Celebrity Apprentice Australia is back on Seven

Lord Sugar is back in the boardroom for another season of Celebrity Apprentice.

Will you be watching on Channel Nine?

Last year’s series was won by Shaynna Blaze, of The Block and Selking Houses fame. Her winnings went to her domestic violence charity.



  1. I don’t love this show. There is something off about it.
    Maybe it’s the bullying, or the macho guy thing.
    Still, I will shift in and out. I have a fondness for Gamble. I don’t think that she’s as dipsy as she pretends. She was successful before she married that rich guy and I don’t think that’s an accident.
    I doubt that she’s on this show to win but more for brand awareness and I’m happy to go along for the ride.
    Good luck to those trying to intimidate her. I suspect she will just pretend that she doesn’t see or hear anything. Best way to treat those numnuts taking this show seriously.

    • Yes. I picked up on that. I saw him on Would I Lie and, off the cuff, he was naturally witty.
      I wish I could think of a good one liner; As witty as ……

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