What’s everyone watching?

Nothing like a bout of covid to allow time to binge watch TV show. My recommended iso watches include:

The Boys: Not for the faint-hearted – it is mortifyingly crude, graphic and darkly funny in its satire of American society and politics.

This is Hughie from The Boys – can you tell his dad is Dennis Quaid and his mum is Meg Ryan?

Alone: Often on free to air, this sees a person or sometimes a pair dropped in the wilderness with minimal supplies, a go pro and a tripod camera. This is solo Survivor hard core. Quite often they are medevaced due to sepsis from a fishhook embedded in their arm, made from the bone of some wild animal they killed. Their wilderness survival skills are fascinating.

Succession: Ok, this is a bit of a cheat as it requires concentration to watch so not viewing while you have the covid sweats. Save it for the post-covid malaise period. This is the fictional tale of an ageing media mogul and his dysfunctional family. Sharp dialogue and many horrible characters who are all played by fantastic actors.

Survivor South Africa: TenPlay has old episodes and is airing the new season that just started. It’s a second chances type one, so I am trying to watch more old seasons first so I know the cast.

Klaus from Umbrella Academy.

Umbrella Academy: Currently on Netflix, this sci fi drama/black comedy about a misfit family with superpowers and an abusive father is beautifully filmed and I always love seeing British and Irish actors doing flawless American accents, and then the public being shocked when they hear their everyday voices. It’s called acting, people.

So, what’s everyone else watching?



  1. One of the Goggleboxers has died.
    I am sad. I liked her. She was sharp.
    I wish people would stop dying.

  2. Scraping the bottom, I started watching Beauty and the Geek.
    I also watched Suspicion on Apple TV.

  3. Last term I took a class set of cutlery to some of my classes and the children how to use them
    It would have been good if the producers of Beauty and the Geek would have given all of their contestants Table Manners 101.

  4. Although I have the tv on a lot, I am not really watching much. Mostly it is background noise. My attention span is short lately.

    Ones I do watch are Have You Been Paying Attention, Insight, sometimes Who Do You Think You Are, You Can’t Ask That, old Law and Order, very old Spicks and Specks (I’m good at identifying old music), and of course Bluey.

    • We have been playing You Tube, “hits of the late 60s”, and “60s hippy music videos”. We can’t resist guessing and Google checking names of bands and exact years the songs came out.
      Now we just need a quiz night.

        • Then we just need some for sport. I have no clue with sport questions. And I wagged almost all of 4th and 5th Biology, but I’m ok on Geography. Woolif has Maths and Sport covered.

    • Von, your life is an almost exact replica of mine except I do have a fondness for murder/mysteries – those ones where you barely see the body and there are five very obvious suspects.
      My concentration span barely gets me from one ad to the next.

        • It sounds interesting, Dave, thanks. If it gets too graphic, I’ll have to switch over to Midsomer Murders, which is usually innocuous enough to not upset me.

      • I’m looking forward to the new one on Channel 9 with Magda and some other good actors that I can’t remember.
        After the Verdict? It sounds like an interesting premise and hopefully has a few laughs.
        Fingers crossed it will be really twisty.

  5. Did anyone see a clip of Jonie Mitchell in her first concert in 20 years? Classy lady. And still cool .

    • Today I saw a clip of her singing Both Sides Now. Her range is not the same, but it didn’t make one damned bit of difference. She had me in tears.

  6. I’m having a judge Judy marathon ATM. I am behind on my recordings.
    Funny how Judy tells them the law, but they respond, “Naaa. I don’t agree”. 😆😆😆

  7. I watched the final 20 minutes of Neighbours tonight. I don’t know why, because I’ve never seen the show. It just felt like something I should do 🙂 :). Similar to paying respect to an actor who has died. Guy Pearce still gives me a little heart flutter, and Kylie looks as though she is about 35, lucky woman.

