1. I’m up for a ride on the marry go round again.

    This garbage is actually on Channel Nine. I’ ve watched quite a few seasons.

    Australian Idol could be even worse on Ch 7.

  2. I’m in. They have toned down the “trash” level. There are no Cyrels. I theorize the producers have clicked that most viewers want more average types, and less TV trash.
    What do you think of my clinging to the old English way of spelling theorize (and realize) rather than the American, “theorise “? At school we learned “z”, and that “s” was American. Now it seems that “s” has become the new norm. My computer at school was wanting to edit my “behaviour” to behaviour.

    • Woolif just tells me it’d the other way around according to Google; that “z” is used in the US and Canada. That’s not what I was told at school.

  3. I was taught that “s” is English and “z” is American.
    I went to both English and American schools for a while but it was in Europe. The English were adamant it was “s” because it was the mother tongue. The Americans accepted both spellings but the “s” was more common because most of us had reached that age where we weren’t going to budge. They weren’t as forgiving over the pronunciation of Zee. That one still causes me angst.
    Btw – behaviour? Wot?

  4. Oh my. Melinda, with fake eyelashes, fake boobs, fake hair, fake lips and fake teeth, says, Leyton seems fake because he was considerate. Go figure.

  5. These people have strange jobs.
    I don’t quite get what “the entrepreneur” does for a living.
    And just to be clear, I have no problem with someone who sells makeup on Instagram coming on this show to increase her following. At least I’m clear on that.
    Entrepreneur, fftt.

    • The “entrepreneur” buys old , dumped stock and runs online competitions for them.

      He was giving Harrison Fraud a shoulder to cry on tonight.

    • Oh, he runs an on-line thrift shop. Nothing wrong with that.
      I don’t quite get how you make money getting rid of the stuff through a competition. I’m assuming, like a raffle? That’s the bit that sounds like a scam. Whose to know if “the goods” even exist? Or, in fact, there is a winner?
      When we ran a raffle, we had to register and we had to prove that we were not-for-profit. There are rules.
      She is right to be concerned.
      And now let’s discuss the producers part in all of this. 🤣🤣🤣

        • One week in and the sexperts are jumping in to judge and finger point. Very professional of them. Not.
          We’re allowed to judge because we are just Goggleboxing. Professional, psychologists, I think, not so much.

          BTW, I’m not watching Survivor because mafs is keeping me busy. I tried last night’s Australian Idol. It was cr#p.

  6. I am watching MAFS. I am more caught up in Survivor because it has reached an interesting stage.
    If you only got your opinions from MAFS, you would think that all men are drop-kicks and women have few options.
    I am aware that there are two sides to every story and editing plays a huge part in all of this but really, why aren’t the Experts calling out Shannon on his obsession with his ex. Men like this are dangerous. They’re the ones who won’t let go. Borderline stalkers. I bet his ex is cringing at home watching all this unfold and in a couple of months she’ll apply for an AVO but, you know, ratings.
    And don’t get me started on Harrison. 🤷‍♂️. Harrison, fftt. I bet at school he was called Harry.

  7. It seems that I might have to revise my above comment. It looks like Shannon and his ex are still together and he’s on this show because … 🤷‍♂️.
    This can’t be about Instagram followers for him. He was going to show his ex that he was a righteous guy? That he was still attractive to other women? To show her what she was missing? I mean, how did he think this would all play out? I am perplexed.
    Not about Harrison, tho’. Even the Experts are now calling Harrison a snake. It’s confirmed and beautifully summed up in this article by my favourite author.

  8. I watched MAFS last night. Quite extraordinary.
    For the first time ever, the Experts decided that the health and well-being of the contestants was more important than the ratings and sent two couples home against the wishes of the fame-whores. About time.

    • Yes, it was extraordinary. I thought Harrison would be culled as well. Two weddings to replace those gone tonight…..bye. This season has been pretty good.

    • I’m thinking so, too.
      For the first time ever, there have been people on the show that I would classify as normal (as in, not prepared to do anything for screen time). It makes for interesting watching.
      I am still perplexed at to why some vote to stay. I’m assuming that they think that they are the hero in their own narrative.

