Bold and the Beautiful chat

By Daisy

It’s difficult to find your own girlfriend or boyfriend in LA  

Thomas wants Zende’s girl. Carter wanted Eric’s wife. Brooke wanted her daughter’s husband then her sister’s husband, then her mother in law’s husband. Donna wants Eric and Jack was poking Sheila. 
Absent (thank goodness), one-kidney Flo, wanted Sally’s boyfriend, and Liam was highly sought after by Hope, Steffy and Sally. Even Quinn had her share of Liam.

We are yet to see if Sheila turns over a new leaf, or if she cunningly injects herself into Finn and Steffy’s world.

I must look up the population of LA because it seems like it only holds about 10 or so people and there is more cross pollination than a field of daisies next to a bee farm.



  1. Steffie’s current husband’s unexpected-out-of-the-blue-father’s hairdo is a bit of a shocker, as are his acting skills.
    I enjoyed putting that sentence together. It’s as absurd and as poorly constructed as these story lines.

  2. I saw yesterday’s Thanksgiving bash twice. Ham Jack’s hairdo, what a salute to Elvis.

    Liam and Steffy character bash Deacon , who is at Hope’s being given coffee and hospitality. Deacon like the house, lucky because he’ll be angling to move in soon. Liam thinks “because there’s kids involved” it’s a serious matter ( we know how much kids count for on this show)and he realises that it’s screwing up his marriage.

    I beat Rasper to predicting that Deacon would want to shift in. He and Brooke argue over Deacon. They part with hostile body language.

    Rasper does some Deacon bashing to Brooke as well. Brooke’s still carrying a torch for Deacon because, after all he’s one of at least 13 men she’s “entertained” over the years.

    Deacon weaves a paternal web around needy Hope. Looks like he’s worming his way in just fine. Sheila’s running out of money, besides. Deacon will need a drink soon. Liam’s beer supply is under threat.

    Hope says Deacon has to be consistent and with time the family will accept him. Hope leaves convicted felon Deacon so he can snoop around the house. Of course, Rasper turns up at the door

  3. Rasper suggests that he’ll personally throw Deacon out before we go to an ad. Jail hardened Deacon doesn’t look too scared of a fashion designer.

    Steffy says Deacon is a “freeloading loser”. Hope eavesdrops on it all and then barges in and tells Steffy to stop yapping to her husband, “Threatening her marriage’

    The precious kids are nowhere to be seen in this melee..

    Deacon says”I’m not that guy anymore” . Rasper calls him a “leech” and delivers a lecture. Then Brooke walks in to the fray. She won’t chuck Deacon out at Rasper’s request. Curtain.

  4. It was good to have a topic that didn’t entail two people fighting over one sex partner.

    Steffy and Liam talked about Deacon manipulating and controlling Hope, while saying Hope needs their manipulation and control. Steffy was acting a lot like Rasper but with more duck bum.

    It won’t be long before Deacon and Brooke kiss so get your camera ready Quinn. Another home movie for the Christmas party.

  5. I’ve missed something.
    How come the lawyer is having a marketing meeting with the marketer. Just the two of them. Carter is a lawyer, isn’t he?
    And the girl who makes coffee just walks in without knocking?
    And then interrogates – and I mean interrogates – the lawyer about his “friendship” with his colleague.
    And just to put the icing on the cake, the lawyer is wearing a polo neck jumper. Never in the history of ever have I ever met a lawyer who doesn’t wear a shirt.
    I know. I am focussed on irrelevancies but the story line is waving around looking for a plot line.
    And to let you know how distracted I am, I haven’t even mentioned that the Parasite is wearing an outfit that would be best seen on the wharves when gutting fish.

    • Yes. You are correct. Paris-ite is channeling Spencer Tracey in Captain’s Courageous.

      And yes, I thought the same thing; why is Katy, the PE person, making fashion approvals with the company lawyer? Maybe it’s because Ridge, Steffy and Hope are preoccupied.

  6. Brooke and Rasper argue about Deacon. When Brooke is interrogated Gestapo style by the insecure Rasper, she says she has no feelings for Deacon and hey she doesn’t appreciate her past indiscretions being raised. No sooner Rasper leaves and Brooke has a flashback to the good old days, with a youthful Elvisian sideburned Deacon.

    The meat puppet is still leading the cheer squad for Sheila. Steffy ‘s practically tearing her fake hair out.

    Carter and Spencer Tracy do a boring lunch at Il Giordino. Parisite begins prying immediatelty and finds out that Katie was Carter’s original lunch date. Pretty soon Carter is wailing about his shithouse history in love. Parisite butters him up with flattery. Let’s see , Parisite has Carter, the roach and the meat puppet vying for the crumbs from her table. Playing a wide open hand.

    Deacon attacks the mini bar back at Sheila’s hotel. Losing patience, the she devil has concocted another evil plan and soon we see her turn up at the meat puppet’s workplace disguised in a Covid mask.

    Brooke’s just finished her flashback fantasy when once more, Deacon just lets himself in and starts gibbering to Brooke about the passion and connection they shared all those years ago. Must have watched a lot of The Bachelor in jail. He askis her to deny she still has feelings for him. I expect Rasper to come bursting in , but ….curtain.

  7. Deacon wasted no time adding a fiery passion to his family reunion agenda.

    Paris-ite has options.