    • It’s bizarre, isn’t it? I am so sad that it has finished and yet I never watched it.
      I think the death knell was when they moved it off prime time, and then it was a slow and gentle decline. And, let’s face it, a bit too much “white” which is not the way England’s demographic is headed.
      It was the incubator for our talent.
      I don’t know where our next generation of actors is going to come from and, in fact, what’s going to happen to the Arts from here.
      Don’t get me started on the decades of Governments neglect of creatives. All sides have shown an ignorance and lack of understanding of how our economy works.
      Give me a second and I will give a lecture using a power point presentation that shows a breakdown of GDP and the corresponding relationship to productivity declines. 🤓

      • Let’s face it. Australia can do better than Neighbours and Home and Away.
        Just as the US can do better than B&B.
        I hope it paves the way for some more great shows like Love Child.

        • And Mystery Road wasn’t too bad. I haven’t started S2 yet.
          Some of the acting was average but the storyline held up.

        • That’s a bit like Aftertaste.
          Season 1 was lovely. Season 2 is a disaster (so far). I don’t know what’s gone wrong. Even the acting is off. The only thing that has changed is the Director.

  8. The Boys is fun. And I actually hate gory stuff… But I was superdistracted by Starlight’s face this season. She hacked up her face, and she was stunning before. Now she just went the heart-shaped trend way…
    Jack Quaid looks SO SO MUCH like Meg Ryan. Especially when he smiles. It is kinda weird tbh.^^

    Anyway… We are currently watching a few shows with new seasons out. It’s basically just chilling on the sofa after an annoying work week. 😉

    Westworld – SO good. Seriously. Wow! I personally did not like the second season that much (but it was difficult to reach the brilliance of the first season). Season 3 was better and I love the futuristic world. This current season though is close to the first season for me.

    For All Mankind: This is a total gem from Apple TV. It starts in the 1960s and the race to the moon. Which the Americans lose and they built an alternate timeline. It’s pretty compelling and has great characters. Except for one. I want this arse to die quickly.

    What We Do In The Shadows: Ohhh, it is quirky, dumb and absolutely hilarious. I love it. Currently in season 4 and still as funny as it was in season 1.

    Physical: Apple TV show with Rose Byrne. She’s fantastic. It starts more like a comedy but has taken quite a dark turn.

    Apple TV has also some more really nice shows. We recently finished Severance. I think this is one of the best shows I have ever seen. The first few episodes are a total mindfuck, but wow, it picks up and I was totally fascinated by it. Looking forward to season 2!

    Ted Lasso is wonderful. I liked The Morning Show. Slow Horses is great. Foundation started good but it lost me a bit during the last three episodes. Loot with Maya Rudolph is quite funny as well if you do not expect too much.

    • Hey Zhee, Severance is amazing! I have even been listening to podcasts about it so I can enjoy the hosts’ speculation about season 2. The music dance experience was a mind trip.
      I have Ted Lasso on my to watch list but just now we are getting into Barry. Henry Winkler is fab as an acting coach who unwittingly steers a hit man in a new career direction.
      I have to go back to Westworld. Loved s1, soldiered on through s2 and did not try s3. Yet I love the concept and the actors

      • I really disliked Barry. I thought this show will be great, heard so much good about it plus who does not like Bill Hader. My boyfriend did not like it either.

        You should give Westworld a second chance though. I have a slight feeling, season 4 is endgame.

    • I know! I saw!
      I did not know she was nearly ninety. I thought she was in her sixties.
      I always loved her character. She did not get enough credit.

      • The new Star Trek series is great and has a young Uhuru in it – just out of the academy and unsure if Starfleet is her jam

  9. Hey Daisy, are you guys all right down there? It’s been wild and windy up here. Every time I step outside, it rains on me. Think I’ll stay home until October.

    • How long can one storm last? It’s wild and woolly and I’ve been out every day teaching. We haven’t had any black outs though, and there appear to be no trees down in the garden, but I’m sure there will be a big clean-up needed when it’s over.
      Last night I dreamt a wasp was in my ear but it was the wind rattling outside.

