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This is a place to discuss non-TV stuff and post photos of whatever you like (as long as you keep your gear on). Pix of new shoes welcome, Daisy, and I am seeking inspiration for a birthday cake for a four-year-old boy, if anyone’s baked anything lately. Have at it!



  1. It’s Friday, after a long week, and I’m eating soft cheese and hoping this rain doesn’t come through my ceiling again.

  2. The rain is dripping through my ceiling in the lounge. The eastern states would probably get this and it could stuff up the cricket etc,

    It’s winter in Adelaide. Get me out of here.

    Iggy won’t go outside when it’s wet.

          • I can’t seem to click on the reply on your post, Daisy so not sure where this will go..

            I love your pantry.. looking good. I tidy ours every now and then and then it gets messy again. I can’t keep cupboards tidy with my mother around ><

            Yes.. right spot 🙂

      • A group called P.A.W.S siezed him from a puppy farm in Sydney. You wouldn’t believe how many people have said he’s the cutest dog ever. Thanks ,Sandii.

        Long story how he came to me. The vet who said he should be euthanised is now dead. Iggy’s laughing all the way to his food bowl about that..

        Pandy, mine made a little cave under the tv cabinet to hide from storms. He gradually barged a whole load of DVD’s out of the way to suit.

        • We inherited a beautiful, black cocker spaniel called Winnie, who was also rescued in Sydney from a puppy farm. She was the most loving, gorgeous dog ever. We loved her.

        • I am not sure how I missed all of this! He is adorable, BDD. Don’t take this the wrong way, but he is kinda the dog version of my cat. My cat is probably heavier though.. she weighs a tonne. Don’t be offended if you are not a cat person, I have trained her like a dog. Unfortunately she is evil though and is not nice to you like a dog 🙁 I have to make do with her as my pooch now, though.

          Glad to hear that he at least has had a happy ending. Those people running those farms are pure evil.

          My cat was a rescue kitten… she really doesn’t appreciate it, though. If I put my hands out to her and say “cuddles” she just screams at me 🙁

    • Ha ha, now I can see what Fijane means about an @ ( insert number). It reads like my pantry looks like Pandy’s dog Millie. Now someone else just needs to put a photo of (insert any tv celeb) and THAT will read as, “looks like my dog Milie”. ????????????????

      • lol Daisy @3.1 – my pantry is mostly on my kitchen floor as I had an outbreak of pantry months and they got in to everything. I’ve turfed out so much stuff and hope to spend tomorrow wiping the shelves with vinegar and bleach. I’m sure when the tradies came round to quote on our storm damage they thought they’d walked into a house from one of those hoarder shows.

  3. I really love all the photos. Too bad we have to watch our privacy because at the risk of annoying e eryone I would be posting everything.

    Hot and dry in WA. Back from taking the kids ten pin bowling. BTW Woolif doesn’t care if I post his pic.

    • You have another classic B&B episode to look forward to when you get out of the pool.

      I just “liked” my own post by mistake! Watch out for that one. It’s like an amata crowing about their own “creation” .Yeah,right.

  4. Don’t worry. I think I liked myself once too. Just call it “healthy self esteem. ????????????

    My guess is Ivy will pull through being fried like an egg, albeit with curlier hair. If I was the writers I would have her sitting up in bed with an afro while Thomas and Wyatt vie for the privelege of bringing her chocolates. And Thomas takes off his shirt again and gives her champagne laced with Pam’s sedatives and anti gossip tablets. Which by the way, Pam seems not to be taking.

    • Yeah, the irony is that Ivy makes it by being electrocuted back to life but she could have “brain damage”( like all of the other characters). I’ll bet she has amnesia for months…

      8.30 for 48 hrs on One tonight.Early.

      • Well while Ivy is lying there in a coma doing nothing, they could take Rick and Maya’s baby out of Nicole and pop it in Ivy to incubate, thus leaving the way clear for Zende to get back in action.

  5. It’s disgustingly hot and sticky here today, so I could do with a dip in your pool, Daisy.

    They are threatening us with a bunch of supercell storms this weekend. We’ve just had a tiny bit of rain, so I hope that’s all that happens.

    The Gold Coast is said to be copping it though, so I hope Carole is safe. As is everyone in the Sunshine Coast and Gympie areas.

    • Rosie @7, we have just had the most massive storm, lost power for a few hours, and Millie my dog was terrified!
      Worse still sadly a man was killed at the Scarness Caravan Park with a tree falling on his caravan. We are on the Fraser Coast, lots of damage to clean up tomorrow in this area.

      • Oh no, Pandy, that’s dreadful to hear of a fatality. I knew these storms were going to be bad, but didn’t think they’d be death causing. Going without power is bad enough.

        We lost the glass in the windows along one side of our house in a super cell storm at the end of 2014, and I’m scared of something like that happening again, but I’m not aware of anyone in Brisbane being seriously injured. Puts things into perspective. I hope you stay safe, matey.

    • Well now that I know you’re not a Nigerian prince, it’s the only sensible explanation. I hear she lures you into her lair with sweet and savoury treats and 24hr pool access…

      My resolve with good food is weak, therefore I must keep my distance 😛

  6. Trouble is, by the time I get there, it’d be winter! ‘Tis a long way from Qld to WA, ya know! I don’t s’pose you’d fancy moving in the next half an hour? Bringing your pool with you, of course. 😉

    • Oh dear. There was a poor bloke here in SA last week struck by lightning and killed in our big storm. It’s been a strange old summer. Good luck with the clean up.

  7. No shoes juz, but family dinner tonight. I made lamb kofta with tzatziki, and some salads from a book called The Real Meal Revolution. Not flash plating up here but was delicious.

  8. Hey Jaybee, how about showing off some of your crotchet here. ????

    BTW Juz, I did keep my gear on for ll of these photos. ????

  9. Good grief. Stupid Roxy Jacenco for making a social media Honey Boo Boo of her child. Just the sm photos I saw of Pixie on the Project were so Jean Bonnet.

    Roxy referred to “people who follow Pixie” like that was a normal thing. Shudder.

    • Are you using a tab. I will help you tomorrow if you like.

      When you click on camera, there is a thing that looks like a cog. You click on that and the sizes appear.

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