Farmer Wants A Wife – Mon, Feb 22

Over to Cowgirl Daisy for her recap – yee ha …
We are getting down to the barbed wire now and tonight Adam, Julz, Jedd and Matt must each break another heart and send a girl back to the big smoke. Do you have any favourites, readers? Any guesses?
This week Lance has bounced back from losing Karen, but then he’s accustomed to being thrown off a bull so he can manage being ditched by a filly. Lance is giddy with lusty anticipation. He is looking forward to studding himself out. Matt seems to be enjoying the experience, and why not? He has three pretty girls in short, shorts and singlets. He looks as used to this as Elvis in Harem Scarum. Lachlan is starting to look bored and jaded and a bit over the whole RTV thing. Julz is sincere and Jedd is just starting to warm up.
Matt gets a good spiel with alliteration from the narrator; “helicopter hottie has fallen headfirst”. It’s a heart throbbing harem hootenany hayride. I am thinking, “go for Amelia”. Gabi flashes an ugly tatt. Matt flashes the choppers. Are they real? My mum wants to know. I told her “yes”. Amelia scoops poop and April wrassels Matt.
Julz is wavering, and Melanie gets a date. Julz takes her to sit on an old blue couch in a woodshed. And then they have snags. Julz is quietly confident. They snuggle, and share a sausage flavoured smooch. Are there fleas in that old couch? Megan and Alex hope so. In Coffin Bay Jedd is looking for “trace elements” in his girls. What the hell does that mean? Anyhow, he’s an oddball, but kind of cute in a doofus CSI way.
Adam, who has a cerebral approach to love is thinking hard, like he is choosing lotto numbers or doing a school project, as he weighs the pros and cons and considers the attributes of each girl. Hayley volunteers to drive the ute, but Tarryn gets the date. Adam reminds Tarryn that it’s still anyone’s game and there are two other girls. Gee, Adam. Tarryn plays, “I’m cold”, but Adam misses his cue. Someone slap Adam for being a dick. Next it’s Hayley’s turn and it’s fairy lights in the hay shed. Having spent time on farms, I know that hay stinks, but Hayley is thrilled, and even more over the moon when she sees chocolates and strawberries. Adam congratulates himself on his technique, but then frog marches Hayley back into the house before she starts getting ideas. Of course it could just be that Adam knows his Nanna is watching.
In the meantime, Lance has taken his girls shopping for boot scootin’ clobber. We see none of the slap and tickle in the change rooms, just the girls dressed like floral Annie Oakleys, or Judy Canova (that’ll get you googling).

With bulls bucking in the ring and sizzling on the plate, Lisa and Suzie enjoy another rodeo. I am thinking Lancie suits Suzie but will choose Lisa because he seems to go for women that he doesn’t match.
Lachlan chats with Belinda and Kelly, but Belinda needs the heimlich manouevre to open up so Kelly gets the date. I am reminded of The Castle, as Lachie and Kelly come out onto their verandah in fat slippers and bathrobes to feel the serenity and have a foot rub.
Now it’s the morning after. Adam clinically evaluates his girls and rubs out Christine. We might have guessed. She got no air time. Julz is in a spin. The girls all like him, and he likes them, but you just can’t afford to get platonic so Megan gets sent packing. Jedd lines the girls up in an oyster shed and gives each one a spiel which is as gentle as an episode of If You Are The One. For being “a great person”, Nicole gets sent home.
Now Farmer Matt has contracted dengue fever or malaria because he broken out in a sweat. And…oh no…real tears. Matt is choking on a frog in his throat.

He doesn’t want to send anyone home! Poor Matt! He should have gone in the Salt Lake City version; The Farmer Wants Three Wives. Matt has a little cry, but don’t worry because pan to next week and he is cuddling up with April and Gabi. Yes, my favourite, Amelia had to saddle up and ride off into the sunset. Until next week pardner. Cooee.



  1. Some interesting and not so interesting choices tonight. I’ll wait until others have watched to make any other comments 🙂

  2. The recap was sent in tonight but sorry I had no time for photos as am working this week. If I have time tomorrow I will do some photos.

  3. I think this show would be more fun if we could eliminate Farmers, not just the poor girls. Some people, not naming names, have just had their fair share of boring up the tv screen!

    Lance hasn’t named his new favourite yet. I think that the one who always has her chest on display is too keen for Lance and too happy. He likes a more sulky woman so Suzie must be the new go? Those make-overs..

    Did Julz say “don’t mind me” as he went in for the kiss? Or am I hearing things? He does seem genuine but I am not finding him too compelling. It is just like watching a guy date 4 women at the same time, while they live with him. Totally normal!

    Jedd and Greg!! Greg seems lovely.. Jedd is still thinking deeply about his choices. I hadn’t even noticed Nicole before this episode. I wasn’t feeling the spark so no surprises there. I am hoping for him and Sam in the end! Boy oh boy though he is a straight shooter at elimination time!

