have to put up with that ever again.

    He’s much more interesting this way (and who cares about Emma, I mean, really, she was so annoying). I always said it, I think Thomas would be a much better character if they played him with a sarcastic, self-aware streak like Wyatt, but maybe a little more cynical and hard-edged.

    • I was cheering when Ridge was chucked out of Eric’s house. Highlight of the week. Sheila hasn’t finished her evil work yet, if she can have her hotel room stay extended. Good to read your take on this awful state of affairs in LA, Windsong.

  23. I and on streaming to catch up and ended up with an episode a couple of days ahead. So pleased I jumped the limp Eric episodes.
    No spoilers but I do love an episode that spend the last 5 minutes of everyone just looking at each other, one at a time. ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ

  24. It’s worth tuning in today just to see the outfit Paris is in. The roach, in a dashing man bun, shows off his new designs to Hope . ( I like the recent roach, too Windsong, but today the man bun and drooling are back, could be that subdural haematoma playing up) Steffy walks in to show off her butt implants , she notices the roach somewhat drooling over Hope, looking alluring as a roach bait in a virginal white blouse. Zende’s there , it’s a love in for talented designers. Paris flirts with Zende, yet we know she’s still thinking about that baby faced meat puppet with the torso back at the beach house.

    Hooray that we’re getting a break from Eric’s embarrassing, humiliating condition and the family brouhaha that erupted from it. Let Rasper and Brooke suffer in silence.

    Steffy starts prying into Hope’s feelings for the roach. Steffy mentions that the roach is still single. Steffy’s keen for him to find love. Hope says Thomas is charming and should have no trouble finding a root. In fact, he and Paris are soon flirting with each other, but Paris nosies in about his love for Hope, which the roach trowels over with some deflecting garbage about work. The flirtation between these two takes us to the Eric free curtain. Really , that hideous dress of Paris took a whole episode to accustom to. Yet the roach salivated over it.

    The uber contrite roach apologizes to paris for using Zoe as a sexual spitoon. Paris reckons Zoe was no angel but has turned her life around, just like roach 2.0. The flattery is flying thick and fast here..

  25. Ha ha ha “Meat Puppet”. Great write up again Dave.
    It makes B&B worth watching.
    But tonight I was drawing so I was only listening. I mainly noted Paris fawning over the the Reformed Roach, being praised for her for her work, and demonstrating that she is being wasted in “charity work”. She’ll be designing for the global fashion house in no time.
    Tomorrow I will replay it so I can see Paris’s dress and Steffy’s butt.

    • I know this is not a serious show, and I really like the clothes and the OTT story lines (except the limp biscuit being dragged out), but โ€ฆ
      You knew there would be a but.
      It bugs me that they are making Paris out to be some sort of genius and they are fawning over her every utterance.
      Seriously. In what world is any credence given to any junior, in any office.
      And on top of that, sheโ€™s a woman. Even if what she said was clever, in my world there would be half a dozen men lining up to take credit.
      And then, of course, she is a POC. Enough said.
      It just grates. Every. Single. Time.
      I donโ€™t know where that particular story line is taking them but it has even less credibility than Brooke moralising about women sleeping around.

      • How’s the way all these juniors just walk into Eric’s office and get comfortable like it’s Hay St Mall.

        And everyone is potentially a top model or has a designer to be unleashed. Fair enough if they have been designing their own clothes.

        I hate to say I told them so, but didn’t I warn them that Paris was a grass-cutter?

  26. Here’s another annoying one, Bobi. When there is a new junior hired and within days they are included in the family gossip, and even give advice to the older Forresters.

    And yes, Brooke moralizing and no one locking a door, even to have cheating sex, or “not cheating” sex.

  27. Wait, Paris is hitting on Thomas? Wasn’t she knocking boots with Xende, like, thirty seconds ago? And didn’t she move out of Steffy and the meat-puppet-torso’s house because she was starting to have messy feelings for the meat-puppet-torso?

    My gosh Paris. Just pick somebody already.

  28. Aaaah.
    Itโ€™s like all the writers are fighting about a story line for her and they canโ€™t settle. The solution seems to be that everyone gets a turn.
    Oddly, the opposite of the problem they are having with Eric.

    • ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ
      No. My Grandmother had me watching;
      Bobby Limb Show.
      The Darryl Hannah Show.
      Zed Cars.
      Pick a Box
      Ivanhoe (She looooved Ivanhoe- thought he was cute)
      And later; The Mike Walsh Show.

