1. I think, after tonight, Paul and Fev will be the last men standing. Both handle themselves well. I noticed that it was Fev who first thought to thank Miranda Kerr, and wish her a get well. And when Laurina wasn’t helping, Paul just took her aside and spoke decently. He didn’t go “Ah ha! Failed again!”

  2. Well I will hold my hand up and say tonight we did see some of the reasons Laurina is doing their heads in.
    I was thinking she was maybe doing her share of collecting the wood alone but alas she wasn’t even doing it so I wasn’t too happy with that. Not on Laurina, just because Anthony walks ahead of you and has made it clear he doesn’t want to be near you, you still have to do your share.
    Also didn’t like the fact she couldn’t carry her dish over to be washed, not on at all. Everyone else does, what makes you so special?
    I know she wasn’t supposed to make a recommendation about the food but it brought out all of Val’s nastiness in full force and Shane’s wrath.
    I’m not sure why she had to make a deal about her name in the skit they did. I never knew what her surname was.
    Good on Fev for apologising.
    Laurina wants to watch herself. She has quite a following and I don’t think the producers like it.
    I am still liking Fev overall.
    What happened to the big fight and tears between Laurina and Shane? I always miss the good stuff.

    • They didn’t seem to show the fight and tears Gabby. I don’t think the producers want Laurina to win so they showed her having that rant in the tok tok. I’m sure all the others get in there and ask and complain about things too. Maybe Laurina has just had a gutful of Anthony and the rest and just couldn’t be bothered any more?
      How rude is Val though? Complains about the food but doesn’t want to take over the cooking chore, what did she think she signed up for? I want her out next.

      • I know, Val & Anthony really pissed me off last night. I was hoping one of them would go. So glad Havanna didn’t go or Laurina would be stuck with no one on her side apart from Dean.
        Those demands of hers were hilarious. I thought the request for chilli instead of something sweet for the next challenge was reasonable.

      • From seeing Laurina in interviews, she does make fun of herself/lampoon herself. I think when she was saying, “Can I have this and that”, she knew full well she was creating a bit of nonsense drama. She isn’t as full of herself as people think because she does poke fun of herself.

        I don’t like lazy and entitled. But I like bitchy gang ups less.

  3. Thanks for the photos Daisy.
    As much as Laurina bugged me last night, i agree Chiefs way of trying to get through to her seemed much more calm and ‘Laurina language’ way of saying it, rather than just telling her off.
    Bonnie picked Paul, Laurina and Havana for the trial. Unless i mis-understood something in the preview of the trial, this one didn’t seem that bad?

  4. Yes, we got to see bad Laurina last night with the lazy, diva behaviour. Although the fight over the name thing was just a fight. But lazy and expecting others to do your work is a no go. Paul was a good leader the wy he spoke to Laurina.

  5. Laurina still didn’t understand the point Fev was trying to make about being in a team so everyone using their first name, rather than surname. She basically said, yeah i get its for the team but i don’t care, i’m still going to do my thing.
    Even when they won the prize, she wasn’t even thankful for it after complaining about the skin care provided for so long!
    And when she finally did complete her chore she didn’t even do it properly!

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