      I really want it to be over so we can go bush walking. We do the dog friendly trails.

  10. Judith Durham has died.

    I don’t think I will ever hear her voice and not immediately know it is she. Fly high lady, and rest in peace.

    • Yes. I read. She certainly had a distinctive voice. I played the Seekers quite a lot when I was a kid.

  11. Not often a new show will catch my interest in the first 20 minutes. After The Verdict has.

    But, when the husband was looking from the roof at his wife’s body, there was not a big stream of blood coming from her head. The next time there was a shot of her, there was. If the victim fell/was pushed/ jumped and landed on her back, why were there small bits of blood on her cheek, forehead, and neck? Maybe that’s part of the story, if not, it’s annoying.

    I am picky.

    • 🤣🤣
      I have visitors and wasn’t able to watch. We all have it on our list to stream later.
      I am happy to settle for half way decent. I just love the idea behind it.

    • Just started watching the recordings, and really enjoying it. That type of thing is not usually my cup of tea at all, but I was attracted by the premise and the cast. The leading actress is wonderful.

  12. If you didn’t watch Insight tonight, please find a replay and watch it. The subject is domestic violence, specifically coercive control. Some of the stories are horrific and heart wrenching, all the more important to watch.

    • HH always kills me when they move to somewhere like Thailand but then complain the kitchen does not have an oven and there are no granite bench tops

    • Sigh.
      Every American walking into the main bedroom the size of an aeroplane hanger, complaining that it’s just too small. 🤷‍♂️🙄

    • The episodes we watch are international. The places are small, but some of the Hunters come from New York, so are used to a tight squeeze. We have watched all the ones of interest to us, so now we are on to “Live Here, Buy This on you tube. Just dreaming of last port of call.
      I’d love to move to France.

      • France is not for me.
        The actual Paris is very small and packed with tourists.
        Everything outside Pais is high rise and a little bit dangerous.
        And let’s not forget that the French are a little unfriendly and a little unwelcoming.
        My bias is showing. I’ve always had a fondness for Italy and the Italians. I’ve heard Spain is the same but I haven’t been. So many places to go, so many things to see. Where do you start 🤣🤣. We could debate this for weeks. 😀

        • Both my French teachers were very violent guys.


          A Frenchman, an Englishman and a Soviet Russian are admiring a painting of Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden. The Frenchman says, “They must be French, they’re naked and they’re eating fruit.”
          The Englishman replies with, “Clearly they’re English. Observe how politely the man is offering the woman the fruit.”
          The Russian then notes, “They are Russian of course. They have nothing to wear, nothing to eat, and they think they are in paradise.”

      • Actually people in Paris are constrained and reserved by their rules of etiquette, but outside Paris, we found people friendly. We like Italy too, but France has my heart. And besides, we know more French than Italian. If we lived in France we right next to Italy and Spain 😃

  13. I will give Old People’s Home For Teenagers a go tonight. While I doubt it will be as entertaining as the one for four-year-olds, it could be interesting. Some show needs to be, because fta schedules are just shit lately.

    • I’m here for this one. I really enjoyed the last series and I have high hopes.
      Plus, of course, there is some stat floating around that says 40% of people in homes get no visitors and I don’t doubt that there is a hidden stat that might suggest that others would only get one visitor a year. Anything that goes some way to fixing that is good in my book.

    • Watching this. I didn’t have high expectations. I thought the 4yos would be better because of their lack of inhibition. But I really enjoyed it (while, of course, mourning the sadness of some of the people), particularly the way the kids and adults found mutual interests in each other. Love the navy man who latched onto the boy who really needs a father-figure. And the two who bonded through a foreign language.

      So sad the girl saying if you are looking for a generation of hope, don’t look at us. We (western society) have systematically stripped the hope from our young adults with constant doom and gloom. Time to start showing the kids that every generation has had problems, and that they can be resilient and hopeful about the future.

