Whatโ€™s happening on the Bold and the Beautiful: summer 2022

By Daisy

Time for a quick one (as Brooke said to Deacon). We can anticipate the Brooke, Ridge, New Taylor love triangle to return, with a little help from Sheila.
Eric and Quinn must be coasting along with Viagra and a little self-help.

I hope they never go to Taylor for treatment. Perfect Paris (will everyone please stop praising her for her wonderfulness) has her choice of Zende, Carter and Thomas.

I hope she goes after the top spot; the over-the-fireplace portraits at Flaccid Forrester’s.

.Stay tuned for more.



  1. Just catching up on the week. OMG another leech has arrived at Forrester’s.
    And she lost her British accent, as did Paris. Did writers forget they were all from England and Zoe had arrived speaking with HM’s English?

  2. Deacon mops the floors at Il Giardino’s. Sheila turns up as usual and starts fantasising about doing the ol’ alcohol switcheroo on Brooke again. Deacon’s hip to that ruse but he’s got bigger fish to fry.

    There was some forgettable scenes with Steffy and the roach wanting to platy happy families . Best left unsaid.

    Deacon gaslights Brooke about the alleged passion they felt on NYE. Deacon must reek of testosterone. All those nights in prison reminiscing about the best sex he ever had. (Outside prison)

    All this time we thought Deacon was wanting to reconnect with Hope like a good father was but alas we go to the curtain with Deacon spouting a farrago of lies, that he always loved Brooke , he loves Brooke and he always will. Deacon’s pemis has overruled any paternal instincts he may ever have had.

  3. I saw Deacon’s fine acting; floor sweeping. I think it’s the first time in Bold history that I have ever seen anyone do any work. And he learned that in his first acting class; now pretend you are sweeping a floor. Even when waitressing, Sheila didn’t do anything but eavesdrop.

  4. Rasper assures the roach and Steffy that his marriage to Brooke is rock solid. As he speaks , Deacon is over at Brooke’s tring to sell the idea of some mystical connection between them. At least Brooke reasons it’s just the booze……but soon they’re both having flashbacks to the nighrts of lust years ago.

    Hope and Steffy argue. Broke’s been having too many sickies and qwe know how hard these Forresters work so they can’t have any arse draggers .

    Rasper hugs Broooke and says she can tell him anything. She would , if she wasn’t busy fantasing and reminiscing the sordid night with Deacon that begat Hope. Deacon’s big on this mystical bond stuff….he’s a garden variety predator. Curtain.

  5. Deacon said, “Nothing happened”, while looking like he’s almost having the ‘after ciggie’.
    Ha, remember the 70s and the ‘After ciggie”. Yew. It was meant to be sexy.

    • I’m starting to think something did happen, Maybe Deacon pleasured himself jail style while Brooke lay there. We’ve gone from erectile dysfunction to date rape in a matter of weeks.

      Nice shot, daisy. Deacon sure looks like the cat who got the cream there. He means “Nothing happened that you knew about Brooke. Morning $unshine!”

  6. “Here to sniff around for info and interfere. As a friend”
    And a world famous psychologist.
    (As opposed to a rival who wants your husband).

  7. “Brooke. Brooke. Brooke. What did you do when you were drunk? How can I find out?”

    “Wait a minute. My new best friend, Taylor”.

  8. After being given the cold shoulder by Perfect Paris, he moves on the next day. So she swings by to make sure he stays on one of her many hooks.

    • I think Brooke saw through it, but Ridge was sucked in. “She just wants to help”.
      I guess the next scene will be her gossipping with Sheila (the resident psychopath, about Brooke’s issues).

      No it was Paris, whose lips were still moist from Zende’s saliva, puckering up for Carter. It’s handy that the boys’ offices are right next to each other.

      And yep. Taylor’s office, and in walks Sheila. But she “did knock”, she says.
      She glides into the subject of Brooke by starting with Taylor’s relationship with Ridge, or lack of. And now “Brooke and Deacon”. “How does she seem to you, Taylor?”. During office hours????
      Taylor would be the least ethical psychiatrist in the world, even worse than Dr Phil but neck and neck with the sexperts on Married.

  9. Little Douglas is starting to sing like a canary about who was kissing Santa Claus on NYE. Liam and Hope are flummoxed but slowly the penny drops that Dickin’ Deacon is involved. Daddy’s let you down again, Hope. The acting in this scene is truly pitiful. It’s time we’ll never get back.

    Sheila’s got that world renowned shrink wrapped around her little finger. Leopards don’t change their spots. Even all that time in Africa, Taylor learned zilch.

    It must be doing wonders for Brooke’s “recovery” having all those booze bottles alluringly lying around

    It won’t be long before Carter is banging Parisite on his semen stained couch. I can see Zende’s designing flair imploding as I write.


    • I watched the โ€œI saw Santa Clausโ€, scene with incredulity. How old is this child that he still believes? And they stretched it out for maximum effect. In my house there would have been a demand for a sharp hurry-along. We only have time for these type of conversations in the car and even then there would have been interruptions.
      Parisโ€™ hair must take a lot of maintenance. Must cost a fortune.

  10. Hope decides to question Brooke about NYE and well, she’s more invasive than a clumsy gynaecologist. Brooke looks as shocked as if she’d been caught giving Santa Claus a golden shower. ie overacted just a tad. Morsel by juicy morsel Brooke coughs up the sordid truth about her night on the juice. She drank but doesn’;t know why. Deacon wasn’t to blame , she says( he wasn’t exactly thumping a sobriety handbook , either). Hope tells brooke a Dr Philism, she’s her “safe place”.

    Like a steak knife infommmercial , Brooke says “wait there’s more” Deacon stayed the night, but “nothing happened”. Hope knowss Deacon is a dickhead now but hey he’s her Dad.

    Carter’s going to get burned again as he falls into the Parisite’s lair of lust. Hey, if it feels good, Carter’s up for it. A carton of milk lasts longer than Carter’s relationships. Parisite has options everywhere.

    Taylor fesses up that her hate for Brooke kept her adrift from the irresistible Rasper, who looks all set to break some vows soon.

    Curtain. I missed yesterday’s ep and little Douglas once again being the oracle who reveals all.. Didn’t notice Deacon and Sheila today. Brooke’s bound to fail her sobriety with these idiots as :”support”. Another Dr.Philism used by Brooke to drag herself from the NYE mire ~ “What was I thinking?”

  11. OMG. Or OMW. Brooke is going to get put through the family mincer for kissing Santa, and waking up with his little Elf beside her, but the real adulterer is bl**Dy Ridge with all his canoodles and cuddles with the Wigged One.
    Carter “can’t go down that road again” (with Parisite) but he’s already well down that well worn track. Paris-ite is panting to have him drive up and park.
    Liam sits Douglas down to interrogate him about Santagate, then hands him a floppy bunny. For one scary moment I thought Liam was going to play forensic pathologist and ask Douglas to use the bunny to show him, “where Grandma touched Santa”. Phew. He didn’t.

    • So there’s not enough alcohol in the world for Brooke to shag Deacon. We’ll see. $heila may have been to Bunnings again.

