What’s happening on The Bold and the Beautiful?

By Daisy

Finally Sheila’s secret will emerge. That is, unless, the fingers of suspicion find their way to Deacon.Who would suspect Sheila of shooting her own son? 

With Steffy’s pathetic side-kick, Meat Muppet gone, the field is open for Liam to step up for another round of Girlfriend Roulette. Hope will try and be understanding, at first, when Liam finds himself at Steffy’s bedside every day.
Bobi, if you are worried about the kids, I think Hope and Liam, or Taylor will mind them.  Perhaps Sheila will offer to baby sit. I wouldn’t trust Taylor with them. She brought a sharp cactus into the home for the toddlers to touch, and she’s gullible enough to think Sheila had changed, so she couldn’t recognize a pedophile if he offered the kids candy.

Anyhow, we may soon see Brooke and Ridge back swooning over each other, shedding her saggy, sad rags, and back in bold colours. 

Happy Easter. Drive safely. Woolif and I have seen more crashes on the highway this week than we’ve seen in the past 10 years. 



  1. Canberra has turned on the best of the weather for the Easter break. There is no place like it at this time of year.
    I am Autumn cleaning.
    The good news here is that all my efforts to reduce places for rats to enter has finally paid off. The bad news is that the rats have been replaced by mice.
    I’m sure that Sheila can get away with murder. She is the best thing about this show.
    I’m a bit over Deacon. Let’s frame him. Sheila will make a great baby sitter and she will be able to teach those future Forrester’s a thing or two: mainly about acting hopefully. Any day now they’ll suddenly be fully fledged adults.

  2. Oh c’mon Detective Doughnuts”. ALL of the family should be suspects so you don’t let them know that the video cameras didn’t show the crime.
    Liam seems to be relishing the situation with all of his Pollyanna outlook and advice.
    He’s salivating like a vulture in a carcas.

  3. Steffy’s husband hasn’t even been shipped off to the morgue yet and Liam is already dreaming of what might become. It just ugh.
    And speaking of Steffy, the ad under my comment is of some actress with her lips blown up and her cheeks overfilled. 🤣

  4. I thought Liam was on the verge of committing some kind of indecent act without Steffy’s consent. For someone at death’s door , Steffy’s throat veins and muscles are working overtime.

    So much of today’s episode was squandered on Liam’s whimpering work.

    Now with Det .Baker leading the investigation , this could become a cold case.

    Only the compromised roach seems to have an inkling of Sheila’s involvement, Maybe Douglas was wandering in that alley, unsupervised as usual.

    • Oh yes. They need to get Douglas sniffing around like a blood hound.

      I saw a gaff today. I need to take a pic and see if you can pick it.

  5. So much sitting around the hospital bed.
    In the dark. With the door closed. Neither hide nor hair of a doctor or nurse. Is she supposed to be a dears door or what?
    I might have to give it a rest. It’s just not interesting.

  6. Sheila could have redeemed herself, but nooooo, she had to rescue Taylor, didn’t she. 😒

    The gaff on Thursday was Steffy having a hospital drink container on her tray when she was meant to be in a coma.

  7. Steffy looks very pregnant. Please, dear god, let’s not keep her comatose and in bed for the duration. That would be agony for all the viewers. This has already been dragged out for an eternity.

  8. Yep. It was Groundhog Day again. The only one earning a pay packet is Sheila, who’s nursing expertise may just get her off the hook. The patient is supposedly critical yet everyone and their dog is there. (Except dogs are banned on this show) Bitches aren’t.

    Surely Steffy can point an accusing finger at Sheila. Just say something , ffs.

    Liam was as pathetic as he’s ever been. Hope must feel like a shag on a rock with Liam’s preoccupation.

    About time Finn had a funeral. That’ll be fun. His acting was as wooden as his coffin.

  9. Another Groumdhog Day. Steffy’s not saying anything.

    Carter pressures Rapunzel to marry Zende. The python in his pants has other ideas.


  10. Oh my Lord! “Liam, my husband”. 🤣
    And they will decide to let her keep thinking that and Hope will have to agree to it.
    And Carter back to salivating for Quinn. He’s probably already replaced the couch.

      • I was wanting an explanation for the hairy spider on that woman’s chin. It was reminding me of Austin Powers where he swatted it.
        I just wanted to know what it was but she never said.