  14. I tuned in to Shaun Micallef’s Eisteddfod for a nanosecond.
    One contestant was called Kallen (with a K just in case you missed it) and one called Bassell (yes, seriously) and then then there was a conversation where one of the private school boys talked of his admiration for Scott Morrison (everyone’s entitled but why broadcast it) and I can’t even.
    Oddly, it’s Kallen with a K that irritated me most. I don’t know why I can’t let it go but some parents just shouldn’t be allowed to have children.

    • I just watched a bit of that one and did not see that kid get any questions right. Shaun made one girl try to solve a Rubik’s Cube while singing about the periodic table of elements. She was a good sport about it

    • You gave me a laugh there, Bobi. I’ve never watched the show, but aren’t they high school kids? Let’s hope that the ScoMo admirer learns to be more discerning as he gets older.

      Bassell like basil? Children aren’t responsible for the names their parents give them, but certainly parents shouldn’t be allowed to saddle their children with odd or ridiculous names. You could have been Bhoe*bbye.

  15. If anyone has a streaming service that show Yellowjackets, I highly recommend it. Unless you don’t do gory. It’s about a teenage girls’ soccer team whose plane crashes in the wilderness. Survivors aren’t rescued for nearly two years. The show cuts between 1992 (the wilderness) and modern day. Strong female cast, both young women and forty somethings.

    • Hey Juz, I saw the trailers for Yellowjackets and sorry to say I can’t do gory/horror. I call them “chest painers” because my heart rate goes through the roof. Been like that since my twenties.
      I found a pretty good Australian mystery/comedy? series on Acorn starring Bryan Brown and Greta Scachi called Darby and Joan. Really hoping they make a second series. I am watching TAR and sadly I have to confess that I’ve been watching past seasons of Masterchef. My 6 year old grandson came to stay and he was watching MC with me and described Matt Preston as that “creepy man” and he didnt like him.

    • I can’t do tension of any sort these days.
      Those shows that start but embarrassing the main character in the opening scene have me squirming my way to the pause button.
      So blood/gore/horror is a hard no from me before we even start.
      I’m such a chicken.

  16. Farmer Wants a Wife started last night, anybody but me watching?

    A bit same old, same old, although they threw Samantha Armytage in as a sort of reality check for the hopefuls, giving them some advice about what living on a farm is really like.

    At this stage, all the farmers seem serious about being there, although I wasn’t quite sure about Harry, who is younger and raised a few red flags about whether he really wants to be committed. The farmer with the child strikes me as not yet ready to move on. I wonder how many of his “girls” really copped on that they are competing to be a stepmother to a three-year-old. Two big new roles in one.

    They did the speed dates with just three of the farmers last night. Tonight they do the two more interesting ones – Farmer Paige (who seems to be a farm worker rather than an owner) and Farmer Benjamin, who will probably carry the show on his own quirky personality. I like him (so far).

    I will be so glad when they move to the farms and the girls can dress normally and drop the heavy makeup. Some seasons I haven’t recognised them. They are so much more attractive in normal clothes.

    • I watched, mostly.
      I tuned out for the eliminations. Too uncomfortable for me. Its hard for someone to be rejected after a 3 minute conversation. It feels unfair and, of course, the lead up means everyone is over invested.
      Mostly, there seems to be a likeable bunch of people here (and just quietly, I agree about the farmer with a child).

    • I watched but got lost in a book before the end. I give Jehovah’s Witnesses longer than the speed daters got. Shallower than a dam in a drought.

      Some of the girls could ditch the tooth whitener if they’re planning to live in the bush. Save it for the horses.

      Farmer Wants A Stepmother To Smother. Bodies are hard to find on these large properties.

  17. Old People’s Home for Teenagers was sad this week. One of the old people died. It was eye-opening to see how the teenagers reacted to the death. Most of them had had no experience with someone they know dying.