      Thirteen time married Brooke’s thinks Rsaper will divorce her over a paralytic kiss with a convicted felon on NYE. Ridge kissed Shauna, Quinn and Taylor, nothing happened.

      The roach and Steffy eavesdrop on Rasper and Taylor getting more intense. These so called adults are pretty messed up and need a good session with Coach Mike.

      Little Douglas will be coached to lie about Santagate. They should buy him a puppy but this show discriminates against pets. Little Douglas could have been snatched by a paedophile while the little brat was wandering around the vast Forrester estate unsupervised being a voyeur.

      Gee, Carter’s moment of guilt passed by in a hurricane. Curtain.

  12. Steffy is what, 6 years old, going all Parent Trap, trying to reunite Mommy and Daddy so she can grow up with a real family. ๐Ÿ˜‘

  13. And there we go. Yep, the milk is still barely out of the udders Dave, and Carter has already succumbed to Parisite’s clutches. The couch is going to get another pounding.

  14. As predicted , Brooke would plan to coach little voyeur Douglas to say nothing. Hope and Liam were in on this.

    Elsewhere Rasper dribbles to panic stricken Brooke about “destiny’ and a whole load of platitudes. They’re solid but always on the rocks.

    Steffy invites Rasper to dinner at the beach house, so under some pressure that he’s pussywhipped, he accepts and leaves Brooke at home with all the Vodka. Steffi knows Brooke is hiding something.

    The dinner party at the beach house hasn’t even begun. In front of the roach, Steffy and the Rasper , little Douglas spills his guts about Grandma kissing Santa Claus.Ridge lies to him that Forresters don’t keep secrets from each other, so the little brat tells all. Too late for Brooke and her abusive plan..

    Only Deacon suspects Sheila’s role in this terrible tragedy.

    Paris’s mother is in town. She can’t act and looks to be as evil as her baby stealing husband. She is extremely nosy and tactless.

    Carter keeps it in his pants and pumps iron instead. It was heating up before Paris’s nosy mother rang up. How did she even get into the building?Curtain.

  15. Smelling a potential Forrester son in law, Parisite’s cheesy Mum makes a beeline to LA, only to have her plans go awry as Parisite hasn’t got her hooks hard and fast into Zende.

    Instead her Parisite suckers are embedded into Carter’s weak flesh. Carter realizes he has become the office toy boy; a piece of beefcake to be passed around from Forrester to Forrester like family size pizza.

  16. Parisite tells her sticky beak , in need of a hair stylist Mom that her and Zende have a “modern relationship” ie it’s turned to shite The dollar signs disappear from Dr Buckingham’s eyes.

    Hope frabtically calls the dinner party and asks/ demands that the blabbing brat Douglas be brought home on some shabby pretext. Not too late to coach the little voyeur yet, they figure .Brooke’s out of her mind about the destiny package blowing up in her face. Douglas is gonna have a “little chat with Grandma” or teach your descendants how to lie session. This will be the climax of the show….unless Katie gets pronged on Carter’s couch.

    Rasper, roach and Stefffy don’t suspect much for CEO’s of a multi zillionaire fashion house.. Katie turns up at Carter’s and starts prying into his life. Dull stuff. He works out and roots Forresters for a hobby.

  17. Gremlins played with my tv reception for the finale. I got enough to say that ol Grandma ‘s little chat was a brutal excercise. Curtain.

  18. Oh hell, Mommy Buckingham is not happy about Parisite letting the big fish go. She has probably already started planning to move in. Where did all their English accents disappear to? Remember Zoe had to train herself out if her Queen’s English.
    Over at Steffy’s, there are toys everywhere, but no sign of her children. Maybe they fell over that sheer cliff right outside their front door.

    Now they are deprogramming Douglas. For a smart kid he must be such a doofus. Most kids his age would have shut up after he saw Hope and Liam’s not-so thrilled reaction.

    Dave, I think Brooke is trying to hypnotize the little chatterbox. But nooooo. He’s reliving it now and having sexual fantasies. He’s just not letting this go.

    I must be really sneaky because I would have gone out and bought a big toy Christmas elf or teddy and put a Santa hat on it. Ta da. Mystery explained. Like the mannequin story wasn’t really Hope.

  19. How to traumatise a child.
    How to teach the great viewing public the importance of silencing children.
    I know Iโ€™m watching a lot of television through a prism of what is wrong with the world as a whole but, holy heck, screen writers are not keeping up with the new norm.
    I compare it to watching a St Trinianโ€™s movie. They are horrifying in hindsight. I often reflect on the joy I got from these movies and how much I looked forward to the next one.
    I used to laugh and laugh and laugh. Now I cringe at almost every scene.

    • So far, Douglas ‘ mother died. His Dad made a creepy ghost movie to scare the bejeesus out of little Douglas. He was locked alone in a room while his father took an unscheduled bath in hydrofluoric acid. Now Nasty Nanna will force him to lie.

  20. Booze battling Brooke’s been going to her AA meetings and in touch with her sponsor. She takes full responsibilty for getting smashed but doesn’t know how it happened. Rasper swallows this hook, line and sinker.

    Sheila goes to Il Giardino’s to rub salt into Deacon’s emotional scars. She can see how lovelorn he is as he furiously scrubs the bar. Hope arrives to confront deadbeat Daddy and Sheila scuttles off to a table and hides behind an enormous il Giardino menu. It’s eavesdropping time, folks.

    Sheila overhears a lot of what Hope says to Deacon~ which is pretty much rehash everything that happened on NYE. Those pesky, noisy unmasked Il Giardino customers revelling make it hard for Sheila to aurally digest the seedy contents in their entirety. It seems she’s heard enough to know her little switcheroo worked a treat. We don’t know if she heard that Brooke and Deacon shared a bed. Sheila will probably want to blab to Taylor first.

    Hope warns Deacon not to take advantage of Brooke’s struggle with sobriety. They call that in Alcoholics Anonymous the 13th step,btw. His ghettoblaster is in pawn, so he can’t serenade Brooke like Sheila mocked him. But all that pain is better than rooting Sheila back at her hotel room,he reasons. Even the free booze and creature comforts aren’t enough. Brooke was the best sex he ever had, he can’t get it out of his criminal head.

    The scenes at Il Giardino are great.


  21. Deacon was at IL Giordino’s training for a job at Forrester or Spencer Publication. He will be able to add, “stood around and discussed mine &/or someone else’s sexual relationship” to his CV. That should see him well on his way to a top position and the right to eat a box of Chinese food on the mahogany desk in Eric’s office.

  22. Douglas is gnawing away at the truth like someone can’t stop picking a scan, or squeezing a pimple. Brooke has made it worse with her, “Don’t tell” prompting. Douglas just can’t let it go. He made need Taylor the terrible psych to test him for obsessive compulsive disorder. And now to add to the curious sleuths problems, he has been given binoculars.
    As for sleuths, Sheila wishes she had a bionic ear. She is feeding Deacon what she, “Couldn’t help overhearing”, in the hope that he will naively fill in the gaps. She will soon learn that Deacon has already been filling in the gaps with Brooke.

    Thomas is playing Seigmund Freud and delving deep into Douglas’s psyche with some hypnotic talking.

