I’m A Celeb – Sunday, Feb 14

Legend Erin has crossed a crocodile-infested river and warded off a lonely Warnie to bring you this recap. Thanks, Erin.

Sunday night 2nd elimination

Hi everyone, feel like tonight ep was a little dry, lots of little things happening but nothing particularly dramatic.

Julia and Chris are in their valentines best, walking across the wobbly bridge to open the show.

There is much talk about talk about changing the chores and camp leader… Shane doesn’t want to give up camp leader and all the others say what they would change or do if they got the job.  Tomorrow night, Shane is going to be de-throned and a new camp leader will be in place.

Havana talks about meeting Justin Bieber.  Apparently he tried to chat her up – she said he was like a little boy that didn’t know what to do, she suggests that he probably doesn’t usually need to do any chatting up.

Paul carries his footy around camp, like a child would carry a comfort toy or blanket.  Later on Fev and Paul were kicking it around, one of them kicks it in a bush and it got punctured, Paul is pretty devastated, he feels like he has lost a limb.

Brendan and Shane are off to a challenge, Fev is very excited – I think just to get out of camp, excitement disappears when they arrive at the challenge and realise what they have to do. They are greeted with a pool of guts and all sorts of stinky stuff, I missed how long they had to collect coins to use at the bush kiosk, stock at the kiosk includes, biscuits, Vegemite, tea bags, cheese, a new footy amongst other things.  They cover their noses and mouths with their singlets and in they get.  They manage 24 coins, deciding to get a new ball for chief, a bag of chips and some tea bags.  Back at camp, the others are all happy but lots think they should have got the Vegemite because of all the things they could have done with it.  I love me some Vegemite, but only on dry biscuits or bread for me!

Laurina, Akmal and Havana are eating fruit that falls off the trees, the others remind them the animals pee on the fruit… I’m with the others, don’t think I would be eating them either!

Tucker trial time – Creepy Callies for Jo Beth, Val and Bonnie. The trial newbies Val and Bonnie are nervous.  They have 3 telephone boxes, when the phone rings they have to get in, answer some questions for stars, of course they will be joined in the box by from creepy crawlies.  Jo Beth is first, she joined by maggots, she answers all her 3 questions correctly – 3 stars.  Bonnie next, she gets 10000 flies, she manages, 2 out of 4 questions correct – 2 stars.  Lastly Val, straight away her box starts filling up with water, she remains pretty calm as 10 crocs join her, then 10 cat fish, her feet now off the ground, and 20 snakes get in, 100 frogs – finishes with 3 stars. 

They finish with a total of 8 stars for the weekend.  Back at camp they are all pretty excited about that.

Everyone gets a card from home for Valentines Day, each has to read out a card for another camp mate, its all very sweet and they all get very emotional.

Social issues seem to be the topic of the day, they talk about choosing the sex of future children, Donald Trump becoming president (shudder) and gun controls.

Shane shares a story about gambling with Kerry Packer in Vegas (I think it was).

There’s a party at the waterfall for Havana’s birthday.  She gets birthday cards from her family and partner, a butter cake, and there are some pool toys for all the celebs play with in the water.  A waterfight ensues, Brendan says he enjoyed mucking around like his mental age!  Akmal suggested some were letting out some aggression.

Their last supper dinner for the week arrives its, wildebeast and vegie sausages.  The sausages don’t looks very good uncooked, but Fevorina’s manages to cook up a great feast.  Fev saved his koala choc from The Irwins chest challenge the other night to give to Havana, for her birthday.

Chris and Julia run into camp to tell the celebs who will be heading a back to the real world.  Its time to go… Akmal.

Akmal joins Julia and Dr in tree house.  He seems actually pretty happy to going home.  He says it was hard to get a word in some times, and he obviously missed talking, he practically talks over Chris and Julia the whole time – it was hard to keep up with what he was babbling on about.  They show a couple of highlights packages… he talks about as a comedian it was actually quite hard because, he was used to performing to a captive audience and the celebs all thought everything he said was a joke.  

He gets to choose the next person for a tucker trial.  After seeing the preview for the trial he chooses Dean.  Then its time for Akmal to get out of there.  I think he must have been keen for food because he really wasn’t listening to the directives he was getting with walking over the bridge with the fireworks or posing for pictures etc. haha!

So that’s it, until tomorrow night where we find out who the new camp leader it – who do you all think it will be? I think they’ll choose Paul.



  1. Thanks for another great recap Erin.
    Was really disappointed to see Akmal go, he was really funny. I hope he’d showered before leaving.
    The valentine’s messages were sweet. I thought the revolt for the new leader was tonight, that’s what the promo implied, but it’s tomorrow. I think it might be Val.

  2. I was hoping it would be Jo Beth, I think people think they are voting to evict instead of to save, the same thing happened in Big Brother. Hope some intruders come in as its a bit boring. I was surprised to see Dean actually say something and when he did it was all about how he supports gun laws in America.

  3. Well what a loada shit that is. Hasn’t finished here yet but couldn’t help having a peek on here. I could think of a few contestants I’d rather have left first. I’m not that suprised on Dean Pandy. He is a Seth Efrican afterall.