  11. Oh well, a little amnesia goes along way. It’s sure got Hope * who’s looking great) pissed off. All these folk sleep with each other so much, it’s easy to understand Steffy’s “amnesia”

    Bridget says “enough questions” but Rasper carries on like an incompetent Gestapo agent. Taylor’s advice to keep the Finn ruse going ……what book of insanity did that come from?

    Sheila will be trying to organise some opioids to get into Steffy to muddy the waters more. Then there’s forgotten Finn’s funeral to organise.

    How much funnier it could have been if Steffy thought Wyatt was her husband.

    Curtain. Keep up the golden acting Sheila. These people are fools. Det Fatarse got no idea. Hasn’t figured that Sheila’s phone was in the dirty, squalid alley. Don’t anyone tell Katie

    • How does Sheila always gain access to business stockrooms and hospital store rooms. She has gone from holding private meetings, like the store room at the bar was her private gangster office, and now it seems to be the nurse’s lounge at the hospital. No one ever asks what she is doing there.

  12. I read an article on previous Bold story lines. I had forgotten how many people get shot and the shooter gets away with it.
    I had forgotten that Taylor shot Bill. If there was any remembrance by the writers, then maybe there is sympathy. Too much to ask?
    I just don’t want a story line where Sheila can’t come back.

  13. Taylor. Taylor. Taylor.
    “And it was so”.
    Who can argue against the Word if God….I mean Taylor. She is a world renowned psychologist, so if she says that it’s necessary to hide baby Haze, and not let him see his mummy, and encourage Steffy to develop yet another post hospital psychosis/ addiction, then it’s final. Brooke…and sanity….have no chance.
    And if course, being a professional, world renowned psychologist, she won’t be in any way biased.

    • Det ” Doughnuts” Baker questioned Steffy today about the night in question. Of course Sheila and Rasper were in the room. Irregular procedure there. Steffy gave Sheila the evil eye…….but this could be dragged out forever. It was made to look like Sheila was soiling her underwear.

      Hope has to eat humble pie and “wait” for Steffy to “remember” Insipid Liam is ok with this.

      Pseudo shrink Taylor’s out of her tiny mind but Bridget supported her “treatment” regime. They’re all drinking coffee from empty cups.

      Waiting for Douglas to visit and say, “Hey, where’s Uncle Finn?” He’s gone to heaven. Momma sent him there. Curtain

      • Of course! I forgot about Detective Douglas. He’ll crack the case before Detective Doughnut has had his breakfast.

  14. So … the police interview Steffy in the presence of her father (Ridge is her father, isn’t he) and Sheila.
    That’s right. Sheila.
    Why Sheila?
    What not Taylor (the renowned psychologist) and her mother, btw.
    Much as I love Sheila, even I am perplexed at this one. It’s the equivalent of getting some random in off the street to be the audience.

    • Same. The “interview” was a joke. Steffy’s not a “minor” or in need of an interpreter. Sheila will have to nobble Steffy with opioids….or kill her. I won’t mind.

      The Forresters will have the money for the extra fees required to keep Finn literally on ice at the morgue.

      Ridge is Steffy’s father……though there were probably paternity tests involved.

      • Wait! Dave! That’s not such a crazy thought. Shelia fed vodka to the alcoholic, so it’s only fitting that she syphon some heavy dope for Steffy to unwittingly guzzle intravenously.

  15. No one, not even Sheila is connecting the dots that this husband switching farce, is pretty stinky to Finn. Never mind acknowledging that her husband died, let’s pretend he never existed.

  16. Finn has gone the way if Little Emma; gone and quickly forgotten.
    OMG this is so ridiculous. I need Flo to donate a kidney just to break the monotony of Steffy out-rasping the Rasper, and pestering to go home with husband and daughter. If she thought Kelly was a shock, wait until she gets home and sees her son.

    • I thought I was asleep…..and dreaming that I was watching yesterday ‘s episode all over again… exactly the same.

        • Totally GH. Sheila sitting in on the interview with Ridge and Dr Doughnut. Ridge running the interview process. Dr Doughnut not smelling a rat.

  17. It takes a whole episode and a roomful of visitors to draw a diagram for Steffy about what happened in the Il Giardino alley. This will be unpacked again and again.

    Thomas, Ridge, Liam, and Taylor take an eternity to tell Stefy that the meat puppet is dead. The genius surgeon who cured the roach;s insanity.

    Rasper helpfully produces some wedding snaps to jog Steffy’s memory.

    Of course, Sheila is present, In fact earlier in the show, she was alone in the room with Steffy. Even next level homewrecker Sheila cries as the penny drops for Steffy. I had the music muted, I thought Steffy failed in the acting stakes today, mind you, she wasn’t alone.