  23. Douglas coughed up like a stool pigeon. Now Taylor is going to mess with his head. Sheila is on the trail and easily hoodwinked Deacon. No flies on Sheila , yet.

    Carter can’t help himself and sure Brooke has sealed her fate grooming that little brat to shut up. He thinks of nothing but Grandma and Santa Claus and NYE..

    • I still can’t believe they haven’t gone with the mannequin story. Given how Liam ended up with egg on his face for accusing Thomas of kissing Hope, it would be a perfect explanation.
      Sheila needs to forget Brooke and focus. She has lost sight of her goal.

    • I love every single scene with Sheila, even when it is just her face as she listens to delusional Deacon. This actress is so underrated. Why isnโ€™t she in some horror movie getting paid megabucks or the remake of Sex and the City instead of those bland, vanilla actresses.

        • I’ve seen her interviewed and she loves her job on B&B. She can do that evil look on command. She’s got it in for “that lush” Brooke for being kept away from Hayes and the Meat Puppet. Before that, Steffy was in her sights but a world famous shrink has held an olive branch to keep an eye on Sheila.

  24. Brooke and Hope agree on secrecy. Fact is,what happened on NYE is spreading faster than a new Covid variant. Douglas has blabbed it all up and Deacon is on the verge of blabbing to the barfly at Il Giardino~ Sheila.

    Carter and Parisite are falling in love. I have my doubts whether ruler of hearts Mrs Buckingham at the door can successfully eavesprop through that thicket of hair.

    Hope thinks the new , improved Deacon won’t blab. ” Dad won’t talk” He won’t need to , the way Sheila is piecing things together. Deacon will get drunk and blab is my guess.

    Soon Steffy will know , after the roach has grilled his son one more time.

    • Some genuinely audible LOL’s here, Dave. I think “thicket” was my favourite.
      And “faster than covid”. ๐Ÿคฃ

  25. Ridge goes to Il Giardino and warns Deacon to stay away from his wife. Bit late for that advice.

    The roach is saying to Stefffy “You won’t believe what Douglas just told me” Like I said, spreading like a new variant. This should be the last ad break.

    Meddling Mrs. Frizz gives Carter a lecture about the purity of Zende/ Parisite relationship. Rasper keeps throwing insults at Deacon, they are like water off a duck’s back.

    Sheila has a good old gloat about her work back at the hotel. She refers to Brooke as a “bitch” Talking to herself in the mirror , getting unhinged.

    The roach plays 20 questions with Steffy about NYE till the penny drops. Steffy pulls a look of surprise. Wait til Rasper finds out. Or Katie .Or anyone. Curtain.

    Brooke is convinced this is going to blow her marriage sky high.

    • It’s not Brooke’s first rodeo getting caught in an extramarital smooch. I’m surprised she’s not all, “Baah whatever. Ridge will just throw Deacon out of a helicopter, sleep with Shauna and we’ll be back together because we are each other’s destiny”. And she’d be right.

      In the meantime I wouldn’t be surprised to see young Parisite take a detour to the end if Ridge’s lips. And we’re hirsuit mother might approve in the hope of a portrait of her and Parisite over the fireplace. But Mum had better stand too close to the fire.

      • Ridge got away with a night at Bikini’s drunk with $hauna reading him a bedtime story , then the tipsy trip to Vegas, plus his fixation with Quinn. Love conquered all that sleazy behaviour from Ridge.

        Brooke is laying it on just a bit thick. Her and Rasper are “solid”

        Parasite’s Mom definitely a fire hazaed.

  26. Mrs Buckingham, like a Russian tank on the Ukraine border is all about invading .Carter cringes as the mother of all lectures erupts from the thicket. Hands off Paris, You ‘re not good enough for her. I know you were rooting Quinn and I’ll go and dob to my new friends the Forresters that you’re messing with family, a successful designer, in fact.. The prying old thicket married a baby stealer, Carter should just throw her out, but is intrigued to know that Paris pines for him across the sea.

    Deacon easily parries the meek threats and insults dealt by the Rasper. He taunts Ridge that he’s in fact protecting Brooke. Deacon’s not afraid of a bullying designer as he relives NYE in his perverted head..

    Little Douglas ‘ story is regurgitated for Steffy’s benefit by the roach. Steffy reasons it’s got to be true , because the little priveleged prophet told them that Beth was alive.

    Hope thinks the secret is under wraps.They ‘re “living with the secret”. Well it’s contahioust and todays there’s the new one the social climbing thicket is hatching.. The Forresters would know by now that Carter would hump anything that moves.Curtain.

    • I meabt Zoe pines for Carter across the sea. She’s either in London or Paris, having a stellar career as a model.

  27. Mrs Thicket has some nerve. Dr Phil would even tell her to take a step back and mind her own business. But she has her heart set on a Forrester marriage.

  28. Carter is ripped apart some more by Mrs Thicket and reminded how he’s not good enough for her prick teasing daughter. Then she’s off to crawl up Zende’s arse and tell him that he loves Paris. Judge Judy says that bad women get more manipulative, and better at it, with age. Mrs Thicket is bad to the bone.

    Ridge reminds Brooke how important she is to him , mostly because she’s his supply of sex. The Rasper heroically crows that he went see to Deacon , when in fact he meekly harrassed him in his workplace. The Rasper informs Brooke that Deacon “knows nothing about NYE”. Brooke looks as relieved as if she’d just taken a high powered laxative. Her whole flimsy marriage is on the line.

    Carter and Parisite meet , Carter says nothing about being savaged by a Thicket Rex and invites Parisite to his love nest for a night they’ll remember. This means an attempt for a last night in Paris. The thundering Thicket can go to hell. I’ll take out my frustrations on the couch springs, he thinks.

    Brooke is still on thin ice (without Vodka) because Steffy wants to grill little Douglas some more about NYE. Though his evidence would probably be inadmissable in a real court, Steffy’s ready for war and we see herr break into an evil grin as the curtain falls.

  29. Little Douglas is happy to undergo another audition for Dr Phil. The adults are. worried about his fragile mind but this is better than ice-cream with Donna. Next he’ll be drawing the Santa kiss in baby crayons. “And Deacon’s hands were here and her. Grandma’s tongue was here”.

    As for the raging Mrs Thicket, it’s not hard to see where Zoe and Parisite got their character training. Mrs Thicket is determined Parisite marries money AND the Forrester name.
    Either B&B producers need to spend some money on the stage setting for Carter’s apartment, or Forrester don’t pay their lawyers enough. Surely Carter has been a Forrester lawyer long enough to be considered a good catch by Mrs Thicket, and to get a nicer, and bigger apartment. Come to think of it, you’d think CEO Steffy and ‘whatever the do’ Liam and Hope could afford better and bigger. They keep adding kids to that tiny cabin.

  30. You would think a world famous psychologist could afford better writers; people who knew pronouns; “She said you and HER were having a challenging time”.

  31. So the Forresters upgraded their security system since Sheila came back to town. Murderers , convicted felons and eavesdroppers seem to get past that just fine.

    So Charlie has been suckered by Steffy to get cctv footage of Brooke kissing Deacon Claus on NYE. He’s been told the old chestnut “no one must know about this”.Head****ing little Douglas about NYE was all well and fine, but we need “evidence” reasons Steffy. Such a poweful woman.

