General chat: TV show recommendations needed

By Bobi

The flies are telling me that it’s nearly summer here. 
I’ve just got an invitation by Siri for a Thanksgiving dinner. There is so much to unpack here that I find the whole thing unsettling. Nevertheless, I’m still going to accept. My moral high ground can always be beaten by the joy of someone else’s cooking. 

I have bought a really expensive fry pan and I am watching cooking shows thinking that something might inspire me. My current obsession is Plat du Tour (SBS). Each episode is about 4 minutes: just perfect for my concentration span but not great for the actual doing. 

There’s not much else on telly. 
I don’t like The Voice (too many singers being rewarded for screaming) but I do like The Masked Singer. I can tune out the guessing panel (I have asked before, how does Hughesy get employment anywhere?) and I enjoy the songs and the general silliness. 

Apart from that, I am providing instructions to my granddaughters on how to be murdery. I have given up on supervising their homework and we now watch shows like Death In Paradise (ABC) and Diagnosis Murder. By the time I’ve finished with them, they will be able to bump off their husbands, bury the body, and make sure they have an unbreakable alibi. I can’t think of a better legacy to leave behind. 

More recommendations gratefully received, mainly on murder shows suitable for early teens. 




  1. Oh Bobi, so much in common. You can’t pass on Diagnosis Murder. Dick van Dyke and Chachi.
    I don’t like the screaming, or shouting singers either. Just give me a voice with a good tone any day.
    Here we are in Bali.

  2. I watched The Voice last night……but with the mute on. It’s safer that way. The judges pretend to like stuff that makes me cringe. Ugg…the fanilies.

    You can combine cooking with murder in Australia thesedays. Bump off a handful of troublesome in laws with a Death Cap mushroom Beef Wellington.

    I watch a lot of true crime. I’m not sure if that’s good for teenagers or me. Old CSI Vegas are okay.

    I saw the Wallabies get murdered this morning. Eddie Jones is assisting police with their enquiries.

  3. I like Diagnosis Murder, but recently the pregnant doctor is scripted to stupidly put herself into dangerous situations. Of course she is always saved by Mark, and Steve with the perfect hair.

    Inspector George Gently is one I recommend highly. I’m a Martin Shaw fan. And there is always Midsomer Murders.

    Bobi, what is the pricey fry pan you bought?

    • I enjoyed George Gently and Lewis, and I crushed on Endeavour 🩷

      Dave; The Voice on mute 🤣. That’s worse than a cooking show with no taste or smell.

    • I bought a Le Creuset.
      They had a sale on and I got 60% off (but still more than I would ordinarily pay). Discontinued colour. Go figure.
      However, I can highly recommend.
      It serves as a frypan, and can go straight into the oven – plus lid.
      My expectation is that I will never have to buy another frypan in my lifetime. 🤞
      It hasn’t improved my cooking but I feel classy 🤣.

      • I always wanted a Le Creuset, and kept an eye out for sales. But I don’t have the hand grip anymore to comfortably lift one, so just admire them when I’m in a store. It should last you the rest of your life and you’ll have to put it in your will :).

  4. Caught about ten minutes of The Masked Singer while waiting for HYBPA. Ugh.The judges make some ridiculous guesses as to who the singer is. And how many people would recognise Shane Warne’s daughter when her mask comes off?

    • I watched the Masked Singer. I certainly didn’t guess.
      I don’t know how she did it without crying so good on her for giving it a go.
      Still, it was a long bow.
      The panel were kind. Sweet voice but that’s the best that could be said.

  5. I have the flu (tired mostly) so have been bingeing Lucifer on Netflix. Mr Juz and I are catching up on the latest season of Grey’s Anatomy (season 800ish) and US Survivor starts Thursday

  6. Thank you all for the suggestions.
    Daisy, you’re in Bali. How did I miss that?
    Diagnosis, Murder is always a favourite, no matter how many times they are on repeat. I am not a fan of Chachi. His particular rudeness doesn’t wear well with time and the real actor is a rusted-on Trump supporter. That would get us into a long conversation on cancel culture. Sometimes I can see past a transgression, sometimes I can’t. I haven’t been able to work out why.
    I prefer the new blonde guy. Plus, of course, Dick Van Dyke – not dead yet 🤷‍♂️.
    I tried the girls on Sister Boniface yesterday. It didn’t go down so well. I think they prefer something closer to reality. I might try Midsomer Murders next.

  7. Sonia and Marcus are cooking their second chance tonight. They’re serving spinach and ricotta ravioli, rib eye with mash, and passionfruit cheesecake. Cooking a dozen steaks, presumably to order, resting, and serving them to this crown of unpleasant people would not be my choice.

    We didn’t see much footage of them shopping or setting up. They did bicker in the car. Sonia called her son a dickhead. Not nice.

    Christian and Nick are still bitching about the teams’ scores for their second chance.

  8. The ravioli was slightly under-seasoned, and Manu wanted burnt butter sauce, but everyone liked it anyway.

    The steaks aren’t cooked to order, but seared in a pan and then put in the oven to finish. They went over well, a couple of them looked raw to me. The mash was good, but there wasn’t enough salsa verde, according to Colin and several guests. I wouldn’t want a green sauce on mash, but that is my preference, maybe it would be delicious.

  9. The passionfruit cheesecake was pretty good, some thought the bottom almond crust was too hard.

    Overall score for Sonia and Marcus was 85; straight to the top.

    Tomorrow it’s the turn of the stone-faced sisters.

    • It actually sounded delicious, albeit a bit on the heavy side.
      I’m not a fan of that sweet type of cheesecake. Cloying. I like a Bavarian cheesecake with cream. Mind you, still too much with any meal that includes steak.

  10. MKR tonight, the sisters cooked traditional Lithuanian food. Entree was cold beetroot soup, main a potato sausage with bacon and sour cream sauce, and dessert a cream and honey many-layered cake. Their dishes did not present well. The soup was room temp, not cold. The sausage, seriously, looked like a turd with dog barf poured over it. Some of the diners laughed aloud when the main was put in front of them. That was very rude and unkind, but sort of understandable. Still, adults should be able to suppress their snickers at the sight of an unappetizing plate of food.

    The sisters scored 59 and were eliminated.

    • I’ve always thought that previous seasons were too long.
      I generally lose interest after the initial cooking/introductions, and then something, something, something happens 🤷‍♀️.
      I don’t remember any winners.
      And yet, I always tune in to the next season. I like watching how enthusiasm and excitement wilts under the pressure of time. It feels a bit like real life. 🤣

    • I do hope these obnoxious contestants behave for Nigella Lawson. She’s earning her money having to mix with them.

      Manu needs some coaching to say “Nigella Lawson”. It’s not one word.

  11. MKR had a 7 pm start tonight and I’m not sure what the first brief was for those cooking. It’s cook-offs and eliminations. The first team to go home was the blonde best friends.

    The dish for round two is dessert. The bottom two scorers for that will go home. They’re getting cleared out quickly :).

    People seem to be slightly intimidated by Nigella’s presence. Makes a nice change from all their back-biting.

    • Thanks. Missed it….but so glad the trash was taken out.Good riddance Claudeen and that turkey with the jawbone of an ass. Encore to savour.

  12. Smirky Chris and Aaron, Claudean and Anthony are the two teams eliminated. Bye!

    Christian and his mate supposedly made the best dessert, even after lots of drama and stuff ups during their cooking. They and handsy, lovey dovey just friends Rachel and her mate are the other two through to whatever the next round is.

    • I’m actually glad that smirky Chris & Aaron and bitchy Claudean & henpecked Anthony were eliminated.

      • Me too. I’m more interested in seeing the unlikeable teams, which is most of them, eliminated, than good cooking or cheering on a nice team.

        The twins seem pleasant and gave fair critiques of the food last night. Mother and son team are an enigma – the kid is okay, the mother can be bitchy at times, especially to her son.

  13. I am not liking the “just friends” very much. I really, really hope they don’t take this out.
    Maybe I read too much fiction but I’m call liar, liar on their relationship.
    He likes her A LOT and she knows it but she’s just not that into him.
    She’s playing around because it’s fun for her – no repercussions for her and great for her ego – but the moment someone better comes along, he’s gone-ski.
    He won’t look for anyone else because he still has a faint hope that she will change her mind if he continues to play nice. She won’t.
    Ugh to these two.

    • “Ugh to these two”, well said. Aren’t they odd. I have a close friend who’s a guy. We hug hello and hug goodbye when we get together. Pretty sure if I were continually draping myself all over him, he’d ask me what the hell my problem was.

  14. MKR is hilarious so far. The four remaining teams have to make a three-course meal. The first course, however, is not an entree, but an amuse-bouche. This will be an elimination course. They are all making…something. Christian and whosie are making a salmon something; they have about 10kg of salmon on their bench to choose from.

    Bobi, I had noticed before, but now I can’t stop seeing how often that “just friends” woman puts her hands on her friend. Gah. Leave him alone!

    • It makes me flinch, every time.
      I hope he watches the playback and has Come To Jesus moment, but I doubt it. He is clearly smitten.

  15. Tommy and Rach, the gropey two, are eliminated. Their amuse bouche was a stuffed mushroom that was lacking in crunch. Of course they had to kiss and hug after hearing the verdict.

  16. Sonia and Marcus were eliminated.

    Going into the grand final are Nick and Christian, and Radha and Prabha. It’s almost at the end and I finally know everyones names. For those who don’t, the finalists are the pretentious waiters, and the twin sisters.

  17. Only Murders in the Building. I love this so much, Martin Short is such a delight and international treasure. It’s on Disney+ is anyone wants to watch it. Could be interesting for teens too as it has Selena Gomez as the female lead. She has great chemistry with Martin Short and Steve Martin. I loved those two since I was a child, so this is perfect for me. It is charming, fun and entertaining.

    Also love Foundation on Apple, it’s phenomenal and the recently released second season is even better than the first.

    We also recently started watching The Righteous Gemstones, if John Goodman is a draw, watch it! The show does not disappoint.

    Another highlight this summer for us was What We Do in the Shadows. It’s silly af. It is based on a dark comedy by Taika Waititi (I can also recommend Our Flag Means Death).

    • I want to watch Only Murders. It has great reviews. I have been considering it for a while for myself. It never crossed my mind that it would be suitable for the girls but of course it would be perfect 🤩.
      I never thought of What We Do in Shadows. The elder of the two likes a bit of horror. We have watched the occasional Korean comedy/horror. The extra distance the language barrier puts in place makes it a tad less scary.

  18. And for those who are not watching, Shayna Blaze was the reveal last night.
    It was not a surprise per se. The clues gave it away early.
    She was the better singer so it was a surprise that she was the one to go. She has a nice voice. Apparently she used to sing for her supper in her youth.
    Also, just as a comment, she’s tiny.

      • Yes, it’s new sets of teens and oldies. I’m excited for a show that is always worth watching, even if it occasionally brings tears.

  19. I’m hoping for the twins to win MKR. Although the guys have become a little less obnoxious after finally realizing they aren’t the best cooks in the world, I think the twins are better cooks and less likely to get frazzled.

    Four courses, 100 servings each, entree, fish, meat, dessert. I think. I’ll only watch the first hour, then will check in at the end to see who won.

  20. All the other contestants are on the gantry, as well as the teams’ families, all of them yelling at those cooking. The mums are there making everyone nervous.

    The twins serve a spicy fish fry, the guys serve scallops with blood sausage . They haven’t detached the scallops from their shells.

  21. I watched the first bit, too.
    Groper girl looked very pretty.
    I wondered how the girls were going to go, given that having mommy-dearest there made them so nervous. I was amused when Manu jokingly invited Mum down to help and she was going to take him up on the offer. Apart from that, it was a bit dry.

    • No, they were definitely not there. Maybe Claudean didnt want to eat humble pie watching Nick &Christian in the GF.

    • Awful. I’m hoping it’s not true.
      If it’s them, I’m surprised the producers didn’t do their homework. Cases like these don’t pop up overnight. Police can take years putting evidence together and then getting a listing.
      And if you knew this was in the pipeline, why would you appear on a show like this?
      People perplex me. I think I’ll become a recluse.

  22. Didn’t the promo say he was easy going and calm? I remember something along those lines because that fits with most Samoans I knew.
    But the above “alleged charges” suggest not. 🤷‍♀️

  23. They can refine their culinary skills in jail. They were a horrible pair. Claudeen was toxic from day one.How many young lives has she traumatized; as for the cowering husband,boy was he pussywhipped .Jail for these turds. Ten years is about the norm.

    Maybe 7 will defend these ingrates,like Ben Roberts Smith.

  24. I have just finished watching the first episode of Old People’s Home for Teenagers.
    I sobbed.
    I don’t know which was sadder: those lovely teenagers filled with angst and anxiety or those lonely, old people.
    I will keep watching, knowing that 90% of the participants will benefit and there will be lovely moments.

    • It wasn’t ten minutes in and I was reaching for tissues.

      The shy teenage girl with long blonde hair changed completely after the 91 year old man said once he’d gone to bed, he’d rather not wake up. That will be a great friendship.

  25. There was an unveiling on Masked Singer.
    The audience was polite but collectively went, “Who?”.
    She’s a UK reality star. I’ve got to give her her due. There’s nothing like confidence to give someone charm.

  26. Cal Wilson died.
    I don’t know why this one hits extra hard. All deaths are sad.
    Maybe it’s because she was so relentlessly cheerful, plus she lived just a hop, skip and a jump way from me when I lived in Sydney. That makes her my neighbour.

    • She was on an old episode of Spicks and Specks tonight. It was a little hard to watch. At the very end of the show, there was an In Memoriam epitaph for her. That did it.

      • It’s the “catching me unawares” thing.
        There have been a number of tributes from her friends and acquaintances on Twitter as you would expect and I mostly just pass them by but then, oddly, the one from Paul McDermott was just so sweet it just knocked me a little sideways. 🥲
        I became a puddle.
        Funny how that happens.

  27. There is a new (to me) show on SBS Food channel that I am enjoying; it’s
    Paula McIntyre’s Hamely Kitchen. Her dishes are good and look doable, and she’s lovely.

    • I will give it a go. I love a cooking show.
      I am really looking forward to Master Chef Desserts (?). Totally impracticable, I know but I’m sure that it will be a joy to watch.

  28. Hi everyone, sorry I’ve been mia. I have been working all week, and I haven’t watched much TV in three weeks.

    • I fell across The Derry Girls (SBS) and I have been rushing to watch the available episodes before they leave in a week so nothing else is crossing in front of my eyes. We have lives 🤣.
      I don’t understand why some episodes are missing. It must have something to do with licensing.
      It is just an unexpected delight.
      How come I have never heard anything about this show 🤷‍♂️. I must be living in a bubble.

    • Thank you. My internet has just been fixed. Four days without it was bearable. Fixed ten minutes ago.

  29. The Unmasked tonight was Pete Murray.
    That was one that was suspected and then became more and more certain as time went on. He has a distinctive voice that is difficult to disguise.
    He seems to be a really nice fellow. I think I’ve just become a fan.

    • It’s just as well I don’t watch Masked Singer. After most reveals, I’ve wondered “who is that?” Guess I’m a little out of touch :).

      • 🤣🤣
        It has been a little like that this season.
        The Australian pool of talent is small and I can’t imagine that there is anyone left for another season (plus, of course, i loathe Dave Hughes with a passion and I can’t wait for him to be removed from our screens forever. What is wrong with 20 year old boys that they think that this goose is fun listening? I’m assuming they are the same people that keep Kyle Sandilands on air 🤮).
        Still, the whoevertheyare singers are pleasant to listen to while I read a book and avoid the news.
        Just as an aside, it is also interesting to me (I’m thinking) that a nice voice has nothing to do with record sales or … being famous (?). Darren Hayes has a lovely voice but he is the least interesting person every episode. His song choices on this show make him boring.
        It’s like acting, I guess. Actors just repeat someone else’s lines. We don’t give enough credit to the lines. My brother often talked about how actors are just A Brand telling the audience what sort of movie this was going to be but it was the producers and directors who actually did the work.
        I’m feeling a little philosophical this morning. It’s cold here. I’ve had to turn the heater back on. Christmas is just around the corner and I can’t wait for it to be past. It’s just a bit ordinary, all around.

        • Dave Hughes is bad enough. Add Chrissy Swan to the mix and there is no chance I would want to watch.

          Yesterday it was 36 degrees here. I had to put the air con on for the first time.

          Are you all right, Bobi?

          • Thanks, Von. Life is just a bit repetitive at the moment and my diary is starting to empty as a prelude to Christmas shutdown.
            It was Zero degrees overnight yesterday which was a shock to the system. All in all, I became a little maudlin.
            I pick up the girls (12 and 13) from school twice a week and they were delightfully prattling away and, instead of just enjoying it, I started thinking about how much I am going to miss this. It’s such a lovely age. I know you can’t stop them growing up but I wish you could.
            I’ll be alright in a week or two. My brother and SIL are coming to stay for a week and the family will get together often and he will cook and everything will go back to normal. 😀
            I have nice brothers and SIL (mostly. There’s always one SIL 🤣🤣) and I had a nice childhood (mostly 🤣). My head is reminiscing.

          • Okay, Bobi. I hope family visits will lift your spirits. Are you all doing home made Xmas gifts again? Take care.

  30. I’m so sorry you are dipping. I think, as we age, those who have suffered loss or pain (all of us) can worry, even on good days, that the “grim reaper” might come and p*ss on everything again.
    I’ve been going great, and yet even this morning woke with that dark spot of despair, for no reason at all. Do I expect too much from life? Probably. I suffer first world problems? Maybe. For me, it’s good relationships that fill my cup; even if it’s you ttvers. Family is everything but I had to accept change and loss there. Thankfully, I enjoy the kids atschool, and family when I see them, friends and sometimes just random strangers. I like chatting with strangers or even a word here and there.

    It’s dumb snd shallow, but I have nice clothes and I still enjoy playing dress-ups. That’s how I filled the void a few years ago.

    Oh and gym classes help.

  31. For those who remain on tenterhooks over Masked reveals, tonight the celeb was LaToya Jackson.
    Obviously, I didn’t guess.
    Her voice is average and … she giggles. 🤦‍♀️ I know.

