1. Just read that Miranda Kerr will be ‘popping’ into the jungle on Sun. Not sure she wull be there in person or through video link. She is promoting her skincare range.

  2. Shane Warne did really well tonight.
    As for contraband, I recall it was Freddie Flintoff was guilty last year. He snuck in a block of chocolate. I don’t recall if there was a backlash.

    • It was Andrew Daddo last year wasn’t it? His wife smuggled it in with his luxury item…
      But Julie Goodwin and someone else also tried to smuggle back salt or something from a reward.

      • Yes, I remember Julie having pink Himalayan salt & cooking with it & nothing was said. That was so pathetic making a big deal of those tiny sachets of salt. Let them keep them for God’s sake. And the way they all ganged up on her, she was trying to do something nice for them all. She mentioned Val was missing salt. Imagine how bland that food must be with no salt or herbs & spices.

        • The sheer venom in the words that Anthony and Bonnie used when talking about Laurina and the salt pure nastiness. I would hate to see if someone really, really offended them.
          Poor Anthony, he’s never paid a bill in his life, I think he is the new princess in the camp.

  3. Breaking the rules, lying about it, then giggling like a thirteen-year-old when you get caught – not good form.

    Much as I dislike Warnie, I’ve got admire his ability to focus on a task and just get it done.

      • Me too Juz, Home Ec. About teaspoon of extra cheese that had been left after everyone had taken their ration for their recipe. It was cheesegate, “Who took that bit of cheese?! Come on, own up”.
        It was 1968. Vietnam war was raging. And I kept my mouth shut, but I still carry the shame.

    • You are right, Littlepetal. Julie did steal something to liven up the cooking. I had forgotten about that one. And I think Freddie brought in contraband too but their fellow campers didn’t carry on like they had shot a baby lion.

      Still when you already don’t like someone, then everytime they do something wrong, it’s easier to jump on everything they do.

      • I’m surprised that those two legged hyenas haven’t blamed Laurinda for global warming yet. Give ‘ em time.

        Mother Goose Goodwin got off light( for once).

        The cameras are giving a lot of shots to Laurinda’s gorgeous legs. Really brings out the gorilla in me.

      • Seems its okay for everyone else but not Laurina, they are terrible to her in my opinion. Val was a disgraceful old cow to her when she dared to touch the egg. I would love a male intruder to go in , pick up the couch and start blowing it up! None of the “gentlemen” in there will help Laurina do it.Last years group laughed everything off and had fun, but not this lot!

  4. I watched work experience show last night, and Warnie was not in a good mood about being put in the trial again, almost close to quitting i would say.
    How rude was Val last night with the dinner!! She should be thankful they are cooking for her, she has been lucky to escape any chores so far.
    And all the others happy to sit on Laurinas couch, but obviously not interesting in seeing / hearing / helping her blow it up each day!

    • Oh Val was pissing me off something shocking last night. I was screaming at the TV. Can they please give her cooking duties next so she will shut up? Hopefully she’ll be next to go.

    • Absolutely Erin. Val was such a sulk when they cooked scarmbled eggs. I would be steering clear of her because she is way too grouchy.

      When Laurina was cleaning and blowing up the couch I thought the same as you, when campers got wild at her. They bloody sit on her couch. Make it filthy. Make it go down. But bitch when she has to wash it and blow it up again so her haters can sit on it and bitch about everything she does.

    • I know how bloody rude of them to huff and complain and walk away while Laurina was blowing up the couch after having just washed it.
      I was so angry, after watching them lay all over it.
      Cut off her nose to spite her face Val. I hope she went to sleep hungry. I’m sure those scrambled eggs weren’t the worst meal they have had dished up to them.
      And the way she jumped down Laurina’s throat when all she did was pick up the egg for a look. Then the next thing she is over there telling them what to do.
      I think she thinks her age gives her certain rights, but she is finding out with this lot it may have at first but it ain’t no more.

      • Oh don’t get me started on the egg. ???? So how come Paul didn’t get rebuked for egg touching. He isn’t a chef. If I was in the camp I would want to play a little game. Do something tha Laurina does and watch her get into trouble but not you.
        Anyway, it’s heating up now. Jobeth seems to have worked out that she was throwing herself under the bus, and has settled down. But Anthony. MIAOW, Princess. MIAOW. Oh my Gawd (Sandii).

      • We are starting to see why Val got the role as chief of cell block. You even hear people like ‘good girl’ Havana saying they are scared of her, and Dean, who hasn’t bitched about anyone, saying he doesn’t like her because of how she speaks to others.
        If she had that steam press in the camp, I think she would use it.

        For me Bonnie has dropped from about 1st place to sharing the low spot with “I am going to sit on your couch and crap on you” Callea. I know it’s silly of me but I think that you just get off someone’s couch to bitch about them. Like farting. Ooops, sorry. Girls aren’t supposed to say fart. Or is that just Laurina?

  5. The issue with the salt was not that she took it, but that she sat there and lied about it. If she had owned up straight away it would have been laughed off. Also, not enough manners to apologise about the possibility of bringing a penalty down on them all. She has a lot of growing up to do.

    • I agree she has some growing up to do but the others treat her like the Whore Of Babylon.