    Brooke tells us just one more time that the discovery of the NYE by the roving Rasper will mean the end of her marriage.

    The Rasper meantime is in thrall to Taylor’s new haircut. Taylor has a brainstorm and informs him that her old ‘do was a “bit wiggy”. You reckon?
    We gor Mrs Thicket and now Ms. Thinnit. Rasper’s hypnotised with Taylor’s apparent concern with Brooke.

    It could have been last tango in Parisite. It imploded into a boring dinner, bit of smooching, Carter seemed to get the guilts…….I was bored beyond caring anymore. Mrs. Thicket’s blackmail probably gave Carter erectile dysfunction. Paris was all set to be pounded on Carter’s couch. He’ll work it off in the gym.

    I give it four days max til Charlie tells someone. Curtain.

    • Just as an aside, I was 13 when I saw Last Tango In Paris.
      I had no clue what was going on and thought it was one of the most boring movies ever.
      A bit like this repetitive story line. I get it. Brooke kissed Deacon when she was drunk. Every one knows now except her soon to be ex husband. Letโ€™s just get the 11 year old child to tell him so the kid can go back to school.
      Iโ€™m starting to miss the limp pecker which just seems to have been abandoned, bizarrely. Maybe they couldnโ€™t figure out where it was all going.

  32. Charlie, Steffy and the roach watch the cctv in horror as they realised Deacon “stayed the night”. Already by end of the episode, Taylor knows about this.

    Rasper asks Brooke why she hasn’t been smiling lately.Make up dept have made her look frumpish for this occasion.

    Carter tells Paris this their last night. He plays the Z card, boring stuff.


    • I thought Brooke had been looking awful lately. She used to be a marathon runner (half marathon runner?) and has had to give it up. I wondered whether Covid had meant that she was stuck at home, no exercise, lots of wine. Wait, thatโ€™s my life.

    • Steffy is so busy minding Brooke’s business that she has neglected to remove a hazardous plant from her childrens’ reach. But then they have probably already fallen over the dangerous cliff right outside their front door.

  33. Hey Zende AND Carter. You both need to run a mile. Do you really want a MIL who has no hesitation about butting her nose and thicket right into your business?

  34. Some dreadful…more dreadful than usual acting from the fake Taylor. Her quizzical facial expressions were acting class; what not to do. And boy, is she skinny. She could slip through grating to retrieve dropped carkeys.
    I was hoping Parisite would overhear Momma Thicket snarling her instructions to Carter to ward him off. For once, no one was listening at the door. She should go have a coffee at Il Giordano’s with Sheila. Two scary Momma’s.

    • Taylor was just getting warmed up. Still she can’t completely cough up the beans to the Rasper. She’s a terrible actor. We had some golden work from Liam , too. The faces Taylor and Liam pull aren’t in any acting manual.

      Steffy tortures Brooke without mentioning Deacon. She’s a cruel bitch.

      Ze plot…..it is moving like a glacier. Curtain.

      • Oh why couldn’t they have brought in a better actress to play Taylor. Watching her trying to act is pure torture. I mean, the bar is already low enough, but she’s even worse than Charlie. Or neck and neck. She didn’t let the grass grow under her feet, rushing to tell Rasper, who “needed to know”. But did he really? Given the kissy-go-round that they are all on anyway, did he really need to know?

        I’ll be taping First Dates tonight. I might not watch it tomorrow because I will have to drive to Perth to collect my $120 million ๐Ÿคฃ. Won’t we all. ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ

  35. Rasper finally gets the story about Brooke and what she got up to on NYE.

    He’s had to hear his precious hunk of destiny bad mouthed all over town. Even Rasper grasps that Brooke wouldn’t touch a “bottom feeder” like Deacon.

    The awful attempts at acting have been a feature in this sorry storyline, which is still waiting for Sheila’s role in Brooke’s NYE gaff to be uncovered. Taylor, Liam, Hope, Charlie. Serial offenders. Wyatt and Flo’s work never seemed so bad next to these. Curtain.

  36. I’ve hurried home to only the last five minutes and Rasper was gibbering “You’re my Logan”. Heard that old chestnut before. So that’s patched up, for now. Ridge leaves. Will he go to Bunnings to get a chain saw to deal it to Deacon?

    Then Taylor turns up at Brooke’s door and barges in. She “knows what happened with you and Deacon”. Do we care? Now we’ve been pulverized with NYE for nigh on a fortnight.

    Next thing I saw Rasper was punching Santa Claus at Il Giordino. The dressmaker turns to violence and delivers delivers a left hand haymaker to Deacon and floors him. Deacon’s karate expertise deserts him. Rasper rasps at Deacon to “get up”. He does ,bloodied and we go to the curtain. There’s probably a fight brewing with Brooke and Taylor while Rasper deals out the bush justice. I expect Deacon to fight back hard for the drinkin’ damsel Brooke.

  37. I made the mistake of watching Taylor with the sound off.
    Firstly, she needs to bring back the wig. Whatever they have done with her natural hair is just awful.
    And secondly, her face does funny things. Iโ€™m guessing thatโ€™s what passes for acting on this show. At least itโ€™s one step up from Liamโ€™s blank stare.

    • I’d rather they had brought Charlie in to understudy Taylor. I don’t like new Taylor with her quizzical squints and barging in to Brooke’s place at all. She can pack up her global good deeds and leave.

  38. One episode, three fights. The insults, kicks and punches flew thick and fast.

    First Rasper lets Deacon up and Deacon tries to explain what happened on NYE. Ridge isn’t buying it that Deacon didn’t get Brooke drunk.

    It’s all Sheila’s work, you idiots.

    Brooke meantime is being treated like you know what by a world renowned Psychiatrist who just happened to barge in and assassinate Brooke’s character. Unprofessional. Taylor’s face, it moves in mysterious ways.

    Powerful , strong bitch in a mini skirt Steffy rubs Hope’s nose in the NYE debacle, Hope was working happily before that….something rarely seen at Forrester Creations. The Forrester/ Logan feud is recalled. Steffy reminds Hope that she has shit parents.Hope is like a chip….and Steffy is a seagull.

    Ridge and Deacon come to blows again. It’s really quite a well shot scene as Ridge tries defending himself with a broomstick. Holes are punched through Il Giardino’s flimsy store room walls. Rasper takes the low road and throws a large glass bowl at Deacon , who is trying to get off the canvas.

    Brooke comes running in and sees what happens and she runs first to Deacon to see if he’s alright. We know that cops aren’t going to called, though Rasper instigated a serious assault. Curtain.

    • Rasper might’ve thrown the first punch, but he’s a privileged white billionaire. I’m sure the police aren’t exactly about to come knocking. The fight was filmed well, but I have to say, for all Deacon’s talk about studying martial arts? He was getting schooled by the pudgy billionaire. What’s Ridge demolished lately, apart from his own marriage?

      It was a funny moment when Ridge breaks the broomstick and turns it into a makeshift shiv … and Deacon’s just like, “really?” Well, clearly there are rules to this sort of thing, Rasper. How dare you?