    Curtain. Sheila better drug Steffy tout de suite before she gets more lucid, as predicted by a world famous psychiatrist.

  18. Sheila seems to have the Gold Pass to Steffy’s room, inspire of Steffy being very open about her hatred of the woman. She was too vulnerable not to be told about Finn, but not so vulnerable that no one stopped Sheila’s incessant presence in her room.
    And the genius psychologist, can’t see a problem.

  19. I’m waiting for Friday’s cliffhanger. It has to be Steffy suddenly remembering. Surely.

  20. That would have been a pretty good scene of Sheila crying if the Botox wasn’t getting in the way. I could feel her tears.

  21. Taylor does every scene as if she has something really painful sticking in her bottom. She must be one of the worst non actresses ever.

  22. Cliff hanging Groundhogs again. Waited all weekend for Sheila to shoot some lethal dope into Steffy. She who hesitates……..

    If Sheila could have just pressed the button to push a whole load of narcotics into Steffy’s arm, problem solvered. Instead , she makes a goodbye speech long enough for Liam to wander in and ask wtf is going on. There are cameras on the wall in this room of Steffy’s , btw.

    No problem. Sheila is a qualified nurse , right? Just checking in. Sheila moves to go but Steffy says since they’re both grieving, why not hang around and have a pity party for Finn? Liam is less than heroic in this appalling scene.

    Hope is annoyed how over invested Liam is in Steffy’s recovery.

    Brooke is asking Rasper to come back home with but he has to “focus” on his shot up daughter. Not now. he rasps meekly.

    Steffy’s makin’ suspicious eyes at Sheila…..but this could go on for weeks.


  23. Oh my, you thought Douglas was annoying. The new Kelly is sooooo hard to watch. But at least Hayes is doing a good job; “Waaaah!!!”

  24. There was a seriously good piece of acting from a crying Steffy. She might want to watch that. 🤣

    • Liam is there to pick up the pieces. The roach will move on Hope.

      Missed yesterday. Sheila’s is still at large.

  25. Seems Liam has moved into Steffy’s place, it won’t be long before he’s moving into Steffy. He gives nausearting little Kelly piggy back rides. Steffy looks average without make up, she’s just been shot and widowed but it’s time to move on and hold a hose again. Liam is guilt tripped into hanging around by a three year old.. Frantic Hope has been trying to contact him. The roach mansplains to Hope that Liam is in love with two women. He adds that Rasper has the same issues.That goes down like a turd in an L.A. swimming pool with Brooke.

    Eric goes on an errand mysteriously, leaving Carter and Quinn alone at the Forrester Mansion. The sexual tension is palpable. They said this could never happen again.

    Who knows what Sheila is up to ? Seems I missed a “crucial” episode two days ago.. Making funeral arrangements for Finn? Framing Deacon for the shooting? Curtain.

  26. And the climax was…..
    With a bit of help from Donna and a jar of honey, Eric’s pecker sees the light of day.

  27. Well….now I know why Eric’s out playing pickleball so much. We get a whole eyeful of Donna in the skimpiest lingerie. Eric’s sniffing out honey.

    Though she looks paler than a cadaver, Steffy is managing tp play Liam like a violin. Liam comes home to a stern lecture from Brooke and disapproval from Hope. Liam produces his “confused” look. He literally doesn’t know how to act.

    Back at the beach house Rasper and Taylor are locking lips. Puckerball. you might call it.

    Eric is getting dressed…..but stays for another game of “pickleball”. Busty Donna’s doing a fine job of snaring the rich old coot. Those aren’t Katie’s putrid purple push ups Donna’s “wearing”

    Now we get spoilers at the end of the show. So I knows what happens next week…….and it’s not all pickleball. Curtain.

    I voted today. Saved a real lot of time and exposure to people.

    • I was going to vote early but they have changed the voting places and now it’s too far to go.
      Going “just here” first thing next Saturday to grab me a democracy sausage.
      I’m going to a postal vote next time.

  28. Where to begin? Paris’s outfit and hairdo? In Australia that outfit and strawlike “hair” would be best seen in a paddock somewhere to scare off crows.

    Quinn manages to almost top this as she crows over some hideous jewellery settings she’s “designed” to Carter. Thse two are on the road to pickleball.

    Deacon visits Sheila. Jailbirds of a feather. Well,Deacon wouldn’t shoot anyone….except himself in the foot.

