1. Rant time –
    I am so over everyone bagging Laurina. Val the curmudgeonly old bag ???? & poor widdle victim Jo ???? Not to mention the others all having a go. Wasn’t Laurina the only one to eat two items in the sushi train food trial. She is terrified of having no sight, fear of the unknown & twice wanted out of the cave tonight but hung in there. And still Val the old cow had to make it about her bossing her into continuing, & how she would have no problem doing it (so what, everyone is different, thank god) & she offered to do it but wasn’t allowed, effing hero sniping to Jo Beth. How about being grateful for 7 stars. Pathetic twits.
    Thanks, I feel better now ????

    • It’s not on here yet Polly, but I’m hearing you. Of course Laurina is the oddball. Of course she plays the diva. But she is strong, nutty and genuine. Tick, tick, tick imo.

      It impresses me when I see someone in these situations, like Estelle in BB, who has almost everyone against them and they don’t cave.

    • Well said Polly B! I love that word ‘curmudgeonly’, I’m going to have to remember that one.
      Bloody Val, she’s an evil old tyrant. Couldn’t wait to bring Laurina down could she?

      Did you hear Anthony when he was talking to a couple of the guys the other night and he said he had worked with Val for six months and compared to then she was being nice now.
      Wow, can only begin to wonder what she is like when she knows there are no cameras on her.
      Funny how we are not getting as much camera time on their precious JoB. lately.

      • If the persons concerned were impersonating black people, perhaps but as far as I saw they weren’t. Is there cause to be offended every time I see someone with a spray tan?

        Unlucky timing with the other incident, which was cringeworthy earlier this week.

        If it were dubious, the other networks would be lining up to kick Ch 10 .

    • “Last night i dreamed we were together,
      Sharing all the love we’ve known;
      Til I had to face the nightmare,
      Of waking up alone.

      He used to give me roses,
      I wish he could again;
      But that was on the outside,
      An things were different then”.

  2. Maybe I am forgetting what previous roles they had, but is anyone else sensing a bit of a boys club/ in crowd? Boys are the chiefs, and girls do the dishes.
    But if I were Laurina and Havana I wouldn’t complain about dishes. It’s better than the jobs they gave poor young Dean.

  3. I’m furious at the way Val went running straight to JB complaining about Laurina once again! the girl did her best and got 7 stars for which Val took the credit. No matter what Laurina does its never good enough. If Val thought that challenge was so easy she should have done it herself. As for being the chef, well she looked really thrilled about that! In other words, Brendan will do all the work while she supervises. A nasty woman, in fact they all are except for Dean, Paul, Havana and Laurina.

    • It was a team effort. Notice Val didn’t take any responsibility for there being 7 stars. Maybe if she were a better guide. Just sayin’.

  4. If feel sorry for Laurina… she must of had a rough childhood or experience.. for her to be scared of Val and have the need to try so hard to be accepted. Perhaps her modelling career or whatever but to cosmetically change her appearance (she is beautiful) and feel the need to be heard, and her open-ness just seems to indicate she just needs to be loved. I wish her the best.

  5. Anthony Callea pulls Nellie Olsen smug face. He looks down his nose at Laurina, as do most of them.
    Please IAC, let us see more from good girl Havana and good boy Dean so they can get some fans.

    • I am an episode behind this wk (and all last wk too) as I’ve been watching the rpts so I can record MKR and other stuff (does anyone know if and when MKR gets repeated?), so I can only comment on yesterday’s ep. BUT I noticed what a nasty, miserable expression Anthony wore when he had just returned from being pampered-getting a massage/mani pedi/endless coffee. He sat giving filthy side glances and up and down judgemental looks to.those in the camp who were up and trying to make the best of their oats. When Shane dropped his on the ground Anthony just shot more looks. Discombobulated is just one word I would use here.

      • Absolutely. Every time I take photos off the telly, I end up with more Callea sneers than I need. Sooo many sneers. He is the Sneery King or Sneersville.

        Yes I loved Polly’s “curmudgeon”, but I had to google it because I haven’t read Charles Dickens since high school. Good word Polly.

          • Oh no, it’s that time of year when we start saying “absoloodle” and doing the claw Doktahhhh. It’s a good thing we aren’t in the same room right now little Calorie Girl. We would be doing Julia all over the place. Guffaw. Snort. Guffaw, hair swish and cross eyes.

          • It’d be yumarama Daisy. *snort*
            It wouldn’t be in le junge but we’d improvise much like they do in their ‘studio’…no judgement. 😛

  6. Dean’s gf, Jillian Murray is running a fb campaign to get dean votes for trials and SMS votes. The trial votes are not all getting counted though as she doesn’t enter them correctly.

  7. I could see where Laurina was coming from when she told the story about being the waitress in the strip club and her aspirations about the gangster etc.
    She was having a laugh at herself and she wanted others to let their guard down and tell some funny stories as well, have a group laugh together.
    Sadly none of them were having it. They just sat there and let her make herself out to feel like an idiot.
    Of course Val had to voice it and JoB and Anthony. Didn’t they get what she was doing? All they could do was look down their noses at her.

    I’m liking Laurina, Havana, Paul, Dean and Fev.
    You gotta love Fev. Can’t expect him to be perfect all the time but I think he is doing a pretty damn good job. I don’t know much about his history but I think it was quite colourful with drink and women maybe? Anyway from what I can gather he seems to have really turned his life around and made huge changes for the better.

    • Fev is a loveable sort in this. Because I hate sport, I know nothing about him but what I see on IAC, which is humble and kind, with a good dose of scallywag.

      I look at the similarities between Fev and Freddie Flintoff and think Fev has the best chance of winning, based on last year.

      I think campers might realize when they leave the camp, that had they not done the overkill on Laurina, that she could leave the camp half way through. Instead they have helped her be an underdog. Never create an underdog on rtv unless you want them to gain popularity.

      • I follow footy, and I didn’t have a good opinion of him before this, but he is growing on me. Not as wonderful as the chief, though, he’s an outright gentleman.

  8. I didn’t think the reward the guys won for the camp was very good. Coffee and biscuits? I thought they would at least get a huge breakfast or some meal out of it.
    Fev and Anthony certainly had the better end of the stick.

  9. I’m obviously in the minority here, but I can’t stand Laurina. In my opinion she is now facing the consequences of her behaviour (which continues to be self centred and princessy) in bringing down the ire of all the others on her head.
    Val did not at any stage take the credit for the seven stars, in fact she glowingly praised L. And there was no options for Val to do the challenge, as was stated by Chris and Julia at the start , L had to do it because she had the most votes.
    I can’t help but feel the votes were fudged last night. They obviously decided to disqualify all the females in order to get some variety for a change.
    I’ve never liked Anthony, but I have no problem with his behaviour – it is just extreme frustration.

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