    • I have heard of her. I always see the last few minutes waiting for HYBPA.

      I don’t care if the next reveal is Dame Nellie Melba re-incarnated, all the bouncing, screaming, yelling “take it off”, and then over-reacting drives me nuts.

      People her age shouldn’t giggle.

  32. Melissa Leong will not be returning to MasterChef. Andy will return and there are two other new judges who I’ve never heard of. Mel is being replaced by…Poh. I don’t think I’m up for watching several hours of Poh every week.

    Mel will be on Dessert Masters, whenever that starts.

    • I like Mel and I’m looking forward to DM.
      I’ve never been a fan of Andy. I’ve never understood why he is a judge. And speaking of giggling, five minutes of Poh is four minutes too much.
      I’m guessing that Ch 10 is cutting costs.
      If I had to be profound, I would say that The Block and MC are propped up by advertiser’s dollars but that viewership is in sharp decline.

      • The Ma$terchef guest chef has “54 million followers”………….but ….never heard of him.

        The nauseating Irwins on Celebrity Gogglebox. Ch 10 are cutting quality as well.

      • I thought it was just me. 🤣
        I have zero interest in the Irwin’s. I’ve never understood the media fawning. I can imagine that as an interviewer, it’s nice to have such young people who are articulate but I find the way they speak a little … odd? Stilted?
        Idk. I’m going to go with annoying.

        • Not just you, Bobi, I’m not a fan of the Irwins either. Annoying is a good description. So is cloying.

          You won’t want to hear that Robert Irwin is the replacement for Chris Brown on IACGMOOH. He and Julia Morris is an odd pairing, although I find Robert the least objectionable of the clan.

        • Nooooo. Say it isn’t so 😯.
          I hope that doesn’t make IMAC unbearable for me. 🤮 It’s one of the few RTVs that are still watchable.
          Cloying is a better word than annoying. 🤣🤣

  33. I just voted for my five favourite episodes of Bluey in the Blueyfest. My top two was easy, but I had no trouble remembering the rest of the episodes from the list of titles, for the next three.

    Ask me what my favourite tv show is.

    • 🤣
      I can vote? I have both girls this afternoon (tacos, in case anyone is interested) and we have fun voting in these things.
      Australia’s favourite bird – magpies here – Fat bear – always fun but we never get it right – and Australia’s favourite tree – snow gum but only because they helped me paint one during the dreaded lockdown. I will take a pic and post it after I get up and walk doggo. Snow gums are a good painting for an “all in” because it’s impossible to muck up.

  34. Just watched Celebrity Gogglebox. It was less than ordinary. I won’t be doing that again.
    Mind you, they finished with the final episode of MC. I cried again. So sad.

    • The regular Goggleboxers are more entertaining than that lot were last night. The bit for Jock caught me unaware, too. I’m tearing up thinking about it now. Damn it.

  35. I can’t remember who it is, but think someone here at ttv has been to an immersive art show. A friend wants to see Monet In Paris here next month, but I’d like an idea of what the show is and whether it’s worth seeing. To me it looks as though you sit in a big auditorium and look at large projected art works by Monet etc.

    • It might have been me but there are different shows on and it’s hard to tell one from another.
      I went to a Vincent Van Gogh one in a huge, huge marquee where they projected his artwork (or sometimes bits of his artwork) on the tent walls. I can’t remember now whether the artwork changed so that you could sit and watch and paintings cycled through. I remember sitting every now and so it’s probable that it did.
      There were different rooms so it wasn’t everyone in the same place and people were moving through. It was timed entries so it wasn’t overcrowded at any one time.
      I didn’t love it but I’m glad I went. It was something different. We still talk about in on occasion.
      I like Monet so I’m sure it will be very pretty.
      I’m sure that I’m sounding very confused. My view is that I’m always up for new experiences. Sometimes they hit the mark. Sometimes they don’t.

      • I had phases of favourites since childhood . I had a Vermeer print and a Chagal print framed on bedroom wall when I was a kid. My sister had a Degas. I tried painting Degas, Girl Brushing Hair when I was 12. It’s always been the impressionists for me and still is, although my favourite art now, for breezy brightness is illustration.

        Gaugin held top spot for me throughout my 20s and 30s. Current favourites; Modigliani and Renoir. Favourites galleries so far, The Louvre (Botticelli fresco ❤️), Musée d’Orsay, and the Uffizi in Florence.

        • My mother loved Modigliani.
          I’m a Rembrandt fan myself. It’s what he does with light, I think.
          Oddly, my favourite gallery is Victoria. I have such lovely memories.
          Anything is London falls under the heading of Dull.
          I’ve never been to America but I don’t doubt that they would turn it up a couple of notches. Only if I win the lottery.

          • Thanks Bobi. I do like Monet’s works, but it does sound as though it’s a big slide show. I told my friend it sounds interesting, she said she’d never been to one…so, something different. We’re still deciding :). I’d rather go to the Art Gallery of WA, depending on what exhibits are there.

  36. Masked Singer = Brendan Fevola.
    He was the Wild Card: he came on, he sang, he was eliminated.
    As you can tell, I’m getting bored. It’s probably because we all know those who are left. Few surprises this season.

  37. Is Gogglebox over for the season already? It’s November!

    I am still enjoying Old People’s Home For Teenagers. However, I think the past two weeks have had too much of the geriatrician and other talking heads. I’d prefer to see the participants more, and watch their progress.

    • I am still watching but on iView and slowly. I am two episodes behind.
      I still shed tears but not so much. Everyone seems to be making progress. I am particularly happy that the lid people have adapted so quickly.
      I keep thinking that if this is a snapshot of teenagers then it is a sad world. I’m sure it wasn’t like this when I was growing up.
      Perhaps it is my generations fault. I have said previously that I grew up poor but grateful for what I had. My kids grew up poor but angry for what they missed out on. Perhaps I can blame television for opening their eyes to all the stuff they could buy if only we had more money 🤣.

      • I’ve avoided this show because as with the “news” ,it might depress me. Read that millenials have far fewer friends than previous generations. People in nursing homes average one visit per year. That’s depressing enough.

        I’m sure the show has more value than Love Island or the hideous Big Brother….which I will watch tonight.

    • I saw this.
      Twitter said that the problem with The Block is that in recent seasons, there are one – now two – very rich guys who keep coming back at each auction to make a farce of the bidding and buy houses based on whether they like the contestants or not.
      Or to get their faces on tv. 🤷‍♂️
      It’s probably the reason why viewers are switching off in droves but why Ch 9 keeps flogging a dead horse. It’s seems to be a money spinning machine (I assume Ch 10 gets a cut) without anyone giving a stuff about who watches.

      • The Block is just not good any more. The millionaires and a representative (bidding) is so boring. So surprised Danny didn’t buy anything but guess he didn’t like houses 1, 2 or 3 based on the link to the article Dave posted.
        5 million for house 4 was crazy but wonder if ‘Lambo Guy’ will raffle it off and if he will get any profit for that purchase.
        They need to revamp the show but I assume that will never happen. It was so much better years ago.

  38. I guess I will be watching Big Brother. If it’s all tik-tokkers, influencers and fake “hook-ups”, I might zone out.
    I wasn’t keen on Sonia’s dress.

  39. Unmasked winner = Dami Im.
    So not surprised.
    Good god, the dragged ( and I mean really, really dragged) the finale over two days.
    I was so bored that I switched and never came back. Only saw the winner accidentally.
    Someone needs to talk to someone in charge and stop this nonsense.

  40. Have a great day today Daisy, 🎁🍰💓🎈🎂🎁🍹💓🍸💞🎀🍷🍺💖🎁💓💞🎊💝🎁🎉🍷🎀💞🍷🎁🍷💓💕🎊🎈🎉🍹🍰💓🎂🎊

    • Is it your birthday, Daisy? Happy birthday on the assumption that it is 🎉. I hope you have a lovely day either way.
      It is a busy birthday month.
      My Dad was born a hundred years ago last Monday.
      And my lovely granddaughter had her birthday yesterday. She’s 11. She delightfully told me in the car that she has lots of friends which is nice because 12 months ago she didn’t have any. My brother and I took her out for pizza and my brother made the mistake of asking her about the rules for handball. Half an hour later …. 🤣🤣. Who needs TV. 🤩

      • Hey Bobi, busy month for me too. Birthdays of 3 eldest children, ex daughterinlaw, 2 good friends (Daisy being one of them😊) eldest brother and our wedding anniversary. 🥳

        • It would be interesting to see the stats on November births.
          It wouldn’t surprise me if it’s Australia’s favourite month 😀.
          Happy birthday to all your friends and family.

  41. After 14,376 promo ads, Dessert Masters has finally started. It should be interesting, hopefully without a lot of drama and tears since all the contestants are professionals.

    When did we start judging a person’s work and worth by how many followers they have? It may take me a while to stop snickering at Amaury’s comb-over. God bless Reynold for calling the season’s only exemption pin immunity instead of ahmunity.

    I’ll stop being picky and start enjoying the show :).

  42. I really enjoyed Dessert Masters.
    I’m not a huge fan of the new judge. He’s a bit of a w*nk. I do like Melissa. She tried to compensate for him. At times it was hard work so I’m guessing that she will earn her money this season.
    All the chef’s are lovely and clearly like each other. It was so nice to watch people who actually knew what they were doing.
    The only drama was when the young chef set his pudd alight. May all our dramas be so much fun.

  43. Good memory. Yes, I had a birthday last week. Thankyou .

    I have been busy filling in for the Languages Other Than English teacher. It will last until the end if term.
    It’s 3 days a week, which compacts the things I do to after school or days I am not working.
    Hence, it’s been an efficient schedule. That’s me; efficient. 😆

  44. Anna is a lot of fun. She just lightens this show.
    These people are amazing.
    Reynolds’ dish missed for me tonight. It was a bit too … something. I preferred some of the others. Same as Zumbo.

    • I like Anna. She doesn’t take herself too seriously. I don’t really like the make-it-look-like-something-else trend, but I thought all the desserts tonight were appealing and elegant in presentation and inventiveness, even the dustpan of garden mess.

      Respect to the judges for eating all those sweet dishes one after the other. I have a feeling that, after this series, I will never again want to eat a dessert. Ever.

    • Yes, I’m not really a dessert eater either. I am especially not a cake eater. Maybe that’s why Zumbo’s stuff leaves me cold.
      We jest here but I do like a panna cotta. Light and small.
      And one day I have ambitions to make a Tart Tartin just ‘cos.

  45. I felt sorry for the loser on Dessert Masters tonight, but I can’t say there was anyone I wanted to see eliminated.

    I was tickled that Reynold used feijoa in his apple. I have a feijoa tree, and most people don’t even know what a feijoa is – except Kiwis.

    • Oh no. I missed last nights episode. I wonder what I was doing?
      I’ll have to go back, if for no other reason but to see a feijoa 😀.

  46. I haven’t watched the missed episode yet and I can’t figure from this episode who is not there 🤷‍♀️.
    I don’t normally like the relay tasks but this one was a lot of fun. I keep coming back to the difference it makes watching chef’s who know what they’re doing.
    Anna is a hoot. I could watch her all day.

    • You must have missed the beginning of tonight’s ep, there was a short recap. I won’t spoil it for you, but I thought of the eliminatee as a lesser known chef.

      The contestants weren’t thrilled with a relay, were they? It’s fun watching the different chefs try to blend their ways of doing things, with only a short handover between team members.

      Adriano needs to wear a hat or a sweatband.

  47. Well, Dessert Masters was fun and at times hilarious tonight. Kirsten can’t help but add something chocolate to everything she does. She is the chocolate queen, deservedly, but could have stepped back on that tonight.

    Reynold (or Ray-nold as Andy calls him) is so skilled at presentation, and understanding which flavours work together, that he impresses me nearly every time he cooks.

  48. Ten is rerunning the first two episodes of Dessert Masters tonight at 830 and 930. Repeating shows two days later in prime time is stupid and lazy programming.

    • Sounds like they are excited because people are actually watching. 🤣
      It’s a lovely show but difficult to watch on iview. It’s one of those shows that is best watched while you are reading or scrolling.
      I am trying to watch my missed episode but I am struggling. I will persist. I at least now know who is not there and I am so sorry because I liked her, whoeversheis.
      The producers are back to telegraphing these things early. It’s a problem when you have watched so much reality tv that you can see the formula unfold before your eyes.

      • Aside from the first episode, I always watch while I’m cooking or dusting or something. I can’t really follow their cooking because the chefs have so much more skill and knowledge than I. I do like seeing the finishing and plating.

        If they hadn’t already telegraphed who was eliminated, it was obvious when they almost had to get a jackhammer to crack Rhiann’s pig.

        I don’t know that guessing the end is because of seeing too much reality tv, more likely that the producers think we’re stupid and will continue watching, mouths agape, when we’ve already perceived the ending.

  49. I can’t watch the rerun. I have skipped thriugh to the end and I am watching the reveals.
    Reynolds was very pretty. I can already tell that the next Apple is going to go bad.
    I’ve had to pause again. Great lesson here. This is not a show to watch after the event.

  50. Next chef eliminated.
    This one came as no surprise. He was always just hanging in there. I must have missed his introduction but he didn’t seem to be very experienced. Everything took him by surprise and he didn’t seem to know how to come back from disasters.
    No, I’m not doing the no spoiler thing. I just can’t remember his name.

    • Morgan. I think he has a donut shop. I’m not enjoying this show as much as I thought I would; some of the techniques are too esoteric. I do like seeing the end results, the plating, and the judging.

      • I’m agreeing.
        I really, really enjoyed the first episode. From then on it’s just become fancy-pantsy. If there’s nothing there that I can do, then I just want to move on.

  51. Bluey Fest was on ABC22 today, from 6 am to 730 pm. I watched a couple of hours at the start and a couple more toward the end. It was a nice relaxing day, with lots of smiles.

    The episode that came at #1 was Cricket, the back story of Rusty’s love of cricket.. It is one of my favourite eps, not only because of how well it was written, but because it gave me a laugh that non-cricket countries wouldn’t have a clue what it was about :). Good for Ludo for producing consistently good shows.

    • I watched a couple that i remember as being really nice.
      Cricket was up there with my absolute favourites.
      I was surprised at how much I enjoyed watching the one about the rain when Bluey was building a dam while Mum was trying to keep the house clean. Not one word spoken. Just noice.
      I didn’t hang around to watch but my all time favourite is Faceytime. Hits all the right buttons.
      Was this in the order that people voted? I feel like I should know this.

      • I presume so. When it started, they were counting down from 100. Faceytime with Muffin? She is such a hellion, but also quite funny.

        My favourite is Ice Cream, especially the part when Bingo and Bluey are dancing around each other to music from, I think, The Nutcracker.

        I could rabbit on about Bluey for ages. Stop me :).

    • Oh goodness gracious. I was wrong.
      I don’t think Adriano was expecting that. Nor was I. I thought that grainy champagne from chefs of this calibre would have been a deal breaker so I guess it shows that I don’t know much.
      I did start this episode late. I’ve decided that I don’t have the stamina for the full thing. There’s only so much watching people running to and fro from the pantry that I can take.

      • I thought it would be the “Pretty in Pink” dish or “The Godfather” one that would lead to elimination for their creators. Grainy champagne gel or whatever it was and a dish that looked like a mess and would not have made anyone think of “The Godfather” (IMHO) should have meant elimination for Kay Lene or Andy.
        I didn’t expect Adriano to be eliminated but it seems that neither Melissa or Amaury have been very positive about his creations. What he created for this challenge related to the movie and supposedly tasted good so even though there were structural issues I don’t think he should have been eliminated.

  52. I haven’t worked out who was eliminated yet. But as usual, I am half paying attention.

    I wondered if any of these chefs had ever seen Breakfast At Tiffany’s, that’s a pretty old movie. Anna makes me laugh, and didn’t she shoot Mel a death glare when Mel questioned her concept.

    • That was a surprise. I doubt he expected to be eliminated at this stage, but he did say he was in trouble. His dish did look sloppy when it was cut.

    • It will be good for him to be beaten by these chefs. I suspect that he thought he was pretty good and stopped trying so hard. Maybe he will re-examine his style.
      I used to live around the corner (in the Sydney sense of a half hour drive) from his shop and I remember the queues for his macarons were off the charts. Not my favourite sweet so 🤷‍♀️.
      He got a kind edit but he was clearly outclassed and this wasn’t his first taste at being bottom.
      Nevertheless, I’m still surprised that it was him and not the lass who did Pretty in Pink. She got feedback earlier that there was a problem and did nothing about it. My guess is that it will be her turn soon.

    • He sweated so much, it made me sick. Perhaps he’s a dessert dog who’s had it’s day.
      This made me laugh….” this wasn’t his first taste at being bottom.” I’ll watch the encore of Zumbo’s zapping for sure.

  53. I don’t know what it is about Curtis that I just don’t like. He seems like a perfectly nice fella but I just don’t want him on my tv screen.
    Reynolds played his pin. Wise move.

    • I don’t like Curtis because he’s smarmy and thinks he is god’s gift to cheffing because he did pretty well in Australia, and now has done pretty well in woohoo California. And he is just here too often.

  54. I didn’t really enjoy this episode tonight.
    I think it’s because my two favourites went home and I knew that from the beginning.
    Plus, of course, trifle is my least favourite dessert and lots of them cooked it. Blah.
    On reflection, it’s definitely trifle related.
    Oh well.

    • I enjoyed most of it. I’m glad Reynold played his pin because I didn’t want him to go home. It was not difficult to pick that Anna and Andy would be eliminated. I will miss Anna’s humour and just watching her cook because she never seemed to get in a flap. I didn’t have any particular like or dislike for Andy, but the judges seemed to have something against him from the start.

      I will be glad when this series is over; it did not live up to expectations, unfortunately.

      • I did expect more.
        I think the highs are higher. There’s no doubt that it is a joy to watch people who can actually cook.
        But their dishes have become a bit samey. How many times does the Chocolate Queen do that same trick of covering everything with a smooth glaze. And at every opportunity Reynolds does a globe. I know it’s clever but enough already.
        Maybe that’s why I liked Andy. And I, too, picked up on the new judge really not liking his style.
        Fingers crossed for the next episode.

