Bold and the Beautiful: A new year recap

By Daisy

If you want the best recap, read any of Dave’s posts; articulate and incisive. But for a brief, less stringent recap, here we go for January.

I heard a song this morning about a man, marrying a woman, and his dad, marrying her adult daughter, and the familial tangle that ensued. I straight away thought of B&B. 

The battle of blonde versus brunette continues, as Brooke and Taylor await Ridge’s decision. Who will he choose. It’s a shocking message in female empowerment and self-esteem, that these adult women allow him to choose between them, like a 13 year old boy asking a girl to the school dance.

Ridge will go to his grave with Brooke planted on one side, and Taylor 6 feet under on the other side. 
In fact, the entire Forrester plot will be a cosy menagerie of interrelated corpses. 
Anyhow, there is a villain about to be found, and we all know that they should be calling Douglas. Or perhaps Charlie could earn his keep. Or they could use young Haze as bait. 

Oh, I am macabre today. We can only wait and see what happens next …



  1. It took a whole episode for Brooke and Taylor to make their strong, powerful women pitch and dump the Rasper. Ridge did some soul searching. but he wasn’t born with one. Does he choose the clingy shrink or the alcoholic gold digger?

    The Meat Puppet , Steffy, Liam and Hope argue over which witch the Rasper is gonna choose. Who gives an Il Giardino alley rat’s arse?

    Charlie interrupts both these scenes with corny lines that a two year old could write.
    We are reminded that the nine toed malevolent force is out there still, when she should be behind bars. Maybe lonesome Rasper will hook up with blonde Sheila in some seedy bar. Curtain.

    I’m watching the Bachelors .These three beige cyborgs have been manscaped to within an inch of their pitiful lives. Poor girls to suffer these turds of a feather.

  2. Part of today’s recap disappeared quicker than Sheila down an L.A freeway. Katie dumped Bill yesterday, making way for Carter to literally enter. This long ad break gives me a chance to recover. ( Maybe the rest went to a trash folder, Juz? No matter)

    Sheila gives a masterful display of road rage acting. Chief Baker and his novice underling cop are losing. Katie and Brooke gossip and recap for us. How powerful these women are when not fighting for the insipid Rasper

    Sheila escapes Baker’s inept dragnet once more, thanks to the L.A. traffic. A feminine hair removal ad lightens the intense drama . Steffi tears her hair out as Sheila escapes into the night.

    Chief Baker is in serious damage control with a furious Steffi and Meat Puppet.. He needs a doughnut real bad.

    Steffi and the Meat Puppet over act and recap their way to the curtain albeit with a flashback to the shooting in the seedy alley at Il Giardino. But there’s more….Sheila’s in a garden , promising more evil. She’s as free as a bird.

    • Sheila’s as quick and elusive as the Road Runner escaping Wiley Coyote.

      The Powerful Womanhood is about 3 or 4 decades behind the rest of Western civilisation. I am guessing someone told the writers they were sending a bad message to young women In abusive relationships so they have taken an about face. Brooke, Taylor and now Katy; all “I am woman, hear me roar”. The women are rebelling.
      I have been wondering about Arjay this week, then all of a sudden, so is Brooke. She really misses him. 🤣 He goes from boarding school to “summer camp”. To Pony Ranch.

  3. It was a very weird Christmas at Eric’s this year.
    The Turkey wasn’t the only bird that looked stuffed. Paris and her pink hair is back, yet Ridge won’t sure he would be welcome. He was back living his Destiny under the mistletoe before you could say, “I saw Gandma kissing Santa Claus”. Was that really a year ago already?
    Little Beth, who was only 9 months old when 7 year old Douglas discovered the truth of her existence, has had a growth spurt and is now about 4 years of age.
    Steffy and Finn were missing; perhaps held up at gunpoint somewhere. Or maybe Steffy was atill trying to get her padded bottom through the car door. The cat caught Donna’s tongue, or else her mouth was glued shut with too much honey because she could only smile, nod, and gesticulate a lot. She only had one line, and strangely, spoke in Brooke’s voice. I think that was a moment of Logan ventriloquism. At least her ample bosoms were her own, I think.
    Hope looked lovely in emerald green. Katy was trying Carter on for size. Cherrrrlee and Pam were their usual nauseating selves. It’s worth watching in the morning, just to watch Donna. 💋

    • We’ve gone from miss a toe to mistletoe in one weak week

      Douglas got a present……and it wasn’t a knife but a stuffed toy. He can play Jingle Bells on the piano. Carols. A superspreader event.

      I saw no roach, either. A dismal , dull affair. Pass the egg nog. Might as well get juiced.

      • Douglas opened that gift and looked at it like, “wtf?” He wasn’t thrilled with his candy stripe bear.
        His acting was believable. He looked like he’d been hoping for a finger printing set and a set of binoculars.

  4. Steffi and the Meat Puppet try for some intimacy while the kids are away.Torso time. It’s a terrible night, but ace driver Sheila is out there. roaming L.A.’s freeways amidst the thunder and lightening.

    The roach faces a blast furnace of disapproval from Eric, Brooke over the C.P.S. call. Carter, Hope and Rasper are there. Lots of staring as the roach tries to crawl up his family’s arse again. Great designer , shit father is what Carter thinks. Eric says he can’t even look at the roach but being the great actor he is ….he does anyway.

    Hope sacks the roach from the Hope for The Future line. He thought it was Grope For The Future. The roach is copping it and his meek excuses binned.

    Back at the torso house,Steffi’s slipped into a naughty negligee. Sheila’s car is getting closer we need a collagen ad to break the tension.

    6 minutes left, Sheila driving like a mad woman, will get to see her biological son making the beast with two backs with Steffi. Wild bears couldn’t keep her away.

    Ok, roach …we get it . You’re “sorry”. Rasper fires him from Forrester Creations.Whoever heard of a homeless roach? Grim goodbyes are given in the icy atmosphere. Hope is really cold toward him. Douglas would be elsewhere. The bonhomie of Xmas sure dried up in a hurry.

    Steffi is actually stroking the Meat Puppet’s torso. Meat Puppet and Steffi get down to business. Too bad Sheila is outside, turning off the electricity switch before busting down the door and being sihlouetted in the lightning strikes. Steffi shrieks “Sheila!” As if it’s going to be the Avon Lady.What happened to all the “heavy security” at the beach house? Curtain.

    This was a good episode. Bravo Sheila. You are one sick mother.

    • I know. Last week one escaped behind a kitchen cupboard, a few nights later I finally got it when it ventured out. There’s an au courant horror Mortein ad with a person sleeping and two roaches on their quilt.

      I have seen some monster cockroaches in various parts of Australia.

  5. I had forgotten all about Paris. You would think that she was more memorable. It must be the story lines they give her.
    And just reminding everyone, I love Sheila. I wondered how they were going to stretch out her time on this show. Now we know.

    • Deacon and Bill are my favourites, although the writers make Deacon a wimp.

      Least favourites are probably Cherrrlee and Taylor. They are the mist annoying

  6. Bill makes a pivotal appearnce just before the curtain.

    Prior to this, the stupid Meat Puppet and Steffi give Sheila the opportunity to “hear her out”. Not even a thought of calling 911, Sheila is allowed to roll out a litany of insane excuses. Meat Puppet orders Steffi to get some rope to tie Sheila up “so she can spend the rest of her life in prison”

    Carter and Katie provide the torso action today.

    Those idiots at the beach house had fifteen minutes to call 911. The Meat Puppet was even swallowing some of Mama’s sick speech.

    Before this tying up happens , stallion Bill enters without knocking, Back in black, like Sheila. Curtain.

    Earlier in the day , I saw promos of Bill and Sheila getting close. They’ll make a tough tag team. They’ll make a “connection”

    • Oh my God. Not Bill and Sheila. Yep. Now I too am worried about his mental state.
      Still, he already busted one con out of prison, so it’s good news for Sheila.

      She is creepy without even trying. I don’t know how Deacon managed those sex scenes. Yew.

    • Plus, they keep their rope in the kitchen.

      What self-respecting young couple of hot rich people don’t keep rope in the bedroom where it belongs? Honestly, these Forresters are just hopeless at everything.

  7. I meant to write;
    At the Christmas party, bloody Carter chimed in to frown down on Roach’s bad behaviour. 😮
    a) He’s not family.
    b) Wasn’t he just recently given passes. 1. For sneaking around and sleeping with the boss’s wife.
    2. For cheating on Zoe.
    3. For cheating on Paris.
    4. For cutting Zende’s grass.
    Something like that.
    I’m not even sure anyone there could throw stones except the kids.

  8. Brooke and Taylor emancipating themselves, Scary-eyed Sheila cosying up with Bill; the wheels have fallen off the formula.

  9. If Sheila goes to jail , so does Taylor. That’s Bill’s unholy deal for Steffi. Taylor shot Bill one time , but he didn’t dob. Payback time.

    Liam and Wyatt decide that they’re worried about their Dad. They have new haircuts, but that can’t save their ham fisted acting as if worried. Liam’s sad that Bill can’t find a root. He’s found the root of all evil, in fact.

    Defending his hook up wiith Sheila, Bill says maybe it takes a monster to help a monster. That’s better than anything a world famous psychiatrist could come up with. I doubt if Dr.Phil would buy that. Stallion Bill’s crying. We struggle to believe it’s real.

    Bill and Sheila kiss tenderly for Steffi and the Meat Puppet.Both watch in horror as two villians embrace. It looks like Sheila has Bill hypnotised.

    Bill’s acting like he’s had a lobotomy. He’s had his heart broken too many times , he bleats. Sheila’s as tough as shit ,he reasons. Bill’s pity party is something to behold. He whines that Katie and Brooke literally won’t have a bar of him. He doesn’t mind that Sheila’s insane, he says to Steffi’s insults. Sticks and stones, Steffi.

    Back to acting oafs Liam and Wyatt.Liam finds Sheila’s wig under a couch. They figure out who Dad’s new g/f is. The She Devil. She’s accepted Bill’s rose.

    Bill’s voice is hoarse as he repeats the dirty deal to Steffi. Take it or leave it. Taylor will go to prison if you prosecute Sheila blubbers zombie Bill.. Curtain.

