A milestone for Talking TV

Today we passed 1000 comments, which is pretty good given Talking TV was only created nearly two weeks ago. Sure, half are by me and a quarter by Daisy, but it still counts, right?

Just wanted to say thanks, everyone – I’m chuffed you gave it a go.

Cheers – Admin Juz

PS: Oh and thanks to IT Sidekick for adding the flourishes to the website AND giving First Dates a go and loving it. At some stage we’ll work out how to send you an email if your comment has been replied to.



  1. Thank you Juz for doing this. I have not been checking RR so just found out about this website. Have had a lot of stuff going on so haven’t even watched MKR yet. Hope all is well with everyone!

      • You can just add a gif, jpg or png file with your comments! I just saved this from Google to my desktop and added the file.

        I also learned how to make gifs for myself, but I’d need to refresh my memory 🙂

  2. Let’s see of this works.. Yep. It was just a silly exercise we did one class. Mine doesn’t try make it look like a video clip, but shows how it is just a series of images put together!!

  3. Hi all, I’ve had to change the settings as we were getting too much spam (mostly for h0verb0ards !!!). You need to be logged in to comment. Will look at a spam filter plug in later today to see if that helps. Cheers – Admin Juz

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