    • I was OK with this episode but I was disappointed that Anna was eliminated. However I did expect that both she and Andy would be leaving. She’s a lot of fun to watch and her desserts are usually interesting. It has been obvious that the judges were not fans of Andy’s style but at least he was true to himself.

  55. More running to and fro from the pantry but in slow motion so you think that it’s different.
    Feels more like a time filler to me.

    • Ha, slow motion running gave me a laugh. Is it filmed that way or are the cooks miming it? Because miming would be funny.

      Tv guide says cooks have to make something inspired by nature tonight. I’m expecting several variations on chocolate soil.

  56. Yes there was some soil but more importantly, they had pebbles. 🤣
    Some of the pebbles looked delicious.
    I was sad for the Chocolate Queen but I did think it was her time to go. She was very gracious about it all, as was the other lass who left.
    I was happy with the final three but I suspect that I would have been happy no matter who was there. I like this lot.
    I would like to say that I enjoyed this episode but it is hard to use that word when there is a tragedy.
    The preview for the finale is a bit of a worry.
    I’m guessing that Jess wins? She has grown on me so I’m okay with that.

  57. I did enjoy this episode, Kirsten’s disaster aside. I had seen on the ads that the bird cage broke. I don’t see how a bird cage is inspired by nature, unless she planned to put a bird inside, but I felt bad for her anyway.

    Amaury seemed to turn around from his critique of Gareth’s entry to the final decision. Mel tends to go along with him, even if they disagreed initially.

    A service challenge for the final is odd, considering how labour-intenstive the cooks’ desserts are. It should be entertaining one way or the other.

    Anyone besides me have an opinion on Mel’s alfoill dress over a black jumper?

    • Ah, yes.
      I did not like but call me old fashioned. I’m guessing that this was filmed in winter?
      I prefer when she dresses in bright colours. Black is not her friend.

  58. Hey everyone, I’ve only just caught up with episodes and your comments. I’ve been keeping well away from anything that might have spoilers and I have successfully done that.
    I was really excited about this series and for me it has not disappointed. I really love Anna and wanted her to be in final 3 with Reynold and Jess. 2 out of 3 ain’t bad. I would love to see Anna have her own show.
    Anyway, I will be watching it live tonight😊
    It would be awesome if Reynold or Jess win this.

    • Would have been fun to have had Anna as one of the new judges on MC 2024. She would have brought a lot of spirit and joy to the show.

      • I, 100% agree Smythe. I’ve always loved Masterchef, but, don’t know how I’ll cope with 2 weeks of the pompous, arrogent Jamie Oliver. 😩

        • I too find Jamie irritating but he is one of the few chefs where the dishes taste as good as they look and are easy to follow.
          I loved his 30 minute cookbook (none of the others – just that one).
          It’s a dilemma for me.
          A good cookbook, and a good cooking show, is hard to find. 🤷‍♂️

  59. That was the prettiest dish I’ve ever seen Reynolds do. I’m not a fan of the hyper realistic. This is not that. This is just pretty.
    A service challenge doesn’t seem to be Reynolds and Jess’ happy place. I suppose it doesn’t suit their style. I’m sure they will cope. Just sayin’.
    The judges really like Jess. I’m sure they will be forgiving.

  60. Here we go…don’t worry I won’t spoil it for anyone who’s in a later time zone.
    So, 2 dessert courses for 12 diners, in 4 and a half hours.

  61. And they only have 4 hours until service.🤣🤣🤣🤣 I should really pay more attention to the start of the episode.

  62. Everything tonight looked delicious. There wasn’t anything plated up that I didn’t think was nom nom. I could have eaten it all.
    So no trifles, panna cottas or tempered chocolate and no references to family, nonnas or otherwise. Such a nice change.
    And nice people. No body grated, except possibly that judge. I didn’t hate him but I didn’t warm to him.
    A most enjoyable episode and, in spite of my occasional whinge, I really enjoyed this whole show.
    Give me a break of 6 months or so, and I will happily sit down and do this again.

  63. OMG, I just realized your an hour ahead of us in Qld.🤣🤣
    They’re just starting to plate up first course.
    Judges just receiving their first dish.

    • 🤣🤣
      I had forgotten, too. I am so used the East coast being same same.
      I take it that the arrival of Reynolds very pretty dish gave it away?
      I hope I haven’t spoilt anything for you. I hope you enjoy the episode as much as I did.

  64. Everyone was being kind, dancing around with comments so as not to spoil anything because of time differences. Thanks guys.

    I did enjoy the finale, it was fun to watch. Everything looked appetising, and most were well presented. I didn’t see what Jess did to make her sorbet scoopable, but I’d have stuck it in the microwave for 10 seconds or so. Well done to the winner.

    I think I would watch another season of DM. I didn’t warm to Amaury either, especially his whining that two of the desserts were too cold. I suppose that he will stick around if there is another series; they’ll want a hot-shot sweets chef to give the show gravitas :).

    Anna is a treasure and I like her more every time I see her.

    But, oh my god, servers, keep your goddamn thumbs out of the plates.

    • Is served a frozen dessert. In Australia. Complains that something out of the freezer is…Too. Cold 😯 .
      I cannot tell you how much face palming went on in my house at that point 🤦.
      What an idiot.
      I suspect that he also didn’t like the flavour of wattle seed. Luckily Mel stepped in quickly before he could criticise one of our national flavours 🤣🤣.
      I truly hope they do a better job of judge picking next time. Mel truly earned her salary trying to wrangle that guy.

      • I never warmed to Amaury either and his comments that two desserts were too cold were just inane. Did he want the chef to warm them up in the microwave or oven for him? Bring Anna back as a judge instead of him.
        I always think it’s stupid to have a service challenge when the diners do not score or judge the dishes. Would have liked to have known which desserts they liked the best.

  65. Hi “Gice” ( we haven’t read that in a while),
    Sorry I have been mia. I do think about you all most days.
    My teaching load this term has been fairly big for a semi retirement.

    I have only been watching Big Brother, Would I lie, and half watching Bold. My favourite is WIL. I am dying for some more top British comedy. Where are the British comedies. The really hilarious, side splitting ones that we have come to expect from them.

    Still, lately I feel any comedy is better than some of the dark stuff.

  66. Not a lot on at the moment. So little in fact that my tv is barely being turned on. It will be interesting to see how much my electricity bill falls this quarter.
    Christmas movies are coming up. They are mostly bad. I will watch the occasional one. Who doesn’t love a bit of smaltz and a ho, ho, ho. 😀
    I think the British are too depressed to write any good comedy. It’s a bit of a mess over there at the moment.
    The best I can do is Annika on SBS. It’s a proper crime with the occasional light note. If one light note is all I can find, I will take it.
    Right now I am saying that I won’t watch The Bachelor (apparently one of the Bachies is hiding the fact that he is a Hillsonger 🤮, so good start with the liar, liar bit) but, in desperation, I might change my mind.

    • Good point about the mood in Britain ATM. As in it not being good ground for humour. Although, I often myself, in sad situations, seeing humour.

      I might join you in the Bachelor, just for the chats and laughs here.

    • There’s no easy way to break it to someone that you’re a Hill$onger.

      “So, what kind of books do you like?'”

      ” Only book I’ve read is The Bible”


      (Crickets chirp)

      I had planned to watch The Bachelor. The guys are looking diverse….beige, vanilla and grey.

    • Huh. I’ve never thought about how much my tv being on affects my electricity bill. When I think of the power bill, I consider heating, cooling, and water heater as things to keep usage low on.

      For Christmas movies, I always watch Die Hard, and Love Actually, although the second is problematic to me these days. For now I still enjoy George Gently and Endeavor, Young Morse. And of course, Midsomer Murders. No matter how many times I’ve seen episodes of Midsomer, I can never remember who the killer is.

      If it is a hopeless night on tv, I can easily go down a rabbit hole on YouTube. Music videos, comedians’ routines, silly animal stuff, can keep me engrossed for hours :).

      I had my second shingles vaccine the other day. The injection site is swollen, hot, and itchy. Sometimes that is my reaction to a vaccine, but I can’t scratch it because it’s too sore! Getting old sucks – but better than the alternative.

      • Rodney Dangerfield on Johnny Carson is some of my favourite Youtube stuff.

        Pondering my first shingles vax now. The new one is supposed to have some side benefits.

        • I got Zostavax a couple of years ago, then the recommendation changed to two doses of Shingrex. On my doctor’s advice, I’ve had both doses. Good news is that Shingrex went on to the “free” list 1 November. I paid full price, but had budgeted for that, so was not unduly bothered. Only side effect was bloody sore arm,nbd.

      • I will watch Die Hard. It never gets old. It’s in a special category of its own. I’ve always had a problem with Love Actually. I don’t know why. There’s just something off about it.
        We have been discussing the Shingles vaccine here. I’ve had the old supposedly one and done one. My pharmacist is not recommending the new one for me but I will discuss with my doctor when I see her soon. My Dad got Shingles and it was incredibly painful.
        Mostly everyone here has had no reaction to the vaccine (I would say tiredness but we’re all tired 🤣) except one friend ended up in hospital. She has other nerve problems and it all went to pieces. She was in a bad car accident ages ago and it’s just been downhill from there. You never think of the ongoing forever issues, do you?

  67. I had an unusual experience the other day. I was walking to the bus stop, face mask on as usual. Some guy was pulling out of a parking area, slowed down,and yelled “Take your fucking mask off!”, then drove on.

    I was surprised, but did manage to get my finger in the air pretty quickly. I so wish he had stopped so I could have said a couple of things to him. Of course, he’s a dickhead, but why would anyone do that? Doesn’t affect him.

    • I’m sorry that happened to you. I don’t understand, either.
      My guess is that this guy has few friends, his parents and grandparents are dead and he watches too much Tic Toc. Tic Tok is where odd behaviours are normalised as being “funny”.
      I have a personal view (just momentarily 🤣) that it’s important to surround yourself with a wide group of friends and acquaintances to remind you that sometimes you’re being an idiot. 🤓
      I take solace in the fact that these people will reach our age someday and the world will be a much worse place. Good luck to them navigating that.

    • Sorry to hear, Von, No reason for it.

      I had virtually same experience as Von the other day. Another Covid Coward mouthing off from his car window. From shock as much as anything he got the raised finger and a yelled obscenity from me. Sadly, Von’s tormentor got away, I know where mine lives. Please bring me a shotgun, $anta, to save me publishing his location on a child sex offender website.

      • Thanks Bobi and Dave. I had to laugh at Dave’s and my reaction being exactly the same raised finger. But it was so…inadequate and not satisfying.

    • Von, I call it “the cop syndrome”. I encountered the shopping trolley cop a few weeks ago. It can rattle your cage but I was more embarrassed and sorry for his (about) 13 year old son, who was probably the worst off because he was probably embarrassed that his dad was being a loud, abusive jerk. Anywho who knows what they might be dealing with, so Von, you’re the one who wins.

  68. Bachies. Yay (I hope). Here we go.
    Ben used to be a model. He is a good looking guy but I wondered what a model does after modelling. He tells us he invests into companies and I worry that he was going to use the dreaded Entrepreneur word but luckily for us he tells us that he is a property developer. Thank god for that. 🤣
    Speaking of God, Wesley has a degree in Theology and has never dated a woman.
    Moving on quickly, Luke is a lumberjack. Truthfully, I didn’t know we had those in Australian. Oddly enough, he has a normal backstory and here we are.
    Now we can bitch about the wo … wait, wait. The first dress walking into the room is lovely. None of these women are dressed like porn stars. What’s gone wrong this season.

    • Wesley has never dated a woman? Did he date men, or simply hasn’t dated? Seems odd for someone inexperienced to go on this show.

      I din’t know either that we had lumberjacks. I bet Luke has plaid flannelette shirts in his wardrobe, if not a blue ox in his back yard.

      I don’t watch the show, but enjoy your round-ups, Bobi.

      • I will remember that you are not watching, Von, and give a little more detail. It’s the small things that are giving me joy this season and I will share.
        Like Lisa, leaning nonchalantly against a doorway commentating to herself but, to emphasis the oddity, the editor left in the bits where girls are asking her who she is talking to 🤣. Who says the producers don’t have a sense of humour.
        She was not one of the girls eliminated 🤷‍♂️ although almost last picked. I think she thought she would be and is playing the villainess role. She seems to know that it didn’t quite come off because Ep 2 she decided to play normal. Bugga.

  69. Ben keeps interrupting Luke to take over whatever girl Luke is talking to like it’s some sort of competition. As if there isn’t a smorgasbord to choose from 🤷‍♂️.
    And Ben has already gone in for a pash with one of the randoms. I suspect a bit of a mistake this early.
    Strangely, Wes is turning out to be the nicest of the guys.
    We are getting to know some of the girls which is a nice change for this season.
    I like a lot of them. They seem to be a fun and don’t really take themselves too seriously. I think I’m going to enjoy this season after all.
    However, like all openings episodes, it’s way too long and I don’t have the stamina for this.

  70. I must have watched a different show from every one else. The show is getting a hammering on line.
    One of the nicest of girls got eliminated, gave everyone hugs and kisses, gave her tattoo parlour a plug, decides she going to take the silverware and dances out, happy as a pig in a puddle.
    What’s not to love? I must have missed something. 🤷‍♂️ Maybe we’re all getting tired.

  71. Last night was too, too long and I didn’t think that I could do it again so I went to streaming and skipped to the end.
    Ben and Luke are still vying for the same girl. Ffs. How many girls are on offer? Perhaps they should each have a conversation with some of the others, idk, like they signed up for when they applied to go on this show.
    And one of the girls is torn between Wes and Ben. Again, just a reminder: this is ep 2 and she has spent 2 minutes with each of them and has she not noticed that Ben has eyes for someone else who, btw, is not her? 🤦‍♀️
    I’m glad I gave this episode a miss.
    As an aside, watching everyone troupe around the mansion, it’s definitely middle of winter.

  72. It seems I missed the first night.

    Bobi, I also was struck after the first round, that the girls seemed more “everyday”, less “Fans Only”, but then what do I know what the average “girl next door” does these days.

  73. Last day of school today and I’m exhausted. They didn’t have homework, obviously, so I had to entertain. I know it’s only a couple of hours but I’m not used to this.
    I’m trying to tune into the Bachies but it’s hard to remember names for girls when you know that the more screen time they have, the more likely their departure is imminent.
    There are lots of deep and meaningfuls tonight. How do they do that with three cameramen and a producer three inches from their faces?
    Ben keeps talking about how he has difficulty opening up, ffs. Here’s a hint – if he stopped talking about himself for a minute then he might not run out of conversation.
    Anyway, he gets to take McKenna (she’s pretty, with a head full of amazing hair all over the place and she laughs a lot … plus she’s one of the girls Luke also likes so that’s an attractive feature 🤣) to Luna Park. Luna Park was closed for these two. How much money is in this budget?
    Molly has told Wes that she is not interested in him but is interested in Ben. I don’t need to tell you that this is not going to end the way she would like. Wes was a little bit heartbroken but took it well. I think I’m liking this guy.
    It turns out that Luke played for the Canberra Raiders. That explains the lack of career. At least he’s chatting to as many girls as he can. Maybe someone had a word in his tiny, shell-like. By my reckoning, there were a couple that seemed to be a good match for him but what would I know. I’m assuming that he’s not that interested in personality.
    There was a group date at a tennis match. It was a bit off. Something about all those girls dressed in the same short white skirts with their bellies showing and their hair worn in a variety of pig-tales.
    Molly, in particular, looked about 12. I think she said that she was an environmental scientist. I might have misheard. She cornered Ben. I’ve got to give her her due. At least she laid it all out there. She a braver person than me.
    And no brave deed goes unrewarded. She’s was eliminated.

    • I went on to some site today to have a look at the women. There are way too many for me to keep track of, I don’t know which bachelor is which yet. You said Luke played for Canberra Raiders so I presume he is the one with the thick neck, since I think that is rugby league. The other two are the other two.

      I think you’d have to sit and watch attentively to sort who is who. That’s beyond me, good luck Bobi :).

      There is a big age range among the women, 23 to 36. I find that surprising for this type of show.

  74. I’ve decided to stream from here on so that I can fast forward through the boring bits. There are still so many girls that there are bound to be many boring bits.
    Lisa (almost porn star) seems to be getting air time tonight.
    FYI for visualisation, she has a German accent, exaggerated makeup and dyed red hair. I thought she was Russian at first, because of the drawl and everything I have already mentioned. Plus, she’s playing some sort of role. She makes alls these comments about how men find her irresistible but idk, it doesn’t seem believable. I wouldn’t be surprised if she ends up with a lucrative career on OnlyFans.
    But here we are. She is commentating again but to other girls rather than a pot plant.

  75. Ben has walked in with black wide leg pants, blindingly white shoes and blindingly whit socks.
    I just can’t. 🫣
    I’m going to and make myself a gin and tonic and get a grip.

  76. I am fortified. Ben is taking Amelia (she’s blonde with big tatts) to the market for a single date. So essentially, grocery shopping. He wants to open up at a deeper level. My eyes are rolling so far into the back of my head that I’ve missed a whole chuck of this ep.
    Wes takes someone night surfing and Luke takes Aarthi to a musical. They are the only two in the theatre. I like Aarthi. She won’t last.
    Maddison (don’t ask) stalks Ben arriving at his “house” unannounced with a bottle of wine in hand. Seriously, I just can’t imagine what goes on in the heads of some people. She thinks this is a turn on. Cheez. I have no words.
    I think I might skip through to the rose ceremony. I can’t wait for this crowd to be thinned out.

  77. There was drahma at the rose ceremony.
    Apparently, the gate crasher told Ben, who told Wes, that Brea (she of the surfing date) that she wasn’t really interested is Wes but was interested in Luke. I feel like I am back at school. If I hadn’t already lost my eyes in the back of my head, I would be doing multiple eye rolls.
    Osher gives the girls a lecture on truth and consequences. My guess is that they don’t want a repeat of last season.
    Wes takes Brea outside for a chat. He is happy with the chat and gives her a rose. We are all relieved except Lisa who is now engaging in commentary with Osher.
    Dana who we have never met and was given almost zero screen time is going home.