    And Sheila’s choice of disguise was priceless ….no I mean actually priceless. Nothing like the Inspector Gadget, with Groucho moustache that Quinn used when she snuck into Eric’s inner sanctum.

  8. Paranoid Rasper is laying the law down to Hope, telling her to roll her swag and family and move if she’s going to have anything to do with that arsehole Deacon. Hope faces eviction and Rasper shows no mercy.

    While an arrogant Rasper thumps his chest to Hope , Deacon is talking to Brooke. She’s cautiosly approving , and asks Deacon to do three things he could never do~ get a job, stop drinking and mind the company he keeps ie Sheila. Deacon reminds Brooke that she told him he was the best sex she ever had. Deacon has a full blown erotic fantasy going, reminiscing and snaps out of it when Brooke says it’s time to leave. You ain’t wasting time Deacon .

    He gets back to Hope’s and eavesdrops on the Rasper’s eviction speech to a shattered Hope. If the silverback Rasper only knew what had just transpired. Time for Deacon to unleash his inner desgner and get a real job gossiping at Forrester Creations.

    The meat puppet’s got Sheila to deal with. She ain’t done yet. Curtain.

    • The best thing about B&B are the funny comments here.
      Dave, if you were a painter, you would be Toulouse-Lautrech. Windsong, would be Gaugin, Bobi, Rembrandt.

      And can I please be Modigliani.

      • Oh, how lovely to be Rembrandt, my favourite.
        Although my latest painting is too green 🤢 ( I discovered teal) and I don’t know how to fix it. Those painters were lucky they didn’t have to deal with pre-mixed.

  9. I nearly took Bold seriously this morning.
    I listened to Hope being given the ultimatum. Rasper acknowledges that Hope is an adult and continuing to see Deacon is her choice but he needs to keep his family safe so, if that’s what she chooses, she has to move out.
    That’s so logical, I thought, and absolutely the right thing to say, I thought, and it’s what would happen in the real world, I thought, and everyone would make the adult decisions and move on, I thought.
    And then the scene moves back to Brooke. 🤦‍♀️.
    I’m an idiot, I thought.

  10. Deacon finishes eavesdropping on Rasper’s eviction speech and hurries back to Sheila’s. Sheila chides Deacon for freeloading on her food and booze. Anyway , she offers to have sex with Deacon, who’s ” saving himself” for Brooke. Sheila mocks Deacon for being so unrealistic that he can diamond cut Brooke Forrester. Optimistic (deludedly) Deacon figures he’s done it before so…. Deacon’s delight is Rasper unravelling over a homeless ex-con banging his wife.

    Rasper and Brooke have an explosive argument over Hope/ Deacon and eviction. This is what destiny is all about. Brooke correctly reminds Rasper how much she had to bend for the off the chain roach, so it’s Ridge’s time. Anyhows the destiny package is on the rocks again, thanks to an alcoholic jailbird given to uncontrolled erotic fantasies over the “hot” Brooke Logan. Rasper may have to hook up with Shauna again Vegas

    Liam and Hope drop by to announce that maybe it is a good idea to move out after all. It was, as Bobi calls above an adult decison . Brooke explodes. Soon it will be Deacon there to pick up the pieces, and lead Brooke back to alcohol..

    Curtains for the model marriage of the show. Destiny.

    • The “destiny package”; 🤣🤣🤣. I am just loving your ability to bring words together. It’s really a gift.
      Don’t worry Bobi, I invested also. I told Brooke she will be in trouble saying “my house”.

  11. Brooke , the lioness protecting her cubs blows the Rasper’s eviction plan out of the water. Rasper ends up leaving, slamming a door and hot footing it to Steffy and the roach for tea and sympathy. Steffy throws it in that she thought Brooke was never any good for her father and besides, Taylor is waiting in the wings , wanting to get her claws in…..but that bitch Brooke is in the way. They have a hate Deacon and Sheila session …..when they should be busting their arses designing.

    Sheila again offers her body to Deacon, who’s got more priveleged pussy on his mind. Sheila’s trying to get him to do evil at her behest because she feels left out. Well, you did murder folks , or try to. Deacon’s primitive motivations seem to be alcohol, food, sex with Brooke. Saint Hope will be collateral damage, thinking her leopard Pop’s spots have changed;. Curtain.

    Rasper made a fool of himself, drinkin’ devourin’ Deacon will be moving in soon. Padlock the bar , Liam and watch your vegan food strangely disappearing.

  12. But can Taylor’s Protruding Pout compete with Privileged Puss?
    Sheila’s attempt at seduction, offering herself up to Deacon like a bad piece of old mutton, made me queazy. “Come to Grandma, baby”.

  13. I did like the in-your-face image of Sheila eating an apple during this scene. Subtle, hey what? 🤣🤣🤣
    I like the scenes between Deacon and Sheila. Neither of the actors take them particularly seriously so it is always a bit of fun.
    Maybe it’s a hangover from Covid but they do stand very close to each other in a very large room. If someone was that close to me in real life, there would have to be a serious discussion about boundaries.

  14. Deacon has got a job at Il Giordino sweeping floors and has a storeroom to sleep in. Sheila tries luring Deacon back to her hotel with mutton. . Deacon finds time to text Brooke, his timing not so good because Rasper is there arguing about Deacon. Hope walks in through an, of course , open door. Deacon says he can handle living so close to an unlinited supply of alcohol. We’ll see about that.

