Old shows return to TV, new shows begin

It’s a busy week in reality TV land, with Australian Survivor finishing and a slew of new shows hitting our screens.

SAS Australis is back at 7.30pm on Seven, going head to head with the Masked Singer starting on Ten.

The local version of Making It kicks off on Ten on Wednesday. I watched the first season of the US original (mainly because it was hosted by Amy Poehler and Nick Offerman – an actor who is a fabulous woodworker) and it was a good bit of fun. Expect many puns about sewing, wood etc.

Will you be tuning in to any of them?



  1. I’m probably not going to watch The Masked Singer, because I’m not very familiar with modern day singers. But I do think one of the promos for it is cute – at least until they start beating the crap out of the pinata.

    Making It sounds as though it would be entertaining, so I will give that one a go.

  2. I’m not watching SAS.
    I heard an ad in the car where the highlight seems to be the pain and suffering inflicted upon each contestant.
    There is something wrong with thinking of glorified torture is entertainment.

  3. I’ll also be passing, hard, on SAS.

    I’m not interested in watching famous people be tortured on-camera for my amusement. I think that’s a little messed up.

    I’ll probably give “Masked Singer” a try, I quite enjoyed the first two seasons. Even if Dave keeps guessing the most unlikely, ridiculous names.

  4. Anyway, in TV-related news, today I watched the first episode of a new five-part drama series on cable, “Scenes of a Marriage”. Foxtel advertises these big American productions, and last year, I started hitting the little green button on my remote control which records them, so I can watch the first episode. I’ve watched some good TV that way.

    Anyway, this first episode wasn’t very interesting, and it had lost me by about the half-hour mark, so I’m probably not going to follow it.

    But I will say this. The opening 30 seconds of the first episode was a scene of the main actress arriving on set (and all the production assistants around her are getting the set ready, and wearing masks, and being covid safe, and everything), and the very last thing she does is put the prop wedding ring on her finger, before the director yells “action!” and the actual show starts.

    And I found this, unnecessary, and maybe a little pretentious, but it was such an interesting choice. Rarely will a serious production even acknowledge the fourth wall (you know, the screen that separates the actors from the audience), let alone set fire to the damn thing, right off the bat. And I couldn’t help thinking, is this making a point that the marriage we’re about to see is just as much a production — a contrived and forced act, put on by the players, ie, the husband and wife — as the actual television show we’re about to watch, being put on by the actors? A reminder for the audience to step back and remember we’re just watching a performance, whether it’s a dramatic production or an actual marriage?

    Like I said, I didn’t much care for the rest of the first episode, but I thought that was a really interesting way to start the show, because it made me think.

    • Windsong, I think this is a remake of an old Ingmar Bergman film. I usually found his films to be hard going and I haven’t seen this one.

      It might be worth sticking with it for a couple of episodes, or it might be too much like hard work. I am not a fan of remakes.

    • I saw about 20 minutes of the Scenes of a Marriage later on in the episode and it is hard going because it sounds like there’s no script so the actors are the writers and writers they’re not. It’s basically yea, no, okay okay, etc. inane. So it’s still a hard slog and it’s a hard no from me.

      I saw most of SAS last night because the interesting parts are background stories that sound authentic rather than the ones you see on teh Voice, Idol etc where they try and milk the melodrama.

      HOWEVER, one of the trainers got into Alicia Molik’s face spitting and yelling at her for what seemed ages and that was confronting. There’s trying to treat both genders the same on the show and then there’s the data of at least one woman being murdered by a partner or ex partner every week in Australia. Those idiots don’t need to see their opinions on the treatment of women validated.

  5. I’ll tune in to The Masked Singer. I find Dave Hughes a nob and his “guesses” are contrived and not funny. And the other judges reactions just as contrived and not funny.
    I’ve never been a Jacquie O fan.
    Still, I do enjoy the performance and the game of trying to work it out. Sometimes it’s obvious – people have surprisingly distinct voices – and some people just sound same-same.
    I can’t wait for MakingIt. I so have my fingers crossed that it doesn’t disappoint.

    • My first thought for this season of “The Masked Singer”?

      The mullet is Jay Laga’aia.