      Val and Bonnie could do with some growing up, too…but alas , it’s too late. They’re stuck in their ways like sour old buffaloes in a shrinking,stinking waterhole, ready to chew Laurinda’s arse out at the drop of a hat..

      If ever I’ve seen a compelling case for euthanasia, it’s Val.

      • Dr Phil would say, “the designated” whipping boy. Deigned to satisfy the others’ sense of indignation and self righteousness.

        But who knows next week, we might have all swapped sides. ????

        • Trouble with Dr.Phil, he’s just as likely to say “choose the behaviour, you choose the consequences” depending which way the wind blows. He’s crazy. He’d probably hit on Laurinda, ‘cos she looks a bit like Robyn might have before the LA plastic surgeons got to her.

          The whole salt scene pales next to today’s Bold And Beautiful ep.

          • Doctor Phil would be here to throw EVERYONE under the bus. Except he’s the least judgemental person he knows.

            Poor little Robyn. Her house of wax model’s face moves more than hers does.

            B&B will have to wait, as with 1st dates, until tonight. House guest and a trip to Mandurah and back. But I look fd to Quinn busting another B&B love triangle. Or is that love quadruple?

            Ivy could play Quinn’s daughter if they run out of ridiculous scenarios. But great choice of personal assistant for Bill. Brooke had better not pack away the sexy undies yet.

    • Probably. My guess is they will all be annoying after a day or so. What does JJ say about house guests being like fish? They both stink after two days. Hmm some go off even quicker than that. ????

  6. BTW, for a bit of trivia. My 80 yr old mother is the femme fatale on SingSnap. She is reeling in those old catfish crooners like the disciples on the sea with Jesus helping.
    Why isn’t there a reality tv show for femme fatale grannies. When Love Comes to the Organized Tour group. She never comes up empty handed, even when the ratio is 28 grannies to 4 pops.

  7. I thoroughly enjoyed First Dates this week Daisy.
    Nine jumpin website has been gold for me this week! Farmer, Survivor, First Dates and 20/20!

    • Izzy, thanks for putting me onto The Bachelor on the Nine catch up thingy, I have managed to watch all 7 episodes so far, that Olivia was a piece of work! And I felt sorry for Emily , she thought she was a shoe in! We don’t get channel 9life as yet. Sadly I forgot Survivor was on last night so I will catch up on that too over the weekend. There are just so many shows on at the same time.

      • Oh yay Pandy!! I was worried you’d miss the first couple of eps! Totally agree with you about Emily and crazy Olivia!
        Olivia will go on Bachelor in Paradise for sure.
        Very tame season hey, and I still can’t work out who Ben actually likes.. Maybe Amanda? She’s a cross between Emily Maynard and The lovely Tenley from years ago.
        It’s a trickier season to pick the faves.
        Can’t believe I love it so much, but you know me I’m an addict!

        • I’m not really sure who he will pick this time. I thought he had a thing for Caila, but Lauren B has always been a favourite as well. The girls act so desperate this season, Emily was just trying too hard with his parents, babbling away, she was sure she was “in”. I think Ben leads them all on, he’s not that nice.

  8. Season 20 Daisy. Ben Higgins. Ep 7 i think we’ve just seen. It’s the current season direct from the US. So great that it’s current, but i wish they played the last couple of seasons.
    It’s a little annoying being out of order! But I’m not complaining! Esp as my mate is supposed to be downloading them for me!

  9. Laurina’s poll numbers have risen. It doesn’t mean that people like her because thinking someone might win, and liking them is not the same thing, but it is a lesson to future reality tv contestants. If you don’t like a housemate, and it’s kind of unanimous, be careful it doesn’t work in the disliked hm’s favour.
    Just be careful how you express that dislike because you can make yourself look (and be) worse. Anthony Callea.

    • It’s the story of Estelle revisited. All Laurinda lacks is the toy horse.

      Reminds me of an Attenborough doco I watched where it’s twenty lions v one elephant. You know how it ends.

      • On facebook most people are on team Laurina, although some are now backing other celebrities. Could be a conspiracy theory by channel ten, put fake posts up bagging Laurina to get everyone fighting over it. Most agree the Chief, Laurina, Dean and Havana are the nicest ones in there. I think if an intruder goes in they should blow up the damm couch for her and show the others what rude, selfish pigs they are.

        • Laurina has been very unselfish with her couch. She is very sharing. Yet they have whinged about tweezers and mirrors. We haven’t heard her adking anyone else to wash the couch or reinflate it, but we hear, “Laurina, don’t be so selfish with the tweezers”.

        • I have been reading Facebook and the majority definitely are team Laurina with the Chief, Dean and Havana following as Pandy said.
          I don’t think it is so much that they like her, it’s the fact of watching her getting picked on all the time that have made the fans side with her. It’s brought out the worst in the others and really turned people who once may have voted for them, off.
          The Aussies love an underdog. And yes this is so like Estelle on Big Brother but the biggest bully won that didn’t he?

  10. Of course Laurina is weird and probably annoying. No one ever picks on or ostracizes charismatic, socially adept people. It doesn’t work that way.

    Ants crawl all over an injured or dead bug, not a strong one.

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