    Guess who’s back? A new version of Taylor has returned to LA. A younger Barbie Doll brunette. Rasper is ripe for the plucking , having just stormed out of another blue with Hope and his wife. Brooke says ” Ridge and I are solid”. You know it’s doomed. Ridge goes to Steffy’s, not wanting to drink alone and Taylor is right there waiting like a black widow.

    Solid. Nothing can come between the destiny package. Except an ex con floor sweeping mooch. Feathers gonna fly. Hope’s gonna get hurt because Deacon’s toally after Brooke and nothing else.


  15. Sorry I have been like a Forrester child lately. No, not getting old fast. Missing. Busy with my drawing and painting.

    I guess they could no longer fit Taylor’s lips in one camera shot and weren’t willing to use panorama. Still, they have been getting Steffy’s large bottom I’m shot.

    And on butts, why does everyone butt in and micro manage the lives of their adult kids, or parents or Eric?

    Taylor looks like something the cat dragged in. But she had a slightly similar look to Taylor; eyes, nose and red lips.

    • Christmas is looming.
      I have visitors.
      I am spring cleaning.
      Omicron is lurking.
      I am at week 15 of my vaxx and I am told any immunity is gone but I still can’t get a booster for another 2 months. I am disturbed.
      Life 😁

      • Oh no
        Why can’t you get your booster now?

        I think I had my last meeting with my anti vaxxer friend. I didn’t tell her that but I don’t want to hang out with her once we get covid here.
        Her argument against vaccination are all of the usual, and if someone came up with another excuse, she would use that too. Bottom line was her selfish reason of, “I have looked after my health and I’m sorry but I don’t have to have a vaccine for people who have smoked, drunk and over eaten”.
        That’s a very narrow view of the most ‘at risk’, but more importantly, it’s no longer a matter of misinformation or faulty belief but comes to character. It’s a selfish stance.
        I am sad that the vaccination debate is going to end our friendship but it will when she realizes I won’t put my health at risk by being in close contact with a covid denyer (yes, she’s all of that), when covid comes to the West.

      • Apparently, I can book an appointment in a month. I can wait that long. I’m good now.
        It is sad when friendships end. There’s a shared history which will be gone and can’t be a replaced. Sometimes I think it’s harder than a relationship breakup. At least we are conditioned for that to happen.
        At my age, it’s hard to form new friendships. It’s a combination of a lack of tolerance and over sensitivity. If people aren’t immediately enthusiastic about coffee, i tend not to push and I understand that people are busy – or I may not be their cup of tea. There’s not the room for fleeting friendships that there used to be there when I was young.
        I’m about to let two friends go so I empathise. I’m too old and too cranky and life’s too short to put up with sh**t. They don’t need to know. I will just become unavailable. But I still mourn … a little.
        When that switch goes off and says no more, there’s nothing that can done. Hugs in your direction.

        • Oh my. Same page on a friend who has just been too selfish to be on time. I have addressed it too many times. Nothing more to be said. She has cried, “I’ll do better” too many times.

  16. I’ve been busy with other tasks and missed quite a few Bold episodes.

    So Taylor’s back in LA? I guess the actress had so much cosmetic surgery that she turned into a completely different person. Plus, the nuisance is that obviously we’d gone too long without any Brooke and Ridge drama, so the writers have decided to bring Taylor back so that Brooke and Ridge can add a few more divorces to their messy, dysfunctional history. Really, writers? You had to default to that old chest-nut?

    I continue to like Thomas, and his new haircut is infinitely more attractive than the mullet. We got so much mileage out of Evil Obsessed Stalker Thomas. I muchly prefer this version, with a snarky, self-aware sense of humour. He’s much more interesting as a person, and I think the actor plays the character much better, this way.

    Meanwhile, Deacon is living in a closet and Shiela is still skulking around LA trying to get her hooks into the Forrester family.

    Is Paris-ite still working her way through unavailable Forrester men, one-by-one? I didn’t see her in any of my catch-up episodes (thankfully. I cannot stand the character), I assume she’s off trying to seduce Eric or maybe Charlie.

    And the babies and toddlers are all still napping, off-camera. Narcolepsy must run in the family.

    • Already Taylor is going to cause a rift because she’s annoyed rthat Hope has custody of little Douglas and not her precious son, the roach.

      We haven’t seen Parisite for a week because it’s been all about Deacon. Who knows which host she’ll land on?

      • Is it me or does it feel like Taylor is wearing a wig? That hair just doesn’t seem like an organic part of her head, you know? Am I the only person who can see this?

        • I thought hair extensions, but wig, whatever the hell it is , Taylor’s head looks too big for her body a la Thunderbirds. Spectral. It’s had me scratching my head for several days so I’m relieved to see others are disturbed by her appearance. She doesn’t look much older than Steffy , if in fact she is.

          • I looked it up. The actress is only 14 years older than Thomas’s actor. And she’s only 16 years older than Steffy’s actress.

            Time moves funny in soap opera worlds. Douglas and Will will be graduating college before you know it.

      • I saw the wig. 😵‍💫 It’s a really badly made one. I decided that if they were invested in the Taylor character that they would have done a better job. So I’m guessing she has a 6 week guest spot. Just long enough to break up the marriage.

        • I just checked a few soap opera online chat forums. *Everyone* is talking about Taylor’s wigs and how horrible they look. Even the actress on her own Twitter page was joking about the wigs, so at least she has a sense of humour about it.