    But it takes a world famous psychiatrist to allow unscheduled visit from Sheila the shooter Carter to proceed. Grieving Sheila just wants to see little Hayes, maybe she wants to shoot him, too. Kidnapping? Sheila gonna shoot the shit, yo. Gang bang time. Shoot the writers while you’re at it, Sheila.

    Steffy at least is smart enough to tell Taylor she shouldn’t have let her in and that no way will Sheila see Hayes. Then we see Steffy try to act like she has a light bulb moment and remembers that Sheila plugged her own son. This could go a few ways. We don’t know if Sheila brought a gun in her handbag. We know 911 won’t be called. Taylor may even invite Sheila to stay for dinner. Psycopath and all.

    Curtain. Paris and Zende are being mocked by wardrobe. One of Quinn’s “pieces” ditto. It was a piece of $hite.

  29. Asleep today, however , my neighbour tells me Sheila made fast her departure before Steffy “remembers”.

    Sheila tells Deacon she’s leaving L.A. I think little Hayes will be going too, probably somewhere down Mexico way.

    Unless Sheila leaves a trail of doughnuts behind her, she ll get away with it.

    Curtain.That’s all I know.

    • I think Steffy’s lightbulb moment was more like Christmas lights on the Christmas light street spectacular. They didn’t allow us a good night’s sleep; happy in the knowledge that Steffy’s “Wait, I think I am getting something”, might finally bring relief. But it was soooo close.
      It’s not Friday, so we shouldn’t expect too much, but it seems the penny has dropped.

  30. What? So Paris is deeply in love with Carter, but then immediately philosophical and calmly accepting of him choosing Quinn. 🤔

  31. I googled…there really is a game called pickleball, AND there’s also a game called wiffleball. And one called tickleball.

  32. Will Rasper and Taylor believe Steffy? That awful game of charades went on way too long.

    Sheila just wants to hold little Hayes. Steffy says she’s gonna pay.

  33. The old man who is in bed with someone whose not his wife, complains that his emotions are complicated but that the strumpet makes his life easier.
    Or maybe it’s that, she is just easy.
    Either/or. What does it matter. He’s got enough money that he doesn’t question anything.

  34. What a great idea of Steffy’s to invite Sheila back over , rather than ring the cops.

    • Steffy!!!!! She has a gun!!!!

      But don’t worry. Her Mum (the world famous psychologist) and Dad and two little children will be there to take any stray bullets meant for Steffy.

  35. Sheila goes out to the beach house. Taylor, Rasper and Steffy reckon she’s a “sick animal” among other things. Maybe so, but she’s the only one in the room that can act. A wooden post would put Rasper’s work here to shame.Steffy taunts Sheila and lets her suffer.

    Sheila doesn’t have her handbag, so I guess she’s unarmed.( Also when the meat puppet shooting was relived the other day, there was a bullet hole in him and blood coming out his mouth) . Not as I remember …he had no slug hole and no blood. C’mon producers.

    You wonder who’s running Forrester Creations with Rasper and Steffy consumed and Eric playing the old and the beautiful with Cleavage. Quinn calls Eric and foolishly assumes Eric is at the beach club showering after pickleball. Donna hides under the covers like she’s done it a hundred times before. Quinn gives Eric a ring that she “designed”……it looks like it came from a Pepsi Max bottle.

    It looked like a weekend cliffhanger til the spoiler for next week at the end.

    The cops arrive and arrest Sheila, who on being told she’s prison bound, vows revenge. I hope she gets a lot of visitors in jail, like Forresters and Spencers do. It’ll probably just be Deacon, who is sneaking the odd drink at Il Giardino’s.


    • Great review, Dave. 😁. I read it aloud to Woolif. 🤣

      It won’t be long before Quinn and Carter feel the lure of a game of pickleball.

      Noted; Eric saying how terribly guilty he felt about betraying Quinn, but laughing happily with naked Donna, at hoodwinking Quinn when she called. I don’t know how she could mistake a bed head and sheets for a pickleball shower room.
      Donna is lapping up the opportunity to do something other than “take the children out for ice-cream”.

      • Thanks,daisy.

        Eric’s not guilty, he’s laughing all his way to the sperm bank, in thrall to Cleavage’s jugs.

        Carter must be getting tired of being the third wheel. He’ll be couch crunching Quinn soon.

  36. Sheila hisses back at her accusers and puts on a great performance of denial and blaming Steffy’s dodgy memory. Rasper summons all his courage to describe Sheila as a “filthy animal” At this point Taylor’s expertise should kick in and remind him that Sheila’s “not a bad person, she’s just made bad choices’ This is what Dr>Phil would say.

