1. It’s our first night without Dean. The roster has been thrown in the fire. People are allowed to volunteer for jobs and make suggestions. They agree to all was their own dishes. Val offers to cook dinner. Screeech…..back up….Val, didn’t we just manage to sack you from cooking last night?

    Shane does some more name dropping; Carmen Elektra this time.

  2. Tonight’s tucker trial is called Screaming Headache, and is to be done by Chief Paul, but it’s a set-up doomed to failure.

    The chief prepares.

    • That was funny, but a bit mean too. I felt so bad for him. But if it had been Laurina who came back with no stars, I think the reaction would have been very different. They would have thought she didn’t try hard enough.

  3. Desperate for story lines tonight:
    The lovely Havana eats like a horse but looks like a gazelle. Remember that girls?
    Val loses Laurina’s bracelet then finds it.
    Fryzee and that other guy who Val and I don’t know stay for dinner. 😪😪😪

  4. And the camp has a new member; Whimpy or something.
    Then everyone says “stitch-up” again, which by now has become annoying.
    But wait…?.Whimpy isn’t staying long. So the stitch-up was a stitch-up.

  5. $1100 bracelet? What’s next – diamond-encrusted eyebrow pluckers?

    Yep, too much stitching up tonight. ( Never thought a quilter would say that)

    • I know, first hair extensions now a $1000 bracelet. Why would you bring it into the jungle with you, let alone wear it to a challenge when you know there is some likelihood of gunk being poured over you?

  6. Shane’s kids must be really excited at the prospect of having Carmen Electra as a future step mum (mom).

  7. I thought last nights show was quite boring, even though they did have visitors in the camp.
    Bloody Val, how is she, ‘I’ll cook the dinners’.
    Yeh right as if they will let that happen.
    I can’t believe they agreed with one of Laurina’s suggestions about washing their own dishes, it must have killed them, especially Anthony.

    • what killed me is hearing Anthony sing… apart from the continuous ear bleeds I think I’ve gotten through the worst.

      The show is now starting to drag on and last nights intruders and prank really was nothing special. Hoping they go all out and “Lord of the Flies” it and split up the camps into two and get them to fight to the death.

      • I just heard the alleged “singing”. Without the vocal treatments and luscious reverbs…the jury’s in…..Anthony can’t sing for jack. I hate that Mariah Carey style where the warbler tries to squeeze as many notes into one syllable as possible. It ain’t cute at all. It’s best celine and not heard.

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