  17. Paris is dressed up in her winter motor-cycle garb looking so much like someone who has their pulse firmly on the latest fashion trends /s.
    Every one wants to date/sleep with her because she’s so clever, and likeable and I missed the rest.
    There were two catch ups today (I’m assuming to not get behind because of Christmas?) and I couldn’t. I would rather discuss Eric’s donger so you get how bad this is getting. And when I say bad, I just mean boring.

    • Yeah, I switched on today and they’re doing a behind-the-scenes episode. It’s like, what the hell is this? GIVE ME MORE OF TAYLOR’S TERRIBLE WIGS, DAMN IT.

  18. Yes. I skipped a few days. The only things I noticed lately was;
    Hope throws an air punch like she could be swatting a mosquito.
    New Taylor is annoying, and the wig looks like they bought it at a market in Beijing for $3. But she does look a lot like Steffy.
    It didn’t take long for Deacon to get cosy with Hope and hit on Brooke.
    It didn’t take long for Ridge to be a hypocrite, accusing Deacon for sniffing around an old meal of reheated leftovers while he himself gets cosy with bald Taylor.

  19. I’ve only really paid attention to the show, the last few years, but even so, Brooke and Ridge have this habit of falling into the same pattern, over and over again.

    Brooke talks about destiny and how she always wanted and loved him (like Ridge was a toy on a shelf, or a favourite piece of jewellery). There’s the initial lust period when the two can’t keep their hands off each other and have long conversations about going away on romantic trips. Then the drama kicks in, an issue that neither of them will budge on. Someone strays (either Brooke starts making out with her sister’s husband or Ridge gets black-out drunk and winds up being assaulted and/or married to Shauna without his consent or permission). Then they will mutually talk about their destiny, get back together, and the lust part kicks in.

    Rinse and repeat, over and over and over again.

    Like, how long do you repeat the same unhealthy patterns before you figure out the obvious? Their relationship is built on two things, lust and dysfunction. Neither of things is a particularly strong foundation for a long-term commitment. And that by itself isn’t necessarily a judgement. But if two people are ALWAYS focussed on different goals, then they are always going to be pulling in two separate directions. That’s not a healthy environment to be in, and we see this played out, over and over again.

    Neither of them is blameless (Ridge was more a victim of Shauna, than anything else. But let’s be honest, Ridge has his jerk moments as well), but you can’t even say, “they’re both so bad that they deserve each other.” Because that’s just misery compounded on top of misery. They’re clearly no good together.

    Surely one of them has realised by now that they just don’t work as a couple. And yet they keep pulling back into each other’s orbit with nothing more than, “Well, we’ve been playing this game for years” and “You look so hot today”. I just want to shake them and say, “Figure it out already!”

  20. Thanks Windsong. This Inside Bold unearths a few home truths.

    None of us have noticed that during Covid , the meat puppet and $hauna have been kissing their real life partners instead of the usual actors. Hair and Make Up got us. Other cast may have been doing this. We also found out that the real Hope “swears like a sailor” not to mention the real Liam unpacking his acting technique for crying with us. Fuckin’ hell. He takes it seriously. We saw a few bloopers.

    We heard about Bridge and Tridge. Apparently hard core fans are torn between the couples. Parhaps they fight at these so called “fan events”

    • “We also found out that the real Hope “swears like a sailor” not to mention the real Liam unpacking his acting technique for crying with us.”

      Awww. I’m genuinely sad that I missed it!

      I might go to Tenplay and track that episode down, I want to watch it now.

  21. We found out that Sheila gets attacked by people/fans/ nutters on the street.She demonstrated her evil looks for our benefit. Good sport in real life.

  22. Our turn now. It’s traced to Bunbury. Apparently they just went from the train to a carpark and back to the train.
    Yeah right. With a packed lunch I suppose.

    • Literally sweating it out til booster. Seven days.

      Goin’ nowhere. At least I haven’t run out of dope and food.

      Good luck to all.

      I promise not to abuse wankers who don’t mask up at the supermarket next year.

      • Masks are on now here, although I think that means they are Perthies.
        People are starting to check in at places. I have mostly bey at home, in the pool and might stay there all summer.
        The worst thing about the virus is that we can’t ,or refuse to, all pull.together and that it has revealed how many utterly selfish, complaining, entitled and stupid whingers there are.
        Dave, if you want to punch someone, wash your hands afterwards.

      • The earliest appointment I can get for a booster is 5 weeks from now. I took it, of course.
        All places have told me that there’s a shortage. You would have thought that Scott would have figured that one out by now.
        On the up side, there’s nothing like a mask to tell you that you need to do a better job of flossing.

        • Two local pharmacies are offering Pfizer vaccine, which I prefer, for boosters, but neither have any in stock. They expect to have more by 7 January. We’ll see. I’m not eligible for my booster until 23 January and will probably take whatever I can get by that time, with us re-opening on 5 February.

          Has Scott been able to figure out supply of anything during the pandemic? Vaccines, tests, booster vaccines, he acts as though every change is a big surprise that has caught him and his medical experts off guard. Viruses mutate? Who knew? More vaccines are needed? Didn’t expect that! He should drop to his knees and pray that God gives him some frigging smarts. With some for his pal in NSW, too, who by comparison makes Gladys look clever with her handling of covid precautions.

          And masking – I did a quick trip to shops to get vegetables yesterday. I soon learned that I should not have had garlic prawns the night before.

          • “Has Scott been able to figure out supply of anything during the pandemic?”