      Still, it was lovely seeing them trash the set. Smash the props, put holes in the walls. That was pretty epic.

      As much as I don’t like the Logans and their shenanigans (Brooke, once again, is treating Ridge like nothing more than a prize that she’s lost and wants back because — once again — she made out with someone who wasn’t her husband and got caught) — and as much as I think that Taylor has a point, that Brooke has been repeating this pattern of behaviour for *decades* — I’m finding it hard to cheer for the Forresters either. Taylor is skirting some ethical boundaries, and Steffy is just being obnoxious and awful. Stay out of your father’s love life, Steffy, for goodness’ sake.

      Who to cheer for? They’re all awful.

      • Yes. ๐Ÿ‘†
        Except Sheila. She has an inner voice that is epic and says all the things most of us think, but donโ€™t act on.
        I was going to say that I could watch her all day but the truth is that she gets just the right amount of screen time. Enough for a little bit of overacting and then just enough to nudge the story along. Some days it could really do with some nudging.

        • Yeah, like today. Really, hasn’t Steffy just read the same script 3 or 4 times this week. Steffy grow up, and let Pappa sort out his own love life. Steffy and Taylor are hovering like jackals around the carcass of Brooke and Ridge’s marriage.

  39. I sent in a new post a couple of days ago, but for now …
    The world famous psychologist barges in to Brooke’s house to stand on her high horse and give Brooke a free consultation. I don’t need to have a degree in psychology to know that there would be a very unethical conflict of interest when your after your reluctant patient’s husband. I mean, she could diagnose psychosis that requires being committed.
    And there were other high horses to go around. Steffy trotted in on hers to interrupt busy Hope. Are you kidding me. The one time we see anyone working; you wouldn’t want to interrupt that. Steffy pretends to be upset for Daddy, but what she was really thinking was, “Yay”. It’s hard to do a happy dance when you’re on a high pony called, “Outrageous Indignation”, but it was there on the inside.
    Brooke looks like she threw away her kissing amnesty by running to the wrong punching bag, “Deacon, are you alright”. And as Dave says; Curtains.

    BTW speaking of bashed and battered; I tripped on the garden hose yesterday, dived bombed sideways, face first into the bitumen. Grazed and gashed face, site neck, sore hip. I was supposed to be working today but I was feeling a bit like I’d been in a brawl with Ridge. I’m still waiting to see if I come good with just a couple of Elastoplast bandaids, some Dettol ointment and some high strength pain killers.
    See, there’s drama everywhere. ๐Ÿ˜ฑ

    • You want what Dr.Phil calls a “soft place to land”. We’re sorry for your fall from grace. My forte is falling into furniture. Speedy recovery to you.

    • Ooh, I bet that was scary, Daisy, with possible awful results spinning through your mind as you fell. I hope you are ok, but be careful about any symptoms if you bumped your head.

      I am not graceful at all, and have been doing balance exercises as I get older. I’m not game to do falling exercises alone at home but I remembered to tuck my head down last time I tripped. Was very proud of myself for that :).

      • O am graceful at everything, which doesn’t work well for tennis or other sports ๐Ÿคฃ. Not sure if the fall was graceful. Probably not.

    • I tripped walking the dog the other day. No great injuries. Just hurt my hand a little as I used it to cushion the fall.
      But I was shook.
      A couple of years ago I would have bounced. Okay, maybe decades but it feels like not so long ago.
      Maybe it was not such a bad thing. I have started working on my core muscles again.

  40. Ridge runs to his other dysfunctional family,he and Taylor stare at each other meaningfully. There’s an incoming phone call from a desperate Brooke, who’s trying to save her umpteenth marriage. The devious roach covers the phone so the Rasper doesn’t notice. Brooke ends up leaving a message on his Raspmail. “We need to talk”.

    I didn’t pay much attention to Liam and Hope trying to cheer Brooke up. Still fuming about Steffy denouncing Brooke’s Infidelity. It was Steffy who slept with Liam twice…..after he’d being drugged with Vinnie’s shit and again after Liam tried kissing a mannequin. Steffy haasa put Rasper’s a marriage before her own, not to mention those missing in action kids of hers , Liam’s and the Meat Puppet.


    • There are enough black kettles and pots to start some kind of business. The finger pointing when anyone of them falls into the trap of iniquity or forbidden love keeps them all indignantly too busy to do any work. But Sheila is evil. She’s not even the only one of them who has attempted murder. Steffy killed cousin Allee. Quinn killed a bloke for the Hope diamond that seems to have been locked away in a safe.

  41. I hate this show when itโ€™s logical.
    As Rasper said, he told Brooke that inviting Deacon in would result in a clusterf**k, and lo and behold, Ta Da ๐ŸŽ‰ โ€ฆ. and she continues to defend him even after all of this. The scriptwriters may write wriggle room in here and save Brookeโ€™s 10th marriage but it can only be temporary. Rasper is not the only one who has had enough.
    Taylor is scarily thin. Iโ€™m not surprised they dress her in bulky winter clothes in the middle of summer.

  42. The judgy roach thwarts Brooke’s attempt to get to Ridge and also he’s got the Rasper’s phone in his pocket. Inside , Taylor massages a whole load of self serving rubbish into his head. Brooke doesn’t deserve the Rasper says Taylor, Brooke keeps going other men, Taylor says. It’s pattern, reasons the world famous shrink. Taylor. Soon Rasper is carressing her cheek. He says he wants to come home. He’s besotted, only took a day or two.

    Brooke whines to Liam and Hope that the roach bounced her from the beach house and worse , he’s got the Rasper’s phone.

    Taylor and the Rasper kiss, well, Taylor launches herself at him. The strings rise…..this is different to NYE, now. Curtain.

  43. I’ve been away and am playing catch-up. Deacon’s face looks like he fell over a garden hose face first into bitumen (I fell over a garden hose).
    Taylor has already exhausted her 2 facial expressions that say “Hmmmm”, “Oh dear”, “I’m doubtful” and “I’m a world famous psychologist”.
    Steffy has never been more irritating. Thomas says, “Brooke will just manipulate you”, while he Steffy and World Famous Dr Taylor manipulate him to dump World Famous Wife.

  44. It doesn’t matter if Ridge chooses Taylor or Brooke. They have both had Eric’s wick dipped in the well.

  45. Ridge chooses Taylor and the infantile Steffy and roach are jubilant that their parents are having sex.

    Brooke unloads what happened on NYE to understanding Eric. She still can’t understand how she got drunk.

    Ridge comes home and he’s quite cold toward who was just a few days ago “my Logan”. He says he warned Brooke about Deacon. The curtain can’t come quick enough.

    • No one can ever stay single in LA. Except for Taylor was waiting for Ridge.
      “And if you can’t be with the one you love, love the one you’re with”.

      I am teaching music tomorrow. As much as I love music, I am no music teacher. Desperate times, eh. I need a Brain Dead Dave.

      • From primary to high school. I haven’t looked carefully at the exact details yet. I only remember we are listening to Yellow with the highschoolers. I love that song.

