I’m a Celeb – Tues, Feb 9

Opening a new comment thread for tonight’s show in case those in the eastern states want to start chatting. It’s Atom Ant and HB in the Tucker Trial tonight – good to have some fresh faces – and apparently Warnie spills the, umm, beans, on the famous baked beans rumours.

And here’s guest recapper Erin with another fabulous recapping effort. Thanks, Erin. – live long, prosper and may you never find a box full of Irwins in your living room
Chris and Julia open the show, walking the wobbly bridge, Julia has in ridiculously high heels on, I really don’t know how she does it!

They say there had been HUGE drama in the past 24 hours!

The boys wake in camp, the girls have gone to their safari – they boys like the quietness and are enjoying how nicely they are all getting along.

The Irwins greet the girls at the safari, Robert is carrying a camera that looks like he has joined the paparazzi.

It would seem all the girls were cheaters. Clearly there is more drama to show in the episode, so they rush thru the safari very quick.

Shane shares a cricket storey – I kinda tune out at the mention of cricket..

Anthony and Havana are off to the tucker trial, they talk about supporting and being positive with each other.

Chris and Julia explain they are having “lunch” with a dinner guest, monkey named Riley. The first round for 2 stars, they must eat whatever Riley, doesn’t. Riley’s first choice is Pig Snout or Dried Fruit. Riley chooses Pig Snout, so Anthony must eat the Pig Snout, he gets it down – 2 stars.

Next Riley must choose between prickly pear or sheep’s brain, he goes for the pear so Havana, gets sheep’s brain, she downs this also, another 2 stars.

Monkey see, monkey do is the next round.

They must eat what Riley does, he has a choice between a banana or passionfruit – Riley goes the Banana, so Havana gets a banana… with raw croc spleen! Another 2 stars.

For Anthony, Riley leaves the pumpkin, goes for the capsicum.

Anthony gets capsicum filled with cow intestine – up to 8 stars now.

While watching Anthony eat, I’ve just noticed he has a line down his forehead like Laurina does, maybe it’s a botox thing?!

Final round is beat the baboon.

Drink a gross smoothie (it has kidneys, tripe juice and other gross stuff in it) before Riley finishes his mango.

They get about a 5th thru the smoothie and Havana can’t finish – so head back to camp to tell them about the 8 stars. .

There are a few comments in camp that Dean does all the washing and Laurina doesn’t help.

After Jo Beth dobs her in, Shane tells Laurina she should go help, she claims Dean won’t let her, but goes anyway.

Discussion begins about the chores and how they would like to change it up.

Laurina says she would like if she could cook and she would take on board everyone’s suggestion, and here comes the JB v Laurina biff.

Basically Laurina thinks JB doesn’t take her ideas on board when it comes to cooking, JB says her ideas must be crap or take too long. JB overhears Laurina bitching about her, again, and shes off to dobs her into Shane, again.

Akmal tries to make them kiss and make up but that only fuels the fire. Lots of back and forth with neither of them really listening or wanting to take on board what the other has said and I feel like JB talked at Laurina, just as she told Laurina not to do to her – double standards?! They tell Akmal is all good – pretty safe to say, we haven’t heard the last of that!
Akmal likes being filthy apparently…

Shane has another cricket story! Tuneout time!
Chest challenge – the girls picked Fev and Dean to do it.

It’s a poo challenge with the Irwins – Guess Poo, which animal poo belongs to who. The Irwins are very excited by poo. Fev and Dean manage to guess all the right poos and take the chest back to camp. At camp the chest has a question about the average age of mothers in Australia – luckily they get it right and get koala chocolates from Australia zoo

Food arrives – Hake, ricotta and mango for desert. Jo Beth makes at effort to ask for ideas. Once they sort it all out, realising it might take a while, Anthony offers to fry some left over rice if people are hungry and want some food straight away, Laurina says she would like some but no one else does, so he retracts his offer. Laurina is upset in the toktokie later on because yet again no one will take on board her ideas.

Chris and Julia, pop into camp, to tell JB she must do the next tucker trial – The End of the World.

See you all tomorrow, where I guess we find out what happens at The End of the World!



      • I didn’t realise she was 30 either, agree Juz, I would have said mid 20s. And i meant to look up her real name the other night, so thanks for letting us know that!

  1. Dean won’t let Laurina help with the dishes, which gives all her haters a reason to bitch about her…again. Laurina doesn’t know why everyone doesn’t just chill out a bit over the rules.

    • The thing i don’t get is, they are all so antsy (Shane more so than any of them) about playing by the rules, but i’m yet to see them getting in trouble for not following them…

    • I used to like JoBeth so have been surprised by this nasty childish side to her we have been seeing. Never watched the Batchelor so only know Laurina by what I’ve seen on here. I wonder if some of them watched it, & had a preconceived idea of her & weren’t willing to give her a go or get to know her. Just decided she’s a bitch so be awful to her.

      • The opinion that weighs the most with me is Val’s.Several times Val has praised Laurina, but then immediately followed it with something like “but she’s very self-centred”. I don’t think Val would be influenced by L’s reputation, and at the start she was trying to give her the benefit of the doubt, but now has given up. If JB hadn’t reacted so childishly, I don’t think L would be getting any sympathy

      • Laurina was entertaining in the bachelor. She was pretty much the same as she is in this, except there was only one gorilla in the Bach. ????