            Bullshit comes to mind…..We gotta learn to live with $cotty’s bullshit. No need to queue two miles for it.

    • I thought it would be much more widespread here by now, Daisy. Numbers of people infected may be more than reported because of the inconsiderate bastards among the first lot of close and casual contacts who have made no effort to get tested. Tonight’s celebrations are a worry, too; people get pissed, off come masks, lots of kissing goes on.

      There is nothing I can do about others’ actions, so will try to keep myself and those with whom I come in contact safe. I do think that we in WA generally have been following rules pretty well. Complacency has set in to a certain extent, though, and there will always be jerks who only care about themselves.

      • I wonder how many people will develop agoraphobia during this time. I don’t want to go anywhere.
        We made a trip to Kmart to buy a birthday present, then get home to read an update from Mark McGowan, “Kmart Bunbury was listed in the places the Covid contact went. No wonder it was so quiet. But even so, that was too close for me.
        At home, I can swim, relax and know that there is no covid. At least until school holidays are over.

  23. Betty White died.
    I know, nearly 100 but still, this one is really sad for me. It’s like she has been a staple in my life since the MaryTyler Moore Show.
    I thought she would live forever.

    • Oh no, how very sad. I, too, thought she would be around for a long time yet. Damn, this just breaks my heart.

  24. Brooke is jealous that Taylor is back, this could be enough to drive her into the jailbird arms of Deacon, who is being visited by Sheila at Il Giardino. She plamts evil ideas into Deacon’s head. She teases Deacon about a future with Brooke. Deacon must be getting thirsty soon.

    Steffy hints to Taylor how perfect life would be if she hooked up with the Rasper.

  25. Brooke and Rasper end up arguing about Deacon, who turns up unexpectedly to give Brooke ” karate lessons”. This flames the argument even more and the Rasper starts shouting.


  26. The destiny package, Rasper and Brooke split up today. The tears rolled down Brooke’s cheeks. It took a perceived below the belt comment about the roach from Brooke that fired Ridge up to hiss that there must be a hundred karate teachers in LA, but Brooke has to choose a jailbird who hangs out with Sheila Carter as her teacher……and happens to be “the best sex Brooke ever had”….and let’s face it, thirteen marriages, I don’t need to go further.

    Of course Deacon and Hope are eavesdropping at the door. They hear it all. Rasper implodes and leaves. Deacon must have taken a sickie from cleaning toilets at Il Giardino’s. Brooke’s his priority (apart from money and alcohol). Make up have excelled in making Brooke look frumpy today.

    While this happened, out at the beach house, Steffy and Taylor gossip away and soon Taylor blurts the inevitable, that the Rasper has been the “love of her life”

    Rasper turns up after the argument with Brooke and Taylor is alone. They stare at each other. I’m uncomfortable , because the creepy Rasper looks about 25 years older than the even creepier redhead on a stick insect Taylor.

    This magic moment where they gaze at each other last too long before the curtain falls. Those cellos. Cheap muzak.

  27. Taylor’s wig continues to be a distraction. Apparently she’s waiting for blonde to grow out. Any second we will have a reveal. I can barely contain my excitement.
    So is there a suggestion that the old Taylor was too old for this part? I want to be so scathing and sarcastic but everything is too obvious.

  28. I am having breakfast and watching Bold (avoiding anything Novak related on the news). It’s a little bit of a laugh in the morning.
    Brooke’s face is very puffy. Too much filler? It looks to be more than that. I don’t know enough about treatments to think of what could make it look so lumpy. Like one of my dough mixes gone bad.
    We still have a story line that is pushing for a divorce for Brooke and it’s not going to be her fault. The line this morning is that Taylor is still in love with Ridge, not that Brooke is still in love with Deacon. I have huge admiration for the writers. It takes a special talent to be able to recognise who is the Star of a soap.
    Which reminds me, the old fella and his limp pecker have disappeared. I am not sad. That story line was getting old. I’m not clever enough for jokes here. This needs Dave.

    • The make up dept may have given Brooke divorce doughface at this terrible time.

      Eric’s on a missing person’s list , along with Flo and Wyatt.

      Deacon and Hope are eavesdropping roughly once a week.

    • Apparently this was all an act of political aggression by Australia against Serbia?

      Because we want to invade Serbia for their wealth of natural resources and convenient location, apparently?

      • Political aggression? Oh. Because Novak’s dad called him the leader of the free world, and today likened him to Jesus Christ. I thought the whole debacle was because we weren’t showing due respect to such a sterling personality/world saviour. Shame on us thinking he is only a good tennis player. And arrogant twat.

    • It’s just all over the news tonight. It’s never ending. You would think that there was nothing else going on in the world.
      There is just no way anyone is going to come out of this looking good.

  29. Soon it will be Xmas in L. A. We have some lip service to children and the magic of Xmas before we get down to business.

    Hope accepts a trinket from Liam, who daren’t not mention Daddy Deacon’s name. Liam has to piss off while Deacon mingles ( free loads) on Xmas Eve is the gist of it.

    Deacon has given Sheila a tin of chocolates ( probably stolen) for Xmas but there’s no comfort for her because she phoned her biological son and he rejected her.

    But wait…….Taylor has eavesdropped on conversation between Steffy and the meat puppet about you guessed it, the ol’ she wolf Sheila. Taylor, almost crumbling under the weight of her hair has a psychobabble brainstorm and says , hell yeah, invite Sheila to mingle on Xmas Eve . (She “cured” the roach, right?) All she did was shoot me.