  10. I like Sheila’s new acronym thanks, Dave; ROAE. Yes that would aptly described sex with Sheila. I was only listening today so I missed the boys’ discovery of Shela’s hairy mop. Yikes.
    I think this storyline needed a little….no. a lot more build up, or lead into, for us to be convinced that Bill so quickly and utterly fell into the SheSpider’s Web. But there you have it. The shark has been jumped. Brooke and Taylor suddenly emancipated women, and Bill, head over heels for Shedevil.
    Next episode; flying pigs over LA and Katy wearing sensible, comfortable underwear to bed Carter. Afterall, does a modern, emancipated woman give up comfort to please a man. No. Instead of purple lace push-ups and sexy sax, it will be comfortable undies and Barry White. I hope.

  11. More about the emptiness inside Dollar Bill. Steffi thinks Bill is like a love struck teenager. Or is the stallion horsing around? Katie tells Bill he can take his sword off, but after Sheila impaled her finger on it,Bill’s been getting his jollies reliving the moment. A woman he can’t hurt. How good is that?

    I’m used to seeing Bill knock back Scotch after Scotch , grinding people into the dirt. Grinding Sheila is a bridge too far. The stallion has become a meek little lamb.

    Sheila is flat out like an evil lizard drinking, such is the queue of visitors to the jail. Li, Mike Guthrie, Bill. Li throws all the shit she can at Sheila.There have been visits with Deacon in the promos. Mike Guthrie is still in love with Sheila. It ain’t over yet.

    Sheila is uncuffed for Bill’s visit because he has a stooge working for him in this jail/resort.

    Bleating billionaire Bill asks Sheila if her feelings for him are real. She’s more interested in the escape minutiae.What I’ve read suggests psychopaths only mimic feelings to get by.. Snap out of it , Bill. Curtain.

  12. Black Widow Sheila spins her web around lonesome Bill down at the jail house. Bill wants to know if Sheila’s love is real or if he’s being used. Bill’s paid off people at the jail to have this confidential tme with Sheila. He waffles about “connecting” like this is MAFS.

    Carter gives the viewers some beore Katie comes in and ravishes him. Things are getting hot for Katie , for Carter, I suspect it’s just another day at the orifice.

    Taylor vists Steffi and the Meat Puppet, crowing about Sheila being in prison. Not so fast. it’s comlicated with blackmail. Chief Baker makes a visit, reminding Steffi and the Meat Puppet that he’ll need their co operation to put Sheila behind bars.

    Sheila sells it to lonely Bill that together , as twin forces of evil, they’ll be a great pair.Curtain.

    • All those typos, sorry, gice. Lost in Sheila’s theme song below. “Carter gives the viewers some torso” is what was intended.

  13. Initially, my view when I saw the Bill and Sheila pairing was “What were the writers thinking?”, but on reflection, his money is about the only way we can keep Sheila out of goal and on the show and I’ve made no secret of the fact that I am all for that.

  14. Thanks for the link DaveSo you all know how ooold I am, I danced on the dance floor at The White Sands, with Angus hopping around me with his guitar, like Rumplestiltskin.
    I also saw the Eurogliders live in a small bar in Karrinyup.
    But my best moment was seeing Fleetwood Mac play in Perth in about 1976 (?), maybe 1975. That was amazing.

  15. How many times have we heard the line “spend the rest of her (miserable) life in prison” over the last few weeks? Sheila had a riotous time in prison, with a conga line of visitors.

    Tonight, Sheila is free. I guess Bill paid off that lame judge. Surprise , surprise, Steffi and the meek Meat Puppet bowed to Bill’s dirty deal.

    Taylor and Brooke celebrate their emancipation from the tyranny of the soul searching Rasper. Who needs that love rat?

    So Sheila walks, thanks to Bill. I suspect Sheila still carries a torch for Deacon and vice versa. A cat has nine lives, Sheila has nine toes. It will take a week for this for this jailhouse gossip to be recycled by everyone in the cast. ie “What do you mean, Sheila Carter is free!!??”

    Steffi makes a good job of looking terrified in the tender arms of the Meat Puppet Sheila’s a judge crushing juggernaut. Eat your doughnut,and suck it up, Det Baker.Curtain.

  16. Shedevil just isn’t that hot for all these men to be risking their all to save her. The ex warden is putting his hand up to a kidnapping charge, Deacon has been risking imprisonment by letting her hide out in his shoe-box apartment, and now Bill is willing to face alienation from the entire cast so that he can hook up with Psycho.

    BTW, I am pretty sure that judge is Ridge’s crooked judge.

    • Multiple charges. They don’t just.let you out.
      But this is Sheila. Next it will be a governor’s pardon.

      • Yeah. I honestly have no clue how the American legal system works … but I’m pretty certain that it doesn’t work like that.

  17. Bill bought off that bent judge with cheesy holidays on his yacht, the Stella Marie. Mike Guthrie is the fall guy.

    Taylor decides that with Sheila free, there’s only one thing to do. I thought there would be a murder plot hatched , but no….. Taylor is going to admit to shooting Bill years ago and take the rap, thereby putting Sheila back in prison, because Steffi and the Meat Puppet will squeal and prosecute.

    That’s real professional of Taylor to do that. Brooke will visit her shrink soul sister in prison.

    Sheila reclines in the arms of her protector, Stallion Bill. Sheila says she made mistakes and bad choices etc, things that will be chiselled on her gravestone. He tells her she won’t be able to hang with Haze et al…..however she’ll be free.

    Wild bears couldn’t keep Sheila from meddling with her family. Curtain.

  18. Bill can change the name of his yacht to Sheila M. It’s no portrait over the fireplace but it’s a good second.

    Steffy told Taylor not to confess, with something like an, “It’s not worth it”. Say that after she has killed MM again, and kidnapped Haize.

  19. Yesterday, Bill told Sheila he loved her. Call a Vet, cos he’s one sick stallion.

    Sheila still pleads for understanding but Taylor has none of it , let’s hear it one more time, Sheila will spend the rest of her life in prison. This is repeated about five minutes later.

    Bill says to Steffi and Taylor that his new she devil girlfriend isn’t a threat to anyone. He’s got it bad.

    The Meat Puppet unwraps it all again for Katie and Carter. Blackmail and ultimatums from lovestruck Bill. The acting is way below par with these three.
    Taylor and Steffi arrive and Katie storms out, leaving Carter non plussed.

    Bill and Sheila relax on the couch and reckon they’ve got a great future together. Sheila dumps on the Logans and Forresters for rejecting her before nestling into Bill….her new rock.

    Seven minutes left. Steffi says Bill’s love for Sheila will destroy him. Katie turns up to verbally abuse Bill. The vile, evil presence of Sheila isn’t a good look she cries. Sheila nips it all in the bud with a powerful speech. Bill’s mine , fat Katie.

    Katie blabs and blurts , trying to reach Dollar Bill’s non existent conscience. He looks kind of puzzled.


  20. Sheila has turned Bill into a zombie. “The Night of the Evil Dead” continues with Sheila using her black eyes to hold Bill under her zombie virus/spell. Sheila needs to ask Bill for a new outfit. Those horrible semi combat/semi Robin Hood clothes are probably meant to give her a sexy Demi Moore/GI Jane look. But noooo. She and Bill are French kissing, mouths open wide, tongues in. I think Sheila’s split tongue has gone right through to Bill’s heart and left it’s venom.
    Please, gentlemen, stop kissing the Queen of the Zombies.

  21. Katie barks at Sheila to shut up and proceeds to try to deprogram Zombie Bill. How’s that workin’ for ya, Katie?

    Liam and Hope have the whole sordid tale unpacked again by Steffi and the Meat Puppet. Make a coffee while this pitiful scene is going down. Liam is going to try to deprogram Zombie Bill. Pop v Pup? Nah.

    Katie over acts to Bill and the old chestnut about a life spent behind bars is wheeled out. Yawn. Sheila rebutts with ease it all while her Zombie looks on , struck silent. They are monsters in love.

    Katie has a hissing match with Sheila. Katie blurts the “f” word at Zombie Bill ie ~ “family”. Bill is dumbstruck, Sheila tells Katie to leave and let the law breaking lovebirds to themselves. Katie’s puffed out. Watch that dodgy heart.

    More hogwash from Katie to Zombie Bill. Hatey Katie.Zombie tells Katie to leave. Bill’s finally found love, croweth Sheila. Tears come to the eyes of Zombie Bill. Say something. Silent treatment from the Zombie. Curtain.

  22. Maybe Bill, the actor, has laryngitis. Or his personal script writer is away. He’s about as vocal as Hope’s mannequin. Actually, I think fibreglass Hope had more lines.
    All Bill has to do for his part, is have black eyes and an inscrutable expression. Maybe they cut his salary.

  23. Steffi has vowed to get Bill and Sheila. Tough words.

    Today it’s Brooke’s turn to be filled in on the whole saga. I guess she’ll be next to try to deprogram Zombie Bill. Sure enough, this is the brainstorm hatched with Hope and Liam. Liam reckons Bill is detached from reality. Ad break. Next week is Bold week on Studio Ten, btw. We get to see these fools in “real life”

    It’s all over town that Taylor shot Bill ….or it soon will be. Liam says Bill can buy any judge. Hope tells Brooke to be careful….so we know something bad is going to happen. Slug down some Vodka and get a gun, Brooke.

    Sheila is still greasing Zombie Bill with flatteries. Then she tells Bill she’ll go if that’s what he wants. She’ll always be in his debt and with cherished memories of savaging his fake tanned torso. Too easy. Snap out of it and run, Bill. Brooke is going to walk on in this scene.

    Liam whines to Hope that he wanted his father to find “someone special”. He’s trawled the bottom of humanity’s barrel and found Sheila Carter. They relive Taylor shooting Bill and her fragile state of mind.

    Well, right on cue, here’s Brooke bargeing in to Sheila’s mansion. they face off and trade insults while the Zombie looks on helplessly.There’s been a conga line of characters trying to deprogram Bill…..they’ve all been sent packing.