  78. The final episode of George Gently was on last night. I think I vaguely knew how it ended, but had forgot/not seen it. When the shooting started, I gasped. Then I cried. Funny how you can get attached to a favourite tv character.

    • I had heard vaguely that something of this sort was coming. It means I can’t watch.
      I know that shows and movies do this because it’s right and/or it fits (and I detest the American need for happy endings always) but sometimes I just can’t.

  79. A quick update of last nights Bachie because it really wasn’t interesting.
    In a nutshell, the three way between Ben and Luke was resolved by the blonde girl actually stepping up. Good on her. She chose Luke, btw.
    Lisa crashed the pool party and one of the more interesting girls was sent home.

  80. Extra thoughts.
    Fewer episodes and more eliminations would definitely improve this series. After all, there are three Bachies, so doesn’t it make sense to have three eliminations?
    The individual dates were a bit of a yawn.
    The group date pool party was better with the sound off. Every one scrubbed up well but there’s no doubting that an ex footballer can really pull off a speedo. For a second or so, it was worth watching 🤣.
    After some pretend conversation with one of the girls, Lisa decides to gate crash, entered late and with dramatic music in the background. A little overdone and, it turns out, anticlimactic. The producers might be getting desperate for interesting content.
    Somehow Lisa still manages to look like a porn star even in a bikini. That’s some talent there.
    She zeroed in on Wes. I think she thought he might be the easiest to manipulate. He actually dealt with her very well – like an adult. I am still liking him. I’m guessing that even she has realised that she has miscalculated.
    A short rose ceremony follows. After some more confected drama around Ellie, she of the pretend triangle, and Lisa being chosen almost at the end, Mel was sent home.
    Mel knew that she was never in the running and didn’t pretend. One less person around to commentate.
    If this is a sign of things to come, no wonder they brought this season forward and made it a Christmas offering.

    • Well, for a Christmas offering, three wise men are required and at least one of these isn’t.

      My improvements:

      *One is gay pretending to be straight.
      * Another is an “entrepreneur” with maxxed out credit cards
      *Nice guy but television addict. Only dates on couch.

      Gels….no lip jobs. Breasts, buttocks must be contained in “dress” at all times. Mouths not agape when “expressing shock / surpise etc.

      Thanks for your recaps, Bobi. I see maybe two eps/week. Ben wants some eloction lessons stat.

    • “…an ex footballer can really pull off a speedo.”

      I’ve been watching the ads, and while it is a brief shot, I will agree with you on that.

    • I’ve been following on Twitter. I get the edited highlights. I don’t think I could follow this any other way.
      There’s a lot of money going to lawyers here.
      Interestingly, Kerry Stokes seems to be helping fund this court case. I wonder what it would be like to be so rich that you can pay out millions just after you’ve had to pay 16 million for the Ben Roberts Smith court case.
      It’s an odd world.

  81. Okay (sigh). I fast forwarded through most of this episode. Still, you will be pleased to know that it ended up better than it started.
    So the girls went to a nail salon and had conversations. The lads went somewhere to do the same thing. The only thing of note was Wes’ insistence that he would not live with a girl before he married her. No problem with that although I’m guessing that will cause issues with most of the girls, hence the dwelling on the subject. I’m sure that it’s a conversation that will be repeated. Good to get the deal breakers out early.
    Next, single dates in kitchens with cooking. Yadda, yadda, except the one moment when Ben received flowers. No big deal. Anastasia sent them to him in return for him sending her flowers for her birthday. The girl he was with, whose name I couldn’t be bothered learning because I can guarantee that she’s not long for this show, went into a complete meltdown. Like all day. Good god. Some sort of over reaction or what. People became involved of course, but most people were perplexed including, or especially, the viewing audience.
    She either got major trauma and should go home (or should have been screened out before she started) or she’s as manipulative as hell and should go home. Either/or.

  82. Now for the only interesting bit of this episode. The group date included friends of the girls. It was much more relaxed and fun and everyone was having a good time until, duh duh daah, Osher walks in and announces that three girls are going home immediately.
    About time. And yay!
    Anastasia, she of the sending flowers drama, chose to go of her own accord. Ben was a little annoyed that she piked but what can you do. He then made a special effort to make sure that the girl (she has a name, I’m sure) who was still there didn’t think she was second best. Good on him. Just for a moment, I thought well of him.
    Jake had no problems picking his girl (she had dark hair and I think she’s likeable enough) and Tabatha (Nope. I have no memory of Tabatha. She’s blonde if that helps) was sent home. She was a tiny bit upset but went with dignity.
    And then Wes had to choose between Bree (mining admin) and Lisa (gonnabepornstar). Lisa decided that she liked Wes and put in a pitch to stay. Oddly enough, I thought she was genuine but it was all too late.
    I don’t know that I’m going to miss her commentary. Her voice was starting to grate.
    Fingers crossed that it’s three to go each episode. That will speed things up.

    • “She’s blonde if that helps” – yep, big help there, Bobi, thanks heaps. 🙂

      I still can’t bring myself to watch the show, but I think you deserve a medal for keeping us up to date. It’s appreciated.

  83. Tonight’s episode was not as tedious as some. I was going to complain about the lack of pretty dresses but then they turned up. Turns out Bree’s name is actually Brea. My bad. She’ll be one of the final two, I’m sure. Wes and her had a chat about lifestyle expectations. Wes thinks they align. I do not.
    Just as an aside, there’s a girl called Nella who pops up on occasion. Just often enough that I’m betting that she will be the Chosen One.
    And to get things out of order, the girl who said she had a problem with the no living together thing, decided to call an end to it at the rose ceremony. Sorry for the spoiler.

  84. Now to the highlights of the show.
    Artificial get togethers with the girls are getting tedious.
    Ben pretends that his has a mind. He decides that he doesn’t like being given an ultimatum by trauma girl. He speaks to her about it. She retracts. And the audience throws their collective hands in the air. Firstly, what show did she think that she signed up for? Secondly, it’s clearly not okay with him and yet he doesn’t send her home. What a wimp and who wants a guy like that. It was noted by the girls that Ben has yet to send anyone home.

  85. The group date was a truffle farm for an expensive lunch. Ben tells everyone that he’s a country boy and this is his happy place. Oh, the irony.
    Flower-gate reared its ugly head. Again. She (girl whose name I couldn’t be bothered learning) is going to watch this back and cringe. Well, she would if she had an iota of self awareness.
    After Jade eliminated herself, Wes chose to put his rose back and Ben was given the two remaining roses to hand out. He didn’t have to hand out two .., but of course he did. Surprisingly, this was my only eye roll 🙄 of the episode.

  86. I saw the ad for the next ep and the group date is going to be hot yoga. No amount of money can get me to sit through that so I decided to take it on the chin and fast forward to the end. The good news is that makes this recap short and sweet.
    You may not have noticed but I have been calling Luke, Jake. Apparently it’s not only the girls that I can’t remember but the guys either. I have no excuse. There are only three of them. I must try harder. 🤣
    The three single dates were yachting, dress shopping and ice skating. Seems pretty standard to me. Trauma girl is jealous. It’s not an endearing quality.
    Then, as mentioned, the group date was hot yoga which is a bit like sex in public, followed by massages or a bit like sex with fewer onlookers. Ugh. Just ugh.
    Before the rose ceremony, Ellie tells Ben that she’s going home. I wonder if Ben is starting to feel rejected yet. The girls are deserting him fast.
    They go ahead with the rose ceremony so it will be two down this ep.
    Trauma girl gets picked but gets picked last. She’s not happy and Ben’s an idiot.
    The girl who gets to go home is called Caitlin. She s not that upset. Nor am I.
    The most interesting part of this whole episode is the grab for the next episode.
    Wes has something to say. The producers are saying that this has never happened before. The logical guess is that he’s decided that he’s not going to choose any girl but surely that’s what the Honey Badger did so 🤷‍♂️.
    Not much more to go, guys. 🙄

  87. So this is a real quick update for reasons that will become obvious.
    Wes decided to chose Brea early and send Nella and Natalie home. He said it wasn’t fair on them if his mind was made up. Fair call.
    All the girls were surprised but everyone behaved like an adult. I like adults.
    The remainder of the episode was people having borderline sex with cameramen in the room and their families watching from home. Just more ugh.
    As an aside Ben and Madison had a conversation about them both going back overseas at about the same time. These people are not real.
    Anyhow, anticlimactic rose ceremony. Madison is sent home.
    Six girls left.
    Tic Toc.

    • I’m confused. Do the bachelors get an assigned number of women to woo, or is it a free-for-all at the start? Was no one else interested in Nella and Natalie? Does Brea get a say, or is she supposed to be thrilled, tickled, grateful that Wes chose her?

      Maybe I’m making it too complicated for the type of show it is.

      • You have the same level of confusion as me.
        Somewhere, unbeknownst to the audience, there was a hat sorting exercise (that’s a Harry Potter reference).
        Ben and Luke had shown interest in two girls, like they were some sort of prize possession. Ellie, like and adult, told them that she only had interest in one (Luke) – and I am predicting that she is going to break Luke’s heart – and the other was McKenna ( she of the fabulous hair). McKenna, in her desperation to stay, has given all her attention to Ben and given no attention to Luke so, by default, made her choice.
        My guess is that, behind the scenes, there has been an agreement by the boys on where everyone’s time should be spent. I doubt very much that there isn’t some discussion about who they are giving roses to.
        Wes is a polite fella and chats to everyone. Apart from Brea and Nella, I got the impression that he mainly focussed on the girls the other two weren’t interested in and it’s too late for the eliminated girls to put themselves back on the buffet table.
        That’s me reading between the lines. I must admit that it made me a little uncomfortable (truth be told, the whole concept of this show makes me uncomfortable) but it also could have been the editing.

    • Only this year? I know it’s a schlocky reality show, but I feel bad for the women because they seem to have a lack of self-respect. Can’t decide if the men are pathetic or narcissistic. All of them must be desperate to an extent.

      It’s possible to have a happy life without a partner.

  88. I said I’d watch but I’ve been preoccupied.
    I’d love there to be some really good Beitish comedy besides Would I Lie. I have already seen them all.

    We had our family Christmas tonight. We had it early because some are going away for Christmas. Everyone agreed that it was nice to have it early.

    • How nice.
      We are all getting together after Christmas. It is too stressful to organise anything beforehand, plus it’s a great way to get rid of leftovers.
      I have got hooked on the latest season of Fargo (SBS). It is very tense, very violent and oddly engrossing.
      I am surprised at myself. These things are not normally my thing but I’m guessing that because it’s so over the top that it’s not upsetting. In fact, a little bit amusing – but not in a hah ha type of way. It’s nice to see baddies really get their comeuppance. Fingers crossed that everyone doesn’t die by the end.

  89. Tonight’s is the final cocktail party and the final rose ceremony.
    You will have to bear with me. I did not enjoy this ep at all and I couldn’t fast forward because things were happening.
    I’m sure there was some yadda, yadda because there always is but I was bored and didn’t pay attention.
    And then, it became more interesting. Enter, stage left, the executive matchmaker/therapist.
    Yes, of course I rolled my eyes when I heard that. It’s become my natural state of being.
    In response to a question from one of the lads, she alluded to the fact that she is very expensive. My guess is that means this is probably where the production budget has gone and in return for her money, she took no prisoners.
    I won’t bore you with a blow by blow but here’s the main takeaways from least important to most … no, none of this stuff is important.
    Everyone was dressed up except for Brea (Wes’s girl). This girl is pretty but can dress like a lumberjack. Someone else will dress her for the cocktail party where she looks spectacular.
    McKenna, girl with he fabulous hair, had her hair straightened. Just my personal opinion, but she really shouldn’t.

  90. For atmosphere, the meetings with relationship person were two by two. Occasionally, she asked one or the other to stay back for a convo.
    Relationship person told Ben that Amelia (trauma girl) was not a good match for him. Ben had trouble hearing until she wacked him across the face with it.
    RP pretty much told him that McKenna was his best option.
    The guy is so wishy washy. It’s been obvious from the start that no matter who he picks, it can’t last. Seriously, the guy told RP that what he was looking for was someone who can hustle, chill and party. I mean, who uses words like that when they are looking for a long term relationship. Insert mandatory rolling of eyes here. 🤪 🙄

  91. I can’t remember Luke’s meetings. He’s always shown a preference for Ellie ( (blonde) so who cares.
    RP did show a slight preference for Lana (she, with the daughter) but not so as anyone noticed much.
    Just foreshadowing here that there’s drama to come.
    Ta Da.

  92. The meeting with Wes and Brea was awkward to say the least.
    Wes is a walking, talking example of what goes wrong when you never have a girlfriend.
    Brea tried to let Wes know she had concerns. Wes couldn’t comprehend. RP asked Brea to stay back so that she could point out what blind Freddy could see. Brea was prepared and was continually offering compromises. Wes compromised on nothing.
    The “meet the parents” for these two is going to be fun.

  93. Everyone looked lovely at the cocktail party but there were too few people.
    Luke’s blonde girl took him aside and gave him gossip about Aarthi. Just a reminder that I like Aarthi and I’ve never had much time for blondie. She has now moved into the “Isn’t she awful” category for me.
    The good bit is that Luke took Aarthi aside to give her a chance to explain. The bad bit is that he made her stand up at the rose ceremony for extra humiliation before sending her home. She was teary but reasonably civil about it. I wouldn’t have been.
    No rolling of eyes here from me. A sneering lip perhaps?

  94. Okay. Last bit. Trust me. This episode was such hard work.
    There was much talk at the cocktail party with trauma girl who continually referred to her “connection “ with Ben and that there was no “connection” between Ben and McKenna and that the final two would be her and Angela. Who’s Angela, I hear you ask? Beats me.
    Ben must have finally heard what RP said to him and he takes McKenna aside for a chat. So rhubarb, rhubarb and kiss, kiss and then he decides to give her a rose early.
    He did mention that he has fancied McKenna since he first laid eyes on her on Day 1. That is absolutely true. What he has conveniently forgotten is that he also fancied (blondie) and just mentioning, what a lucky escape he had there.
    Trauma girl is mortified. For Angela. She doesn’t understand it but is still absolutely convinced that she is going to go home with the prize.
    We all know where this is going. We have always known that she is completely delusional but it is still tough to watch.
    Ben tries to be nice but she just wants to disappear in a puff of smoke.
    Thank god there are only a couple more episodes. Feelings are now becoming involved and I don’t like it.

  95. Thanks, Bobi. I’m watching as much as I can bear, Ben lost me way back when he quoth “there goes one of me gels” .Never had a girfriend, Wes, this is the wrong place to start. Stranger In A Strange Land, leon Russell would say. Curly’s no great shakes eithe

  96. Right. Big breath. It’s family time and it’s a doozy.
    Let’s start with Ben.
    The producers framed Ben against a wall painted with the wings of an angel and music about wings lilting in the background. My inner voice had a lot to say at this point.
    Ben’s family are his two brothers. His parents are in The Solomon Islands teaching teachers.
    Angela has her best friend as family. So much Botox and so much filler in the same room. So much conversation about how strong her connection is with Ben. She is disturbed that McKenna is in the final two because she doesn’t see the connection,
    McKenna has her mother and her cousin as family. They seem like nice people. She also has a connection.
    The producers decide to test these connections by putting everyone in the same room. It was all a trifle awkward. 🤣🤣
    Mostly Ben was as non committal as always. When asked, he did say lovely things about McKenna to the whole group. This did not go down well with Angela’s friend. Angela still thinks she’s a shoe in.
    Here I thought if the rest of the family meets are like this, then I’m done.

  97. Next up was Luke. His family was his mother and his cousin. His mother seems really lovely.
    Obviously we now know that everyone is going to turn up.
    Ellie had both her Mum and Dad and Lana had her sister and brother in law. Again, all very nice people.
    This bit is difficult to describe. Everyone seemed very genuine and I’m starting to like Luke. Colour me surprised.
    Sister and BiL took Luke away for a chat. Luke talked about what it was like to have a career ending injury and how he didn’t handle it well and what he did about it. He handled all the questions well. You know I like a grown up.
    Luke also had a chat with Elli’s dad. It was all a bit cringe. I mean, Dad is nice enough but has no filter. There was also a conversation with Ellie. Every time she opens her mouth, I have to grit my teeth. Luke is so busy looking at her big boobs that he’s not hearing the drivel. Jfc. She want to grow with him, lift him up, be a partner … and ad nauseam.

  98. The final meet was with Wes and Brea. Brea had her Mum and her sister.
    Wes had his stepmother, Baby. No … really … you heard that right. 😳
    I have a page of notes on the lunch.
    I have so many thoughts.
    I just can’t.
    Let me do my best but if you can, you should watch just this bit. I can’t do this one justice.
    Baby is a force to be reckoned with. I would put money on her being the reason why Wes is still a 33 year old virgin who has never had a girlfriend. No one in their right mind would sign up for this, even if was to Baby allow it. And Hell would have to freeze over first.
    Baby has decided that she doesn’t like Brea and Brea hasn’t even walked into the room yet. Wes allows Baby to do all the talking and she is a woman of strong opinions. Wes made a comment off camera that he was glad that she was there to express his thoughts. Yes, of course I rolled my eyes. Geez.
    Brea’s Mum gets it. She stopped the conversation to ask Wes directly what he thought. He said, and let me pause while I get this exactly right, “Umm”. Ffs. I mean, this is beyond an eye roll. This is yikes! joined to a whole circus of red flags.
    To give Brea her due, she held her own with Baby until almost the end and then she couldn’t. Brea leaves in tears. Wes does not follow.
    The producers follow and Brea’s Mum follows and then, you guessed it, Baby follows.
    Baby has a one on one with Brea. She was so offensive that I sat, open mouthed, and before I could gather myself, she was able to follow with something even more offensive. She kept talking about how much Wes had lowered his standards. Off camera, she called Brea, ‘the girl’.
    All the other girls are sitting home, watching this, thanking whatever God looks after reality show contestants.
    Brea should run.
    Anyone who marries Wes is going to end up being the subject of some true crime show on late night tv.

