MKR premiere

And here we go again: It’s almost MKR time! Putting this up so those in the eastern states who get it first can start chatting when ready. Here’s a preview that just went up on Twitter of contestants crying over Manu – and that’s before he’s scored their dishes.



    • Welcome, Windsong. Your comments will appear immediately from now on. I’m hoping they don’t stretch it out heaps like last year where they had interminable rounds of home restaurants.

  1. Last year’s season felt like it lasted for years. I’ll give the first few episodes of this year’s season a try … but it’s on probation, put it that way.

  2. I’m totally with the probation thing.
    It’s so nice checking in and seeing all the familiar names – it feels like catching up with friends after you’ve been away.

  3. Actually, watching the season-starting promo? Some of these teams are *already* on my nerves.

    I like the son of the son-mother team, though. He’s pretty. Yes, I’m still shallow and lonely, that hasn’t changed.

  4. Do the girls have to squeal constantly? Solicitor female has such an ugly mouth. I am not liking her any better in eps to what she was like in ads.

    • I’ve got the mute on, so the squealing and muzak etc doesn’t ruin the show more.

      The lawyer gal likes things “cooked perfect”. Watch her crash and burn.

      • That irked me, too. You’d think such a supremely talented lawyer would know when to bust out an “ly” at the end of a word.

    • They seem to be completely unaware at how their pretensions are jeopardising their professional reputations. If I were a client or employer, I would be rather unimpressed that they are bragging that $250,000 is nothing on national TV.

      • I know, it’s inexplicable to me about how people in professions like this would willingly expose themselves to high-profile ridicule in this way. Maybe I just don’t understand the lure of reality tv stardom. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. Meanwhile, the cougar and her 26-year-old toyboy? We learned *far* too much about their sex life in the space of a two minute character intro. At one point, I couldn’t stop myself from shouting, “No! NO!” at the screen.

  6. If $250 000 isn’t a lot of money, why are they doing the show?
    In my experience people that say things like that don’t have as much money as people I know who are seriously rich.
    When they said they weren’t comfortable around the cop theme the last think I thought was lawyer. I was thinking bogan criminal.

  7. Hi Gice Great to see everyone here. Just arrived in NSW to be with my daughter while she has our 1st grandchild. Here for a month and she loves MKR as much as I do.

    OMG That Zana is such a piece of work. Looking foward to her ep. But it appears she’s cooking last.

  8. “It didn’t suit my palate.”

    Ah! Be gone! Seriously, I was hoping the contestants had installed like an instant eject-seat, and the second somebody mentions the word, “Palate”, the offending guest gets shot out into the street. Alas, that didn’t happen :(.

  9. The Adelaide duo look like they’ll be good value, they don’t have much of a filter between brain and mouth but what comes out seems in good fun rather than nasty.

    • They seem hilarious (like the Mt Isa ladies from last season), and I really like them. I hope they stick around for the long-haul. They’d be a fun pair to go to dinner with, you know?

  10. For some reason it wouldn’t let me comment on the fab recap (great job Juz) – maybe because I was first (it said I wasn’t logged in).
    My favourite part of the first episode – the guest having a ball playing with the cop stuff, all enjoying it except the lawyers (who managed to say about all three courses how much better they could do it).

          • I’ve stayed logged in from the get go and had no trouble posting there. Whether I can face my fears and create an avatar….maybe three lonely thrice cooked chips on an enormous piece of salmon that’s been slaughtered and then had “love” put into it, MKR style.

            Thanks for the kind words.

  11. Nice to reconnect with old mates from RR days. I’m also in probationary/parole mode at the moment. I pre-record and have found myself doing a lot more FF over the last two nights than usual??!!

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