1. APOLOGIES TO ANYONE WHO’S BEEN HAVING TROUBLE WITH THE SITE TODAY. Someone fed the computer gremlins after midnight and they wreaked havoc. We should be back to normal in a day or so. Thanks.

  2. I think the Doktaaaah was put up to the stinky fish eat by the producers. He must have teally eaten it because the reaction of the campers was real, but did anyone see any real vomit.
    Julia managed to make me laugh last night with the elastic pulley.
    I would like to see more of Dean and Havana because they both seem nice. But I guess nice is too boring for rtv. I think Fev and Paul will be there at the end but Fev might win. It still depends on what viewers see from here. But Fev has more sparkle than Paul.
    Laurina should not have attempted the cupcake because I think any of the others could have eaten that one.
    The footage appeared out of order. At the end last night, Fev and Callea already had brown faces so the fake tan trick must have already happened.

    • I would have thought Chris would have learnt from last year when he tried one of the food challenges & was promptly sick. Hamish & Andy had that fish on their gap year show, it sounds absolutely disgusting. And they ate that egg on the Amazing Race last year. Silly me thought a century egg was a hundred years old. I think Laurina thought she’d be able to eat the donut & after taking a couple of bites realised she couldn’t. And she was the only one who ate 2 things.
      Those modesty things they had, I don’t remember them from last year, but maybe they just didn’t show them.
      So Dean was in The Americans, I love that show but have only seen the first 2 seasons. If he was in them I don’t remember him. I’ll have to watch out for him when the next seasons air. I don’t remember him from Neighbours either.

  3. I think you might be right about the Dookkkttaaahhh, why else would you volunteer to eat it?! I remember Hamish and Andy used to do cultural eating challenges in their gap year show, and Hamish made Andy eat something very similar to whatever it was last night, Andy was violently ill afterwards!! I did laugh at Julia running over to “hold back his hair!”
    I feel the comedy has been a bit better this week, they really lost it for a bit last week.
    I was laughing because Laurina was complaining that the cupcake or donut was stale – i was thinking surely thats the least of your worries…
    Fev and Anthony have been woken at dawn for their “wood chopping” but its nearly midday by the time Chris and Julia go into camp to tell them who is doing the tucker trial. So that timing is right. Not sure how they have explained away the fake tan thou!
    ps Warnie had better stop complaining about the challenges or he will be put in every single one!

  4. I wonder if they are going to change the leader or the chores this week? I haven’t heard any mention made of it.
    I was thinking maybe the people that aren’t getting many challenges should get a few jobs like long drop and short drop duty.
    I do think Shane could be given a break from that, given the number of trials he is selected for and I’m no fan of Shane’s but fairs fair.

    Good idea about making the chips, bet they wish they had thought of that sooner.

    • I think people in future IAC series should take note on the deep fryer, although they probably have to wait for two people to get the boot.
      Yes Erin the “Let me hold you hair back” was funny to me too. I think Julia would be fun on a girls’ weekend.

    • I agree, it’s becoming a bit tired seeing the same people getting picked over & over again. Glad they finally picked 2 different people for tomorrow’s challenge.

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