    • Damn, Bobi, I may have to watch this episode. I know it’s not the word you’d use, but it sounds hilarious. Well, your recaps are.

      Virgin guy brought his stepmother? He has no siblings, nor friends? I’ve finally worked out which guy is which, but I can’t say any of them would appeal to me, even when I was young and silly.

  99. Ew. The men keep referring to all the women as “the girls”, as though they’re a litter of puppies and they want to find the most adaptable one.

    Who cares that much what a family member thinks of your chosen partner?

  100. This is the only episode I’ve ever watched, and I don’t know which happened more often, my eyes rolling or my jaw dropping.

    Jesus. Run, Brea, run. I need a shower after watching that pathetic little man waffle, avoid answering questions, and refusing to even consider Brea’s opinion.

    He’d be lousy in bed anyway.

  101. Okay. Finale. It’s been a journey.
    It’s interested how things have changed in five weeks.
    Remember when Osher said that this was the most romantic season eva 🤣🤣🤣🤣.
    Remember when I liked Wes?
    Remember when the nicest thing we could say about Luke was that he looked good in a pair of budgie smugglers?
    Most important thing out of the way first. The ladies looked absolutely fabulous. We should all have a production team locked away in our closet. McKenna, in particular, looks stunning. Her hair is back to normal – it should always stay like that – and I wonder if they had that dress in mind for her from Day 1.
    The lads catch up with Osher before hand and gets points for taking the mickey out of Ben. Ben takes it well.
    They call each other Mate.
    Luke calls the ladies, women. Up two notches in my estimation, like he cares.
    The conversation was a waste of time. I wonder if they were contractually obliged to give time to Osher because he does not appear again for the remainder of the episode. Is that normal? I can’t remember.

  102. We have panorama shots of all the lads waking up shirtless. I appreciate the time and effort put into that 5 minutes.
    They are dressed nicely in tuxedos, except Wes has no socks. Gees Louise. I can’t wait for this fashion preference to pass us all by. It’s disgusting.
    Luke’s up first. We hold our breath. Actually, no we don’t. It just takes forever. Long shots of Luke. Long shots of both girls. Long shots of the church. Chats with the girls in the car. Forever. They are both keen on Luke.
    Ellie turns the corner first. Luke makes a nice speech. There is just enough tension and emotion that we are all, including Ellie, are a little unsure. He chooses Ellie. No one is surprised. This was obvious to everyone the moment he laid eyes on her.
    Lana is next. She is sitting on a bench. I think she knows immediately.
    She is gracious. Genuinely heartbroken but gracious. Luke is also heartbroken.
    He really came out of this show looking good. I don’t think that anyone would be disappointed if he’s the one that ends up with some sort of media career from this.

  103. Ben’s next. Of course he is.
    He is inside the church. The wind is picking up.
    There is the usual long range shots and chats to the girls. McKenna is a little teary and very nervous.
    Angela is supremely confident. She says that she knew that this would happen from the moment that she met him. She is 100% sure that they have a wonderful future ahead of them. I wonder if she would be so confident if she knew that the Editor had mislabeled her Lana. How bad is that? 🫣
    Angela goes in first. She is nearly blown away by the wind. I’m guessing that’s why they moved it inside. Small speech from Ben and she quickly gets the idea that she has not been chosen. She is right royally pissed.
    There is nothing gracious or dignified about her departure. No kind words. She didn’t quite storm out but it was something close to it.
    Her summation: no disrespecting McKenna (of course, she’s disrespecting McKenna 🙄) but Ben has made the biggest mistake. Fft.

  104. We now move to Wes. Wait, what?, you say? Yes, we have skipped over Ben and McKenna. Uh oh!
    Not so many long shots because it’s just Brea. She looks lovely, of course. She’s wearing orange. Who looks good in orange. 🤷‍♂️
    But it does give us time to hear Wes’ thoughts. I know, it’s a hideous concept but necessary. Hold tight. Let me give you a very small sample so that you can shudder along with me.
    He has learned a new word: compromise. And now that he knows it, he thinks that he has already compromised enough.
    She Is everything that he was looking for beautiful, clumsy, yadda, yadda but, who didn’t see that but coming, “There are hurdles ahead of us but still, for me, against all the odds, I am still willing to be with her”. Lordy, Lordy. Big of him /s.

  105. Brea enters. They are outside in some sort of courtyard. She has to climb down stairs and upstairs in 14 inch heels. What were the stylists/producers thinking?
    Wes gives his speech. I only noted a couple of phrases – He is a prisoner of hope. He is prepared to take a risk – while my brain is screaming, Red Flag 🚩 , Red Flag 🚩 Red Flag 🚩 .
    Brea hears him out and then says that she also has a couple of things to say. Basically, it boils down to the fact that she only hears excuses but no solutions, but that she is prepared to meet him halfway. She is keeping the door open but she not prepared to compromise everything.
    And with perfect timing, there is a gust of wind and all the flower stands come crashing down.
    It’s a sign. 😀
    For Wes, the door is shut.
    Brea wanders off a little sad but I’m thinking that she expected this. She takes off her shoes at the earliest opportunity and puts on thongs.
    It ends. The cult will have to go somewhere else to find its maidens.

  106. Aftermath.
    The thing that I noticed here was how amazingly kind the crew were. There was a pat and a hug here and there. They asked if he wanted space. Wes is sad, confused, crushed, stunned and speechless. We should all be so speechless. Like a thesaurus. Where’s Baby when she’s needed?
    This guy thinks that he went all in with Brea. Bwahahahaha.
    My guess is that someone fetched Luke because he turned up amazingly quickly. Luke, to the rescue.
    Let me not make fun of this bit. Wes was seriously heartbroken and Luke is such a kind man. We should all have friends like Luke.

  107. We are nearly there. Bear with me.
    Back to Ben and McKenna. Have I mentioned how spectacular she looks? I’m sure I have. Ben makes a pretty speech. He seems to mean it and he seems genuinely happy. She accepts and is also happy. I am happy for them.
    All the happy couples, and Wes, gather in one room. No Osher.
    My predictions are as follows with a money back guarantee.
    Luke and Ellie will last 18 months/two years. He’s a nice man but she’s too young, a bit dim and a bit of a mean girl. It will run its course. Okay, maybe five years because he’s besotted and her boobs are huge. In the fullness of time, her boobs with drop, she’ll get fat and then he’ll notice her personality or lack thereof.
    Lana will find someone because she’s a nice lady and she’ll attend all those social events run for ex-Bachies.
    Ben and McKenna will get married and have three girls. She will remain stunning until she’s old and grey. He will have a constantly surprised look on his face because he really came on this show for instafame and look where he ended up.
    Angela (you have no idea how long it took me to retrieve her name from the back of my brain) will continue to mutter into her Chardonnay about how she’s the victim of poor editing and it’s Ben’s loss.
    Brea will find someone living in Queensland within 12 months. Someone normal and who likes her. She won’t be living in Cairns because it’s 10 feet underwater at the moment and her caravan will have floated away. Brisbane is probably a better option for her anyway. ( I have rellos in Cairns and it’s a mess. It’s a worry but let’s stay light).
    Baby will find Wes a wife … or two. He will have 10 children, all girls because the church needs to grow and no one would join voluntarily. Did I not mention that he will establish his own church? Baby will write his sermons for him and set up the website where you can send your tax deductible donations.
    I know that I got tired and bitter towards the end but I am already looking forward to next season. We are all gluttons for punishment.

    • Thank you, Bobi, for the excellent recap of tonight’s ep. I watched anyway, not sure why :).

      The men reading their thoughts from nice little journals is soppy and dumb. I think it would be better if both women sat separately, and, after a certain amount of time, the one not chosen would figure it out. But, whatever.

      I was waiting to see Wes get his comeuppance. Since he is a self-absorbed, clueless twat, that didn’t happen. Compromise to him means his partner gives in to everything he wants. Get a dictionary, jerk. He passively-aggressively blamed Brea for things not working out. He stood there and smirked most of the time while Brea was trying to navigate those steep bumpy steps. I didn’t feel sorry for him at all while he was pretend-snotting into Luke’s shoulder. There were no real tears.

      Respect to Brea for finding some cojones and self-respect.

      Yeah, I’m a bit het up over one member of a reality show of which I’ve only watched a couple of hours. But I really, really disliked him. I agree that Wes will end up with a few sister wives, and a lot of children, all by artificial insemination because he’ll die a virgin, in his single bed. He’s a creep, creepy man.

      • 🤣🤣🤣
        Sometimes words aren’t enough. The nuances need to be seen.
        Although it was a hard slog at times, in hindsight, I’ve enjoyed this season. The sheer cluelessness of people is absorbing. And I do love sitting in judgement. 😀

  108. Just a quick update.
    Ben and McKenna, and Luke and Ellie are still together.
    To no one’s surprise, Brea has found herself a lovey fella who appears to be a cattle farmer.
    Wes is still a virgin. Baby is lurking.

  109. I wish all of you a very merry Christmas 🎅🏻💝💖💕💞💖😊 and look forward to catching up with you next year. I have my 3 year old grandson for the next few weeks and its been very busy with him.
    Enjoy your holidays.

  110. Hello everyone.
    Didn’t Christmas sneak up on us this year?
    I am having a small, very normal (but scary to me) microsurgery on my eye early in the new year. I have a hole that they are going to mend (superglue?) but the side effects are that I won’t be able to see for two weeks.
    I will talk to you all again in February just in time for Survivor (small yay!).
    Wishing everyone Seasons greetings and looking forward to everything special that’s coming our way. 🍷🎉 ❤️

  111. Thanks for your work ,Bobi. I couldn’t watch after Ben said “one of me gels” but read your recaps.

    Safe,peaceful times to all at ttv. Thank you, Juz and Mr Juz for making this possible.

    Okay, time to start drinking.

      • Ditto for surgery, Bobi. I’ve had a collapsed lung done plus dental clearance without anaesthesia. Get knocked out, ffs. Get the Michael Jackson gear.

      • Sadly, there is only a momentary knockout while they anaesthetise the eye. Then I am woken up for the actual op.
        Despite many reassuring noises from my brother, who has gone through this and the fact that the specialist has a permanent booking for every Tuesday because there are so many people in my position, I am a little terrified. ITS MY EYE. 😳
        I’m sure it will be fine but thank you everyone.

  112. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone here. Enjoy your celebrations and stay safe. Pats all around for all the ttv doggos and cats.

    Bobi, I hope your surgery goes well and your recovery is fast and uneventful.

    And yes, thanks to Juz and Mr. Juz for all you do.

  113. All around me this year, I see very quiet Christmases. People who are usually together, are scattered. Weird. We had ours on the 17th. My sister’s family were all off on holidays, then she fell ill with the flu. There went her Christmas.
    Has anyone else noticed weird, toned down Christmases with smaller gatherings?

    • It has been quieter. I didn’t think of it as weird but just less frantic.
      My kids/grandkids and I celebrated on Boxing Day (gotta love leftovers) and my brothers (SiL) and I aren’t going to can’t up for another two weeks when some of them can afford interstate travel.
      My brothers are saying the same thing.
      I’ve always liked a Boxing Day catch up.
      And less British: less of the roast turkey (I’ve never liked turkey) and less of the plum pudding (who eats that stuff 🤢).
      Maybe it’s because all the grandkids are growing up and there’s less focus on … whatever that is. Maybe it is a little weird 🤣.
      One of my granddaughters confessed that she doesn’t believe in the Elf on the Shelf anymore. I’ve always thought that being spied on by an Elf really creepy.
      Call me a cynic. I like the focus on a get together. I like my family and we don’t get together often enough.
      I hope you had a lovely day anyway.

    • Glad it’s over. Two months of insanity for one day. It’s not a good deal.

      The rubbish people carelessly throw out is a bigger sin than anything Satan could come up with. I don’t blame them. It’s a commercial scam.

      Now comes the drunkenness, animal neglect and domestic violence season. Cheers to all.

      • Ha, yeah. I can relate. It’s fun for kids when they are little. Most kids. Probably not so for others.
        I think we will stay an early Christmas family. It’s easier I like having it at the start of the holidays.

    • Thanks, Von.
      All good here so far 😁. That must be a good sign.
      There’s nothing on telly so I’m spring cleaning and watching Say Yes to the Dress. What could be better than that?

  114. I have my op. Not as bad as anticipated.
    I will be one-eyed for the next two weeks. Even disabled, I couldn’t sit through more than one episode of Gladiators. Such a shame. I remember enjoying this last time around. 🤷‍♂️ some things date badly.

    • Hi Bobi. It’s good to know you came through the surgery well, even though you’re a cyclops for a couple of weeks. I haven’t watched Gladiators, although I think some of the promos for it are slightly amusing. Do those people have any body fat at all?

      And I don’t follow The Bold and The Beautiful, but I do read comments here. I am now interested in whether or not that guy dies.

      • He’s about to be taken off his ventilator. It’s being milked for all it’s worth.

        We’re waitijng for a “sign “. It’ll take all weekend at least.

        • Thanks Dave. I was wondering if he is a vampire, so it will take a silver bullet or wooden stake to kill him. That would be an unusual character elimination on a soapie, but who knows.

    • I must admit that I appreciate the aesthetics of it all. A sculptured body is a pretty sight. I do wonder how they do it. It’s got to be more than weight training. Surely.
      I prefer the actors who do this show a bit tongue in cheek. It’s why I love Sheila, Deacon and who was that brother? And not so much Eric. He thinks that this is award winning, serious stuff.

      • Having seen the ads only, none of them have that super-pumped look of steroid users. Whatever routines are in use, I’d think it would take many hours of work to maintain that tight, chiseled look.

    • I have been known to swing by Idol for an episode or two. I can tolerate Kyle for this long. Just as an aside, I really don’t get the appeal. All those thousands and thousands of people ( I suspect young males) who think that he is the best thing since sliced bread. 🤷‍♂️)
      I have to be nice about this because I, at one stage in my life, was a fan of both Dr Phil and Oprah (she used to speak to me 🤣🤣🤣). But all good things can wear thin and yet Kyle goes from strength to strength. 🙄
      I am looking forward to Survivor, in spite of the promos. It is always an unknown. Fingers crossed that it will deliver.

    • Marcia? Survivor?
      I’ll have to choose a show. If Survivor keeps bring back the same contestants, I’m out. I think, give others a go.
      Married at First usually delivers, especially when it returns to using an average cross section of participants, not people with “fans only” accounts.

  115. Not only is everything the same night but everything is the same time.
    And more than that, after whinging that there was nothing on, it is all now within the same hour.
    I suspect it will be Survivor for me. It’s one of those shows where you don’t really know if it’s worth watching until about half way through the season.
    I watched Deal or No Deal. I remember enjoying it in my youth. It wasn’t awful. I won’t seek it out but if it’s on, and I have nothing better to do ….
    Grant didn’t look well.

  116. Hi gice, sorry for the delay. Chats are up for Survivor and MAFS. I will fancy them up later but steering clear for now as I can’t watch tonight

    • Only one good eye last night so had to cut it short.
      Got the all clear this morning (happy days) so will catch up on replay.
      A little bit excited 🥳 😆.

      • No, but one of the unfortunate side effects of this micro-surgery is that, in the fullness of time, cataracts will develop. So, eventually. Hopefully years away.
        I see you’ve had a cataract done. I hope you are feeling fine now.
        It’s interesting how many people are getting themselves checked out now that they know what to look for. I’m not sure I would have noticed anything wrong if my brother hadn’t preceded me.

  117. I’m watching Survivor real time because I have recorded Married, and WIL.
    I am.watching tribal ATM. I hope they don’t send the person to an island. Happy with their choice. She didn’t see that coming.

  118. Happy Pi Day everyone.

    Four years ago this week, corona virus was declared a pandemic.

    I probably bitch about this every year, but why do regular fta shows start later and later every year? It’s mid-March and few shows I like are back yet. Gogglebox is back, probably already through what has turned into a very short season. Insight is back. I look forward to HYBPA, but have seen nothing about it. IAC will be on soon. I find Robert less annoying than the other Irwins, so will watch and see how it goes. I have no idea who any of the “celebrities” are, but usually don’t anyway.

    And MasterChef. I saw the first promo the other morning. The judges are a chef whom I’ve never heard of, a food critic, Andy with his limited vocabulary…and Poh. No way in hell will I watch four hours of Poh every week. I think Poh’s participation will be the death knell for MC.

    Forutnately, I have some new books to read.

    Tonight’s dinner will be popcorn, while I see Driving Miss Daisy with one of my faves, Jessica Tandy.

    Hope everyone is well.

    • I hope you are well too, Von. I’ve been thinking of you. 🌹🌹
      I like to record my shows so that I get to bed. I am trying to reset my circadian rhythm.

      • Thanks, Daisy. I’m still around, reading comments, just not watching any of the current shows being commented on :).

        On B & B, I saw a promo that implies Sheila might die. And I think Eric is still alive? Why do I know so much about this show which I’ve never watched?

  119. Hello Von.
    I see your gripe and raise you. I have been complaining because the shows start later and I can’t stay up until the end. I have to stream things these days. 9.30 is my bedtime.
    I’m not a fan of any of the Irwins. I don’t get tv station’s fascination with them given that in my circle (bubble), the tv is instantly turned off if a single one of them appear.
    Rumour has it that young Irwin is being paid half a mill for his appearance on IMA. Still, I will be kind and reserve judgement. If he’s awful, they will minimise his time. I’m assuming that they see him as a “talent” to be nurtured.
    I’m a fan of Gogglebox, and when I say fan, I mean the voiceover lass. I thought it was still on advertising schedule. I didn’t realise it had come and gone.
    I, too, am reading and waiting. Good book recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

      • I have no problem with people making money, if they aren’t hurting anyone. What I dislike is the family perpetuating the idea that Steve was an animals’ rights/environmental saint. He wasn’t David Attenborough.

    • Gogglebox is still going, I meant to say probably halfway through its short season.

