Australian Idol reboot begins Monday but no Andy G

Channel 7 is resurrecting a Channel 10 castoff in Australian Idol.

The show premieres Monday night and Kyle Sandilands is the “evil judge”.

Remember when Dicko the evil judge, Marcia the non-committal judge and Mark Holden the goofy one? Back before Andy G was Osher and had perfected the bad news whisper and art of wearing brocade jackets.

Will Australian Idol be a hit with a new generation who are all too used to The Voice?



  1. We have three lovely judges and Kyle Sandilands.
    Some of these people appear to be pre-chosen. I don’t remember them doing that before. Maybe it saves on very expensive people having to sit through hours of millennials who have been told by their parents that they are special.

    • There are too many things on right now; Survivor, Idol, MAFS and now I’m a Celebrity is coming up. I want to watch all of them. So far I started with MAFS, episode 1. If I have to choose, I will probably go for new blood MAFS, than recycled Sharni and George.

  2. Absolutely agree that there are too many.
    I like to just drop in so I can get an idea of the names and then I read the blogs until things settle down. I have a tiny brain that can only hold five or six names.
    I skipped Ep 1 of Survivor completely but Ep 2 was relatively enjoyable.
    I think IMAC has always been my favourite. There’s always a couple of people that turn out to be a complete revelation, in a delightful way.

  3. Idol is over, guys.
    I rarely watched. I momentarily popped in and when I say, momentarily, I mean less than seconds.
    I did listen to the winner. He has talent and good on him. I wish him a career once he gets out from under the contracted recording studio.
    Kyle was a d**k and remainder a d**k until the end. He congratulated the winner and told the young, 15 year old runner up that he never expected to hear from her again. It might be true but it was unnecessarily cruel. There is something wrong with that man.
    Hopefully, that’s the last we see of that franchise.

    • Yeah. Kyle is a fat,ignorant bigot.

      Always was .always will be.Those hiring him are mental pygmies.

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