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    If the colour bar at the top your Talking TV page is black you are still on the old site. You should still be able to comment BUT your comments may be lost in the migration to the new site.
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  2. I have been waiting for a Judge Judy gem.

    Judge Judy defenses: “it ws a gift”.
    “I didn’t do it”.
    “I don’t think I owe him anything”.
    “It was the car’s fault”.

  3. My goodness. If you google the amount they spend on the Oscars, it’s a disgrace.
    One year Cate Blanchette’s outfit, hair, nails, teeth etc came to $18million. Now that is decadence.

    • The gift bags are worth mega bucks too Daisy and the ones who receive them are now taxed so the artists are cranky about it.

      • We need to look after our actors.. if they don’t have absurd amounts of money then they’ll be no Oscars with beautiful dresses!!!!

  4. A couple of years ago Cate Blanchett was in an ad telling us to pay carbon tax. Whatever your views on that, it’s easy for Cate to say, and even then I thought, “Hell yeah Cate. Tell the average Aussie what they can afford”.

    And a wise woman reminded me that Leo has strong views on global warming. Charlotte Rampling’s dress cost $25 000. And she probably will wear it once. Megs millions must be spent every year on lighting, invitations, shoes, diamonds, limousines………. “Let them eat cake”.

    • Oh yeah, I am loving this trend of actors as political/environment activists.. Do they not realise the hypocrisy of it all?! Until one of them donates their $40 million from ONE MOVIE to the starving children in Africa, I will not listen to them. But then I remember they do have all those awards ceremonies to save up for and multi million dollar homes around the world to up-keep so..

  5. There is a lady on The Morning Show saying Life Starts at 60. Hmmmm. Mine started at zero. And she is trying to pretend 60 is cool.
    Hmmm. OK, you should be smarter, but it’s also when the ailments take over. But it looks like 60 is the new 20. 👵👵👵👵👵

    • It’s musical chairs with lovers. I would hate to try and do their family tree.

      • A Forrester’s computer would crash every time one of them went to ancestry.com

        Liam thinks Steffy is going to forgive him. She’s already forgotten he exists and Wyatt is the new flavour of the week.

      • There is a family tree for Brooke but I can’t find it. It is busy. She has slept with everyone except her own son *insert appropriate photo of Katherine Lang doing a face palm here*.

    • That’s the bloke Liam put to sleep with his sob story, right? He’s probably had a few lemon bars in his time. Liam’s never going to win an Oscar, I can safely say. Steffy stripping down to black lingerie just in time for Wyatt to walk in was great.

  6. Can’t wait. Did Liam and Howard have to fly economy again? Where’s the bloody private jet when you need it?

  7. daisy – Just got up, and I’ll be off to go get a color and a cut in a few minutes, but wanted to leave you with this gem:


    Absolutely stunning. It made me cry.

    (Just in case the link doesn’t work, you can also look up Chloe Castro Vs Alaric Green: Battle Performance – The Voice UK 2016 – BBC One on YouTube)

  8. Has anyone ever been on a plane where two passengers sit and chat once all passengers have disembarked and flight crew seem to be the ones to tidy up the plane. Liam and Ivy seemed quite relaxed as they chatted and Liam seemed to think he could just sit there and wait for plane to take off back to LA! And as for the slut who’s after Zende – well ….

  9. Had to laugh at the writers little joke on B&B today. Liam suggesting Howard (guy on plane) should meet up with Pam and her lemon bars given they are married.

    • I chuckled at that now I’m in on who he is in real life. It’s going to take some convincing Liam that “nothing happened” in the bed Liam and Steffie are curled up in. Steffie’s lips looked a lot like The Joker’s in that bed. We’ll see if daisy can snap Liam’s ham fisted collapse in the chair when he receives his welcome home. Normally,finding two empty wine bottles means dirty deeds have been done.

      • I’m on it. The eagle hasn’t landed yet. And Wyatt is yet to drop the ball in the hole but he has the wood out.
        Sacha and the Forresters are discovering once again that a top model needs no experience whatsoever.

    • Hey Daisy 🙂

      I’m not sure if you’re aware or not, but I was trying to get in touch with you if possible. I sent Juz my contact via the TalkinTv Facebook page.
      many thanks,
      F M 🙂

  10. This one is for BDD. No it’s not B&B. It’s Martina from Body Shockers. The boobs can be inflated on demand. It didn’t say on whose demand or if there is a remote control.

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