• i’ve never seen that before either, i think, they use it for washing their clothes or the dishes?
        i did think when she said one of the sponges was for the couch, that might cause an uproar, but no one said anything.

  1. Jobeth is happy Laurina is chef because she thinks that she will fail. Laurina wants everyone to feel free to make suggestions.

    • Ok, even though she’s been a right bitch, I wouldn’t wish that on anyone. She was very brave doing that. As someone who is scared of heights, there is NO WAY I would have gone up there. Everyone would have starved.

    • i agree, she did awesome, i’m ok with heights, but that would have scared me. it was all well and good for Chris to tell her to try to swing around and grab at the last star, but as she said, no food and no energy it looked hard.
      On the work experience show, they showed Heather testing it out, and she got the last star, but when she finished the whole thing she looked terrifed.

    • maybe they should have been listening to her suggestions all along?!
      i’m just waiting until next week and she complains her back is sore from leaning over the fire etc etc!

    • it does explain why someone of them haven’t gone right off yet! Although, i do think Shane hasn’t been as lively as usual the past couple of nights.

    • No surprise. I know someone whose job it was to clean Warney’s hotel room in Adelaide. He had cartons of cigarettes on hand, apparently.

      Good work, Littlepetal. This was mentioned on The Project , too, I think.

    • Thanks for the scoop, Littlepetal. Woolif was saying Warnie would be sneaking out for a smoke, and I said, “No way. That would mean Chrissie Swan would have been allowed to sneak off for a burger”.

  2. So what job does Shane Warne do apart from doling out jobs to the others? The way Val told Laurina off and saying she was a naughty girl was so condescending and mean. What Val should be doing is guide Laurina, and be a bit of a mother to her instead of being so nasty. I am disappointed in her.

    • Yes, I thought she was a tad school teacherish. Like a bad school teacher.

      They don’t realize how much their attitude to Laurina comes through. Maybe Bonnie might be starting to break from the pack now. The thing about underdogs, is that viewers will feel sorry for them, even if they aren’t that nice. Laurina, like Estelle in BB has been something for the pack to kick.
      But we might see a turn around now. It will only take a few to break from the “we hate Laurina because she is annoying” for it to become less of a thing.

  3. See the table has turned now, I think everyone is picking JB for the trials because they have had enough of her behaviour, the way they kept choosing Laurina after the way she behaved in that first eating challenge with the boys.
    Thankfully Laurina has since redeemed herself in other challenges.
    I am thinking that Laurina might be continually talking all the time and I think someone mentioned this earlier in the series and I think her incessant chatter really gets on their nerves, especially if it’s about the same old stuff.
    It’s probably like a nervous thing.
    Anyway, I hope they will lay off her a bit now that she is cooking some tasty meals for them. I hope she is able to keep the momentum up, her and Fev.
    If she doesn’t they will turn again as quick as you like.

    Good on JB for facing her fear.

    Agree with you Pandy, Val was very condescending about two small sponges.

    • That whole incident reminded me of living with certain teenagers. They constantly leave stuff around for others to pick up and when you ask them to put them away they wonder why you are fussing. Then they pick up the items, move two metres and put it down somewhere else, with the excuse that “someone else might need it”. That is just what L did, and my blood pressure was rising out the top of my head. Just put it away where it belongs!

      Val sounded just like me when this little scenario has played out four times in a day – trying to be patient, but totally over it.

      • Ha, ha yes, as a chronic putter awayer where it goes, I get your point, Fijane.
        Maybe Laurina wouldn’t need to be washing her lounge so often if there weren’t so many dirty bums sitting on it. I’d be thinking like The Little Red Hen; “And who will help me wash the lounge”.

  4. I have a theory. It’s something I thought about earlier. Because these are celebs, and hired, as opposed to housemates on BB, they will only go so far on how bad they allow someone to come across. I reckon the producers, after teading sm, are doing a bit of a backflip so Jobeth doesn’t get out and say “F**k, why did you edit like that?” It’s different if it’s BB hms. The gloves would be off for them.