    Eventually , Sheila confesses but no one rings 911, just more braying at Sheila and pitiful acting from Taylor ,Steffy and Rasper.

    Sheila manages to freak Steffy out by claiming if it wasn’t for Steffy and her protectionist policy on Hayes and Finn, nothing would have happened. Sheila goes down swinging. It’s not over yet, because the cops haven’t been called. Spoilers have told us that the cavalry eventually arrives.


  37. Ridge and Taylor take waaaaaaay too long to stop evil, but case Sheila from standing, accusing their supposedly very fragile daughter, if being to blame for Finn’s death.

    Well, not too, too long as I have started watching on ffd this week.

    • Finn is dead. Steffy is alive. Sheila in jail. Drink switcheroo quandary resolved. Make no mistake this is rubbish.

      There’s a fortnight in one line.

      Sheila’s a “heartless bitch”. Very professional for world renowned shrink.

      Wyatt, Liam and Bill bond over a beer. They guzzle, but the level of liquid in their bottles never budges.

    • Yeah, my mum told me about The Returned ” a week ago. She peeks ahead then tells me 😑

    • OK. Now I get it. I kept saying, “hey, where’s the funeral for that meat puppet?”

      Sheila will beat the rap, then. She killed no one. Innocent.

      Free Sheila.

  38. That’s if my mum didn’t get her wires crossed.

    But yes, I think ‘no funeral’ lends weight to the theory.

    • Clearly , the producers want us suckers to think that the meat puppet has gone to the acting school in the sky.

      In Steffy’s “I remember” flashback, Finn had a gaping slughole in him and blood coming from his mouth………but back when it actually went down in that seedy alley, no blood, no bullet hole. I mentioned this. Creepier than JFK getting whacked.

      Blessed are those that have not seen , but believe. Ressurection of the Meat Puppet. He’ll spring Sheila out of the can.

      I Googled this , and there’s lots of scuttle on the matter. Like Finn’s grave , I haven’t dug into it. What I don’t know can’t hurt me.

      Anyway, I was shopping and didn’t see today’s effort.

    • Today was another Ground Hog experience. Those more fortunate folk not addicted to this terrible show are allowed to pick up the pieces easily.

      The alley shooting was unpacked again for Quinn , along with the champagne switcheroo. Quinn’s awful dumb not to smell honey or Cleavage clues on pickleballing ace Eric when she stands so close to him.

      Liam and Hope almost have a romantic interlude , before Brooke barges in. More gossip.

      We’re told again and agai that Sheila’s going away for a long time. No she won’t. She’ll keep returning like a bad case of herpes.

      Rasper refers to the meat puppet as a “hero”. Copious reminders that Finn’s dead. Steffy’s still trying to play match maker in her grief.

      Rasper is conlicted between Brooke and Taylor. He’s as confused as a baby at a topless beach.


    • Almost like they’ve run out of ideas so they had to do a fast recap to figure out where they’re up to.
      Stalling for some reason. Daytime Emmy?

  39. Yesterday , the roach was brought up to speed on recent events and today, the producers have the whole damn barrell of crap recapped for Bill’s benefit. Endless reminders in the script that Finn is dead.

    Meat Puppet Momma Li goes to visit Steffy and Taylor. Li sees red when she’s informed what we all know, that Sheila did it. Anyway, things are pretty sedate until Steffy mentions “memorial service”. Li gets uptight and very brusque.Steffy gets a “weird vibe” from Li, control freak for all her son’s funeral arrangements.

    Li goes home and curses Sheila , then the camera pans to a couch surfing meat puppet, with the beeper and tube props attached. He looks comatose, but how would we tell?Li might keep this a “secret” while Sheila rots in between doses of verbal abuse from her caravan of visitors.

    So . that was today, it was shaping up to be a groundhog. Only watch the last five minutes and the rest forget it, No widows, no murderers,ashes to scatter. Free Sheila.Curtain.