  9. I’ve caught up with episodes (since my trip down south).
    I am judging what seems real and what is fake and what is staged.
    Some people smile out of nerves, but Jesse always looks like he is acting (badly). I think, anyone, like Jonelle, who is an “influencer”, anyone with large sm followings, is only there to raise their profile.
    What this show could do, if they had any integrity, is to use the platform to train viewers to recognize abuse such as coercive control, belittling, intimidation, gaslighting etc. They could start with some psychologists who haven’t sold their soul and professional integrity to a toilet bowl.
    I’m old, I know, so even though I was no angel in my teens, I think the couples being encouraged to have sex for a TV show is really off, like when you open something that got lost in the fridge for a week too long.

    • A “beauty influencer” no less, while thickhead Bronte is an “online beauty advisor”. All that bawling gonna raze your profile, not raise it.

      Dr.Phil warns regularly about giving people the benefit of the doubt. Janelle didn’t get it. Made her bed in hell,,,,,,the “bad place” Adam gibbered about.

      Adam has crashed and burned badly. Just like the biblical Adam, he fell into temptation. The sexperts will savage him on Sunday night. He cheated and then came home and rooted Janelle. That’s too much for hook up Harrison , even. Melinda has Harrison sussed , however. Bullshit merchant.

      Plenty of swearing and labelling the grooms snakes, dogs and arseholes. Very unfair to snakes and dogs.

      MAFS has been my main show this year. A lot of contestants have bolted this year.

      • Yep. I heard Phil talking about all the sick, evil people out there, lurking and waiting to suckling our blood. I teach the kids at school to give them a wide berth.

      • I’m trying to teach the girls not to engage with people like that.
        One listens, one doesn’t. I’m calling that a 50% success rate. Not much else I can do.

  10. Hi All! Long time no write!!
    I’ve watched all of MAFS (with no one to chat about it with)… Anyhoo I think the worst guy on here is Dan. What a shocker. Not that some of the others are better.
    I also thought Cameron’s mum was awful. And Tayla should’ve been put last on the photo challenge because she’s a bully.
    It’s always been an entertaining trashtastic show for me to watch, to escape from reality. I take it with a grain of salt too. Hope you’re all well 🙂

      • Thanks Juz! Hope all is well with you and the family. Still in SA? I’m LOVING that it’s not 50000 degrees this week 🙂

          • Thanks BDD!!!! I feel a bit special seeing your shout out 🙂 I still search for you when I’m in Norwood. Not that I know who I’m looking for. Just some cool dude with a I Hate Reality TV but I Secretly Love It T Shirt!!!!

  11. Hi Bella. I am watching mafs too.

    I agree. Dan is a narcissist. He gaslights and puts his own wants first, first, first. And his wife’s wants and needs, don’t count at all. The scientific word is “bastard”.
    Who could blame Hugo for saying horrible things about Tayla? I think she’s one of the modern brats who thinks bwing a b***h makes her cute and attractive.
    I agree on Cameron’s mum. Just because she’s rough, doesn’t mean everyone else needs to be. She was a snob. But Ca.eron was stupid to tell his wife what the Mil said about her. It might have been staged but that’s the sort of comment that could establish a pattern of war between his mother and his wife.

    I’m kind of enjoying the new sissy girl. The one who supposedly wS “butt dialed”. As if, BTW. “Oh I just sat on my phone and it happened to dial my new wife”.

  12. Oh Daisy you and I are so alike. I’m glad you understand what I meant with all of my comments. I’m watching Dan at the dinner party now. And I just watched Hugo get mortified at the dinner party. Tayla banging on about never being mean or rude. Everything about her is that. I don’t blame Hugo at all. He was just venting. He’s been treated poorly every second of the ‘experiment’.
    Dan on the other hand is a shocker. Just leave already.

  13. Hello Bella.
    I watch MAFS intermittently, partly in awe and partly in eewww, so I have to take a break for my sanity.
    It astonishes me how many people – mainly men but not exclusively – will double down on a lie in spite of video evidence to the contrary. I have been known to sit speechless for … minutes. If this is what they are like on television, how much worse would they be IRL.
    What I would like is a television show where we are watching these people watch themselves being caught out. Now that would be entertaining 🤣.

