MKR starts tonight with new judge Nigella Lawson

After a hiatus My Kitchen Rules is back on TV.
Channel 7 is keen to try and recapture the ratings magic of the days before Pete Evans flogged magic lamps that “killed covid”.

Group one from MKR.

They have brought back Australia’s second favourite French chef, Manu Fieldel – Gabriel Gate being the first, of course. His co-judge this season is the queen of midnight feasts, Nigella Lawson.
MKR is going up against The Masked Singer and The Block so we will see if the risk pays off.



  1. I’ve watched bits and pieces of two episodes. There is less emphasis on duos setting up their restaurant, but still a lot on their back-stories.

    Nigella is pleasant and the few of her critiques I’ve seen seem fair. Manu is same old Manu, but there is a silly effort to portray him as a sex symbol. Well, I think it’s silly.

    I don’t know many of the contestants yet. One duo is called “fine diners”, but I will refer to them as pretentious twits. One of another team pulls faces, raises her eyebrows, and rolls her eyes after a plate is put in front of her. I don’t know if she has a disorder of some type, or if she is just rude.

    The pretentious twits presented a main of over-cooked quail, some kid of salad, and half a fig. Last night’s team, a young couple, had an entree of fried squid and fried onion rings. When they put the tester onion ring into the oil, it sat there, not a bubble in sight. So they worried that the onion rings were not going to be crispy, and fussed about that for a few minutes instead of turning up the heat on the frypan. The cooking bar is not very high so far.

    As in MC, the pandemic is over in MKR world. There’s lots of hugging and cheek kissing as the teams arrive, and they are all sitting right next to each other at the table.

    I’d like to watch a whole episode, but the show is about 20 minutes too long, and I switch to something else I want to see before MKR ends. As I will do tonight with After The Verdict.

  2. I am tuning in and out. It is not the sort of show that is anything else but in the background.
    I have liked all the couples so far. Overall, they seem kind. No villains, thank the lord. I’m glad they have recognised that this is a turn off for the average viewer.
    I drew the line at fried onion rings. Just nope, nopety-nope, in any format.

  3. Late to the party, but we are watching, and with a 24 hour delay. I haven’t watched MKR for about 8 years so maybe we will enjoy it. I don’t recall previous MKR dinners being so jocular.

  4. Nigella ‘s earning every penny she’s getting. Have a look at the appalling table manners on display and the disregard of hygiene in food preparation.Raw fish….danger.

    The live lobsters being sacrificed for these lobotomized culinary oafs. Horrific.

    Gary Mehigan, Curtis and Matt Preston have hitch hiked on to this circus, too. Taking Coles to Newcastle.

    George Calomabaris and Pete Evans lying low…….

    • Glad that’s not my kitchen sink drain the boiling, failed dessert sauce is casually being thrown into. Clearly, these gice don’t understand the dangers of fat.

      • I will catch up tomorrow. We have been sucked into the rabbit hole of 9Life; Mediterranean Life, and House Flipping.

  5. I enjoyed tonight’s ep. I really like these 2 Fijians.
    The bottom pair were a little too obviously trying to play mind games. Given that everyone had been very kind and generous up to this point, it kind of struck a sour note. I am trying to make excuses, like it might be the difference between Malaysian and Fijian spices, but truthfully, it was sounded off.
    I hope the Malaysian wife and her husband are booted next week and I can get back to listening to the lovely banter. I really like the father and daughter and hope they stay until the end.

  6. The Margaret River couple’s kitchen is impressive. I love marron and hope their dish works out well.
    The promo seems to show the bottom pair spitting their dummies and walking out. Hopefully that is just creative editing and they are not starting drama and tantrums already.

    I won’t see the results tonight since I’ll switch to HYBPA. I’d like to see the whiny couple eliminated though.

    • No. The drama, tears, insults and tantrums are just starting. This culinary leopard doesn’t change it’s spots.

      Nigella is taking the money and running before it sinks too low.

      The whiny couple are gone , Von. New batch tomorrow , plus Matt Preston.

      • I thought they’d learned that tears and histrionics were what made viewers turn off before.

        There needs to be an additional question asked of prospective contestants –
        “Are you able and willing to act like an adult through the whole competition?”
        And a new rule –
        If you throw a hissy fit and storm out in a huff, Manu will not come to soothe you, but will tell your team to fuck off immediately.

        I like Matt Preston. Maybe I can enjoy the show tonight.

      • I approve your rules.
        And I also like Matt Preston. I think I have mentioned previously that I bought one of his cookbooks and it is the best.

