Big Brother VIP starts soon (yes, we know they aren’t VIPs)

Big Brother VIP starts Monday at 7.30pm on Channel 7.

No VIPs in sight, just a bunch of wannabe Markles and Kardashians.
The best watching is likely to come from the standout player from the last season of Big Brother, Danny Hayes (standout for pure entertainment value), and of course I have a soft spot for Luke Toki, Australia’s answer to Cirie Fields (the greatest players to never win the game).
No doubt Jessika Powers from MAFS will bring the drama because that is what she is there for – and she knows it.

Will you be watching BB VIP? It’s a two-hour premiere, so have your couch snacks handy.



  1. Not a fan of BB.
    I did watch the very first season and after that it was just awful. Like, truly, truly awful.
    Still, I am a fan of gossip and, if the ads are anything to go by, this one is going to be filled with extra juicy bits.
    Jessika will be there for the drahma but that doesn’t change the fact that she is perfectly correct: it is inappropriate (and gross) that Shane Warne tried to hit on her and I wish more people like him were called out.

  2. I’m in …but you already know that. 😁
    I’m even watching Love Island.
    They’re behaving like numbnuts but it’s still good sticky beak viewing.

  3. I missed the first half hour. My fave bit was Luke pretending to be interested in Caitlin’s gossip about Kanye and Kim. That waste of food was horrendous. Ellie (short-hair girl – I don’t know her) will be a huge challenge threat. I only know Bernie because he used to host Beauty and the Geek, before Sophie Monk.

  4. I felt sorry for Caitlyn when she bumped her head but I did laugh. Markle saying he is Prince Harry’s brother-in-law like he picks up the phone & chats to him all the time was a joke. He’s never even spoken to him & hasn’t even spoken to Megan for a decade. That food wastage needs to stop. They did it in the regular series too. Hopefully it was either fake or had gone off. People are struggling to put food on the table & they waste it like that. It’s disgraceful.

  5. Last night was dull. CJ is going to get most of the camera time. She is obviously hard if hearing and therefore didn’t realize she was being loud during the task.

  6. If Thomas was evicted tonight no way would he be saved and sent to the control room with Danny. They need it for charismatic people, like Omarosa (and remember Angela, the tea sipper).

    • I was going to say that Caitlyn is a staunch Republican and that will do it but then so is Amorossa so 🤷‍♂️it must t be personal.

      • It sure seemed personal. Caitlyn was not doing herself any favours showing her claws and viper tongue.

        The first two episodes were boring and I’m going to say what others might be thinking but are too scared to say; I was thinking Caitlyn had an unfair advantage in girls on girls strength challenges.

        • It would be easy to go to the trans issue but don’t forget that this is a gold winning Olympic medalist. Decathlon, no less.
          I seem to recall somewhere that she has been called the world’s greatest athlete. I know, American hyperbole. Even if it is, it doesn’t change things. Whether she competes against men or women, she has an unfair advantage.
          Plus, of course, she’s 6’ 2”. All tall people have an unfair advantage, says short person over here.

          • And she is 72, so I would be worried about bone density etc. Luke is the only one making the show fun so I hope he and Danny wreak havoc together. Gorgeous Jess is the house alpha

    • Yep, don’t let the door hit your brain on the way out, Danny.

      “You can’t win ’em all”, quoth Danny. In fact you can’t win any , pinhead.

  7. So I missed a few eps but happy to learn the winner is SPOILERS …

    Luke from Survivor.
    Yay. And yay also for the prize going to the children’s hospital.

    • Happy for the hospital but I’m still Luke Who?
      We always have problems with “celebrities “ on these shows but I knew even less than normal this time. However, the moments of entertainment were … entertaining. I suppose that’s all we can ask.

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