1. Juz, great idea opening a new thread with chat away. No need to overload yourself with recapping when you have yourself and your family to look after. ????

    I am about to start watching here.

  2. Loosely, here is my order of preference.
    Bonkers Bonnie at the top, just for being funny in an oddball way.
    Laurina second for being whacky and not be afraid to be whacky.
    Jobeth, Callea and Warnie at the bottom, and everyone else in the middle.
    There are no real favourites in this lot. The camp needs some fresh faces and fast.

    • You watched SYTYCD, didn’t you Daisy? Bonnie always seemed like a kind and well-meaning person on that show.

      Can’t stand Warnie. Looks like he brought his daughter up well, too. Sometimes we do go OTT with the PC-ness of things but there are some things that are just beyond joking about.

      Am awaiting your thoughts on Farmer. Darn 3 hour difference. I am watching it now 🙂

      • SYTYCD was more Izobel2 than me, Eliza.
        I will get to Farmer asap. Yes, the time difference is a pain (although I love no dls). By the time I have watched Farmer and done the recap, you, little Night Owl, will probably be the only one still awake.

        • Ah, yes! See, I LOVE DLS.. I am always sad when it is over. I love having the light until 7:30ish. It just makes it feel like summer. I am not fussed by it being darker in the morning but I get it is harder for some people.

          Haha, yep, I’ll be here no doubt!

  3. Laurina wondered why she didn’t get any tips at the strip club, when the punters said she was the prettiest. Any tips for Laurinda?

  4. The Chief is Chief. Val is deputy. Dean is the chef. Sou chef is Havana. Wood colector is Larina Assistant wood collector is Anthony. Both are ready for friction.
    Bonnie and Jobeth are on dishes.
    Brendan got the week off which leaves Shane on pooper scooping.

    And when suggestions are requested, oh no, Laurina dares make a suggestion. So there is another reason for Bonnie and Jobeth to throw scorn on her contribution.
    And Bonnie just dropped like a poop in the long drop imo. Which leaves an opening at number one, while Bonnie goes to numbers twos.
    So now I put Laurina, Dean and Fevola at number one.

    • Bonnie & Jobeth were real bitches the way they spoke to Laurina. If they didn’t like her suggestion there was no need to be rude about it. Just thank her & say they’ll keep it in mind. That was just unnecessary nastiness.

      • Weren’t they just. (Noses in the air) No, WE will decide what we do”.
        If suggestions had not been requested, fair enough to get a bit snooty over the dishes, but it was put out there for anyone, and afterall it made sense for someone who had been on dishes, to have learned something from the experience, even if we all got the impression that Laurina is lazy.

        And WHEN does she get to sit on her couch. Everytime I look the lads are all over it. I hate when there is too much testosterone in the camp. And I want a femaile leader next. Jobeth or Laurinda would be good.

      • I didn’t hear her suggestion or the response (phone rang) but was their response coloured by the fact that L originally wanted everyone to wash their own dishes? If the suggestion hinted at that again, I would have shut her down, too.

      • Too right Carole, real bitches, both of them, they definitely have their own little clique going.
        I thought it was very brave for Laurina to even make a suggestion, especially when it involved the princess (JB), she should have realised she was going to get shot down.

        • Very brave, considering she is aware of the attitudes toward her and is finding it frustrating to constantly hit a road block.
          Whatever Laurina’s flaws are, and let’s say she does come off like lady muck, she still treats everyone decently. Anyhow, I think a lot of Laurina’s manner is a persona she wants to create. I have seen her take the p*ss out of herself on TV, and if she were really so stuck up, why talk about her humble beginnings in a strip club, where she couldn’t even get tips. Laurina definitely is an odd ball, and wants to be a princess, but she has gotten in the dirt and she is gutsy. Even if I didn’t like her, I would still stick up for her because I don’t like the way she has to endure constant put downs and bitchiness.

  5. Did you see JB sitting on the bed next to Anthony while the new cooks were doing their thing. She was continually in his ear waiting for them to fail. I will give it to Anthony he didn’t join in with her.
    Still really liking the Fev. He just seems a good all rounder to me. He never misses an opportunity to say hi to his girls. He can laugh at himself. He is generous and I just like him.
    Big Paul is nice but a bit low key, I don’t think he is going to go the distance.
    We will see how Mr. Warne goes after cleaning the dunnies for a few days.
    I’m glad Fev got the week off.
    That’s something I noticed, after they gave the chores out and Laurina was shouted down, when they stood up Val went and gave her a big hug. I think she realised how rude and hurtful those women were to her. Usually I have found Val to be quite abrupt with Laurina.
    I’m glad Laurina has Dean to talk to. It looks like none of the women talk to her except maybe Havana, whom I like.

    • I am liking Fev too. He is a teddy bear.
      Well spotted about Val, hugging Laurina. Val will be old school which means she will have no tolerance for princess behaviour but being tough, isn’t the same as being catty and mean. It is odd that Bonnie goes along with the bitchiness, since she also acts like an oddball, high maintenance queen.

    • I want Val and Shane to be the cooks. I notice Val always has advice for the way the food should be cooked but she’s never actually done it herself so I’d like to see how she goes, and Shane needs to be a bit more humble, stop bragging about his wealth and who he knows, and try some cooking. Can’t stand JB and Bonnie, they need to go asap! Julia’s favouritism towards JB is certainly showing. She also said Laurina has a potty mouth, and trying to sway the viewers who to vote for, its ridiculous.

      • Yes I heard Julia say that about Laurinas potty mouth and there was no need for it. Talk about having favourites.

        I tried to post a link but failed but Shane’s daughter Brooke was saying that her dad would not like doing the dunnies as he never changed a nappy when they were babies and once they went camping and had a caravan with a toilet but he made the kids use the campground toilets because he said he ‘wasn’t cleaning that’.
        She also said he had a great habit of exaggerating and not to believe all this name dropping he is doing, he is probably making it up.
        I can’t imagine that bit being true. We are all well aware he has done his fair share of globetrotting and more than likely met all these people. Well I think he probably has, due to the lifestyle he has lived.
        He does enjoy his name dropping though. Who knows?

        • Julia’s comment came immediately after a segment where every second word out of Laurina’s mouth had to be bleeped out. There was no bias there, just a comment on the facts.

          Still a lot not to like about Laurina, and JB’s reaction is not that attractive either.

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