  7. Ooooh. Our back yard tonight. We do a lot of our bush walks in Margaret River and finish with lunch in MR town.

    • You’ll know then if two tiny slices of venison for a main course cut it in Margaret River. The two cooking tonight come from Miser River….

      • No, I don’t but their was plenty of hen pecking in the kitchen. The woman cut shy of giving hubby a clip over the ear.
        It was all water off a duck’s back to him.

  8. Another kind of local area tonight. Not as close to us as MR, Abany is still kind of local. We holiday quite often (since covid stopped us going to Europe) in Denmark, a day trip to Albany.

  9. Von, have you been to Albany? I find it quite insular and a bit parochial because of its isolation.
    I think the Chilli Kings might live in Emu Point by the looks of all the new houses.

    • I have been there, but not for years. I was going to say I found it unfriendly, but insular is kinder and probably more accurate. And it is so windy!

  10. Again, I like these people.
    What fun it was to watch those two in the kitchen.
    So much better than constant bickering and game playing.

  11. I haven’t watched MKR for nearly a decade, so I am enjoying it. I enjoy the funny, nice ones more than the villains. The show doesn’t need villains. IMO anyway.
    The supposedly posh ladies aren’t really posh, are they. They said they were making Freddo. 😄

  12. I thought MKR started at 730, so missed the first half hour that I have been watching before changing over to Spicks and Specks. I don’t know who is who in round 2 of MKR, but will catch up later in the week.

    Spicks and Specks is well worth watching for those of you who don’t have to watch on FTA schedules. I almost wrote “those of you able to tape it” :).

    TV is pretty crappy tonight. I’ll be half-watching Blues Brothers at 11, and singing some of the songs for the next week – R-E-S-P-E-C-T… Aretha knocked that one out of the park, bless her.

  13. It’s an interesting menu tonight and I hope they do well. Rookie mistake they made first up though, dressing the slaw as soon as it was made. Maybe they could call it pickled vegs instead of slaw.

    Some of the people suggesting witchetty grubs would be on the menu, haha. Traditionally, witchetty grubs are eaten raw and would have been a difficult ingredient to source.

    I’ll miss the scoring to watch Insight, but good luck to these two.

  14. Curtis Stone struts in as though he is god’s gift to cooking and everything else. Ugh. I like Colin better since I’ve seen him twice on The Cook Up with Adam Liaw. Colin’s way of making mashed potatoes was unusual but they looked delicious and silky smooth. I will try that.

    None of these people seem to have good knife skills. Watching that woman saw away at her fish had me wincing; it looked as though she was using a dull knife. The woman on another team is already haranguing her husband five minutes into prep.

    Good luck to all of them, but I will be switching to Spicks and Specks.

  15. I’m not enjoying these elimination episodes. All the teams are hoping, wishing, praying, if-ing, and but-ing during prep and cook. They’re so busy hitting panic stations that they lose all confidence and make stupid mistakes. Maybe I’m too used to MC, where, deservedly or not, the cooks feel some certainty in their cooking. If there is another series of MKR, I doubt I will watch.

  16. Hey Gice, I wanted to wait till finals week before even attempting to watch this season. So, I watched the first few eps and thought “this is looking good! No villains” But 1 or 2 eps later there it was. WHY??? And now I was invested. Just finished watching every episode and am up to date and have to say I am disappointed.
    Not enough cooking, especially in the knockout rounds. It was how on earth did those deserts miraculously appear out of nowhere. They were so focused on one couple standing around doing nothing and then wave the magic wand and.behold an almost fully prepared desert.
    Anyway I am going to watch the grand final but not live.
    Great reading all your comments.😃

    • Hi Techhater, great to hear from you. I have taped all the eps but haven’t had time to watch all yet. I like the F (it’s the first word you can’t say now) girl, with spider eyelashes. I enjoyed her raw, no bs humour

  17. Pretty disappointing season. Maybe they should look at BDD’s rules and adopt them. I was happy with who won but overall a pretty dismal season. Too much doubting and not enough cooking. Favourite teams for me were the Fijians, Matt and KT and the winners. Did anyone else watch this?

    And now it over to TAR for me.😊

    • A total aside; I have started reading about the amygdala, and it’s function. Fascinating. You probably already studied the brain.

    • I agree, Tech. There was definitely too much anxious chatter and hand-wringing from the contestants. I liked some of the teams, including the ones who won, but found it hard to maintain interest in the show. I started watching the final but it was so boring that I wandered off to do something else. Paid attention to the last few minutes, and even that made me yawn.

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