      Half a million for Irwin? Half a million? If true, that is an excessive salary for an unproved “talent”. I used to mute most of Julia’s and Chris’s banter, so that likely won’t change with him. I get the impression he can poke fun at himself, which is why I’ll give him a go.

      I haven’t any book recommendations yet. One of the latest books I got was so bad I could barely finish it for rolling my eyes so often. I’m really pissed off that I actually bought it after reading a good review from someone whose opinion I will never trust again. I should have sampled more of it in the bookstore.

  120. Insight was interesting tonight, not as much as I thought it would be, with people’s stories of life-changing decisions, but quite watchable. Right up until the end, when one participant decided to make a public proposal to his partner. God, people, keep what should be a private moment private.

    In some good tv news, there will be some new Bluey episodes next month.

    • I watched the latter half.
      I am also amazed at public proposals. It seems a bit controlling and performative.
      I will give him the benefit of the doubt because 4 kids might give him a clue that she might say yes, but still, it feels like it’s more for everyone else’s benefit rather than something that should be private.
      Just sharing, momentarily. One of my boyfriends (a long time ago. I’ve always hated the term, boyfriend) took me to Thredbo for the weekend. We walked up the mountain with a whole group of people and he got down on bended knee when we got to the top. I was blindsided. I also said no. He never accepted the no. He could not, would not, believe that I wouldn’t want to marry him. Kept offering to give me another chance. Kept saying that this will be the last time he asks, like it was a threat 🤣🤣🤣. He still tells people that he broke up with me and he still thinks that I missed out on something special.
      What can I say. 🤷‍♀️
      Too many romcoms.

  121. So Luke (ex Raider foot fella but surprisingly nice and decent guy) and Ellie (blonde bimbo – see my judgy face) from The Bachelors broke up.
    Just came here to say, “Told you so”.
    Don’t you love it when I’m right?
    We all knew that he picked the wrong girl. I could give those experts from MAFS a few lessons.

  122. I’m watch British Rock; The First Wave, on you tube. ❤️ The Kinks, The Animals, The Hollies, Stones, Beatles….

  123. Hey Von. I read a fun book. Two actually, by the same author: Benjamin Stevenson. Everyone in my Family has Killed Someone and the second one. I read them out of sequence. I don’t think it made any difference.
    Fun because they are murder mysteries for us to solve. Every single clue is given to us. Not only given but repeated and spelled out, even to telling us on which page, and yet I still didn’t work it out. It seems that I am not good at this.
    It was fun having everything revealed. Nothing to be taken seriously.

    • Thanks, Bobi. I was in the city today and looked through Dymock’s as usual. I did see that book, but it didn’t click that it was the one you mentioned, because I forgot to write down the title before.

      I’m sure I’d be able to solve the mystery, heh.

  124. I was having hip trouble, bursitis maybe, but with Europe coming up, I was getting worried, so I went shopping.

  125. How’s this? The dogs love it. They get to have a good run (6.kms/hr), then when they are tired…

    • Of course it’s for the dogs. Why didn’t I see that straight away 🤣🤣.
      Every dog should be carried.

      • It’s good because the dogs get to run fast. Then I give them turns. They are very happy and willing to get dinkies.

  126. It is absolutely bucketing down here this morning.
    It’s been so long since we’ve had rain that doggo is confused. I think he might be happy to stay in bed.

    • Its all a bit sad.
      I used to live in Port Douglas and occasionally took visiting rellos to the Zoo. It was alright. Nothing fabulous.
      I’m not really sure where they got the reputation for being conservatives. The zoo was/is filled with koalas, kangaroos and crocodiles – just like any other zoo. And just adding, like you can see almost anywhere countryside and on any beach up there. We had a lot of crocs around Port. You really had to watch the kids and the dogs. Australia really is as dangerous as they say.
      My main gripe is that the animals were made to “perform”. It was a bit ick.
      I don’t begrudge people making a living. I do begrudge sainthood upon death.

  127. We had our first rain today. Some northern suburbs had about 100mm in under an hour, with resultant flooding in a couple of areas. They were further north than me; we here got maybe 10mm.

    I see Ten is inundating us with ads for MasterChef now. After watching the show for so many years, I am feeling a bit…bereft,,,that I won’t be following it this year. But I would grind my teeth down to nothing if I saw that much Poh every week. Presumably some of you will be watching and commenting. No doubt I’ll still be able to bitch about it :).

    • I’m absolutely watching.
      I’m looking forward to some of the new judges. They seem like fun.
      I don’t get why they keep going back to Poh. She sets my teeth on edge. Hopefully she will get lost in the noise and I do agree that she will be good to bitch about. I am already storing up commentary 🤣 I love a good snark.
      But mostly, I can’t wait for LegoMasters. I have loved this show from the very first minute of the very first episode and it never disappoints. I am so unbelievably excited. 😁

    • Denise Drysdale and now Poh.

      “National Treasure” = Room clearer.

      Ch 10 don’t understand this.

  128. I am avoiding as much news and tv as possible today. That will probably include IMAC because they will insist on highlighting these things in ad breaks.
    Pinterest or Bluey will be my go-tos. This is why cat videos exist.

    • I did watch ABC news this morning for a short time. Then the 28 minute Bluey episode came on, I got quite caught up in the story, and that eased my mind.

      I find another avenue of escape when you can’t deal with any more reality is SBS World Movies. It doesn’t have many ads. This morning there was a sweet little movie called Fairy Tale: A True Story, followed by Last Chance Harvey, with Dustin Hoffman and Emma Thompson. I first saw that a few months ago; it’s very good.

  129. Lego Master helped. It is as delightful as ever.
    It beats me how a show about plastic square bits can just hit the spot. I’m supposing that it’s because every one is so normal. Or everyone is just happy to be doing something that they love.
    It’s still impossible to avoid interruptions. Sadly, I can never watch 9 Out Of 10 Cats Does Countdown again. It turns out that the Blondie letter turner is a racist tit. 🥲🫣 Still, the outcome of the Toowoomba defamation trial outcome came out and it seems like the right call. So, good news/bad news 🤷‍♂️.
    I’m just rapidly coming to the conclusion that the only way to avoid the world is by streaming everything.

  130. Ian Parmento died.
    As a fan of cooking shows, his was one of my favourites. Not only was he entertaining but I could actually cook his recipes.
    I am sad.

    • My sister and I were invited by friends to lunch with him. A goup of about 12. They knew him through a journalist, actors, directors group. Not our usual social group, but actually, we both enjoyed the company of creative people, even though they were a bit posh.Their conversations were interesting.

  131. Car owners, help me out here please. I haven’t owned a car for years.

    There’s a Road Safety ad that is annoying me. A woman comes upon a crashed car, with an unconscious driver, who is sitting with head to chest. The passenger side window is open more than a third of the way. The woman reaches in through the window, stretching, and lifts the driver’s chin so he can breathe. With the passenger window open that much, could she not have just reached down and unlocked the passenger door?

    • Central, child proof locking might be an issue.

      Car could be damaged so door won’t open.

      Stupid ads are like autumn leaves, however.

      Same, Von, I haven’t owned a car for years , let alone a modern one. I haven’t seen the ad, either. Hope this helps.

    • I went down a rabbit hole with this one but came out with no answers. It’s a slow morning here 🤣.
      I’m thinking that Dave has the best ideas.
      I initially thought that it might have something to do with electric locking but when I tested it on my car – yes, I know. Way too much time on my hands – the car door just opened so it’s not that.
      I have been locked in the back seat of cars with child proof locking. So annoying. It’s sounding like the best bet.
      Maybe it’s just that time is of the essence?
      I have not seen those ads either. I tend to take notice of public service ads on the basis that the only vested interest is my own. Having said that, it’s often difficult these days to tell the difference. It drives me crazy when I have to keep reminding people that Compare the Pair is absolutely an ad. Why can’t people see this 🤷‍♂️.

  132. Thanks, Dave and Bobi. So central child-proof locking can only be de-activated by the driver? That’s creepy as hell. If the driver is knocked out or killed and the car catches fire, other people in the car just burn to death, while marveling at the safety features of modern cars. Give me wind-y windows and push button locks any day. Thanks for hands-on research, Bobi

    The final line in the ad is “Anyone Can Save A Life”, so that’s the message. Still, the ad should make sense.

    If people think Compare the Pair is a PSA, it’s an effective ad for industry super funds, since most pay more attention to those.

  133. I gave in to temptation and watched MC. It was (almost) delightful.
    Caveat first: I was feeling tired and jaundiced and my expectations were low but I have my fingers crossed that this didn’t impact my experience and things will continue in the same vien.
    Andy seems to have settled into his hosting role. Maybe I’m used to him now but he seemed to be in charge in a nice way.
    I had a bit of a tear at the beginning and an extra bit of a tear at the end. It’s still sad to see Jock on screen. I wonder if I will ever get used to that.
    All the contestants seem lovely and most of the dishes looked delicious. no one jumped out as annoying. Early days, of course.
    Jamie knows how to do play his role well and he didn’t disappoint. He had words of encouragement for everyone. I remember when he was a fresh faced lad. He seems to be my age now 🤣🤣🤣.
    I like the new French judge.
    I’m going to reserve judgement on the food critic. She could go either way.
    With 5 judges, Poh wasn’t overwhelming. I’m still perplexed as to why she’s there. I wish she would close her mouth , and I mean that literally. It’s disconcerting.
    Typing this, I just realised Melissa is not there. Did she decide to not come back after Jock? I liked Melissa. I don’t know whether I will miss her particularly or not. I prefer the judges to be cooks/chefs. I prefer a critique that has technical aspects rather than taste aspects. Taste is so subjective. I will miss her clothes.
    I really enjoyed episode 1. It’s like they have gone back to the original concept but with less focus on the judges and more focus on the contestants. I hope they keep it up. It was a comfortable watch.

    • Thanks, Bobi. I thought of watching a few minutes of MC, but Poh annoys me so much that I didn’t. A news article said that a lot of people complained that MC was tiring last night because there was so much fangirling, hero worship, cheering, and tears.

      I remember Jamie as the skinny Naked Chef from eons ago. He’s only 48 though. Melissa went to that spin-off of MC, the one with all the dessert chefs competing, remember? I like her, she is classy, and was a good contrast when Andy or Jock were being mean or making fun of a contestant. From the ads, Poh seems to be the new clothes horse of the show. She can cook, but I keep remembering her doing dumb things when she was on “celebrity” MC. It’s nice to hear that Andy has improved some, and I hope he now uses more than three adjectives.

      I will try to watch a little bit of the show next week. But I think any amount of Poh will be too much for me.

      • Embarrassing to see amatas lose their $hit over “Jesus” Oliver.

        “Open wide
        Come Inside
        It’s Poh’s mouth”

        • Dammit, Dave, that’s turned into an earworm for me – with those lyrics. 🙁

          It’s Playschool, it’s Playschool, it’s Playschool…

  134. Ep 2 was a service challenge. I don’t love a service challenge so I dipped in and out. Some of the food did look absolutely delicious.
    So, on to important matters.
    That French guy dresses beautifully. If he keeps this up, I could really start to fancy him.
    The food critic has a good stylist as well. She looked really lovely in pink and it was a little bit out there. I like her style.
    Poh looked liked someone who bought a prom dress from Vinnies, wtf 😳. It was metallic silver/grey with ruffles. Ruffles and bits of material on the shoulders like spacecrafty. I’m sure I saw someone wear this thing to a dance back in my day, remembering we made our own dresses then. I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a bow at the back but I couldn’t see.
    Von, the good news is that there wasn’t a lot of Poh. Maybe still slightly too much for my liking but just within the bounds of tolerance.
    There were two highlights: there was a tiny pavlova dessert with a salsa (I know 😯) and a grapefruit saucy/juicy thing. I’m not a pavlova fan but I think that I could eat that combo. And a fish with a curry sauce. I’m a sucker for a proper curry. If they put the recipes on the web page, I’m definitely giving that one a go.
    I’m still liking these people but the show is too long. I will be happy when a couple of them go home.

  135. Too much Poh tonight. And that dress was horrible. Again.
    I came back for the tasting. There was too much cooking for, essentially, just snacks.
    There were a couple that looked a bit delicious. I wouldn’t cook them but I would pay money if we were out.
    Apart from that, it seemed like a getting to know you episode. Not much more than that.
    We are still cooking for immunity. I’m a bit over it and would like some people to go home.

  136. I keep thinking I will watch a little of MC because I miss it, as pathetic as that sounds. So thank you for the warning of too much Poh tonight! I’ll wait until the crop has lessened some. I see from a promo that the French chef pulled that “I don’t like this dish, *long pause*, I love it. That’s unkind, not funny. I don’t seek out MC promos, but if I’m watching 10 or any of its cousins, they cannot be avoided.

    I had a fright this morning. Was watching something, went to change the channel, accidentally hit the off button, immediately turned it on again – and nothing happened. Power light came on, then off. Several times. I thought I’d killed my tv. Not in the mood to deal with that, I unplugged it and walked away. TV is still under warranty, but fortunately it is working fine tonight.

    I see that Gogglebox will have its season final this week. HYBPA starts in two weeks. That is very stingy scheduling of popular shows.

  137. I wish I could have noted the time so that you could look at the only dish worthy of discussion. It was some sort of Asian snack dish and looked delicious and I’ve never seen it before.
    Apart from that, it’s meh.
    I won’t give up just yet but nor will I watch more than 10 minutes. Clothes and plating up. That’s it.
    I notice that Farmer wants a Wife has lost its charm. That was probably right about when everyone noticed that they picked a 22 year old farmer. Ffs. That had to be a joke. They can’t expect us to take that one seriously.

    • Ah, that’s an idea, just watch clothes and tasting. I can leave the sound off.

      I read that one of the Farmer Wants A Wife women had a meltdown because her new white shoes got dirty. Who takes white shoes to wear on a farm?

      I didn’t know they had a 22 year old farmer. He should be on Farmers Wants A Date for the Bachelor’s and Spinster’s Ball.

      • I’m enjoying FWAW. I would like it to go on a bit longer, maybe a week or fortnight, just to dig a little deeper into personalities. It seems like we are only getting a few staged scenes.

  138. I’ve only watched a couple of times, but The 1% – UK is entertaining. The moderator is one of the regulars from Would I Lie To You – Lee something?

    It might influence my opinion that I got the 1% question right :).

    • I watched the Australian version a couple of things (I like our guy. He’s quick) but I can never make it through a full episode.
      I don’t know why. It has everything going for it but it just doesn’t hold my attention. I’ve become a flibbertigibbet in my old age. I’m going to be in trouble when I move into that nursing home.

    • Ha. I can do that! Maybe I should apply for MC. No ice cream yet, or hibachi?

      I’m watching the movie length final of the tv series MASH. That is a good Sunday night choice – I know it’s good and I don’t have to pay attention to every single minute of it. Flibbertigibbets unite.

      • Someone else baked bread and made 3 varieties of butter and the judges loved this. Bread and butter…haha.
        The hibachi has been used and at least 2 ice creams have been made.
        So far this has been another season of cook anything you want.

      • I missed the bread and butter plate-up 🤣🤣. It’s a bit of a giggle, isn’t it?
        It keeps the element of surprise with the show, although I don’t know how the judges keep a straight face.
        As always, we were clued in very early to the guy who was eliminated. Did he use a hibachi? If he didn’t, he should have.

  139. I watched the first 15 minutes of MC tonight, only muting once when Poh was talking. Jamie has parents! applause applause. Here are his parents! applause applause. He was a good boy! applause applause. Let’s applaud every single thing anyone says!

    Mystery box tonight, and of course they only have to use one item from the box. I assume there will be mostly rainbow trout dishes, with a few puddings or cakes. Backwards-hat guy did well filleting and de-boning his fish. Most of the cooks will mangle the fish trying to fillet it, so I stopped watching then.

    • I made it as far as Jamie’s parents, decided that this was going to be a crap episode and bowed out.
      For those with the slightest amount of interest, Poh’s dress was awful. They seem to be choosing (or she is picking) dresses that are two sizes too big for her. I’m sure this dress would have been fine if it fitted.

      • Whomever is selecting Poh’s outfits should be fired. If Poh is making her own selections it’s good that she is a “chef” and not a fashion designer or clothing dresser.

  140. Tonight is follow Jamie’s cooking to duplicate a dish that they haven’t seen. The sort-of chicken Wellington didn’t appeal to me. Some of Jamie’s instructions were vague – some oil, a good piece of butter. Anyone who has cooked a Jamie Oliver recipe knows that he is very heavy-handed with oil, so “some” is not helpful. I couldn’t maintain interest and am out.

    Poh’s dress last night looked like a winter dressing gown. Tonight she is wearing a rayon housedress from the 1950’s.

    • I had the tv on for the whole show tonight but on mute.
      I like the segments where you can actually follow the recipe but I hate all that focus on the spectators.
      Good on that crocodile fellow for using common sense when he missed an instruction, and good on the judges for giving him credit for that. It shows he can actually cook and is not just memorising recipes.
      Having said that, there’s a reason why recipes from the 80’s, died in the 80’s. My stomach wouldn’t be able to digest this sort of heart attack food any more.

  141. Did anyone else watch Insight tonight, about cults? If so, what did you think of the dark-haired woman in the pink jacket?

    • I didn’t watch but I will do. I like Insight.
      The other show that I will come back to is a new murder show on Ch 7. I watched just the murder so see if the set up would grab me and it looks like it could tick “those” boxes: British, cosy, slightly humorous and absolutely not gory. I will let you know.

      • I watched episode 1: TheMarlow Murder Club on Ch 7.
        I am enjoying it so far. It is predictable in an amusing kind of way and, being British, the acting is excellent.
        I have high hopes that the mystery will be twisty (so far, so good). If so, I will happy as a pig in mud and will come back for season 2.

  142. It’s not going to be on tv, but I’ve had two ads in the past ten minutes – Clive Palmer is bringing Tucker Carlson to Australia for shows called Freedom Conferences. Jesus, what a pair, Palmer the lawsuit king, and Carlson, the dickhead who was fired from Fox news. Ticketek describes Carlson as a Media Mogul. Ticketek needs to get a dictionary and look up what mogul means.

    So, if you have $275 to burn…just burn it, it will be better value.