    Brooke works on Bill with a few old flashbacks to their romances, the Taj Mahal etc. Sheila will ruin his life. Take your sword off . Bill. Yada yada.Bill agrees with her says she’s absolutely right. Curtain. We know Bill is going to be a good zombie and chuck Brooke out of Sheila’s mansion.

  24. I am at Siesta Park, so I am as clueless as Bill is, as to what’s happening.
    Favourite line; Sheila’s mansion. Can Bill get that portrait artist right over. I don’t she’ll be wanting to make a run for it any time soon. She’s probably getting her name engraved on the good silver cutlery.

    • Would you believe that Deacon now owns il Giardino? It’s true. He drinks to Sheila’s tenacity in getting out of the slammer. Hope recaps it all for him

      Brooke spent a whole episode trying to deprogram Zombie Bill but Sheila ends up nestled in Bill’s bicep again, wiith an evil thousand yard stare . Bill tells Brooke she’s right…..but owing to the massive well of loneliness inside him and a failed love life, he’s sought solace in Sheila.

    • Thankyou for keeping me up to date, Bobi and Dave. Very funny. Who did Deacon swindle to get the money to buy Il Giodino’s. I guess th writers had more use for a restaurant owner than the local janitor. I can’t see Brooke, Taylor, Katy or Donna setting up an LA love nest with a janitor.

  25. Much as I love the Sheila character, I can’t watch her and Bill together. It’s too much. I will have to bow out until they stop canoodling.
    And then immediately demonstrating what a hypocrite I am, I am loving the story line where Thomas is the fashion genius and the others are wannabes without him. Very funny and very clever. Heh, heh.
    And passingly, what’s with Paris’ hair? She has this blue matching line in the middle of her forehead. It’s a little bit What-were-they-thinking.

  26. Today it’s Katie’s turn to blackmail Zombie Bill. Unless Sheila goes to prison, Bill will never see his son Will again. Fact is, neither of them care for the little brat….but that’s the deal. Of course , Sheila eavesdrops on the deal being offered.

    It took just one critic to savage the Hope For The Future line and consideration is being given to the return of the prodigal roach. The roach is trying tow rm his way back into favour.

    Yea, Deacon ” found some investors” and is now the restauranteur of Il Janitoro. Those pizzas he left out uncovered must have attracted a few flies. Today, the joint is packed . The Meat Puppet and Sheila are sitting together at a table. Sheila’s message is let bygones be bygones. The Meat Puppet gibbers something about prison bars.

    Steffi tells Hope not to compromise her values by letting the roach back into the designing fold. Hope “reasons” that the roach is not as bad as Sheila. Charlie chucks the roach out of the Forrester building with the threat of a Rottweller.

    We go to the curtain with Sheila scowling at what she’d just heard from Katie, who’s taken time out from being bounced on Carter’s couch to being a blacmailer. Bill wonders if he’ll get Katie back if he obeys. Do zombies have family lives?

    • Haha; ” Il Janitoro’s”. Carter can get a job collecting dollar bills in his crotchet.

      I’m loving that the writers are flexing their tiny imaginations and are veering away from the same old love triangle storyline. They even let Hope say, “No Thomas”.
      Yesterday, when Hope asked Thomas how he got through security, Thomas replied, “Have you SEEN Charlie?”. So they know he is a useless idiot, yet they keep him on as head of security of a fashion house where design theft would be a costly and real possibility.
      Inconceivable casting; Charlie as head of security. Taylor as a world famous psychologist (she doesn’t even have her own show), Carter as a pen pushing CEO, Brooke as having a degree in Science, Liam as a man, and all if the invisible actors playing their children.

  27. Douglas’s childhood damage continues as he gets put on the spot to choose between an evil parent and his pretend Mom. He is told he must make his decision then and there, when even juries get time to deliberate. But Douglas throes sand in both their faces.
    Judge Judy would never put a child through that trauma, and Douglas knows it. He would have written Sheila before choosing between Hope and Thomas. But Sheila wasn’t there so instead he wrote….

  28. I was watching the total manipulation of Douglas with horror.
    I know that their demographic is mainly a female audience – and don’t we all have stories to tell – but this was a step too far.
    I’m guessing there won’t be too much backlash in America where the world is becoming increasingly black and white.
    And the good news is that when Douglas goes from nine (?) to 20 years of age overnight that he will become a ripe candidate for these type of story lines. I can’t wait 🤣.

  29. So Douglas chooses Steffy, who’s flat out neglecting Kelly and Haze. A whole episode on the mental ruin of little Douglas.

    Deacon hasn’t given up trying to woo Sheila. Too bad he’s not rich and powerful, like Bill.

    Katie and her enormous mouth got too much air time last week. Brooke and Taylor could be moving in together. Rasper is still “soul searching”. He’ll find nothing.

    • “He’ll find nothing”. 🤣

      When we were kids we used to sometimes play, “Who does Bambi love best”. We would separate then call and course Bambi to “pick me”.
      What you might play with your dog, shouldn’t be applied ro a sensitive 8 year old boy.

      I used to win BTW. But Bambi wasn’t told, “This is permanent”.

  30. Oh dear. Ridge had better get back; 1. To rescue viewers from the sentimental, poomvey sister-love, and 2. To keep Mary Kay Letourneau out of prison.

    Too many guys have told Brooke that she’s the most beautiful woman in the world, so when a young Casaniva throws her a bone, she believes his flattery.

    • Thanks,daisy.I’ve been watching but so underwhelmed with the Douglas living arrangements brouhaha. There are no good parents to be had on this show, so suck it up , Douglas. The roach is going to intefere again , anyway. He’s promised to do whatever it takes. He can justify anything for the little brat.

      No danger of Brooke and Taylor committing a thespian act. Brooke is ripe to be wooed by that punk waiting tables at Il Janitoro’s. He’ll cool off when he hears she’s been married thirteen times…..

      There was amoment of sheer horror last week when katie displayed full purple lingerie to Carter after a (pointless) session at the gym. Katie tried to leverage bill to dump Sheila or she’ll stop him from seeing Will. Oh yeah…and no pussy, Bill.

      I discovered last week that pickle ball is a real sport.

      • Yes. Pickleball is real. I googled it when Eric was in the thick of it (literally) with Donna. Not sure if it’s taken off in Bunbury. 🕺

        But have a gripe about bloody Taylor. We know Thomas is a spoiled, manipulative, conniving villain, but what’s the “world famous psychologist’s excuse, for riding rough-shod into Steffy and Finn’s home, disregarding any possible boundaries they might have, and calling the devil spawn over for a family pow-wow. Yes, “wow!”, because Finn has Sheila, but Steffy has stupid Taylor.

        Yes, Dave. I think Brooke will be visiting the waiter at number 96 before she does the top to toe sleep-over girls’ night with Taylor.

        Oh, and I didn’t miss the saxless purple underwear scene with Katy and Carter. I guess there affair can’t be that serious. No sax. They could at least have allowed some trombone.

  31. Like millions of viewers around the world, I’m waiting for a coffee and Valium chaser to kick in before the show starts.

    Big mistake to let little Douglas choose his abode. What’s next week? He ‘s elected CEO of Forrester Creations. Thomas is going to hang around Steffi’s like a fart in a telephone box (Remeber them?). We saw happy flashbacks of roach and son.How bout the scary picture show and various threats that scared the shit out of Douglas. All hydrfluoric acid under the bridge.

    Hope thinks she’s a bad parent.That’s true. Well. she did seem more worried about Hope For The Future. As long as Douglas keeps solving crimes, who cares where he lives?

    All the parents are incompetents on this show. It’s hell for children.

    Zombie Bill is gonna do “Whatever it takes” to reunite Sheila with the Meat Puppet and little sprog Haze. Kidnapping , drugging. shootings.

    Brooke’s got a new toy boy. He looks about as sharp as a bowling ball. He’s been stalking her. Order some Vodka.

    Ridge is still out there, soul searching.

  32. Deacon had sex with the She -devil today. It was sweaty and steamy.They like it rough. I had subtitles, no idea if there was saxophone. A thousand trombones couldn’t have drowned out Deacon and Sheila’s sordid tryst. The quality of the pizzas at Il Janitoro’s could suffer for Deacon’s latest obsession. Last year he said Brooke was the best sex he’s ever had. A sweet nothing now.

    Bill might as well have had a figurine of a jackass around his neck while this was occurring.

    Sheila reckons Bill will kill them both if he finds out. Evidently, the sex is worth it. It’s even occurred to me that Bill has erectile dysfunction. He’s acting awful strange for a billionaire tycoon.

    The roach is literally crawling into the Roach for The Future position. Hope’s between a rock and a hard place. She’ll talk to Liam . who’s flat out like a lizard trying to deprogram cuckolded Bill. Curtain.

  33. Two brilliant recaps, Dave. Good idea about the value and vodka. Yes. I know you said coffee, but I heard vodka.

    I have come the the realisation that Nurse Sheila had either hypnotised Bill, or given him compliance inducing drugs.

    I was quite surprised to see yesterday’s momentary plunge into unpleasant last with Sheila glancing down at Deacon’s crotch, smirking and complimenting his salute.

  34. Uuuggh. Sheila getting sexy. I think I have some left over anti-nausea tablets somewhere.

    I’m almost seething at Taylor’s interference. A couple of days ago Steffy and Finn set some good, clear boundaries for The Cockroach Manipulator, then Taylor tramples all over it like a Trump Team at the US congress.

    And now she is ensconcing her baby boy back at one of the only two offices at Forrester Creations. Eric never gets to have sex with Donna on his big wooden desk. It’s like Forrest Place Mall (Perth).

  35. Yeeeeew. I just clapped eyes on Sheila’s reconstructed, enhance, engorged breaststroke. They looked like pink putty. 😣
    Women can’t help getting old, but that’s when you know to bring in a body double or a stunt body.

  36. The current story lines on this show at the moment just remind me that the writers are men.
    A bit too much unrealistic sex for my liking.
    The story lines around Sheila have lost their humour and I have lost my interest.