    • I have never missed one ep of any season Bobi. I’d like to watch that sort of show too! I watch Life After Lockup, Love After Lockup, 90 Day Fiance… some of them get caught up in lies too. I love the entertainment. It’s soooo much different to my everyday life 😉

      • I thought the girls went to far hounding Bronte. They accused her if being easily manipulated by Harrison, but then they tried to do the same thing, only she wasn’t easily swayed. I actually have found her to be one of the stronger characters for the most part. I like that she isn’t jealous. She may well be naive, but at least she’s making her own decision. She might crash and burn but it’s her choice. I would think her more weak if she was swayed. It was okay that one or two girls said their piece, then drop the subject, not try and force her to be pliable.

        As for the Canadian girl ..🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩 “He didn’t even apologize “. He didn’t stop apologizing.
        I think she might be deliberately sabotaging because she seemed to be inventing problems.

          • She’ll figure it our and the gang can savour their, “Told you so”. ” You should have let US manipulate and control you, not Harrison”.
            It was her lose/lose.

        • Alyssa with her stupid – he didn’t apologise. Blergh. Duncan is one of the best guys there, she’d better watch her behaviour.
          And hopefully Tayla has gone back to Tasmania. She’s still awful and terribly mean to poor old Hugo.
          And looks like Bronte will finally see what Harrison is really like.
          And it looks like in 3 months if I read this back I probably won’t even know who I’m writing about!!
          And Daisy will you tell me off for starting each sentence with “And” ! Haha

  14. Layton and Harrison should be getting married…… Harrison can be the bitch.

    The “boys club” is everything to these babies.

  15. Bronte doesn’t like Mel meddling in her relationship. Mel doesn’t like Harrison meddling in her relationship. Tayla (can you believe she’s a nurse?), doesn’t like Hugo meddling in her relationship.

    And Claire shot up from pariah to relationship guru in a couple of days, because “at least she owned it”. All you have to do is say, “I said the sparrow, with my little arrow”.

  16. There is an elephant we haven’t yet mentioned; it’s Harrison’s red baldy patch.

    Is it Alyssa who said, “Attenshun. I need attenshun”. Does ahead nor know those are Man Repellant words? Has she got a bunny in the pot?
    I’m just sitting down to tonight’s ep.

    • I hadn’t noticed but Harrison has the same strategy as Dan. Hide the balding area with some youthful look coiffing at the front. Behind that lame wave is a Saharan scalp on Harrison.

      What a bastard Harrison is with the ingratiating blokism. “mate” “buddy ” etc. Layton should lay into him…..and rip some more hair out of that a “man”ipultor

      Want attenshun…..git a puppy.

  17. Things are really bad when even light entertainment journalists are calling him H******* in their recaps. 🤣🤣🤣
    This guy can’t possibly be for real. The trouble is that no one else is in on the joke.

  18. And just as an aside, and I hate myself for commenting on these things because I thought I was better than this (but obviously not) but that bright red lipstick that two of the girls are wearing is too, too much.
    It’s a bit like when we were playing dress ups when we were toddlers and you forget where your lips end and your face begins.

  19. Cam can’t eat with his mouth closed. The local feral pigs have got nothing on him. Let him have his beer,bum buddies and run,Lyndall.His Mum’s still breast feeding him.

    • Shame on these sexpert b*llsh***ers for not stepping in and pulling Lyndal out. If that poor girl can’t see the guy would pash his dog, a sheep a fish, but when it comes to a “wife” it’s, “I don’t show affection (smooches blue heeler).

      And Rupert’s hair tonight? Cam must have got the sheep shearers on him.
      I’m not buying Evelyn and Rupert one bit.
      And yes Bobi, those lips 💋 were not so pretty.

  20. My dislike for Harrison has grown out of all proportion to the fact that this is just a tv show, heavily scripted.
    Could a man be more oblivious to how vile he is? I hope that he is watching along with the rest of us and is just shrivelling up inside with embarrassment but, somehow, I doubt it.
    But in the meantime, yay to the sister. Don’t we all aspire to be just like her, taking no prisoners.

    • I am not watching but Mr Juz is and fills me in, plus I read James Weir’s recaps. How can people act like that and not think it will damage their professional life?

  21. Alyssa is just a bunny boiler. Man alive, Cameron let her put his baubles in a nutcracker and she still cried that he didn’t try to see her point of view.
    Cameron, run for your life.

    • Are we mixing up Duncan and Alyssa here?

      Cam is human detritus.

      Harrison’s mother is an anti vaxxing nutter. What a shock.

      • Oh yes. My god, Alyssa has Duncan on a rack.

        The other lippy blond one has done a lot of that, “You don’t see my point of view”, while making no attempt to see his point of view.