    Sheila lights up like an expensive Forrester Xmas tree when she gets the nauseating video call from the meat puppet and his pissed off wife. So many people who hate each other are going to try to gather for Xmas. What could possibly go wrong?


    • My prediction is that they are going to stretch Christmas Day over a couple of weeks. This is going all going to be very predictable.
      It have hopes that some of it could be fun. I enjoy watching Deakin and Sheila together. And, hopefully, the subject of limp peckers is not for public discussion.

  30. Another excruciating Forrester Christmas party, today.

    Santa has his list, and Paris probably had hers, ticking off the unavailable Forrester men she wants to pursue next. I imagine at one point she was checking when Douglas turned 18.

    Oh, and Quinn and Brooke just decide to be nice to each other. Because apparently it’s only easy for them to be civil to each other, one day out of 365.

    Meanwhile, Eric was playing the piano with no hands, so clearly his ED issues have been resolved. Possibly Viagra was all he wanted for Christmas? Okay, I made that part up. Not the bit about the Viagra, though.

  31. So here we are at the Christmas party and two things.
    How come Paris gets invited to the family Christmas party? Is she an orphan? She bends down close to patronisingly get in the face of an eight year old boy (in nobodies world) and hugs him close to her bare bosom (ew, where are the parents to protect this child?).
    Deacon takes presents to Hope and Hope has not bought him a present? Nope, nope nope. Not in the field of my human existence would this happen. Even my daughter’s MiL, who hates me with a passion beyond understanding, and I exchange presents. Nothing special but still. That would be like being invited to someone’s place for dinner and not bringing something. In what world?

    • Yes, Hope dotes on her Dad and us enthralled at spending (some of) Christmas with him, but not even a pair of socks for Daddy. Even Deadbeat Deacon was thoughtful enough to drop in with a present for Sheila. That was kind.
      And yes in bringing something. You can guess our age then.

  32. I have a winner of a business idea; punching bags with Morrison’s face on one, Parrothead on the other. They would sell out as fast as they sold out Australian people.

    BTW see Novak’s mum carry on about the terrible thing that happened to her son and how she “couldn’t believe it”. She needs to see how the other half live.

    • I noticed she did a bit of a backtrack this morning when it was discovered that he was mingling with children while he knew he was Covid +. Or was it the bit where she was told that he lied on his application form.
      I can’t remember and I don’t care.
      I just wish that Aus Govt, or Tennis Aus, had been clearer. No vaxx therefore no entry. Black and white. You know, the same as we told all those Australian citizens who have been trying to return to Australia for the last two years.

  33. Shopping today at Woolies and Coles, there was no toilet paper, no paper towels, very little pasta, and very little meat at either store. I don’t know if it’s from hoarding and panic buying or lack of stock getting through; the front desk person I asked didn’t know.

    ScoMo, medicos, and newspapers need to stop blatting on about upcoming shortages of various items. It doesn’t help, and is likely to cause panic buying.

    • Nothing on our shelves here either but there doesn’t appear to be any panic buying. People are just walking out with one or two bags.
      We are being told it’s supply issues. I will eat out of my pantry. I don’t mind the odd lentil dish and home-made pasta is delicious.
      There are also plenty of avocados. I wonder how many main courses I can make with an avo?

      • Yeah, I will do what I did 2 years ago (two years!) when there were shortages, and either substitute or do without. It’s not as though we are really short of food.

        I can have half an avocado every night with whatever is for dinner, just with vinaigrette. They are so cheap now. I feel bad for the farmers who would only be getting a tiny return on their crops, but think it is still better to buy cheap than not buy at all. I hope so anyway.

      • On Monday, while shopping, a lady I know told me supplies in WA will be diverted East. Her Dil who stacks shelves told her. She warned me to get my basics. Whatever the reason, the shelves are bare here too.

        Last time this happened we still had The Farmers’ Market because Perth people were locked in but now there are no border closures, we don’t have that option. I leave them to Perthies. It’s too crowded.

  34. You little ripper. First, thankyou Mark. Boots and all. Our fearless leader is getting hammered of FB but I threw caution to the wind and wrote;
    C’mon people, you want the borders open, you want freedom, you want to live…..what ARE you prepared to sacrifice? How are you willing to do your bit to help the aged, the vulnerable, and those who will be young and healthy and still draw the short straw.
    You want open borders, well this is how. If you don’t like it, go live in NSW under Morrison and Parrothead.

    • You’re referring to new restrictions about where unvaccinated people can go from the end of the month? I laughed and laughed when I saw bottle shops included in that list. Good for you, Mark.

      I bet that gets needles into the arms of the undecided and maybe even some of the die hard (excuse pun) conspiracy theorists and takers of horse worming tablets.

      • I was referring to his conditions and regulations for entry in WA. He’s getting a hammering off complaints on FB but he has way more likes. Thank goodness. I looked at his attackers; almost 100% 20- 35 year olds.

      • I have a relative in Sydney who refused to get vaccinated (she is deathly afraid of needles) until she heard she couldn’t go to into a pub unless she could provide proof.
        Looks like a need for alcohol and a raucous good time trumps a morale/political stance 🤣🤣🤣
        I listened to Norman Swan this morning on Coronacast. Truly sobering episode. I am so depressed.