  29. Annoying and more annoying. So the global fashion house relies on tips from a junior who doesn’t work in fashion. Sure, it’s possible. But then she goes on to sing at a Dodgers game? Btw, a friend of mine, Gina, sang at the opening of the Grand final recently. I was thinking she usually sounds better than that (we used to have singalongs when for fun) but Paris should be arrested for murder.
    And when Dave writes “curtains” tonight, he might be referring to Hope’s outfit.
    Annoying? Only recently Paris

    • I guess what Hope had on was like a shroud. Liam thought it was to die for anyways.

      The Dodgers game…. I was forced to mute that. Yet the roach was transfixed by Paris butchering the anthem. Paris is now torturing the meat puppet, one roach and one Zende (“my boyfriend”). Playing the field. Paris now sings, raises squillions for charity and is about to ascend to the top of the Forrester designing food chain because of the brilliant improvements she suggests to the others. Dressed in a liquorice allsort get up…..

      We remember that Paris is the spawn of Dr. Hooks. The spawn of Satan.

      Meat Puppet is a slang term for models, can be male or female, via an industry tell all I watched recently. Cleavage, Carter, Flo and Finn are meat puppets…..

  30. Deacon’s back from his “overcrowded” jail. Everyone’s thrilled to see him…like hell. He lies that he’s “reformed ” , however , having taken a good hard look at himself in prison. He’s not even back to freeload money says his daughter, Hope, gushing.

    No flies on Paris as she laps up the post Dodgers performance torrent of flattery from the bedazzled roach, Steffy and Zende. Zende falls deeper into the Parisian honey trap, whiule the roach is just getting started on his stalking strategy. he lights up talking rubbish to Paris about her singing skills. Paris with her cleavage falling out of her dodgers tshirt, works hard at batting her eyelashes at the mesmerized roach.

    Deacon does the hard sell on his reformed character, Hope jumps in to help. Liam , Rasper and Brooke are horrified. I can’t remember what Deacon did, but this new act is a crock. He gets a Sheila like reception.

    Zende swoons to Steffy about the warbling wonder in his life, Paris. Meantime , the roach is busy chatting Paris up. Like her sister, Zoe, she’s into two timing.

  31. Hope confesses she started writing to her arsehole father in prison and has been keeping it a secret from the entire crazy family. The disapproving mood in the room is palpable.Deacon has been brainwashing his wife , says Liam. There’s nothing to wash, pal. Curtain.

    • There’s a fine line between believing in people … and being hopelessly gullible.

      Hope dances across that line, daily, wearing a tutu.

      At this point, Hope, there’s a pattern here. Just making the observation.

      • I just noted the way a crucial moment making a big reveal to hubby is shared with Brooke and Ridge. No first dibs or priority for hubby. In fact MONTHS she has been writing to Deacon without talking to Liam.
        Hell it’s a wonder.she hasn’t already been including talented illustrations from Douglas for months but not told Liam.
        “Hey Liam, Daddy needs the couch for a few months”.
        Why weren’t Steffy, Finn and Sheila there for the newsbreak?

  32. Oh my God! Sheila. Paris-ite. And now “Daddy’s home”.
    The Forresters are surrounded by feeding vultures. Mommy’s home. Daddy’s home. And Paris-ite isn’t sure which piece of Forrester meat she wants to lay her Paris-ite eggs into.

    Is there nothing Paris-ite can’t do? She’ll soon be running Eric’s office.

    • I love that the writers told us that Paris and Zende went to a Dodgers’ game, because they returned to the Forrester Creations headquarters looking like a Dodgers merchandise stall had exploded onto them.

      Not like they were interrupting anything. Thomas was busy showing Steffy a sketch. “I removed the belt and added a jacket.” Really? That’s all it takes to create a global fashion empire that rakes in a bottomless pit of money?

      But yeah, what exactly was Paris-ite (loving that nickname, for the record. It’s certainly fitting) smuggling in that Dodgers jersey she was wearing?

  33. Deacon wants to be trusted but he landed on Hope’s doorstep like a thug. I don’t recall what Deacon did but he’s killed less people than Thomas, Steffy or Quinn. And slept with less people than Brooke or Wipes.

    I know that Deacon slept with Brooke a few times when he was married to Brigitte, but he didn’t go to jail for that.

  34. Thomas to Paris: “Is there anything you can’t do?”

    Pick a single guy she wants to date? Paris seems to have a pretty dismal track record at that.