  37. I was walking a dog…..something a Logan or Forrester would never understand.

    Will try tomorrow’s “encore”

  38. I think Sheila’s brand of, “sex kitten”, just comes off as cringe. It wouldn’t matter who was writing it. And really? Would a guy like Deacon, or Bill for that matter, really not be able to do better for themselves? Sheila is creepy.

    • I think my point was that the whole story line is just wrong.
      Sex was not what Sheila was about. That’s Brooke’s game.
      Sheila is about ruffling feathers, stirring up trouble and pitting people against people, and when it’s not in the name of revenge then it’s to further the interests of her son.
      They seem to have got lost.

      • Oh no, I didn’t take it as you disagreeing. I expressed myself poorly.
        I think I was more expressing disappointment that my favourite character has been reduced to something else.
        When they write her out this time, and I can’t see it being too much longer, I can’t see her coming back again.

  39. Where you when I needed you today, Dave.
    I was the music teacher. I can’t play an instrument, but we had fun.
    In the afternoon I was introducing 15 year olds to Jethro Tull, Logging and Messina, Graham Nash, Frankie Valley’s Stay, and Cosby Stills, Nash and Young. Oh and The Band’s Out of the Blue.

    • Sounds great. I could teach you to play ukelele very easily or easy geetar on Facetime etc. Best not to play them Frank Zappa’s “Titties And Beer”

      No Bold recrap……car race.

  40. Roach For the Future looms large on the horizon. All of a sudden Hope’s career is at the forefront of her act. Liam tries to convince her that the roach is bad seed. Not for the first time. Hope wants her women empowering schlockfest of a fashion line to prosper ….and it needs the tender touch of the roach to prosper.

    Liam browbeats Hope to promising that she’ll reject the roach……but we know when these alleged actors hug and gaze into the distance that the deal’s off.

    In any case, the roach has comvinced Mama shrink that he’s “not a threat”. Nothing to see here……except a trail of murder, child abuse, hydrofluoric acid ruses amd last but not least .shagging Hope mannequins.

    Zende must be feeling off colour about this whole seedy deal.

    Katie’s in a sequined .slimming black dress. Carter’s drawn to it like a moth to a candle with purple lingerie on. Curtain.

    P.S. This “soul searching” sojourn of Ridge’s has been going for a while.

  41. More child abuse as the grandmothers prematurely tell Douglas that Mom and Dad are going to be teaming up again. (Great idea. And if it fell through?)
    Liam is having beers with Wipes to celebrate Hope taking his advice. Hope goes to Forresters where every man and his dog can make themselves at home in Eric’s or Carter’s offices. She promptly ignores Liam’s advice and tells Thomas she can see that he’s changed. Everyone can see that Thomas has changed, forgetting that Thomas’s superpower is manipulating people. His second superpower is scheming. His third superpower is devising evil masterplans.

  42. Now we know that Rasper’s “soul searching” has involved growing a ponytail and brown nosing to the FBI , Bill is in cahoots with this project. Sheila’s every move is being monitored , not to mention perved on. Bill’s zombie act meant he had to root Sheila and let her fondle his sword. Sheila kept silent about the bad things she’s done. They were just “bad choices ” and “accidents’,anyway.

    More brouhaha about Thomas changing. Yawn. Liam and Hope’s marriage will be put to the sword again . Hope’s message to the world (whatever that is) and her job means too much to sacrifice……so besides being a vegan, Liam has to eat shit. He’ll run to Steffy.

  43. Word has got out what a useless psych Taylor is. She hasn’t had a client in months. Not since Sheila came having free visits.
    She has nothing to do but meddle, and she’s proud of herself for it. The most annoying, bad actress ever.

    Who do I have to sleep with to get her recast?

  44. I heard a faint rumour that Ridge is leaving B&B. Given that he’s already been recast once, I wonder if that means the actor or the character.
    I won’t miss the actor. He was always awful.

  45. For about a week now, zombie Bill and the man bunned Rasper have been in a room not unlike Dr.Who’s Tardis, making yet another ham fisted attempt to snare Sheila Carter. Bill even proposes to Sheila, who’s very suspicious of the hogwash coming frm Dollar Bill’s mouth. Even Deacon sees that a publishing tycoon and a convict aren’t going to have much of a “connection”. Rasper criticizes Bill’s selling technique reasoning that catch a rat, you need to use a lot of cheese….

    Meantime, the roach has ingratiated himself back into Grope For The Future. The “bad boy of designing” is back, cheers Hope. That perverted, child abusing mannequin molester won’t stay changed for long. Goodbye to your marriage Hope. I guess you’ll have little Douglas to cling to when Liam shifts out to the vegan motel….or worse…back to Steffy.

    As we go to the curtain, Sheila asks Bill if he thinks she’s stupid enough to buy his little pack of conjugal cheese and wedding rock for surveillance package. The pair of fools Rasper and Bill think Sheila will confess to murders she’s done. Things are going pear shaped in the cheap Tardis.

    (Ch 10 is running ads with Sheila either being pushed or swan diving at least off of Blundering Bill’s turreted balcony. She’ll survive, it could be amnesia and beepers for a while or a coma where Sheila wakes up a “good person”. Bill could even end up in the slammer over this).

  46. I missed today’s show but we now know that Sheila never died but had her four toes flat on the accelerator on an SUV to Deacon’s house. Rasper and Dollar Bill screwed up big time. Bill went the early crow. Sheila sure is one tough daughter of Satan bolting after that fall. She tells Deacon she loves him and to come on the run with her, just when he’d made a huge career move from felonies into making pizza for billionaires in a swank L.A gossip pit.

    I’m guessing Rasper and Bill are getting nowhere in their pusuit, though as I said, I missed today and will check in the morning. They’ll be eating Sheila’s dust of the devil. Curtain,waves crash. Those lonely notes on the piano. Go Sheila!

    • I was cooking and only half watched, but yes, I saw her high-tail her black leather pants over to Deacon’s little squat. She tried to get him to put aside the fact that yesterday, had dumped him for Bill’s engagement ring, to forget the money he borrowed, and still owed for his Gossip Pit (good name), and to incriminate himself by helping a felon and to go on the lam with her. She’s a temptress with plastic boobs, a flat butt, skinny legs and a killer glare. What’s not to love?
      My guess, tomorrow, Finn, put the kettle on. Mommy’s coming.

  47. Oh, my. 😯🤣
    The best three person Soapie Stare over a dying body I have ever seen in my days of soapie watching.
    A pleasure to behold and a timely reminder of why I watch this stuff.

  48. Bill thinks Sheila has faked a heart attack in her latest ploy to avoid prison. Reading the tea leaves , Sheila’s life can only be saved by the medical wizardry of her biological son, the Meat Puppet.

    There’s a gathering of ham actors at Eric’s joint,awaiting the appearance of The Rasper.

    Sure enough, Sheila is wheeled in on a gurney to the hospital. Finn’s adoptive mother hisses when she sees the lifeless Sheila brought in. Malpractice time. (Sheila actually is a crook crook)

    Town Crier Rasper unloads at Eric’s mansion. I’m ready for a drab drawn out recount of the demise of Sheila Carter. I need an ad break to prepare myself for it…….Rasper’s big scene stealer. Bill wishes Sheila had a real heart attack. She has , you dickhead. You”ll get hit by the karma limousine.Bill promises not to dob on Deacon for rooting Sheila.

    The Rasper rhetoric is pitiful. The room is turning on him. Bill turns up and pickle balling patriarch Eric fires up and wants to chuck him out. Call Charlie. Yet another ad before Rasper and Bill start their crowing speeches about Sheila. Some of these idiots could use a defribillator to spark up their appalling acting techniques.

    Twenty questions from the mob at Eric’s. Bill promises that Sheila is “out of our lives”. Ditto Rasper. Yawn.

    Sure as eggs is eggs. Finn , Steffi and Li are hovering over Sheila, Sheila flatlines while these three rats stand around ,pondering letting Sheila die. Two out of the three have taken a Hippocratic Oath. Finn, as expected has a shit sandwich situation of keeping his evil biological mother alive. I don’t think the body snatcher would have no trouble sitting on her arse while Sheila expires.

    The curtain falls on a wild episode. Sheila is a star.

    (Forgive me but in reality, I thought physicians weren’t supposed to treat their relatives)

    • There was more flattening at Eric’s than at the hospital. It was like a game of, “How long can you hold your breath”.
      At least Taylor got to use her entire range of facial expressions, shoulder shrugs, and gesticulations.

  49. More Soapie Stares as Shiela’s life has been saved.
    Not as good as the last lot. Finn has the acting prowess of a wooden horse and Steffi fails because she is supposed to be looking sympathetically at Finn … or so we are told … or something. Who know? Anyway, she failed.
    Li managed a good stare but the story line for her was just nonsense. Still, valiant attempt.

  50. It took Ridge 2 episodes to tell people gathered in one room that it was a sting operation. See. One sentence could do it, Ridge.
    He could have got the news out quicker had he been a sandal footed Roman soldier running from Rome to Pompei, or a parchment taken by Columbus from Spain to the Americas.

  51. Liam and Wyatt have lunch at Il Giardino’s. Liam eats fresh air and chews it…..nothing on his fork. Not to be denied, Wyatt talks with mouthfuls of food in his mouth. The topic is Liam’s marriage but I’m too stunned with the appalling acting to take in the captions. Liam produces sentences and then goes back to chewing fresh air. As a vegan . he ought to be cancelling Wyatt for the leather jacket.

    The roach crawls back into the office where the Rasper is designing a dress. Father and son reunion time, but Ridge is literally doubting Thomas. We’re half way through this terrible episode. The ads are a blessing. Hope and Brooke were yabbering about something. Brooke looks washed out.

    The roach starts gaslighting Ridge and just like Judas, hugs his father, who’s offended that the roach lied to him.

    Brooke starts prying into Hope’s doomed marriage. Thomas rocks up with a hideous dress and Hope excitedly ducks behind a screen to “try it on”. I smell a roach sexual fantasy coming. Of courrse, we go to the penultimate ad break.

    Hope emerges and the sleazy roach asks her to stand on a footstool so he can stare at her breasts….designer style.

    Highlight……Wyatt’s hairdo. Curtain. My computer froze while writing this. Luckily, it was saved…..unlike this episode.