      • She was in “Grease” just a year or so ago. She played the headmistress of Rydell High. I don’t think she was very good in it, Anthony was better, he was very friendly after the show allowing the audience to chat and take photos with him.

  2. Thanks Erin for another great recap and thanks also Daisy for pics.

    I’m sorry I know Laurina can be annoying but JoBeth is really irritating me. The way she ran to Warnie again, “She’s just had another go at me”. This girl will not let it drop.
    Poor Akmar trying to get the girls to make a truce, his intentions were good. Jo Beth was having none of it.
    We have seen a couple of occasions Dean sending Laurina away from the washing up. Why can’t Dean just tell everyone he prefers to do it alone instead of them all thinking it’s her trying to get out of it.

    Well done to Havana and Anthony at the eating trial. I don’t mind Havana so far.

    • I think it’s a case of Laurina can do no right for some of the campers, and a few, such as Bonnie are falling for it. It must be very stressful for Laurina.
      Jobeth said, “No one else is complaining”, but no one else is in Laurina’s position.

      And hell yeah, “Wa wa, Warnie. She is doing it again”. Jobeth runs immediately (well screen time immediately) to gather sympathy in order to garner a group to “be on her side”. Jobeth really needs to lighten up or this WILL be a bad experience for her. Laurina may well be a princess, but then Jobeth doesn’t have to care does she? Anyhow, Laurina seems pretty tough to me.

      I wonder if others, such as Bonnie might realize they are being played by the victim mentality of Jobeth. Small, cute and crying is a good passive aggressive.

      • I have also noticed Bonnie jumping on the bandwagon and Val.
        I know she must be a pain but she must be really, really, really bad for a bunch of women and some men to gang up on one person when you are all in a situation like that.
        Why aren’t we seeing more of this atrocious behaviour.
        As I said before what I have seen of JB’s behaviour I feel it is worse.

        I’m the first to admit I could end up eating my words.

    • Yes Gabby, I agree with you. Havana and Akmal have been a surprise to me so far and I have changed my mind about them as they were the only ones to try to support poor Laurina.
      Dean should have let them all know he wants to do the washing up by himself, and what about JB telling Anthony not to worry about cooking the rice if its only Laurina who wants it! How mean, who died and made her queen?
      Just going on the previews for tonight it looks like Laurina does the cooking and they all pick on her, she can’t win!

  3. In the 1st ep when Warnie came in and gave jobs out, Laurina made such a mess of washing up with Dean. She only wanted to wash her own dish. I cannot see her as anything other than a selfish self centred bitch I am afraid.

    • I have to say I missed that bit ah. That’s ridiculous, if she has been given the job of washing up and she refuses to wash anyone else’s dishes except her own, now that is asking for trouble. I wonder if the others know about that, somehow I don’t think so or we would have heard about it for sure.

    • I’ve not watched since the first couple but I did see the bit where Laurina was being difficult regarding the washing up.
      I know you’re just teasing daisy but at no point did AH defend JoBeth’s behaviour. (See AH I have your back).

  4. Thanks for a great recap Erin.

    I didn’t think that food was as bad as last weeks, except for the ‘milkshake’. But I still wouldn’t want to eat them.

    Dean said he likes to do the washing up by himself because he’s fussy & has a particular way of doing it. Maybe he should explain that to the others so they stop picking on Laurina. JoBeth is such a fucking dobber. Every five minutes she runs to Shane to complain about SOMETHING.
    I’m with you Erin, cricket bores me shitless. That was hilarious when they crossed back to Chris & Julia & she faints from boredom when he talked cricket.
    The safari with the Irwins was great, but I would have liked to see more animals, like giraffes & elephants, not just cheetahs.

  5. Last time I saw someone as feral as Jobeth Taylor, I was watching Struggle Street.

    How much worse would she be after a few drinks? With Val as her sniggering attack dog. Get me out of there.

    • You’ve hit the nail on the head BDD, Val is just like an attack dog, along with her partner in crime, Bonnie. Both these mature ladies have been a disappointment to me to stand by and watch just about everyone attack Laurina.

  6. Anyone who knows me knows I like my guests to feel very much at home, and that includes picking up a tea towel. You’ll get a black mark against your name if you act like a princess. But if Dean keeps telling Laurina to eff off out of the kitchen, no reason for her to do so. It is clear from Bonnie’s comment that she does help, but apparently she doesn’t even get that right because in their view, she makes it obvious. This is more difficult than a date with Blake for Laurina.

  7. The cricket parts were actually quite revealing. For all Warnie’s so-called conflict resolution skills, he became completely lost by his inability to get past being dropped for a test (after he had played poorly, and the team won the series without him – obviously a good decision). That test must have happened in the mid 90’s – time to build a bridge, instead of abusing a great cricket captain.

  8. Daisy, I won’t be able to tell until the photo is on a new thread because the big ones above are still in effect. Really appreciate your efforts to adjust – thanks.

  9. I took it down again Fijane. They will be about a third of the megabytes from now on. Lucky you told me. I don’t want to be p*ssing people off . Well not any more than usual. ????

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