I’m A Celeb – Ep 2 and chat

Just fast forwarded through Mon night’s Celeb, mainly to see the reaction to Warnie’s arrival. Honestly, is anyone going to watch this every night, especially when there is so much else on? If anyone is mad enough to do so, feel free to email me recaps, as I can’t see myself watching regularly unless a pack of hyenas attacks the camp. Maybe when it’s final five …  Laurina is a genius for bringing a blow-up couch when the others had family photos. If anyone gets narky with her they can poke it with a sharp stick. They all hate her already (although it’s not clear why) and run away. I don’t think Laurina will be fussed.

Fev shows a different side of himself, talking about depression and rehab.

Oh god, more charades … And finally the box with Warnie cooped up inside is revealed. Bonnie doesn’t really know who he is but he’s Fev’s BFF. Val brought cards so they’ll just be playing poker all the time. I love that Akmal is geeking out over Warnie.

Warnie picks Fev for the first Tucker Trial and they get bugs dumped on them. They both do well until the snakes come in and that’s when I’d be bolting. The medic checking the blokes afterwards for sneaky bugs reminded me of *nerd alert* Star Trek: Wrath of Khan and the larvae crawling into Chekov’s ear – urgh!

Dinner ingredients include warthog ribs so they must be wishing Julie Goodwin was on this season. I’m thinking browning then a slow braise but they’ll be too hungry for that.

Harrogan’s a vego – who’d have thunk it.




  1. I’m watching tonight’s ep. Some horrid tucker trial food on offer! ! And JM wore that or similar black outfit last season during tucker trial and she’s wearing it again and I love it and want it. Just so you know.
    And Dirty Street Pie not happy!
    And love Akmal.
    And very impressed with Mr Warne tonight.

    • I just skipped through it. Warnie was a champion with that food challenge. No surprise L did not even have a nibble, but how happy was Dr Chris to announce it was a Dirty Street Eye.

  2. I also noticed (in last night’s show) that they disliked Laurina. Some comments were made that at least blowing up the couch would stop her talking for awhile so she may have been being mouthy.
    Fev looked truly terrified when they put the snakes in so kudos to him for sticking it out.

    • They showed a behind the scenes footage of Warnie & Fevola before that challenge & apparently neither of them were wearing any undies. So hilarious. They won’t do that again.

  3. I don’t have a problem with her not eating maggots but I felt that she wasn’t supportive of the others and in fact kept trying to get them to quit .

    • Yeah, same here. I won’t criticise someone for not doing something I wouldn’t do myself. But she was trying to get the others to quit when they were willing to do it. He was just trying to psyche himself up.

  4. Laurina has signed up for the show, all Warnie wanted was for her to at least try. Of course she probably would have fake tried and fake gaged…
    I did have a little chuckle when she said she didn’t need to humiliate herself… does she think signing up for the show wasn’t humiliating enough?

    I think the bottle was rigged Juz, if they have paid Warney as much as it has been reported, I’d imagine they want to get their moneys worth!
    Having said that, on Monday night it looked like Fev had far more snakes in his tube thingy than Warnie did…

    • Someone said on one of the shows the other day that Warnie said it was bullshit he was paid millions & had a contract about no spiders.

  5. p.s. Juz, I’m more likely to watch this every night rather than any of the other offerings (sorry MKR fans, I just can’t, with that show anymore), if i can manage to write up a recap without having to watch the show 5 times over, i’ll let you know 🙂

    • Erin, I think we could all recap MKR without watching. The villains, the disaster in the kitchen, forgot something at the shop, Manu sulking over not getting enough juz, people needing to bring their A game this time, and people smashing it. Done.

  6. I just finished watching IAC and was so cross at Laurina’s attitude. She is so self absorbed. I don’t care that she didn’t eat the ‘treat’ but she had no intention of trying and then to say she was calling it. She also left Dean to do the washing up. I really hope she is eliminated first. Good on Warnie and the other 2 guys, they were team players.

    • Ha ha. She is really annoying (like CS and Joel got me riled up) you all happening. She WAS pathetic last night, and it was just weird saying let’s call it. But I still find her entertaining. I think it won’t be long before the rest of the camp eat her.

      BTW, I bet all the scrabble players and crossword lovers wanted to see the elephant poo letters. I do cryptic crosswords all the time and love anagrams.

    • I was surprised when she walked away from the washing up. She really does think she is a princess. What a cheek wanting to call it when those guys had eaten and drank as much as they had. As if they would let her.

      I wonder what will be involved in the tucker challenge that she is in? I wonder if it goes against her boundaries or will make a fool of her?

    • AH I think people will leave her in just to see her squirm and to cause friction in the camp but I can’t see her being left long enough to win.
      Her wanting to call it was just plain weird and so not her place when all three of the others had put in.

  7. I’m another one who watches IAC, I love the personalities of the celebrities coming out. That food looked disgusting, but honestly, Laurina must have known what she was in for, didn’t she watch the show last year? Can’t wait to see if she falls off the cliff tonight. I”m a Celebrity get Me out of here Now! is not that great so far, Heather laughs at nothing way too much!

  8. Thanks for the recap Juz. I’ll be watching every night, I don’t watch the other ones. Warnie was a real trooper last night. I was really impressed, but I had to look away it just made me sick.

    Is Rosie on this site? She does great recaps.

  9. Heeeey. I made the grandkids fried John Dory and steamed veggies for dinner, and they spun the bottle and pretended it was a tucker trial. ????