    Cecelia, the old lady who described herself as stupid, seemed to feel a little better about herself at the end of the show. I’m not a hugger, but I wanted to have a cup of coffee with her, and give her lots of reasons why she is definitely not stupid. And maybe have a hug.

    • I have not started watching it yet. I was saving it up for a rainy afternoon.
      I suspect that that’s always the danger with these sort of shows. When one of the participants died in the last series (after filming), I cried buckets. It was like someone I knew was gone.
      I am feeling very sad that The Queen has died. She and my mother were the same age. It’s not like losing Mum all over again but has brought up some of the same sense of loss and regret. It is the passing of so many things that will never come again.
      It’s all a bit of a bugga.

      • I’m also feeling sad at the Queen’s death. Have found myself in tears a couple of times today, somewhat surprisingly, but she was there doing her job my whole life.

        I’m sorry that it has rekindled sad memories for you, Bobi. Grieve as much as you need to for one or both of them.

        • Yeah, I’m the same. Have always been a royalist and was shocked to wake up to son’s text of what had happened. Totally understand your grief Bobi as its coming up to Desi’s anniversary of his passing next month.
          In the words of the Lion King “It’s the circle of life”

        • It is rather sad, and it is hard seeing all the royals having to stroll out in public, not be able to grieve in private. Queen or not, she was still someones mother / grand mother / great grandmother.
          While not unexpected its still sad, given from a public perspective it was quite sudden (I’ve been saying for at least 12 months that she was more unwell than they were letting on), it still sad
          I’m sorry to all it has rekindled sad memories for.

      • For me the saddest thing is thing is that the Queen is being replaced by a bloke who’s on record wishing he was a women’s sanitary product……

          • I used to think Charles would step aside but then i realised it is unlikely until George is at least 21. Because if something happens to William who takes over then? A 10 year old?!

          • I never thought he would step aside.
            Firstly, because it’s in the job title: hereditary monarchy.
            And secondly, this is a man whose mother who devoted her entire life (until the day before she died) to her job and I’m sure, raised him to think the same.
            He may not like it – I am sure I read somewhere in his dim dark past where he said he would like to be a farmer – but I am sure he will follow her example (barring dementia).
            In fact the whole family, except Harry and Prince Whatshisface, work more days in service than your average joe and don’t ever get to retire. Rotten life. No amount of money would get me doing that.
            I would like Australia to be a republic but stay in the Commonwealth partly because I see their place and partly because I like the Commonwealth Games. I’m shallow. Let’s take the benefits and get rid of the trappings.

    • On OPHFT, the gentlemans’s death was such a shock, I was really sad especially as he had been one of the one’s who was making an impact on the kids. I thought Miles would be more visibly upset, but he may be shoving it down of course.

      The show has a different vibe to the two previous seasons, but I find myself enjoying it just as much.

  18. Re the Queen, we grew up singing God save…, licking her backside on postage stamps, carrying her threepence to buy lollies. It’s the end of an era.Her English died three decades ago.

      • So true, Daisy. First question eldest son asked, was, will our money change. And, should he keep Queen based currency for economical advantage. WTF!!! I didn’t even think that way. What is it with the next generation.

        • I know, Tech. At the announcement of a national day of mourning here, some newspapers described it as “the question all Australians wanted answered”. Not me, it would never have occurred to me to think of the Queen’s death as a good excuse for another holiday, far from it.

          I feel a bit sorry for Charles, having to go through all that hoopla and not being able to privately grieve for his mum. Her death was not unexpected, but expected or not, it’s a blow when it actually happens.

          • Yes. I saw Charles get annoyed with a pencil case on the desk while he was signing documents. He had to helplessly beckon to a slave to do something about it.

            The holiday falls on my birthday. I’ve made eye contact with Qeen Elizabeth back the 90’s. On a median strip on King William St, I waited to cross the road. her open top limo passed with her and Prince Phillip next to her. ten feet away. she lookedd at me.