    • So let’s discuss the deviations from reality. My favourite part of this show.
      In what world would a mother keep a “son” on the brink of death away from expert medical help?
      Clearly, Mom is doing this because, when she saw her son dying there, her first thought was, “I don’t know who shot him but it’s important that I keep this a secret from the police and his wife and his children, and pretend he’s dead because I want to make sure that some random mugger goes free?”.
      Obviously. I mean, what else could have been going through her brain?
      Let’s also assume that there’s a couple of doctors and nurses hanging about because, as a reminder, shot and dying. All these people are risking their livelihoods, being permanently struck of the medical registry and criminal prosecution, for what? Pause here for dramatic effect.
      And let’s not even touch on the sheer cost because, you know, America.
      Now let’s move on the the prison system where any body and every body seems to be able to visit the prisoner, and when I say anybody, I mean mostly victims and witnesses, but no lawyers, whose job I have reliable gathered from my religious viewing of crime fiction is to tell the suspect (with emphasis on the word Suspect) to repeat the words, “ I’m not going to say anything without my lawyer”.

  40. Body snatcher Li 🤣
    Why not just clone him and let Steffy and Hayes keep the doppleganger. It’s no more fantastic than no one looking for a missing body.

  41. Today we learned that the cheesy ring that Quinn gave to pickle balling Pop has a “fitness tracker” built into it. Let’s hope it’s advanced enough to monitor Eric’s heart rate go through the roof when he’s horizontal. He’s stuck in a honey trap, Donna namely.

    Paris barges in on Carter telling Quinn that she’s everything a man could want. Things are looking up for Carter. Zende has already fronted Carter noting that “Paris has a thing for you”. Carter has choices to make. Quinn reminds Paris that she’s “just an employee”…..a dobbing one at that.

    Taylor and Brooke have a stand off. Taylor sledges Brooke for her enlisting Eric to gang up on her. All for the love of the “artist” Rasper.

    What a shocker of an episode. Catch Eric , get divorced, and clean Eric out of millions, Quinn. Curtain.

  42. Taylor the expert tells Brooke to back off and give Rasper space; give Taylor space more like it.
    Um, Taylor, he’s Brooke’s husband. Thomas warns Taylor that Brooke will try and get her hooks into Ridge. Yes, Thomas. He’s her husband.
    Could Taylor be more annoying. Papa Eric has no time to get involved in the cat fight between his ex-livers, daughter in laws because he’s playing in a pickleball championship.

  43. I missed the start but walked in to Cleavage declaring her undying love for pickle balling Pop. Cleavage even thinks he’s “funny”. Gold digger or old digger, you decide. Eric laps up the flattery like a starving kitten onto some milk.

    Carter tries his hand at acting about his confused love life. It’s nigh unbearable. He reckons to Quinn that Paris is his best shot at family, children and all that jazz. He needs to convince Paris that he doesn’t want to pound Quinn on his couch any more. Good luck with that. ….and watch out for Mrs Thicket not minding her beeswax.

    World famous shrink tells Steffy what a good idea it would be to split town with the kids. Steffy bleats that she wants one last look at the meat puppet. Well, he’s doing his best work at Li’s body snatching operation roght now..


    • I didn’t give this episode much time. I recognise that I have become prudish in my old age but all the boundaries that they are crossing with this relationship between Eric and Donna are just too much for me.
      The writers are just not reading the room. I know it’s been a long time coming but the world has become less tolerate of “old rich white men” being entitled to take whatever they want.
      This is a seriously, seriously old man cavorting with someone younger than his granddaughter, a power imbalance, the gaslighting of his wife, but mostly this is all being portrayed as Quinn getting her just desserts because she has strong opinions and Donna is showing the viewers that women who simper and adore their men will be rewarded.
      Poor Eric. Quinn made him do it and retribution will surely follow as night follows day.
      They need to kill him off. His character has become stomach churning.
      I’m hanging in there because I have high hopes that Sheila at least will triumph – but wait, another strong woman being portrayed as mentally unstable – still hopefully she will leave many more bodies in her wake. The cast needs to be thinned out.

  44. My fast forward got a good work out today. More workout than Eric playing one game of pickleball.

  45. The meat puppet is beginning to stir. His eyes are seen rolling underneath their lids. You’d think his facial hair had grown during all this time….but no. Li’s had enough time to laser off all his body hair.

    Prior to this was Eric falling deeper into the honey trap. Quinn and Carter still dancing around the inevitable. Steffy hankering after the meat puppet.

    I agree with what Bobi said up above. The show is indefensible on so many levels. My doctor knows I watch. He’s got no pills for it.

    Curtain. I can’t fast forward this bilge.

  46. The family knows Steffy has just been shot; a recovering addict who would still have pain. She’s lost her husband (or so she thinks), yet they cut her loose quicker than Clive Palmer calls his lawyer to sue.
    No one, not even the father of her daughter has asked where she might be going or how long she would be away.