      We know the guy can sing. And when he was talking to the panel, he mentioned that he doesn’t have to get his hair wet, anymore (when Danni asked him if he was a swimmer). Jay used to be on “Water Rats”, although I know him from being one of Xena Warrior Princess’s arch-enemies.

      • That all makes sense. I thought there might have been a football connection but I can’t pick it.
        I have no clue with this lot but at least they can all sing.
        I thought it was a stretch calling Vinnie Jones a Hollywood A Lister but, in spite if that, I was pleasantly surprised. He seemed to be very good natured about it all.

  6. Until something comes on, maybe Big Brother, I will stick to my daytime TV recordings and Netflix etc.

    We watched Good Girls and are now giving Mind Hunter a try.

    • Daisy, Mind Hunter is a slow burn but gets really good, then slows again. I am sad they only made two seasons. We are currently hooked on Vigil but I think it is only on pay TV.

    • I tried Mind Hunter. I like psychological stuff but I found this one unrelentingly miserable.
      If you watch it for to long, you will be looking at your neighbours through the blinds and you will never leave your house again.
      Maybe it was because this one was loosely based on real people. Horrifying thought.
      I am starting to wonder if there is something particularly awful about Americans. It might be the nature of publicity, but do they have more than their fair share of horrendous.

      • Is it going to be all serial killers because I don’t like serial killer movies/series, or ones about people being kept in a basement or cupboard. Weird because I can watch docos about them.

      • I can’t remember for sure but it felt like it. From memory, the real people interviewed real serial killers to find out if there were common threads. It was used for the basis of “profiling” which, as you know, has good aspects and bad aspects.
        So interesting from that point of view. And these people should be admired for their work but I can’t imagine how they sleep at night. They must be the very definition of PTSD.
        So if you like true crime, this should be right up your alley.
        It was just a little too up close and personal for me.

        • I like crime docos but for some reason entrapment/imprisonment and serial killer series, no. I couldn’t even watch Hand Maid’s Tale because of the entrapment theme.

    • Some of these people look like they are desperate for any sort of publicity – has Dan Ewing’s name been mentioned more than once? – but Sam Burgess takes being oblivious to a whole new level. I can’t see what he hopes to gain from this shmozzle except a truckload of money. He seems to be the poster boy for domestic violence. Out of his own mouth.

      • I’ve always had a soft-spot for Dan Ewing.

        He played Dillon, the Black Ranger, on “Power Rangers RPM” the 17th season of the show (and the last season that was owned by Disney, before Haim Saban bought it off them in a partnership with Nickelodeon. Yes, I know these things).

        • I didn’t mind him in H & A.
          I get that referring to yourself in the third person is a form of self control. It’s just irritating.
          And how lovely that he was a Power Ranger 🤣. Oddly, so was that previous contestant who ruined his career by going on this show.

          • Oh! I totally should’ve remembered that.

            Firass was in season 14, “Mystic Force”. It was a season mostly disliked by the majority of the PR fandom, but I thought it was one of my favourites. Firass did a really great job there. Plus, he was so pretty.

  7. I watched the first episode of Making It. It was a bit of fun.
    I think it has potential.
    The hosts were easy to watch and mostly charming.
    It was long but I’m guessing that was because there were 13 contestants and we had to be introduced to everyone.
    There is a huge gap between the best and the worst so I am also assuming, as the numbers get whittled down, that the episodes will get better.
    I don’t think that it’s as good as Lego Masters but I’ll tune back in.

  8. Making It.
    Episode 2. Sill too long.
    I can already pick the final three contestants.
    My favourite contestant was eliminated tonight. I shed a little tear. Maybe I am getting invested.

    • I’ve been watching, too. Sometimes it seems to drag and sometimes I think I’d like to see more of how the contestants make their things. I was sad that Russell was eliminated last night. They were good value and an entertaining competitor.

      • Using that pronoun made my grammar eye twitch. But, that is their choice, and I think I should respect that. It costs me nothing to be courteous.

      • I did not know that they was a they.
        I see your twitch and up it one.
        But I, too, think that that this is a minimum level of good manners and I am happy to comply.

