1. Well I’m in the middle of watching 4000 episodes of IAC in a row, and this challenge with Fev and Dean in the car is just fab. I love Fev, and it’s great to see more of lovely Dean.
    And those killer ants that got dumped on them looked frigging AWFUL!

    • This was generally a great episode. The car challenge was a lot of fun, laughs, a little bit of fear (but not too much chickening out by princesses – pun intended), some actual brain work required, and two contestants worth watching. The whole chicken thing was hilarious. Whoever invented the dropping eggs from the chicken was a genius. We were all ROFL at the discussion about chickens biology, and loved the Break it down with Dr Brown. Julia seems to have finally found the right balance as well.
      Dean is not my type physically (way too groomed) but he’s a nice young fella – a little bland but that may be from a lack of life experience.

          • Yeah, I remember the song too, I didn’t buy it though. Cassingle’s, now that’s a blast from the past.

      • I enjoyed it too. I think the chicken challenge was copied from Big Brother, I remember the housemates doing something similar.
        Fev might be nice but look when Laurina said he mocked her and he said, yes, that’s what we do.
        Not so nice.

        • I guess he doesn’t realize how demeaning and hurtful it can be when you are the whipping boy for the whole group, especially as she seems to be smarter than the rest.
          I wonder how he would respondvif she took him aside and explained to him how she actually felt. Of course some of them, I wouldn’t bother, but Fevola seems more soft hearted.

        • I was just thinking the other day Pandy that IAC needs to have some Big Brother challenges so that there’s something entertaining to watch when the show comes on rather than them all whinging about each other!

          • I was thinking the same thing last night Carole. I have a bit of a thing about wasted food in a orld where people go hungry.

  2. He just seems like a nice bloke!
    I’m going for Fev though. And I like Havana.
    I’m very much enjoying all of the reality tv this Feb.

    • I am not enjoying this season’s IAC as much as last season. Most of these celebs are a bit meh.
      Last season’s celebs had more personality. I especially remember Julie. Wasn’t she a revelation, and a hoot. Bring on a couple of intruders to liven things up.

  3. Warnie does a bit of name dropping. He met Ed Sheeran, and I still don’t know who Ed Sheeran is.. Then Anthony and Shane (the blind leading the blind) give each other a biology lesson.
    Oh….moi….gawd. How dumb are they? Does an egg come out a chooks front bottom or back bottom? The chicken comes out the front bottom. The eggs come out the back bottom.
    And that’s how you get photo 1. Laurina smacking an invisible egg on her forehead. Yeah guys, keep ridiculing Laurina.

    • The “bottom” line is that Shane Warne and Callea have got the brains of sheep. Laurinda would be smarter than these two put together.

      The person who said this is the clever country wasn’t very clever.

      A clever person would escape from Ed Sheeran at the first opportunity.

      • Channel 9 will be scalping Warne and Callea for Hot Seat. First multiple choice question; from where do chickens come?
        a) a bottom
        b) a front bottom
        c) aliens from outer space
        d) the Easter Bunny

    • Where did these drongos learn biology? Chickens, like all birds do not give birth to chickens. They lay eggs which then hatch, unless we eat them. That discussion was hilarious.

      • RTV fans may remember that a spa full of cretins on Big Brother 2007 had a similar argument going when none could agree that a rooster is required to produce a chicken. How could I forget?

        Years later, young celebrities are flummoxed by the same, most simple general knowledge question. It’s hard to be upbeat about the future of humanity.

        If aliens abduct Shane Warne searching for intelligence, they’re going to be extremely disappointed.

    • Did you find out who Ed Sheeran is Daisy’s? I still don’t know who he is.
      I suppose I could Google him but I can’t really be bothered..

  4. I want IAC to have a quiz for a food challenge. All players. Individual players, winner takes all the stars, then chooses which members to share in the reward.

    The chief seemed pretty clueless too. So far Laurina was the only one who solved the math problem so she can do more than pluck eyebrows.

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