    Nooo. They just send her off to look after two little kids while she “heals”. Utter nonsense, but hey, it was Taylor’s idea and she was the person who said, let’s bring Sheila home.

    • As if Ridge’s balls aren’t already in a pickle.

      I saw Taylor in some terrible film late last night. I suppose she’s gotta eat.

      Steffy will come back from enforced exile with a drug habit and a new beau. Thanks , world famous, meddling doc.

  47. Donna exhorts Eric to leave Quinn. He has the choice between honey or money. Donna’s ample breasts are dangled in front of the old coot muddy the waters of decision. Will logic or his love lizard prevail here? Will he make the breast of the situation?

    Carter still has feelings for Quinn. Yawn.

    Ch 10 ran a spoiler. Sheila will be back soon, as she promised. She rocks up at the body snatcher’s place.

    Rasper tells Taylor he likes having her around, while Brooke spurned has Deacon to comfort her. He wouldn’t treat her like Rasper, he vows.


  48. Quinn’s fitness ring will catch out old Eric soon, if he doesn’t die of a heart attack being lured back into Donna’s lair for more pickleball.

    Quinn meantime praises her luck that Eric is “so committed” to their shambolic marriage.

  49. Never mind about pickleball. The Musical Beds they are playing ATM is so ****ed.
    I’ve been waiting for something to happen. Donna’s little “I make no demands” proclamations all lead directly to the demands.

    Ridge and Taylor gaslight Brooke. “Gasp, Brooke. Really, how dare you suggest this is any more than us rallying as a family to support Steffy”. Brooke leaves. Awkward moment. Then, “Yes (goo goo eyes), we BOTH, are up for it”. Bastards.

    And now Ridge holds Brooke by the short and blondes, and demands that she cuts the possibility of Deacon being anywhere near Brooke, while he rides the Family ticket to Paradise.

  50. Oh no. It seems both Evil Mother and Son will rise from the dead.

    Hey, what about Mrs Thicket’s hair? She heard you, Dave. It’s now more of a thatch.

    • Oh, yes. Sheila has a prison guard admirer/sucker who’ll help her escape. Li went to rub salt into Sheila’s maternal wounds but dropped a rookie hint. We’ve been told numerous times that Sheila will rot in prison.

      The show needs Sheila, a necessary evil. Enough soft porn pickle ball.

      It can be Mrs Thatch now…… I was thinking of calling her Mrs Hair Straightener. I noticed straight away. She’ll ruin any chance for her daughter’s happiness with her interference.

  51. Here’s a brief rundown of recent events in L.A.

    Sheila’s escaped from jail, as expected and hoped for. In no time , she’s at Li’s , demanding to see the meat puppet. Cadaver or ashes will suffice…..then Sheila hears the heart monitor and busts into the room where Finn and his stagnant facial hair is. Sheila thinks Li is “crazier than I am”. It’s a big call.

    Eric’s been caught playing pickle ball by Hope, who’s given cleavage a moral lecture. Cleavage begs Hope not to tell Quimm. Three people can keep secrets on this show, so long as two of them are dead.

    Carter launched a near sexual assault on Paris, torouble is , the ajar door let prying Mrs Thatch to see it all and she’s off to whine to Rasper about “harrassment”. Carter’s horny enough to mount anything right now.

    Ridge and Taylor are furious that Sheila’s escaped. After all, they gloated that Sheila would rot in prison the rest of her life. Fact is she’s fawning over the comatose meat puppet right now. Det Baker is eating her dust.

    I missed the second half of today’s offering. Winter…..wish I was in L.A., at Il Gairdino, behind a pot plant, listening to gossip. Curtain.

  52. She commented something like, “.. and here he is, more alive as ever”. Um Sheila, not quite “.

  53. Voice of reality just for a moment.
    What did Li think was going to happen with Finn in the long term?
    He would die and she would bury the body on the Forrester estate? In her backyard? Does she have a backyard? Isn’t she just visiting? Where’s her husband? Is he in on this? Has he noticed anything?
    Finn would survive and she would trot him out as a Christmas present? Christmas has just gone. Maybe she would present him at Steffy’s next wedding to … I’m assuming wooden-face? Maybe Carter’s wedding to … oh, it could be anyone.
    And Sheila would sue … everyone… for wrongful imprisonment? Is this perjury?
    The police haven’t noticed that there is no body? In fact, they are nowhere to be seen.
    I have so many questions.
    I know. Expectations. 🤣

  54. My post has disappeared………..just like Sheila.Maybe I misspelt Quinn and it was censored. Maybe it’s in spam, Juz. Sheila knocked Li unconscious. That’s gratitude for saving “our son”

    I tried. Maybe Det Baker will find it. Sorry.