    Matt does seem to be in his element. Thriving in the attention and short shorts! I am still not sure about April, and Gabbi.. that girl is still showing that she knows how to play the game right. This bunch don’t seem to be as camera shy as some of the others, so you can tell why they seem to be the producer’s favourites. Matt is either an Academy Award winning actor or those tears were real. Is it mean that it was nice to see? As in, it shows real emotion and for a show to work, you need people who seem to forget that the camera is there and be themselves.. I was shocked that Amelia left but then afterwards not so much, they did seem more like friends and she didn’t seem to have that boisterous energy he looks to be after.

    Ohh Adam.. that boy is hard to read. He can go two ways. He either is a dick or really is finding the whole dating multiple girls at once on camera thing awkward. Really awkward. I am not a fan of “I find him sexually attractive” Taryn or forlorn Haley. Could you have two girls who are more different? I am not one to talk though, I would be the most hated person. A date between Adam and I on TV would involve us sitting 3 metres apart talking about “stuff”. Maybe he will warm up during the last episodes?

    • Here’s an idea for a new rtv show. Making lover out of a sow’s ear.
      Adam needs lessons à la Cirano de Beurgerac.

          • Nope.. got it all! I think you may be right.

            Had a bit of a FB stalk in between patterns and poor Adam is coping a bit of flack. I feel for him. I am going to give him the benefit of the doubt and that he is just not a natural around the cameras/more reserved. I can only imagine how bad I would be. I would be ice cold. Even though I would be cold, he wouldn’t warm my hands 🙁 haha

  4. APOLOGIES TO ANYONE WHO’S BEEN HAVING TROUBLE WITH THE SITE TODAY. Someone fed the computer gremlins after midnight and they wreaked havoc. We should be back to normal in a day or so. Thanks.

  5. Just caught up, and totally blindsided by Amelia being sent off. And having done that he clings to her, kisses her cheek and looks like he wanted to change his mind.
    I’m pretty sure that Lance still wants the woman who never made it to the farm. A few weeks (or less) after the show finishes I reckon he will be calling her.
    Interesting to hear that Adam is copping flak. He is by far my favourite. Certainly the best looking of the six, although Jed is pretty cute, too. They keep calling Matt a ‘hottie’ as if repeating it frequently might convince us it is true. He’s not bad, but really just pleasant.
    I’m really cheering for Belinda, seems a real keeper. I also like Sam and Melanie.

    • I am only teasing when I make fun of them Fijane. Mind you, Adam could use some lessons in love. I think he is the favourite of most of the ttv girls. I would need more spark, but less spark than Lancie has.

      • No problem, Daisy. Lance isn’t my cuppa tea either. I think anyone who matched up with him would have to watch him like a hawk.

    • I was shocked by the Amelia choice too, but as I said in my earlier looong comment, I think Matt wants a girl with LOTS of energy and April and Gabbi seem to have that. Plus, those girls know the game and how to play it haha

      Well.. I did see on FB (ok, I spend a lot of time on the computer for what I do) and Lorraine had been commenting that she was actually kicked off the show. She also liked to send out lots of digital kisses xx. She says she will reveal all later. I have no idea how much truth is in that.

      Daisy, I think you’re ok, I think it was my comment about how people on FB are calling Adam cold (Lachlan is sticking up for him over there). He is my favourite, too. I think he is just more shy than the rest and I am ok with him not touching and feeling the girls at every chance. I think when a girl does get her hands warmed by him, they’ll know that they’re in and this shiz is serious haha.

      Jedd has grown on me and if I was 10 years older and liked oysters.. well. Matt has charisma and is quite natural on screen. He has a fun personality, excellent teeth and have you seen those abs? I am wondering if they will make a reappearance?

      • As I said re Adam, if Nanna is watching, she may have said, “No shenanigans, Sonny”.

        Fijane, I would not turn my back on Lancie, unless ot was to run for my life.

        I don’t mind Jed’s appearance but I would prefer a man with a better gift of the gab. The way you said,”Kerry, I learnt a lot from you. Samantha, you grab my heart” or words to that effect, made me think he was good with honesty, but not so great on when less ho esty is more.

      • Eliza, I think you are spot on re Adam. I like his reserve because he doesn’t kiss, hug etc insincerely like the others seem to do. If I was on the show and the farmer kissed me I would assume that it was game over for the other girls. OTOH, if I had been kissed and then found out that he had kissed one of the others, then it would be game over for the farmer.
        I suppose I’m a bit old-fashioned in believing that you don’t get physical until you have made your decision. I don’t believe in ‘trying things out’.

        • Of course Fijane, but when the girl says, “My hands are cold”, don’t talk about crutching.
          Just being silly. Take everything I say with a lump of rock salt. ????

        • Totally agree, Fijane! I am “old fashioned” too.. I don’t even like to call it that! Today is all about “try before you buy” and if your marriage is getting boring, no worries! Just sign up for Ashley Madison, right??!!!

          Dw, Daisy, I get not malicious tone from you. It is all tongue in cheek fun without just being plain mean. We can’t get too PC 😛 without knowing someone we can just say he is terrible at reading the signs/yes, nana is definitely watching!

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