    • I have been watching on fast forward. Mr Juz and I started the first one together but he dropped out halfway when we kept discovering new contestants. I swear the US one only has about eight. It’s obvious there are some talented artists in there and then some crafty types but good on them for having a go

    • I quite like DWTS. There’s something comforting about it.
      You dance, you hum along to the tune, you tap your feet, you admire the costumes, you get cranky with Todd (if he wasn’t a greyhound owner, I would have no time for his snarkiness), and, generally, you are happy the end result.
      What’s not to like?

  9. The contestants on The Voice have been a surprise this season. Must be all those people available due to lockdown.
    I know who two of them are, btw. Just sayin’ 😄

  10. I really enjoyed Making It tonight.
    I am either getting into the rhythm of it or it has found it’s feet.
    Not quite at the delightful stage yet but certainly very enjoyable.

    • I watched most of Making It and am enjoying it more as it goes along. I think it is easy to watch because it’s pretty laid-back, and the hosts are playful without being too corny. The contestants seem like nice, normal people, much less inclined to turn into conceited twats than other reality shows.

      I changed over to Lost For Words on SBS. It’s a 3 part series about a group of adults who struggle with reading and writing, who are taking part in an intensive course to help them improve their literacy. I was in tears at the first part, not from pity, but from seeing the battles the people went through trying to cope with everyday life, and the systems they each had come up with to get by. I’d never thought much about it; what would I do if I couldn’t read the destination on a bus or train?

      • I had to stop watching because I got teary.
        I decided it’s a morning show for me and look forward to watching it over coffee and scones.

        • I have seen bits of the UK version. Like Old People’s Home for Four Year Olds I end up bawling. Same with some of those ambulance/emergency dept shows

  11. Another enjoyable episode of Making It.
    I was hoping at the beginning of this show that there would be no eliminations and the winner would be the one with the most number of badges. Of course it couldn’t be so. The episodes would be just too long.
    Another of my favourites has been sent home.
    I am really liking these people. They are all my favourites.

  12. There were two surprises on The Masked Singer.
    The first was Kyle Sandilands. He can actually sing. 😯 I know.
    I mean he wasn’t great-great but he was good enough that I thought that he might have been a older country singer or a retired rocker.
    And when the clues were explained, it was sooo obvious but then that’s what I enjoy about this show – not necessarily working it out because I recognise the voice but because of the cryptic clues.
    Jackie was surprised. There are a lot of jokes all over sm that she will win a supporting actress award for her performance but, honestly, I don’t think she is that good an actress. Maybe she exaggerated but I don’t think she knew.
    Or maybe she did. Care factor = low.
    The second reveal was Macy Grey. Truthfully, she didn’t look that thrilled to be here. I’m guessing that the costume wasn’t much fun. It was very top heavy and it was clearly awkward to manoeuvre. She did make a reference to feeling like she was in prison.
    You know, when they have overseas artists of the calibre of Macy on (and I’m guessing that there a couple more similar overseas acts to come), it feels a bit off.
    Times must be really desperate for the entertainment industry, and the money must be really good, for someone to spend 24 hours on an aeroplane, two weeks in quarantine, a couple of hours shoved into a suffocating costume with no one recognising them (how embarrassment), and then to suffer the indignity of wild and possibly offensive guesses by those inane judges.
    And what is with all the shouting? They have microphones. They don’t have to be that loud and repetitive. Thank god for Ursula – she can be funny – and I suppose I can tolerate Danni. She, at least, knows what her job is.

    • The clues are too cryptic. I would prefer they make it a little bit easier to guess who it is. Some are ridiculous.

  13. Alli Simpson was tonight’s evictee from The Masked Singer.
    Osher asked Alli what was it like to be able to go about unrecognisable.
    The audience just laughed and laughed.
    We don’t who the hell this woman is, and Osher shouting her name half a dozen still doesn’t help.

  14. Ella Hooper was tonight’s evictee. No surprise. She has a very distinctive voice.
    I couldn’t match any of the clues (too obscure for me) but I knew who she was as soon as she opened her mouth.
    Not complaining. I’ve always like Killing Heidi.