    • Just before the curtain, the roach goes the grope and helps his prey get down from “the riser”/footstool. They fall into each others arms on a couch…….just as Liam ( after being inspired to action after his salad and pep talk from Wyatt at Il Giardino) walks in the door. Woops.

  52. Seriously , now. Steffi, Taylor and Rasper have all been nominated for Emmys this year. Stunned.

    Talk about slim pickings.

  53. Great recap, Dave. So after ALL that, Thomas again slithers into the shoes of the reformed character, and Hope begins her journey to the dark side.
    Brooke rubs it in by praising her fro choosing vegan (not) eating bland guys over the bad boys. Why can’t Brooke see Hope’s thought bubbles, like we all can?

    Somehow Hope manages to fall into Thomas’s arms and land on what is probably a very pre-loved up couch, just as vegan man enters. I am guessing that today we will see some righteous indignation from Hope toward Liam for jumping to the wrong conclusion, and a satisfied smirk from Thomarse.

  54. It’s a show-down at the prison. Sheila got brought from her tiny box in solitary so that Taylor can have her moment.

  55. Like chimps at the zoo, Bill and Taylor throw as much shit at Sheila as they can. There’s some nasty stuff from Taylor for a world famous shrink and pitiful acting to match.

    The producers pile on the pain to remind us that Sheila is going to rot alone and unloved in prison. Pretty soon Deacon at Il Gossipino finds himself fantasizing about Sheila , so he goes to visit Sheila in her squalid, concrete hell. He loves Sheila. Freedom here we come.

    Katie’s getting ready to dump Carter. Of course Bill walks in on them. More gloating about Sheila’s future is done. Bill lays it on thick to gullible frump Katie.Bill says they share a son(who we’ve never seen) and he lies that he loves Katie.

    Carter doesn’t look too happy. I would if I was getting away from Katie.

    We go to the curtain with Katie falling for Bill’s BS. Deja vu.

    Sheila will escape within a fortnight. Hopefully sooner.

  56. Two beauties today. Gullible frump and Il Gossipino’s.

    Instead of ham sandwich, Deacon could serve the Slammer Sanger.
    Jail bird chicken. Cake…with a file.

    • Penitentiary Pizza
      Escapee escargot
      Stool Pigeon Soup.
      Warden Waffles

  57. Yawn. Ridge’s son RJ returns, looking a pudgy young brat.We won’t be seeing his torso anytime soon.Just like his parents, he can’t act his way out of a paper bag. No matter, he’ll be hailed as a prodigy designer. This is a new RJ….a Harry Styles lookalike. Maybe he can cut the roaches lunch of lust but like I said , he’s no oil painting.

    Katie will accept sleazeball alpha Bill’s dinner invitation, rubbing salt into Carter’s dreams of purple push up passions. How soon before Katie starts drinking again?. Where there’s a Will…..there’s a way.

    The fun is at the jailhouse, where Deacon and Sheila start patching up things. Deacon’s happy that Sheila doesn’t hate him. He’ll try to spring his “nine toed beauty” from rotting away her miserable life in prison for sure. These two criminal lovebirds save the episode from mediocrity.. Curtain.

    • Yep. Definitely no oil painting, but the writers will see to it that he is a hot, handsome talented prodigy.
      Brooke now has a “child”/ excuse to have cosy “family time” with Ridge, in the same way Taylor utilises her two adult children to suck Ridge in to family time.
      Sheila might have to cut off a hand to get out of the handcuffs and make her escape with Deacon in tow.

  58. RJ could be the Prodigal Designer but he’s apparently making big bucks as an influencer as he flashes his phone with all the “likes” to The Rasper. Most likely pudgy RJ has come home to sponge from the enormous Forrester fortunes while he eats pizza and plays games on a computer.

    Just as daisy prophesied, the fat little mooch is being hailed as hot, having natural designing flair. Rasper hails him as an artist. We know what kind of artist. Bullshitting about being an influencer.

    There’s a feud running between the roach and RJ. Not much is said. How about some tooth whitener for RJ? The way he looks he ought to be on 48 Hours, he does look like he’s been eating jail food.

    Talylor plays Doc with the roach asking if he’s still having impure thoughts about Hope. She meets a wall of denial as once more the roach croaks his “i’ve changed” routine. Taylor pries into Hope’s world, wondering how Liam is about having a mannequin rooting psycho after his wife again.

    Charlie makes a doleful appearance. Curtain.

  59. Last night was boring. I haven’t watched tonight yet, but it’s like they are gnawing on the same bone when they have already picked it dry.

      • RJ is a successful influencer. That great career foe people who actually do nothing. I’d rather be influenced by someone who is greatly good, enormously wise (which comes from years of experience) or highly educated on a subject of interest to me.

      • I’ve never understood the appeal of influencers but then I am not their demographic.
        I just don’t understand where it can go. The need for new content appears to be unrelenting, exhausting, and finite. So you do this for a year or two (if you’re lucky) and then what? Future employers don’t like long career breaks.
        Still, good on those rare few who can turn it to something else.

  60. Just a reminder that I love Sheila, and even Steffie was worth watching when they play villainess vs villainess.
    She did a very good soapie stare at the end even though she was the only person in the room. You’ve got to laugh.

    • She’s not given up. Today she summoned a villain to her cell. We only got to see his shadow but it looked like Satan.

      Oh. And she got to have “free time” with her jail warden cum jail bird buddy. Next thing, she’ll be throwing tea parties.

      • Now that has to be the profile of Deacon Sharpe.” Disguised” in a cheap moustache and cheesy sunglasses.

        I’d put next week’s rent on it.

        • Whaaaat?????
          Kiss that rent money goodbye.

          Katy has mild dementia. She agreed with Bill that the good times far outweighed the bad. Um Steffy. Um Brooke. He even created a purpose built love hut for Brooke next to his office.

          • I couldn’t believe it was Ham Jack. More bad acting ahead. Sheila will weave a web around him.

            Then there was wise old Eric trying to give crestfallen Carter love advice.

  61. Sheila tries to massage some evil into Ham Jack, reminding him how great a night the out of wedlock conception of Finn was. Not just sex and passion but real love….let’s rekindle that and bust me out , Jack…ass.

    Meantime Katie sides with Coitus Carter , because he’s not going to try to shag Brooke. Carter only shags bosses wives and interns, after all.

    I missed the first half. We go to the curtain with Sheila’s one hundred yard stare in her “filthy place”.

  62. Oh wow! The conversation today was repetitive; “Hope doesn’t have feelings for Thomas”. They are just on the same page.
    But the outfits were entertaining. Steffy could have stopped traffic, or caused crashes in her giant navel orange suit” , while Taylor pops in in a naval suit, looking like Popeye the Sailor. She even entered with a flourish of the sailor’s hornpipe dance.
    Her outfit was chic, and she had a good choice of lipstick, but she could have added a nice golden anchor to her plain gold chain necklace. 😂
    I think that Taylor might be dictating her costumes to the wardrobe department because she generally dresses better than the rest of the cast.

    Anyway, to sum up today; Liam and Wyatt forgot that Katy is supposed to be the head of social media at Forrester, and Hope ISN’T (nervously drops waterbotrle) interested in Thomas. They are just platonic. Ignore all the times that she has put. Thomas’s head on Liam’s body so she can have s*x.

    • I am glad they have gone back to outrageous outfits. It is one of the more entertaining aspects of the show.

  63. The roach and Hope have an impromptu jet trip to promote their Hope For The Future line. Liam and Steffy are pissed off. There’s not a lot of trust to go round .

    It’s just a “quick business trip” .Yeah.

    Well, it’ll be an overnight trip.There’s bound to be snow ,bad weather, mechanical problems….whatever the roach will get an opportunity to test out Hope’s “bad boy” psychosis. The roach is grooming her a la mode. Hope wants to root a bad boy.


    • There was no way that Hope and Thomas were going to make it back. We have seen this scenario far too often.
      Quinn and Ridge (they sizzled, must have been enjoying it for real), Hope giving birth while grounded due to a storm, leaving her in the clutches of Dr Here’s Your Dead Baby.

    • A roach might have been better than a Ladybird. Just saying. However your work is beyond criticism. You could be a great designer. The roach would opt for low cut cleavage front with split front dress. Edgy.

  64. There was a phone call during today’s offering. There was plenty of lovers staring into each others’ eyes. A stareway to hell.

    Like a suppository, I couldn’t take it all in, but suffice to say, today is garbage day….and Ch 10 delivered in spades. The ads were cruelly aimed at B&B tragics.

    There was the Meat Puppet locked with Steffy’s enormous Jagger lips. They get some satisfaction. The viewer doesn’t.

    Then a strange scene with Hope having more roach hallucinations while Liam is there.Bland Carter dribbled something about Mannequin Boy and The Hallucinator making it back from the jet trip in good time. Still the roach is picking up with his antennae that something isn’t quite right with Hope and pretty soon he’s hatching that it’s Grope For The Future. Dr.Phil fans know the roach wills crew up again.One therapy sesssion would be too much and a thousand wouldn’t be enough.

    The curtain and crashing waves bring the agony to an end. Feel free to add snaps daisy, I did miss detail…..but it’s not like I missed Shakespearian quality.

  65. Dang. I already deleted. I will record tomorrow and snap.
    My notable moments;
    Finn visits Sheika to tell her her.won’t be visiting.
    Sheila in prison, has Finn as her doctor. In what prison do you get your own doctor? And aren’t their laws against being your mum’s doctor?
    Sheila and Mike, both prisoners, get private alone time to chat.

    Anyone else thinking Taylor is being fishy? Something is on the nose about her grabbing any 20 year old and ex con to get Brooke out of the dating frame. Oh yeah, she’s a sneaky one.

    Away is how old? A sensitive 18 year old who is interested in his mother’s love life? Yew.

    • Thanks,daisy. I was caught in a deluge of biblical proportions in the Adelaide Hills. Missed the “action”

      Yes. Doctors shouldn’t treat relatives. But these folk are freaks.

      Poor Sheila rotting in prison with endless visitors. Her prison is like a penthouse.