        Sorry I haven’t bothered to remember their names. 🤣

      • “Detritus”. Good word. I had to look it up. I feel like we ate on an ‘expand your vocabulary every day” challenge.
        But it reminded me instantly of petri dish.

  22. I heard today that Harrison is suing Ch 9.

    Can a pig bring a lawsuit?

    Weak. Get a bodyguard instead. You’ll need one.

  23. Ayissa rhe serial whinger got dumped. Dumpin’ Duncan was no catch,either. He talked a load of pig swill. Laytom/ Melinda….doomed.He lacks feelings,deal breaker. He’s a robot….a real dense one to boot.

    • I was pleased to see Duncan dump her.
      Even at the end, she didn’t give an inch. It was like she threw him a bone and she was surprised when he had had enough.
      In my kinder moments, I think that she had a narrative going on in her head that didn’t allow for any intrusion from the real world.
      And I agree with you on those two “CEOs” (no one will be surprised to know that his company ran at a loss until he sold it) leave me cold. She’s a beauty influencer by another name. She’s only on the show to move product. MAFS is just one big advertising juggernaut for these people.

  24. What a relief. Duncan saw that Mrs “Give me attenshun. I need attenshun “, was a doe-eyed bunny boiler. I laughed to myself at Duncan’s shocked look at the “bone” she threw him with her offer of enlightenment. It was a bone dipped in a boner- deflating powder. “I will help you to see things my way, Duncan”.
    With all that “attenshun” she required, it was surprising that she only wanted him every second Tuesday, or whatever
    Next to be dumped are Lyndal and Cameron. It seems both might want to get their dumping in first. I didn’t mind Lyndal, but she did cling on to false hope in a weedy rat for far too long.

    • I was so happy to see that.
      Love someone that takes no prisoners.
      And I’m so pleased that she felt no obligation to give him a right to reply. Who cares what he thinks.
      Blink and I might have missed it, but didn’t even his best mate imply that he was a tool?

  25. I am watching the reunion. I have so many thoughts.
    Mainly, I want to marry Duncan. He seems to be the only grownup in the room.
    What reality show can we have him on next?

  26. And I really, really wish I could be in the room when they watch themselves back.
    Not that it would make any difference to Alyssa. She is seriously on her own planet.

  27. Only a couple of highlights for me.
    Cam thinks that it’s perfectly normal to be naked at a night club (I’m pretty sure that’s a criminal offence) and then send d**k pics to a random girl. Well, not so random. She was one of the other MAFS wives. She justified it on the grounds that it was “funny” – but still didn’t hesitate to throw Cam under the bus with excellent timing.
    Almost every guy I know thinks that their appendage is glorious (sorry, Dave. I’m sure yours is. 🫣😀) and almost every woman I know doesn’t get it 🤷‍♂️.
    And I’m always perplexed when people claim something is funny in spite of the number of people that have been reduced to tears in the process. I think it’s a sign of lack of empathy … compassion … or kindness. Anyway, you get my drift.
    And the other highlights was the reaction of everyone to Harrison (here forth to be known as Harry) and his attempt to take Brontë down. It was so extraordinary that the video has popped up in my Twitter feed and my Facebook feed. Now there’s a man whose reputation has now been completely trashed, as it should be. Happy to see that happen and proud to see that even the MAFS people think that Harry is a step too far. We do have some standards.

    • I’m sure that she saw her edit on the played video and went, “Uh-Oh. There goes my Influencer career”.

    • Yeah. what drugs were Alyssa on? Lost her angry pills?

      So many reputations destroyed this season.

  28. I just read an update on MAFS. These people are still milking their 2 seconds of fame.
    Harry and Dan are still running the line that they are the target of bad editing 🤣🤣🤣🤣. Delusional. Harry brought along a pretty young thing as his date. She’s not in it for second-degree fame or anything /s.
    What I wasn’t aware of (shows how much attention I pay) is that Dan is 47 and has been married twice before and they matched him with someone that has never been in a long term relationship before. Surely the Experts could not have been remotely serious. 🤣. If he got hit by a bus, they would be talking about “elderly man, father of one”.
    I know. My credibility is on the line. I must admit, I did think that the chosen few were at least in a band width of its-remotely-possible that we could find a match. Clearly I was wrong.
    If they picked Dan then there must have been a lack of other applicants.

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