        • We are listening now.
          I still.have the Drum episode when he and Raina first said, “Shut the borders”. But did Scott listen. It took him 3 weeks and the Ruby Princess for him even begin to roll over and say, “Wha????

  35. Now that aside, Woolif mentioned the fact that B&B completely ignored covid. I suggested it was probably because for 30 minutes a day, people want to escape.

    So on that thought, what’s the bet Brooke ends up in bed with Deacon, and Sheila gets the photo evidence.
    And say what? Did I hear Ridge say the Prince wants him. Good Lawd.
    I bet you a 6pack of toilet paper or a bottle of non alcoholic champagne, that Brooke ends up in bed with Deacon.

    • I am with you on the story line direction. If they end up divorced, I just don’t see what story they can dream up for Ridge. His whole reason for existence is Brooke.
      I’ve missed something. Whose Prince?

      • THE prince. Ridge just casually popped him into the conversation. The Prince wants Ridge to come for a Christmas party. I didn’t hear where or which prince. Prince Andrew? Brooke should go keep an eye out. A Saudi Prince? Christmas celebrations in a Muslim country?

  36. In yet another fun New Year’s Eve in Los Angeles …

    Zende tries to propose to Paris, but Carter knows that Paris hates the idea of being tied down, so he alerts Paris to Zende’s intentions, allowing Paris to subtly talk Zende down before he gets on one knee. Returning to Forrester HQ, Paris thanks Carter for his timely intervention. Carter tells Paris that there’s nothing wrong with being single, and Paris agrees. Paris chooses to express her love of being single by pursuing yet another rich Forrester man, this time, Carter himself. Oh, that wacky Paris.

    It’s a good thing Will is away at boarding school, because you just know Paris-ite is counting down the days until the next generation of billionaire heirs turns 18. Someone lock up Douglas for his own good.

    Speaking of Douglas … up at Brooke Forrester-Spencer-Logan’s mansion, Sheila has spiked Brooke’s drink, causing Brooke to fall off the wagon and knock back bottles of vodka like they’re going out of style. Of course, while tipsy, Brooke kisses Deacon. Because Brooke Forrester-Spencer-Logan wouldn’t be Brooke Forrester-Spencer-Logan unless she was kissing somebody she wasn’t married to.

    Passing by (on the hunt for his favourite teddy bear), Douglas looks through the window and happens to see his step-grandmother and adopted-mother’s-father (geez, this family) in lip-lock.

    Given that Douglas has a 100% success rate in solving Forrester family mysteries (and that he single-handedly solved the “Missing Beth” mystery. Lord knows, he did so much better than all the other adults, who remained clueless for months), you’d think they’d listen to him. But no, I imagine everyone will just ignore the kid.

    But then, I also imagine Douglas just getting fed up with all these morons and, one day, just deciding, “Screw you all!” and stomping off to bed in a huff.

    Oh, those wacky Forresters.

    • Little Douglas hasn’t hit puberty yet…..he’s already a voyeur like his creepy roach father.

      I’m glad Parisite is going to dump Zende. What a jackal Carter is.

      Brooke, so easily seduced by Deacon’s silver tongued ” I thought about you a lot while I was in prison”. Brooke could be strung out on booze again for months. Classy work from saboteur Sheila.

      Thanks Windsong.

      • Well, you know, everyone communicates differently.

        Clearly the Forrester family communicates information by looking through open windows or listening at half-open doors.

        Poor Douglas. That kid is going to be so messed up, and he hasn’t even hit puberty yet.

  37. I am behind and watching two in one. Firstly, Taylor leaves a dangerous cactus where Kelly can easily reach it and even give it to her baby brother, and that’s Sheila’s fault. How about they apply some of that “Where Sheila goes, trouble follows” to Taylor.
    Next, even been tipsy? You know it, right? Yet Brooke guzzles a bottle of champagne, and doesn’t realize after a glass or two that it’s alcohol?
    Hurry up and make your move Deacon, before Douglas comes looking for his fuzzy Peanut. 😮

    • Deacon said “nothing happened”, though I assume he learned a few tricks in jail.

      One glass of champagne does go to the head noticably.

      Yeah, the cactus was a pivotal moment. Anything to disparage Sheila.

  38. Carter railroads Zende’s marriage proposal but dives in with his own lips. Someone might wonder if his motives weren’t selfish. Too bad Katy.

      • Carter is the Forrester marriage celebrant, right So he gets paid per ceremony he performs?

        I can’t help but think that he has a vested interest in constantly interfering with and/or breaking up Forrester family relationships.

  39. Little Douglas spills his guts to Liam. ” I saw Grandma kissing Santa Claus!” Liam makes nothing of it. Deacon arrives uninvited and like a fool, Liam lets him in. Deacon wants to crawl up his arse. Everywhere Deacon goes, prison is mentioned.Hope believes in rehabilitation. Douglas can’t tell the difference between Dickon and father Xmas.

    Who has the biggest breasts? Carter….or Parisite?

    Awful memories come back to brooke, as the grilling from Rasper and Hope begins about New Year’s. Empty booze bottles everywher, Rasper is oblivious to this, he asks if Dickon was was on his best behaviour. Oh, yes, Rasper.

    Sheila pulls more evil looks from her hotel room , gloating to herself. Geez, we’re only ten minutes in. The ads for Survivor are relentless. Folk I don’t like are going to be on it.