  15. Ohhhhh so upset to see Baby go last night. I wanted her to win. Why are stupid Mullet & Kebab still there? What idiots keep voting for them?

    • I agree with you.
      I don’t love Jack’s singing. I have never been a fan of the new style of screaming and warbling. Vocal gymnastics just is a cover up for having no control, imo.
      The fish is alright. 🤷‍♀️
      I am assuming that things are being slightly arranged so that all the men are not eliminated. Cynic? Much?

  16. I have been pretty busy and my spare time has been taken up with pottery and drawing.
    I am going to teach myself watercolours next, and try and improve on my illustrations.

  17. I watched the second episode of Lost for Words. Such a lovely show.
    It was a happy episode because you can see them making progress. I am feeling warm and fuzzy.

    • As always, I begin by being very excited.
      MC has very fond memories for me. It is one of those shows where my enjoyment is entirely governed by the contestants and it seems, if the ads are to be believed, that the contestants are going to be delightful.
      And like the rest (51%) of Australia, I am totally in love with Matt Le Nevez, and so happy to see him come back to life.

  18. Today’s news…woh! 😁
    But it depends who follows Gladgate.

    Kerry might be knocking back a red wine or Scotch tonight. Gladys won’t be taking calls and getting hammered.

    • You’ve probably already gathered that I have mixed views about Gladdie.
      I dislike intensely the double standard of a man being allowed to sleep around but a woman is held accountable for the sins of her boyfriend – and don’t get me started on the comparison between Federal and state. Ffs.
      On the other hand, ICAC. 🤷
      The interesting point to me (me, me, me), is the reading by the media of her farewell speech. Leaving the content aside, some body language expert said that she was “broken”. I thought she just looked relieved.
      I mean, obviously upset that she has to resign and the humiliation of it all (taking into account that most political leadership roles end on some note of humiliating defeat. It’s almost as certain as death and taxes) but that she now can take a break.
      There is no job that she will be given that would be as relentless and difficult as dealing with a pandemic. Jokes about idiots, change that to her political colleagues, can be inserted here. Heaven help us if either Hazzard or Ballario get chosen as the next premier. This is seriously a case of, “we could all be worse off, folks”.

      • If you want to buy your boyfriend, or girlfriend a present maybe a watch? And use your own money?

        I don’t think she was as perfectly honourable as she told as daily that she was.

        Still, my biggest resentment was her letting her ego get in the way of shutting the borders, and showing no remorse. Male or female, I don’t care. I equally dislike Buzzard and Morrison.

        I’ll be honest with you, I have been raised voting lib, and almost almost voted lib since the 70s. But since Glad and Morrison, I am healed.

        • But I was raised with a grandfather reading me China Reconstructs, teaching me Russian and praising Kruschef, in the late 50s- early 60s.

  19. It’s a Saturday night and Making It is on.
    I don’t remember it being on Saturdays. I’m not complaining because there’s usually a dearth of shows on Saturday nights.
    I am relaxed. There is nothing competing for my attention and I am enjoying it a lot. They made musical instruments. How clever these people are and now they are making a game.

    • An example of someone who has been told everyday that she is “special” by her parents and hasn’t moved on.
      She is a good advertisement for the show because, of course, I will be tuning in to see how she deals with the competition and the inevitable rejection. So looking forward to it.

    • I know five.
      Possibly seven if you allow me to include name recognition of someone else as a criterion.
      I don’t understand why some of these people keep popping up on tv. If I was Wayne Carey, I would be so embarrassed about my past history that I would be out of sight forever. And this show is designed to humiliate so there is no possibility that every torturous, excruciating detail isn’t brought to light.

    • You’d all know Orpherus Pledger but probably don’t recognise the name & he looks very different. He played Mason on Home & Away a few years back.

  20. I tuned in to The Masked Singer “final” and all I can say is, fftt.
    What drivel is this I see before me?
    Everyone involved should be mortified and embarrassed.
    The good news is that I found a BBC reenactment of a true crime drama on 7 (season one is on ABC iview). Only the British can make make absolutely nothing happening truly tense.

    • I went to an art portrait drawing group last night. It’s only once a month.
      I’m a beginner at this so bear with me.