  66. RJ tries to bully Brooke inro getting back together with The Rasper. Why not go for a jog instead, you punk?

    Meanwhile at Il Gossipino, Taylor has found a hair straightener and is tring to brow beat Deacon into getting back with Brooke. Flashbacks in Deacon’s tiny mind to the “best sex he ever had” quote. Sheila doesn’t know that. Sheila is trying to brow beat the Meat Puppet into playing happy families again. The Meat Puppet looks scared in Steffi’s arms.

    Sheila vows during a rare idle moment in her cell that she’ll be free again and the family will be one. Driving the crazy train again. She’s got to be sick of the visitors as she “rots away”

    No work is done. How does FC turn a profit?These freaks are so over invested in each others’ paltry lives. Curtain on who’s playing ruler of hearts in L.A. Nigh unbearable.

    • It’s almost like they are all … I want to say pimping for the family?
      It’s not quite what I mean but, if it wasn’t for Sheila, this show would just be soft porn.

    • Finn was nervous patting Steffy’s padded rump. She couldn’t feel a thin Brooke “Completely trusting Taylor” is B&B writers’ code for, “Watch out, Brooke”.

      Sheila greets her mostly male entourage from her manacled throne like a queen allowing visits.

    • I felt for those on a public holiday innocently switching on today’s bilge.

      Wyatt’s hair has been dyed….he died, too. Pitiful scene with Liam.

      How is The Meddler making a buck these days btw?

  67. As we go to the curtain,Brooke asks Hope if she has any feelings for the roach. (I’d say a kiss is on in the next two weeks…..and on this show that among other things,wrecks marriages)

    A Gorilla can see that she’s putty in the hands of the bad boy designer extrordinaire. The viewers have known for years he’s a sex fiend. Maybe even Det. Baker can see it. Just look at the soft porn designs he creates in his loins for Hope. Low cut /split front. Bad boy.

    Bill and Wyatt have tried to get vegan victim Liam to be roach savvy and not trust the psychobabble he’s been brow beaten with..Taylor takes a furtive phone call during a meddling session she’s having with Brooke. Something fishy going on there and Brooke picks up on the vibe. Taylor still has “patients”? I doubt it.

  68. Brooke and Taylor’s friendship is being tested…over the sanity of the “changed” roach. He’s real professional now. Brooke won’t talk about the cockroach in the room.

    A pregnant looking Steffy dobs to Liam that Hope can’t be trusted and that she has feelings for the roach. Meantime the roach is having flashbacks of his own.How long can he keep his sick fantasies locked down? Maybe it’s just Steffy’s arse that’s pregnant.

    Hope arrives home to a frosty Liam, who’s been drinking. Liam looks stupefied when he blurts that “Steffy said you have feelings for him” ( the roach) Hope looks uncomfortable,but Hope reminds frozen Liam how much time he spends with ex concubine Steffy. Tit for tat. Curtain,crashing waves and those piano notes. I hope Sheila’s doing fine down at the jailhouse.

    • I missed where Brooke and Taylor were ever friends. Maybe that one snuck up on me. Or all the story lines have kind of blended.

      • They bonded over deciding that they were both too strong and independent to take more emotional abuse from the indecisive Rasper. This friendship is about two months old. They even held hands at Il Giardino.

  69. Who is that new person who seems to claim some relationship with Thomas?
    I heard him say that he’s not going to be a designer so I’m assuming that he’s not long for this show.
    I’m also assuming that there are going to be actor retirements ant minute. There are a number of very old people that I haven’t seen for a while.
    I’m not missing them, btw. It’s well over due. With all due respect to us, no one wants to see an eighty year old man lusting after women half his age. Or in fact, lusting after anyone.

    • It’s RJ (Ridge Junior), full brother to Thomas. He’s an influencer with hordes of followers is his spiel, though I suspect he’s come home to mooch. Ridge wants him to be a designer. One thing’s for certain, he ‘ll never be an actor.Like other Forrester children, he disappears for years.

      ( Recently, I heard of a an adult industry foursome where the oldest participant was an 82 yo male. It wasn’t Eric)

  70. The sisterly bond is disintegrating. It’s terrifying that the world famous, but very useless, psychologist has become the new villain on the block. She is looking quite Witchty-Poo too.

  71. Here we go; back to the Ridge, Taylor Brooke triangle. It’s tedium galore but it beats the old-gal pal corn. Taylor’s harsh look is making Brooke seem more attractive.

  72. The two old dudes returned in yesterday’s ep. It’s jarring listening to Ridge call the other one “Dad”. They look the same age to me 🤣🤣🤣.
    The rest of the ep was way over the top Taylor and Brooke. It was crying and hysteria, and too much even for this soap. I didn’t last.
    Although there was a minor detour to Deacon which amused me but way, way too brief.

  73. I love that photo, Dave.

    Brooke and Taylor’s friendship’s gone down like a sub visiting he Titanic. Too soon?

    • 🤣
      Always a difficult question. Hard to feel sorry for incredibly super-duper, rich people indulging themselves.
      I have been working on a painting of the Barrier Reef (abstract). All anyone can see is the fish that looks like a small submersible. I’ve had to put it away for the foreseeable future. Bit of a bugga.

    • Just one more disastrous sub-plot on this show. We’ll be in Rome soon.

      Amazing the depths some people will go to.

  74. Wow, guys. Do people only deserve compassion if they’re poor and are doing something to benefit mankind when they die?

    • Sorry, Von.
      It’s complicated.
      There is Musk fatigue. That rich guy is a blot on the face of the earth.
      Not helped by Jeff Bezos spending $5.4 billion (that’s billion with a B) for 4 minutes in space.
      Coupled with news of all the absolutely wonderful things that Dolly Parton does with her money. The sheer number of people she has helped out of poverty can’t be calculated. That woman deserves a sainthood. See what can be done if the rich try.
      Plus, it costs us half a million dollars a year for each refugee that we keep on Nauru (much, much more expensive in PNG because of the the corruption there).
      And then, if course, 300 refugees died in the Mediterranean at the very same time as they were searching for the sub and, on the news … crickets.
      My head says I should be kind but really, on balance, I have little sympathy, except for the poor laddie who didn’t really want to go.
      Truly, if I was that rich (seriously, how much money does one person need) the good things I could do – and I have no doubts that some people do.
      I am aware that I am from the hippie era and left leaning and Woke 🤣🤣🤣, but not so Woke that I can’t see where the money could be spent. Perhaps a little more discouragement of the way, too rich might help.
      So, my head says I should be sad for every death but my heart says maybe now more rich people will stop this nonsense.
      Again, I am sorry for upsetting you.
      I am a little bit sorry for those in the sub but a little bit not.
      What can I say. 🤷‍♀️🤦‍♀️. It’s not simple for me.

    • I wonder about the compassion of the silverbacked submariners for invading the graveyard of some 1500 people.

  75. The brouhaha after the brawl between the two Rasper graspers drags on.

    Taylor plays the victim like a good , competent psychiatrist should.

    Hope earbashes the roach about Taylor’s betrayal of the flimsy pact. The roach says he doesn’t want to get involved. He’d rather ask Hope if Liam’s coming to Italy. where he can be a scarafaggio on heat. Soon , the roach is in a lecherous lather and has his wandering hand on Hope’s. Talk about uncomfortable, Hope cringes. Rome, here we come. Roamin’ roach.

    The Rasper is not really coming to Brooke’s destiny make up pitch . Seven minutes to rescue this episode from mediocrity. Everyone wants to go to Rome. Reluctant. Ridge is calling BS on the word “destiny”. He thinks some crazy writer made it up. It’s not a reassuring hug they share as we go to the curtain. Rasper is thinking elsewhere, wondering how to fit three into two..

  76. Now that they are both fighting for him again, Rasper plays hard to get.

    Taylor must have over acted her cat-fight screaming scenes with Brooke, because today, she was more Rasper than Rasper.
    Small mercies.

  77. Bold was trending on Twitter yesterday. It was very funny.
    Liam was getting Zero sympathy.
    It seemed to be around a comment that if Liam had just loved either Hope or Steffie enough, then he wouldn’t be in a mess of his own making.
    I didn’t quite follow but didn’t care. The internet was having a field day. Glad to know that we are not the only ones watching Bold as if it was a comedy 🤣.

  78. All aboard the Forrester jet for Rome. We have Steffi, Carter, Rasper. Brooke,, Thomas and finally; Hope. (I thought Taylor had a ticket to this mess, too).

    Liam shot himself in both feet because Hope invites him to Rome….but like a fool he rants that she should cancel the roaches ticket. Wrong move.

    Rasper has crowed that this trip to Rome will be a “cornerstone” of Thomas’s career. Eric ditto. So let’s get real and expect a disaster because Hope is already hallucinating banging the roaches bad boy designer brains out.

    Cleavage and Katie wonder why the Rasper doesn’t say “my Logan” anymore.

    When Hope finally boards the jet after the blow up with Liam, the sleazy roach starts making eyes at Hope. Earlier this week, we had some Greek and Roman mythology lectures from Brooke, who tells Hope what a “muse” is. It’s a step up from a mannequin.

    The showcase bound jet waits as the roach starts mentally undressing his meek muse. Liam made a mess of the whole thing by refusing to go. Curtain. Will Taylor make the jet?

  79. Thanks a lot Rasper for telling Roach that Hope has the heaving cleavage for him. That gives him the green light.

    I am expecting Taylor and Liam to turn up and buckle up. Don’t these pilots have to know how many people are travelling?

    Don’t be surprised to see newly Italian speaking Charrrrlee show up.

    • Liam is whining, dining and drinking at il Garbagino. Taylor, we don’t know her whereabouts. She’s not on the jet, wherte ball and chain Brooke is making eyes at Rasper and Thomas when he gets the chance has his paw on Hope . Hope has a flashback to all the times she’s been groped and then a fast forward to banging the roach. Anyway. the jet has taken off. I expected Taylor, too, daisy.

      When Liam sobers up,. he may wind up in Rome. Taylor will get there somehow, too.