    • I’ve met people who will go.
      I sat and listened to their views with my mouth suspended in disbelief.
      I know that Americans are “special”, and I’ve always loved how Australians generally are a little cynical, but I’ve met a couple of people lately who are great admirers.
      I don’t understand.
      I kept thinking that they were taking the mickey out of me but they were talking about that Putin interview and calling Tucker a great peacemaker. 😳
      I think I live in a bubble.

      • If Carlson had had his head any further up Putin’s ass, we wouldn’t have been able to hear his “hard-hitting” questions. Which would have been a good thing.

        You’re not bubblefied, Bobi, it’s misguided people who lack critical thinking skills who live in a bubble.

  143. I’m trying MC again tonight. It’s a team challenge, at a food court. A couple of the teams have decided on one dish that only one person knows of.

    Even when there is not much Poh, I’m finding it difficult to keep interest in any episodes so far. They all seem to be same old, same old. I miss Jock.

    • I miss Jock too. 🥲.
      Still, I do like the new French chef and I like how Andy has stepped up.
      Jamie is wearing thin. He is only good in small doses. He can go home now.
      I don’t like the street food challenges – I get the purpose but too chaotic for me – so I did not watch. I’ll come back for the next elimination. This crowd needs to be thinned out.

  144. My neighbour and I were having a chat this afternoon, about mundane things, and the subject of the recent long episode and the surprise ep of Bluey came up. We had both noticed so many details :). How did Brandi get pregnant? Are Aunt Trixie and Uncle Stripe heading for a divorce? Because they argue a lot, including at the wedding reception. And so on. We talked about that show for more than a few minutes, before realising and having a laugh. Nothing wrong with the topic, but I wonder how many people I could have a detailed Bluey chat with.

    • So many people (I’m assuming grandparents given my demographic) have watched this episode.
      So many talking points.
      My granddaughter (preteen) didn’t get all the nuances but it might have been because she’s most concerned about the possibility of the show ending. I wonder if the producers know about the trauma they will be responsible for if they bow out now.

      • The producers have assured everyone that Bluey will continue, according to the ABC, and there will be a fourth season. A lot of work went into making the 28-minute episode, and the creators are now deciding which directions the show will take, from the same source.

        And maybe those who make the show just need a little break :).

  145. Shame on me. I have never watch Bluey. Probably because I had my grandchildren around during Thomas, and Ice Age.

    • Daisy, I don’t have children or grandchildren, but I watch Bluey because I enjoy it.
      Episodes are only 7 minutes long. Maybe watch a couple and see if you like it. It’s on ABC 22 or ABC iView.

    • The best of Bluey has been voted on and ranked so you don’t have to watch all 128 episodes. But I’m on my second run through. 😀

  146. MC tonight, the guest cook is Andy’s mum. The brief is to put a better, modern spin on three things she used to cook. One is lamb chop and four vegs, one is a version of a snot block, and one is a throw-together-because-I’m tired muffin, ham, pineapple, and cheese combo.

    Both Mrs. Allen and Andy said she is not a good cook. I felt bad for her that everyone was laughing so much as she uncovered her dishes. Obviously she was on board with the premise, but I was uncomfortable seeing her made fun of.

    The woman with the vocal fry put me off, Snezana? I can’t watch someone who talks that way, I keep clearing my throat. Might check back in at the end.

    • Snap, Bobi, that’s exactly what I thought. She and the food critic seem to always dress in similar colours. Twenty minutes in, and I haven’t seen much cooking, but there has been lots of yak yak. I’ll keep listening until I find out the mystery ingredients the judges have picked.

      Tonight I learned about nduja, which I’ve never heard of. It sounds nice, but looks like it would exude a lot of fat when cooking with it. Anyone used it?

    • I’m not surprised, nor disappointed, that The Masked Singer is not coming back. The less I see – or hear – of Hughesy the better. Seriously , how does this guy get his contract renewed every year. Plus, that “Take it off” chant is nails-down-a-blackboard for me. Let’s face it, when was the last time we had a celebrity on this show anyway. 🤷‍♂️
      I would be disappointed if The Bachelor was replaced by some overseas version. There’s an almost zero chance that it would get much traction here. We prefer to bitch about our own 🤣🤣🤣.

  147. Well that was disappointing. The first contestant that I actually had an interest in to be sent home.
    I was hoping that it was the woman with all the hair. Why aren’t they made to tie it back? I would have thought that it was a rule.

    • I haven’t seen much, but I liked him, too. I also like the “older” guy. Is he still there?

      Ack, the one with untidy hair, that she pushes away from her face a lot, drives me crazy. They should also stop that disgusting practice of sticking their finger into a sauce or whatever, licking the finger, then continuing to cook.

      I think every contestant should be required to take a food safety course before filming starts. Slightly undercooked chicken has got nothing on these amateurs’ lack of hygiene.

      • The show has always ignored hygeine and safety. Grossing out is part of the deal.

        Ch 10 should call this foodie farce Ma$terpig.

  148. Contestants have to identify 100 little cubes of food – blindfolded. I got apple, which had some peel on it, and beetroot from how they looked, carrot from the sound when it was bitten into. And what the hell is an oat in a cube? I would have said bread for that one.

    It’s slightly interesting, but I’ll skip the rest and check back when round two elimination cook starts. Is it me not being very invested this year, or is this season boring?

    • I’m a little bit invested but I do miss some episodes based on previous seasons. This is one of them.
      I’ve never been a fan of this sort of test. I get that taste is important to cooking but it seems so random and a little bit overhyped.
      I tuned in to watch someone taste rice and someone else taste cantaloupe. 🤔 Abaout as interesting as watching paint dry.

  149. I only saw a little of the cooking. I like Steve and wanted to see how his ravioli, using beetroot slices as a substitute for the pasta, did. Surprisingly, it rated well, as all the judges were poo-pooing it to begin with.

    The judges seem to take their cue from whichever one speaks first. Andy looked ready to downvote the beet ravioli; Poh pulled a face when she tasted it. When the French chef pronounced it spectacular, the rest fell into line. That chef’s comments are not very cheffy or detailed from what I’ve seen. He is about as erudite as Andy.

    • Plus I watched enough to see that Lily was getting the you’re-going-home producer’s cut.
      I need another half a dozen more to go home. I just feels like there are a million contestants this year. They all seem nice enough.

    • I was surprised that Steve’s beetroot ravioli, which looked like a mess and sounded unappetizing, got through but I agree that it seemed as if the French judge influenced the others. Based on their facial expressions, I don’t think the other judges really liked it.

  150. I have MC on as background noise, listening a little, because I don’t like pressure tests. The dish, as usual involving 9500 steps, is a raviolo (one) with a lot of other fiddly bits involving white asparagus and truffles. It looked very pretty, if not very substantial.

    One of the cooks got very stressed about something. Andy went over to talk her down. Then he gave her a hug – not a one-arm comfort squeeze, but a full body hug. Ew, Andy, don’t do that. None of the judges should do that, ever.

    • Yeah. Gary and George never did that.

      Pig’s arse.

      Handy Andy. Doesn’t know the difference between frottage and fromage.

  151. I’m with you on the hugging thing. It’s like he hasn’t read the room.
    Just to round out the conversation, I’m assuming that he comes from a huggy family – his mother seems like a very nice woman – but this is a workplace. It may be a television show with cameras everywhere, the contestants may be volunteers, and they are not being payed in salaries but they do sign contracts.
    This is still a workplace and he should behave accordingly.
    I am now muttering to the dog about people keeping their hands to themselves, professionalism and seeking permission. The dog absolutely agrees with me and he will be fed shortly as a reward.

  152. It’s a relay cook on MC tonight. Those are often amusing because team members apparently forget how to communicate in words.

    I’m trying to pay attention to the rules, but I can’t get past Andy’s MC Hammer pants. My eyes hurt.

    Give me that basket of heirloom tomatoes and a salt grinder and I’d be in heaven.

  153. I remember the prehug everyone, or anyone, days. I also recall when it started; when rookie teachers arrived fresh from uni, with their prettiness, charm and desire to delightfully hug all and sundry. Now it’s almost compulsory. Even my mother who escaped having to hug her children for 50 years was obliged to conform.

    Also, women didn’t greet each other in the street with a very shrill, “Oh Hiiiii “.

  154. MC is a two-round elimination cook. Guest chef Luke Nguyen has chosen ingredients used in Vietnamese and Southeast Asian cooking. One cook chose durian. I watched ten minutes so I could be snarky about the judges’ outfits. Poh is going to a carnival in Rio after the show. Andy is…trying out a new look. Keep trying, Andy.

    Promos have told us a million times that “one of the most loved” cooks will be going home tonight. I’m guessing Stephen. Gray-haired contestants don’t last long on MC. I’m out until the final couple of minutes.

    • I was wrong, it was Juan who was eliminated. He’s the guy who would run both hands through his hair every time something went wrong.

    • I think they misunderstand the term “much loved”. Substitute “train wreck” and they would be closer to the mark.
      In small doses, he broke up the tedium of some episode. I was interested to hear that he was on a singing show. Good on him for trying new stuff.
      I missed Poh’s outfit. Her clothes are starting to be the highlight of these shows for me 🤣🤣.

      • Ben Pobjie has a recap in Sydney Morning Herald that has a picture of the judges in their get-ups. Stick a basket of fruit on Poh’s head and her Carmen Miranda impression would be complete (there’s one for the oldies).

  155. Tonight Andy is wearing a sort of camo shirt, but is back into regular trousers. Poh is in black shiny pyjamas.

    Guest cook is DimSimLim, who I’ve never heard of, with the mystery box containing a wok. Woohoo, big challenge of basically cook whatever they want. There are still too many contestants remaining, must be at least 100, and it’s boring. Five minutes is my limit.

    • It is very boring and maybe that’s why the episodes seem very, very long. Drudge to watch with most challenges being cook whatever you want but I don’t usually watch it when it airs and then I fast forward through most of it. One can easily guess what type of cuisine most of the contestants will be cooking.

  156. This is starting to feel like the longest season ever. They need to get a gallop on so that I can watch more than just the beginning and the end.
    Rumour has it that Ch 10 are in financial difficulty so I am assuming that all this stretching out of the eps is to find advertising money to cover those legal fees.
    Just as an aside, I think Ch 10 should be entitled to sue Lehreman’s lawyers for the costs that Lehreman can’t pay. If a firm takes on a no win, no fee case then they should also have to pay the oppositions costs if they lose. Just a personal and apparently unpopular opinion by me 🤷‍♂️.

    • That’s interesting, Bobi. Are they not allowed to sue a losing law firm for costs now? I have no objection to that, but I wonder if Ch 10 or anyone would want to spend even more money on suing the no win/no fee law firm, with no certainty of winning. It could just lead to suit after suit.

      If it were a rule that the opposition is entitled to the other firm paying costs, I think law firms would just stop taking on no win/no fee cases. Lawyers are not a profession known for generosity – generally, not all. Doesn’t the no win/no fee firm still charge their client for emails, phone calls, making copies, etc.? Surely Lehreman, or any client, doesn’t get off with paying nothing at all. He says he can’t pay costs and that’s it?

    • I’m not an absolute expert here so my knowledge comes from a subset of one person who lost a compo case.
      He didn’t have to pay his own legal firm anything but he was responsible for the other side. In the end, he was out of pocket a couple of thousand. It was a 50/50 proposition at best but it would have paid off if he had won.
      Rumour has it that Bruce (and not the law firm) will owe Ch10 millions which, of course, he doesn’t have. All he has to do is declare bankruptcy and it just goes away. If true, it doesn’t feel right.
      I think when the whole idea of no win/ no fee was invented, costs of this magnitude weren’t imagined. Maybe they should put some sort of cap on it.
      But you’re right, lawyers are not people that I usually sympathise with. I must be generally cranky.

  157. One newspaper, in Frank Ifield’s obituary, described him as having big hits in “Australia, New Zealand, and Tasmania”.

    Rest in peace, Frank. I’m glad you made it across Bass Strait.

    • He did sing some of my favourites. I wasn’t aware that he was Australian. I thought he was English.

  158. MasterChef tonight is a pressure test, bottom dish’s maker goes home. Anna Polyviou made the test. I don’t usually like food dishes that look like they are one thing but are something else. But I am impressed with Anna’s Sunny Side Up.

    I like Anna, but doubt I can watch the whole show. I’ll be back at the end though, to see how many manage the runny egg yolk. I hope Snezana is eliminated.

    Poh is wearing a long denim dress that she got at K Mart’s end of summer sale. The other woman is in an ordinary dress that is very short. There’s no fun snarking at judges’ clothes tonight.

  159. The judges demonstrate their microwave hacks and the contestants need to use one of the hacks and make anything they want. I only watched the beginning and the end. Just another boring challenge, IMO.
    They made a big deal about David combining pumpkin and banana. Haven’t they ever heard of pumpkin banana bread, pumpkin banana muffins, etc.? Nothing novel or innovative with this combination.

  160. Microwaves? Push the right buttons and voila. There are hacks involved…….
    the contestants and judges themselves.

    Might as well ask these amatas to order in Uber Eats and claim credit for “creating” an awesome meal.

    • hahaha…I think I agree with you Dave.
      I didn’t find any of the “hacks” impressive but the contestants were in awe. A few of them indicated that they never use a microwave. I don’t think these are the worst contestants ever (some of them seem to have talent) but this is probably the worst season, at least for me.

  161. When I saw that it was microwaves, I couldn’t even.
    I suppose that I shouldn’t be so judgy. It’s possible that some people only know speed cooking.
    Who am I kidding. Microwaves don’t belong in a cooking contest. Ffs

    • While I agree that microwaves shouldn’t be in a cooking contest, I am a very good microwave cook. Years ago, I rented a place that didn’t have a stove and I couldn’t be bothered buying one, getting gas bottles delivered (this was in the bush) etc. So from necessity, I learned how to cook most things in the microwave. I had an electric frypan for the very occasional steak or fry. I still use mike a lot. Last time my microwave died, I was very pissed off at having to use, and wash, pots and pans.

    • My mother could do amazing things with an electric frypan 🙂. I have fond memories.
      My brother is trying (with some success) to get me to consider an air fryer. I am contemplating. I am not a great cook so it’s hard to justify the huge amount of room it would take up in my kitchen.

  162. MC tonight is cook anything you want using eggs. Yawn. I don’t know the guest chef, Mikiko, but her signature dish did not look appetising to me at all. When she sliced open the sort of omelet and all those really wet scrambled eggs slopped out, it looked like vomit. Pouring a black sauce over it all did not help Allowing for my dislike of Poh, I still think this is one of the most boring seasons of MC yet. Even Andy’s attempts at dressing well are more interesting than the cooking.

    • Never heard of Mikiko but according to MC she is trending. IMHO, she created something that looked like egg slop with worms inside. It was disgusting looking. Watching her make it wasn’t even interesting and then watching the contestants cook whatever they want with eggs as the hero ingredient was even less interesting.
      The season of boring challenges continues.

      • Well, Smythe, between your description and my description of the eggy dish, I don’t think anyone will be rushing to get the recipe :).

    • I am just delighted that this is an episode I missed.
      I went to check how many cooks had been eliminated so far and saw that Stephen had gone. That slipped by me unnoticed. I’m sorry he’s gone. I did like him.
      I was checking to see if we were half way yet. Sadly, no.

      • Stephen was eliminated last night. I will have to find another contestant to like and sort of follow on the show. Poh said tonight was the halfway mark.

      • Thank god for that.
        It’s unfortunate because MC is usually one of my go-to’s.
        I’m not going to blame the choice of judges. I think it’s the “challenges” which always seem to devolve to cook-what-you-want.

  163. I had a very quick look at Dream Home with Dr Chris. As soon as I recognised the rehash of some other show that we have seen before, I was out.
    This is not the show I was promised and I don’t understand why they thought the subterfuge was going to go unnoticed. They really think that we are stupid, don’t they.

  164. Tonight’s MC is a mystery box. The box contains an assortment of sauces commonly used in Asian/SE Asian dishes. Of course they can cook any damn thing they want, as long as they use at least one of the sauces. Lee Kum Kee brand bottles are prominently placed and mentioned umpteen times. I have all those sauces, different brands, in my pantry except for XO, so I don’t think it’s a very challenging ask. The French chef did wonder if anyone would make a sweet dish.

    I want to hand a tissue to the female judges and request they blot their lipsticks down some.

    • I’m not a fan of bottles sauces. Too much salt/sugar and something that stays on the tongue that I suspect is a preservative.

    • I started to watch but when the mystery box was revealed and the contestants were told they could cook anything they want as long as they use one of the sauces I decided to watch something else. I might go back and just watch the judging or I’ll just skip this episode.

  165. Pressure test tonight is a Darren Purchase dessert. It’s a very pretty, intricate take on cherry blossoms. As usual, a thousand steps are needed to make the many, many elements. Cooks have four hours, which seems nowhere near long enough. I may have to skip the first bit of Insight to see what these guys put up.

    Clothing reviews tonight: woman judge, whose name I cannot remember, is wearing a red bridesmaid’s dress. Poh is wearing a fringed tablecloth used at a picnic. Andy actually looks pretty good, but could stop matching his shoes so precisely to his suit. French judge as always is well-dressed in a classically well-cut suit. I’d like the name of his tailor :).

    • And that’s what I’m here for: the tablecloth 🤣🤣.
      The French chef is unbelievably elegant. I hope Andy is taking notes.
      PS. I thought the dessert was incredibly pretty. I was impressed.

    • Beautiful looking dessert. The French chef appeared to be eating using his knife as the main utensil. He was stabbing away at the food.
      Thanks for the clothing review Von.

  166. Tonight is a redemption cook for some of the eliminated contestants. I noticed Stephen isn’t there. Under their cloches are herbs they have to harvest from the garden. And then…and then…they can cook anything they want!!! I can’t watch any more of this one. There was so much screaming, manic laughter, open-mouthed grinning, and hugging of the expelled cooks that it made my teeth hurt.