      • Very nice.
        I find it surprisingly hard to get a likeness. The nose is always a problem for me. Never where I want it to be.

        • Likeness is always the trick. Unless you you impressionist or expressionist.

          You’ll know this, but what makes a person unique and recognizable are minute differences in things like facial proportions, so naturally it’s difficult to draw a person as opposed to their identical twin. 🤣

  21. And our brains are so annoying, telling us to see things we don’t see because it has a mind of it’s own. 🤣

    I was watching a video on neurophysics and it showed two squares on a checker board looked white and dark grey, when in fact, they were both the same mid grey but our brains interpret the information and they come out grey and white. Damn brain.

  22. Speaking of new shows, there’s a rtv show about parenting coming to Ch 9.

    From the creators of MAFS. Need I say more?

  23. I enjoyed the finale of the Masked Singer.
    Of course we knew who they were. So annoying listening the judges pretend that they didn’t. BS.
    But it was lovely to see how genuinely happy the contestants were to be on the show and how much fun they obviously had. Love to see people not treating it as just another job.

    • You know, I enjoyed the Masked Singer finale too.

      Sure, we all guessed the vampire was Anastacia (and it was almost a sure bet that she was going to win) because she has such an unmistakable, unique voice … but people pay money to listen to Anastacia sing, and we all got to her her sing for free. I thought it was great.

      And you’re right. The cast who are actual performers all seemed really glad to be able to actually perform, which was nice.

  24. I watched the finale of Lost For Words. Everything is coming to an end. Soon the Christmas decorations will be out.
    It was a lovely series, only three episodes. There were happy tears everywhere including at my house.

  25. Taralli with fennel seeds. They are a bit like pretzels but smaller and fennelier.
    You have them with a dip or cheese or, as in my case, wine.
    Mine are not pretty but I’m on my second glass of wine so I have moved on.

    • You are getting adventurous with your baking. I would smush up a quick avocado and yogurt dip and then eat all of those – with a glass of wine.

      • They even use wine instead of water. Right up my alley 🤣.
        The Pinterest algorithm is flooding my feed. It is quite pleasing.

    • I love cooked fennel seeds. Fennel itself, not so much. For a picnic I yesterday I made pork sausage rolls with fennel seed and they were a hit

  26. The Bachelorette promos don’t augur well for this season. I’m glad a lot of these shows can be filtered painlessly via Gogglebox, saving a lot of wasted time.

    • It’ll be interesting to see them playing up the bisexual angle, so the mansion will be filled with guys and girls, so I guess that’s kind of new? Except they’ll all just have too much champagne at the cocktail parties, head upstairs and hook up anyway. And, honestly, Brooke wasn’t that interesting in the first place.

    • I like Brooke. I liked the fact that she walked out on that numnut. Hopefully that means that she won’t put up with any manufactured drama. Non-manufactured drama is good for me.
      I didn’t watch Bach in Paradise, so I am assuming she was not quite so interesting there?
      She is a pretty girl. I hope she finds what she wants. Girls don’t tend to do well out of this franchise so I am not holding my breath.

  27. Just to let you know, I am officially in quarantine.
    I have been for a COVID test and I am waiting on the results.
    My mind set is interesting. I can’t quite get my head around the concept of full quarantine and denial is ever present.
    I’m not expecting a positive result so I am more irritated than worried.
    As everyone says, inevitable.

    • Good luck Bobi,
      The first time I had a test, was early days, last year, no symptoms but there was a bus so I did it for fun.

      The second time was about 3.months ago. All the kids at school were coughing and sneezing their mucus everywhere. I had an op coming up and wanted to be responsible. I got tested and told under threat of a $50000 fine to get my butt straight home, do not pass go. And stay there until notified. Luckily I still made my op.
      But it seemed inconsistent that they sent me into quarantine but didn’t ask about or shut down the school.

      Anyhow, back to you Bobi, good luck. You won’t have it, unless you can catch it making bread.