    • The “Survivor” ads are bothering me, too. It doesn’t look like a good series, and the last season was so unappetising that it’s like, you know, I couldn’t be bothered sitting through this one.

  40. Liam’s softening towards Deacon and Hope is grateful The penny begins to drop on Deacon that someone has spiked Brooke’s drink. He’s living on Il Giardino pretzels, btw. Rasper starts to smell a New Year’s rat in the form of Dickon. Rasper silently fumes that Deacon was hanging around while he’s out of town.Soon, mediocre worlds will collide. Nine minutes to go,

    It’s hard to know who the spider and who is the fly with Carter and Parisite.

    Brooke says she had a “bad night’s sleep”and the dumb Rasper swallows the ruse. Brooke calls Dickon at work. Deacon says to go back to AA. Great help.

  41. Deacon promises to say nothing about the night in question, though it was “one kiss”. He promises “forever”. We know that means” one week” max.

    Brooke bawls, trembles and brandishes the Vodka bottle, daring to take a slug. Back at the hotel , Sheila wallows in her latest deed. Curtain time.

  42. I fell asleep during some of this episode. Suffice to say, Deacon and Sheila are stomping around L.A. like a pair of T.Rex wreaking havoc.

    Brooke is still piecing together what happened on NY eve as Hope starts prying into the last known movements of model daddy Deacon. Brooke’s filled with shame, maybe a Vodka will help wash that down.Hope ‘s mystified why Brooke’s no longer in the Deacon cheer squad. Well, Brooke found out about sleazy Santa real quick. Santa wanted her to see his sack.

    Steffy and the roach try to explain Taylor’s hare brained plan to keep Sheila under notice to the doubting Rasper. This is a world renowned psychiatrist, right?

    Sheila turns up unannounced at Taylore’s workplace to praise Taylor and shit can her nemesis Brooke. I’m asleep before the curtain. These people are so rich, yet miserly with security arrangements to keep serial scum like Sheila and Deacon under control.

    • No, for a bunch of billionaires, nobody ever seems to lock a door. Anywhere in this city.

      Even Taylor — if she’s that renowned as a psychiatrist, she’d be financially well off, and that’s not even taking into account all the times she married into the Forrester family, and would’ve received a settlement after divorce.

      • Taylor should know you don’t reward an obsessive stalker.
        But Taylor is a terrible psychiatrist.
        Even this one.
        The last one shot Bill and broke into a doctor’s office and patient files then blabbed to everyone at a party that Brooke was pregnant.
        So don’t expect much from Taylor.

  43. Management at Il Giardino’s must be wondering where all their champagne and pretzel supply is going.. Sheila used to wait tables there and wanders in at will. That’s all blood under the bridge.

  44. Her wigs are still awful and I agree that her psychiatric skills might need some evaluation … but I do like the new Taylor. Her, Steffy, Thomas and Ridge are playing off each other really well.

  45. I do love the Sheila character. She’s really leaning into to the scene chewing. I think she’s a delight.
    I would say that I could watch her all day but really, I think it’s done just enough that I look forward to it. I hope they don’t write the character out too soon. Perhaps a looney bin for the three months and then back for the next plot.

  46. As has been usual lately, I made it through 10 minutes.
    There was a long, convoluted conversation where they tried to explain why Ridge was absent at midnight on New Year’s Eve.
    Working, apparently.
    I just can’t.
    Gotta love this show. Sometimes, I wonder why they even try.

  47. That is not how an AA meeting rolls.
    Brooke lied through her teeth.

    I got a RAT kit. No thanks to Scotty.

  48. And just passingly, because I don’t want to stir anything up and this is not the place but I am so outraged over the demands that Grace Tame smile.
    Do people not hear themselves?
    There are so many layers of Wrong that I am lost for words from this point.

  49. But most importantly, back to Bold.
    Paris’ mother just finished a speak praising Paris for her “leadership and vision” and proclaiming how proud she is for making a difference to the world.
    I am so confused.
    This is the PA? Who wanders the corridors trying to charm any available man but if we believe the publicity has had a couple of clever opinions on a dress or two.
    I’ve missed something.
    I accept that she’s there for the diversity quota. I think it’s interesting that she’s only allowed to be paired with POC. That’s very American. At least she’s not running around with married men. I am assuming that the end game is that she is going to go out on her own and set up a Company to rival Forrester’s and that somehow this Company will be instantly as successful as one that has been established for decades. Otherwise this whole story line is an exercise in wasting everyone time.

  50. Grace Tame has done more for victims in this country than Shithead Scotty ever has or ever will. She should have punched the ingrate in the head.

    Maggots like Paedo Pell get away with it all the time. Go do some supperspreading at your Hillsomg scam and die, Scotty.

    • I read a story today from a girl went on a school excursion to Parliament House and met both Scott and Albo. Photos were taken with Scott whilst Albo sat them all down and had a free ranging conversation with them. She felt that it was just a photo opp for Scott and made the mistake of saying so.
      Apparently she was forced to make a written apology to Scott by one of Scott’s staffers. She said she was too frightened not to.
      Sadly, I believe the story.

      • Scott, Scott, Scott, you’re making Sheila look like an angel while your turn dead bodies into numbers.
        As for Grace it’s like, “Go on, give your uncle a kiss, and why won’t you sit on his knee?”
        And no, I won’t be apologizing.

        Back to Paris, yes, she is so amazing all the time, forget fashion house, she could rival Oprah, or be President of America.

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