  10. Ep 4 Recap
    My first recap – please be kind!
    After a quick recap of last nights ep and Chris / Julia babble (they are great hosts, but some nights I just tune out, this is one of those nights!) we get a clip of Bonnie getting the group to play what Bonnie called ‘The Penguin Dare’, maybe it’s the accent or I’m a little slow but it took me a minute or two to grasp the concept! The gist I got was that, you pick a person to make a fool of themselves (Warney), and tell them to act out a penguin, then you tell everyone else (all the other celebrities), to ‘guess’ what the animal is, they can shout out any other animal but ‘PENGUIN!’. It was quite funny, with Shane getting really frustrated that they couldn’t figure out his pretty obvious interpretation of a penguin!

    Laurina and Havana have a bit of a bitch session, with Laurina claiming Anthony doesn’t like her.

    The celebs are given some potatoes for breakfast (or maybe it was lunch), Fev takes it upon himself to slice them, (Warney nominated) chef Jo Beth, tries to politely suggest that before any food prep, perhaps they could have a quick discussion about how the food is cooked. Seems cooking over a fire isn’t much fun if you have to stand over it constantly stirring etc.

    Trick or treat, the celebs have an opportunity to win some cheese as a treat, to do so they must list 7 of the 9 African countries that start with ‘S’, they manage only 5. Laurina’s face looked like she thought they were talking a different language – these ‘celebs’ obviously spent more time in theatre studies or on a sports field than geography class, and obviously being born in South Africa (Dean) is of no help…

    Cut to an ad break just before Laurinas tucker trial and it sounded like the hosts (read: work experience kids) from ‘Get Me Out of Here, Now! spoiled the result of the tucker trial before it even aired?!

    Anyways on to the tucker trial. Princess Laurina, must search various nooks and cranies of a gypsy wagon for 12 stars, naturally each nook and cranny is filled with some variation of bug / insect / slithering creature… Princess does well getting 9 stars in the allocated time, not without plenty of whinging and whining from her in between. She seems pretty pleased with herself. Back at camp the celebs all congratulate her on a good effort!

    Celebs seem to have cottoned on to producers plan to create drama, by enforcing chores, unhappy Akmal suggests, a mutiny, ending with the abduction of Julia Morris if they don’t get what they want!

    Dinner comes flying in and its Ostrich egg – sounds delicious! Much discussion about how to cook it ensues, in the end they try boiling it, only for most of the camp to refuse to eat it – I bet they are hanging for another Masterchef intruder!

    Chris and Julia pop into camp to reveal who is off for the next tucker trial… surprise, surprise, its Princess Laurina again! Its like Laura Dundovic all over again, she just needs to prove herself and everyone will get over it and move on to the next victim.

    As I finish this recap, I’m watching the work experience kids on Get Me Out of Here, Now! They still have a long way to go but they certainly have improved since Day 1. the show has so much potential, i hope they can grasp it.

  11. Thanks for the recap Erin. A little correction, it was ostrich neck. Don’t know how the hell they are meant to cook it. Who chooses their meals? I had an ostrich burger years ago somewhere in north Qld, it wasn’t bad.
    Good on Laurina, she did pretty good tonight. Poor thing got bitten. They didn’t show it, but I hope the medics looked at it, you don’t know what kind of infections you could get from that. Especially sticking her hand in all that gross stuff.
    That Fevola over reacted. All she wanted was to discuss how to prepare the food. It’s 35 over there & cooking over an open fire wouldn’t be much fun. They need to send another MasterChef contestant as an intruder.

      • Fevs was a little bit sooky when asked a simple request. It’s one thing being a softie, it’s another being delicate.

        But we all probably know the first to go will be an under-the-radar who doesn’t already have a huge number of fans. Dean and Val are dead weight.

    • I only saw a snippet of it but I was thinking to do the ostrich neck like osso bucco, but I don’t think they have a big knife. Surely they have machetes, though?

    • Thanks everyone, Oops, it was too neck not egg, thanks Carole, its what happens you are watching the show, cooking dinner, texting a friend about said show, and writing the recap, i was trying to avoid having to rewatch the ep!
      i should be home earlier tonight and be able to pay better attention to the goings on, haha!
      Juz, yeah, i dont think they have a big enough or sharp enough knife to cut it.
      I forgot to comment on the Irwins going in next week also. I’ve never been a fan, but like many of the other celebs they might surprise me. Friend who i was texting suggested the celebs might actually find their insight into the jungle life useful.

  12. One of the campers said the ostrich neck looked like something from a horror movie. I was thinking it looked like the alien in Alien.

    If I was a camper who hadn’t been voted into a challenge, I would be thinking the viewers won’t be voting to ‘save’ me either.

    Bonnie seems to be quite down to earth and nice.

    • The Irwins drop in on Monday for the “Whats in the Box” challenge.
      I think instead of the tucker chest thingy every night they did last year (although we didn’t see it every night), they are switching it up a bit so Mondays – whats in the box, Tuesday tucker chest, Wednesday trick or treat…

  13. Its An Irwin Get It The Fuck Out Of There.

    Unacceptable viewing. Refuse to watch those arseholes.

    Fail.Ch 10.

  14. Did anyone notice, the iron woman girl….another dead weight so far….was wearing false eye lashes? I can only be impressed by that if she did a Julie Goddwin and made them herself from tarantulla legs.
    I have more respect for the girls who go native, and bare faced.

    • I haven’t noticed that Daisy. Apparently Laurina has a medical reason for needing to wear makeup. And her eyebrows look really strange!

  15. Has anyone else noticed how pale Laurina’s face is compared to the rest of her spray tanned body? It looks comical and really odd. Very noticeable when she talks to the camera.

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