1. The others all join Jobeth in being upset and disappointed.

    They all agree Laurina is a bad person, although Warnie points out that she is not malicious, but has no social skills.

  2. Jobeth says “Everyone is on my side, and no one likes Laurina”.

    Bonnie and Jobeth hope that Laurina doesn’t get famous for being a bitch.

    • Good onya Deno! I thought he’d give me the shits tbh, but he’s been alright keeping to himself, not putting people down and perpetuating gossip and group disdain.

    • How cute were they? Paul was a trooper. I enjoyed watching this challenge the most so far. There’s only so many times it’s fun to watch someone eat eyeballs and maggots.

  3. The Irwins arrive and everyone is thrilled. They don’t want to eat the campers’ food because they will get a good 5 course meal in first class on the flight home.

    • Ha ha, who can blame them when they can go eat decent food with Chris & Julia at their hotel. Plus there’s limited food for the campers, having 3 extra mouths to feed would be a lot. I reckon they were secretly pleased they didn’t hang around. More for us.

    • Loving all the pics Daisy. You’re doing a top job of capturing all the fun!!

      This was a great moment. I do wonder if it would have ended with fists though had there been no cameras, given the hunger and tension in camp.

        • Lol. Human eyeballs, croc eyeballs…what’s the diff?

          Akmar I believe but it’s the season for name changing- Laurina has been called Laurinda (Paul) and Lorenna (Havanna). Top marks for creativity.

  4. Akmar says that things are actually going well because no one has stabbed a fork into someone’s eye. Hmmm. Don’t get into a fight at the dinner table with Akmar.

  5. Well they all seem to be loving JoBeth bu I’m not seeing it. It must be the editing.
    To me she is not coming across at all likeable.
    Now can any of you tell me exactly what was so wrong with what Laurina did with the mirror. She used it away from the wall and then she put it back, what was the big deal?
    It looks like they are all ganging up on her. She must be behaving really bad, most of which we haven’t seen.

    • They did say that the mirror thing was the last straw, so she must be being an all-round general pain. But I agree, I’m not really liking how JB hashes over every issue with everyone separately – she seems to be trying to gain validation from everyone. It would be more dignified if she could let it slide after the initial conflict.

      Enjoyed last night’s episode – lots of Paul and others, very little Warnie.

    • How about,,”You can all get off my couch in case I suddenly need it” ? But no.

      Yes, Gabby. Maybe there is something we are missing, but this reminds me of Estelle all over again. As Warnie pointed out, Laurina isn’t malicious, but might be a square peg. Jobeth is liked so they might be siding with her for that reason alone, rather than the for the issue itself. Anthony and Jobeth have a habit of running to the others to create a gand who are, as Jobeth puts it, “On her side”. Um, how old?

      • Agree with everyone re Laurina. I think Warnie nailed it when he said she isn’t malicious. She might be a bit self centered and unaware of others needs but in general she seems OK. What doesn’t seem OK is the reaction to it all and the back and front stabbing of her. I too did think we mustn’t be seeing everything but still I imagine what we aren’t seeing is much of a muchness.

        It definitely struck me with Anthony and Jo Beth’s reactions the last couple of days that they are looking for things to pick on/ using it as a way to form an in-circle/exclude and also buy more camera time for themselves. eg when Ant went to the bridge yesterday to have a sulk and as the others returned from their swim, he did a big sigh and dropped is head etc, encouraging concern and interest, yet replied, ‘it’s nothing, don’t worry’…’well it goes like this’…

        And for someone so selfish it’s funny her luxury item was a couch that everyone can use, that I’ve hardly seen her on, and that Anthony is almost always on.

      • Daisy I was thinking the exact same thing, it was reminding me of the whole ostracising of Estelle way back when.
        I can’t believe JoBeth and Anthony, no time for them whatsoever.
        I wonder if JB told Terri and Bindi how bad Laurina was and asked if they would be on her side?

      • Yes, you are right, its Estelle all over again! At least Laurina has pulled her weight by doing the challenges, getting the stars, and bringing the lounge which she shares with them all, what has JB done in comparison except talk about her behind her back?

  6. Hey gice, a couple of users have reported being logged out of talkingtv and unable to get back in with what they swear are correct passwords. If this has happened to you can you shoot me a message to the email on the Contact page –but first, check you haven’t left caps lock on 😉

  7. Perhaps the real reason they are offended at Laurina is because she has used the to tweeze that intimate thatch at the top of her legs.