  35. When shunnned by the Forrester clan , it’s good idea to go and lick your wounds at the local waterhole. At Bikini’s we find Deacon with steam coming out of his ears , ordering a tequila. Pretty soon , Sheila arrives and orders a dirty Martini. These two low life jailbirds discuss their sorry lot and Sheila makes the generous offer to team up with the angry Deacon and finally sort these holier than thou Forresters out.

    Prior to this , Deacon took a load of pious verbal abuse from Rasper and Brooke, but Hope has deep seated Daddy issues and clings to Deacon like a fly to a piece of….nevermind. Deacon gets his marching orders and he leaves, defeated. Freakin’ Deacon wanting to see Beth was a bridge too far exlodes model parent Liam. These Forresters love and protect their kids…..when it suits them.

    Back at the beach house , the t shirted meat puppet has prepared a seductive environment for Steffy, but little Hayes ‘ crying kills the romantic mood. Steffy uses this time to browb beat tyhe meat puppet about what a bitch Sheila is. Finn’s facial expressions tell us he’s still screwd up about his psych mother.

    The more Deacon and Sheila drink and talk , we know they’ll get even for the Forresters doing them wrong and ripping their children and grandchildren away.

    Sheila and Deacon wisecrack each other to the curtain. They are funny. Since the Forresters do nothing but sit around and gossip to each other, it should be easy for Sheila (who seems to be wearing the pants already in this criminal duo) and Deacon to wreak havoc.

  36. “Hope doesn’t want to see you”, says Brooke after Hope says she does. C’mon Hope. Man up!

    Brooke is going to have trouble busy-beeing into Quinn and Eric’s affairs (๐Ÿคฃ) , now that she will be busy interfering in Hope’s life.

  37. The control of Hope, as though she is incapable of rational thought is kind of gaslighting and entering into that deadly form of abuse; control. First gaslight, then control.

  38. I popped into Bold to get an update on Freakinโ€™ Deakon (my fav so far, BDD) to hear Hope say, โ€œIโ€™m sorry if you โ€ฆโ€ and โ€ฆ Iโ€™m out. Again.
    In my job, in schools, in universities there are entire course run on what is Not-An-Apology, and how to guarantee that the situation is made absolutely worse. Turning it back on the injured party (injured party ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ) like this is 101 on the agenda. Another example of what my boss (๐Ÿ˜ฒ) used to call political correctness gone wrong and what now is deemed to be an unacceptable choice of word by most people.
    I will watch the news for a while and come back in time for Sheakon – that one still needs work.

  39. Last night at the bar at Bikini’s, when she first sat down beside him, Deacon gave Sheila a look like she farted and has been eating raw liver. He thought he might have got a babe, then saw a middle-aged (journalists’ call them elderly) crone.

    When she suggested they join together, he looked horrified, so perhaps even Deacon won’t soil his villain CV with Sheila’s collaboration.

  40. I don’t recall why Deacon was in prison, but I remember that the last time we saw him he rose from the sea with seaweed in his head after Quinn tried to murder him by pushing him off an LA cliff.

    The best thing he can do now, is keep away from Sheila. She isn’t the fast track up the Forrester social ladder.
    Now I’m about to throw up listening to Brooke and Liam telling Hope she can’t see Deacon, telling her he is a manipulator, while wringing Hope’s arm.

  41. Sheila got a professional hairdresser in for her big scene. Thank god.
    She-devil says Deakon.
    She-Devin sounds like a type of ham.

  42. Three episodes now of Sheila and Deacon propping up the bar at Bikini’s. Silver tongued Deacon tells Sheila she’s good looking….for a psychopath. Sheila invites Deacon to stay at her hotel rather than sleep on the beach, her supply of unlimited alcohol is used as a carrot for Deacon . By the end of the episode he’s just about takem the bait.

    Steffy brow beats the meat puppet about how bad Sheila is. At the same time, Liam bags Deacon to his daughter for all he ‘s worth ( not much). Hope gets a phone call from a drunk Deacon, but she hangs up on him, a crushed Deacon says. I fell asleep for parts of today’s show. Both the meat puppet and Hope are not happy to hear shit thrown at their respective parents

    Sheila works hard to get Deacon onside to work as a team. He’s reluctant but weakening. If he’s an ex con , his parole conditions probably mean he can’t hang out with fellow crims like Sheila. This is Hollywood, though. Curtain.

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