        I have a ideas if my own. The Little Ones might like, House at Pooh Corner Liggins &Messina, Busy Doing Nothing, Bing Crosby and some other guy, the Puppy Song, Mary Hopkins, and Simon Smith and His Dancing Bear, Alan Price. But I will try and follow her programme if I can. I’m not going to stress. They need me. ๐Ÿ˜†

      • Funny you should say this. I have taken over tutoring my 11 year old granddaughter in maths.
        First of all, the blind leading the blind.
        And secondly, how does a child get to 11 in a private school and no one (including her parents) notice that she canโ€™t add. I mean seriously, thereโ€™s a world where 110 + 10 = 210 type of canโ€™t add.
        I am beyond furious but maintaining a calm exterior, otherwise they may not let me try to fix this.

        • As silly as this might sound, it’s not %100 the shool’s fault. Ever since the government intervened in the 70s and said, grammar, spelling and reading weren’t necessary, but children would learn using “whole language, a new breed of teachers have emerged who missed those basics. The teachers themselves don’t know these basics. A similar thing happened in maths. We did arithmetic, arithmetic in primary school. Now, they draw an arial view of their bedroom and it’s called maths. It’s the curriculum.
          And handwriting, they have a book and fend for themselves.

          BTW, my music classes were great.

        • Pleased to hear it on the music lessons ๐ŸŽผ ๐ŸŽถ.
          I understand what you are saying. Iโ€™ve heard that said about grammar and spelling in particular. Iโ€™ve never heard it said about Maths.
          The poor little darling is very distressed by it all, and itโ€™s not helped by overhearing her parents call her dumb. Iโ€™m speechless and I feel helpless at this point.

  46. But back to the main game, I was a little bit revolted by todayโ€™s episode of Bold.
    Yesterday, Ridge was declaring his undying love for Brooke. Today he chooses Taylor, who acts revoltingly coy in front of her grown-assed children who, in turn, giggle in glee. It made me want to throw up a little.
    Absolutely an episode written by a man (sorry, Dave) because no self respecting woman alive would take back a man under those circumstances.
    In a world where a pregnancy can last 14 months, why did they think it was okay to move the story line along so quickly?
    However, there was an appearance by Eric and his very thin lips. I am still wondering why. Is it normal to discuss your soon to be ex-husband with your definitely ex-husband? Have they run out of characters?

  47. Brooke had her “sad clothes” on; one of those horrible sad sack cardigans.

    No alarm bells are going off for the “world renowned” psychologist. There are no red flags when Sheila keeps stalking her and inserting herself into Taylor’s love life.

    Speaking of inserting yourself, I give Ridge until tomorrow.

    • Ridge said ” You’ll always be my Logan”….. then dumps her.

      It’s funny that Steffy and the roach think that their parents did the deed, when Rasper crashed in a lounge chair. Had me fooled as well. The kissing with stick insect Taylor lasted way longer thhan the hanky panky on NYE.

      When you’re a world renowned, home wrecking psychologist, it would pay to keep prying, convicted felons like cheerleader Sheila getting in.

      We have to surely find out Sheila’s evil part in all this soon. Why couldn’t that little brat Douglas have seen Sheila switching labels and blurted that out?

      Tomorrow sounds about right for an insertion, daisy, unless it’s dragged out over the weekend. The roach and Steffy will watch/eavesdrop.

      • Insertion won’t happen until Douglas and Sheila are there to witness the event, and cheerleaders Steffy and Thomas so they can all run bleating to Hope and Brooke.

        “I will always love you” is the catchcry of every B&B break-up.

  48. We viewers have been in a kind of purgatory for a few days now, not knowing if Rasper is going to shack up with opportunist stick insect Taylor and her sick children or go back to the destiny package……..and her sick children. Not much haute couture design going on , just a collosal amount of eavesdropping and interfering in parent relationships. “We want you to be happy!” Living amongst murderers and adulterers…..not much chance of that.

    Last time I checked , Carter amd Paris were snogging, however Mrs Thicket’s warning is playing on Carter’s tiny sex and gym obsessed mind.

    Deacon has been despatched by Hope to go cap in hand to Rasper and try and defuse NYE, just a drunken kiss gone wrong , nothing more to see here etc. From his high horse, Rasper can’t hear reason. Deacon’s not bad…..he’s just made bad choices.

    Sheila has been running rampant turning up uninvited at Brooke’s , Taylor’s office, Il Giardino. She’s eavesdropped on Hope and Deacon’s plans. She’s the personification of evil, wrecking homes and people’s sobriety.

    What will happen today?

  49. Brooke and Taylor are still at it , having a civilized chat. Sheila’s sabotage is still a mystery to all. Brooke leaves a winner, though , rubbishing Taylor’s “sweet little family” (of murderers). Stoic Brooke takes full responsibilty for choosing to drink.

    Meantime Steffy gets together with a topless meat puppet. He kisses her , just to shut her up moaning about Ridge’s happiness….but that doesn’t work for long. They have two priveleged brats to raise, right?

    Deacon continues to try to convince Rasper to take Brooke back. Rasper says no dice , she went to your aid after I coward puched you in the guts while you weren’t looking.

  50. Deacon’s not done, as he makes an impassioned speech to Brooke , telling her that Rasper’s no good and that a convicted felon Deacon is the only one that truly loves her. He caresses her blonde ringlets and gaslights her some more. Brooke looks confused. Curtain.

  51. I have been flat strap teaching but I have been popping into LA and skim watching.

    The take-away for me was Carter having enough chivalry to not r**t Paris on the same stinky lounge where he used to boink Quinn. That seemed to only leave a small uncomfortable looking armchair. Carter really knows how to wow a girl.
    It’s a notch up from ‘I can’t recall who it was’ took Katy on the kitchen bench. Just a little bit “Yeeeeeeewwww”.

  52. So Hope says 5e Ridge, โ€œI know that my mother will never love another manโ€.
    This she says about the woman who has been married eight times.
    I bet the writers sat back and laughed and laughed after they penned that line.

    • I think Brooke’s up to number thirteen,actually. Some to the same guy more than once. Enough for Stephanie to brand her the “biggest slut in the valley” . The competition is tough, too.

      Today , Sheila gloats to the roach that she’s the one facilitating his crazy family reuniting. Will those idiots join the dots is another matter.

      • Unfortunately The Roach won’t be blabbing to assist “Camp Blonde” any time soon. He’s busy with his own skull duggery. Mmm. Where did that expression come from? Pirates I’m guessing. Google here I come.

  53. Why is everyone dressed in brown?
    Where are all those outfits that used to make me laugh? They might have been a bit out there but at least they were bright and cheerful. This current lot makes everyone disappear into the bannisters.

      • Thatโ€™s the look.
        The plastic Ken doll hair, the expressionless face, the slightly too tight T-shirt and the absolutely wrong colour for television. Even Star Trek knew that red was a better option, even if it did signify that you were about to die.

  54. If the roach wants to play happy families , he has to keep the latest secret~ that Sheila fooled with Brooke’s beverage supply. What’ll it be roach? Cliff fall or Hydrofluoric acid again? Amnesia? Subdural haematoma?

    Liam unpacks NYE to Wyatt and Bill bringing all the casual viewers up date. The very person who kissed a mannequin before carelessly running into the open legs of his ex wife teases out Grandma kissing Santa Claus. Bill sees an opening, thinking Brooke’s on the shelf again.