  8. I feel for Laurina, if they all dislike her. We are not seeing enough. Worse than school, Jo Beth and Anthony trying to get everyone else on ‘their side’. I’m not watching anymore of this.

  9. Hey all
    Sorry no recap last night but if I can get dinner sorted before the gross tucker trial tonight, I’ll give it a go tonight.
    I kinda go back and forth on the jo Beth v Laurina thing. agree with u all must be in the editing. Seems Laurina doesn’t have any consideration for others which is obvious but then Jo Beth runs all about camp bitching… It must be more than mirror hate if jo Beth is thinking this will ruin her time on the show.
    Fev and Warne made Warne look very me me me, don’t make me look stupid etc.
    Has anyone commented on the irwins? I’m so not a fan.. Those kids are so well spoken it comes across as fake. At least as soon as the food was offered they had some consideration to not take it from the others mouths. Perhaps Laurina can take some etiquette and social skills lessons from them…

    • Erin you don’t have to apologise, we appreciate anything you do for us any time thanks.
      My recording cut off early last night so I think I must have missed that Fev and Warnie bit. Did the lads have words, was it serious?

      Also those Irwin children are so well spoken, and believe me there is nothing wrong with that but you can’t help but wonder what their accents would be like if their dear dad Steve was still alive and part of their lives. Maybe a bit more down to earth than cultured?

      • not really serious, there was a discussion about the girls wanting to get up and cook some breakfast before their safari with the irwins. Fev said he would help cook it. Shane told Fev he couldn’t because he isn’t one of the chefs, Fev said that was ridiculous he saw Dean cook something for everyone earlier. Shane said no you didn’t he was cooking something for himself not the group, and back and forth it went.
        Later on when no one was around Shane, politely went up to Fev and told him not to have a go at him like that infront of him, it was patronising, he should have taken him aside and said something, and that really there was no need to jump up and down about petty stuff like that etc etc. It appeared to me that Shane didn’t like being pulled up on stuff infront of the group, he obvioulsy likes being camp leader because that means not matter what he gets to always be right about stuff and dictate to everyone!

        Very true about Bindi and Roberts accents, although Robert seems to have much more of an Australian accent than Bindi does.
        And i have to say the way Bindi and Robert spoke to each other when they were saying they couldn’t survive at camp etc, Bindi said she would miss her mum and Robert, was the same and that convo seemed pretty genuine.

        • There is a difference in attitude toward the rules. It ranges between sticklers, like Warnie, to campers like Fevola and Akbar, who want to throw their hands up in the air and say, “whatever!”.

        • Thanks Erin. You can really see where Warnies leadership skills are coming in to play, not just then but right through the show.
          He definitely goes by the book if he is in charge. Funny how he didn’t like having been told off in front of everyone.
          I think it all comes from the days of touring with Australia and how they did things.
          Thanks again for the explanation.

    • Don’t stress if you don’t get round to it, Erin. I’ll open up a new Celeb post so people can start commenting and if you get a chance I’ll add your recap to it. I’ll be watching MKR and still haven’t finished Farmer. Oh and Habibs is on tonight, which has zero appeal for me but I feel I should watch it so I know what’s what.

  10. I must be watching a different show to the rest of you. I like both Anthony and JoBeth. We are so manipulated in these shows that we are only seeing the producers trouble making. Laurina has been a bitch in bach so it is possible she is still a bitch now. They can’t all be wrong on the show.

    • AH you have a point but I am only going by what I have been shown. Maybe I should realise I am being manipulated by the editing team.
      I will say Laurina is probably way worse than what we are seeing but we are actually seeing the way JoBeth and Anthony are behaving and I am not a fan of their behaviour.
      Anyway we have a fair way to go yet, a lot could happen.

    • Never mind ah. You can bat for the orher team. Anyhoo, it’s early days yet. We might change our minds. We liked Barry Hall for a while last year and that went sour.

    • Ha ha. Don’t sit on the blue couch if you want to bag “Larinda”.

      And Jobeth and Anthony, it is called a blue couch because that is the colour, not because you sit there when you are feeling blue or want to have a blue.

  11. Jo Beth Taylor is immature vile toxic self centred manipulative. I cant watch her she is sooo loooow vibe. Shudder

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