    • I’m not disappointed Akmel left but agree, there are a couple of others i thought would have gone first. i guess it depends on your fan base and if they will vote for you.

      • Akmal was interviewed on Studio 10 this morning and he said that he had asked the producers to leave 4 times but they told him just to hang in there. he said he felt socially awkward and he was glad to go. It just wasn’t for him. They need Marcia Brady back on there asap!

  4. Laurina liked my Instagram post this afternoon.. Thanks Laurina! I don’t watch though, so won’t be voting to save.
    Saw the spiders in the last thread.. arrghh!!

  5. Thought Val did very well in the phone booth. Interesting that the other two didn’t pick that booth as I don’t know how they would have gone. Predetermined with short straws a facade?

    Anyone else notice the giant bruises on Warnie’s arms? Has Fev been taking out his frustrations off camera?

    Bit over the reading out of messages from home on any RTV. They know they will be read and therefore would be carefully scripted.

    I will be glad if everyone swaps roles around camp again as it shows a different side to people. And maybe Warnie can get his hands dirty.

    When Warnie and Fev were using their feet I couldn’t help think of Marica Brady diving head first in the Elephant poop bath. She was a trooper, but they did well. I can’t imagine how gross that would smell and don’t want to know for certain.

    The Chief still enjoys ‘Laurinda’s’ food.

    Can anyone remember how long it was before Julie and Freddie came in last year. I have a feeling it might have been when there was about 9 people left (bringing them almost up to a full camp again). Wondering if we will get anyone else or if this is our lot? They did a lot of advertising for it last year so I’m thinking this might be it with some weekly drop-ins like the Irwins.

      • Agreed, Daisy. I think the producers might be having difficulty predicting who will be entertaining. It is a bit of a lottery for them.

        • Yes, and if the producers have protected Jobeth and/or Laurina by cutting back on showing the tension, that isn’t a good idea. The risk is that it will become a snoozefest. We might all end up lying on our couch at home looking like Val on her camper bed. ????????????????????????

    • I wish more interesting people would go in, someone like Denise Drysdale to liven things up, and even Bindi Irwin would be better than who we have now. Would be funny if the show was cancelled due to bad ratings and they all had to go quietly home. I wonder how Shane would feel if he knew about his daughter at the fancy dress party where she dressed as a hunter with Cecil the lion on her shoulder?

  6. i don’t know if the straw drawing was pre-determined but it seemed pretty obvious just booking at the bucket the sticks were in what was what.
    i noticed Warnies bruises the other night, and meant to comment on them. Wonder what they are from.
    I’m keen to see Warnie do the dishes or the dunny! haha!
    Did they start with only 10 celebs last year? Tim and Anna came in start of week 2 and Freddie and Julie, start of week 3 – i don’t think Freddie would have been able to win if it was any later.

  7. I must be the only one that didn’t think the trial the girls went on was very hard. The questions were fairly easy and then they just had some yuk dumped on them and half of it missed in a certain persons case.
    I would say Val’s phone box with the snakes was the worst.

    I was so sure it would have been Dean to go last night and then I thought Val when she was one of the three.
    I suppose Akmar hasn’t been doing a lot to endear the viewers but I would still rather have him than a few others.

    So looking forward to a new captain and Warnie having to do some work for a change.

    I am loving Fervola. Favourite Fev quote of the night “I can’t believe I am on live TV with my shirt off”.
    I think he is a bit conscious for his belly rolls.

    Thanks Erin for another great recap!

  8. Outbof those three phone booths I thought Jobeths was the worst. I would rather have been in with the crocs and snakes because the others were stinky.

    Shane Warne seems to be loving the power and control. Yes, we need a new leader. I would like to see Dean or Anthony to see what it brings out in them.

  9. I think the gun control question will be Deans downfall. He hasn’t done anything so far and that was a negative image to start the week with.

  10. I was surprised that they were daring to express any ‘right wing’ opinions, such as support for Trump, even hinting at it, when anyone knows you could get shot down fatally for that. I thought that conversation was deep, and controversial and was impressed that they didn’t end up killing each other.

  11. I wonder if there will be some kind of competition to see who the leader is?
    Shane says he doesn’t want to be leader but somehow I think he is not going to like relinquishing his job.

    Have to say Julia M is trying to hard for me this year. Tone it down a bit J.

    • I thought Julia HAD toned it down. She usually bugs me more than a phonebooth full of worms. I might be getting used to her, “Docteurrrr”.
      Although Shane has been claiming to not care about the power of leadership, I am detecting little hints of meglamania. He says people keep running to him to dob on each other, but maybe that is because he goes and tells the dobbee off.

      And does Laurina ever get to sit on her own couch? Last night if was Fevola spreading his bum all over it. But she is the one who has to wash it all the time. I would love to see someone offer to clean it. It looks like the blue couch has become the boys’ domain.

  12. I’m glad it’s not just me too. She is way more full on than last year isn’t she?
    You must be well used to her Daisy.
    I either fast forward or mute her.

    • I thought she was worse last year. Maybe I have just tune her out. Poor Julia, I really think she is a nice person, but I don’t enjoy all the gags, cross eyes etc. But yeah, I have become used to her.

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