    Sheila threatens the roach after he’s guessed she’d switched the booze. Sheila needs more leverage….if she only knew the roach killed Emma.

    Curtain. I missed the first ten minutes or do, a bit of Taylor and Rasper.

    • So you only missed a few of Taylor’s heating head motions and her “tea and sympathy” eye squints. She’s a world famous psychologist, don’t you know.

  55. Woolif had a long but mild heart attack two nights ago.
    Guess he won’t need me warning him, “You’ll have a heart attack any more”.
    Oh. He isn’t playing cricket with Warnie.

    • Oh my goodness. ๐Ÿ˜ฏ
      Sending you and Woolif best wishes and a speeding recovery.
      You are going to be on the receiving end of no end of advice from people who wish you well. Bear with us. Its a coping mechanism.
      The only thing Iโ€™ll tell you is that my Dad followed the Doctorโ€™s advice to the letter and that worked a treat.

  56. Thankyou. Maybe it was the nagging that did it. “You need to lose that hard belly”. “Eating a whole tub of yoghurt isn’t healthy “.

    • My argument was that itโ€™s not nagging. Itโ€™s repeating something thatโ€™s being ignored.
      Either do it or come up up with a really rational reason for why not.
      Not nagging. No such thing. ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ

  57. The roach is holding on to Sheila’s secret, though he feels compassion for Brooke, he might bust any day soon. Steffy’s upset with his feel sorry for Brooke schtick. Steffy is one hard bitch. Maybe the roach remembers when he drugged Liam. Steffy was a raging prescription junkie not long back…..but has no pity for Brooke’s drinking.

    Brooke meantime is beating up on herself for letting Rasper go. Hope tries to comfort her but Brooke convinces herself she’s the slut from the Valley Stephanie always said she was.

    Rasper practically ravages Taylor, who plays the world famous shrink card, telling Rasper to take some time to “move on”. They gaze into each other’s eyes. Rasper looks insatiable. Would erectile dysfunction run in this family of kooks? Taylor coos that she’s always loved Rasper.

    Carter and Paris face the blast furnace of interfering Mrs Ticket barging in and reading the riot act. Carter rolls over meekly and tells Paris to accept Zende’s proposal. Carter values his career at Forrester too much to follow his heart. He follows his abs instead.

    Curtain. C’mon roach….spit it out. This show is celebrating 35 years, btw.

  58. Carter probably rolled over because he saw his potential mother in law. And then there’s the baby grave robbing, baby stealing father in law. He’s probably thinking, “Family Ties”.

    At least he seems to have not had Paris on the crusty lounge. He should have let Mama Thicket sit on it.

  59. The tormented roach wants to spill his guts….hey, it’s going to get him some brownie points with Hope, who’s looking stunning at present, compared to destroyed, frumpy Brooke.

    Brooke pours it all out to Liam, who draws on his vast suite of acting skills to produce bored body language when he should be actively listening. Fail. Where’s Will Smith when you really need him?

    Deacon tries it on again with a cheap gift and nostalgia. Nothing doing from Brooke.

    Hope appeals to Rasper to forgive the drinking. Rasper has flashbacks to better times , when Brooke had just kicked the Vodka.He really doesn’t know which way to jump. He virtually sexually assaulted Taylor just the other day. The groper from the guest house.

    The roach rings Sheila , who piles on the threats , telling the torn roach to take the switcheroo secret to his grave. We know that means he’s ready to bust. Well why not, since Steffy has got herself to the eternal ajar door and is eavesdropping. She’ll want Thomas to stfu, so she can play happy families..


  60. Yep, Hope looked good and actually wore a very stylish black dress. I can’t recall ever seeing any of them wearing an outfit I liked. Brooke is still drowning in tears and boring beige. The baggy cardigan out of the “I’ve been dumped”, or “My baby has been kidnapped costume department.

    Anyhow, Parent Trap continues as Steffy plays the part of a spoilt 8 year old trying to reunite her mommy and daddy. (She’s clearly pregnant again too). Wait until she discovers the price she is paying to have her parents back living together under her roof is getting into bed with Sheila Devil.

  61. Sheila is going to meet Thomas in a dark alley because every other option is too dangerous. Oh, colour me delighted ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ

    • Same finish as yesterday. Steffy eavesdropping one Sheila/roach convo. I loved the ” dark alley”. Those cardboard cartons were really scary.

  62. Steffy almost invisible, hiding behind the crates with her newly rounded tummy and her bright orange Tigger outfit. It would have been more fun had Sheila and Thomas met behind some tall bamboo or jungle plants.

  63. I have been watching the throw back episodes with Brooke being front and centre.
    She was a very pretty girl when she was young.
    There is something very off about this sweet young thing being portrayed as the aggressor in the relationship with this man thatโ€™s old enough to be her grandfather. It is subtly implied that because he has money, and she does not, that that makes it all okay. Obviously he is helpless before the onslaught of her charms and itโ€™s not just gross.
    Iโ€™m surprised that of aaaall the scene that they could choose, this is the one that the producers went for. Iโ€™m guessing that it shows up the male writers internal monologues and demonstrates why Louis CK was still able to win a Grammy for best comedy album even after acknowledging decades of reprehensible behaviour towards women.

    • Given this show, who’s to say he’s not her grandfather?

      I’m glad I don’t know who Louis CK is. Bill Cosby beats the rap. No justice.

  64. Steffy knocks on Sheila’s door, so much for the roach taking that secret to his grave. It lasted about a week. Sheila’s done up in tight black leather just chilling in her lair.

    Eric and Brooke hug and reminisce about their halcyon days together. Nowadays Eric’s too pooped to pop and Brooke looks haggard to boot……like a model on one of those daytime wrinkle cream scams. Same beige, lifeless outfit.

    Move this plot along , writers. Someone got drunk and kissed a criminal at NY . Worse things happen at sea. Curtain.

  65. Yesterday’s walk through Brooke’s memory lane; or the Ghost of Livers Past, was a snooze fest. Indulgent fantasizing from Brooke because Hope’s suggestions to Brooke’s despair was to think of all her past men.

    Tonight Eric reminds Booke, “You’re the love of Ridge’s life”. You can only say that when you’ve biblically “known” a string of men. Otherwise you would just be a wife.

    Taylor is still partially squinting her way through another episode.

    Dave, Brooke always wears sad sack beige or grey and horrible long cardigans when she’s suffering. She has been looking a bit worse for wear.

    • Is it my imagination or did it take a week to go through all the men in Brookeโ€™s life?
      Itโ€™s a bit laughable to call Ridge the love of Brookeโ€™s life after all of that, and letโ€™s not even mention that Ridge and Taylor were married twice. I would have called Taylor the love of Ridgeโ€™s life but then again, America is the land of rewriting history.
      Normally, I would say that this would be so much fun. I do love tongue in cheek but this feels like it has been going on forever. Iโ€™m guessing that Covid shut downs has meant that they have to invent new ways of keeping production going with minimal human contact.

  66. What the hell is Brooke wearing now???? A terrible elephant grey sleeves coat with a horrible, mauve, shiny nylon blouse. And she wears that to lure back Ridge? It will only remind him of his mum, the matronly Stephanie.