    • My favourite was a short article about the anticipated cost of changing the name of Queensland to Kingsland.
      I’m sure it was tongue in cheek.
      Wasn’t it?

  19. Quoth the farmer~ “We haven’t coagulated yet”. Well, it beats hearing the word “connection” every twenty seconds.

    The gels can see Will is not a keeper. His bread ain’t done.

    • He didn’t want to gel with a gel so instead he coagulated. Or he formed a strong coagulation. 😆
      Will’s girls are all melting down faster than soft serve in a heat wave. Can’t get enough time with your farmer? Find a quiet corner, where you can easily be noticed, and have a little cry.

  20. I have watched episode one of Old People’s Home.
    I sobbed a bit. The whole show is lovely but it’s hard to watch knowing that Jim is not going to see the end of this, and teenagers should be more optimistic.
    I’m going to go make myself a cup of tea and watch Episode 2. 😁

  21. Unintentionally saw a few minutes tonight of the Queen’s coffin being moved to yet another place. While it is understandable, maybe even fitting, for people to be able to see that, and pay their respects, I will be glad to see her taken to her final resting place. Let the woman rest.

    • My head absolutely agrees with you.
      However my heart watches all those people grieving by the road side and I get it.
      Bizarrely, I shed a tear when I saw the tractors lined up. I know, 🤷‍♀️, why that? I think maybe because it felt extra sincere and made Queenie a little bit more human.
      I suspect that we are all grieving for different things. Obviously, for people we know and loved but it seems to be more than that. In a world where people vote for Trump and Scott, and would vote for them again, it’s like the world is now a little less certain and a little more self serving.
      I heard a snippet that said she planned her own funeral (as I have but everyone is ignoring my wishes 🤣) and I wonder whether she understood a lot of this. After all, she’s been through this before a number of times.
      I am feeling too philosophical this morning. It is bucketing down and I am so over this weather.
      It may be none of the above and I am just overthinking things. Mostly, I just feel desperately sorry for the family. I can’t imagine having to put on a brave face so immediately after my mother died. Anne’s face in particular sums it all up for me.
      The good news is that I am watching less tv to avoid more of the same. It is amazing how much extra time I have. I hope this is a habit I can keep up.

  22. I am watching the Queen’s final journey. Aside from having respect for her, I couldn’t miss such an impressively detailed event.

    I know most of the people in the march are military, therefore knowing how to march, but there doesn’t seem to be one person mis-stepping. Even the RCMP horsies are walking with heads down.

    Finally her family will have private time to grieve, cry if they want to, let those stoic faces crumple.

    I’m touched. Bye, Ma’am.

    • I’m the same Von. I’m glued to the tv, if only to pay my respects. What is really impressive is when you consider the fact that Charles is 72 or 73 and Anne is 70 and they are still walking with Andrew, Edward, William and Harry. And apart from Anne’s husband all other spouses are riding in cars.
      OMG, I’m 63 and I would have given up after 5 minutes.

      • 2 things that I really noticed were:
        1# how young the pallbearers were.(maybe just showing my age???)
        2# how tall the 8 naval officers in front of the coffin were. At first I thought it was the camera angle but the more they showed from different angles, they were definitely a foot and half taller than those in front of them.

          • Yep, showing our age. Like you I remember singing God save the queen at the start of every movie in the cinema. And when they changed the anthem I refused to learn the new one. Have to confess even now I don’t know Advance Australia Fare and when I left school it was still feet and inches. Now, with Desi gone I have to rely on Google to convert everything metric, I’m so bad at that.

      • I thought the same about Charles and Anne making that first long walk; it was not a short stroll. Maybe they had to concentrate so much on keeping in step that they thought less of how tired they were after an hour or so. I would have needed a bottle of water at least.