      Eric decides to discuss the destiny pairing with RJ. Eric reminds us that Rome is one of the romantic cities of the world. Sheila rots in her squalid cell. We go to the curtain with doe eyed Hope needing the Mortein to get that roach off her.

  80. I laughed had how they all thought Rome would do the trick.
    Brooke forgot to keep an eye on Hope because she had both eyes glued on the Rasper. Taylor probably had to stay home until her (real life) laryngitis gets better. She was out-rasping the Rasper.

  81. Another episode clearly written by a man, as Hope talks of wanting Thomas to take credit for his work and not wanting him to defer to her … said no man, ever.
    It has faint echos of Gladys. Blech 🤢.

    • Yep, Hope For The Future’s mission statement is all about “empowering women”. So why laurels for the roach?

  82. It’s the Hope For The Future “showcase” in Rome. No prefessional models required just Hope and Brooke to show off the ‘ fashion witha social conscience’. Some ridiculous poses are struck, I feel sorry for the extras that see this. What a thrill for them.

    The roach perves at his muse being pap snapped in the rags he designed.

    Liam is as usual screwing up and getting late to the show in Bill’s jet.

    Hope’s speech is well received and she gushes about the roach being the unsung hero for the once on the bones of it’s arse fashion line. Everyone’s watching everyone else on this “work trip” in romantic Rome. Paranoia City.

    What’s the bet Liam rocks up in the post show glow when Hope has quality time with the roach. Everything’s ok because the pickleballers are back in L,A. looking after the kids. Actually, they’re gossiping with Paris and Zende now. Curtain. So far, Rome’s been a let down for viewers. What can Liam possibly bring? Where’s Talylor?

  83. Liam arrives to find Hope launching her lips at the roach in the shadows of the Collosseum. After months of grooming, the roach has hit pay dirt. Hope attacks the roach with “passion and drive”.

    Ridge is bedazzled looking through some ancient keyhole because there is Brooke Rasper pants through the topiary trees as he searches for the “biggest slut in the valley”. Cue yet another dream sequence as Rasper bawls out his Logan’s name. Rasper believes what he sees through the keyhole. His destiny.

    Looks like Taylor is couch surfing at the meat puppet’s house. She’s still thinking and talking about Ridge. He’s just crawled up his own keyhole.

    Who finds shattered Liam but Steffy, soon he blubs that he found Hope in the tender arms the receptive roach. Meantime, Thomas is getting Hope liquored up. Liam spills his guts to sympathetic old flame ,Steffy. This time, it’s more than a mannequin he’s seen the roach locking lips with.

    Five thrilling minutes left. Liam bleats that he can’t unsee what he just saw. He whines that his marriage is over. So why not kiss Steffy? Steffy is shaken….not stirred.Rome is so romantic. Ridge uses the “L” word to his destiny and says “forever”~ which on this show can be days or a couple of weeks. We go to the curtain as Ridge and Brooke lock lips.

    • Some hysterical commentary. I love your entwining of HFTF propaganda into the love/lust partner swapping in Rome. “It’s just going to be business”, they said.

      Yep, “might as well kiss Steffy”, 🤣🤣🤣🤣. Idiot. Brooke was lucky it was her keyhole moment. I thought if Ridge stays there long enough, Taylor will show up and Ridge will be eyeballing two women through the hole.
      Carter’s role was just to egg him on.
      Taylor was back with the MM, ruing the end of her galpal friendship, apportioning 60% of the blame to Brooke. How so, Brooke wasn’t trying to hook Taylor up with anyone with a tripod.
      Yes, Windsong. Hope I’d now with little what’s her name’s killer.

  84. I’m just gonna say it. I hate that they’re actually making Hope and Thomas a thing.

    Even leaving aside all of Thomas’s villainy (like Hope, I too believe that even the most dastardly-villains can change and grow and become better people. Plus, Thomas works so much better as a character, if he has that element of self-aware humour. I’ve always said that Thomas would work much better as a more cynical version of Wyatt) … even assuming that Thomas is a better person now … it just doesn’t work, because Hope would have to completely forget all the horrible things that Thomas has done to her (and Douglas. And Beth, although I assume both of those kids are teenagers by now and graduating college in a week or so) in the past.

    And that’s why I just don’t like it. Hope’s idealistic, which is a nice character-trait, but this takes her idealism and makes her into a moron with the attention-span of a gold-fish.

    But I feel no sympathy for Liam, because he’s honestly just a goober. Wyatt is the far-more attractive Spencer son. That’s my hill.

    • Agreement here.
      I’ve always liked the Wyatt character because he is played as if he is self aware and can laugh at the silliness of it all.
      He is also the character who often says out loud what we all think.
      I’m assuming that these plot lines can be a bit much for even the best of writers and it’s nice that there is an outlet where they can let off steam.

  85. We’re back in L.A. No one’s jet lagged , however I slept through chunks of this episode.

    Brooke crows to RJ, Eric and Cleavage about the keyhole experience and the news that her and Ridge are back on the road to destiny once more. R.J. acts like he’s just won X Lotto. We’ve seen it all before.

    Liam decides to unload some mental cruelty on Hope.He pretends he wasn’t in Rome . knows nothing about the roach kiss etc. Hope looks more uncomfortable by the second. Liam wants payback and twists the knife about what she did in Rome.

    Rasper dishes the mental cruelty to Taylor as he foxes about the success of the Rome trip. Rasper tries being cryptic but the famous shrink guesses that he’s fixed up to pickleball with Brooke again. Like a hamster on a wheel of destiny.

    Steffi has a flashback to Liam bawling about the kiss in Rome he wittnessed before he launched himself at her . Maybe I saw Wyatt in there somewhere but it was lights out for me. Encore in the morning to join the dots.

    • Good one again, Dave.
      Taylor reminded Ridge how unreliable Brooke was. Has she forgotten who she’s talking to? How many times has Ridge dumped a wife?
      Brooke had an organisation in Eric’s office just telling Eric, Donna and Ajay about her reignited Ridgmance.
      Liam takes his cue straight from Ridge’s handbook; put your wife on the spot, and give her no idea what you are talking about, until she cracks.
      Tomorrow should be fun. Hope cracks and Steffy starts seeing Liam’s rebound peck in her dreams? I said, Liam’s rebound “peck”.

    • I’m guessing that they working up to Liam going back to Steffi. It has that kind of feel.
      They really need to bring in some new actors, otherwise it’s revolving doors and very predictable.

    • An actor and writers strike can only inprove this show.

      Liam uses one kiss to begin his campaign of domestic vegan violence.

      But. hey. he “leaned in” to kiss Steffi. No big deal. No histrionics.

      Not to mention his child neglect as lifestyle. He killed Vinnie the drug dealer. Plenty of flies on him…..

      • No, I will never understand why Hope and Steffi spent so long fighting over Liam.
        Liam’s just … the worst. He’s awful.
        Not that anyone else on this show is much better. He’s not even the most attractive Spencer son, for goodness’ sake.
        You reminded me, Dave, of Hope and Thomas working together to solve the mystery of who was framing Bill and Liam (it was that dastardly Justin!). I liked Hope and Thomas like that, as a platonic team of fashion-based crime-fighters. That was the best moment for both of them. It’s all been downhill from there.

  86. Liam finishes his tirade on Hope,announces that he’s “tired” and “here’s the thing” ,he now wants a divorce. Carter the farter needs to move and draw up another messy divorce arrangement.

    RJ sticks his nose into crushed Hope’s troubles, Wyatt cops another whinefest from Liam. Soon, it’ll be all over Il Giardino’s.

    Hypocrite Liam might be “tired” but he busts his sad arse over to Steffi’s, where he “leans in” to a second blitz kiss within a few days. Steffi’s already had two flashbacks to the Rome peck.

    Can Liam sink any lower? He has to bite the bullet and move back to Bill’s hovel. Free Sheila Carter.

  87. I’m with you on the “free Sheila”.
    This show falls into a tedium of fake tears without Sheila and her, admittedly hilarious, story lines.

  88. Wow. Steffy had one of the rarest of B&B moments of sanity and tells Liam to get his lip-locking ar** back to Hope. Liam tries twisting the rebuke into a feel sorry for me moments, but Steffy manages, by a thread, to hold nto her moral moment. Her knees go a little weak, as she tells him that she’ll help him through. Liam manages to save face as he turns the rebuff into a taol-between the legs fake apology.
    Back at Hope’s place, Hope tells Brooke what “happened in Rome”. She manages to kick a little sh*t Brooke’s way, by saying the evil ways are “in” her. It’s in her genes. But then she has a good cry and accepts responsibility.

    Steffy talks about “that kiss” enough times that we are expecting Finn to walk in and hear just enough to spark chaos.

    Just what little Kellie and Haze need. A carousel.

  89. It’s a weak end for the weekend. The Colosseum kiss that has rocked L.A. has now progressed to saliva swapping and further , Hope has removed her wedding ring and done some serious roach rooting. She wants to savage a man who doesn’t want two women. Hope tears the roaches face off.

    Finally we see poor Sheila at the L.A County Jail looking pale and haggard. Lo and behold, Deacon comes to visit. He looks like his face has hag another chemical peel. Sheila has fond memories of Deacon that sustain her in the jailhouse, because the visitors have dried up.

    Liam moans his guts out to Wyatt and is exhorted not to get a divorce. Too late, because Hope is a groping and for once the door’s shut and no one is eavesdropping at the door. Thomas realises that everything comes to the one who waits. The last five minutes is porn. The wedding ring lay on the table, not worth a pie now. Thomas says he doesn’t know what the future holds( or who he’ll hold in the future) Curtain.

    • I must admit that the lack of someone wandering aimless about, as those two went at it with a bit too much glee for the inappropriate time slot, struck me as odd, too.
      Funny how I am taking it as normal that these people just walk into places that irl are considered private 🤣🤣.

      • Me too, and Woolif. We both said out loud, “It’s 4.00 in the afternoon. Not what the kiddies need eith their Milo and biscuits.

        • Yes. You consider the Welcome To Sex book furore…..and then B&B for the last two days, Too hot for school children, Ch 10
          Hope is eating the roach’s face as a black wodow spider would.

          Who knew RJ is a marriage counsellor? I wish he’d shut up.