  67. Goodness me, I just read a spoiler for Bold. I didnโ€™t mean to and now here I am๐Ÿ˜excited to watch.
    Well, all I can say is that something dramatic had to happen to make up for the snails pace we have been enduring.

    • Trust me to miss today’s what I thought would be paltry offering.

      Hooray for 35 years of utter shite.

  68. Say what, people went out and bought the Celeste the Elephant fashion line?

    Dave the cliff hangers have to happen on Friday afternoon. I’m not there yet.

    I did just see a tempting as to audition for The Live Boat. I’d be up for First Dates too; Dork on a Fork. And perhaps later a pork.

  69. Oh no, Dave, it was a cliffhanger. The same back alley at IL Giordano’s where Ridge tackled Deacon and Thomas had his secret meeting with Sheila; Steffy shirtfronts Sheila with her knowledge. Someone is going to get their ceramic teeth chipped. Will it be Steffy or Sheila?

  70. Let’s hope there were breath mints for Steffy and Sheila as they hissed insults right into each other’s faces in that dingy lane behind Il Giardino. Sheila thinks Steffy should be thanking her for nobbling that “drunken slut”. No social distancing here. Sheila looks to be winning……she can act the pants off Steffy, not that Steffy needs help getting her pants off.

    Brooke starts to have light bulb moments that “something’s missing” in relation to NYE. Wardobe have dressed her more gaily for her reemergence into the light.

    The torn roach is keeping the soon to be exploded secret from Rasper for now.

    We still don’t know who’s going to prevail in the bitch fight behind Il Giardino. I expected some kind of weapon to be produced but no, just the curtain and crashing waves.

  71. Steffy, never confront an unpredictable, dangerous, occasionally homicidal, unhinged mother in law in a back alley or hotel storeroom. You only do that in public, if at all. Sheila already tried killing at least one person that I know of.

    But I predict that, although Steffy is staring death in the face, she will probably survive to sleep with Liam another day.

  72. Taylor compares Sheila to a unicorn to the incredulous Rasper. She’s got it all wrong. Sheila has two horns and cloven hooves.

    Finn races off to find Steffy. I can feel a car accident coming on. Hospital beepers and crowded visiting rooms. Tubes going nowhere.

    In the dark alley, Sheila has an arsenal of evil faces and Steffy is looking scared. I thought at least Deacon would be here by now. Steffy knows Sheila is still a sick psychopath…..and gives her another free character assessment. It’s water off Sheila’s evil back.

    Finn arrives. Sheila just happens to have a gun in her handbag hand and tries tries to shoot Steffy but the meat puppet gets in the way and literally takes a bullet for Steffy. No doubt this will bring the warring parties together around the comatose meat puppet. He’s got one slug in his wimpy ribs. Momma shot him. “I didn’t know he was here” , Sheila bleats. I smell dumb, hungry investigators .

    Okay , so no car accident …..but get the tubes and beepers happening. Pray that the meat puppet pulls through..They ain’t done in the alley, Sheila tells Steffy to put the phone down. ( It’s not nice to ring 911 on this show)

    Curtain. This was one of the better episodes. The Emmy goes to Sheila.

    • Did I not say? I know, I cheated but I love an I-told-you-so.
      I have been waiting for this episode and now things are happening. Such a long wait.
      Sheila is too good for this show. Letโ€™s hope that this doesnโ€™t mean the end of her contract.

    • Oh my. I didn’t expect that little diversion. Meat Muppet takes the bullet and it’s going to ruin his six pack. I wonder if “make up” will remember to add a giant scar to his previously glistening torso in future scenes.

      • How could Sheila have missed shooting Steffy in the lips? Supersleuth Sandwichez?

        That slug is in MM’s right hand lower ab. make up will put the scar on the other side. Who will the liver donor be? Calling Flo.

        We understand how fans assault Sheila in the streets , in the “real ” world.

        Thankds, Bobi

  73. Yeah, Flo still has a kidney.

    Speaking of missing, how does “world famous” psychologist (she’s trained in forensic psychology, don’t you know) miss when someone is fixated on you and stalking you?

    • At least Rasper knows Sheila is bad seed, Taylor thinks “people can change” from being intrinsicically evil and insane into unicorns. Even the Dr.Phil book I proudly own says it ain’t so. Now he is a “world famous” forrensic psychologist.

      • Oh yes, I made Dr Phil one book richer too. It was the concept of “Don’t go around trusting people because the world is full of aholes” that enticed me. ๐Ÿ˜†

        • That’s the one . “Life Code”. I paid full price for that. Way back , I bought “Love Smart”, about dating. On sale for $6. I get a good laugh out of all the warning signs.

      • As I go older I become more entrenched in the world of some-people-are just-awful and none of us think that person is us.

  74. How could Steffie not know that it was all going to hell in a handbasket with all that dramatic music in the background doing the foretelling.
    Way to antagonise a psychopath.

    • I knew the music was dire but had captions enabled. Another way to antagonize a psychopath is to call them a “sick psychopath”, like Steffy did. .. Poor poked Momma Sheila got so uptight , she shoots her own son. Her aim’s improving. From memory, last time she discharged a firearm at Eric’s mansion, she missed everything.

      • A scuffle between Mrs Thicket and Sheila would be alright; two feisty she-beasts and Mrs Thicket would get shot in the hair.

        There has been way too many guns. Quinn has always opted for pushing people from cliffs and bridges into large bodies of water.

  75. I hope props have moree beepers and tubes. Steffy’s been shot , too. Deacon finds the “bodies”. We don’t know if they’re dead. In acting parlance, these two have died countless times.

    Bill tells Liam that Liam loves Steffy……..who has a Sheila slug in her back in that squalid lane.

    Taylor is still on the Sheila cheer squad. Rasper can’t believe this. He’s just a designer….. a dressmaker.

    Sheila’s cleaning evidence back in her hotel room. She has flashbacks to putting a slug in her son. No regret about plugging Steffy. Looks like she’s packing to go somewhere.


  76. I’ll do one more post because we need a new thread to start off a new phase. “Sheila killed her son, shot Steffy and made Brooke drink”. And all on the world famous psychologist’s watch. Taylor couldn’t tell a deranged manipulator/obsessed stalker who in her own words, “would stop at nothing to get what she wants”, from a garden variety psycho who just wants acceptance.

    I know, pc probably forbids me from saying psycho….or fat. ๐Ÿ˜†

  77. Oh pulleeeaase, Sheila. Shoot Taylor. And this time don’t miss.
    That woman is sooooo poomvey.

  78. This is at least the 4th time Steffy has had to play possum in a hospital room. She recently was addicted to pain killers from her latest stint in hospital. Then there was her motorcycle accident when she miscarried. Prior to that she hit her head while on a love tryst holiday with Liam, and she was unconscious with brain damage.
    She could do this scene in her sleep.

    • So everyone has gathered around the bed, or are dead, or are drinking.
      So โ€ฆ whose looking after the children? Disposable, as always.

      • Yes. A detail picked up on by Woolif.

        He has a thing he always whinges about; “How come whenever something big is going down”, somewhere another person just happens to be discussing the people involved in the chaos.

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