1. Will definitely have to tune in and have a squizz, will love seeing all the early years stuff.
    Love Samuel Johnson and I’m sure he will do Molly proud. I hope so anyway..

    • The recent reports of his behaviour are a bit alarming. If they are true I hope he has access to help. The work he has done for his charity is phenomenal and his adoration of his sister is beautiful to see.

  2. I don’t think Ch 7 have promoted it enough. Like hell they haven’t. They’ve hyped it more than Molly would hype a piss weak band himself.

    Let’s hope it does well and doesn’t fall flat on it’s arse like Molly off his ladder.

    The records Ian Meldrum produced say it all,even before Countdown appeared. I’m watching but expect an avalanche of kitsch.

    • True, Dave. Surprised they didn’t make everyone at the MKR Cougar dinner wear Molly hats to fit the retro theme.

    • I’ve just seen that Molly will clash with one of my favourite films~ The Unforgiven on Gem. I never tire of seeing Gene Hackman getting shot at the end. Classic.

      Can Molly compete with Are You Being Served as well?

  3. Although I do enjoy some well done retro, eg Love Child, George Gently, Endeavour, I am not a Molly fan and probably won’t watch. I didn’t watch the Ita series either.
    But for those who do watch, I hope it is good.

  4. I suspect Samuel will be a better Molly than Molly ever was…

    I won’t be watching for the same reasons as Daisy, ie, not a Molly fan.

  5. Yeah, I think it’s a generational thing. I don’t have a strong opinion one way or the other on Molly, but I don’t consider myself a fan, so I won’t be watching, no.

  6. Molly shat the ratings in and it was very good imo…but that was after a soporific MKR, which also rated well.

    • I thought it was okay, but not as good as I thought it would be. Not enough music from the classics like Shirl and John Paul Young.
      I liked the recreation of Molly interviewing Prince Charles, he really stuffed that up!

      • I’m about 30 minutes in to the first episode and am quite enjoying it. Interesting to learn a bit about his background and his Mum. The caricature of the straightlaced ABC guy seems over the top but I guess someone has to be the bad guy.

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