    Poh tonight is wearing a very colourful dress that reminds me of a clown suit or maybe semaphore flags. The other woman is still in wedding lacy mode, but tonight she is the bride, in white and with her belly showing. I’ve noticed before that both of them often wear open-toed shoes. No exposed toes in the kitchen, whether you’re cooking or not, ugh. I don’t expect them to wear steel-capped Manolos, but they should wear enclosed shoes at least.

    I don’t care who comes back. We finally get to the halfway mark and they have to add one more person.

    • Both the lasses look like craft projects gone wrong.
      At this rate, we will still be watching this season at Christmas.

    • It was very predictable who the returnee would be and also predictable what kind of food she would cook. BORING!! From Yahoo Lifestyle quoting Stephien:
      ““My mother is in hospital and is very unwell,” he said. “My father passed away during Covid, so I need to support my mother and it would be unfair on my family to return to filming with this in mind.”

      I thought Poh was wearing a painting created by a young child and that Sophia was wearing a lace tablecloth. Their outfits have generally been horrible.

  167. MC has Rick Stein as guest chef tonight. I love him, so may have to watch, or at least have on, the whole episode. Rick is looking well, still in a pink shirt :). Poh is wearing another dress designed by Sesame Street, and the other woman is channeling Morticia Addams.

    The first challenge is making a raw seafood dish in 30 minutes

    If you have watched any Ch10 show this week, you know, after many, many ads, that the big drama is whether the woman with the immunity pin will play it. I like her and can understand that she would like to get through without using it. I hope she stays either way.

    • I wanted to watch. I am also a Rick Stein fan.
      I was surprised at the black dress (it’s not that sort of show) and I decided that Poh’s dress was not as bad as all her other choices. Faint praise, I know.
      I’m not a fan of ceviche. Too much can go wrong.
      And then something else took my interest and I forgot to come back.
      Any tic now I will come back. We are close to the number of contestants where I can become interested.
      I must admit that I like the lass who used her immunity pin. When she gets her own cooking show, I will watch 🤣.

  168. I didn’t watch the second cook. The immunity pin was played at the last minute. David was eliminated – tall guy with dark hair. I kind of wish they’d go through the contestants at the start of the show again because I don’t know anybodys names. But I’m not watching that much, so I’ll survive.

  169. On QI tonight, there was a bit with a missing leg bone for a dinosaur skeleton in a museum. The woman from the museum said something about a zoological exhibit. She pronounced it zoo-ological. I was taught pronunciation of that and zoology is zo-ological and zo-ology. Otherwise both words would have three o’s. Discuss please.

    • I was a “zoo-ologist”.
      Like with all these things, I went down a delightful rabbit hole.
      Most of the clips say zoo but they seem to be primarily directed at people learning English, I hasten to add.
      There is one three minute clip by someone very English explaining, in great detail, how everyone is wrong. I was absolutely convinced and will now amend my foolish ways.
      From this day forward, I shall go forth and zo.
      Secretly, I am a pedant at heart. I love this stuff.

    • It’s a nice name for a prison for animals. I’d prefer to call them what they are ……shitholes.

      • I’m not against a zoo as long as the animals kept are appropriate. No polar bears, elephants etc.
        I’m a fan of a meerkat and a penguin. We have lots of different types of deer here in the Canberra Zoo. I mean, seriously lots. Go figure.
        And fish. Why do we have fish 🤷‍♂️.
        Still, the girls enjoy it and they learn things. They are not upset by the lack of a lion etc.

  170. There is no MC tonight. Everybody but WA gets Matildas vs.China game instead. Guess I’ll have to look in the mirror and criticise my own clothes.

    I saw one ad for Dancing With The Stars. It looks as though Chris Brown has replaced Daryl Somers as one of the hosts.

    • I am a bit over “Doctor” but i will tolerate. Like bad wall paper, I am constantly aware of him but not necessarily annoyed.
      I am absolutely a fan of replacing Daryl. I find him excruciating to watch. Every time he appears, I am reminded that he is a complete numpty.
      And just quietly, anyone who is taking notice of the Australia-is-a-racist-country discussion and hasn’t yet formed an opinion, they might want to watch a couple of episodes of Hey, Hey. It’s enough to make even the most prejudiced of us squirm.
      The Doctor is a huge step up but it will be interesting to see if he can play off against Sonia. She is very sharp and very quick.

      • I’m glad to see the back of Daryl, and also wonder how Chris will engage with Sonia. He may end up just being overshadowed straight man.

  171. Tonight’s MC is a team challenge. Teams have to take standard pub meals and “pimp them up”. I think they could have found a better term than that. I’m not interested in what the teams are cooking.

    Poh is wearing a dark blue long dress; it’s ok, meh. Other lady is wearing a dress made of board games replicas that didn’t quite have enough fabric to finish the dress. Chef is wearing a, to me, ugly checkered jacket, but is forgiven because he is usually so elegantly dressed. Andy is in dark pants and a white shirt. The shirt features my pet hate in clothes – sleeves that are just past elbow length.

    Bobi, at the end of this week, top ten will remain.

    • So excited that I can watch again. Top 10 is very doable for me.
      I did pop in an out of this episode trying to look at the clothes. I figured that the elegant judge was dressing down in his pub wear 🤣🤣. I couldn’t see Poh’s dress but there was a lot of it. The other lass’s dress reminded me of something I wore in the 60’s (as a child 😀) so I became a bit nostalgic.
      I got annoyed at some of the comments during the judging and switched off in a huff.
      The perfect lamb chops with delicious asparagus came out and were critiqued for Andy as not being “pub” enough. I don’t know what pub Andy goes to but this is exactly what I would be served in FNQ and it would bring the locals back again and again. It’s almost like he’s making it up because he doesn’t like some of the contestants. 🤔

      • I actually liked the colorful dress worn by Sofia.
        Why does the French judge keep saying shi-shi? What does that mean in French? It means urine/pee in Japanese. It’s what I tell my dogs to do when I take them for a walk…”go shi-shi” haha
        Andy is getting increasingly irritating.

        • I’m told by someone who knows more than me (and I didn’t hear the context) that it could mean surprise or dismay. It’s a bit more nuanced than “oh, dear”.
          Without having heard it but knowing this show, it could be?

          • I think the way chef used it last night, he meant he didn’t want overly-fussy, fancy schmancy, or finicky dishes, as in food that is embellished and decorated at the expense of taste.
            I like Smythe’s usage though.

  172. Tonight’s MC challenge is for the losing team to keep up with *sigh* Curtis Stone, as they attempt to replicate one of his dishes. It’s spice rubbed pork, hasselback potato, and another vegetable. As soon as I saw Curtis’s completed dish I switched to another program. His pork is rare, oozing red. Blech. I would not eat rare pork.

    I don’t like the “keep up with” challenges. None of these cooks have the knife skills of a professional chef, and the food is something few of them would be familiar with, except for hasselback potatoes.

    Sofia is wearing a Ken Done inspired shirt and really, really bright green pants. I like the style of Poh’s dress, but it’s black, which doesn’t suit her.

    • I don’t get Curtis Stone. I don’t like his cooking, I don’t like his shows and to add insult to injury, I don’t like his face 😕. Truthfully, I’m not sure why I find him so irritating but if he’s on then I’m off.
      It doesn’t help that I don’t eat pork. Don’t get me started. I will sound like one of those recently converted vegans that have just joined a cult 🤣🤣🤣.

      • Curtis Stone makes sure to talk about Coles during his cook.
        Wasn’t very interested in this challenge because I don’t eat pork and I’m not a fan of Curtis. Only watched “bits and pieces” of this episode. If this is a keeping up with the chef challenge then judges and other contestants should not be shouting out instructions and advice in order to help those who are cooking.

  173. Those of us who dislike Curtis Stone can skip tonight’s episode. It’s a sauce challenge, with the winner getting their sauce on Coles shelves for an unspecified time. I wonder if Curtis, in his daily life, spruiks Coles as often as he does on MC. I know he’s paid for it, but he does oversell to the point of nausea.

    Tonight is the first episode of Hospital: The Deep End on SBS. That one looks interesting and I’ll be watching. It’s opposite Taskmaster, which is better than last year’s series, but still not on my can’t miss list.

  174. I shifted in and out of this episode so as to avoid Curtis.
    I don’t mind a sauce so it was a little more interesting than normal. Plus of course, there are enough contestants now that I can start to take it all in.
    I’m not sure that the winning sauce is my cup of tea. It’s not like there aren’t a thousand Italian sauces on the shelf already and isn’t an Italian sauce a bit of Cooking 101, or is that just in my house? Even the grand kiddies can turn out a decent Italian sauce.
    Poh looked a bit average tonight. Do they just not know how to dress her already?
    I did like whatever the other lass was wearing.

  175. I have been confined to the house by bitterly cold weather and while waiting for MC, I fell across Car: SOS on the ABC.
    It is just delightful and I can highly recommend.
    Who would have thought that a show about restoring old cars would be my thing?
    I wax lyrical.

  176. Elimination challenge….make a meaty dish plant based. Got tired of hearing the judges’ comments in this one. Plant based does not mean remind us of something meaty. No eggs or butter….no big deal, IMO. I think both of the Josh contestants could have been eliminated. Not much substance to a carrot “steak” and the beet burgers sounded and looked disgusting.
    I could have passed on this episode but, as an ex-vegan but still vegetarian, I was curious to see what they would make and, once again, I was not impressed.

    • I watched some. As a meatless Monday and some other random day person, I was hoping to pick up tips.
      Nope, nope, nope.
      And I was really in stitches at the final touch being a blow torch. Seriously.
      I didn’t hang around for the elimination. Bored by then.

  177. None of the judges looked good tonight. Maybe French chef but it was just a suit … for sweet week.
    Andy, in particular, looked liked he was going on an outing to Bunnings.
    And for those who skipped this ep, it was jelly.

  178. Tonight is a sweets challenge, Adriano Zumbo is guest chef. Under the mystery box was a gross looking huge cube of multi-coloured jelly. Cooks must have an element of jelly in their dish. I think there is immunity as a prize, but am not sure because I’d had enough after a few minutes. They are down to the top ten finally.

    Andy has gone back to the loose baggy pants, again paired with a polo shirt and sneakers. If he sticks with those pants, he needs to get them tailor-made. Tonight’s pair has the crotch ending halfway to his knees. Poh is in a green ill-fitted long dress. Sofia is in a very dressy gown more suited to going to a formal ball than a cooking show. Chef as usual is well-dressed. Tacky clothing prize goes to Zumbo, who is wearing a black pleather jacket that looks as though it’s made from recycled tyres.

  179. I just read an article on the shows being “axed”, like it was some big catastrophe.
    Yes, I fell for click-bait.
    I swear that apart from The Bachelor, I thought most of these shows had been discarded years ago.
    Some seem to be made up. Anyone heard of Australia’s Most Identical?
    No wonder I don’t read/watch the news anymore.

    • I’m finding that even reputable news sources are resorting to click-baity headlines lately. It’s annoying and does their numbers no good, but makes me want to cancel subscriptions or stop watching.

    • My first thought was Statue of Liberty. The dress is so long, I wonder if they had to put her on a skateboard to move her around the kitchen. She’s definitely outdoing Poh in fashion stakes, at least for noticeability.

      All of them doing spun sugar for their croquembouches makes me think how sticky everything in the kitchen will be.

      • LOL
        The wardrobe person needs a good talking to about the clothing selections.
        The butcher seems to be getting a lot of on screen time. Does that mean he will be leaving soon? I’m surprised that he was in the top 3 the other day for the sponge cake he made and surprised again when his croquembouche presentation was praised. It looked like a very young child did it.

  180. Croquembouche is supposed to have a tower shape, even if it’s a small tower. I didn’t see all of them, but for the ones I saw, 0 for presentation.

    I liked that Zumbo gave specific directions for how some of them could have improved their efforts, especially to the dude who used fish.

    We finally get contestant numbers down to ten, and they start handing out immunities willy nilly.

    • Getting to 10 is like a promise that is just out of reach. I feel like I have been waiting fOreVer.

  181. Andy is dressed as Where’s Wally. I think if he was trying to take lessons from very-elegant-French-guy, he missed the brief.

    • Thanks, Bobi! I couldn’t think of where I knew tonight’s Andy from, but it is Where’s Wally. Poh is wearing a beach cover-up. Sofia is in a short black dress. I wonder why, when she wears a short dress, she stands with her legs crossed, as though she has to pee.

  182. Tonight they are doing a twins challenge. Teams of two, team pairs trying to make the same dish with a wall separating them It involves lots of shouting. Each team has to use a kitchen appliance in their cook; blender, air fryer, or ice cream maker. Ice cream maker pffft.

    • Nooo. The dreaded ice-cream maker. We spent the last 1,000 days without a hint of this monstrosity but we couldn’t escape in the end. 🤣

      • Josh was very lost in this challenge although Sav wasn’t good at communicating directions. Josh’s cooking skills are limited.
        Andy should have worn the striped shirt with the striped pants he had on the other day.

  183. Someone is a Lettering Artist. In all seriousness, I don’t know what that is but it sounds like a fun job.
    I like what Poh’s wearing, for a nice change.
    Andy must have slept at Bunnings in whatever he’s wearing.
    Judge, whose name I must learn, is still in her Grecian phase and it still isn’t a good look.
    I like coffee so I’m interested.

  184. Round one was to identify the flavour of a macaron. Losers from that go to round two, where they have to make a sweet using one of the macaron flavours and coffee. One will be eliminated. Poh and Sofia are going to a prom in the 1990’s after the show. Andy is in a pale green…something like a jacket. Keep trying, Andy. And buy an iron.

    • I missed the macaron bit. No issue. I’ve always thought that macarons were highly overrated.
      I lived near Zumbo’s shop when it was a thing and people used to queue up around the block. I’ve never felt the need for a biscuit so much that I was prepared to stand, waiting in the sun for couple of hours for one. Coffee, maybe 🤣
      I’m glad the butcher and the really good cook weren’t eliminated.
      I don’t have anything against Lettering Artist but she obviously got the “not long for this show” edit.

  185. It’s a miracle that with declining levels of literacy we enjoy, that “Lettering Artists” exist at all. How often would their spell checkers crash?

    There’s piles of macarons in Coles. I’ve never seen anyone buy one. Or steal one. Just Zumbo mumbo jumbo.

  186. Guest cook is Nagi, a cookbook author and I think food blogger. I don’t know her, but all the MC crowd seemed genuinely thrilled to see her. It’s a mystery box with an extensive choice of ingredients. Cook whatever they want, as usual, but there is a 30 minute limit. Most of them stood there with their thumb up their butt trying to decide what to make. The butcher was on it, choosing his mum’s peanut chicken. He makes me smile.

    Sofia is wearing yet another slinky dress with cutouts. Poh’s dressing gown, I have no words. I didn’t notice the guys because Poh’s vivid outfit blinded me.

    • Apparently, her cook book is pretty good. I will try her online recipes before/if I buy.
      I bought the Women’s Weekly Slow Cooker book (who doesn’t love a slow cook and The Women’s Weekly generally has a good track record with me) but the first two recipes I cooked have been a failure. I’m a little disappointed and a bit wary of hype.
      As I was disappointed in Poh. I thought she had moved on from dressing in curtains. She looked a little out of sorts last night.
      Sad as I am to see it but the butcher has got to be running out of lives.

  187. Aw, the butcher will be in the pressure test tomorrow, as will the woman with long braids, and another woman.

    Nagi was very kind to all the cooks in her critiques, including and especially the ones whose dishes were not good. I felt kind of bad for those three because all the dishes before theirs got raves.

    • I read somewhere that the judges do taste tests all the way along so they know the dishes that are failing way before the final judgement. No surprises.

  188. Tonight was a pressure test from Hugh Allen, a banksia pod, with stem and leaves. It looked intricate, not something I would ever attempt. I didn’t watch the cooking. The butcher made the best one, good for him. The woman with the long braids was eliminated, for undissolved gelatin among other faults in her dish.

    I’m not sure what the big red item on Sofia’s dress was, maybe a flower, or maybe a big bow and she was going to jump out of a giant cake later. Poh must have had a come-to-Jesus moment, because she was wearing monk’s robes.

    • I dropped in at the end where the contestants were trying to wrestle get their “dish” out if a mould. It looked pointless. Strongest wins?
      Andy was wandering around being encouraging. Good on him. Is he the only one that does this now? Are the other judges off somewhere having a smoko?
      Meh. I thought that MC would improve when it got down to manageable numbers. I’m no closer to learning anyone’s names.

      • What do you mean? There’s the butcher, the fish guy, short woman, woman with tatts…:)

        I only watch the first few minutes and some of the judging. Even then, I tend to wander off for a while and just listen. MC just does not interest me this year.

        • 🤣🤣
          I have narrowed the finale down to guy who can cook and girl who can cook. I will swoop in and learn their names eventually.
          It hasn’t been a great season.

    • It looks absolutely charming.
      It was -6 here in Canberra last night. I hope the weather is better for you.

      • At 9.30 am this morning, it was toasty. It’s going to be hot and I’m happy with that.
        Mum said she’s cold in WA. I’d come here just to avoid that. When we can’t afford Europe, we might have to try Broome or Exmouth in a van. 😮

  189. MC tonight is an invention test, with a surprise elimination, and a mystery prize to be revealed later. The challenge food is bacon and eggs. They’re scraping the bottom of the barrel for ideas now.

      • I haven’t been watching much and when I do I just watch the beginning and the judging. This season has been one of the worst, IMHO. Reinvent bacon and eggs…Harry makes bacon and egg sandwiches and it’s judged as the best dish. What made this a reinvention I have no clue unless the judges think that using choux buns instead of bread/rolls was inventive enough.

        • I agree, Smythe, that this season is one of the worst, possibly the worst ever. Even if it didn’t have Poh all over the place, it is just boring, boring challenges, boring mystery boxes, boring judges giving boring critiques. Bleh all around.

  190. Venice was lovely. You want to avoid the touristy areas for accomodation. You can still walk there if you want, but everything is cheaper and nicer and more “Italian” away from St Mark’s Square.
    The bike has come in handy for long distances.

    • There is zero wear and tear on your shoes. You can take the opportunity of buying a pair of glittery, expensive, Italian shoes knowing that they will last forever.