    • I got a txt from the check in app. Unfortunately the timelines matched up exactly.
      It was all handled very well. They must be in the swing of things.
      The only thing that was bizarre was going to the testing centre. It had all been set up for thousands of cars and yet, there were only 20 of us at the end point. So all these people at every bend directing me for a long twisting drive. Just me. Lonesome.
      I got my negative result back almost immediately but, from here on, it’s a bit vague. I have decided that I will just stay put for a while. I couldn’t afford the fine if I got this wrong.

      • I’m relieved to hear that your test was negative, Bobi. Hooray for those who use common sense, follow the protocols, and most importantly, are vaccinated.

      • Good news, Bobi.

        What a way to be living. Good idea to stay put. I wouldn’t be running around Victoria or NSW at the moment, even if the premiers declare open season.

  28. Muffins.
    Why did I not know this stuff before?
    These were the most delicious.
    I have accepted that my cooking will never take prizes for looks (I swear I only took my eye off them for a minute 🤣) but definitely 10 out of 10 for eating.

  29. I am watching the Australian version of The Dog House.
    Firstly, dogs ❤️.
    However, it’s not quite as charming as the UK version. It’s a little more contrived and feels more scripted.
    I will keep watching but it won’t be a problem if I forget.

    • Thanks for the heads up, Bobi. I won’t watch, because if I think the dogs may not be really kept with their new owners, it would make me too sad.

      I’m thinking of adopting another dog and am trying to get past feeling disloyal to my old boy if I do. It may not make sense, but that’s the way I feel right now. 🙂

    • I know that feeling.
      I am aware that my beautiful doggo is getting old (he is 10 and greyhounds live to about 12) but I can’t imagine a house without a dog.
      Plus, the grey misses the terrier so much, as do I. I often think about getting him a companion which would give him company. Still I’m not sure that I could manage a second dog, Two greyhounds would be 80 kilos of dog – a bit much for me and feeding him is not cheap (digestive issue) – and a walking a big dog and a small dog together would be impossible so that could end up with 4 walks a day.
      I have a friend who is approaching 80 who said that she wouldn’t get another dog due to her age and then inherited her son’s whippet (a busy house was too much for the dog). She is so happy. I wonder if it was a “plan” by her children.
      I have never owned a puppy but have always had second-hand dogs. All the problems that they come with have been minor, and mainly health, so I can reassure you on that issue. Having said that, I took doggo to dog school. All the dogs there were staffy crosses and all had behavioural issues. I don’t think the RSPCA does a great job of vetting the dogs.
      It is all so complicated and difficult. I have no advice. Just sympathy.
      I don’t know what I am going to do.
      I hope you find a solution. A good dog is a joy.

  30. Thank you, Bobi. I agree, a house without a dog just doesn’t seem right, the house feels empty. I am too old to get a puppy, but an older dog will be good. The shelter from which I got my old boy does vet dogs and prospective owners, and I trust them. Getting past feeling guilty about a new dog is something I have to deal with, but I will get there. Yes, a good dog is a joy…almost any dog is a joy. I even miss dog hair everywhere :).

  31. Cop this.
    The dehumanisation, self righteous arrogant contempt, vilification, bullying and ostracism shown toward people who have chosen not to vaccinate is toxic, heartbreaking and divisive. Most people I know who are not vxing are well educated, have spent weeks researching before making that decision and many of them are well informed medical health workers. Like Sam, they deserve respect and inclusion, not derision and abuse. They are part of our community. We belong together.

    I couldn’t resist commenting when I read “weeks”. 🤣

    Oh throw away that 6 year epidemiology degree then.

    • Those “weeks” of tireless “research” on Facebook really inspire confidence….

      I better watch Home And Away tonight to see how to live with Covid.

      However , if you see Dr.Phil today, you’ll know that Colloidal Silver is the magic bullet in the Covid deal…..( that IS a joke, don’t try it , gice)

  32. Making It was its lovely self again tonight.
    I’m sorry that it hasn’t grabbed an audience. It’s would be surprised if there’s a season 2, but pleased.
    It’s just a nice show with nice people, and it runs at a nice pace now. It was way too long in the first couple of episodes.

    • Scheduling it for 6 pm on a Saturday night is not going to help its ratings. I’ve missed the episode now. That is disappointing

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