US Survivor season 42 chat

Who’s watching US Survivor Season 42? This is the second outing of the shorter 26-day format and it’s the better of the two.
It is certainly helped by Survivor having ironed out some of the kinks from Season 41, after filming the two back to back in Fiji.

Yes, the stupid hourglass is still there but the editing is tight. Everyone gets a turn and the cast is a delightful mix of people.

Jeff’s long locks and breaking of the fourth wall still freak me out, though.

My top two potential winners are Omar and Hai. Who do you think will be named Sole Survivor?



  1. It was doing better than the last season…until we got to the episode with the hourglass and suddenly Jeff was back in our faces, and the twists came back just as bad. It will be interesting to see what they do with the next season (without covid excuses) after the way Season 41 was slammed. Will they keep any of the changes?

    I’m watching on Channel 9 on Thursday night, so I presume it is on 9Now?

    • I watched an episode on 9Now.
      I don’t know why I didn’t go back. I think I need these shows to settle in before I become engrossed.

  2. Interesting double tribal council where the social issues that made Season 41 so uncomfortable, now raised their heads again, and resulted in two good players burning off their idols just to make a point. The take-your-chance was used once again. I don’t know why you would bother using it unless you knew absolutely for certain that you were going. Even then you wouldn’t have much faith – one in six chance is poor odds. I think they still should have voted anyway, because open discussion doesn’t allow people to have a different private vote if they wish. Peer pressure comes into play, and who knows, someone else might have ended up gone.

    There were a couple of positives from the double-tribals. The first TC saw one of my least favourite players out. Unfortunately, in the second TC they jumped to the conclusion that he had been outed due to race, whereas he had been a target for a long time for just being plain obnoxious, and at the first TC was the obvious choice. In the second TC, while Drea (who I like as a player) dropped her idol unecessarily, she is sitting pretty with lots of advantages, whereas Maryanne also wasted hers, and I will be very glad to see her go soon without that protection. When she admitted to camera to using crying and silly little girl actions as tactics, it reminded me of others I know who use that very damagingly in real life.

    The show is now coming close to losing me. I’m just hanging on for the sake of a few players, Mike, Drea and Jonathan, but if they go, so will I. I do like Omar too, and suspect he may win but on his own it wouldn’t be enough to put up with the terrible changes and Jeff.

  3. I must admit there is a lot of playing the race card in a lot of American shows at the moment and it is very off-putting.
    I get that it’s a hot topic there at the moment. I even get that it’s a real issue for them that I can’t begin to comprehend. I know that we have our own set of problems that are just starting to bubble to the surface.
    I also acknowledge that I am as shallow as puddle. I want to watch these shows for the strategic play, the fun and challenges, and all this stuff just gets in the way.
    I am sad because I like Survivor but I have moved on.

  4. Drea really dropped a whole lot of valuable information in that bubbly exit. I’m not sure they all realised everything she said but they might later go “Did she just say…?”. I think she has cooked Omar’s goose by revealing that he was the only one who knew about the steal advantage. Mike may see it as loyalty, but it has blown Omar’s cover as an innocent bystander.

    The producers tried to throw in so many red herrings at the start of the episode. I think at some stage every person there was being targetted for something.

    I really don’t like that twist. Out of all the bad twists, this one only comes second to the hourglass. Staying or going based on pure luck, and being disadvantaged for taking the braver option at the challenge, is a bad look for a game of strategy.

    That’s one more of my favourites down. And Mike is becoming less of a favourite because he is too trusting of others, and now openly deceitful. I am really only watching for Jonathan and Omar now. I probably can only stand one more week of Maryanne and Romeo, so I doubt I will watch until the end.

    • I hope that shot in the dark and do or die challenge he’s never appear again. They make people play conservatively, which is not what we want.

  5. Been away and only just watched the finale. Utterly predictable and once again I am disappointed by the winner. Although this time, she wasn’t totally undeserving, it is just that the winner now is always going to be the minority person, regardless of anything else. And Jeff milked the emotion over and over.

    This season was marginally better than 41, only because we didn’t see the black alliance form. I credit Drea for her levelheadedness and refusal to play the race card, consistently bringing the discussion back to strategy. She even did it in the finale discussion.

    There were some aspects of these two seasons that were caused by covid, so as long as they are cut out next time, they are forgivable. Most of the twists and advantages need to go, they distorted the strategy so much and introduced too much luck. It needs to go back to more people and longer. And an invisible Jeff.

    With the focus on social attitudes, the US version is on the downer for me. I will probably only watch the Aus one now.

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