  5. Yes, all a bit weird now. Trying to pretend that JB and Laurina are now BBFs.

    I thought it was quite interesting that all the contestants thought Fev would be the frontrunner to win. He would probably be second last on my list as I find him quite off putting. It is not just that he is quite a boofhead (as many footy players are) but it doesn’t seem to be offset by a kind heart or hidden intelligence ( as is often the case with other sportspeople). That Chief is the preferred winner is no surprise.

  6. All the discussion last night about ridiculous beauty routines really got my goat. Why on earth are they allowed razors, tweezers, shampoo, skin cream etc? What sort of person plucks their eyebrows every day? At least now the secret of Laurina’s implausible eyebrows is solved – now we know why they are crawling up her face. Needing to pluck one stray hair that might dare to erupt from lasered legs. My goodness, these people need to experience real life!

    • I’ve been thinking the same thing. They’re in the jungle for fuck’s sake. Who cares if their eyebrows get a bit shaggy? That is ridiculous. I very rarely pluck my eyebrows, just can’t be bothered.

  7. There is a protected species in SA and it’s the celebs. They are protecting theirvpublic image I suspect.

    Lat noght got a bit weird when they were talking about money and beauty. But I thought it was funny when Val said that only the beautiful people worry about their looks and titivate themselves. Those of us getting older might know you get to the point where you don’t bother.

    Val got up, and brushed her hair.

  8. Jobeth does her trial, putting her feet in with creepy crawlies things. She is supposed to guess what they are. She got bitten a couple of times, by rats I think.

    • Those that she didn’t know, I didn’t even know what they were even though I could see them. I thought one was a meerkat, but couldn’t remember if they were from Africa.
      I’m glad they let her cuddle the lion cub after all that. He was so cute.

  9. How’s JoBeth, either australia loves me or hates me, I think she has got the hint that we might all be hating on her. We didn’t see too much of her complaining last night did we?
    I noticed Julia trying trying to force feed us that JB and Laurina are best friends now. Makes you wonder doesn’t it?
    I have been enjoying watching Warnie so far but have to say I was a bit turned off last night when he was going on about how much bigger and better his bed was, his big house in the country they had to furnish from scratch, his 20 car underground garage and how he wants more of everything that’s going. That did not impress me at all. We all know he is super wealthy, he doesn’t have to go in to it in detail.

    Have to say this series is not as good for me as last year’s.

  10. Just a heads up for Survivor fans it starts this Thursday on GO at 8.30. Is there going to be a thread for Survivor? Will anyone be doing recaps?

  11. Ive just been over on Facebook reading the comments and they seem pretty divided with the Laurina and JoBeth camp, I’m thinking Laurina is definitely ahead with the likes.
    JB is definitely getting called some names over there. The Australian public are seeing what we have been seeing and some.
    They are urging everyone to vote her out tonight. I don’t think that will happen though.
    I’m thinking it could be Dean to go tonight, second most boring in the camp.
    Also they are not too happy with Warnie bragging about his wealth. Bad move Shane…
    They think Akmar is a dibber dobber, going by something he told Bonnie.
    Once again it must have happened in the last minutes because my show stopped. I must reset it now to record for an extra ten minutes.

  12. No Gabby, it was sometime after the tucker trial. Bonnie had been getting ready for bed and Shane and Anthony were lolled on Laurina’s couch where they all go to have a bitch. They were killing themselves laughing at Bonnie’s bed time ritual, and saying how mad she was, but in a funny way. They were sniggering but without malice. The next morning was when Akbar told Bonnie about it, but he was correct in saying they weren’t really being mean and that everyone liked her. It was about 2/3 through the show I think.

  13. Cheers Daisy. I must be having blackouts throughout the show or nodding off or probably fast forwarding too fast. I do not remember that part.
    So Akmar meant no malice then? That’s good.

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