        I mostly watched for the pageantry and symmetry of it. But when the Queen’s pony was out front to see her pass by, I was saddened again. Then they showed her corgis out front too, and I lost it then :). Poor pups wouldn’t understand.

    • No one can do a pageant like the British.
      I listened to a chat to an old gentleman man on ABC radio who (amongst others) represented Australia at the Queen’s coronation. The memories still brought him to tears.
      It’s all touching.
      I wish people would just shut up about the republic until the mourning period is over and then they can go for it. I suspect most of these people have never lost anyone or are just opportunists.
      Mostly, I will be happy when broadcasting returns to normal. SBS is advertising a new cooking show where ordinary people cook celebrity chef recipes. I can hardly wait.

    • I’m watching. Sometimes you appreciate people more when they are dead. She did serve. She could have had an easier life.

      Oprah’s invitation got list in the post. I hope Meghan doesn’t do another interview.

  23. Thanks Bobi. Sounds like something I would enjoy. I don’t watch a lot of SBS, do please let me know when it starts.

    • 7.30 Thursdays, I think.
      I can’t quite catch when it starts, so I’m guessing next week if they are starting to advertise it now.
      If I’m wrong I will correct it as soon as I find out.

  24. As a passing comment without much thought behind it, I am not fond of our national anthem (following on from earlier comment. Not a random thought).
    The words never made much sense to me (I mean, “girt”, ffs – and “young” made my grandparents so annoyed) and the tune is a dirge. So many choices and we picked that one. I was a fan of Gough Whitlam but I will always hold this against him. I remember we had a choice of awful, awfuler, and awfulest.
    I did work nearby to an organisation that had the foresight to put the words on the back of all their business cards. They couldn’t print enough to keep up with demand 🤣🤣. So clever.

    • That one was nice. It’s surprising how even a little exercise can make one feel better. I cheered the old guy who decided to run during the colour walk.

  25. John Hamblyn died. He was 87! There’s a lovely picture in SMH of him and
    Big Ted. I know he did other work, but he was one of my favourite Play School presenters.

  26. On a different note, Happy birthday BDD. I’m sure he posted last week that his birthday fell on the public holiday for the Queen.

  27. Thanks for the well wishes, gice. 65. Shithouse episode of Bold And The Beautiful for me. Unfortunately, your link didn’t work, daisy, I appreciate the effort. Some months ago, I was given a cupcake, decided it looked too good to eat, it’s still on my mantle

  28. Bobi, you might need a whole packet of Tim Tams for the last episode of Old People’s Home For Teenagers, maybe add a cup of cocoa, too.

    While I enjoyed the series with little kids more, this one seemed to benefit the younger people a lot, as well as the oldies. The speeches at the end, from both generations, were touching.

    • Oh dear.
      I will watch it during the day time. It will make the sobbing less audible to the neighbours 🤣😢.
      I have enjoyed it so far. My favourite episode to date was when they had both the teenagers and the little ones at the same time.

  29. Oh no. Three different shops, 3 different shop assistants; all sniffing. Sniff!
    I’m too old to shut up and not quiwtly say, “Don’t sniff when you are serving people.

    One lady replied, “I’m wearing a mask”.
    One man was serving food. He probably spat in my coffee in return for my lesson on manners. 😃

  30. I watched Dishing It Up tonight on SBS.
    I have mixed views.
    It’s a little bit like watching Gogglebox but exclusively focussed on cooking shows with demonstrations.
    I liked the people. I liked most of the segments. I think it could have been shorter. It felt it was one segment too many. Picky, picky.
    It was interesting. Oddly, the best cook/chef for the couples to follow seemed to be Nigella – I say “oddly “ because she hosts my least favourite show – followed by Poh. See above. I will have to revise the way I watch cooking shows IRL.
    I will tune in again. I won’t cry if I miss an episode but I will make an effort to see it.

    • Thanks, Bobi. I forgot to watch. I don’t really understand the premise, but will try to remember to watch next week.

      Something different in a cooking show is always worth a try.

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