    • Every one at Forrester’s is still on heat. Carter has a revolving door to Quinn’s office. “I can’t live without you”. “No wait, I’m moving on”. “No wait. I can’t move on”.
      Paris will be eating Quinn’s cold leftovers, and Mrs Thatch won’t be happy.
      Li has cunningly decided to pretend to go along with Sheila. It was amazing how she heard my advice.
      Sheila can add bopping Li on the head to her list of crimes.
      Rasper and skinny , can’t act- Taylor are despairing uselessly in the mess room at Forrester’s. How about giving Steffy a call to make sure she doesn’t return while the Shecat is prowling LA.

    • She is amazingly thin, isn’t she? It can’t be natural.
      I know thin people – my brother is a high burner – but even he isn’t that thin.
      It looks like starvation thin and someone should tell her it’s not a good look.

  55. Late to the party here, but did you know that Carter is fifteen years older than Paris? She’s 23.
    What is wrong with people? And by people, I mean producers who are doing the casting. Or is it the writers 🤷‍♂️.
    As a side issue, I used to work with someone who dumped his girlfriends the moment they turned 30. Needless to say, he’s on his own now and complaining that women are just too picky these days 🤣🤣🤣.

  56. Most enjoyable. Improbable but so much fun.
    No cackling from Sheila. She’s too good an actress for that.
    Still, I did it for her. I have no shame.
    Hopefully, this is the avenue to keep Sheila on the show. If they send her to prison, I don’t see how she can come come back from that.
    All in all, a most satisfactory episode. On 🔥

  57. No mention today of the burnt body in the river. No mention of Sheila trying to tell a feeding tube from a catheter.
    No, everyone is too busy micro-managing Carter and Paris’s love life. Everyone except for Eric, who didn’t take the bait because he’s on a honey bender.
    Mrs Thatch takes helicopter parenting to new lows. She knows no parenting boundaries. She takes Carter’s bull by the horns and calls him out with the tenacity of a mum who finds her 13 year old playing tonsil hockey with the gym teacher.

    • I’m guessing that Li is still alive. This is a soap after all where no one dies, unless they ask for a pay rise or they are harassed on set and there is a need to protect the harasser.
      I’m looking forward to her return. She did a lot of whispering to herself during the car chase which suggests they they might be going down the unhinged route. I do love an unhinged 🤣🤣.

  58. My recap stuffed up.Nothing happened that wasn’t said yesterday

    Murder, She Wrote. Not on this show,all about Carter’s love truncheon v Mrs.Thatcher..

    • Mrs Thatcher says she raised her daughters to “blah, blah, blah” and marry rich men.

      At least we got a break from Donna dribbling and cooing over Honey Bear.

      And meanwhile Li lays under water while Sheila monitors Finn’s recovery.

    • I saw a tweet calling Quinn and Carter, Quarter.
      Surely the writers can’t pass up an opportunity like that.

      • What time machine has Donna been in. As far as I know, she has been in this show for a looking time. She is Brooke’s sister, but she has the body of a fit twenty to forty year old.
        I’m glad Eric was sprung before he got to play the self-righteous honest guy.
        Oh well, all’s fair in Love and Forrester Creations.
        I can’t get over anyone agreeing to Cherrrllleee officiating at their wedding.

          • Whose wedding? I’m assuming Quarter’s.
            The old dude isn’t divorced yet and would he really marry Donna? How many weddings would that be, just out if interest? Wait, wasn’t he married to Donna before?
            I can’t keep up. I just don’t understand why they don’t write new characters and hire new actors. It would have to be easier than this constant interweaving … unless, of course, they think that the audience couldn’t cope.
            Sheila could gate crash anyone’s wedding and it would make complete and absolute sense. 🤣🤣

          • Quarter’s. Charlie will stuff it up. It could end in an all in brawl.

            I don’t blog when drunk, so what I got to say about Eric and Doona, I’ll keep it under wraps. Cheers.

            That’s stretching it a bit calling them “actors”, Bobi.

          • My Bad . It’s Parter’s wedding. Told yaz I shouldn’t do this drunk.

            It’s been hastily convened….even for this abyssmal pretense for a show.

            The awful speeches we’ll have to endure.

          • Can’t wait to see her hair and dress. Obviously her hair, but mainly her dress. How awful is this going to be. 🤣

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