  90. Brooke wanders into Thomas’s house (does nobody in this Universe know how to lock a door? No wonder Sheila’s spent so long terrorising this family) and finds, to her horror, that Hope and Thomas are in bed together!

    Brooke: “What are you doing?”

    Uh, Brooke? It’s kinda obvious. Lord, sleeping with a Forrester man is a topic you could’ve written a college thesis on. You really shouldn’t need this explained to you.

    In her defense, Hope has the right idea. Yes, ditch Liam, and move on from him. She just used the wrong guy to do so (Thomas? Really?).

    • Arggh.
      I just knew someone would walk in. I just hoped that, for once, the writers would try a slightly different route (No. I did not mean any of the puns or double entendres there but I too tired to edit).
      I wonder if the script has been written by AI? It would explain a lot.
      I am pleased that Liam has been ditched. That spaniel look that he learned in acting class is annoying. Finn went to the same class 🤣🤣.

  91. Hope has turned the tables on Liam. Yes, he’s been sniffing around Steffy since the day she presented him stuffed and trussed to Hope, but it’s only a convenient coincidence that Hope is on the money. In fact, it is only her reason now that Thomas started giving her chills.

  92. Am I the only one who’s bugged by the fact that these characters keep talking about my/our/your “marriage”?
    Like the word has three syllables.
    Who does that?
    I know. It’s a small thing. Still, nails down a blackboard.

  93. Egg on faces all around as Sheila Carter walks free from her trial. Bill, Rasper, Steffy, Carter are shocked . Finn has been suckled by Momma into doing something shady to get her sprung. Deacon will be so happy. Praise the Gods of Soap Operas for her beating the odds again.

    Liam gatecrashes the trial. He’s now stalking Steffy (what he calls “moral support”.) Finn is onto him sniffing around Steffy and turns on the jealousy. The momma mesmerised meat puppet is in cahoots with Satan . Do no harm oaths mean nothing now.

    Infantile Finn is hugging the shite out of Sheila because he’s missed this kind of contact all of his life. He’s taking another bullet for Momma today. Curtain. So much for the “rest of her miserable life”. Get square with these bozos ,Sheila.

    • Oh yay.
      Sheila returns from somewhere that I didn’t think they could fix. Happy, happy.
      I haven’t watched this ep but will go back and savour the joy.
      I took a break after Liam’s divorce papers were signed. I didn’t expect that – I thought that they would stretch it out for another year – and I am still in shock.

    • I was gobsmacked at the sheer stupidity of the episode.

      Wouldn’t the FBI have noticed that they were doing something wrong, going after Sheila the way they did?


      I just can’t even. I damn near threw my television out the window, at that.

      • I’m with you, Windsong. Getting a flat screen TV through the window isn’t that difficult.
        Steffy’s still hiding her pregnancy but once she can put that basket and blanket down, she’ll be able to wave her arms in anger at the writers’ stupidity.

      • My favourite episode of hide-the-pregnancy was for Daphne on Frasier.
        The story line was that she was putting on weight due to stress, but a bit tongue in cheek.
        I’m assuming it was easier given that the show is a comedy in the first place but I do prefer it when they don’t treat the audience like mugs.

  94. Oh good grief! Sheila could kill the president of America and Secretary of state in front of 50 witnesses and still go free.

    Did Finn pull the strings?

    • Finn had a weird phone call. I’ve assumed some kind of corrupt deal may have been done. It seems Finn is now biological putty in Sheila’s talons. I may well savour the hilarious “trial” again tomorrow morning. Finn is sure acting strange….if in fact he can act.

      100 days of writer’s strike. It must impact on this circus soon,surely.

      • … act … 🤣🤣🤣
        The one of only two credited (Wiki) writers on Bold is the son of the creators of said soapie.
        So didn’t get the job based on talent, I’m assuming?
        And further jumping to unsubstantiated conclusions, I would also assume that his care factor for the writers strike is low.
        My guess is that he has a different pay deal from other writers.

        • Interesting, Bobi. It’s not surprising. A 12 year old could co.e up with better story lines. Is he/she 12? Perhaps they are already passing jobs onto their grandkids.
          They are just like the Forresters and Spencers.

  95. Liam has got some dirt on Finn, He’s video’d Finn in a prolonged embrace with Sheila and then he catches Finn lying to his wife that he was “with a patient”. Nah, “family” rules on this show, murderes aren’t a problem.

    Later Steffi confronts Finn because he’s acting cool while everyone else is losing their shit about Sheila being free. Forresters and Spencers have state of the art security and all that.

    I enjoy that nosy punk RJ being mocked by wardrobe with the terrble shirts. serves the brat right. Oh. I forgot…he’s a designer prodigy.

    Carter’s been a massive help not being aware of the illegal surveillance and confession loophole. He bleats something about an appeal to the hopeless judge. These idiots let him handle divorces etc.

    Sheila will get back her old job at Il Giardino. good time to upgrade security at Steffi’s . Momma’s comin’ . Curtain.

  96. Oh my ………
    Sheila is already over at Il Gossipino’s (ref BDD), eavesdropping and spying and she hits the motherload; Hope, blabbing about her private life, loud enough for everyone in the place to hear, including the paparazzi, who are so fascinated with the rich and famous Forresters.

    Four toes surprises Deacon back at the love shack. Liam dobs on Mommy’s Boy, Finn. A good night’s work from Hope and Liam. And I don’t mean the acting. Curtains.

    • Thanks,daisy. I missed it and look forward to all of that in the morning. the flashbacks tell me that Steffy’s lips are getting bigger as she ages. I knew Liam would dob. Upgrade that security .

  97. OMG Sheila is quite the busy bee. She’s already reignited the fire with Deacon, and now she’s stalking Finn and Kelly. If Liam wasn’t so busy hooking up with Steffy, either or both of them could be checking up on Kelly.

    Steffy calls for a nanny with a black belt. Sheila, in disguise, might apply.
    Steffy trusts Finn but Liam’s got a feeling in his atomics (or that general region).

    Oh oh. Finn leaves Kelly alone on the beach, while he saves lives. I can see what’s coming…….ooooo.

    Finn’s going to be in trouble.

    • Thanks.Wasn’t it great? Brownie points for Sheila.

      Who could recognise Kelly?

      Typical child supervision from Finn on this show.A paedophile could have grabbed Kelly, but Sheila’s sunbaking/stalking the beach house.

      Liam’s relemtless white anting of Steffy’s marriage is cringeworthy.

      Dr.Finn….totally inept parent. Curtain.Crashing waves over Kelly.

      • Yes. Great supervision on a dangerous beach from Dr Finn. Thank goodness he’s not a paediatrician.

  98. Liam fiddled while Kelly burned. He’s cwrtain that Kelly is in grave danger in Finn’s care, so what does he do? While he knows that Kelly is just a cliff away on the beach with Finn, Liam prolongs his warning, chewing the fat with Steffy.
    I haven’t seen the end yet, bit I’ve played the possible storyines in my head. Right now, since Liam isn’t going looking for Kelly, I am going with Kelly innocently mentioning her saviour.
    My guess is Steffy won’t be as grateful as Finn.

  99. Pickleball has become huge in the US, and is gaining more.popularity.

    But it’s also ruining lives. Apparently the thwacking sound is lounder than the thwacking of other ball sports. So.e residents want backyard pickleballing and pickleballing near residential areas to be stopped. And night time pickleball activities to cease.

  100. I tuned in for 10 minutes.
    Liam is annoying.
    Of course Steffie ran to him.
    I’m hoping that they will write a story line where they both disappear for the three months of Steffie’s maternity leave.
    You know I love Shiela but there was too much of her and Deacon in bed together. That’s not what I signed up for.
    I just couldn’t anymore.

  101. It’s time for ne to write and send in another recap. Finn has tapped his maternal gene pool and is beginning to channel Sheila, accusing Liam of being a “Little puke”. Dr Finnegan!!!!

    • Let those among us who have wanted to call the little puke a little puke for years cast the first stone..

      Soon Sheila will receive the keys to the city for her heroic act of stalking and saving.

  102. The Meat Puppet and The Little Puke duke it out for the episode. Nevertheless Liam weasels some one on one time with Steffy and does more white anting.

    The prize is a beaver. Curtain, those waves (without Kelly floundering in them)

    Finn is true to his genes. Another evil bastard .An apple fallen right at the tree’s roots.

  103. Rasper infers that Finn is a shithouse father. He ought to know, right?

    Liam is still sweet talking Steffy and it’s working. He lays on the flattery
    with a trowel. Steffy’s ready to dump Finn quicker than a Laxette flavoured turd.

    The Meat Puppet swears that he won’t let Liam suck his wife back into his world. It won’t be Liam doing the sucking.

    Rasper wonders aloud how he thought Finn was so smart. He saved the roach’s paltry life, Rasper. Then he floors Liam by asking him how he feels about Steffy. Finn has blabbed that Liam is hell bent on rooting his wife. Liam looks like a deer in the headlights.Curtain.waves. 2 piano notes.Oh, the drama of it!

  104. The current story line is a bit creepy.
    It’s not just that the Liam/Hope story line has taken a bizarre u-turn but the Steffi reaction is also against type.
    Seriously, Steffi has a really serious problem with Wooden-Face and she runs to Liam (not the other half a dozen people in her life), who having just been dumped by his wife, professes his love for Steffi and she doesn’t turn a hair? Surely surprise should be one option? Or even a response of, “Not now, matey. There’s a psycho-killer on the loose and I’m about to die”.
    It all feels off. Like one of the writers has just discovered that one of the actresses is pregnant and he doesn’t know how to deal.
    And again, yes, I know, it’s a soap but it feels like there are contract negotiations going on in the background.

  105. I have sent in a new thread for B&B.

    Finn has become unhinged.
    Liam is a contortionist. He’d have to be to get his head where it is.
    Taylor is back with her own fragrance; eau d’ennuyeux.
    Ridge bases life’s big decisions on superstition. Brooke runs with it. Until Ridge gets a sign that Taylor is his, “One True Love”.
    Ajay needs a job because right now he’s competing with Taylor in relationships counselling.

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