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Morning, all … I’ve redone the poll so you can select up to three shows and added a couple more options (results won’t be strictly scientific, but who’s watching …).

If you have ideas for other polls, just post below. I’ll do ones relating to specific shows once the casts are revealed.

Cheers – Juz



    • I watched the first season of Aussie Bake Off but don’t have pay TV, so missed the latest. Was it good? The UK original is so great that it automatically lowers my expectations for our version. Also love Gogglebox. I reckon they could get really meta and do a spinoff show filming people watching Gogglebox. We were a bit sad when they watched Doctor Who lately and said it was boring – how dare they!

      • It was disappointing the GBox review on the Doctor but granted it wasn’t a very good episode. On the upside (well potential upside) Steven Moffat is stepping down as showrunner (maybe the classic canon will stopped being trashed now) but also losing Peter Capaldi. It is a shame as we never had the PC doctor that everyone was expecting.

        Since we are now facing another regeneration, perhaps they could persuade Paul McGann to reprise the role and fill in some of the lost years.

        Is anyone going to watch the new X-Files? Bit dubious on the reboot. The better episodes tended not to be the ones written by Chris Carter but by Darin & Glen Morgan + James Wong. We assume DD & GA reprised their roles to pay for their respective children’s college funds.

        Has Smythe popped up here yet?

        • Hopefully Smythe will find us, Polly. I don’t have her address.
          There are quite a few regulars I would like to see again; DrT, Georgie, CB, Joseph Skyrim, Lizzie, Samsara, Deano, Meep……..

      • I really enjoyed GABO series 2 was great last year and they will be doing a series 3 this year. GBBO series 6 is showing on foxtel atm. I watched ep 2 this week. I think our bakers are generally better than the UK ones but both shows worth watching.
        Just come home from a Thai restaurant in Mission Beach. That angry duck sure was cranky tonight but so delish.

  1. Yes, hopefully they will come Daisy. There’s also some of the BL gang- Bolders, Lola, Nico_66 plus Amanda, Techhater, Gidget, and many more.

    • Amanda posted on RR that she has been busy with work but would come over – I’m hooping once shows start people will check RR, then find us. Gidget is on Twitter (she had lots of followers!) so I may send her a tweet (if I can work out how).

    • Yes, more goodies. TH is around. She knows but is probably busy atm.
      How could I forget Bolders? And LW. Both partners in crime. ????????

    • It’s like Talking TV won’t be complete unless the entire crew is back together! But we sure do have a good start!

  2. I just voted once on the poll to see if it would work before I registered . I’m not really going to watch US Bachelor. Lucky Dr.Phil, Judge Judy and 48 Hours aren’t on there.

    Dr.Phil’s got a diet book out, following Oprah’s $cent.

      • Not B&B Daisy? I got hooked last year when recuperating from some broken bones but it’s getting me down at the moment, so many interfering busybodies, male and female.

        • Have they ever heard of knocking Sara? It’s hilarious he way everyone just walks in without knocking. Worst busy bodies atm: Pam, Brooke and Liam. How were they poking and prodding Caroline for her private information. Or Thomas poking his nose in on the ultra sound. And how come none of them have security gates. They are supposed to be rich and famous but you can just walk up to their front doors. And no maids or cleaning ladies? I think it’s ridiculousness is part of its appeal. Now if they can just write crazy Allie back from the dead. I would love that. And don’t think it can’t be done.

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